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Skyrealms of Jorune


"150 years from now
Humans impose their will and technology upon a distant world.

3500 years from now
Man's rule is ancient history, Earth only a shadowy myth. Humans and other intelligent races survive using technologies and tools of other times and other cultures. Their own inspiring past eagerly awaits discovery beneath millennia of war and regrowth."

A very different RPG setting from the usual quasi-medieval Europe backgrounds, Jorune was doomed to obscurity for its very weirdness. A product of the Eighties, Jorune was crafted with loving care by Andrew Leker, Miles Teves, and Amy Leker. In addition to the exotic background, the illustrations by Teves set a striking tone and help the players to immerse themselves in the setting.

(March 2017) David West shared some info he received while buying the rare 1st edition Jorune items from Andrew Leker. Publication counts and his photos of the early Jorune releases are posted with his permission.


Jorune, 1st edition
"Leave Your World Behind"

1st Edition Jorune appeared as a perfect-bound paperback book. Page count is unclear due to the wargame-style section numbering. There are no page numbers.

Designer: Andrew Leker
Co-designer: Miles Teves
Illustrator: Miles Teves
Editor: Amy Leker
Print run count: 400 copies.
MSRP: $14

See more pics at my Games Gallery blog!
JORUNE 1st Edition (1984): So Rare Everybody Thinks the Box Came First


1984 ... Skyreams Publishing

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Maustin Caji
Visit my Games Gallery for more photos inside this adventure.

"The Maustin Caji: Hundreds strong, they would have continued to destroy Burdoth if not for the intervention of Salrough Gomo, Thriddle seer of the north-west woodlands.

Thirty years later, a man missing and presumed to be their last victim reappears, unaged. Join him in his journey to the lair of the Maustin Caji."

1984 ... Andrew Leker & Miles Teves & Amy Leker ... 47 pages ... Skyrealms Publishing

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"Promo card for a 1st edition signing back in the day that was made." - David West

Skyrealms of Jorune (2nd edition) [BOX SET]

Contains: Tauther Guide; Player Manual; Sholari Guide; Skyrealm Kolovisondra campaign; Character & resource sheets.
Sometimes Rules Supplements are also present, essentially 20-page packets of errata. I've seen 2 editions of Rules Supplement: 11/86 and 8/87.

Print run count: 3000 sets.

Visit my deep-dive post at my photoblog for more pics and info:

Skyrealms of Jorune 2e Box Set (1985): Exotic fantasy RPG setting known for its stunning art


Written by sages and high-ranking officials of Burdoth, the Tauther Guide is a handbook for Jorune explorers. It combines the warnings of a survival guide, the wonders of a cultural guide, and the practicalities of daily life to present a balanced picture of Jorune to all who venture beyond their familiar city or country surroundings. Citizenship, laws, etiquette and languages are explored. Heavily illustrated, with maps.

Guides players through character generation, dice, skills, the three races of humans (humans, muadra, boccord), energy manipulation, combat, and history of the planet from two different cultural perspectives. Human culture, law, and citizenship are discussed.

Written especially for game masters, with an omniscient perspective of the planet and information that players receive in the Tauther Guide. Has an extensive encounter generation system unique to Jorune. Technologies, weather generation, terrains, civilizations, history and creature descriptions are covered -- with many non-intelligent creature illustrations that are not in the Tauther Guide. Heavily illustrated, with maps.

The Sky Realms Campaign is a complete beginning Jorune Adventure that takes place on a newly discovered sky realm floating above the planet. Players venture through areas mapped especially for the campaign. Detailed encounters, new items and energy-manipulation techniques are provided. A step-by-step guide to refereeing Jorune.

RolePlaying on Jorune
Jorune is a place where names like Iscin and Maytrish inspire admiration, where the thailiers of the huge Corondon are cast into blades, where Shanthas rule a technology invisible to humans. The referee is not the absolute controller of the players' fate.

Encounters and Combat
Referees rejoice! You won't be stranded with volumes of Jorune material that you can't mold into encounters. Examples of encounters with every type of creature are provided, and all can be generated with a few simple rolls. Our tables create, for example: An injured, scragger-infested croid, remedying his wounds. The possibilities are endless.
Our combat system strips the hit-points out of gaming, and puts the action back in. Wounds are assessed for everything from thombo kicks to blaster shots. Adding a few numbers together, and thinking in the role-playing spirit are what it takes to master the Jorune combat system.

Ambient Energy
Jorune is permeated by an exotic form of energy unlike any found on Earth. Some creatures have learned to utilize this power in forms both destructive and benign - most manipulation techniques are skills which must be learned. The road to mastery is long, but the powers are great.

1985 ... SR101

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Jorune, 3rd edition
"Escape the bounds of the ordinary and enter Jorune, a complete and self-consistent world of adventure. A world where you match your wits against alien creatures with unearthly powers. A world where you can learn to weave ancient energy into fantastic orbs and bolts. A world of Skyrealms and dark warps, Earth—Tec arsenals and Bio—Tec lifeforms.
Set out on your hearty thombo, or fly by talmaron. Sail the skies aboard a laspian crystal schooner. Seek out the Skykealms, for they hold some of the world's greatest treasures. To survive their challenges, pursue the knowledge of the ancients, and the power of their crystals. Ramian sometimes inhabit these floating realms, so stay sharp and carry a blaster. lf that’s not your style, bring along a corastin bodyguard and let him handle it.
But there’s more to Jorune than just combat. Jorune is a place where names like lscin, Mayatrish, and Caji Gends inspire admiration, where the thailiers of the huge corondon are cast into blades, where shanthas rule a technology invisible to most humans.
But if you are into combat, you're looking in the right place. On Jorune, you don’t resolve combat, you role-play it. Characters can choose strategies and make called shots. It's rough and tumble, with overhead swings, evades, and energy defenses. Creatures like The Dhar Corondon are no picnic. With our wound system you’ll lose a lot more than hit points if a thailier rakes across your chest.
This is no empty universe for the referee to fill in. Jorune has 3500 years of history behind it, and the century that leads up to gameplay is described in detail. All of the minor realms are presented, and Burdoth is fully at the referee's disposal, mapped and described in detail. Jorune includes an indepth look at the capital city of Ardoth.
Create a character that strikes your fancy, from any walk of life. A Gloundan Shadow Warrior, an Earth-Tec Scientist, a Thike Fighter, a Beaster, a Githerin, and a Dyte Punk are just a few examples. Roll your stats or use the ones listed. Pick a few bonus skills and you're ready to game.
Jorune contains a handbook for explorers written by Sages and high ranking officials of Jorune. lt is part survival guide and part cultural guide, lt gives players an understanding of the world and its cultures through the eyes of those who live there.
The referee section features in-depth descriptions of each race, ready for gaming. Our campaign starters get your players role-playing fast. Included is an expanded description of one of Ardoth's neighborhoods, complete with a Bio-Tec mini campaign.
JORUNE is Lavishly Illustrated by Miles Teves, Co-Designer.

1992 ... 216 pages ... Chessex ... ISBN 188324000X

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Companion Jorune : Burdoth
"This book is your companion to the realm of Burdoth. It contains timelines, detailed
histories, and maps.

Why not start your group in southern Glounda, searching for crystal dust. If your players survive the croid, let them pick up a pibber pet in Sutor, and then on to Glounda, where those darling pets will end up on a plate if your players aren't careful. Sail up the Lusail river to Lus'ikai for some Sarla wine-tasting. Take the shortcut to Lelligire in the rainy season - when you arrive you may find your clothes a bit worn, but in this fabric capital you can buy the best. Make an appearance in Sydra sporting your new Lelligirian duds - the players are sure to be noticed, but not necessarily admired. After a dichandra hunt with the Thiven in the Cushindell marshes, take your players home through the Gauss valley; they can see the rebuilding of Khaun Gauss and the ruins of Ninindrue. After a rest in Ardoth, your players will be ready for more exploring - the entire realm of Heridoth still awaits them, yet they have barely begun to explore Burdoth, their home realm."

1986 ... Andrew Leker & Mark Wallace & David Ackerman & Miles Teves (art) ... 60 pages ... SR 201

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Companion Jorune : Ardoth
"Ardoth has long been the human stronghold on Jorune. Within its walls lie the impressive Cryshell Citadel, home to the Dharsage Palace and the Ardoth Guard.
Descriptions and maps of the city and its neighborhoods deliver what you're
looking for. From the gambling and smuggling of the Uden Den, to the crystals
and cleash capsules of the Shettro House, it's all there and it's ready to game.
After exploring Ardoth's surface streets for a while, why not take a jaunt down to
Mah Ashalta-Ca, a place that shanthas call "The Heart of the Darkness"
Here you will find the secret that has kept Ardoth "warp-free" since the
days of the human/shanthic war.

Contains: City maps detailing the streets and neighborhoods of Burdoth's capitol city. background on Ardoth that explains the Warp Flash of 3475, thriddle treachery during the Energy Weapons War, and the discovery of Shirm-eh trading with the ramian. Also: more Earth-Tec, encounter tables for Dharsage and Chell personnel, descriptions of Ardoth's more famous kerning bays, details of the Ardothian Council, the Army in Ardoth, the Ardoth Guard, and Ardoth's Militia.
Included are stats on the Eelshon She-evid (shown on cover).
Limit: one encounter per player-character.
ON THE COVER: Shortly after the Warp Flash of 3475, an entire cohort of Ardothian soldiers disappear in the Glounda Forest. Ardothians believe that they fell victim to the Eelshon She-evid, "The Warp Walker." Legend speaks of a "being" that lives in the Isho, climbing through self-made warps, dispatching all life it encounters. For twelve years the forest has been quiet, but signs of another big Isho storm loom in the immediate future."

1987 ... Andrew Leker & Mark Wallace & David Ackerman & Miles Teves ... 44 pages ... SR 202

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Earth Tec Jorune
"EARTH-TEC JORUNE is an overview of the technology brought to Jorune by the Earth colonists who "Settled" the planet thousands of years before. The book starts with listings of Earth-Tec companies and then describes the wealth of Earth-Tec items and Bio-Tec creatures found on the planet. Although not a complete compendium, there's no better a source for information about Earth-Tec and Bio-Tec on Jorune."

Chapter 1: Introduction (1), Logos(2), Earth-Tec Companies (3).
Chapter 2: Cryogenics (4), Power Technology (5)k, Illustrations (7), Subtronics (8), Tec-Tons (8), Challisk Illustration (9), Energy Weapon Illustration (12-13), Earth-Tec Weaponry (14), Earth-Tec items (15), Weapon Illustration (16).
Chapter 3: Preface (17), Lifecycle (17), Corks (17), Busk (18), Rethis (18), Trojax (18), Incupods (20), Genons (20), Iscin's Bio-Engineering with Illustration. (24, 25).

1988 ... Andrew Leker & Amy Leker & Mark Wallace & Miles Teves & David Ackerman & Ken Felder & Von Cambell & Andy Gore & Kevin Stein ... 28 pages ... SR 301

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Unreleased accessories(?)

A product catalog from August 1987 lists some intriguing items that I believe never saw print, or were incorporated into 3rd edition releases.
Oddly, Earth-Tec Jorune, which was mentioned in the catalog as an upcoming release, was published in 1988. Yet the other items, described in much more detail, never were (or at least I have never seen them)

Supplement Jorune: Ardoth, Volume One
"Written for eager Sholari who desire more background on Ardoth. Describes current events in and around the city, including dharsage attempts at locating stolen Earth-Tec, the trouble in the South Fields, Shen infiltration into chell agencies, and the "Querrid Catastrophe." Examples of drennship efforts included. More "Ardoth Campaign Spots," referencing maps in SR201 Companion Jorune: Ardoth.
Supplement Jorune: Ardoth is waiting for you and your players. It provides Sholaris with more background on which to base in-depth Ardothian Campaigns. Also included: new and exciting encounter tables. This book is designed for owners of Companion Jorune: Ardoth, which describes Burdoth's capital city more generally." SR301

Ardothian Campaigns
"Contains three mini-campaigns that will take your players from the gang-controlled kerning bays of Dryce to the murk of Mah Ashalta-Ca, through hidden passageways in the citadel and along the wharf to a secretly pirated Dobren ship.
Your players will pass rapidly through the dysha-intensive—and unpatrolled—area outside the bazaar, and into the home of Nah Shen-Tra.
Also featured are more than one-hundred campaign spots just waiting for a good Sholari. They can be the backbone of your campaigns, or just sprinkled in to dimensionalize play.
Ardothian Campaigns is a wealth of background material; the Ardothian Calendar (based on the Shanthic) is revealed in detail, along with holidays and days of moon alignments. You'll discover the destructive forces of nature that have converged upon Ardoth every 233 years, as well as the not-so-natural destructive forces of the Crugar, Ramian, and Heridothians. Dozens of cleps, illidges, local personalities, kerning bays and more are described in detail. Dharsage and Chell family lines are traced back, yielding a plethora of petty officials, kim members and administrators from Ardoth and Heridoth. Details on the long-awaited tologra (Iscin's "perfect" creation) are included." SR 401

Jorune Shield
"Every Jorune Sholari needs one! Contains all thechartsand tables used in encounters and encounter generation, as well as listings for creatures and items. A handy Jorune glossary sheet keeps you looking extemporaneous. And while you're looking at stats, players are looking at Miles Teves' artwork. Incudes a combat summary sheet." SR501

Campaign Jorune: Sillipus
"A stolen blaster forces the players to journey south to the remote and mysterious island of Sillipus which has, for centuries, welcomed the two-legged vermin of Jorune. Innocent tautheron an island of danger! And why are they there? They must recover a stolen blaster from the so called "chell" of Sillipus's cutthroat capital, Sallay. Ramian Gire abound in a campaign of subtlety, where fast-talking and quick-paced walking may be the player's only salvation." SR403

"Package contains three colored maps: an 11"x17" rendering of the planet, a detailed map of Burdoth (the Realm of Man), and a street/neighborhood/point of interest map of Ardoth (capitol of Burdoth). Burdoth and Ardoth are printed back-to-back on a 17"x22" sheet. An information page for historical, geographical, and geological reference is included." SR551

Future Releases
"Many new Jorune supplements, companions, campaigns, and modules are in the works, including: a Thriddle campaign, Earth-Tec Jorune, Shanthas of Jorune, The Gomo Guide to Myths and Legends, and much more!"

The Sholari Pack
Beginning of 3rd edition.
Set contains:
* The Sholari's Companion: Errata for 3rd Edition and Additional Material for Sholaris (80-pages).
* Voyage of the Aylon Star, 32-page adventure.
* Sholari Screen, 3-panel.

1993 ... Joseph Steven Coleman ... SRP 2001 ... ISBN 1883240026

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The Innocents of Gauss
"The simple lifestyle of a farming community is disturbed by two unexplained disappearances. Could the crugar have taken the missing teenagers? The answer will take the fledgling adventurers far away from their homes, and will test the limits of their wits and their courage.
This beginning-level adventure is designed to introduce players to the world of Jorune. Pregenerated characters are included, but a sholari could easily fit the adventure into an existing campaign."

1993 ... Mark Frein ... 32 pages ... Chessex SRP 2100 ... ISBN 1883240018

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The Gire of Sillipus
"The ramian Gire were pirate heroes who ranged across the oceans of Jorune in search of riches arid the plant shirm-eh, needed to cure their families in Voligire. Grim, silent and merciless, the Gire raided the rich southern trade routes by way of a sea warp connected to the frigid Waters of Vosule.
But the warp can be destroyed and the wild land of Sillipus now hosts the kind of people who are willing to do it!
The Gire of Sillipus sends your adventurers on a trek through the dark side of Jorune, into contact with the Blue Legion - powerful muadra with a thirst for power; The Dreg - a slave trader who commands the swords of seasoned condrij fighters; and Sardon D'Obreth -the figure in the background who holds all the key pieces.
This adventure resource includes:
• Campaign setting and detailed NPC's
• Maps of key cities, villages and sea routes used in the adventure
• Floor plans for the buildings and compounds on Sillipus
• New creatures of the Sillipian forests
• New revelations about the pirate realm and those who call it home
• Page after page of new material to help shape and plot your next Jorune campaign"

1994 ... Mark Frein ... 64 pages ... SRP 2101 ... ISBN 1883240042

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The Sobayid Atlas
"A belt of desert between the verdant lands of Glounda and the Gauss Valley to the north and the sweltering East Trinnu Jungle Lands to the south, the Sobayid becomes a new source of mystery, danger and adventures for your group. Adventure in friendly, open cities like muadra-controlled Miedrinth and familiar Laindis, or in brooding, secretive places like Cavris and Coise. Discover the shanthic cashiln tunnels, the secret of the ruins of Taysis, the growing industry of earth-based foods at Cavris, the black market of Miedrinth's South Gate Market> or secret isho societies and political intrigues in the Ishara of Miedrinth. If you have the courage, you may join a group of jers as they brave the dangers of the Jungle — to wrest the treasures to be found within.

• New dyshas and new knowledge of the muadra and their societies
• New maps of the Sobayid and street maps of major cities
• Dozens of villages inhabited by a variety of races
• New creatures of the desert, the jungle and the farming districts
• Never before revealed secrets of the shantha, the caji and the deserts
• Page after page of new material to help shape and plot your next Jorune campaign

Leave Your World Behind"

1994 ... 64 pages ... SRP 2010 ... ISBN 1883240034

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Alien Logic [CD-ROM]
"Role-playing excitement leaves the stratosphere in ALIEN LOGIC. With the Earth out of commission due to a disastrous conflict, the planet Jorune has been deemed the most inhabitable for the human race. Now, the latter planet's various races are struggling to stay alive due to the sinister plot of the Red Shantha. Playing as a lone human, you'll try to find the Red Shantha, unravel its deadly scheme, and save the planet from total ruin. Incredible graphics and epic storytelling abound in this time-honored classic."

1994 ... Strategic Simulations, Inc (SSI) ... UPC 016685062073

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Poster: Skyrealms of Jorune

Poster is 16 3/4" x 22", folded, depicts "Death Scene of Sho Copra-Tra, Sholari of Tashka".

1985 ... Skyrealms Publishing

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