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The Fantasy Trip - Metagaming


"THE FANTASY TRIP is killing monsters, finding treasure, braving danger, joining quests, conjuring magic, and exploring the unknown the romance and mystery life should be, THE FANTASY TRIP frees your imagination for an evening of fun and adventure. It's the role-playing game for the 80's - the one you've waited for.
Rules are well structured, logically related, and easy to learn. Designed as a series of inexpensive, regularly published rules modules, THE FANTASY TRIP will stay exciting for years. This is the new standard in role-playing, the next generation in the evolution of the genre." (The beginning of the back cover text on many of the books)

The Fantasy Trip developed in the way of many early role playing games: Accretion. Melee and Wizard laid out the basic combat and magic rules. In the Labyrinth developed TFT into a full-fledged roleplaying system. Numerous accessory books and adventures came later.

March 2019: Just received my "The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition" box set from the recent Kickstarter.
My unboxing photos are over at the Games Gallery.

Melee (MicroGame 3)

"Components include: Rule booklet * 8" x 14" arena map * 68 counters for men, beasts, and monsters.

MELEE is a game of man-to-man combat with archaic weapons. Each counter represents a single warrior, with his own individually determined strength and dexterity. Players choose weapons and tactics for their fighters, and send them into combat against men, beasts, or monsters... to victory or death.
MELEE is part of The Fantasy Trip, Metagaming's new fantasy role-playing system. It can be used as a combat system for any other fantasy game or you can play out individual combats for their own sake.
MELEE takes swordplay out of the books and onto the gameboard. Choose your weapons; don your armor. The MELEE is about to begin..."

1977, 1979, 1981 ... 17 pages + 68 counters + map ... MG 3103

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Wizard (MicroGame 6)

"WIZARD... the basic magical combat system from THE FANTASY TRIP. Test your skill and imagination as you create real and illusionary beings and send them against your foe -- or attack directly with a bolt of lightning! Successful wizards gain skill and power... losers die.
WIZARD may be combined with other games and components from THE FANTASY TRIP such as MELEE (basic combat). Can you defeat swords with spells? Find out... on THE FANTASY TRIP.
Introductory level for two or more players. Includes rules booklet, play counters, map and die."

1978 edition has two sheets of counters (as noted in the rules booklet), later printings reduced this to one sheet.


1978, 1979, 1981 ... MG 3106

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In The Labyrinth

"IN THE LABYRINTH is the first Game Master's module. It lets you create worlds and guide characters on adventures. Included are Hero Talents and copiable play aids. You will need MicroGame No. 3 - THE FANTASY TRIP: MELEE and MicroGame No. 6 - THE FANTASY TRIP: WIZARD, or the expanded modules THE FANTASY TRIP: ADVANCED MELEE and THE FANTASY TRIP: ADVANCED WIZARD for playing magic and combat."

1980 ... Steve Jackson ... 80 pages ... MG 2102

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Advanced Melee
"TFT: ADVANCED MELEE is an expansion of the basic character weapon combat rules presented in MICROGAME #3, TFT: MELEE. New rules cover new weapons (like cestus, nunchucks and bola), shield rushes, adverse conditions (like darkness, water, and cliffs), aimed shots, dagger marksmanship, berserking, ambush, crippling hits, fine weapons & armor, gunpowder, gas bombs, poison, prisoners, brief mounted combat rules, aerial combat and more. If you like more reality in your combats this is for you."

1980, 1982 ... 32 pages ... MG 2103

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Advanced Wizard

"TFT: ADVANCED WIZARD is an expansion of the basic character magical combat rules presented in MICROGAME #6, TFT: WIZARD. New material covers many new spells, silver & iron, spells from books & scrolls, wishes, gestures, forgetting spells, chemists & alchemists, potions, magic items, gates and more. If you like more reality in your magical combats this is for you."

1980, 1982 ... 40 pages ... MG 2104

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Fantasy Master's Screen
Three-panel, double-sided cardstock screen for use in the Fantasy Trip.

1981 ... MG 2302

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Death Test (MicroQuest 1)
"Underneath his palace, the ruler keeps a special labyrinth an obstacle course for the mercenaries he hires. But this "obstacle course" is a tough one. And if you're not tougher... you'll be dead."

1978 ... MG 3201

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Death Test 2 (MicroQuest 2)
"Thorz is upset at all the whimps getting through his first DEATH TEST. His court Wizard has devised a new testing ground under the palace. Survivors of the first test are cordially invited to risk again their worthless lives for further advancement in Thorz's mercenary ranks. "I DARE YOU..." Can any true hero suffer loss of face and turn away? Perhaps the cowards will.

DEATH TEST 2 is not a complete game by itself. It is a programmed/solitaire adventure to be played with THE FANTASY TRIP: MELEE and THE FANTASY TRIP: WIZARD rules. Do not buy this game if you don't have the other two MicroGames.
DEATH TEST 2 is a sequel to MicroQuest 1, DEATH TEST. If you don't have it you may wish to start the heroes you create with that challenge.
Components: Rules book and counters."

1980 ... MG 3202

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Grail Quest (MicroQuest 3)
"Components: Rules booklet, play counters and die.

The Knights of the Round Table are one of mythology's shining examples of sacrifice and honor. When King Arthur calls on the heroes of Camelot to go forth and seek the Last Supper's Holy Grail you are there. You go forth with them on Christendom's greatest quest. He who finds the blessed Grail must be of purity, honor and courage. There is no adventure more worthy of chivalry's finest flower, no greater way to grace.
GRAILQUEST is a programmed fantasy adventure that can be played solitaire. You are one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. You create your character, equip him with armor and weapons and send him forth on the great quest. Monsters, danger and death await, trials of flesh and spirit the seeker must endure."

1980 ... Metagaming 3203

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Treasure of the Silver Dragon (MicroQuest 4)
"A 31 ounce solid sterling silver dragon is hidden in the United States. Information needed to find the silver dragon is in THIS programmed fantasy adventure. The person who actually finds the silver dragon gets to keep it and claim a $10,000.00 CASH PRIZE from Metagaming. If it has not been found by September 1, 1985, a drawing will be held from cards in this adventure that have been mailed to Metagaming. Any of you might win.
WARNING! TREASURE OF THE SILVER DRAGON is a programmed adventure suitable for solitaire or group play. To play this adventure as a game you will also need MELEE, MicroGame no. 3, and WIZARD, MicroGame no. 6. You don't have to play this adventure as a game to discover the silver dragon's hiding place. However, those who do play it will have a distinct advantage in understanding.
Metagaming brings you a real live treasure hunt! This isn't just reading and playing about treasures. Perhaps you will be the first to decipher the clues and go get the silver dragon and win $10,000.00. It's all up to you. You may be the one to hold that dragon in your hands knowing you beat thousands to it.
Introductory fantasy gaming for one to six players age 12 and up. Suitable for solitaire play. Includes rules & map."

1980 ... MG 3204

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Security Station (MicroQuest 5)
"Jas N'orn was Cidri's most renowned collector of the weird and bizarre. He had the most, yet wanted more.... Mnoren gates to a ruined Earth gave Jas his chance: nuclear genocide had rained down on the world's green hills. Burrowing in the rubble, Jas' searchers found a functioning remnant. Its technology was strange and its secrets dangerous. Jas knew he must have it. Such was the way that the mystery and death of the Security Station came to Cidri's past. With the Mnoren gone, it now kills on alone.

Security Station is a programmed fantasy adventure that can be played solitaire or by a group. You become a treasure seeker in a menacing relic of Earth's atomic demise. Great secrets and immense wealth await the brave invaders of this strange place. Create and equip your character and with a group of hardy friends, you will step into the pulsating curtain of multi-colored lights. There is no turning back, an adventure of fear and intrigue has begun."

1980 ... John Colbert ... MG 3205

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Treasure of the Unicorn Gold (MicroQuest 6)
"Etherion, the great silver Dragonodon, is frozen in stasis under Sacramento Peak - victim of the Toltec Brujos. Yet man's hope lives through Miri the True and golden Xenon. Can your band of hearty heroes help them before cruel Yaoyotl strikes? Can you find the secret treasure of Unicorn Gold?
A unicorn is hidden somewhere in the U.S.A. The clues to its location are in this adventure, the person who finds it gets a $10,000 cash prize from Metagaming. This isn't play, it's a real, live treasure hunt. You may be the one to decipher the clues, find the Unicorn and win the treasure.
WARNING! TREASURE OF UNICORN GOLD is a programmed adventure. To play it you will need the Microgames MELEE and WIZARD for the combat and magic rules. You don't need to play to be able to try to find the treasure, but it will help.
Introductory play for one to six aged 12 and up. Suitable for Solitaire or group play. Includes rules, map counters and die."

1982 ... MG 3206

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Master of the Amulets (MicroQuest 7)
"Dirringar was the Black Council's most powerful wizard. Yet he wanted more. He created cursed amulets for his enemies and mystic amulets for himself. When Dirringar activated the Great Amulet he'd gain power over all. But, the Black Council's conjuring exploded the Great Amulet, scattering lesser amulets across Dirringar's Lost Valley.
Legend holds that Dirringar's mystic amulets may still be sought by the brave or foolish. It's even said that Dirringar's gates can be control led and the valley's entrance gained by his amulets. The brave may seek, the clever find and the lucky escape.
Power awaits, can you take it?

MASTER OF THE AMULETS this Microquest from THE FANTASY TRIP role-playing game system requires the Microgames MELEE and WIZARD to play. Advanced gamers may use ADVANCED MELEE, ADVANCED WIZARD and IN THE LABYRINTH."

1982 ... MG 3207 ... ISBN 0133030571

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Orb Quest (MicroQuest 8)
"Congratulations! You've made it through Thorsz's Death Tests. You're now a hired 'thug,' ie Guardsman. But Thorsz, not one to waste, expects risk of life and limb for his whims. One of Thorsz's red-robed mages offers you a secret mission. You accept heartily, mindful that you've never personally met anyone who refused the great Thorsz.
After a night of entertainment on Thorsz you arm yourselves and meet the mage in dawn's chill mist. He mutters and gestures, vertigo and sleep oe'r take your group. You awake elsewhere on Cidri. The mage points toward your destiny, a huge, looming tower, and speaks.
'Now is the time for explanations,' he intones. Somehow you don't feel comforted. A hired blade's life is hard and short. It's as the gods will. It's small comfort that Thorsz at least pays well, for survivors. The cowards never make it."

1982 ... Paul C. Wagner ... MG 3208

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Lords of Underearth (MicroGame 18)

Not, strictly speaking, a TFT release. But it does have notes for conversion to TFT.

"Underearth is the ancient stronghold of the Dwarven Lords. This game covers the earthy realms full history: from the height of Dwarven power to its decline the days of dragonfire destruction. Here, you will lead bands of Humans, Dwarves, Orcs and monsters on raids, wars and treasure hunts.
LORDS OF UNDEREARTH is a two player game of fantasy tactical combat in an underground labyrinth. The rules cover solitaire play, surprise attack, pursuit, morale, locked doors, flight, treasure, mercenaries and uncontrolled movement. This game is a complete simulation of fantasy combat at the group level.
Also included in the rules is a section on how to convert the game for use with Metagaming's THE FANTASY TRIP game system.

Introductory fantasy gaming for two or three players age 12 and up. Includes rules, geomorphic map, 84 play counters and die."

1980 ... Keith Gross & Denis Loubet (cover) ... MG 3118

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Tollenkar's Lair
"TOLLENKAR'S LAIR is a ready-to-play labyrinth. Game Master's are provided with maps, mapping notes, background, and instructions necessary for a series of adventures. IN THE LABYRINTH and a combat and magic module are necessary for play."

1980 ... Steve Jackson & Robert Phillips (art) ... 16 pages ... MG 2201

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The Warrior Lords of Darok
The Province of Darok is no place for a refined, urbane sophisticate. It's a primitive paradise, where brute strength and fighting prowess are viewed as the true measure of a man. A place where a bold and fearless warrior can gain great influence or prestige, or even enter the test of challenge combat to become commander of all Darok. Darok welcomes the brave, cowards begone!
Although warriors rule the province, there are many other exciting groups of characters to be encountered in Darok. There's the cult of Akhora, the worshippers of the god of war and fire who control the practice of magic in the province. It's even whispered that the seductive Akhoran High Priestess Aleth-aan has enchanted the king. Or, you might meet the rugged clansmen of the plains, who make their living by capturing and breaking the wild horses found there. In this book players can journey to fabled Skytop, to find and tame one of the great winged steeds that reside there -- join a trail drive across the Plains of the Stallions -- or hunt for buried treasure in the war-torn borderland.
WARRIOR LORDS OF DAROK is part of THE LAND BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS, a complete campaign universe for use with THE FANTASY TRIP being jointly developed and published by Metagaming Concepts Inc. and Gamelords Ltd. Each campaign pack in the series is designed to stand alone as an independent set of encounters and scenarios to test the mettle of any experienced TFT adventurer. Combined with the other releases in the series, these adventure supplements will form a vast and changing mosaic of a world in the midst of a chaotic struggle for survival, where riches and power await the adventurer who is both wise and brave."

1982 ... Richard Meyer & Kerry Lloyd ... MG 2202

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The Forest Lords of Dihad
"The great mutant bear of the eastern wastes roams the wilderness of Dihad, on a reign of terror that will not end until some party of intrepid adventurers finds the means to kill or control the beast. And Karoth is far from the strangest thing lurking in the rich forests and st reams of Dihad ...
Here, too, you'll meet Aril Malus, the self-styled Keeper of the Forests and his sworn enemy Morkash the Desecrator; Emi1 Jaggoh, the wily head of the Hadite government's secret espionage network, the Ebony Band; rugged loggers and woodsmen of all stripes; and scores of other residents and transients through the Land. Players can visit Kindler's Glade, the wildest frontier town this side of the Old West, dare the swift currents of the Thunder River, or try their own hand at hunting the great beasts of the wilderness -- all against a backdrop of political intrigue and high magic.
FOREST LORDS OF DIHAD is part of THE LAND BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS, a complete campaign universe for use with THE FANTASY TRIP being jointly developed and published by Metagaming Concepts Inc. and Game lords Ltd. Each campaign pack in the series is designed to stand alone as an independent set of encounters and scenarios to test the mettle of any experienced TFT adventurer. Combined with the other releases in the series, these adventure supplements will form a vast and changing mosaic of a world in the midst of a chaotic struggle for survival, where riches and power await the adventurer who is both wise and brave."

1982 ... 32 pages ... MG 2203(?)

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Fantasy Master's Codex
"The FANTASY MASTER'S CODEX is a computerized guide to THE FANTASY TRIP, Metagaming's fantasy role-playing game system. It covers all THE FANTASY TRIP items published through the end of 1980. A new, updated codex will be published yearly to incorporate new material. The FANTASY MASTER'S CODEX is the kind of complete reference guide you've wanted and waited for.
The Codex contains a complete index of the ten TFT items published through 1980. Also included are lists of Talents - sorted by name and I.Q.. Spells - sorted by name, I.Q. and type, Magic Items - sorted by name, type and cost; Potion & Bombs - sorted by type and cost; Equipment - sorted by type, Jobs grouped by classes, Monsters, Races, Combat summary - including Dexterity Adjustments, and a Saving Throw table. Also included at the end are some answers to commonly asked rules questions."

1981 ... ?? pages ... MG 2301

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