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Planescape Campaign Setting (AD&D)

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Planescape Campaign Setting [BOX SET]

See also my deep dive into the PS set. Lots of photos.
PLANESCAPE Box Set (1994): Weird and Wonderful Planar Campaign Setting for AD&D

"Discover the multiverse! Enter infinite universes of infinite variety, worlds beyond the prime-material settings of the AD&D game. Explore Sigil, the City of Doors, filled with portals to every layer of every plane. All you need is the right key, including...
• A PLAYER'S GUIDE TO THE PLANES, a 32-page primer that introduces DMs and players alike to the grand design of the multiverse.
• A DM GUIDE TO THE PLANES, a 64-page book of valuable information solely for the Dungeon Master.
• SIGIL AND BEYOND, a 96-page gazetteer that introduces Sigil and its surrounding plane as the starting point for planar adventures. From Sigil all the Outer Planes may be sampled by novice and veteran explorers alike.
• Four poster-sized maps depicting the planes.
• A four-paneled DM screen designed especially for planar campaigns.

Until now, only the most powerful wizards could peek into the magnificent multiverse, but no longer! Gone are the unimaginable distances and the insurmountable obstacles that only the ultrapowerful could hope to overcome. Now even the greenest adventurer can enter the planes, though surviving long is another matter....

Have at it, berk! Powers, proxies, planars, petitioners, and wondrous monsters await just beyond the portal. Step through and partake of the infinite excitement of PLANESCAPE adventures!"

1994 ... David "Zeb" Cook & Robh Ruppel & Dana Knutson & Tony DiTerlizzi & Rob Lazzaretti (Illustrators) ... TSR 2600 ... ISBN 1560768347

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

Planes of Chaos [BOX SET]


The infinite depths of the Abyss.
The wild passions of Arborea.
The immeasurable randomness of Limbo.
The howling madness of Pandemonium.
The glorious battlefield of Ysgard.

• The Book of Chaos, a 128-page guide for the Dungeon Master to the places, creatures, and special conditions of the five Chaos planes.
• The Travelogue, a 48-page player's guide to these planes, profusely illustrated with full-color maps and illustrations.
• Chaos Adventures, a 32-page adventure book containing 3 adventure outlines for each plane - 15 adventures in all!
• Monstrous Supplement, a 32-page booklet detailing 15 new monsters, including new tanar'ri, in inhabitants of Yggdrasil, and the ever-changing creatures of Limbo.
• Five fully detailed, poster-size maps of the realms of Chaos."

The Maps (doubled-sided):
The Abyss / "Abridged Lexicon of the Abyss" (2603XXX0701)
Arborea / "Amun-thys, a realm of tombs and sand on the third layer of Arborea" & "Elshava, the nautilus city on the second layer of Arborea" (2603XXX0702)
Limbo / Shra'kt'lor, The Floating City (2603XXX0703)
Pandemonium / "Hruggekolohk, a realm on the second layer of Pandemonium" [art] (2603XXX0704)
Ysgard / "Nidavellir, the realm of the Norse dwarves on the 3rd layer of Ysgard" [art] (2603XXX0705)


1994 ... TSR 2603 ... ISBN 1560768746

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

Planes of Law [BOX SET]

"ACHERON, where armies of evil collide
ARCADIA, where Law and Goodness clash
BAATOR, where malevolence corrupts the spirit
MECHANUS, where reason and order reign
MOUNT CELESTIA, where hope is born anew

Inside this box a berk'll find:
• Five 32-page books describing each plane and its inhabitants for the Dungeon Master. Information on monsters, realms, sites, and dangers of each plane are presented, along with adventure outlines.
• A Player's Guide to Law, a 32-page, full-color introduction to the wonders and hazards of the lawful planes, for DM and player alike. This book includes sites not found elsewhere.
• Monstrous Supplement, a 32-page, full-color booklet detailing 13 creatures, including new baatezu, the mysterious bladelings, the wondrous archons, and the "dryads" of Mechanus.
• Five fully detailed, poster-sized maps illustrating the layers of each plane, with diagrams of the intricate, formal hierarchies of the lawful planes.

EXHILARATE in the rarefied air of Mount Celestia... EXPLORE the dark depths of Baator... EXULT in the supreme order of the Planes of Law!"

1995 ... TSR 2607 ... ISBN 0786900938

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

Planes of Conflict [BOX SET]

Unleash the animal within on the Beastlands
Dream beneath the twin heavens of Bytopia
Plunge into the pure waters of Elysium

Rot in the Red Prison of Carceri
Blister beneath the fiery eruptions of Gehenna
Despair in the crushing emptiness of the Gray Waste

On the Great Ring, six planes lie in direct opposition. Above looms the triad of Good, holding fast against the tide of corruption. Below lurks the triad of Evil, stained red by the eternal Blood War. Both resist the pull of Law and Chaos. Any berk who calls them 'neutral' planes has never experienced their full extremes!

Dare to enter the conflict and find:
• Two 64-page books (Liber Benevolentiae & Liber Malevolentiae) describing each plane and its inhabitants for the Dungeon Master, with details on the monsters, realms, sites, and dangers of each plane.
• A Player's Guide to Conflict, a 32-page, full-color introduction to the wonders and hazards of these planes, for DM and player alike. Featuring sites not described elsewhere.
• Adventures in Conflict, a 32-page book presenting four complete adventures designed for PCs of low to high levels.
• Monstrous Supplement, a 32-page, full-color booklet detailing 15 creatures, including master yugoloths, creatures of Oceanus, godly servants, and power-cursed outcasts.
• Six fully detailed, poster-sized maps illustrating the layers of each plane, with precise maps and text descriptions of important sites."

The maps (side 1 / side 2):
2615XXX0701 (Bytopia / Updated Planescape Cosmographical Tables)
2615XXX0702 (Elysium / City of the Star
2615XXX0703 (The Beastlands / Planar Sects)
2615XXX0704 (Gehenna / Sung Chiang's Teardrop Palace)
2615XXX0705 (The Gray Waste / Khin-Oin, the Wasting Tower)
2615XXX0706 (Carceri / Yugoloth Society)

1995 ... TSR 2615 ... ISBN 0786903090

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

Hellbound: The Blood War [BOX SET]

"Since before mortals drew breath, the cunning baatezu and the fiery tanar'ri have struggled furiously to batter each other out of existence. The prize in their devastating war of annihilation: the Lower Planes. 'Course, when two unstoppable armies of evil collide, the tremors might leave the entire multiverse a smoking ruin. And woe be to any berk who stands against them - or simply gets in their way.

Created for both players and Dungeon Masters, Hellbound: The Blood War is a comprehensive resource on the infernal clash that has torn the planes apart for millennia. Though the war has spilled into many other PLANESCAPE products, the full story of the roaring conflict has never been detailed - until now. Hellbound features:
• The Dark of the War, an 80-page guide for the Dungeon Master that reveals the secrets of the struggle - its history, strategies, magic, and battlefields.
• The Chant of the War, a 32-page book for DMs and players, detailing the facts that player characters would know about the conflict.
• War Games, a 96-page book of three complete Blood War adventures, including an epic scenario in which the PCs can weaken the fiends permanently and forever change the course of the war - not to mention create a brand-new monster in the process.
• Visions of War, a 24-page, full-color booklet of illustrations and maps (scenes and sites in the adventures) to bring the war's horrors alive for players.
• The Bargain, a 16-page, full-color comic book of wartime love and betrayal, painted by DiTerlizzi and Robh Ruppel."

1996 ... Colin McComb & Monte Cook ... TSR 2621 ... ISBN 0786904070

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

A Player's Primer to the Outlands [BOX SET]
"You've never seen a skull like this one, cutter - it's made of a silvery metal, with rainbow hues cascading over its shiny surface. Local bashers call it a mimir. Toss it into the air, and ask it questions: What is Ecstasy? Do fiends patrol the Outlands? The floating skull slicks softly, scouring its enchanted vaults for the answers. Then its bone-box opens, drivens by ancient pistons, and it begins to speak....

A PLANESCAPE accessory for player characters of all levels, the Player's Primer provides a look at the Outlands, which surround the great city of Sigil - the gateway to all the Outer Planes. In this box, a cutter'll find:
• An audio compact disc that represents the mimir, a new magical item offering a strange and thrilling tour of the Outlands. More than 40 CD tracks allow players to hear what their characters would hear when consulting this handy (and some say dangerous) oracle.
• A 32-page guide to the most important sites and features of the Outlands.
• A full-color poster map of the Outlands with never-before-seen maps of gate-towns."

1995 ... Jeff Grubb & Colin McComb ... TSR 2610 ... ISBN 0786901217

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF)

The Planescape Sketchbook

Extremely rare/limited release (1994)

Dana M. Knutson

One sold for $1550 on April 28, 2010 on eBay.
I saw another end at $3000 on Sep 3, 2021.


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Powers of Law: Planescape Miniatures
Clangeddin Silverbeard, Set, Maglubiyet, Horus, Grummsh, Hecate, Tyr, Moradin.

1995 ... Ral Partha 10-521 ... UPC 042226105213

Planescape Fiction

Pages of Pain
"She rules the city of Sigil from behind a veil of perfect silence. Feared by mortal and god alike, she flays her worshipers alive and casts her foes into inescapable labyrinths of despair. Only fools dare ask her to speak.
And the Amnesian Hero has come with a question.
When the god Poseidon tells a man with no memory how to recover his past, the unwitting warrior seeks out the Lady of Pain and finds himself banished to the Mazes. With the help of a beautiful — but dead — tiefling sorceress, a horned-fiend with a dark disposition, and a deranged wind-priest who claims to be the center of the multiverse, he must discover the secret of the Lady's past — or confront a memory so horrifying it could tear him apart!"

Author: Troy Denning

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Hardcover: 1996 ... TSR 2627 ... 307 pages ... TSR 2627 ... ISBN 0786905085

Paperback: 1997 ... 320 pages ... ISBN 0786906715

Blood Hostages (Blood Wars Trilogy, Vol. 1)

1996 ... J. Robert King ... ?? pages ... ISBN 0786904739

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Abyssal Warriors (Blood Wars Trilogy, Vol. 2)

1996 ... J. Robert King ... 314 pages ... TSR 2617 ... ISBN 0786905018

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Planar Powers (Blood Wars Trilogy, Vol. 3)
"Nina and her fiend legions scoured the Abyss...
Aereas and his angel allies Saved the City of Doors.
But what is left of the cousins? Nina is a soulless body, and Aereas a bodiless soul.
It is time for new heroes to rise and carve out their own utopias. It is time for Tara and Aegis, daughter of Aereas and son of Nina, to make a stand.
Of course, they may need some help from a skeletal god, a gnomish music maker, a fallen angel, and other planar powers."

1997 ... J. Robert King ... 313 pages ... TSR 2618 ... ISBN 0786905328

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Planescape: Torment

Ad: Planescape: Torment videogame

"The endless Blood War rages, a never-ending battle between the fiends of the planes. Amid this horrific conflict, a single hero with no memory of his past seeks to discover his true identity.
Of course, this being the planes, his companions on his quest are ... unusual. But if you can't trust a floating skull, an eccentric investor, and a succubus, who can you trust?
Practically no one.

Based on the best-selling computer game from Interplay."

1999 ... Ray Vallese & Valerie Vallese ... 256 pages ... ISBN 0786915277

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