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Super Hero RPGs

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Champions: The Super Hero Role Playing Game (1st Edition)

1981, 1983 ... 56, 80 pages ... Hero Games (HER) 001

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Champions: The Super Hero Role Playing Game (Revised Edition) [BOX SET]
I've seen 3 versions of this early set so far: The blue box set with the 1st ed rulebook (56 pages), an otherwise identical blue box with the Revised ed rulebook (80 pages), and the 2nd edition purple box (with the same art) with the Revised rulebook. Other contents are the same across editions.


• 80 Page CHAMPIONS Rulebook
• 16 page VIPER'S NEST scenario
• Character Sheets (centerfold of rulebook)
• 17" x 22" Street Map

"CHAMPIONS is the Superhero Role Playing Game that makes YOU the SUPERHERO!! The world of the comics comes to life in this complete, exciting game! CHAMPIONS combat includes all of the color of a great Superhero battle. Characters can throw energy blasts and bounce bullets off their chests! Knockback from attacks, separate knockout damage, and an innovative speed system make CHAMPIONS a mirror of comic book combat!
In CHAMPIONS you build the Superhero you want to play. A unique character generation system allows you to choose from over 75 different powers and skills. Power modifiers allow each hero to be different from any other! Individual, detailed, character silhouettes allow each character to have his own unique costume right on the character sheet.
CHAMPIONS includes everything needed to play right away. The detailed perspective street map gives you the background for thousands of super battles. Players can start right away with the included VIPER'S NEST campaign scenario. CHAMPIONS is the complete Superhero Role Playing Game!"

1982 ... HER 001-B

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Champions: The Super Role-Playing Game [BOX SET]

* Rulebook (3rd edition, 1984, 96 pages)
* Campaign Book (40 pages)
* Fold-out city play map
* Some of these sets will have a Spring 1984 Hero Games product catalog


"The earth is in grave peril from the forces of evil -- only your incredible powers and courageous spirit can save the day! Leap into the four color world of comic-book adventure with CHAMPIONS, The Super Roleplaying Game. Become the hero in a story you create!
CHAMPIONS uses the Hero System, which is easy to learn and quick to use. The Hero System allows you to create heroes exactly as you imagine them -- whether recreating a comic book character or creating a new hero of your own. CHAMPIONS is clearly written to introduce even the novice to Adventure Games, while the open-ended Hero System offers a challenge to even the most experienced game players. And, of course, all Hero System games fit together to form a unique gaming environment.

This box contains:
* An easy-to-use Rulebook
* An introductory Solo Adventure
* An informative Campaign Book
* Three interlocking Viper's Nest adventures"

1984 ... George MacDonald & Steve Peterson ... HERO 01B ... ISBN 0917481526

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Enemies: Supervillains for Champions (Revised)
"This volume is a collection of supervillains for use with CHAMPIONS, the Superhero Role Playing Game. Not only does each villain have a complete list of characteristics, powers, skills Disadvantages and comes fully illustrated, but each entry has been put into a new revised format. This format is easier to read, for it presents each villain in a consistent order. This order is (for the Powers and skills): Attacks, Defenses, Movement, Enhanced Senses, Other Powers, Reduced END Costs, Specific Levels, Overall Levels, and anything else we forgot to add in. The order for disadvantages is: Berserks, Unluck, Vulnerabilities, Susceptibilities, Physical Limitations, Psychological Limitations, Hunteds, DNPC's, Unusual Looks, Secret Identities, and Villain Bonus."

1982 ... 24 pages ... HER ?

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Escape From Stronghold (Adventure Number 2 for Champions)

1981 ... Steve Peterson & George MacDonald ... 24 pages ... HER 004

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Gamemaster's Screen For Champions
Two 2-panel screens.

1981 ... HER005

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Enemies II: More Supervillains for Champions

1982 ... 24 pages ... HER 006

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Champions II - The Super Supplement!

1982 ... Bruce Harlick ... 80 pages ... HER 008

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Deathstroke (Adventure Number 3 for Champions)
"DEATHSTROKE is an adventure featuring those masters of mayhem, THE DESTROYERS, who were first seen in ENEMIES II. This adventure contains two related scenarios which can be played as individual encounters or together as part of a campaign. This adventure is complete and includes modifications to make it tougher or easier as the situation dictates. To complete this book, detailed personality sketches are provides for the villains. This is to enable players to play the villains as wells as heroes..."

1983 ... Kevin Dinapoli ... 24 pages ... HER 009

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The Great Super Villain Contest (Adventure Number 4 for Champions)
"The Great Super-Villain Contest is an adventure supplement to CHAMPIONS: The Super Role-Playing Game. It is designed to be used as the basis for a series of adventures (or, perhaps, even a full-fledged campaign) pitting existing heroes against a recurring cast of powerful villains who have well-defined goals and motivations. With proper care on the part of the GM, The Great Super-Villain Contest can provide an opportunity to introduce players to the intricacies of super-villain role playing.
This supplement features eight new supervillains, an outline and map of the Crimson Claw's mountain stronghold, specific rules for conducting the Super-Villain Contest itself, and numerous ideas for specific scenarios. The eight new villains are meant to add flavor to any scenario you may choose to run. You should not limit the contestants to these alone; any super-villains the GM has at his disposal may be included in the Contest.
The scenario suggestions included are merely a sample of the possible adventures that can occur as a result of the Contest. You should use these ideas as springboards for your own. Remember that the villains will be seeking to fight specific heroes; the GM should tailor the circumstances of the scenario accordingly."

1984 ... Dennis Mallonee ... 32 pages ... HER 011

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The Circle and M.E.T.E. (Organization Book 1 for Champions)

1983 ... Aaron Allston ... 32 pages ... ISBN 0915795574

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Champions III: Another Super Supplement!
"You may have thought that Champions II was the final supplement to Champions. Well, we've done it again; welcome to Champions III.
The material in Champions ill is intended to add to your current Champions campaign. The material in Champions III is optional; you're under no obligation to use any of it. Like all Hero System rules, you should take what you like and leave what you don't like.
We had a long discussion about the title for this book. At first, we wanted to call it Champions 3-D, but we couldn't figure out how to put in the little glasses. We tried Champions III: The Search for Thok, but somehow it just didn't seem to fit. Son of Champions and Bride of Champions were considered, but somehow they didn't feel right. So we're left with Champions III. At least we don't have to worry about a title for the next one {not for the next few months, anyway).
There's one more thing. In Champions II, Foxbat made a plea for Experience Points. Many villains contributed to his cause, which added to Foxbat's megalomaniacal tendencies. You see, he thought he could actually use those Experience Points himself. Not realizing that the rules don't allow that, Foxbat proceeded with his Master Plan, with results that you'll see..."

1984 ... 80 pages ... HER 015

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Scourge From the Deep: Underwater Sourcebook for Champions
"Tired of your typical train-throwing, city-smashing, superhero showdown? Had enough airborne autos and falling buildings to make you want to hang up the of super cape? Well, leave DC, NY, and LA behind... and plunge into the depths of aquatic action!
That's right — superheroes are taking to the water!
Scourge from the Deep™ overflows with rules for practically every aspect of underwater gaming: skills, powers, special effects, gadgets, and hazards. This Hero supplement also offers a complete below the waves adventure that will toss your heroes about with ten of the most vengeful villains you will find on any part of the planet. Detailed descriptions of three salty organizations spice up this already hot supplement.
So hold your breath, dive into the big blue, and take on some real slime balls as you become entangled in a turbulent criminal plot.
What's the matter — afraid of the water? Last one in is a rotten hero."

1988 ... 48 pages ... HERO 40 ... ISBN 0446659525

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Eye for an Eye: A Sourcebook for Dark Champions and Champions
"From the author of Dark Champions comes an incredible sourcebook that will bring any campaign to a new level of excitement! Written for both players and Game Masters, An Eye For An Eye is jam-packed with new rules, new weapons, and new organizations. Just look at some of what you'll find inside:

* Expanded character creation
* Heavy weapons
* Hot ammunition
* More vehicles
* New investigation techniques
* New package deals
* Weapon combat maneuvers

• Advice on Team Play
• Criminal Psychology described in detail
• Government organizations, complete with package deals
• Complete RAVEN criminal conspiracy
• RAVEN agents, leaders, weapons, equipment, and bases
• Campaigning with RAVEN
• Allies and enemies of RAVEN

This sourcebook has tremendous value for any Champions campaign, Cyber Hero, Horror Hero, or any modern or near-modern campaign. An Eye For An Eye is ready to supercharge your game —so bring it home today!"

1994 ... 128 pages ... ICE 432 ... ISBN 1558062041

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Golden Heroes

Golden Heroes: The Role-Playing Game of Super Heroes [BOX SET]
"GOLDEN HEROES is the fast-moving, action-packed, role-playing game of comic-book Superheroes.
As a player, your character will be a mighty Superhero with awesome star-spawned powers battling to thwart the evil plans of sinister Supervillains. As the Supervisor (gamesmaster), you will plot the storyline and control the Supervillains and their lackeys.
The GOLDEN HEROES rules allow you to create your own unique Superhero or even re-create your favourite character from the world comic-books. 'NUFF SAID!

• GOLDEN HEROES PLAYERS BOOK: provides everything that the players need to know to create and play their Superheroes: character creation; Superpower descriptions; combat notes; details of attributes; weaponry; character sheet; and more.
• GOLDEN HEROES SUPERVISORS BOOK: provides everything the Supervisor needs to run the game: combat rules; Superpower notes; how to run a campaign; creating Thugs and Supervillains; a ready-to-play introductory adventure; and more."

1984 ... Games Workshop 01012

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Golden Heroes Supervisors Kit (Games Workshop Play-Aid 1)

This play aid augments Golden Heroes, the role-playing game of Superheroes. It contains: full-colour. Supervisors Screen with all the combat tables for easy reference; 24 full-colour, stand-up Cardboard Characters of the Villains & Vandals in the Supervisors Book plus three Thugs; 21 full-colour File Cards detailing those Supervillains; and an A4 Pad of 30 Character Sheets, 10 Combat Sheets and 10 Campaign Record Sheets."

1985 ... Games Workshop 01035/8

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Legacy of Eagles (Golden Heroes Scenario 1)

This exciting game scenario is specially prepared for beginners to Golden Heroes, the role-playing game of Super-heroes.

It is designed to establish your players as a Super-hero team and possibly provide them with their own secret HQ.

This pack contains: the fully illustrated Adventure Booklet with complete plot details; 27 full-colour, stand-up Cardboard Characters of all non-player characters; 8 full-colour File Cards detailing all villains and non-player Super-heroes; and twoA2, double-sided, colour Play Sheets of all the battle areas, to the same scale (25mm) as the cardboard characters."

1984 ... 24 pages + sheet of character cards/cut-outs + 2 fold-out maps ... Games Workshop

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Queen Victoria & The Holy Grail (Golden Heroes Scenario 2)
"Discover Britain's best kept secret in...
Queen Victoria & The Holy Grail.

A summons to the palace! Could it be recognition at last for the Golden Heroes?
But things are not as they seem. Dark satanic forces are gathering to..."

1985 ... Marcus L. Rowland & Marc Gascoigne ... 28 pages + 2 centerfold mapsheets + cardstock sheet of cut-out figures ... Games Workshop

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Heroes Unlimited

Heroes Unlimited, Revised Edition
"INTRODUCTION [by Kevin Siembieda]
Welcome to the REVISED Heroes Unlimited. The original Heroes Unlimited appeared on the game shelves in August 1984. One of the last entries in a tidal wave of nearly twenty superheroic-type games. We published Heroes Unlimited then, because we felt that it offered more than its competitors. More variety, more detail, and more accurately captured the super world of comic books. Three years later, Heroes Unlimited is one of the few superheroic fantasy role-playing games on the market and selling better than ever.
What's that you say? If it's so good, why change it? To make it better, of course. Heroes Unlimited was Palladium Books' first, major RPG book after the Palladium Role-Playing Fantasy Game. We published it when we did, not to cash in on the "superhero craze", but because we had some ideas for what we believed to be an excellent and most importantly, a FUN game. We succeeded, but the original format was clumsy. Many of the ideas were overshadowed by others. The bottom line was that I was not 100% satisfied with the finished product. There were many things I would have done a little differently. In addition to my own lack of complete satisfaction. Palladium Books would get letters, or comments at conventions like: "How come you only get one (granted elaborate) power in Heroes Unlimited? I've modified it so you get two." (Hasn't everybody?). The other gnawing comment was always; "Gee, I thought Heroes Unlimited was supposed to be the definitive super character game on the market. So how come it doesn't have magic powers'? How come no games really do magic?" Good questions. My answer was that I personally dislike magic in superhero comic books, so I didn't put it in my game. That seemed okay at the time, but it sure didn't satisfy the gamers. Maybe I've softened on my anti-magic in superhero comic books stance. I think mostly it drove me nuts that we were not giving our readers/gamers everything they wanted. I mean, after all, the title of the game is Heroes Unlimited! No magic sounds like a limitation to me. To make matters worse, comic books seemed to be corning up with more and more magic powered or mystically oriented superheroes. Especially the big two, Marvel and D.C. Comics. What's a publisher to do?
Due to popular demand, Palladium Books proudly presents the REVISED Heroes Unlimited, complete with multiple power selections and magic!!! Oh, there's more to it than that. I've beefed up and redefined many of the extraordinary powers and character classes. Completely streamlined the clumsy and excruciatingly long task of selecting skills and education. Added more possibilities for robot design. Included are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness animal mutation rules and vehicle rules. Plus, a few new twists, like the optional crazy hero. When we couldn't fit all this great stuff into the old page count we just added more pages. Now this book I'm satisfied with. I hope you are too.
Oh, one last comment. The term "superhero" is a registered trademark held jointly by the Marvel Entertainment Group and D.C. Comics. The term "superpowers" is a registered trademark of D.C. Comics. Except in this introduction, where I specifically refer to real comic books, I can NOT legally use those two words: superhero or superpowers. Terms all us comic book readers know and love. Well I'd hate to be sued, so you'll see references like super abilities, extraordinary powers, superhuman, superbeings and so on. Sheesh, what a business, eh?"

1994 ... 248 pages ... Palladium 500 ... ISBN 0916211053

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Superworld: The Superpowered Roleplaying Game [BOX SET]

* Box contents sheet
* Superheroes book (32 pages)
* Superpowers book (40 pages)
* Gamemasters book (40 pages)
* Reference sheets (8 pages)
* Player Character sheets (8 total: 2 male & 2 female outlines)
* Gamemaster sheets (Operatives sheet, Action Rank control sheet, Player control sheet)
* Character Silhouettes

* One printing has a 4-page errata sheet dated December 1984, and lists 1985 Chaosium products as Coming Soon.


"Welcome to the universe of comic book heroes, where mighty guardians of truth and justice struggle against the machinations of ruthless supervillains. Recreate favorite comic book heroes and create new ones with the powers and abilities of your choice!
Using a large selection of superpowers you will prepare your beginning characters for defeating the villains of Superworld.
The Superworld rules maintain comic book reality: secret identities are guarded with care, blows to opponents often do more damage to the surroundings than to the targets themselves, and heroes can travel between stars and into other dimensions. Any superpower published can be duplicated with these rules.
This game is derived from the 16-page Superworld portion of the Worlds of Wonder game and is compatible with the Basic Role-Playing rules system.
Contents: three books, character sheets, GM play aids, GM forms, silhouettes, and six polyhedral dice (2D20, 1D8, 3D6)."

1983 ... Steve Perrin ... Chaosium 2011-X

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Bad Medicine for Dr. Drugs
"Dr. Drugs had a nice retail outlet at Warren G. Harding High School, and his pills, poppers, and nastier substances went at bargain prices — to the Doctor, who dreamt of turning on all of humanity to the way of drugs, profit was inconsequential, though his Syndicate backers hardly thought so.
But after a student-customer overdosed and died, the Doctor got some bad medicine too, when a band of teen superheroes attending Harding vowed to end forever such despicable trafficking.
BAD MEDICINE FOR DR. DRUGS is a campaign of four episodes, intended for Superworld and Champions players. Notes outline the building of original teen superheroes, though pre-rolled player-characters are also provided ready to play. Reproduction of high school atmosphere (including the Unwritten Code of behavior) is stressed, as is the presentation of awkward, not fully-formed, fledgling defenders of freedom."

1983 ... Ken Rolston & Butch Guice ... 52 pages ... Chaosium 2402

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Trouble for Havoc
Three Superpowered Battles! CRISIS AT CALIENTE; THE RETURN OF THE ELOKIANS; FOURTH FOR BRIDGE? ~~ 80 pages ... 3 complete scenarios ... 23 illustrations ... 11 maps and plans. For Superworld, Villains & Vigilantes, or Champions.

1984 ... 80 pages ... Chaosium 2403

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A Companion to Superworld
"Superworld is Getting Bigger...
A Companion to Superworld expands the ever-growing world of super-powered roleplaying. It includes:
Changes for and variants of Superworld powers: new ways to use powers such as Absorption, Defense, Dimension Shift, Emotion Control, Fortune, Gimmick, Illusion Projection, Invisibility, Martial Arts, Mimic, MicroSIZ, Reduction, Resistance, Snare, and Teleport.
New Powers: Aura Enhancement, Aura Defense, Cancellation, Clairvoyance, Cosmic Consciousness, Hex, Immunity, Infection, Lightfoot, Mental Image, Microscopic Vision, Paralysis, Possession, Power Sense, Quake, Resurection, Shield, Siphon, Special Sense, Tongues, Transform, Ultraviolet vision, Verification, Wall, and Weather Control.
Also included in A Companion to Superworld are conversion systems to Champions and to Villains and Vigilantes, an in-depth treatment of weather and weather related powers in Superworld, and a fully described base with working danger rooms for heroes or villains (usable with Superworld and Champions."

1984 ... Steve Perrin ... 72 pages ... Chaosium 2404

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Super Squadron

Super Squadron: The Complete Superhero Role-Playing System [BOX SET]
"The most comprehensive Superhero Role Playing Game is now available! The two books provide everything you need to generate or duplicate your favorite characters. Over 75 different powers, utilizing almost 200 different abilities are all carefully detailed, ready for use. Ten detailed scenarios have been provided so you may immediately begin play. Each scenario illustrates an aspect of the game and provides first hand experience on how to run a Role Playing Game, in simple progressive steps. You need nothing more than these books and some dice to play this complete and enjoyable game.
Dice are not included.
Box Contents: 60pg Rule Book; 24pg Adventure Book; 4pg Character Model Booklet."

1983 ... Joseph Italiano ... Adventure Simulations ... ISBN 0959189602

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GURPS Wild Cards

GURPS Wild Cards
GURPS Wild Cards is a complete, detailed guide to the Wild Cards series. Now you can enter that world, with "ace" powers of your own. Written by one of the original Wild Cards creators, this book includes:
* Detailed background, history and timeline of the Wild Cards world.
* Rules for turning yourself into an ace.
* Complete biographies and descriptions of over 60 important Wild Cards characters -- heroes, villains, aces and jokers -- with brand new background detail.
* And a description of how the Wild Cards books grew out of a game . . . by a writer who was there at the very beginning!"

1989 ... John J. Miller ... 128 pages ... SJG 6026 ... ISBN 1556341512

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Aces Abroad (GURPS Wild Cards RPG)
"GURPS Aces Abroad is your guide to the world of the wild card outside of New York. In this action-packed adventure, players take on the roles of government agents striving to defuse a plot to cause worldwide outbreaks of the wild card -- instigated by the international joker-terrorist group, the Twisted Fists. Or players can be the terrorists themselves -- intent on subverting the mission and achieving worldwide equality! Agents and terrorists travel the globe, discovering more each mission while they explore the exotic and dangerous world of Aces Abroad.

Also included are two new powers to use with GURPS Supers and Psionics and a dozen new creatures to populate the mysterious Australian Dreamtime.

The agents will visit ...
* The Highlands of Peru, where they face the perils of Incan blood rituals, guerilla warfare and international drug lords.
* The Parliament of South Africa, where African magic and the wild card mix with the politics and policies of apartheid.
* Tumultuous Northern Ireland, where warring factions battle with petrol bombs, Armalites and the wild card, and the creatures of Celtic myth run wild through the night.
* The markets of Bali, where the ancient battle between the evil Rangda and the heroic Barong is fought anew, and where the shadows of the wayang theater can spring to life.
* The Australian outback, where supers and jokers fight the forces of evil in the Dreamtime of aboriginal legend."

1991 ... Kevin Andrew Murphy ... 128 pages ... SJG 6115 ... ISBN 155634211X

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