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Runequest - Glorantha - Chaosium

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Avalon Hill & Games Workshop (3rd Edition) | Issaries: Hero Wars / HeroQuest (post-Runequest Glorantha)


Runequest 1st & 2nd Edition (Chaosium & Games Workshop)

Runequest 1st edition
The 1st edition of Runequest was released in 1978 as a staplebound book with a beige cover and red/white lettering. It has different typeset than the 2nd edition books, and the Glorantha map near the beginning is clearly hand-drawn in the 1st edition rulebook. I've illustrated this below.

1978 ... "Steve Perrin & Friends" ... 120 pages

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A comparison of the maps in the 1st and 2nd edition books.

Runequest, 2nd edition

Here are 5 books -- different covers -- issued at various times for the second edition Runequest by Chaosium (#4001):
• Color cover, staplebound & perfect-bound, 120 pages. Note the change in the seal: "The Chasoium" with a wyvern-like gray dragon (1979), and then the later "Chaosium Inc." red dragon (1980)
• Monochrome cover (brown/red/dark green), perfect-bound, 120 pages. (1980) -- from box set.
• The somewhat rare Reston Publishing hardcover edition (1980). Cover is red. Even rarer with the dustjacket, which looks like the 1980 paperback printing.

• Character Creation — how to turn numbers into characters, with explanations of the why's as well as the whats.
• Basic Mechanics — tells what dice to roll when, and what it means. These early chapters show the secret workings of the 'world machine.'
• Combat Skills - contains information on use, cost, training, and problems with weaponry. It provides a unique combat system free of ambiguities.
• Battle Magic - everyday spells available to all characters. You can enhance weapons or armor, detect items, or combat spirits
• Other Skills - available in a wide variety are such useful personal skills as Riding, Tracking, and Picking Pockets.
• Rune Magic - provides spells which deliver the power of the the gods to their devoted followers; also discusses the cults which channel such powers and the deadly tribal shamans.
• Monsters — from Aldryami to zombies, this extensive chapter gives stat' guidelines for a menagerie of beast (dumb and smart) which can menace players and make life difficult.
• Treasure - there are complete guidelines for compiling treasure which is commensurate with the comparative 'toughness' of the monsters to be dealt with.
• Referee Notes - useful guidelines for the novice or professional referee, including optional rules.
• Charts and Tables - included are play-aids for running a campaign in the Dragon Pass area; among others are encounter, reaction, and experience tables.
• Convenient Pull-outs - the center sheets of the book make up a digest of the most important charts, tables, rules, and procedures, which can be lifted from the book for easy access."

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Runequest, 2nd Edition [BOX SET]

I've moved the printing notes for the RQ 2nd box sets over to our blog


"BASIC ROLE-PLAYING — A convenient handbook for new players. It tells everything a beginning player needs to know before entering a game. Read this and play!
RUNEQUEST RULESBOOK [see entry below] - This is the complete guidebook for advanced players and referees. !t has everything needed to set up scenario adventures, including monsters, treasures, leaders, and Greater Magics. Many charts and tables summarize play.
APPLE LANE — A book giving prepared adventures ready for referees to read through once and then play. There is an initiation situation designed to acquaint new players with combat basics, plus a longer town scenario and a longer cave scenario, and maps,
FANGS — This is a booklet of prepared adventurers and monsters which the adventurers can meet. Just read the profiles and roll the dice!
PLAYER AIDS — Pre-printed character sheets for players and preprinted monster sheets for referees are included, ready to fill out."

1980, 1982 ... CHAO 4001-X

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Runequest, 2nd Edition: Games Workshop (UK) [BOX SET]

Produced in the UK by Games Workshop under license. It is more rare than the Chaosium edition, at least on the US side of the Atlantic.

"The RuneQuest box contains several items. This page briefly describes each separate item, and how they work together. If this is your first exposure to Fantasy Role-Playing, we suggest that you look over the enclosed books and dice in the order listed here:

BASIC ROLE-PLAYING is a complete game system used as the basis for numerous more complex games, and is written expressly for people without great experience in this hobby. It is completely compatible with the next item. Read BRP and enter your first game confidently!

The RUNEQUEST rules explain all you need to know to run a large and complex role-playing game, with more monsters, weapons, magic, and so on. RuneQuest is modularised, so that new players need only read the first 50 or so pages at first. The second half of the book is really necessary only for those refereeing complex games or full scenarios.

APPLE LANE lets beginning referees try out their skills with little effort. This two-scenario book supplies fully-documented settings and complete non-player character statistics for many hours of thrills and enjoyment.

A more generalised referee aid, FANGS, supplies an entire menagerie of initial statistics for human characters, monsters, and natural animals, and is invaluable in creating new situations and adventures. For comprehensiveness, all these statistics were created by computer.

RUNEQUEST CHARACTER & MONSTER SHEETS are included in the RuneQuest rulebook for you to photocopy as you require them. A separate, less complex sheet for Basic Role-Playing exists in that book.

SIX DICE, sufficient to play either Basic Role-Playing or RuneQuest, have been included. If you are unfamiliar with these interesting shapes and how they are used, Basic Role-Playing explains them."

1980 ... Steve Perrin & Ray Turney & Steve Henderson & Warren James ... GW 102107

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Balastor's Barracks (Scenario Pack 1)
"Beneath the ruins of Old Pavis, treasure glitters and the spirit of Balastor Brightaxe, last defender of the Pure Horse dynasty, impatiently Lingers. There waits as well a host of powerful and brutal creatures determined to make your expedition a one-way trip.
Adventurers will need all their cunning to emerge victorious, or emerge at all
This complete RUNEQUEST! adventure includes historical background, area and barracks maps, room-by-room descriptions, and a cast of more than 60 different denizens of darkness. Made for game Referees, solitaire role-players will also find this expedition an absorbing one."

1978 ... Henderson/James/Perrin ... 24 pages

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Apple Lane: Two Beginning Scenarios - Gringle's Pawnshop & The Rainbow Mounds (Scenario Pack 2)
"Two complete adventures in the outlands of Sartar!
Specially designed for comprehensive ease of play, APPLE LANE sets a new standard for fantasy role-playing games, presenting not only treasure and gore but situations and non-player characters of humor and interest: perfect situations for turning on players new to gaming!
GRINGLE'S PAWNSHOP: a crafty old Rune Lord needs a few Adventurers to guard his shop against more than he had divined...
THE RAINBOW MOUNDS: the Posse sets out to clip the ears of Whiteye and his gang: they find more in the hideout than Whiteye knew of...
TRIBAL INITIATION: a special mini-scenario introducing FRP to new players via an intriguing ritual of adulthood...
Lengthy background notes, five pages of maps and plans, complete NPC statistics and motivational profiles, tactical and contingency explanations, and even a page of sample player characters. Referees can start either adventure after little more than reading it and sketching the playing area!"

1978 ... Greg Stafford ... 48 pages

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Trolls and Trollkin (Runequest Source Pack Alpha)
"Stroll in boldly and back out fighting! Who could have imagined such a hornet's nest? TROLLS & TROLLKIN is a collection of 42 Dark Trolls and 126 Trollkin, all different and all pre-rolled by computer program (right down to the hit charts). Enough of these brutal beasts to populate a village!
This book will save referees hours of preparation over the length of a campaign. The 154 canny creatures summarized will provide material for dozens of individual adventures!
This book is based entirely upon the role-playing game RUNEQUEST! You must have that rulesbook to use these characters."

1978 ... Ray Turney ... 20 pages ... Chaosium

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Creatures of Chaos 1: Scorpion Men and Broos (Runequest Source Pack Beta)
"Here they are, up from the slime and in from the dark, ready to make Life in your campaign just a Little uncertain! SCORPION MEN AND BROOS is a collection of 45 Scorpion Men and 54 Broosr all different and all pre-rolled by computer program (right down to the hit locations). Meet 'em in groups or singly, or run a quest right through a Scorpion Men Nest!
Individual background notes on both Scorpion Men and Broos, including advice to Referees on their game deployment, by Greg Stafford.
Campaigners will save hours of preparation: the 99 crafty creatures summarized within provide material for dozens of adventures!
SCORPION MEN AND BROOS is based entirely upon the role-playing game RUNEQUEST! You must have that rulesbook to use these characters."

1978 ... 20 pages ... Ray Turney

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Militia & Mercenaries (Runequest Source Pack Gamma)
"Front and center! The complete range of basic human soldiery, from hard-bitten front-line warriors to abject and quivering draftees: in all, 105 complete characters pre-rolled by computer program and ready to play, as needed by Referee or new participant. Though the characters may be used individually, they come formed up into squads, with designated leaders and seconds-in-command, and accompanied by 11 warhorses to speed things along.
Use them as needed or plot out an entire military campaign: reinforce a hill, seize a waterhole, rescue the Heir, raid a camp, fight your way into (or out of) a city in flames! The possibilities for decisive action on a grand scale are endless and fascinating!
Included are 11 officers, 11 warhorses, 10 militiamen, 22 foot archers of greater and lesser ability, and 43 foot mercenaries, also of two capability ranges: an entire column of troops at your command!"

1979 ... 16 pages ... Ray Turney ... SP5

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Snakepipe (Snake Pipe) Hollow

"Snakepipe Hollow is a large and flexible RuneQuest scenario pack, designed to supply dozens of adventures for a band of adventurers. Eight "starting points" supply different motives and rationales for expeditions, as well as necessary non-player character statistics. A WILDERNESS ENCOUNTER section provides background data, a map of the Hollow, NPC stats for a variety of individuals and parties roaming in or passing through the area, and extensive notes on the intent or motivation of the beings. The underground adventures are divided into three interlocking lengthy caverns, each of which will require more than one expedition to thoroughly explore. The halls and courts of this great complex are presented in a uniquely structured fashion which allows referees to reveal major and minor details separately, without misplaced emphasis, depending on how the players themselves pace their activities. Each element possibly existing in an area is always presented in the same sequence and clearly identified, so that maximum use may be gotten from the material.
This scenario is built for parties of mixed abilities: rune lords and beginning characters can be included in the same group without difficulty, and everyone will be of value in meeting the challenges to reason and existence. These adventures are frequently more aided by wit than by flashing swords (though there is enough of that), and the rewards for the risks are often more long-term and subtle than simple loot. Players will be shown beauty as well as barbarity, and they will encounter role-playing of more realism and quality than possibly before."

1979 (SP6), 1981 (#4007) ... Greg Stafford & Rudy Kraft ... 48 pages

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1981 color-cover edition at Amazon

Cults of Prax, 1st Ed.
The original printing of the Cults of Prax was in 1979, and had the designation SP7. It was later reprinted with new cover graphics, a colorized map from the interior. The SP7 was dropped in favor of the 4008 product code. It retains the 1979 copyright. RPG.net estimates a 1981 date for this later printing; that seems right to me.

"In the fantasy role-playing game RuneQuest, magic works because the relations between the spiritual and the physical plane are immediate and concrete...maintaining good relations with your chosen god allows you to learn special magic, provides you with trusty companions in a cut-throat world, and you may even roll for Divine Intervention to escape a tight place. RuneQuest and its universe link with a depth and a consistency unparalleled in gaming.

Cults of Prax is RuneQuest's first major supplement, and it explores the dominant religions in a particular area of Genertela more closely than it was possible to do before, be-ginning with the most primitive ancestor worship, passing through the tribal deities of the simple nomad barbarians, and exploring the intricacies of the more civilized Lightbringer cults with trader deities and a god of knowledge. Though all cults receive a broad range of capabilities from their divine relationships, there are some deities specializing in certain activities and areas, such as a war god, a city god, and the mysterious Lunar cult. Finally, there are religions of non-human races including the elf cult and two troll cults.

The book offers over 100 new Rune and battle magic spells, and skills, always giving relevant information to the gamer intent on well-progressing characters. The wealth of new material is applicable conceptually to any role-playing game or campaign, and referees will enjoy the many new lines of thought and the dozens of examples of tribal behavior which can corroborate any campaign. The excerpts from the Travels of Biturian Varosh can springboard more than a dozen situations or scenarios.

Fifteen cults are detailed. A special chapter offers guidelines for designing additional religions. There are many appendices, including a day-by-day sun-time calendar.
Descriptions combine sociology, religion, poetry, and magic to construct the critically important balance between realism and playability necessary for a full, flavorful campaign. The data within offers player-characters unique opportunities to advance themselves without killing monsters if they so wish, and provides details of the everyday lives of non-player characters. No other work available rivals Cults of Prax either in imaginative scope or in fine detail."

1979, 1981(?) ... Steve Perrin & Greg Stafford ... 112 pages ... CHAO SP7 / 4008

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Runequest Foes: 1200 Monsters for Runequest
"INCLUDES: Types — all intelligent monsters from RuneQuest are described, many with special individualizing characterizations that are associated with the monster's culture or ecology.
Bonuses - defense, manipulation, stealth, knowledge, and perception are included in the stats.
Common Skills - Hide in Cover, Listen, Move Quietly, and Spot Hidden are included for all monsters. There also may be uncommon or amusing skills.
Special Skills - racial or national specialties are noted, such as the Peaceful Cut for barbarians, Identify Plants for elves, Tracking for hunters, plus Climbing, Jumping, Scent, First Aid, and others as appropriate.
Hit Locations and Armor Protection - there is easy reference for non-human hit locations, and each is conveniently represented with the armor points close by.
Weapons — the statistics include attacks, parries, hit points, damage done, and strike rank.
Spells - battle magic is given according to the requirements the home area and the owner's natural life.
Other Factors - also included are encumbrance, movement, and spell strike rank.
Variation - all stats are built around the normal RuneQuest parameters of size, etc., for the particular monster type. No entries are identical.
Function - Because Glorantha is a fully-developed universe, most entries are equipped and magicked according to their activities in the world. Thus the possessions, skills and spells of a tradesman will not be the same as those of a peasant."


Elves, Dryads, Pixies, Runners

Newtlings, Crested Skirmishers, Beaked Warriors, Tailed Priests, Full Priests (and includes Demibirds)

Baboons, Broos, Centaurs, Ducks, Jack O'Bears, Minotaurs, Morokanth, Scorpion Men

Trollkin, Cave Trolls, Dark Trolls, Great Trolls, Mistress Race, Tusk Riders & Tuskers

Dragons, Gargoyles, Griffins, Manticores, Wind Children, Wyrms, Wyverns

Bearwalkers, Tiger Sons, Tusk Brothers, Wolf Brothers

Ghosts, Ghouls, Skeletons, Vampires, Zombies

Dwarves, Giants, Adventurers, City Thieves, Medium Infantry, Hoplites, Farmers, Militia, Inn Habitants, Townspeople, Travelers, Ogres, Pygmies

Bison People, Bolo-Lizard People, High Llama People, Impala Pygmies, Ostrich Pygmies, Pol-Joni Horsemen, Rhino Riders, Sable People, Unicorn Women, Zebra Mercenaries

1980 ... David Forthoffer ... 112 pages ... Chaosium 4009

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Gateway Bestiary: Additional Monsters for Runequest
"Expand the horizons of your RuneQuest campaign with the exotic creatures in this book. All new, they can be used to create numerous interesting encounters.
This book contains 99 new monsters from a variety of sources, presented in the clear and concise format of RuneQuest, complete with illustrations. This is the first of our Gateway products, which are designed to aid the referee who desires to run a RuneQuest campaign without the restrictions of the limited flora and fauna of Glorantha.

GIANT ANTHROPODS - This section includes your favorite insects in human size forms such as giant ants, spiders, or wasps capable of carrying a rider.
LEGENDARY BEINGS - Provides monsters from terrestrial mythos, such as the hydra, gorgon, lamia, or sphinx.
CELTIC HORRORS - Contains terrifying creations of the Gaelic mind. These include kelpies, voughs, and more.
H. P. LOVECRAFT CREATIONS - These are the otherworld nightmares of Lovecraftian mythos such as the mi-go, nightgaunt, or shoggoth.
NATURAL ANIMALS - This section fills the more obvious omissions of ํhe original RuneQuest rules by including stats on frightening carnivores like lions or bears, and the smaller animals useful as familiars, such as owls or monkeys.
DINOSAURS — Here are the giant prehistoric creatures... from the bulky sauropods that are likely to crush an adventuring party by accident to the terrifying carnosaurs which should make any batch of Rune level characters turn and run.
MISCELLANEOUS TYPES - These include the whimsical creations of Lewis Carroll to the fatal anthropophage from a well-known science fiction movie.
Complete statistics are provided, just roll them up and see the players try to figure out what they're up against!"

1980 ... Sandy Petersen ... 64 pages ... CHAO 4010

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Plunder: Runequest Book of Treasure
"This book contains 640 pre-generated treasure hoards and 43 magical treasures of Glorantha for use in any RuneQuest campaign.
The treasure hoards of monsters are arranged by treasure factors, ten tables in all. They specify how many Clacks, Lunars, Wheels, gems/jewelry, and special items each hoard has accumulated. There are also a special gems/jewelry table and a special items table.
The second section of Plunder gives detailed descriptions of many of Glorantha's magical treasures. Each has notes on physical appearance, relationship to various cults, extent of public knowledge of the item, history, procedure for making items that can be made, its powers, and its value.
All items in Plunder can be used in any RuneQuest campaign, Gloranthan or otherwise. Surprise your adventurers with a gift of treasure."

1980 ... Rudy Kraft ... 48 pages ... CHAO 4011

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Runemasters: Strong NPCs & Their Use in RuneQuest
"Here are 45 Rune Lords, Rune Priests, and Rune Lord-Priests of the 15 cults surveyed in Cults of Prax. Each character is completely individualized, experienced, equipped with spells, treasures, bound spirits, and so on. Every stat takes up about half a page, and in themselves form a valuable collection for referees who need Rune-level characters as NPCs.
But William R. Keyes' book is much more than a collection of statistics. He also discusses how Rune Masters should be created, and about the logic of their growth, how each type of RuneMaster should be played, what their retinue (if any) should be, how a referee can organize his NPCs with coherent melee tactics and team strategy, etc. — the most informative notes of their kind ever published about the rational play of strong RuneQuest characters.

Stats cover backgrounds of characters, their basic characteristics, movement, encumbrance, hit points, bonuses, weapons, spirits, spells, Rune spells, skills and certain acquired knowledge, languages, magic items, potions, finances, equipment, gifts, geases, and more.
Cults include Daka Fat, Storm Bull, Waha, Eiritha, Humakt, The Seven Mothers, Pavis, Yelmalio, Issaries, Chalana Arroy, Lhankhor Mhy, Orlanth, Kyger Litor, Zorak Zoran, and Aldrya.
Appendices are included."

1980 ... William R. Keyes & Luise Perrene ... 48 pages ... CHAO 4012

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Griffin Mountain: A Complete Wilderness Campaign for RuneQuest
"Gamers have enjoyed playing RuneQuest for a long time now. The time is right for a major campaign sourcebook.
Griffin Mountain details an area 800 kilometers wide. Elder Wilds is where non-humans live and high adventure thrives. Balazar is a wild frontier where anything can happen.
This book contains extensive notes on the area's geography, history, and inhabitants.
Meet King Yalaring Monsterslayer who became king of the citadel of Trilus by right of conquest. Visit picturesque Elkoi, built by giants. Trade with Joh Mith, a fat, jovial caravan master with high bargaining skills. Gamble with Hen Cik, one of the caretakers of a legendary castle in Giant Land. Cross the dangerous River of the Damned (full river crossing rules inside). Quest for the powerful windberries, rumored to be found on Griffin Mountain itself. Beware of the ever-present baboons, bears, dragonewts, wild hawks, trolls . . .
Get your adventurers ready for a glorious time in Griffin Mountain!"

1981 ... Rudy Kraft & Paul Jaquays & Greg Stafford ... 202 pages + fold-out map ... CHAO 4013

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Today (12/9/2016), I was pleasantly surprised to find the Griffin Mountain that arrived in the shop is the licensed UK edition by Game Workshop. I was unaware this version existed.

I first noticed the quality difference before anything else. Many (most, really) of the GM books I encounter have cracked bindings, with pages either threatening to come loose, or are already loose. Chaosium's printer used a low-quality glue that hasn't stood up well to time.

In contrast, this Games Workshop edition is firmly bound. The paper quality seems better as well, semi-glossy.

As far as I can tell, the content is a page-for-page duplicate of the Chaosium printing.

The GW map is smaller (15ฝ" x 23ผ", vs. 20" x 30" US map), and likewise of a glossier paper stock.


Cults of Terror: Nine Dangerous Deities for RuneQuest role-playing
"The bad guys of Glorantha - nine cults of the cruel and unusual, destined to enliven every campaign. Cults include Primal Chaos, Mallia, Bagog, Thed, Vivamort, Thanatar, The Crimson Bat, Krarsht and Nysalor/Gbaji. Each cult has described cult myths, history, requirements for lay, initiate, and RuneMaster membership, subservient and associate cults, and miscellaneous notes. There are new Rune spells, battle magics, skills, five new Runes, an expanded cult compatability chart, full rules for nets, a pronunciation guide, the adventures of Lunar Initiate Paulis Longvale, and exciting mythical and historical essays by Greg Stafford. This book is fully compatible with Runequest; the concepts and descriptions in it can be used for any fantasy role-playing system. Similar to Cults of Prax."

1981 ... Lynn Willis & Greg Stafford & Charlie Krank ... 96 pages ... CHAO 4014

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Borderlands: A Runequest Campaign in Seven Scenarios [BOX SET]

• Referee's Handbook (48 pages)
• Encounters Book (32 pages)
• Seven individually-bound and linked scenarios (Scouting the Land, Outlaw Hunt, Muriah's Revenge, Rescue of Jezra, 5-Eyes Temple, Condor Crags, On to Giantland!)
• a 17x22 campaign map
• player hand-outs.
• 'What's in this Box' sheet

"This campaign scenario pack provides everything needed to referee a RuneQuest campaign along the River of Cradles, a fertile valley separating the devastation of Vulture's Country and the wretched chaparral of Prax. The campaign is intended for intermediately-skilled characters. Background, history, and regional details are included: the employer, the different tribal peoples in the area, the creatures and monsters (ducks to dinosaurs, whirlvishes to wraiths), and area-specific magic items. The encounters book is sizable, including the deadly Eternal Battle, a time-warped hold-over from the Gods Wars."

1982 ... Chaosium 4015-X

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Trollpak: Troll Facts, Secrets and Adventures for Runequest [BOX SET]

BOX CONTENTS: * Uz Lore * Book of Uz * Into Uzdom * Munchrooms A & B * Player Information * poster map.

"Partial Topic Contents of this Box: troll mythos, genealogy of Darkness'deities, troll language, the Exodus, troll migrations during the Storm Age, eleven troll battles, troll eating habits, trolls in the First, Second, and Third Ages, troll dentition, Genertela at the Dawn, trollkin philosophy, the Gbaji wars, twins, trollkin life statistics, the curse of kin, Kyger Litor wrestles with Gbaji, measurement of time and distance, six troll types examined, troll senses, trollkin ownership, clothing, troll noises, the Holy Country, troll gestation and lifespan, Blue Moon plateau, funeral rites, posture and body language, the Shadowlands, snow trolls, Pamaltela, Shadows Dance, Dagori Inkarth, Mistress Race life statistics, elders, Sporewood, Redstone Caverns [sample clan habitat with 9 quarters] , troll anatomy and digestion, troll skulls and evolution, the Sazdorf clan [sample history of a troll clan with genealogy and extensive organizational analysis] , troll ecology, troll insects, troll tactics, generating troll characters, troll professions, new skills, troll living arrangements, young trolls and family life, hospitality, the cult of Aranea, the cult of Argan Argar, the cult of Gorakiki, the cult of Hunter or Foundchild, modified cult of Kyger Litor, cult of Xiola Umbar, modified cult of Zorak Zoran, industrial insects with statistics, variant troll statistics, introduction to the scenarios, 10 standard troll types, troll caravan, moth riders, locust nomads, Skyfall Lake, the Grog Shoppe, Crabtown, Grubfarm, the flying trollkin, the Sazdorf clan [a large scenario including more than 70 rooms and extensive discussion of troll procedures and defenses) , trollball rules, the Sazdorf Whackers & Tacklers, Munchroom caverns A and B, player handouts, map of Dagori Inkarth and environs, troll drinks, magic mushrooms, 29 completely new Rune spells, nearly 300 individual statistics, 25 types of giant insects, and a trollball field."

1982 ... Greg Stafford & Sandy Petersen ... CHAO 4016-X

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Totally Revealing!

Trollpak: Everything About Trolls

ad from the back of Different Worlds magazine, issue 22 (July 1982)

SoloQuest: Three Solo Adventures
"DreamQuest: Once upon a dream, your god appears to you. You are offered the opportunity to serve your god by defeating four foes in mortal cornbat. Step-by-step solo-melee combat rules for the detailed RuneQuest combat sequence are provided.

Phoney Stones: Somebody has been selling counterfeit Issaries statues. Everyone is upset: the buyers because they thought they were becoming members of Issaries with the purchase; the Issaries temple because it undermines the sales of their own statues, Big reward is offered for the capture of the counterfeiter.

Maguffin Hunt: The dwarves have stolen the valuable maguffin. You are offered a big reward for its recovery and apprehension of the thieves. The dwarves have hidden their prize in their intricate labyrinthine tunnels in the dwarven mountains. Who will dare?"

1982 ... Alan LaVergne ... 80 pages ... CHAO 4017

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Questworld: 9 Gateway Adventures for Runequest [BOX SET]

"Here are 9 new adventures for RuneQuestฎ, set in the new RQ universe of Questworld. Everyone doesn't live in Glorantha, after all — there isn't room. But Smelchak and Payer (pictured above) wouldn't live anywhere other than stylish and fashionable Questworld.
While Glorantha's gods have sway here, and though any RQ character can transfer here unchanged, new local gods have risen, unbound by the Great Compromise. No one knows the number of these new gods, nor their origin or power. Smelchak, for instance, is a Daredevil of Nik-el, the goddess of luck; Payer, a Flynn of Panash, - the god of savoir-faire.
Who can predict the creatures and encounters possible? If your player-characters are complacent, underworked, or overly sassy, have 'em stick a lunar into a sloth machine, ward off flying anvils, check out an elven graveyard, or attack a war wagon — Questworld is a new experience.
These scenarios mostly are for low or medium-level characters, whose best weapon is about 80%, but there are some tougher situations, too."

BOX CONTENTS: Introduction to Questworld; Candlefire; Lord Skyppen's Mansion; Greenwald Tales; double-sided poster map.

1982 ... CHAO 4018-X

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Scorpion Hall (Soloquest 2)
"Somewhere in the forest, a band of scorpion men have their hideaway. Their raids have depopulated the local lands, but the Empire will do nothing. You must locate their lair, then, penetrate it to learn their secrets and destroy their center of power. It will be a near-impossible task. You might fail — and die. But if you die, you know that your friends will follow you into the ever-changing world of Scorpion Hall and avenge you. Can you meet this challenge?"

1982 ... Alan LaVergne ... 96 pages ... CHAO 4019

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The Snow King's Bride (Soloquest 3)
Brunhild is the comely and boisterous intended bride of Snorkil Herringsbane, lord of Valhalavahalla. Your mission is to escort her through treacherous mountains, monsters, and marvels, and deliver her safe and sound to the Snow King.
You will have to match wits with the greedy griffin of Griffin Gorge, evade the nasty, ice-sharp tail whips of the Cold Cuts, and foil a ferocious Frost Demon. Then again, your biggest headache may be Brunhild herself, for though she has heard that Snorkil is filthy rich, her girlfriends warn that he is also old, decrepit and foolish. Are you man enough to resist her hearty advances?
An initiate of any non-chaotic cult may apply for the job. Brunhild's father favors no particular race or sex, but he intensely dislikes lawyers. They need not apply.
So, gather your things and wrap your bearskin tightly about your shoulders. It will be a long, dangerous, and cold trek but the rewards for success will make the trip worthwhile."

1982 ... Alan LaVergne ... 48 pages ... CHAO 4020

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Pavis: Threshold to Danger [BOX SET]

• Common Knowledge (40 pages)
• City Guide (40 pages)
• Episodes (64 pages)
• 22 x 34 map of Pavis
• 11 x 34 map of the River of Cradles valley
• 'What's in this Box' insert.

"PAVIS is the first city base intended exclusively for RuneQuest players. Its neighborhood maps are indexed for the services adventurers need -armorers, temples, and so on. Gimpy's, an excellent inn, is fully described, as are city politico-religious groupings and prominent personalities.
Background includes chronology, historical essays, maps, and the cults of Flintnail, Lanbril, Zola Pel, and Pavis. There is an elaborate plan and description of the downriver Sun Dome temple complex.
Of the five scenarios, Welcome to the City situates the characters and introduces Lunar officialdom; this multi-session scenario is matched by The Cradle, another multi-session adventure about the first giant cradle to appear in 700 years: characters battle mass-magics to try to stop or to help the cradle on its way — a glorious struggle which will be sung of for a hundred years..."

1983 ... Chaosium 4021-X

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Big Rubble: The Deadly City [BOX SET]

• Players' Guide (16 pages)
• Guide for the Gamemaster (32 pages)
• Episode Book (96 pages of adventures)
• 11" by 17" map of the Rubble

"The BIG RUBBLE is the perfect hunting ground for both prospective and veteran adventurers. From the relative safety of the frontier town of New Pavis, exploration parties may venture forth into the Rubble to once again tap the treasures and magics buried in its ruins. They will be aided and hindered by the guards and bureaucrats of the occupying Lunar empire.
The Big Rubble is a vast area enclosed by giant-built walls of solid stone. Once it was the site of Robcradle, an ancient Jrusteli city, and then it held the magnificent capital of the hero Pavis. Only thousands of acres of ruin and destruction now remain, full of robbers, outcasts, and inhuman monsters.
The Rubble Guide provides background describing the creation of the ruins, tells of major areas within the giant walls and of 49 points of interest within those areas, examines the vegetable guardians of the Elven Garden, hints at how to get in and out of the Rubble, illustrates four types of Rubble ruins, contains general and specific encounters, and reveals the cult of Yelorna.
The nine scenarios in the Episodes book explore some of the many exciting places within the Rubble. Griffin Gate is the main entrance for legal adventuring parties, and this scenario includes three separate episodes occuring within the gate area. Wolfhead's Lair, Raid on Yelorna, The Devil's Playground, Krang's Table, and the Puzzle Canal introduce the manifold tribes and gangs who survive through incessant raid and plunder within the Rubble. Temple at Feroda takes the adventurers south, beyond the walls, to the mouth of the Zola Fel River. Each of these adventures requires one or two evenings to complete. Dozens of additional scenarios will develop as sidelights from the nine given here or from the plentiful descriptions provided.
Several 'official' Lunar Empire forms have been included to license and annoy hapless adventurers. No one is allowed back into the safety of New Pavis without his Adventurer's License, and few except for trolls, elves, broos, and ogres dare to live in the Rubble."

1983 ... CHAO 4022-X

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RuneQuest Companion: History, Stories, and Play-aids
The RuneQuest Companion was originally intended to be the first in a series of companions, but this never came to pass.

"THE COMPANION is a sourcebook of articles, stories, and pictures useful to or entertaining to RuneQuest referees and players alike; its wide variety of subjects and forms will stimulate new adventures in any campaign or fill up quiet evenings at home.
The Companion fills a void left by the demise of Wyrms Footnotes, a magazine dedicated at the last solely to RQ articles; it was then the best source for RQ rules variants and steadily published new Gloran-than arcana.
Frustratingly to many, the earliest issues of the Footnotes were never reprinted, so that only savvy collectors had access to important material for Rune-Quest and White Bear & Red Moon (since retitled Dragon Pass). The most RQ-pertinent of those essays and illustrations appear here.
But the majority of the Companion is new material — a lot of research and writing has occurred since the first issues of WF in 1976!

• Jonstown Compendium - excerpts from this massive chronicle make clear obscure mythic relations and reveal contemporary and ancient history.
• Cults Index — this is an up-to-date list of all cults published by Chaosium.
• The Skullbush - a previously-unmentioned bush startles those travelers new to Prax.
• Smell of a Rat - a story of fine detective-work in the Lhankor Mhy cult.
• The Holy Country - including a 2-page map, this study relates myth and history of the land between Dragon Pass and the sea.
• A History of My Black Horse Troop — Sir Ethilrist tells of his battle with a very hungry foe.
• Unicorns - a basic essay about these wonderful beings, including ecological notes.
• Expanded RQ Cult Compatibility Chart - updates and revises slightly the way that all Chaosium-published cults view each other.
• More On Trolls - Additional information about trolls which has come to light since Trollpak.
• Walktapus Cooking — a gourmet's guide to walktapus cuts, including a well-tested recipe; handy reference card.
• The Maze of Shaxry Oborok - Take your favorite character (or the one you like least) into Shaxry's domain. A RQ solo adventure, playable several times.
• Prince Argrath's Entry into Boldhome - A personal record of the hero's return to the Sartar capital.
• Cad Goddeu - the late Gene Day's 2-page illustration of this ancient struggle.
• Dispatch From Fadabius - first-hand description of Dragon Pass events during the Hero Wars."

1983 ... Greg Stafford & Alan Lavergne ... 72 pages ... CHAO 4023

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Runequest Ancestors

White Bear and Red Moon

Early Glorantha wargame that came in 2 distinct printings. Often the rulebooks alone will be floating around in the used market. Later released as Dragon Pass.

"The reign of Argrath Dragontooth was a time of constant war between the land of Sartar and the Lunar Empire. Commercial jealousy, religious rivalry, political distrust, and ancient hatreds all erupted into a fury that involved even the gods.
We are fortunate that several contemporary accounts of those wars survive today. Among them are the Lunar epic poems, especially The Fourth Inspiration of Moonson. Today's Harrek’s Saga contains several first-hand accounts of the war by various survivors. Sir Ethilrist composed a massive and pompous History of My Black Horse Troop, where military jargon and soldier's slang combine to reveal a shrewd and cynical view of the world. A mountain, now lost in the Wastes, contains the whole life story of Cragspider etched in foot-deep pictoglyphs across twelve miles of stone. One day I helped a dragon, who whispered hot words of gold and legend to me. I have gathered all of these things, more precious than a wizard's bible, to cast into this booklet for you..."

1975 ... Greg Stafford ... 62 page booklet + 22 1/2" x 27" map + 2 charts + 249 counters (+ ?? blanks) ... The Chaosium
1976 ... 72 page booklet + 22 1/2" x 27" map + 233 counters (+ 19 blanks)

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Nomad Gods
Stand-alone game set in Prax, the campaign region of Runequest. Written by Greg Stafford and Tadashi Ehara, with evocative art by Gene Day, this publication dates to Chaosium's early days. Indeed, it was clearly written on a typewriter.

From the introduction:
"The earliest recorded stories about the Plaines of Prax are tales of war and destruction. During the Gods' Age, before Time began, War and Death first stepped into our world at Prax. Ever since those legendary times the place has remained constantly embroiled in selfish wars based on feuds whose origins are long forgotten.
Ancient civilisations once thrived here, but were buried forever under divine barbarism which destroyed it with a hearty gusto. The Gods’ War left much of the world a ruin, but the Plaines of Prax were the worst struck and the slowest to recover. There the dirt you walk upon is hostile to men who once plundered it. Needless to say, existance is tenuous and life is precious. More precious than life, though, are those immortal gifts which are capable of supporting life in the harsh chaparral. Thus the people of the region are well known for their greed and desire for great magical properties..."

1977 ... 72 page booklet + chart + 22 1/2" x 27" map + 252 counters (0 blanks) ... Chaosium

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Dragon Pass: Chaosium edition

Dragon Pass: The Return of Prince Argrath and the Lunar Empire Wars
See Also:
Dragon Pass: Avalon Hill


"The Free Armies of Sartar and the legions of the Lunar Empire lock in mortal combat in this new version of the most widely-praised fantasy boardgame ever made. The forces maneuver for knock-out blows in Dragon Pass, key to a continent, and strive for aid from the embers of older races and empires.
Dragon Pass is home to many creatures, not only humans but also Delecti the Zombie Master, Crag-spider, the Feathered Horse Queen, Sir Ethilrist and his Black Horse Troop, Ironhoof & the Half-Beasts, the Tusk Riders, Hungry Jack, Giants, Dragonewts, Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Wintertop Exiles; many other Powers, warlocks, tribes and heroes live there.
As White Bear & Red Moon, it was twice voted one of the 20 best games of all time in Games & Puzzles magazine, and after 5 years is still near the top in all fantasy game polls. It is now renamed, revised, boxed, and released with improved full-color components. Nine scenarios for 1-3 players allow both simple and complex games. A must for fantasy lovers!"

1980 ... Robert Corbett & Greg Stafford ... Chaosium 1001-X

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Judges Guild

Broken Tree Inn

3 scenarios centering around elvish (Aldryami) personalities in and around the Tall Seed Forest. Written by Rudy Kraft, released by Judges Guild.

1979, 1980 ... 48 pages ... Judges Guild 107

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Hellpits of Nightfang

Adventure centered around 3 limestone sinkholes that reek of chaos. Written by Paul Jaquays, released by Judges Guild.

1979 ... 32 pages ... JG 116

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Runequest Judges Shield

Two 2-panel screens for classic Runequest.

1980 ... Judges Guild 170

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Legendary Duck Tower
"A complete campaign adventure pack ... Long-lost ruined city and deserted citadel ... Tales of fabulous riches and terrible monsters ... Rumors of horrible dooms and powerful magic."

1980 ... Paul Jaquays & Rudy Kraft ... 64 pages ... Judges Guild 220

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City of Lei Tabor
I've found a misprinted version, a serious problem: Missing pages 17-32 and 65-80. There are probably more of these flawed copies out there.


"Complete fantastic Runequest city... All inhabitants, shops, cults, temples, inns, politics, thieves, treasures, adventures."

1979 ... Paul Nevins & Bill Faust ... 96 pages ... JG 310

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Duck Pond
Destroyed by Mallia worshippers, Duck Pond was once the site of a small village inhabited by Humans. Frwack the Duck moved here and is ready to face Oassanai the Dragonewt.

1980 ... Rudy Kraft ... 64 pages + color cover sheet ... JG 380

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Ral Partha miniatures for Runequest

Runequest Monster Coliseum 25mm metal miniatures
9 pieces (scorpion man designed in two pieces). Unpainted. Lead.

1985 ... Ral Partha ... UPC 042226104005

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Runequest Rune Questers 25mm metal miniatures
11 pieces. Unpainted. Lead.

1985 ... Ral Partha ... UPC 042226104011

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