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Tales from The Floating Vagabond - Avalon Hill

Avalon Hill

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Tales from The Floating Vagabond

"And the battle rages on. Our hero, Arithon Kinkaid, is found locked in mortal combat with Qrzok the Lizard Creature. The mad free-for-all continues as the bartender. Hawk Luger (Friends call him "Spit") calmly cleans' a glass, and Bugshoe, the galactic bounty hunter, takes another sip of his martini. It's a quiet night at The Floating Vagabond."

1991 ... Nick Atlas & Lee Garvin & John Huff ... 96 pages ... AH 9000 ... ISBN 1560380322

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Bar Wars
"This is a supplement to the Tales From the Floating Vagabond roleplaying game. It includes the star-spanning adventure, Bar Wars. Included are super hero rules, cybernetic rules, bar-room brawl rules, a two-sided map with the Floating Vagabond on one side and the Crane's Nest on the other. The cardboard cover of the booklet doubles as a four-panel gamemaster's screen. Comes with a booklet of cut-out, stand-up paper figures and maps to use with new miniature fighting rules."

Ref screen, booklet, stand-up paper figures, map, and back cover sheet. -W

1991 ... Nick Atlas & Lee Garvin ... AH 9001 ... ISBN ?

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The Reich Stuff
"There is a maxim which says a film improves with one or more of the following things: cyborgs, robots, ninja and zombies. That's wrong!
It can also improve with Space Nazis!

The Reich Stuff is a satirical module for The Floating Vagabond where players have to deal with the Nazi's Space Program."

Booklet, player handouts 1-7, character sheets. -W

1991 ... Lee Garvin ... AH 9002061 ... ISBN 1560380454

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Adventure with No Name
"Forward, Into the Past ~ When the Patrons wake up one afternoon, they find their noses buried in light beer and pretzels. Wait a minute! Light beer?! At The Floating Vagabond?! Someone's been skinny-dipping in the timestream and now things are way out of whack. ~ What cruel, demented intelligence could conceive such a reprehensible act?"

1992 ... Craig Sheeley & Jim Holloway ... AH 9003061 ... ISBN 1560380470

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Hypercad 54, Where Are You?
"Past Tense and Future Wary
Somedays, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Take today, for instance. The headline of The Alternate Times reads: "king Averts Piano Accident" and "1978 Return of the King Tour in Limbo." You sigh, swill the cup of grounds your secretary, Miss Concepcion, lovingly refers to as coffe, and wait the call you know will come any minute. And whaddya know? The phone does ring. You lick your dry lips as asingle bead of sweat trails down you cheek and onto the pile of Ack Dep forms on your desk.
The palm of your hand is wet and clammy as it hovers over the cold receiver. You know without a doubt that the caller on the other end is your superior, Captain Ahab, and that he wants you to look into his case, a case he'll probably call "The Return of the King." Getting up on the wrong side of the bed doesn't make it any easier - specially when that side's the bottom side of a king-size waterbed.

There are 10^10^10 stories in the Naked Universe, these are five of them."

1992 ... Craig Sheeley ... 92 pages ... AH 9004061 ... ISBN 1560380489

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Weirder Tales... A Space Opera
"Weirder Tales ...a Space Opera, the hermetically sealed adventure supplement for Tales form the Floating Vagabond, contains the following air-tight accessories:

* Rules for running science fiction and space opera adventures

* The three 'R's, Vagabond style; Rules, Robots, and Rocketships

* Dangerous Dogfighting, a card-based combat system for rocket-to-rocket battles beyond the stars

* Spaceships Forms for custom-designed rockets to nowhere

* A host of new characters, including Alien invaders, bug-eyed monsters, disco-crazed jukeboxes, domestic destroyers,killer club scouts, mad scientists, rockin' robots and space pirates

* Bug-eyed humans, bug-eyed robots, and bug-eyed ducks, bug-eyed maps and art

* newly designed character sheets inserts

* and much, much more!"

1992 ... S. John Ross ... AH 9005061 ... ISBN 1560380594

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Cosmic Paternity Suit
"Zeus has asked the patrons of the Floating Vagabond to track down his son, Testosticles, and bring him back to Olympus to stand trial in a paternity suit brought against him by a defendant from Hell. Oh and they have just one week to accomplish it."

Main booklet, character sheets booklet, Ancient Athens map, A Day At The Races booklet, 4 pages of handouts. -W

1993 ... Nick Atlas ... AH 9006061 ... ISBN 1560380608

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Where's George?
"A satirical new political adventure. Scathing art and political humor, all in a jugular vein; Loads enough sarcasm to last the next four to eight years; Win By a Mudslide! is an irreverent game that looks back at a campaign trail full of tears; Candidate Cards and architectural cutouts for use with Win By a Mudslide!; Alternate timelines for teaching Patrons History in the Making/Remaking/Unmaking; A veritable plethora of new skills, shticks, and dangerous equipment; And pantloads of other fun stuff!"

Lots of extras in this set:
* Win By a Mudslide! (9008010) - 12-page booklet
* Win By a Mudslide! (9008065) - 36 cards
* Character Sheets (9008004) - 8-page booklet
* Cut-outs (9008080) - Cardstock sheet with The Megadome, The Penitentiary, The Old Log Cabin, and some political figures.
* Cut-outs (9008083) - Cardstock sheet with The Capitol, some political figures, and play markers.
* Money sheets - 2x 10-dollar bills (9008082) and 4x 1-dollar bills (9008081)
* Lyndon LaRouche campaign poster - sheet (9008005)
* Play mat (9008070)


1993 ... Paul Lidberg & Spike Y. Jones ... AH 9008061 ... ISBN 1560380632

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