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Changeling: The Dreaming - White Wolf


Changeling: The Dreaming (1st Edition)
"The fifth and final installment in White Wolf's Storyteller Series! A Storytelling game of modern fantasy, Changeling takes you into the secret kingdom of the faeries on Earth. Although they live in this world, they participate in a fantastic world of make-believe come to life, one that they share with all the monstrous and wonderful creations of their own dreams and imaginations. Half-human, half-fae, changelings come in all sizes, from the mischievous Pookas to the surly Trolls to the bloodthirsty Redcaps. Come enter a world where mythic adventure and magical wonder co-exist with the mundane."

1995 ... 296 pages ... WW 7000 ... ISBN 1565047001

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Changeling: The Dreaming (2nd Edition)
"The gates to Arcadia, the original paradise, are closed. Only the world of humanity remains. Without any awareness of our true nature, humankind crushes us beneath its banal heel. Joy and laughter are gone; only the Dreaming remains. We are changelings, the forgotten ones, neither fully fae nor wholly mortal. The last of our kind on Earth, we have built ourselves an invisible kingdom. We are everywhere, yet you have never seen us. We hide, not behind some fragile Masquerade, but in plain sight with the power of our Glamour. We exist within a real world of make-believe where "imaginary" things can kill and "pretend" monsters are real.

The storytelling game of modern fantasy. The Kithain are heirs to Earth's secret kingdom of faerie. And yet they are only part fae; they are forced to adopt mortal guises to survive disbelief in magic. The fae must strive to forestall the coming Winter and bring about an endless Spring lest Banality consume all and the Dreaming be lost. Changeling Second Edition features a clarified and expanded setting and cosmology, as well as completely new and revised rules. Yet it's fully compatible with first edition and the rest of the Storyteller games. A full-color, hardcover book with art and graphics like you've never seen before."

1997 ... 296 pages ... WW 7300 ... ISBN 1565047168

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Players Guide for Changeling: The Dreaming
"The Changeling Players Guide is an essential reference for players and Storytellers alike. By expanding the possibilities of the fae, and introducing a whole new culture, the Changeling Players Guide reveals a font of new possibilities for creative roleplaying.

Herein you will learn new secrets behind the origins of the nine kith. Discover the 13 kith of the Nunnehi Nations. Delve into the secrets of new Arts, and explore new Legacies and Backgrounds available to all Kithain.

The Changeling Players Guide includes:

* Expanded rules for casting cantrips - without cards;
* All-new Merits, Flaws, Legacies, and Abilities;
* Detailed information on playing Nunnehi characters - the Native American changelings."

1996 ... 192 pages ... WW 7100 ... ISBN 156504701X

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Book of Storyteller Secrets
"A 64 page sourcebook with a Changeling:The Dreaming storytellers screen. The Book of Storytellers Secrets offers new material to enliven and enrich the world of changelings. Learn the secrets of creating paths and uncover new Bunk and Nightmares."

1995 ... 64 pages ... WW 7001 ... ISBN 1565047028

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Freeholds and Hidden Glens
"Freeholds, concealed by their Glamour from the eyes of mortals, are places of splendor that dot cities and countrysides across the Earth. Any site where changelings gather may become a freehold, ancient glens containing natural wellsprings of Glamour still exist today.

Freeholds and glens are fonts of Glamour, places where wondrous and magical effects are commonplace occurences. Enchantment here is powerful: few can long resist the lure of these small islands of wonder.

Freeholds and Hidden Glens:
* Explores seven freeholds throughout Concordia, including noble and commoner freeholds;
* Reveals the secrets of the ancienttrods;
* Includes guidelines for how to create freeholds for your own chronicle."

1995 ... 128 pages ... WW 7002 ... ISBN 1565047060

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Changeling Players Kit
"This kit includes a 15 page full color section containing additional guidelines for using Bunks in your Changeling game, as well as a listing of new Bunks specifically designed for each kith. These additional rules are provided to help clarify the rules provided in the Changeling rulebook, as well as to offer some alternative methods for using the Bunk system. This booklet is divided into two sections, either or both of which can be used by players and Storytellers alike. Players should consult their Storyteller before using any of these additional rules or Bunks.

Includes front and back images of bunk cards as well as a Changeling Character Sheet."

1995 ... 12 pages ... WW 7003 ... ISBN 1565047044

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The Autumn People
"Changeling's Year of the Hunter book features the Autumn People, perhaps the most dangerous enemy that a changeling can face. Armed not with weapons but with their disbelief, Autumn People are the most feared foes of all. This book provides extensive information on these servants of Banality."

1995 ... 96 pages ... WW 7004 ... ISBN 1565047095

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Nobles: The Shining Host
"From time immemorial the noble sidhe have ruled the fae. Learn their secrets of power: how and why they maintain their chokehold over the commoners. This book covers the history of the nobility, from their return in '69 and the Accordance War which followed, through current poiltics and events among the sidhe.

Though many envy their splendid halls and delicate Finery, the sidhe pay a high price for their magnificience. They are ill equipped to deal with the ravages of Banality, but are still subject to Bedlam. here can be the learned the secrets of those sidhe who have succeeded in balancing the dichotomy that threatens to tear them apart.
Nobles: The Shining Host Features:
* Detailed information on playing noble characters in a Changeling chronicle.
* A new, previously unknown noble house.
* New noble Arts, useable only by noble characters."

1995 ... 120 pages ... WW 7006 ... ISBN 1565047117

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Immortal Eyes: The Toybox
"Welcome to San Francisco, site of the resurgence of fae on Earth. This city is perhaps the most important to the fae, for the Glamour is more powerful here than any place on Earth. No other city contains more freeholds and magical sites than the Shining City.

The first part of the Immortal Eyes trilogy. The Toybox, picks up where "Toys Will Be Toys" left off. The Immortal Eyes chronicle combines a trilogy of novels with a series of game sourcebooks. This first chronicle for Changeling: The Dreaming blends rich backgrounds and settings with the lavish characterization and tightly woven plots that only fiction can provide. In so doing, the Immortal Eyes chronicle will immerse players and readers alike in the mystical world of the Dreaming.

Immortal Eyes: The Toybox features:

* A look into the freehold and lives of many of the fae inhabitants of San Francisco as well as a complete history and overview of the bay area.
* Three mini-stories designed to mesh with the Immortal Eyes chronicle.
* Details on the Immortal Eyes chronicle, allowing you to play out the story as it is in the novels, or proceed in an entirely new direction."

1995 ... 152 pages ... WW 7200 ... ISBN 1565047036

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Immortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill
"Welcome to Hawaii, one of the world's natural splendors. From its glittering waterfalls to its firey volcanoes and black sand beaches, Hawaii is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Hawaii has long been a haven for Kithain seeking to flee the ravages of Banality. Here can also be found the native Menehune changelings intent upon keeping their islands free from the encroaching Banality.

The second installment of the Immortal Eyes trilogy, Shadows on the Hill picks up where The Toybox left off. The Immortal Eyes chronicle combines a trilogy of novels with a series of game sourcebooks. Shadows on the Hill takes the characters to Hawaii where they begin to learn the full scope of the Unseelie conspiracy.

* Descriptions of the main freeholds and inhabitants of the islands.
* Features three main stories designed to mesh with the Immortal Eyes chronicle.
* Complete information on the native fae of Hawaii, the Menehune."

1996 ... 152 pages ... WW 7201 ... ISBN 1565047052

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Immortal Eyes: Court of All Kings
"Ireland - the heart of the Celtic myth and legend. Here is a land divided by petty kings, a land of ancient mysteries and of powerful magic. And most sought after of all is Silver's Gate, the last gate to Arcadia - rumored to be hidden somewhere along the islands rocky shores.

The Immortal Eyes trilogy has spanned the globe, from San Francisco, to Hawaii, and now finally to Ireland. Court of all Kings is the final installment in the Immortal Eyes trilogy.

Court of all Kings includes:

* A complete guide to Ireland - both the real and enchanted;
* Features three mini stories surrounding the Immortal Eyes chronicle;
* Complete details on a new Irish kith, the Clurichaun.

1996 ... 152 pages ... WW 7202 ... ISBN 1565047133

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The Shadow Court
"Tear aside the veil and learn the secrets of the sinister Shadow Court. But beware! The Unseelie do not take kindly to those who would pry into their affairs.

The Shadow Court is a complete guide to the Unseelie for both players and Storytellers. This book offers a wealth of information -- from playing Unseelie characters to running Unseelie chronicles. It offers everything from new Arts, kith and noble houses to secret societies, Unseelie festivals and customs."

1997 ... 128 pages ... WW 7005 ... ISBN 1565047109

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Isle of the Mighty
"At last, discover the land of ancient magic - Britannia! Here is a place steeped in ancient magick and legends of faerie. Hidden powers, some older than the land itself, exist alongside humankind and have mysterious arcane agendas. Beneath the very nose of mortal society, age-old battles are waged across the kingdom for control of key places of power. Since the return of the sidhe, the fires of battle have burned like never before as both changelings and mages become involved in the struggle for Britannia's might.

This long-awaited Changeling: The Dreaming supplement provides vital information on the changelings and mages of Great Britain. You are finally able to explore the homeland of fae legends and discover the truths behind British covens and chantries. Isle of the Mighty exposes the vital link between mages and changelings and explains how they have been bound since the beginning of time.

* A complete World of Darkness sourcebook for Great Britain, including: England, Wales and Scotland.
* A new kith, the Gillhe Dhu, also known as "the greenmen," the protectors of the forests. Explores the politics and history of the fae and mages of Great Britain, from the ancient arrival of the Wieck and the Tuatha de Danaan to the modern day."

1997 ... 192 pages ... WW 7007 ... ISBN 1565047125

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The Enchanted
"Sometimes mortals, fortunate or unfortunate, are chosen by the Dreaming to be a part of the world of enchantment. Some bear fae blood, though they are not changelings, and some are brought in under the spell of Glamour. However they come to the Dreaming, these people will never be the same.

This book offers a wealth of information on how changelings interact with the rest of the world - from mortals to supernaturals. Here are uncovered the secret alliances of the fae and the Prodigals as well as their ties with mortals and the magi.

The Enchanted includes:

* Rules and clarifications on the effects of extended exposure to the Dreaming on changelings and mortals, from immortality to madness;
* Complete rules for playing kinain characters and information on how they interact with changelings;
* Clearly defined rules for the effects of enchantment on mortals and supernaturals.

1997 ... 104 pages ... WW 7008 ... ISBN 1565047141

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Book of Lost Dreams
"This book offers a wealth of new information for players and Storytellers alike. Herein you will find new houses, expanded rules and explanations for cantrip casting and other lost information on the fae, as well as complete crossover rules for introducing Changeling to any Storyteller chronicle. Finally, a complete story is included, playable by novices and veterans alike."

1997 ... 64 pages ... WW 7302 ... ISBN 1565047176

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Dreams and Nightmares
"This guide takes you from the Near Dreaming to the far reaches and unexplored regions of the Deep Dreaming. Includes new chimerical creatures and new rules for the effects of the Dreaming, plus fantastic adventures that steer you through dangers in this ever-changing land."

1997 ... 128 pages ... WW 7303 ... ISBN 1565047184

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Changeling Storytellers Guide
"Changeling: The Dreaming is the game of faeries, hidden magic, strange realms and imagination, all set in the modern world. Thats a lot of stuff a lot more than we could ever hope to fit into one rulebook. The Changeling Storytellers Guide therefore fulfills every gaming groups dream no pun intended. It picks up where the Changeling rulebook leaves off and offers a plethora of new information, from rules clarifications to new and advanced systems for handling fae magic and it puts that, and more, all in the Storytellers hands.

Not only does The Storytellers Guide answer rules questions, it offers entirely new ways to play the game. Included are new settings and new rules for expanding the boundaries of your Changeling chronicle. This book is the one that every Changeling Storyteller needs."

1998 ... 144 pages ... WW 7009 ... ISBN 1565047087

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Kingdom of Willows
"This book sets the stage for dramatic changes coming for the Changeling world. With High king David missing and presumed dead, the political factions of the fae play a deadly game of cat and mouse for control of the throne. Who will rule Concordia?"

1998 ... 176 pages ... WW 7306 ... ISBN 1565047206

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Inanimae: The Secret Way

1998 ... 120 pages ... WW 7307 ... ISBN 1565047214

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Land of Eight Million Dreams
"In ancient times, the fae of China served as the messangers and servants of the spirit world. In those days, they traveled freely between the realms of spirit and flesh. They were the emissaries of nature, the guardians and protectors of the sacred places. The hsien (known as changelings in the West) are the descendants of beings who were trapped in the realm of flesh during the Mahakala (or the Shattering). Divided by both form and court, the hsien struggle to survive in a world of mortals who have turned their back on the realm of spirit, a world full of other supernatural beings who would destroy them.

Land of Eight Million Dreams Features:
* Entirely new Asian kith complete with new Arts and powers;
* A new setting for established characters to explore or begin a brand-newtype of chronicle;
* Plotlines and storythreads ready for Storytellers to use in telling an Asian chronicle."

1998 ... 152 pages ... WW 7308 ... ISBN 1565047222

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Noblesse Oblige: The Book of Houses
"Since the Mythic Age, the noble houses have been hailed as the leaders of the fae. Though most know only a little of these houses, few truly understand them. Finally, Baron Edgewick, scribe to High King David, has assembled a discourse on the five most powerful houses of the Seelie Court. These pages are a complete dissertation and serve both as a primer for those fae new to a house, as well as offering an insider's look at the inner workings of noble houses.

This book offers an inside look at the five most prominent houses of the Seelie Court: Dougal, Eiluned, Fiona, Gwydion and Liam. Within you will find the complete histories and cultures of each house as well as its views on the other houses and the commoner kith.
* Complete information on the five major houses of the Seelie Court, from their origins in the Mythic Age to the modern day.
* An entire look at their cultures and customs.
* New Merits and Flaws available only to characters of these houses."

1998 ... 144 pages ... WW 7305 ... ISBN 1565047192

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Pour L'Amour Et Liberte: The Book of Houses 2
"A Darkened Sky

With the disappearance of the High King, a chill of Winter spreads across the land - now is the dawn of the Unseelie Court! Once the Courts traded rulership - Seelie ruled the summer months and the Unseelie the winter, but since the Shattering the Seelie have reigned supreme while the Unseelie patiently waited. With David Arty gone, Winter has begun to set in and the noble houses of the Unseelie Court prepare to take their proper places as the rulers of the land of Concordia. All Hail Discordia.

A Darkened Soul

The Book of houses II offers a look at the three most prominent Houses of the Unseelie Court. Each has its own plans for the coming Winter and each has its own means of attaining them. Within you will find the history of the Unseelie Courts, from their ancient betrayals to their modern day treacheries.

* A complete guide to the Unseelie Houses: Ailil, Balor and Leanhaun
* New Merits and Flaws, Treasures adn even a new Art
* New insights into the plans of the Unseelie Court and how they plan to deal with the disappearance of the High King"

1999 ... 160 pages ... WW 7304 ... ISBN 1565047230

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The Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner
"Since the rise of High King David and the signing of the Treaty of Concordia, a tenuous peace has settled between the realm's nobles and commoners. Yet some commoners -- particularly those connected to the Shadow Court -- still resent noble rule. Trouble brews in the shadows and hidden places of David's lands. But now that the High King is missing, nothing stands in the way of revolution. Freedom for all! The Way of the Commoner offers an inside look at the daily life of the commoner Kithain. It also provides a complete history of the commoners, from their status before the Shattering, through their time of self-rule during the Interregnum, to the modern day. This is your chance to truly know and play the commoner kith, and your chance to throw down the fae lords as part of White Wolf's The Year of Reckoning.

* New Merits, Flaws and Treasures, and two new commoner kith: the Spriggan and the Piskies.
* Detailed information on playing commoner characters in a Changeling chronicle.
* The first in the Year of the Reckoning series."

1999 ... 128 pages ... WW 7010 ... ISBN 156504715X

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Book of Lost Houses: The Second Coming
"The dreams of Concordia lie broken in the wake of the High King's disappearance. For commoner and noble fae alike, anarchy spreads across the land and threatens the very changeling world. Yet those who believe that the worst has transpired now recognize a new threat: The gates of Arcadia swing wide once again.

The five sidhe houses left behind in Arcadia return to the mortal world and find a war-torn land ripe for conquest. The Book of Lost Houses explores the repercussions of the Second Resurgence as a new wave of noble fae burst onto the scene, ready to take their places as saviors or overlords. Nothing remains the same."

1999 ... 128 pages ... WW 7311 ... ISBN 1565044835

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Denizens of the Dreaming
"Born of Nightmare and Hidden Desires:

Freed from the Darklands of the Dreaming, a host of Dark-kin stalk the waking world. Pursuing their own mysterious quests, creatures of ancient nightmares and recent terrors travel strange new paths of dark enchantment, weaving their seductive lures and horrific visions into the fabric of changeling society. The Dreaming will never be the same.

Dare the Dark:
Denizens of the Dreaming catapults Changeling: The Dreaming into a darker dimension, providing players and Storytellers with rules for playing the Dark-kin. Discover new Abilities, Arts, Merits and Flaws and explore the history of these enigmatic creatures of dark imaginings."

1999 ... 96 pages ... WW 7310 ... ISBN 1565047346

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War in Concordia: The Shattered Dream
"The High King has disappeared. Dark gates to nightmare realms have opened. Concordia's dream of peace shatters into nightmares of warring factions. The Parliament of Dreams dissolves as contenders vie to take King David's place. Behind the scenes, the Shadow Court lurks, ready to grab the reigns of power. The time for change is at hand...

War in Concordia provides Changeling: The Dreaming Storytellers and players with the chance to forge new dreams from the ruins of old and battered visions. Includes the major contenders for power in Concordia, suggestions for waging large-scale battles and an in-depth look at how changelings go to war."

1999 ... 128 pages ... WW 7309 ... ISBN 1565047249

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Kithbook: Trolls
"Truth, Honor, Justice

It is for these things that trolls stand for above all else. Silent and strong, the trolls are often looked upon as the protectors of fae kind. They seve the sidhe as warrors and knights, never questioning their place in Kithain society. Yet some say it was not always so... once it was the trolls who ruled the kingdoms of the fae, and some say they will yet again. For now the trolls continue their silent vigil - watching... waiting.

Kithbook: Trolls features:
• The history of the trolls, from their ancient war with the sidhe to modern day;
• Extensive details on troll society and their many orders;
• New Merits and flaws available only to troll characters."

1996 ... 72 pages ... WW 7050 ... ISBN 1565047257

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Kithbook: Sluagh
"Everyone knows who the sluagh are. They're the nasty, smelly, slimy creepy, weirdos who know everything about everyone. They spy on all the other kith, hold forbidden revels in cavernous mazes deep beneath the earth, and occasionally sacrifice childlings to whatever dark things they worship. They also eat spiders and toads, hate sunlight and all other kith, and can't be trusted as far as a boggan can throw an overweight troll. At least that's what we've been told....

Kithbook: Sluagh features:
• The dark secrets of the sluagh, from their origins to modern day;
• An inside look at sluagh culture and behavior;
• New Merits and Flaws available only to sluagh characters."

1997 ... Richard Dansky ... 72 pages ... WW 7051 ... ISBN 1565047265

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Kithbook: Nockers
"Although nocker creations are highly prized among the kingdoms of the Kithain, most changelings bear little love for these dour and foul-mouthed tinkers. So brusque is nocker personality that few take the time to get to know them. Yet, those who are willing to do so discover that underneath all the hurumphing is a soul as passionate as a satyr's and a heart as stout as a troll's.

Kithbook: Nockers features--
• A complete look at nockers from their ancient origins to the modern day;
• An inside look at the culture and behavior of nockers;
• New Merits and Flaws for nocker characters, as well as detailed rules for creating inanimate chimera."

1997 ... 72 pages ... WW 7052 ... ISBN 1565047273

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Kithbook: Satyrs
"To play a song of love and to dance beneath the moon, these are the satyr's inheritance. They play from their hearts, and their songs delve deep to draw hidden passions from their audience. Herein you will find the tale of the satyrs - from their treasured romances to their fiery passions; from their great successes to their dismal failures. Join in the song and know what is is to be one of the wild ones...

• A complete history of satyrs, from their origins in ancient Greece to the modern day,
• An in-depth look at the society and culture of the satyrs;
• New Merits, Flaws and Treasures available only to saytr characters."

1998 ... 72 pages ... WW 7053 ... ISBN 1565047281

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Kithbook: Pooka
"What some people call chaos, others call variety or diversity. Pooka come in all shapes and sizes. Halfhumanoid and half-animal, they live in mortal bodies like the other kith, but can also shift into the forms of their particular animals. They are said to have an affinity with the animal side of themselves

Kithbook: Pooka features
• A complete look at pookas from their ancient origins to the modern day;
• An inside look at the culture and behavior of nockers;
• New Merits and Flaws for pooka characters."

1999 ... 96 pages ... WW 7054 ... ISBN 156504729X

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Kithbook: Redcaps
"Hungers Children
Driven by humanitys most primitive dreams, redcaps exist within a blood-red nightmare of insatiable hunger. Wherever they go, their destruction and terror leave a trail of broken bones and ravaged hopes. Despised by the other kith, feared and hated as figures of uncontrollable savagery, redcaps glory in their dark reputations and darker desires. Or do they? What lies behind their brutal energy and vicious practices?

Ancient Passions
Finally, the secrets of the redcaps are revealed. From their origins in a time before history to their vital but despised role as the enforcers of changeling society, the story of the hated kith echoes with howls of hunger and crackles with the snapping of bones. This book lays bare the hopes, dreams and torments of the redcaps for all to see and fear."

1999 ... Richard Dansky ... 96 pages ... WW 7055 ... ISBN 1565044827

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Kithbook: Eshu
"Dreamers of Freedom:

Born from the dreams of wanderers and storytellers, eshu follow their own enigmatic traditions, keeping alive the spirit of adventure and the desire for freedom. Though counted as commoners, these embodiments of the dreams of Africa, India and the Middle East claim a lineage as royal as the noblest of the fae. Yet all too often, they have reputations as irresponsible roamers, tricksters and thieves. What secrets do the eshu conceal? What drives them to a life of constant wandering?

Keepers of the Road:

Now the eshu come forth to tell the story of their proud and ancient beginnings, the reasons behind their perpetual journeys and the secrets that lie beneath their carefree demeanor. Tales of wild adventure and peril unfold for all to see. The nomads of changeling society have found their voice at last. U.S.Page Count: 96, Author: Peter WoodworthDevelopers: Nicky Rea and Jackie Cassada, Cover Artist: Tony Diterlizzi"

2001 ... 96 pages ... WW 7056 ... ISBN 1565047850

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Kithbook: Boggan


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