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A bit arbitrary, yes, but I place games here that detail specific battles, campaigns, or wars. General military strategy games I have left on the main Avalon Hill page.

Air Assault on Crete: Game of the Epic German Airborne Attack [BOX SET]
• Rules of Play (24 pages)
• 3 player charts
• 4 piece mounted mapboard
• 2 counter sheets (520 counters, inc. blanks)

Air Assault on Crete re-creates this campaign in detail. Each player controls either the German or Allied Order-of-Battlc as actually existed in the real battle. The Allied player plans his defense and attempts to keep the airfields out of German hands. The Axis player on the other hand, executes his assaults on the airfields with vigor before the Allied player can recover from the shock of the initial landing and counter-attack. Neither player can afford to hold back or stand pat. It quickly becomes a no-holds-barred contest.
While not an overly complex battle game, AIR ASSAULT ON CRETE is a gripping contest of wits between opposing players. Harkening back to classic Avalon Hill releases of an earlier era, this game system delivers plenty of no-holds-barred, action-packed competition. Players will find themselves locked into a mental struggle as intense as the historical campaign.
Hitler's Greatest Mistake! What would have happened had Hitler listened to his Italian allies and invaded the British Mediterranean fortress of Malta? Now, using official Italian, German, and British defense plans and attack studies, Avalon Hill has re-created the hypothetical German-Italian invasion of Malta. This fascinating game is unique in the wargaming world and is a perfect companion game to Air Assault on Crete. Its small-scale mapboard and short playing time are ideal for players seeking a game that combines a one hour playing time with all of the detail and historical accuracy of a much larger game."

1977 ... AH 823

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Alexander the Great: Tactical Ancient Warfare Game [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: 22" x 28" map board; a sheet of 108 die cut counters; playing aids; 24-page rulebook.

"Can you stop the only army ever to conquer the known world? Here's your chance in this exciting match of ancient titans posed for battle at Arbela, 331 B.C. As Darius, you command the cavalry, horse archers, scythe-bearing chariots, and war elephants of the Persian host.

Can you match the achievements of the greatest conqueror of all time? As Alexander the Great, you command an undefeated army facing a Persian host three times your number. Now, 331 B.C., near the Persian village of Gaugamela you too can make your bid for empire."

1974 ... Gary Gygax ... AH 708

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Battle of the Bulge (1991) [BOX SET]
* 194 Die-Cut Playing Pieces
* 1 14"x22" Gameboard 1 Rules Sheet
* 1 Battle Manual
* 2 Decimal Dice
* 2 Order of Appearance Cards

1991 ... AH 732 ... ISBN 1560380357

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Bull Run: First Major Battle of the American Civil War
* rules booklet
* three cardstock charts
* four mounted mapboards
* 260 counters (including 10 blanks)

1983 ... Richard Hamblen ... AH 847

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Caesar: Epic Battle of Alesia [BOX SET]
• rule booklet (16 pages)
• 2 large chart sheets
• 3-piece mounted mapboard
• 448 counters (including blanks)

"In 51 B.C. Vercingetorix led 80,000 starving Gauls from the besieged city of Alesia and threw them against the surrounding Roman fortifications in concert with attacks from without by a relieving force a quarter of a million strong What followed sealed the fate of Gaul. Can you succeed where he failed?

Julius Caesar with ten tested Legions maintained an investment of a force larger than his own while fending off a relieving force 250,000 strong. Outnumbered 6-1, defending a tactical "doughnut" against a simultaneously expanding center and contracting perimeter, Caesar accomplished a feat which astounds historians to this day.

As Caesar you will defend a system of ramparts, forts and awesome fortifications with 152 units representing legion cohorts, leaders, archers, Balearic slingers, Germanic cavalry, Numidian Lt. Infantry, and missile engines. As Vercingetorix you will assault the Roman besiegers with 210 infantry and cavalry units from 46 Gallic tribes.

CAESAR recreates on a large 28" x 33", full color mapboard the epic battle of Alesia, unique in antiquity and all of recorded warfare, in highly playable classic form in a game as exciting as the battle itself. Rated Intermediate Level II on the A.H. complexity scale. Playing time: 5 hours. For ages 12 and up."

1976 ... AH 706

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For the People: Grand Strategy Game of the Civil War [BOX SET]
• 2 16"x22" playing boards
• 96 illustrated playing cards
• 24-page illustrated rule book
• 2 sheets of full-color die-cut playing pieces

"For The People is a grand strategy game of the Civil War covering the conflict from Texas to Pennsylvania, from the firing on Fort Sumter to the end at Appomattox Court House. You take the role of either Lincoln or Davis and command the armies, promote and relieve generals, conduct amphibious assaults, dispatch cavalry raids, and even battle incompetency and political intrigue among members of your own cabinet.

For the People includes a deck of strategy cards for conducting campaigns and incorporating the many events and personalities of the war. The Confederate player can build ironclads, naval mines (torpedoes), submarines, conduct overseas purchases, and work towards foreign intervention. The Union player can build up his naval blockade, his ironclad fleet, fight draft riots, secure the Border States, and issue the Emancipation Proclamation. Relive the history of this exciting time when our nation was torn asunder."

1998 ... AH 738 ... ISBN 1560382120

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Fury in the West: Civil War Battle of Shiloh [BOX SET]
• 32" x 22" Mapboard
• 234 Counters
• 1 Confederate Strength Record Chart
• 1 Union Strength Record Chart
• 1 Playing Aid Card
• 1 Rulebook

"Fury in the West recreates the Battle of Shiloh. The game begins with the Confederates surprising the Union forces in their camps near the Shiloh Church, Amid much confusion, the Confederates fight their way towards Pittsburgh Landing on the Tennessee River white the Union forces try to organize some resistance. As night falls. Union reinforcements arrive just in time to finally halt the advance. The second day begins with the regrouped Union forces attacking and retaking the ground lost on the first day. The result is an ideal situation for a game as both players must attack and defend. For two players.
Fury in the West is unlike any other game on the Civil War. The major concept in the game is straggling. Each time a unit moves, it will lose some stragglers. Each time it remains in place, it will regain some stragglers. A large part of the players' strategies will deal with when to move and fight, and when to rest. This is not a game where a player can push his units past their breaking points.
Generals have key roles as their presence significantly increases units' abilities to move and fight. Cavalry units can be helpful in reducing straggling. Artillery units add extra firepower. Also included are the two Union Gunboats, Lexington and Tyler, which took part in the battle. The game covers the two day battle with three scenarios; one for each of the two days and one covering both days. Optional rules cover night movement, night combat, reorganization, bayonet charges, prisoners, alternate Confederate setups, and hidden movement.
Fury in the West is a highly playable game. Much detail has been added to ensure historical accuracy and flavor, but none of this detracts from the game's simplicity. Both sides have an extremely limited number of units to control, and victory will be determined solely by the quality of the players' moves."

1981 ... Avalon Hill 8925

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Guadalcanal: Marine Corps Game
* Instructions pamphlet
* Battle Manual
* mapboard
* 107 counters (+10 blanks)
* Leathernecks Illustrated, by Col. Donald L. Dickson, USMC (ret)
* 4 play cards
* casualty reduction pad

1966 ... Larry Pinsky & Lindsley Schutz ... AH 701

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Guns of August: Strategic Level World War I Game [BOX SET]
Game Components:
• 22" x 32" four-section mapboard
• Over 800 military unit counters and markers (4 sheets)
• Player-Aid Cards (2)
• Comprehensive Rulebook

"Recreating the Great War of 1914-1918, GUNS OF AUGUST is a unique, exciting game. As the Central Powers player YOU control the armies of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey, and make the difficult strategic decisions the two-front war requires. As the Allied player YOU command the forces of the rest of Europe including Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Rumania, Serbia, and the United States, and carry the burden of forcing back the strongly entrenched enemy corps on both the west and eastern fronts. No other game presents so great a challenge to test each player's grasp of military strategy.

Ten Historical Scenarios...
From the summer of 1914 through the final surrender on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day and month of 1918, GUNS OF AUGUST spans the entire First World War in monthly Game-Turns; each player maneuvers hundreds of infantry and cavalry corps and their supporting artillery and engineer regiments. And in addition to this mammoth campaign game, separate scenarios for each front during each year of the war, which can be combined into two-front scenarios for 1914, 1915, 1916, and 1917, have been specially designed to allow players to vary the size, difficulty, and playing time of their games.
For those who think that World War I is an unexciting subject for a game, GUNS OF AUGUST will prove a shock comparable to the appearance of British tanks at Cambrai, and German stosstrupen at Caporetto."

1976, 1981 ... Avalon Hill 831

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Little Round Top: The South's Best Chance at Gettysburg [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: * fold-up playing board * 117 counters (1 sheet) * rules booklet.

"Little Round Top is Avalon Hill's new game for two players which recreates this critical battle. During a typical game turn, both players move their company sized forces over a map of the battle area, positioning them for rifle fire and bayonet charges. Fire and melee combat are resolved by a die roll on the appropriate Combat Results Table. Regimental officers and their command abilities are crucial for keeping the attack moving forward or the defense intact."

1982 ... AH 202

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Napoleon at Bay: The Campaign in France, 1814 (Bookcase Game) [BOX SET]
• 255 Counters in three colors
• Three-color Mounted Map in two 22" x 34" sections
• One Study Folder of 32 pages
• One Rules Folder of 32 pages
• Three Organization Displays

"After the Battle of Hanau, which brought to a close the Campaign of 1813, Napoleon had not even three months to scrape together a new army. The remnant of his army of 1813, decimated by disease and the long retreat into France, was powerless to delay the Allies long enough for the training of the new conscripts; the French economy, stripped of its foreign resources, was unable to equip them. Thus, when the Allied Armies reached the Langres Plateau (which held the sources of the Rivers Marne and Seine), Napoleon was forced to lead an unorganized and half-finished force of mere 14-year-olds, leavened with depot troops and a few old soldiers from Spain, against them.
The ensuing campaign was one of Napoleon's finest, bearing comparison with his first campaigns in Italy 18 years before. He conducted it with subtlety and lightning speed against heavy odds, attacking isolated enemy forces on advantageous terms, while covering forces on the river lines held off the superior Allied forces. Napoleon displayed all of his skill in a classic use of interior lines, shifting to engage the combined armies of Russia, Prussia and Austria.

Now, you can test your abilities against those of Napoleon and the Allied commanders in a tense and finely-balanced contest of careful maneuver along the approaches to Paris.

• The efficiency of the army staffs is quantified in terms of "Administrative Points" which a player uses to create Movement Commands for his leaders, and which determine the strength his forces will lose due to March Attrition each time they move.
• Hidden movement system allows only leaders on the map, while their strength is revealed only at the moment of combat.
• Each leader has a display track with portrait, where individual divisions are assigned to track spaces corresponding to their strength. Leaders are rated for Initiative, Command Span and Subordination."

1983 ... AH 846

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Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign Game [BOX SET]
"NAPOLEON is an historical strategy game in which two or three players may restage the famous Waterloo campaign. The game opens with Napoleon's army mobilized on the French border. As Napoleon, you must invade Belgium and quickly defeat the allied British and Prussian armies before they can unite and crush you beneath their combined weight.
Luck plays little part. By smartly maneuvering your army along roads, through towns and across rivers, you can create the very maneuvers which Napoleon used so long ago in bringing the allied armies to battle under his terms.
Actual battles are ingenious and exciting conflicts which readily capture the style and tempo of a Napoleonic battle. Your three dimensional playing pieces mask the type and strength of your forces to the enemy while you deploy for battle. Your infantry, cavalry, artillery and horse artillery all have different tactical roles and advantages. Your infantry can attack, defend, or form square against unsupported cavalry. Cavalry can charge with doubled shock effect, cover retreats, or wreak havoc among unsupported or retreating infantry and artillery. Artillery can mass to bombard a defensive position or tear huge holes in an attacking infantry force.
Napoleon lost at Waterloo, but a victory was very possible and this game allows you to turn the tables on history.

Game includes 16" x 22" full color mapboard, set of 48 wooden playing pieces, four dice, two Battle Cards, rules and historical notes."

1977 ... AH 826

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Platoon: A Game of the Vietnam War [BOX SET]
* rules sheet
* 2 map boards
* sheet of 152 counters and blanks
* plastic stands
* 2 play cards
* 2 ten-sided dice

1987 ... AH 730 ... ISBN 0911605436

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Richthofen's War: The Air War 1916-1918 [BOX SET]
See Also: Fight in the Skies & Dawn Patrol

• Huge 22" x 24" (three-part) full-color mapboard of the actual front-line terrain in France during the First World War.
• Over 180 playing pieces representing more than 32 different types of individual fighter, bomber, and scout aircraft.
• Comprehensive rules of play that allow players to pick their own degree of complexity according to their ability.
• Profusely illustrated Mission Briefing Manual that includes the inside story of the War in the Air, biographies of Manfred von Richthofen and other famous Aces, and profile data on all the aircraft included in the game.
• Seven scenarios that allow you to create literally hundreds of uniquely different games to re-fight almost any type of combat action that actually occurred in real life.
• Aircraft Status Pad that works like a real instrument panel, allowing you to keep track of your aircraft's speed, altitude, rate-of-climb, ammo supply, and other aspects critical to keeping your aircraft flying.

"YOU RE-CREATE all the drama and lightning action of aerial combat over France in the First World War. Each player in complete control of one airplane, attempts to outmaneuver his opponent and mark up a victory on the way to becoming an Ace. Players pick the type of situation that they want to refight from one of seven different scenarios or they can create their own situations from the wealth of information available in the Instructions and Mission Briefing Manual. Each aircraft is unique in its own combination of: operational ceiling, rate-of-climb, diving speed, firepower and armament. With over 32 different aircraft types to choose from, there are over 1200 possible combinations of opposing aircraft. Simple rules allow play to start immediately after reading the Basic Instructions. Almost anyone can play the Basic Game, and little time is required to advance to the Tournament and Optional games (the ultimate in realism!)"

1972 ... Avalon Hill 811

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Siege of Jerusalem [BOX SET]
• 1 34"x48" unmounted map
• 520 1/2" two-sided pieces
• 176 5/8" two-sided pieces
• 1 CRT Sheet
• 1 Scenario Sheet
• 1 16-page rulebook
• 2 six-sided dice

"This is SIEGE OF JERUSALEM...an epic battle simulation with all the trappings and majesty of a Cecil B. DeMille film spectacular. Facing the greatest army of antiquity, the Judaeans must rely on the stoutness of their walls to halt the unbeatable Roman legions and therein lies the fascination: the immovable object vs the unstoppable force. As Eliezar Ben Yair, leader of the Zealots, you must conduct a skilled defense of the city's ever shrinking perimeter—exacting from the Romans a price so terrible that they will be forced to lift their siege—or break out to continue your struggle for freedom at Masada. As Titus, commander of the Roman army, you must decide when, where, and how to renew the assault—gauging your troop needs against the progress of your siege works and the press of time caused by outside threats. More than just conducting tactical combat, the Roman must formulate an overall strategic plan for the conduct of the siege.
Vastly revised from its initial printing of the 70's, SIEGE OF JERUSALEM now boasts two-sided counters, a continuous combat system, a strategic interphase for conducting the entire siege, and the morale/panic rules so important in portraying ancient warfare. An Introductory Scenario depicting the abortive assault of Gallus with the XII Legion three years previous allows players to learn how to handle a legion in a single day's play while training for eventual participation in the conduct of the epic siege."

1989 ... AH 879 ... ISBN 1560380128

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Stalingrad [BOX SET]
"Stalingrad is Avalon Hill's classic recreation of the Russo-German Conflict in World War II. The game begins in June 1941 with huge Axis armies poised on the borders of the Soviet Union, ready to annihilate the ill-prepared Russian forces..."

Contains: 22"x28" mapboard, countersheet with Axis and Russian Order of Battle in corps sized units, rules folder, battle manual and full historical commentary, time record card, weather card, combat results card.

Avalon Hill complexity rating: 2 (on a scale of 1 easy; 10 hard)

1963, 1974 ... AH ??? ... ISBN n/a

Tobruk - Limited Edition: Origins I Convention (07/1975)
"Tank Battles in North Africa: 1942"

1975 ... AH 841

First Run Issue, Limited Edition: Origins I Convention (07/1975)

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War and Peace: The Game of the Napoleonic Wars
* 16"x44" 4-section mapboard
* 1000+ counters
* Rules manual
* 2 player aid cards

1980 ... AH 827

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Waterloo: Napoleonic Campaign Game (1962)
"Refight the last great campaign of Napoleon, in this fast-moving game of military strategy. Over 160 die-cut counters representing the massed armies of France, Prussia, and the Dutch Anglo-Allies maneuver and engage in combat on a full-color, 22" x 28" mapboard."

1962 ... AH 516

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