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Worlds of Wonder


An early (1978) Chaosium order form

Lords of the Middle Sea: America Atlantis

The game can be played by 2; components for 4 players are included and may be distributed in several fashions. Rules for the Basic Game come first; optional rules for the Advanced Game come later. Scenarios are supplied, or players may wish to create their own set-ups. Players will guide the fortunes of nations, acting variously as Emperor of the Nahuas, President of Mexico, First Rider of TransWyoming, or the Fisher of Wardoms: the Lords of the Middle Sea.

MAP: the game map portrays the heart of North America from Morelos in the south to lower Alberta in the north. Hexagons regularize land movement; water movement is by area. Disasters have modified the surface outline of the continent; outlines of extinct states and prov-ences will provide orientation. The depicted terrain is generally accurate, but the map exists first to influence game movement, not aid in the purchase of safe real estate. New inland terrain includes the volcanic range which instigated the planetary cataclysm; many western pluvial lakes result from greater seasonal rains..."

1978 ... 13-page rule booklet; 5 player-aid sheets; errata sheet; 252 counters; post-apocalypse poster map of North America ... The Chaosium

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King Arthur's Knights
Visit my Game Gallery blog for a full photoshoot of a nice KAK ziploc set:
King Arthur's Knights (1978): Early Chaosium Adventure Game forerunner to Pendragon RPG

• one 22"x34" color map of Legendary Britain
• 9 sheets of die-cut cards of various colors
• 1 smaller sheet of printed knight figures
• 1 16-page rulebook

1978 ... Greg Stafford ... The Chaosium

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Raiders & Traders: The Heroic Age of Greece

* 22 x 34 full-color map of the Aegean., suitable for display
* 16pp. rulesbook, typeset, with examples and drawings
* 300 thick, glossy counters
* 80 money pieces
* 40 player cards
* 3 scenarios, 5 set-ups

* for 1-4 players
* takes 2-5 hours playtime, varying by scenario and set-up
* easy to learn, fasinating to play, stimulating to own

Re-enact the crisis and grandeur of bronze age Greece in a spectacular boardgame tracing the coming of the Greeks and their civilization's first flower in the days of Mycenae, Achilles, and Helen of Troy! Each player acts as a royal house, seeking to impose its will upon recalcitrant neighbors through trade, alliance and the sword. Victory conditions make it possible to win without dispatching an army, but be sure to notice how your neighbor interprets events. Manage marriages and alliances over the generations; heirs increase your house's chances in diplomacy and war. Good relations with the gods can help your fertility, trade, battle, or tax base. The easily-learned and logically balanced rules system will furnish quick and lasting enjoyment.
The scenarios cover the period 2900-1100 B.C., and are graded: you'll start off with basic rules, then add to them as you progress from scenario to scenario, just as the politics of the Aegean basin grew more and more complex as the centuries passed. Play elements include land and sea expansion, piracy, war, raids, diplomacy, alliances, inter-marriages, generation of heroes, the Delphic Oracle, assistance of the gods, Cyclopean walls, how to carry off Princesses, and more. This succinct and engrossing game sketches the power relations of that ancient time in a way not done before: a strategic-level design using a spectacular full-color map of the Aegean as striking as a bird's-eye-view of the actual geography.
Game designer Donald A. Dupont is a student of archaeology and a veteran of excavations in Greece. His scholarly knowledge and flair for gaming combine uniquely. In reviewing his game TROY, the magazine FIRE & MOVEMENT wrote, "The game, the history and mythology, the graphics and the dedicated loving care obvious in the whole effort make TROY an excellent buy."

1979 ... Donald A. Dupont (design) & William Church (cartography) & Steve Oliff (colors) ... The Chaosium

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ENGAGE & DESTROY: Contemporary Armored Warfare for Miniatures
• 127 AFVs
• 80 aircraft & helicopters
• quick-reference pull-outs
• vehicle conversions
• painting guide
• many diagrams & illustrations
• morale
• informational text

"Across the world, military professionals daily practice war. As much as modern warfare is a matter of calculation, with fields of fire, ranges, supply and logistics, and dedicated support, it is also the ultimate art of the moment, of the opportunity seized, of the decision won. Since there is so little time for reflection in battle, only practice imbues the products of science and technology into the bones of the fighting man.
"Practice" may be an exercise as vast and nearly as expensive as war: NATO's recent 'Reforger' maneuvers involved hundreds of thousands of men and machines, and just the civilian damage suits from broken fences, overrun fields, and torn-up roads totalled some five million dollars. "Practice" also can mean a staff problem on a sand table, worked out and discussed in an afternoon, or a fifteen-minute drill. Any scale of practice strives for the utmost realism possible, for every mistake made and every opportunity lost will cost lives and threaten nations.
Ultimately, practice is distinguished from war by the absence of death. No leader of men knows for sure how his unit will behave in battle, therefore. Death, whether foe or ally, mercifully sits out even the largest wargame.

This book provides the reason, instinct, rhythm, and tension of small unit engagements. The rules are clear enough to understand, comprehensive enough to believe and learn from, and simple enough to enjoy. They recreate the experience of modern warfare. Players confront (and quickly respect) the astonishing range and flexibility of modern weaponry, and equally feiow and respect the bravery and skill demanded in turn by such tools of war. In this sense these rules are a practical summary of modern tactical command.

The rules are intended to be both accurate and accessible to inexperienced players.
The guidelines needed for low-level (company, or less) operations are presented in the first half of the book. These conclude with some scenarios deliberately scaled to require little initial investment. You will not need to buy an armored division to use this book.
The second half of the rules covers additions useful for campaign games, which may last for many sessions and consist of a number of different battles. Players can stage brigade and division -level actions and entire wars. Added to the tactical rules, entries for supply, NBC weapons, aircraft, etc., will increase the realism (and the complexity) of the proceedings.
There are additional play-aids: appended notes on painting, conversion of miniatures, force outlines for different nations, bibliography, etc. Charts and tables are repeated in a convenient set of center-section pull-outs."

1980 ... Chris Kurzadkowski ... 48 pages ... Chaosium


Vive L'Empereur: Grand Tactical Miniatures Rules for Napoleonic Warfare
• SIMPLE, CLEAR MECHANICS: Concentrate on maneuver and command
• HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Understand how and why
• ADVICE FOR THE NOVICE: Play your first game with confidence
• 1:100 SCALE: Fit opposing armies on your dining room table!
• GRAND TACTICAL SCALE: Combine infantry, cavalry, and artillery under one command
• FIGURE FRONTAGES: adaptable from other popular game systems"

1981 ... Ned Zuparko & Lynn Willis & Charlie Krank ... 58 pages + cardstock screen in centerfold ... Chaosium


Basic Role Playing
"• Battleboard, Chit-Dice, & Character Pieces
• Illustrated
• Many Examples
• Solo Play or with Several Players
• Character Forms Supplied
• Easy to Learn
• The Fundamentals of Role-Playing"

1981 ... Greg Stafford & Lynn Willis ... 16 pages ... CHAO 2005

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All The Worlds' Monsters
"This book is an encyclopedia of the strange, the bizarre, and the deadly. It contains complete statistics for 265 monstrous and dangerous creatures, created by dungeon masters across the United States and Canada. Each monster is rated for hit dice, armor class, movement, whether and how well it swims and flies, its intelligence range, dexterity, alignment, normal habitat, the probability of it being present in its lair, by a roll for number present, the probability of the presence of treasure and its type, how it attacks, and a description of general appearance and special characteristics…"

1981 ... 109 pages ... CHAO ???

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All The Worlds' Monsters II
"Volume II of the ALL THE WORLDS' MONSTERS series contains 243 creatures from literature, fantasy, and nightmare. Included is a conversion article by Ken St. Andre for TUNNELS & TROLLS, and Steve Perrin's historic "Conventions." Created by 54 DMs from across North America, each monster is rated for hit dice, armor class, movement, whether or how, well it swims and flies, its intelligence range, dexterity, alignment, normal habitat, the average times it's found in its lair, the die roll for the number present of the type, any probable treasure and type, how the being attacks, and a description of general appearance and special characteristics."

1977, 1980 ... 106 pages

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All The Worlds' Monsters III
"The long-wanted 3rd volume of the All the Worlds' Monsters series is here — 112 pages packed with monsters and play-aids. Included are 238 new monsters, an all-series index, a RuneQuest stats conversion essay by Steve Perrin, and grouping lists by monster type, level, and appearance. The stats were created by dungeon masters from across the United States and Canada. Each monster is rated for hit dice, armor class, movement, whether and how well it swims and flies, its intelligence range, dexterity, alignment, normal habitat, the probability of it being present in its lair, by a die roll for number present, the probability of the presence of treasure and its type, how it attacks, and a description of general appearance and special characteristics."

1980 ... 106 pages ... CHAO xxx

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Be sure to see my deep dive into the All The Worlds’ Monsters series:

All The Worlds’ Monsters (Chaosium, 1977-81): Printings Reference

Elric: Battle at the End of Time [BOX SET]

Elric Boardgames

Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder [BOX SET]

* What's In The Box sheet
* Basic Role Playing (BRP) rules (16 pages)
* Magic World (18 pages)
* Super World (18 pages)
* Future World (18 pages)
* A Portion of Wonder (4 pages)
* Play Aids (16 pages of charcater sheets, etc)
* Character Silhouettes
* Dice: 1d20, 1d8, 3d6, 1d4
* I've seen a Spring 1982 Chaosium catalog at times.


"Magic World: Meet magicians, warriors, rogues, and sages in Magic World. Often treasures found here bring high prices on the Wonder city market. Quests will be scheduled upon application. Some skill at arms is advised before entering this world. Magic World caves typically are crammed with life: spelunkers and explorers beware.

Superworld: You’ll be stronger, tougher, and have special powers in Superworld. If you step in front of a lightning bolt, or get trapped inside an atomic pile, or drink the wrong test tube, for superheroes are hard to kill. No foreign languages to learn; all transactions in U.S. dollars. Have a soda, smash a supervillain — everything is great in Superworld!

Future World: Thousands of years in the future, the galaxy beckons. Beyond the Empire's edge endless stars await. Get a booster shot, check your blaster, renew your passport - then stroll into Sauriki plots, corporate wars, pirate inventions, and the thrill of unknown worlds. Xenophobe adventurers should proceed with care."

1982 ... Steve Perrin ... CHAO 2008-X

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