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Aftermath! - Post Holocaust Roleplaying - Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)

Waste World



EDITIONS: There's an earlier edition (1980) by Phoenix Games, with FGU stickers on top. The cover art is different: The man is drawn slightly differently, and the woman is missing. The contents are identical to the later edition. After the FGU box set went out of print, a combined paperback edition was released.

"The sun hangs low on the horizon illuminating the ruins of civilization with a bloody light. Is it the sunset of the earth or the sunrise of a brave new world? You can decide as you boldly stride the rubble strewn streets of the AFTERMATH...

The Game is for 2 to 6 players and a referee in search of a different kind of adventure. It is a role-playing excursion into a post-holocaust world.
The Players create characters, designed by themselves, to face the challenges and dangers of life after things fall apart.
The Referee is provided with everything he needs to detail the world in which the players will adventure.
Aftermath! is not a game for the faint at heart. Ruined cities, dread diseases, despair and broken dreams are a part of the characters' daily lives. Still hope survives, for mankind still survives. Rise up, meet the challenge and overcome!

Aftermath! contains:
• Basic Rules book with multiple examples and illustrations of play.
• Players' Handbook detailing construction of characters, equipment and life after the Ruin.
• Referee's Handbook detailing construction of the environment and running the game.
• Introductory Scenario to allow you to start play easily.

Aftermath! provides a solid basic play mechanic that has been over 2 years in playtesting. Rules are provided for modern firearms, NBC weapons and protections, mutations, survival, high technology and more. The game is structured to allow the referee to decide the nature of the holocaust that destroyed the world in which play will occur. Aftermath! is a step forward in the art of role-playing games."

1980, 1981 ... Robert Charrette & Paul Hume ... Phoenix Games / Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU) 4000

Classic Box Set:
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Paperback reprint:
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Into the Ruins: The City of Littleton (Scenario Pack 1)
"This scenario pack is intended to provide a group of players with a starting place for a campaign using AFTERMATH! This scenario package consists of a map of Littleton, an average American city, updated to the current status of the city, and several detailed descriptions and maps of various areas in and around the city. Some areas are not detailed because they are left for the Gamemaster. He may flesh them out as he desires to fit the city into his campaign structure.

Each subsection of the scenario package is dealt with separately and a Gamemaster may utilize what he wishes from each. The diversity is intended to present a sampling of possible adventures in an AFTERMATH! World."

1981 ... Bob Charette & Paul Hume ... 28 pages ... FGU 4001

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Operation Morpheus: The Ruins of the University (Scenario Pack A1)
"OPERATION MORPHEUS is designed as a campaign introduction to an AFTERMATH! world. Although originally part of a campaign set in Australia the information and ideas herein can easily be used with any campaign.

The setting is a major university in an important city. The time is approximately one hundred years after the collapse of civilization. The players take the parts of people who, having volunteered to take part in a 'short-term' experiment in cryogenic suspension, awaken many long years after the planned time. They find the world in ruins and have no idea of the cause of, reasons for or history of this disaster. Naked and unarmed they must face a strange new world. Cleverness and quick thinking are the first steps to survival.

OPERATION MORPHEUS is not a complete game but a background package for use with the AFTERMATH! game system. AFTERMATH! Is required for play."

1982 ... Phil McGregor ... 56 pages ... FGU 4003

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Sydney: The Wilderness Campaign (Campaign Pack A2)
"Sydney: The Wilderness Campaign is designed as a campaign introduction to an Aftermath! world. Although part of a campaign set in Sydney, Australia, the information and ideas presented herein can easily be used in any campaign.

The setting is the city of Sydney in New South Wales. The time is approximately one hundred years after the collapse of civilization. The players find the world in ruins and have no idea of the cause of, reasons for or history of the disaster. This is a sequel to Operation Morpheus so that the player-characters have awakened from an experiment in cryogenic suspension to face the world naked and unarmed.

Sydney: The Wilderness Campaign outlines the entire city and the suburbs surrounding it. Included are 25 complete communities with a discussion of their political organization, economics, attitudes, and even of their military capabilities. This package gives the entire area surrounding the University found in Operation Morpheus."

Author: Phil McGregor ... Cover: Bob Charrette ... Art: Liz Danforth

1984 ... 51 pages ... FGU 4004 ... ISBN n/a

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The Empire of Karo (Adventure Pack K1)
"The Empire Of Karo is a multi-adventure pack with a complete campaign background based on the area of Cairo, Illinois. The time is twenty years after the collapse of civilization and Karo (as the locals call Cairo) is the hub of a growing empire based on revived river trade along the Mississippi.

This package includes a complete background to the growth of the empire, major personalities of the ruling clique, and even a detailed breakdown of the many merchants of the city and their business establishments. The scenarios begin with a series of military based adventures within the city and empire itself.

Scenarios continue to include a variety of adventure types in the ruins of a larger city, St. Louis, which is frequently visited on scavenging expeditions by the bolder general merchants of Karo. Player-characters can either lead their own expeditions or join one of the well-established expeditions to St. Louis."

Author: William Pixley ... Art: Bain Sidhe Studio

1984 ... 25 pages ... FGU 4005

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City State Chicago and the Illinois River Valley (Campaign Pack C1)
"CITY STATE is designed as a campaign introduction to an AFTERMATH world. It forms the beginning of a campaign set in Chicago and the Illinois River Valley - although the information contained herein could potentially be used to set a campaign along any river open to navigation.

The situation presented herein includes the political situation within the city of Chicago and the current City State based in the mid-western city. It also includes the political and social structure along the river valley that serves as an avenue for both trade and expansion of the growing City State. It is along this network of waterways that the City State comes into contact and growing friction with its neighbors.

In addition to the campaign background and data on the various communities in the city proper and along the river, CITY STATE also includes introductory adventure material to get a campaign started in this setting."

1987 ... J. Andrew Keith ... 64 pages ... FGU 4007

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Aftermath Technology
A licensed accessory by Dinosaur Games. -W

"AFTERMATH! TECHNOLOGY! Is a rules expansion and technology supplement designed for use with the AFTERMATH! Role playing game system.

Included in this supplement are modifications to the original AFTERMATH! Combat system, a Universal Character Generator with an expanded list and descriptions of 39 various humanoid races, details on over 100 cybernetic devices and options, rules for space travel (including faster-than-light travel), spaceship design, robots, alien creatures, a detailed listing of 38 new skills, High Tech and exotic equipment, detailed breakdowns on several hundred weapons, and simple rules for net running.

The information is kept as easy to understand as possible, to avoid complicating your game, while adding as much action and detail as possible. Both experienced AFTERMATH! Players, as well as new ones will find this book an invaluable aid to their AFTERMATH! Gaming."

1992 ... David S. Harmer ... 60 pages ... DG 1001 ... ISBN n/a

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Aftermath! Magic!
Aftermath: Magic early print profiled at the Game Gallery.

"200 years later….You can say the world has changed a bit. Dragons, Elves, Wizards, and more – fighting it out with Dwarves and Orcs with guns and technology. Will you Choose the path of the Mystical? Or will you choose the Technological? AFTERMATH! Magic! is the essential expansion to complete your AFTERMATH! collection. Filled with over 275 spells, mystical races, magic items, and more, AFTERMATH! Magic! allows you to adventure in the world after a magical collapse. What caused the collapse? Where did all these creatures come from? This is left for your players to find out."

FGU 4014

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FGU is recent times has been releasing new accessories and adventures for Aftermath. A Survivor's Guide, The Gauntlet, and more.

Waste World

An interesting entry by Czech-based Manticore Productions and William "Bill" King of Warhammer novel fame.

Waste World
"In the dark future of a dying earth five warrior civilizations prepare for the final conflict. In each mighty megacity, technology is an ideology that shapes the destiny of millions. The enigmatic Machine Gods of Prometheus grant their followers the gift of bionics, and faith in total war. The ever-reincarnating samurai defend their Shogun with swords of light. The Lords of Hydra sculpt their followers into superhuman soldiers, using the terrifying power of biotechnology. The decadent nobles of Ikarus descend from their flying city in razor-winged battlesuits to prey on the lands below. The exiled aliens of Janus defend the world's last starport and pray that salvation will come from the stars.

"The people of this ravaged planet fight for Drakonium, the most precious substance in the universe, the ultimate energy source. They know that without it, their cities will fall, their civilization will collapse and the poisoned deserts will claim their homes. They know they can never falter, never retreat, never stop fighting. There can be no mercy. There can only be conflict. It is all they know, and all they will ever know.

"In the Waste World Roleplaying Game, you can enter this savage struggle for power and dominion. You can use the flexible design rules to create the charater you want to play. You can take on the role of a cyborg ninja, a potent psycher, or a fearsome alien. Using the super-fast and ultra-deadly combat system, you can fight mutant monsters and terrible robotic killing machines in a world gone completely mad. Waste World Roleplaying Game provides you with all the rules you need to get right into the action in this harsh and dangerous world."

1997 ... 288 pages ... MAN 1000 ... ISBN 1901621006

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The Shogunate: A Waste World Sourcebook
"The immortal Shogun rules a land of mystic violence where honor counts for more than life. The reincarnating samurai face countless foes, ranging from cyborg ninja to evil psychic sorcerors. The alien Kitsune shapeshifters weave a web of intrigue that ensnares the lives of billions. Journey to this savage land and carve out your destiny..."

1997 ... 144 pages ... MAN 1001 ... ISBN 1901621014

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Waste World Forceshield/Campaign Pak
"The air is poisonous. The seas are dead. Mutants roam the toxic wastes. Mechanized barbarians plunder the scattered settlements. Sentient death machines stalk the survivors. In the last megacities, five warrior civilizations prepare for Doomsday. Strap on your weapons and get ready to take part in the ultimate conflict.

The Forceshield is a high-quality cardboard screen that will see you through these last days. Embedded in it are all the game tables that you'll need to guide you through the madness and mayhem, and give your players some chance of survival. Spare yourself the horror of thumbing through the rulebook at a desperate time in combat. Save vital seconds when you need to blow someone away and can't find the critical hit tables. Look cool and dangerous as you lurk behind this fine official accessory for the Waste World roleplaying game.

In the Campaign Pak included with the screen, you'll find all you need to kick off your adventures in the wild wastelands of Avernus. There's complete details of the nasty little habtown of Toxic Springs, and the lowdown on the scumdogs who make life miserable for its inhabitants. There's a complete series of adventures for you to torment your players with. In no time at all you'll have them prospecting for Drakonium, running away from mutant monsters and blowing away bad guys.

Detailed encounter tables and weather charts let you throw all sorts of hazards at your player characters. New optional combat rules give you even more ways to cause havok and do harm. Advanced psionics rules let you create many fearsome new types of Psycher."

1997 ... MAN 1002 ... ISBN 1901621022

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Hydra: A Waste World Sourcebook
"The genclans reshape entire nations using the sinister secrets of biotechnology. They grant their followers superhuman powers. They use life itself to create awesome weapons. Their ruthless pursuit of power threatens to change the destiny of Waste World. This sourcebook allows you to visit their ancient homeland, take part in their deadly intrigues and fight in their brutal wars."

1997 ... 160 pages ... MAN 1003 ... ISBN 1901621030

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A Fist Full of Credits: Waste World Starter Pak
Includes the Waste World Lite rules as well as a scenario.

1998 ... Colin Chapman & Bill King ... 72 pages ... MAN 1004 ... ISBN n/a

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