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High Passage / Far Traveller Magazines


ISPMV Fenris & SFV Valkyrie: Ship Plans
This set came in two printings, an earlier (1980) set with a yellow cover sheet (pictured), and a later (1981?) set with the more familiar brown cover seen in the other sets in the series.


Interstellar Para-military Vessel Fenris & Stellar Fighting Vessel Valkyrie, 15mm deck plans. 8 sheets.

1980, 1981 ... L. Ross Babcock III ... FASA

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ZISMV: Vlezhdatl
"The strike cruisers of the VLEZHDATL class are typical Zhodani escort and frontier war ships. The highest technology available is used on these ships. Any high tech equipment aquired by the Zhodani may find its way into a VLEZHDATL class ship. This all depends on what is available and what the larger Zhodani ships require.

Within the VLEZHDATL class there are many variations. The most frequent is the omission of the meson screens on ships not likely to meet Imperium war ships. The extra space is used to store engineering equipment or special equipment for specialized missions. Other variations include different armaments and restructuring of the fighter bay. This assualt sub-class has a variety of marine landing equipment ready to be dropped.

Another variation in the design of VLEZHDATL ships is psionic gear. Even in the vast populations of the Zhodani Consulate the number of exceptional psionic talents is limited. To make even greater use of these individuals, special equipment designed to enhance their already great powers may be installed. This gear is usually seen in blisters attached to the bridge. As Imperial expertise in the area of psionics is limited, the exact nature and use of this equipment is not known.

What is known about the psionic capabilities of VLEZHDATL class ships is that any or all of the officers may have psionic powers. The chances increase greatly with rank. It is almost certain the the Commanding officer. Executive officer, and Marine Company Commander will have some capability.

VLEZHDATL class ships are usually found in groups of three, in a triangular formation. This way the heavy fire power of the ships can be directed against one target or many. The formation also provides good protection for auxiliary or fragile ships. By moving relative to the VLEZHDATLs, the protected ships can keep the VLEZHDATLs between them and the threat. Because of the Jump-1 limitation of the VLEZHDATL, special arrangements must be made for extended patrols. On such patrols an auxiliary tanker is assigned to the squadron. This unarmed, unarmored ship provides enough fuel for three ships to make another jump. In addition, the tanker will be equipped with scoops, a refining plant, and extra stores. Such squadrons are very useful as independent commands, free to do as they please within their orders. They are powerfull enough to do most anything and they are able to perform sustained operations."

1981 ... Jordan Weisman & L. Ross Babcock III ... FASA

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ISCV: King Richard

"A Luxury Liner of the First Class

The KING RICHARD was built by PHOENIX ENTERPRISES LIMITED. PEL saw the need and possible uses of a large luxury liner and began construction in 1094. Four years later, after numerous space trials, she was completed and ready for delivery. From the beginning of her commercial operations, the KING RICHARD has been a success. As a gathering place for the rich and noble to a luxurious vacation cruise for the lower class, the KING RICHARD has never sailed at less than 95% capacity."

1981 ... Jordan Weisman ... 8-page booklet + 21 15mm deckplan sheets ... FASA

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ISCV: Leander
15mm Deckplans (5 sheets) for a commercial vessel for the Traveller role playing game.

1981 ... L. Ross Babcock III ... FASA

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ISPMV: Tethys (Traveller: Interstellar Para-military Vessel)
15mm Deckplans (7 sheets) for a generalist military vessel for the Traveller role playing game.

1980 … Jordan K. Weisman

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Ordeal By Eshaar
"As the Fifth Frontier War locks the Spinward Marches in mortal combat, a band of adventurers journeys outside the Imperium on a mission of vital importance. Their destination: ESHAAR, a dangerous and hostile world where temperatures average 150°C... where sulfuric acid takes the place of water . . . where enigmatic aliens hold the key to success or failure for the Imperium, The mission: discover — and secure control of — affas, a mineral compound that could turn the tide in the Fifth Frontier War. The opposition: the devious Zhodani, who will stop at nothing to ruin the Imperial cause,
Ordeal by Eshaar is a unique adventure that pits the travellers against a combination of hostile Zhodani, mysterious aliens... and the dangers of the planet itself. From subtle confrontations amidst the false gaiety of the diplomatic enclave to the struggle for survival on the world's surface, this is... Ordeal by Eshaar."

1981 ... J. Andrew Keith & William H. Keith Jr. ... 44 pages ... FASA A1

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Action Aboard: Adventures on the King Richard
"Carrying diplomats, rich citizens, and the most important people in the Imperium, the King Richard, a luxury liner of the first class, is bound to be the center and/or target of murder, assassination plots, theft, hijack, terrorism, kidnapping, and more."

1981 ... Bill Paley ... 46 pages + deck plan map ... FASA A2

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Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars
"Across the desert of a distant planet, the daring and tactical genius of a handful of adventurers alone can thwart a dictator's invasion. Join these guerilla leaders, the Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars, to free a people and decide the fate of a world."

1981 ... William H. Keith, Jr. & J. Andrew Keith ... 46 pages + loose map ... FASA A3

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Legend of the Sky Raiders
"The Sky Raiders . . . They pillaged a dozen worlds sometime in the distant past, then vanished. Who were they? A beautiful archaeologist leads a band of adventurers into the swamps of the planet Mirayn, searching for their secrets... and their lost treasure hoard, join in the search... the expedition seeking the truth behind... The Legend of the Sky Raiders."

1981 ... J. Andrew Keith & William H. Keith Jr. ... 48 pages + fold-out map ... FASA A4

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FCI Consumer Guide
"Fredonian Consumer Institute, Product Research Division, Consumer Guide Volume 1"

1982 ... 48 pages ... FASA A5

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Rescue on Galatea
"The mission seemed simple: rescue an abducted merchant Prince from the hands of a rival corporation in time to avert an interstellar war. The one month deadline seemed to be more than enough time to complete the mission. That is until the adventurers arrive at the planet where the prince is being held. Galatea, a world made up of thousands of islands and very severe weather made the mission a little more difficult, but then the intelligent natives, the Jessa, ended all hopes of an easy completion of what was once just a simple mission."

1982 ... Mark Lawrence ... 44 pages + map ... FASA A6

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Trail of the Sky Raiders
"An artifact from a run-down Startown bar... a sinister, powerful merchant searching for the secrets of a lost civilization... a kidnapping and a night attack in a peaceful city. these are just a few of the problems encountered as a band of adventurers begins a search that will take them down the TRAIL OF THE SKY RAIDERS.
The second of the Sky Raiders campaign, TRAIL OF THE SKY RAIDERS follows the fortunes of a band of adventurers caught up in the continued search for an ancient, fabulously wealthy culture of plunderers who vanished without a trace centuries ago. Playable by itself or as the sequel to LEGEND OF THE SKY RAIDERS the adventure combines mystery, confrontation, and the secret of a lost civilization into a dangerous and exciting quest ... for the TRAIL OF THE SKY RAIDERS."

1982 ... 56 pages + map ... FASA A7 ... ISBN 0425066819

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Fate of the Sky Raiders
"A band of scientists and adventurers must probe the mysteries of a gigantic asteroid starship, home of the mysterious race of interstellar vikings known only as the Sky Raiders. Awaiting them in the immense man-made world are threats and puzzles, old enemies and new problems, wealth untold, and the final solution of the mystery of... the Sky Raiders.
Last of the Sky Raiders trilogy. Fate of the Sky Raiders is a complete adventure for Traveller, playable as a single adventure or as part of the Sky Raiders campaign. Numerous plans show important portions of the ancient asteroid starship of the Sky Raiders and rules describe many characters, pieces of equipment, and special conditions useful to this adventure or to others. Join the starship Inquisitor as it sets out on a voyage of exploration in search of the Fate of the Sky Raiders."

1982 ... J. Andrew Keith ... 60 pages + loose map ... FASA A9

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The Harrensa Project / The Stazhlekh Report (Double Adventure)
"The Harrensa Project deals with industrial espionage, personal combat, and survival in various environments. (Jim Cunningham)

The Stazhlekh Report centers on a commando operation geared to gain vital military intelligence that may influence the course of an interstellar conflict. (J. Andrew Keith)"

1983 ... 40 pages ... FASA 1010

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Hotel Complex: Star Port Module Number One

"Contains Plans for the following floors:
1) Maintenance and Engineering
2) Transportation Axis
3) Main Lobby
4) Theaters and Shops
5) Restaurant
6) Tourist Class Rooms
7) Luxury Rooms
8) Hotel Offices
9) Sky Top Restaurant
10) Penthouse
All are drawn on 22 x 17 inch sheets.
A 16 page booklet with descriptions and rules is also included."

1981 ... 16-page booklet, 5 double-sided maps, and cover sleeve ... FASA Corporation

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Adventure Class Ships Vol. 1 [BOX SET]
The 1st printing (1981) of this set came in a sleeve, not a box. Graphics are slightly different, titled "Freedonian Aeronautics and Space Administration" (get it...? FASA.) with red highlights. There is (I believe) only one booklet - the later set's booklets are labelled "Book 1" and "Book 2" - the 1st print's booklet has no such labelling.
Did the 1st print have counters?
The contents are otherwise identical as far as I can tell.

* five 22"x17" double-sided deck plan maps:
- Condor Class, Freedonian System Defense Boat
- Valor Class Imperial Missile Corvette
- Stedlas Zhodani System Defense Boat
- Lucifer Class Imperial Destroyer Escort
- Maru Class Merchant Vessel
- Ninz Class Zhodani Type S Scout
- Chatl Class Zhodani Leader Scout
- Chameleon Class Commerce Raider
- The Desiree Keah Line of Private Yachts
- Zhdits Class Zhodani Destroyer Escorts
* 112 counters (1 half-sheet)
* Adventure-Class Ships, Book 1 & 2 (16 pages each)

1982 ... FASA B1

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2nd printingBuy at Amazon

Merchant Class Ships
Box Contains:
* 6 Different 1000 ton Merchant Ships
* 3 double sided 211/2" x 33" sheets of deck plans
* One 16 page booklet of descriptions
* One 16 page booklet detailing Merchant rules and adventures
* 112 Illustrated counters depicting crew members, passengers, and others.

SHIPS included:
* STAR Class Merchant Liner
* TRADER Class Provincial Transport
* TRIAD Class Merchant Vessel
* MAGNADON Class Provincial Merchant
* SEEKER Class Armored Merchant
* IRIS Class Armored Packet

1982 ... FASA B3

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Aslan Mercenary Ships
* 3 huge double-sided maps
* 2 booklets
* 2 counter sheets.

1982 … FASA B4 … ISBN 0425066851

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Adventure Class Ships Vol. 2 [BOX SET]
"Ten ships in the 100 to 800 ton range, each drawn in the 15mm scale on 22x17 inch sheets. Descriptions of use and interiors, plus High Guard statistics are contained in a 16-page booklet. Also included are 112 illustrated counters and a second 16-page booklet which contains general starship information, military information for the Aslan and Solomani, and 6 encounter tables for adventuring in Reaver's Deep, the Solomani Rim, or anywhere.

- Lord Somerset Class Type M Subsidized Liner
- Fanzhienz Class Type A2 Far Trader
- Kurgulash Class Medical Scout
- Lady of Shallott Class Type Y Yacht
- Endeavour Class Patrol Frigate
- Lurushaar Kilaalum Class Patrol Ship
- Stayaow Class Combat Scout
- Alexandria Class Type A Free Trader
- Eshpadir Class Orbital Facility
- Explorer Class Survey Cruiser

These deck plans can be used with:
• Martian Metal Miniatures
• Azhanti High Lightning
• Snapshot Rules
• Striker Miniature Rules"

1982 ... FASA B5

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High Passage, Issue 1
ARTICLES: The Solar Flare Mystery; Sandcrab ATV; Stardart; Deception Drone; Justice Special Branch; The Armory; Intelligence Cruiser Exocet; Free Trader; The Dethenes Subsector

1981 ... 56 pages

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High Passage, Issue 2
ARTICLES: Feature Adventure: The Cobra Conspiracy; Iron Fist Class Pirate Corsair; Grav APC; AH-15 Aggressor Attack Helicopter; Marc Miller Interview, part 1; Small arms; So Skire Subsector.

1981 ... 45 pages ... FASA

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High Passage, Issue 3
ARTICLES: Feature Adventure: The Edge; The Port Authority Handbook: Arrival in System; Starship Files: Star Class Armored Merchant; In Transit: Long Range Thruster System & Manta Class Escort Fighter; Special Feature: Marc Miller Interview (part 2); Star Atlas: Ile Subsector & Dethenes Subsector; The Armory: Mercenary Support Weapons.


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High Passage, Issue 4
ARTICLES: Feature Adventure: 134-635; Interdiction Satellite; Dombase; Mining Robot; The Port Authority Handbook: Interdicted Planets; Starship Files: Arzhent Class Prospector/Surveyor; Awaiting Shipment: Petrochemicals; In Transit: GMV-10 & Orbital Tug; Warbook: Tempest Attack Cruiser; Office & Facilities: Merchants; Striker Force: Caledon Highlanders; Boarding Pass: Verin Dalleroi; Star Atlas: Ahrhi Subsector.


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High Passage, Issue 5
"In this issue, journey to THE DAY OF THE GATHERING on Fisher's World, where kiddnapping, piracy, and intrigue combine in an exciting adventure by Jim Cunningham.
Marc Miller explains the government structures found in Traveller. The Squadrons of the Old Expanses are discussed by Jim Cunningham and Gordon Sheridan and our regular features range from THE PORT AUTHORITY HANDBOOK'S information on convoys to articles covering computer language translators, fighting vehicles of the Imperium, and a full scale naval battle using the rules from HIGH GUARD."


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Far Traveller, Issue #1
Visit Roakhoi, a world where Aslan and human colonists have met and mingled... journey through the scattered islands or into the rugged wilderness of an unsettled continent. From Way ah to Leurays, Oistea to Mt. Prospect, its all here —an in-depth look at the world, its people, an.d the adventures that are awaiting unwary travellers.
Other features include The Port Authority Handbook with a discussion of Inward Clearance procedures, weapons accessories in Travellers' Gear, a map and description of the Ea subsector in Reavers' Deep, and much, much more!"

1982 ... 64 pages ... ISBN 0425066916

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Far Traveller, Issue #2
Journey to Rejhappur, a harsh and unforgiving world of vast steppes and deserts, where an exploited populace struggles for freedom against an off-planet corporate authority. From the salt flats and dry sea bottoms of the desolate Rhinvak to the broad steppelands of Kaludjakir, Rejhappur, its natives, and the adventure situations it offers are presented here in detail.
Other features include The Port Authority Handbook's look at communications procedures and practices, a map and background information on the Scotian Deep subsector in Reavers' Deep, errata for FASA's Fate of the Sky Raiders, and many other exciting features!"

1983 ... J. Andrew Keith ... 64 pages ... FASA 1302

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