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What's New?
My not-so-complete list of site changes. Hardly a day goes by that I'm not tinkering with the site in some fashion. The vast majority of the changes don't get recorded here.

Mar 12 2024 SHADOWRUN. I updated my reference site pages with all-new photos, most of which were original from when I created the pages 20 years ago (20 APR 2004!).

Feb 27 2024 Updated all the pics on the Seeker page.

Nov 16 2023 Added all-new photos to the DC Heroes RPG page

May 12 2023 Updated photos on the Runequest page.

April 4 2023 New photos on the Call of Cthulhu - Classic Scenarios page!

December 28 2022 Revamped my Tunnels & Trolls RPG page. Many photos of the box sets and older solo modules.

December 7 2022 Rebuilt my Elric / Stormbringer RPG page. Fixed the ordering to show old --> new, and updated all the photos.

December 1 2022 Updated all the photos in the Call of Cthulhu RPG Classic Campaign supplements page.

Sept 28 2022 Updated all the photos in the Lankhmar RPG page.

July 15 2022 Updated all the photos in the Top Secret SI page.

June 12 2022 Lots of new, better photos on the Gamescience page!

Apr 13 2022 Updated many of the RPG photos in Runequest - 3rd Edition - Avalon Hill

Aug 13 2021 Thoroughly updated the photos in the T4 - Marc Miller's Traveller page.

May 9 2021 Cleaned up the Battletech Technical Readouts page. Better info and photos.

Mar 28 2021 Updated all the photos for Traveller's Little Black Books.

Jan 21 2021 Updated the Judges Guild City State Campaign page with new photos and information.

Oct 31 2020 Re-worked the OD&D section of the Classic Dungeons & Dragons page. Better photos and descriptions.

Sept 21 2020 Freshened up the V&V page with better file photos. More descriptions. Classic Villains & Vigilantes RPG

August 20 2020 Spruced up the Space Opera page. Just got a bunch of FGU books in the shop, which refilled our SO shelves.

July 14 2020 Added a bunch of photos to Game of Thrones RPG page.

July 4 2020 Big Update on Babylon 5 Wars. All new photos, and graphical clean-up.

June 9 2020 Revamped the Castle Falkenstein page. Better photos. More links, including the PDF-only releases.

April 27 2020 Expanded the classic Cosmic Encounter game in the EON Products page

Feb 4 2020 Revamped the Unspeakable Oath page.

11/10/2019 Facelift for the entire site:
* Updated to the new logo
* Widened the pages
* Enabled mobile version of site

This will break a few elements on pages. I'm working on it, but it'll be a gradual process.

The Sales Site is where my priority has to be right now, as that's where I make the bucks.

This reference site is more my online notes and game research, and has been a work-in-progress for over 16 years now.

9/7/2019 I gave the Avalon Hill Civilization page a makeover: Updated photos, and added definitive content lists for the box sets.

8/19/2019 Since the beginning, I had the various campaign world MC sheet packs with their respective web pages (Dark Sun, Spelljammer, etc.). But I realized today that the MC series needed to be seen as a whole. There are way more Monstrous Compendium releases than I'd imagined. Probably missed one or two.

6/19/2019 Updated the photos on the Dark Sun modules page.

2/16/2019 Updated all the photos in the Collectible Mini Box Set / Book Reproductions.

11/26/2018 The hard-to-find early issues of Unspeakable Oath got all-new photos.

8/27/2018 Updated item photos in the Licensed FASA releases for Classic Traveller page.

4/15/2018 Replaced all the photos in the D&D Gazetteer page.

4/6/2018 Thoroughly revamped the Invincible Overlord supplement series by Mayfair.

3/2/2018 First new page in quite a while: Tales from The Floating Vagabond .

2/28/2018 Added a couple of castle plans items on the Chivalry & Sorcery page as well as Fantasy Games Unlimited.

9/9/2017 Added some issues to Adventure Gaming Magazine.

4/1/2017 Added description and photos of rare 1st edition Jorune items.

11/7/2016 Finally completed the Sorcerer's Apprentice magazine page.

1/9/2016 Replaced the old photos in the AD&D 1st edition hardbacks with my newer style profile shots.

11/01/2015 Updated the photos of some sets for The Fantasy Trip.

9/29/2015 Split off Adventure Gaming Magazine into its own page.

9/6/2015 Filled in several missing issues in the White Dwarf magazine page.

8/1/2015 Added a few new items I found to the Group One releases for Traveller.

1/19/2015 Upgraded the pics on the Maztica page.

12/20/2014 Split off Best of White Dwarf from the White Dwarf magazine page.

9/24/2014 Took advantage of the arrival of a large D6 Star Wars RPG collection to update the photos and descriptions in the WEG Star Wars pages.

9/3/2014 Updated the Games Workshop Runequest hardcover books with better photos.

7/8/2014 Got in a really nice Runequest 3rd edition set in the shop. Took advantage of the opportunity to upgrade the photos on the RQ3 reference page. Check 'em out!

3/21/2014 A nice Al-Qadim lot arrived. Was a great opportunity to update the info and pics on the Al-Qadim page over at our RPG reference site. Almost all the sets now have open-box shots. I noticed that ALQ2 and ALQ3 had some curious misprintings. Lot pic over at our Sales site blog.

2/7/2014 Got in some Interplay Magazines "The Metagamer Dialogues," published by Metagaming in support of The Fantasy Trip and other Microgames.

12/12/2013 Revised the MERP Adventures page. New scans, more info.

8/24/2013 Added page devoted to Traveller's Keith Brothers "LOST SUPPLEMENTS" Collection by Cargonaut Press

7/13/2013 Worked on the BattleTechnology Magazine page. I think I have most of the missing issues added, save for a couple.

4/18/2013 Moved the Non-TSR D&D accessories onto their own page. Added my thoughts about Endless Quest books to the D&D page.

4/11/2013 Worked on the Game of Thrones page. Reviewed the 2005 D20 rules bible by Guardians of Order.

4/9/2013 TEN YEARS!! Holy cow, has it really been that long?

3/20/2013 Detailed the Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album, including a link to a YouTube video as well.


10/30/2012 Revamped the Star Wars Adventure Journals page: Better pics, more info.

9/16/2012 Rebuilt the header that appears at the top of every page, new logo (my metal d20 logo), added links the the WB pages on Facebook and Google+. Also redesigned our Contact Us page, which I haven't touched in probably several years.

8/30/2012 Today was Flying Buffalo day! Started the company page, started the Sorcerer's Apprentice Magazine page, and worked on the Tunnels & Trolls RPG page. Lots of work remains on them, but that will happen bit-by-bit over time as I get new stock in.

8/17/2012 Added several items to the Chill RPG page. I think that's all of them (by Pacesetter anyway. Yes, I'm aware Mayfair released its own version of Chill.)

7/3/2012 As players of 2300AD know, the game universe is the same as that of Twilight: 2000, only 300 years in the future.

The intervening 300 years was developed by the staff of GDW in 1985-86 through a macro-political game ("The Game") where players each took the role of several countries, playing them in decade-long turns.

The rules to The Game can be found on the web, but whatever happened to the map in the years since then?

I created The Game page to answer that question with exclusive recollections and photos from GDW alumnus Dave Nilsen.

6/11/2012 Recently, I have enjoyed back-and-forth emails with GDW alumnus (1991-5) David Nilsen (Traveller Line Manager, and later GDW Chief of Design). He has kindly allowed me to publish many insights into the genesis of publications for Traveller: The New Era. Also Dark Conspiracy, MegaTraveller, and the never-published Armor 21 follow-on to Twilight 2000.

4/29/2012 Added Jack Vance's Dying Earth RPG.

12/26/2011 I think I did a better job of distinguishing Runequest's early editions, namely 1st edition Runequest, and the various printings of the 2nd edition.

11/14/2011 Grouped the handful of releases by North Pole Publications, a small-press RPG publisher of the early 80s.

11/2/2011 Reworked the Dragonlance, 5th Age - SAGA System page. Better pics, more details.

9/5/2011 Reorganized the GURPS Traveller page. I think it flows better now.

5/13/11 Split Tales of the Reaching Moon onto its own page, and added quite a few issues of the Runequest/Glorantha magazine that began as a humble fanzine.

3/18/2011 GURPS Wild Cards: Sourcebooks for the wonderful series edited by George R.R. Martin.

3/9/2011 Just started What Caught My Eye, a new column on the Wayne's Books sales site, where I'll examine specific RPG-related items in greater depth than I would here on the reference site. Enjoy!

12/9/2010 Created the Digest Group Publications page. A company devoted entirely to publishing high-quality accessories for the Traveller game in the late '80s to early '90s. Because they released books for both Traveller and MegaTraveller, I had their items scattered between the two pages, not to mention their magazine Travellers' Digest, which already had its own page. They were a substantial enough company that I increasingly felt that they deserved their own page. Today I made it so. Cleaned up the Traveller linking at the same time as well. Whew.

10/26/2010 Witchcraft!

10/12/2010 Recently found a bunch of Command Post Quarterly magazines, so it was a good opportunity to bulk up that section. Still not complete, but closer.

9/27/2010 Split off Avalon Hill's Wargames from the main Avalon Hill page. The page was becoming unwieldy with so many entries; this seemed the most sensible response.

8/20/2010 Built the BattleTechnology Magazine page for Battletech.

7/19/2010 Planted the seed for my Ysgarth page.

6/21/2010 Finally got the earliest Dungeon Magazine issues in and documented. The Dungeon page was missing the first 6 issues, but now that hole is plugged. That was bugging me.

5/24/2010 Started the Tunnels & Trolls page.

4/12/2010 Split Wyrms Footnotes from the Runequest page.

3/30/2010 Split Harnmaster from the Harn page.

11/9/2009 Added Riddle of Steel

9/15/09 Added the beginnings of a White Dwarf magazine page.

8/22/09 Split the Command Decision game line from the GDW company page.

7/8/09 Created a new RPG magazine page: Different Worlds, published by Chaosium back in the day.

6/4/09 Split off the City State Campaign from the Judges Guild page. It is the City State of the Invincible Overlord -- and its campaign world -- for which Judges Guild is rightly famous, so these items deserved their own page.

5/12/09 Created the Gear Krieg page, as well as the Dream Pod 9 company page to tie Gear Krieg with Tribe 8

4/25/09 Split off non-TFT items from the bottom of The Fantasy Trip page into a proper Metagaming page.

1/7/09 Created the Gamescience company product page.

1/6/09 Created the High Fantasy page, devoted to this gem of classic roleplaying.

11/20/08 Split Encyclopedia Harnica from the Harn page. It was just getting to be too big.

10/5/08 Added Hess Games, Quicksilver Fantasies, and Role Aids pages, full of non-TSR accessories for AD&D.

9/23/08 Added the Chill game page and the Pacesetter company page.

7/17/08 Just completed our business move, not that it had a real effect on the reference site here.

I split off Travellers' Digest from the MegaTraveller page. Travellers' Digest supported both Classic Traveller and MegaTraveller in their day, so it seemed appropriate to liberate them from the MegaTraveller page... and shorten the page a bit.

6/10/08 Finally finished the Challenge Magazine page. A great example of how this site gets built, the Challenge page is at least a couple years old, slowly adding magazines as I came across them. Made a last push recently with the addition of a collection of magazines, so the page is now "done." Not really, of course, as I'll be constantly adding corrections and new info as I work on my inventory, as 99% of my work here goes undocumented.

5/31/08 Added the '80s company, Gamelords.

5/17/08 Re-built my Space 1889 page.

4/8/08 Reorganized the Call of Cthulhu pages. Now Pagan Publishing and Unspeakable Oath have their own pages.

2/23/08 Holy Cow! Spent about 7 hours today working on a major facelift to the site, something I've wanted to do for a long time. By way of reference, here's an obsolete page to compare the style before today.

a) Clean up the "look." Remove all the WWB logos cluttering the background. Organize the site-wide links, move them up into the mast-head. Move the Google site search box to the masthead.
b) Introduce the new WAYNE'S BOOKS logo with the subtitle "& Old School Games" which is about 80% of my business nowdays. Logo has a notation "RPG Reference" for the benefit of those visitors that seem to think I stock every single game shown on this site. Also added a prominent link in the masthead to my online store.

2/1/08 Created the Game of Thrones page, in support of D20 gaming in Westeros.

1/10/08 On a roll here. Created the Leading Edge Games root page. Aliens now has its own page.

1/8/08 Created the West End Games root page and split Chivalry & Sorcery from its former spot on the FGU page.

1/5/08 Created the Steve Jackson Games root page and split Car Wars from its former spot on the GURPS page.

Split Tri Tac Games from it's former spot at the bottom of the Morrow Project page. It was time.

1/3/08 Split Powers & Perils and Dune from their former spot on the Avalon Hill page.

11/12/07 Chaosium gets its own page now.

11/6/07 Split off Harpoon game from the GDW page. Between the GDW and Clash of Arms releases, Harpoon deserved a page of its own.

Ironic, actually, since the GDW page began its life as a Harpoon webpage. Harpoon was first, later joined by many other GDW products. I eventually renamed the page as GDW. Now Harpoon has come full circle.

10/26/07 Split the Babylon 5 page. Babylon 5 Wars is an enormous game line, and was consuming the B5 page... and I haven't even started on the minis!

10/18/07 Finally started a reorganization I've been eyeing for quite some time: Moving RPG companies to the end of the site map. I've had a couple of RPG companies mixed in with the game line links for a while, but now I'm adding, moving, and repurposing the company pages.

The RPG company pages will be of course a central point for links to that company's games. The company pages will also be the "dustpan" for one-shot games that don't deserve their own web page.

The Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU) page is a good example. It was my first company page I believe, been around quite a while. But even then, I used it as a "catch-all" FGU page, adding any game which didn't have more than a few accessory books. (And FGU realeased a torrent of games in the '80s!) So I'm just expanding on that idea. Big time.

My plan is to establish pages dedicated to each 1st and 2nd tier RPG company of the past in the next few weeks. This will clean out the Boardgames / Wargames dumping page, as well as Miscellanea page to a lesser extent. I've never liked those pages, and this will cut them back some.

I split up the TSR/SPI page. I realized it was rude to pair SPI with the company that bought, then absorbed the gaming legend in the mid-'80s.

The FASA page is brand new.

Much more to come!

10/14/07 Added the Tribe 8 role playing game.

9/29/07 Added the Nightlife roleplaying game series.

Been reorganizing pages, renamed a few. Trying to get the organization to make sense.

7/26/07 Added the 7th Sea page.

7/22/07 Been adding a lot of content spread out over many pages. Added a LOT of content to Spanish-language White Wolf page. Check it out!

Also got around to a project I'd been putting off: Combining all the limited-release military RPGs into one page... The Military Roleplaying Stockpile.

6/19/07 Dragon Magazine finally gets its own page.

Another superb fan-written Gamma World module is available for download: Rapture of the Deep -- Module GW5!

4/4/07 New page: Rolemaster. Ain't much at the moment, but that's how my Runequest page got its start.

4/4/07 New page: Castle Falkenstein

3/13/07 New page: Cyborg Commando

2/26/07 New page: Renegade Legion

1/28/07 Super Hero RPGs

1/21/07 Created a Judges Guild page. I've have Traveller & D&D Judges Guild items on the site for quite a while, but this page works towards unifying that company's far-flung & prodigious output.

1/15/07 Added The Fantasy Trip, an early RPG still very popular today.

9/7/06 Added the Recon RPG. Yeah. The "Vietnam" game.

9/6/06 Over the past couple of days, I bit the bullet and completely restructured the site. I've eliminated all references to Krakow RPGs.

It seemed like a great idea when I started the site years ago, but more and more I've come to realize that the Krakow RPGs moniker just served to confuse visitors. I was browsing a forum not long ago, and the people there were discussing my site. Nobody knew what to call it. So, for simplicity, it's just Wayne's World of Books. (OK, yeah, I also call it WaynesBooks, but I think that's not too tough to figure out.)

So, anyhow, The Krakow RPGs page has been dumped, and the categories moved to the main page. I think navigation of the site will be a bit easier now.

9/3/06 Added the Star Wars pages. The entire D6 West End Games line is there.

7/13/06 Added the Talisman page.

5/31/06 Check out Ringworld, a simply fantastic game based on the works of Larry Niven.

4/9/06 Added Powers & Perils. Actually, I add/edit several times a week, but I didn't want somebody seeing this page & thinking I wasn't doing anything!

12/01/05 Foreign Language Roleplaying Games is intended to bring together international editions that have been scattered around my website. Expect this area to grow as I get a hold of these sets.

11/5/05 Added many new items, including Adventure Gaming Magazine to my RPG Magazines page, as well as listing the rare Spacefarers Guides.

9/10/05 Polished up some old pages with better description & new scans: Gazetteer & Hollow World

6/30/05 New pages: Harn & Tales From The Crypt

6/9/05 Added Elfquest.

5/31/05 Added a page dedicated to Jorune.

3/7/05 Completely overhauled the Ars Magica pages.

1/9/05 Added a cool Timetravel RPG: Timemaster.

11/13/04 Among other things, I added a page devoted to Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU).

10/30/04 Completely revamped the Greyhawk page, now 2 pages. Much cleaner, easier to read, and better scans.

9/19/04 Lots of straightening-up work and polish lately: AD&D's Planescape page saw a major facelift. Plenty of lesser projects that don't merit naming. MERP is currently a work-in-progress. Some new pages, including Bloodshadows and Merc.

But most importantly, I've just launched my primary bookselling site: WaynesBooks.net. WaynesBooks.com will remain what it has truly been for some time: A portal to Krakow RPGs. My new WaynesBooks.net has the features that you'd expect of a bookselling site, including a shopping cart & secure checkout. In fact, it's probably the easiest way to make multiple item purchases of my games for sale.

8/2/04 Added 3 new pages: RuneQuest, Mayfair Games & DragonQuest

7/9/04 Been a while since I made an official update here. You'll see few of these for the near future, as the needs of my bookselling business demand more of my time. However, regular visitors will notice tinkering with the pages from time to time, and I always answer emails no matter what date you may see here.

I added an embryonic Tekumel page; I'll add more items as I come across them.

4/22/04 Finished revamping GURPS Traveller.

4/20/04 Finally completed a multi-day project: The Shadowrun game line, a cool mix of fantasy and cyberpunk.

4/12/04 I gave the Talislanta page a much needed face-lift today. The progression of the editions and their supplements should be much more clear now.

3/28/04 Added a couple of new game lines today, including Dream Park and Waste World. Regulars to my site will notice constant minor additions and upgrades, including the line of Alien Modules for Classic Traveller.

2/17/04 Most of my work lately on the site is upgrading existing Krakow RPGs pages. An example is the Birthright page for AD&D, now expanded to several pages, with much more content.

1/27/04 An obvious change for my site is the new Krakow RPGs logo. I'd been unsatisfied with the old logo for a while... To me, it didn't represent the diversity of games that I list on the site. I'll go into a more involved description of my reasoning elsewhere and elsewhen. I also deleted "Wayne's Other Worlds" (sci-fi) and "Wayne's eTower of Babel" (foreign languages) because they were generating absolutely zero interest and no hits. I was growing to the realization that I need to focus my work on what I do best: Role Playing Games.

I added a new game genre: "Wargames and Boardgames." While I've never really been a wargame fan, I'll be adding a few noteworthy examples as I come across them. Check out Harpoon and TSR Boardgames, which are both in their embryonic stages.

1/13/04 Finally! Overhauling the Twilight: 2000 1st edition modules and accessories page became a much larger project than I'd anticipated. New scans, much better descriptions... Enjoy!

1/4/04 Completed an overhaul of my Elric/Stormbringer page, freshening up the look, adding more reviews, and pulling some dead links. I also did some more fine-tuning of the site.

12/16/03 Did some re-working of the Talislanta page, adding descriptions, and working it into my new page format. Space 1889, my favorite game that I've never played... well, I just gave it a loving work-over.

12/11/03 The business is requiring more of my time during the holiday season, which is the primary reason for the lack of major updates. However, I'm constantly making minor changes that don't really require a note, and I always answer my email! I added a new game for Doctor Who fans: The way-out-of-print Doctor Who RPG by FASA.

11/10/03 Still re-doing the formatting of the pages, which doesn't really merit a "What's New" entry. I also added a game supplement series: Midkemia Press

10/23/03 I've been slowly re-doing the formatting of the pages into a cleaner, quicker-loading style. I also added a game I found, "Freedom Fighters," to the Delta Force page.

10/16/03 I heavily re-worked the main pages of two of my favorite games: Twilight: 2000 and 2300 AD.

10/10/03 Larry Elmore fans -- Check out: Sovereign Stone.

10/09/03 Introducing my first "Super Hero" RPG: Marvel Super Heroes.

10/07/03 A new game possibility: Willow. Make a game using background from the fantasy movie by George Lucas.

09/30/03 A new game genre: Atlantis.
And more meat for you historical gamers: The Everyday Life series. These guides give important background for running a realistic campaign in the past.

09/29/03 Two new games: Amazing Engine and Amber Diceless. I'm also developing a GURPS section, but it will take a while before it amounts to anything.

09/25/03 For quite some time, I've had a stack of random RPG accessories. I finally listed them on Amazon, and dedicated a page to them here: Miscellanea - Oddball & Curious RPGs. I've also conducted various site tweaks, too numerous to mention here.

09/16/03 I added new games: Fading Suns, GURPS World War II, and GURPS Historical games. I also did some work on the Krakow RPGs page.

09/10/03 I added a new FRPG Palladium Fantasy. Revamped The Babylon Project page as well.

09/06/03 The layout of my home page has been bothering me for months. I kept playing with the elements, but was never quite satisfied. This morning, I had an eureka! moment, and everything fell into place.

I created a new RPG page, Robotech. It's a game based on the popular Japanese animated series. Out-of-print, but easily available at modest prices.

09/03/03 I added much new material to the Morrow Project page.

08/21/03 I added a science fiction RPG: Space Master.

08/14/03 I added a fine para-military RPG: Millennium's End. Also cleaned-up the look of my home page.

08/09/03 Here's a fantasy RPG that had pretty much escaped my notice until recently: Earthdawn.

08/06/03 Ready to do some terrorist-busting? Check out my latest RPG addition: Delta Force.

07/31/03 Added the classic Dungeons & Dragons game line. Whew!

Check out:
Creature Crucible
Hollow World

07/17/03 Added a game line to the "World of Darkness" setting: Hunter: The Reckoning.

07/13/03 Introducing a whole new department: Wayne's Other Worlds. I envision it as a place to devote space to some of my favorite interests. Right now, that involves Babylon 5, the epic science fiction series. In the future, many more subjects will make their appearance here, so keep checking back!

07/10/03 Revamped the Twilight: 2000 & Traveller pages. I'd been ignoring them since I introduced the pages.

07/05/03 Added the Talislanta game. "NO ELVES!!"

07/03/03 Did some minor tinkering around with the site, including a face-lift to the Forgotten Realms page. Check out Druwēzza!

06/27/03 For Horror fans I added another RPG, Bram Stoker's Dracula.

06/17/03 Added another classic RPG, Lords of Creation.

06/16/03 Added Twilight: 2000 & 2300AD pages of downloads. This is material I've used in my own campaigns over the years. I have more, but I need to find it first.

06/10/03 Added Middle Earth Role Playing, an out-of-print product line by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE). They had the Tolkien license during the Eighties and Nineties... some very impressive work.

06/04/03 Added 2 game lines to the "World of Darkness" setting: Wraith: The Oblivion & Changeling: The Dreaming.

06/03/03 Completed the AD&D listings by adding Al-Qadim & Lankhmar game settings.

06/01/03 Got a little Post-Apocalyptic Fever and added Aftermath! & The Morrow Project games.

05/17/03 Added the first of many games in the World of Darkness series by White Wolf ... Vampire: The Masquerade. Also revamped the Finding RPG's FAQ page.

05/14/03 Redesigned the Krakow RPG's main page. The selection of games is only getting larger, making a general list at left unwieldly. So I indexed the titles by genre. Some games will be in more than one genre.

05/09/03 Added Mythus - Dangerous Journeys & Space Opera / Other Suns to Krakow RPG's. Also added a Russian section to Wayne's eTower of Babel

05/01/03 Added Ars Magica Mythic Europe Role Playing in Krakow RPG's.

04/26/03 Added the Dark Sun Campaign Setting for AD&D.

04/24/03 Added a new game to Krakow RPG's, Call of Cthulhu, the premier Horror Role Playing Game. Also added Star Frontiers and GangBusters

04/19/03 Added a new department, Wayne's eTower of Babel, a Foreign Language information source, as well as connections to my foreign language editions for sale at Amazon.

04/09/03 Site Roll-Out -- Finally!!

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