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America in Flames: Democracy vs. Darkness [BOX GAME]
2x Al (594x 840mm) full-colour maps of North & South America
840 full-colour counters (countersheets 26 ~
1x AiF rules booklet
2x Final edition combat charts
3x Final edition builds charts
1x Terrain effects chart
1x Production Spiral
2x ten-sided dice

"It is 1945. The iron fist of Fascism lies sprawled across the Globe. Asia and Europe are in ashes, their beautiful cities destroyed. You are all that stands between Democracy and darkness.
And they are coming...
You are not totally defenceless, and your scientists are feverishly developing a weapon of unimaginable power. Can you defend the Western Hemisphere or at least the land of the free and the home of the brave long enough to give your scientists that precious commodity they need most, time. The fate of the free world is in your hands.
America in Flames is a complete game. It allows 2-5 players to fight for control of the Americas. Germany, Italy and Japan must attempt the largest invasion in history. Pitted against them are the USA and the remnants of the Commonwealth, both desperately attempting to turn back the swelling tide of fascism.
The theatre of action is North and South America, and one of your many tasks is to woo the neutral minor countries onto your side to help overthrow the enemy. 840 counters and 2 large maps give you everything you need to re-fight the greatest war that never happened. Can you save the World?"

1998, 2003 ... Australian Design Group

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Battlestar Galactica: The Game [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: 1 Game Board * 1 silver-colored Cylon Raider * Spinner * 4 Colonial Vipers & bases * 12 Evasive Action Cards * 36 Command Cards, divided into four equal decks.

"You're a Colonial Viper pilot assigned to capture a disabled Cylon Raider and tow it to the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.
Capture the Raider by challenging an opponent to an interstellar battle. Then travel as fast and as far as you can by flying at Turbo Speed. Maneuver into a Black Hole, too, and resurface in a different part of the galaxy. If your Viper is threatened with a Force Field attack, take Evasive Action if you can, or counterattack by blasting away with Laser Torpedoes.
Enjoy fast action, unusual strategy and keen competition in a fun-filled, space-age game!"

1978 ... Parker Brothers 58

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Black Gold (Texas Tea)
"BLACK GOLD (TEXAS TEA) is set in an alternative-world where the Germans and Japanese won World War II, conquering our entire planet.
In 1948 they decide to square off against each other in one final nightmarish showdown for world domination! The Japanese resolve to strike first, launching a 110 division offensive into the German Middle East. Their goal is to smash through Persia and seize the vital Iraqi and Kuwaiti oil fields.

BLACK GOLD (TEXAS TEA) is a low-complexity two-player wargame for ages 13 and up.
It comes with a 20 page rules folder and alternative-history, plus 300 die-cut cardboard counters representing divisions, regiments and air attack wings. The game is played on a full-color map, showing Mesopotamia and parts of the surrounding areas. A full game takes 3-5 hours to complete, and there is a set of 'Beginners' Rules' for those who've never played a wargame before."

1990 ... 20 pages + 300 counters ... XTR Corp.

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Caesar: Extort & Assassinate Friends & Enemies On Your Way to Becoming Caesar [BOX SET]
2 Dice
160 Color Counters
2 Decks of Cards
4 Reference Cards
1 Playing Board

"Each player begins with a modest estate, some senatorial influence & a couple of Roman Legions to be used in conquest. Fields are upkept with slaves, conquests fill the coffers, life is good. Being Caesar is better. Except there can only be 1 Caesar."

1993 ... Gamesmiths GS 9204

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Cleric's Revenge: A Fantasy Boardgame [BOX SET]
19" x 24" full-color mounted mapboard
84 full-color stand-up characters
Rules & dice

"CLERIC'S REVENGE is a thrilling fantasy boardgame. Its 4 pages of rules make it easy to set up and begin play, optional rules add plenty of challenge for experienced gamers. Players control either an evil wizard's host of creatures or a king's army of men as they battle to capture each other's gold. The colorful stand-up characters add a challenging touch of hidden movement. The perfect game for beginners."

1985 ... ICE 6700 ... ISBN 0425078150

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Conquest of the Ring: A Middle Earth Game [BOX SET]
game board
1 ring
4 color game pieces
4 dice

"CONQUEST OF THE RING is a fast action pursuit game in which each of two to four players compete for the ONE Ring of Power. Located in the center of the playing board, the Ring waits to be claimed by the first player who traces his way through the maze from the point of beginning in his Hobbit Shire.
Once claimed, the Ring is placed over the successful player's pawn and the chase is on! To win the game, a player must successfully elude the pursuit of his opponents and carry the Ring back to the starting space of his Hobbit Shire."

1970 ... Hobbit Toys and Games Company 35

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Dragonmaster: A Fantasy Game of Mythical Cards and Magical Crystals [BOX SET]
For 3 to 4 players.

* 39 Playing Cards (Tarot-like in design).
* 60 Plastic Crystals.
* 1 Drawstring Pouch, to store the crystals.
* 4 Score Charts.
* Detailed Instruction Booklet.

1981 ... Milton Bradley E2100

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The Emerald Tablet: Wargaming Rules for Heroic Battles and Mystical Conquests
Welcome to the world of the EMERALD TABLET, a set of rules for fantasy battles using miniatures. All the imaginings of fantasy can now appear on the wargaming table. Dragons can meet Dwarves in bloody combat, while Warlocks can evoke demons to counter the powers of Magi. And Heroes can ride to glory in the midst of furious melees beneath skies alive with Harpies and Pegasi.
Using a comprehenisve Value Point system, players can design their own armies limited only by their imaginations. All the different characteristics a being may have, such as height, strength, armour, training, etc., are described and each is given a quantity of Value Points. This allows players to pit against each other two armies of equal Value Point totals, but made up of different types of beings and creatures, and still have an exciting and evenly matched game.
The mechanics of THE EMERALD TABLET are comprehensive and form a unified structure, not a series of ad hoc exceptions to the rules. Movement and missile fire are considered simultaneous, though each turn is structured into phases. The melee rules are based on the Advantages one side has over another. This system is easy to use and enables the gamer to conduct melees without having to pour over a multitude of charts. The rule system accounts for all the particular features of a fantasy battle. How much more effective in hand-to-hand combat is a 15 foot giant than human sized infantry? How would a unit of airborne eagles and a unit of pterodactyls fight? These and other situations are fully explained.
The magic of THE EMERALD TABLET is based on the actual grimoires (magical texts) that guided medieval European thaumaturges (workers of miracles). Presented are the evocation circles, mystical symbols, demons and angels that have been familiar to magic users for centuries. Set as ritualistic happenings, THE EMERALD TABLET'S magic is as risky as it is exciting. Unlike the relatively tame magic of other games, it gives no guaranteed results.
Interest in fantasy wargaming is steadily increasing. Ores, Goblins, Dwarves, Dragons and many other exciting creatures have been incorporated into the wargamer's world. What has been lacking is a comprehensive set of battle rules for miniatures. THE EMERALD TABLET fills that need."

1977 ... 56 pages + 1 cardstock chart + 3 sheets of cut-out cards ... Creative Wargames Workshop

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Fields of Honor: An Historical Simulation of Warfare in the 19th Century
"Fields of Honor is an innovative miniatures game system covering the military conflicts of the 19th century. This 120-page book contains everything you'll need to fight battles, campaigns, and even entire wars. The mechanics are fast, flexible, and easy to learn, realistically covering engagements of all sizes at virtually any scale.
Multiple Scales. From tiny engagements like Rorke's Drift or huge battles like the Alma, no fudging is ever required. Help Buford secure the good ground at Gettysburg, fighting the first day at company level. Find out just how valuable Buford's sacrifice was the next day, when you play through the entire battle at brigade level.
Unique Terrain Marking. Slog through the marshes of Vicksburg or attempt to scale the peaks of Majuba Hill under deadly Boer musketry. Fields of Honor's unique terrain marking system realistically simulates the effects - good and bad - of terrain on the battle.
Command and Control. Advanced rules introduce orders and communications. Plan your attack carefully before battle, because you'll be relying on your sub-commanders to pull it off.
Personalities. Assign any of 18 different personality types to your sub-commanders. From Stalwart men like Chamberlain at Gettysburg to the Brash George Armstrong Custer, the men under your command will seem to come alive as you play.
Career Tracking. Fields of Honor includes a career tracking system that tracks your progress and logs your battles. In tournament play, this system pits players against commanders in the same experience bracket.
Fields of Honor includes complete army lists for over twenty of the 19th century's most important wars, with simple rules for creating lists for other conflicts."

1995 ... 122 pages ... Chameleon Eclectic (CEE) 031-000 ... ISBN 0962874868

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Forward to Richmond: Game of the First Battle of Bull Run (2nd Edition) [BOX SET]
32" x 23" Full Color Mounted Mapboard
260 die-cut counters (1 sheet)
1 Rulebook
1 Strategy Book
1 Die

"Forward to Richmond! re-creates the first major battle of the Civil War. Union forces must capture crossings over Bull Run, then advance in force, destroying the Confederate army or cutting it off from its base at Manassas Junction. Confederate rearguards must seek to delay the attacking northerners, whilst reinforcements - including the as yet unknown Jackson - hasten to the front.
Forward to Richmond! includes rules simulating the difficulties of commanding raw troops, morale, firefights, bayonet charges, cavalry, artillery, rallying, and hidden movement. Players can never be certain all their units will move exactly as and when ordered. Morale too is an unknown: a unit may stand and fight it out all day, or run at the first shot. One Brigade may advance, only to find the Brigade that should be supporting it fails to show up. Leaders are highly effective at raising the morale of troops in the firing line, but are apt to lose control of the rest of their Brigade if they themselves plunge directly into battle ...
Forward to Richmond! is one of the most playable Civil War games ever published. Simple to play, the game nevertheless presents players with a wealth of strategic and tactical options, and no two games will ever be exactly alike. Players must decide which points to attack, when, and in what strength. Which positions to yield and where to counter-attack. How best to use their cavalry and artillery, and which Brigades are best suited to which tasks. There is no single "master plan" for winning the game: to win, players must be flexible and always ready to react to their opponent's decisions. This second edition includes a 2-page discussion of some of the strategic options open to each player; others you must discover for yourself..."

1983 ... 3W (World Wide Wargamers) 013

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Grand Army of the Republic [BOX SET]
Rules of Play booklet play map 216 counters (2 sheets) 26 corps stand-up counters (1 sheet) plastic stands 32 general cards (2 sheets) battle charts.

"The time is spring, 1861. The place is America, poised on the edge of Civil War between the new Confederate States and supporters of the Union.
Grand Army of the Republic is a two to four-player simulation of this four-year conflict. As either the North or South player, you are given an economic base to build land and naval forces and commit them to battle. Use of special abilities, general cards and battle cards will influence the outcome.
The map covers the United States from the Indian Territory to the Atlantic, and from Pennsylvania to the Gulf of Mexico. The armies you build, strengthened by corps and generals, range across these wide spaces by executing area movement. Navies, including ironclads and blockade runners, increase your strategic choices.
Victory will depend on the pace of battle and vital supplies. The North must deal with a battle track winding ever downward in her effort to conquer the Confederacy. A full campaign game and two shorter scenarios let you select the period of the War.
Grand Army of the Republic provides hours of fun and insight into America's bloodiest conflict, the War Between the States. Discover the War as it was or could have been."

1988 ... Task Force Games 2017

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The Normans: A Revenge Module for European Warfare - 1000 AD to 1170 AD
"Descended from the Viking raiders of Scandinavia, the Normans cut a swath of terror through the very heart of Europe. They rose to dominate western Europe, conquering England, Ireland, and large parts of France and Italy. Here are the great battles of their era, complete with scenarios, maps of battlefields, and army lists.

Civitate (June 18, 1053) Clontarf (April 23, 1014) Dublin (May 25, 1171) Durazzo
(Octoter l8, 1081) Hastings (October 14, 1066) Lincoln (February 2, 1141) Nocera
(July 24, 1132) The Standard (August 22, 1138) Stamford Bridge (September 25, 1066) Stiklastadir (July 29, 1030) Titichebrai
(September 28, 1106) Yal-es-Dunes (January 14, 1047)"

1994 ... Rich Rostrom ... 48 pages ... Emperor's Press ... EHQ 341

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Red Sky Morning: The Second Japanese-American War 1997-98
rule booklet (24 pages)
fold-out map
2 fleet cards
100 1/2" counters + 192 5/8" counters (3 sheets)

"War for the Pacific Rim in 1997!
Red Sky Morning is a naval and air wargame of remorseless betrayal, ruthless and violent finality, meanspirited savagery and methodic, high-tech, large-calibre, supersonic, nation-gutting rampage, set in our near future.
A declining U.S. attempts to regain its status as master of the Pacific by blockading a resurgent and again-nationalistic Japan. The Japanese, Washington claims, forced a war when they embargoed all their electronic and cybernetic exports demanding guaranteed and unlimited access to Alaska's North Slope oil in return for its lifting. Rather than submit, the teetering but still potent republic strikes!
RSM uses an evolution of TSR, Inc's., Hunt for Red October system. It handily models the crucial aspects of strategic and operational air/sea warfare, while retaining tactical ship vs. ship flavor, too. It can be played and enjoyed by newcomers and grognards alike.
RSM comes with a full color map of the Pacific, stretching from Siberia and Alaska in the north to Singapore and Hawaii in the south. It has 292 unit counters, and a 24-page rules and future-history booklet.
Rules cover such things as admirals, stealth technology, politics, missiles, weapons depletion, task forces, blockade effects, multi-round combat, random events, EW, ASW, and last-ditch Kamikazes."

1991 ... XTR Corp.

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Shattered States: The Game to Reunite the United States [BOX SET]
22" x 34" Color Map
225 Playing Cards
28 Area Cards
400 Die-Cut Counters (2 sheets)
4 Six-Sided Dice
4 Players Aid Cards
Play Money

"The United States is in economic turmoil contributed to by droughts, bank failures, and the loans the Third World has defaulted on. Lately, there has been an emergence of radical grass-roots political groups. The whole nation seems to be polarized. Overseas, relations between the United States and the Pan-Arab Coalition, an Anti-American alliance of nations, have continued to deteriorate.
The President and Congress have decided that a war against the Pan-Arab Coalition will pull together the divided United States. However, Britain is refusing to support the move, completely isolating the United States. Congress has called a joint session, asking all Congressmen, governors of the fifty states, the President, and the Supreme Court Justices to attend to help make the crucial decisions that will decide the fate of the nation.
At this momentous meeting, five brothers bring together the parts to a small nuclear bomb. They know it has just enough force to eradicate the leaders of the Great Satan and turn the United States into the Shattered Slates."

1990 ... EMS 101

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SS Amerika: Alternate History Wargame (Case Geld) [BOX SET]
1 32-page rulebook
1 alternate history
4 full-color maps
800 die cut counters
2 six-sided dice
1 plastic tray

"SS Amerika (formerly entitled Case Geld) is an operational level game of hypothetical Axis invasions of North America in the World War II era. Based on actual plans and historical data, SS Amerika includes such critical factors as mobilization, national morale, technological developments, and specialized units. Both Basic and Optional rules are provided. Scenarios include an Axis invasion of an unprepared U.S. in 1941; a full scale conflict in 1944; and several "future" scenarios showing what might have happened if the war had continued into the late 1940's. Units represent regiments, divisions, corps, fleets, and air groups..."

1990 ... Joseph Miranda ... 3W 716

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StarForce Terra: Contact [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: * 16 page rulebook * 55 starship cards * 120 action cards

1991 ... 3W 725

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The Successors: A Module for Ancient Empires
"'You have won a great victory.'
'Yes, one more such victory and Pyrrhus is no more.'

Over sixty pages of rules and scenarios, spanning the latter Successor armies.
Easy to use charts and tables listing over one hundred different troop types, including historical leader ratings.
Background and history of the wars and times.
The first Ancient Empires' Update.

Soon after the death of Alexander in 323 B.C., his kingdoms became divided. The Successors" represent the armies and leaders born out of this turbulent period. Inside this module for Ancient Empires" you will find all the details to refight the great battles of Pyrrhus, the Ptolemys, and Seleucid dynasties, and much more.
Ancient Empires has quickly become the standard by which all other rule systems for miniatures are measured. Combining ease of play with careful attention to historical detail, the discerning gamer is able to accurately recreate the wars of antiquity."

Rob Smith ... Emperor's Press ... EHQ 0004

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Swordquest: The Search for the Sword of Lumina [BOX SET]
Rulebooklet (16 pages)
One 16x20 inch full color map
1 sheet of 108 counters
1 Damage Point Chart
1 Tactical Combat Display

"Each player will command a force consisting of leaders, guards, and magic users in his search for the lost Sword of Lumina. As players maneuver over the full color map, they will encounter monsters, enemies, spells, and a Dragon that can be controlled; but will often turn on the controller! A unique tactical combat system will allow players to take on a much larger force with a good chance of winning. It is not difficult for a player to discover a sword, but once found it must be taken safely to a Citadel, and even then it may be a counterfeit!
In this New Revised Edition, each character is given his own individual abilities. Also included in the edition is a Random Events Table, which can drastically change a players strategy, and a new map.
SWORDQUEST is a fast, exciting game of Fantasy action for one to three players. A player's skill in knowing when to fight, and when to run can make the difference in the Quest to find the Sword. Can you find the Sword of Lumina and bring it home?"

1979 ... Task Force Games 2001

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