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Some cool TSR store posters from 1978

GATEWAY TO ADVENTURE: TSR’s Classic Games Catalog (1980 & 1981)

TSR items can be roughly dated by what ISBN series was used. Here are some (approximate) dates:
First was the 0935696... ISBNs used through 1982
Then 088038.... used from 1983 through 1990
Then 156076.... from 1991 through mid 90s
Then 07869..... 1995ish onwards. (WotC continued using this series years after the fall of TSR, well into 3e and 4e)


Warriors of Mars
"The warfare of Barsoom in miniature. Rules for individual and large-scale land and aerial conflict."

Much more over at my Game Gallery photoblog:
WARRIORS OF MARS (1974): The Rare Lost Cousin of D&D

1974 ... Gary Gygax & Brian Blume ... Tactical Studies Rules

Bio One: Rules For Exact Hit Location and Damage in Gunpowder Period Man-to-Man Rules
"BIO ONE was created In 1974 to incorporate a degree of realism into a field of war-gaming which was sorely lacking. BIO ONE provides a complete and accurate system of damage location and effects for any gunpowder period of warfare. BIO ONE will prove an interesting addition to any set of man-to-man rules which uses gun fire..."

1974 ... Jim Muscala & WAW Productions ... TSR Rules

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Star Probe & Star Empires

Many more pics at my photoblog:
STAR PROBE (1975) & STAR EMPIRES (1977): Parts 1 and 2 of planned campaign wargame trilogy by early TSR

Books 1 and 2 of a loosely-linked trilogy of strategic and tactical campaign wargames. Book 3 was never published.

Star Probe 1975 ... John M. Snider ... 36 pages + star map + half-sheet of game pieces + 4 pages of record sheets ... TSR Games

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Star Empires 1977 ... John M. Snider & Brian Blume & Richard Snider & Greg Svenson ... 72 pages + star map + half-sheet of (blank) game pieces ... TSR Games

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PANZER WARFARE: Rules for Mass-Armor Battles of WWII with Small-Scale Miniature Figures

1975 ... Brian Blume ... 22 pages ... TSR Rules

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Tractics: Rules for WWII Miniatures [BOX SET]

"TRACTICS is a complete set of World War II miniatures rules designed for the serious enthusiast. Highly comprehensive in nature, TRACTICS covers all pertinent aspects of battles with armor, infantry, and artillery on a 1:1 ratio. All of this is backed up with extensive armor, vehicle, and weapons data as well as special rules for aircraft, paratroops, and an additional section on modern warfare. It all adds up to a set of miniatures rules that is often recognized as the finest ever written for the period.
The TRACTICS boxed set is comprised of three individual booklets, a 20-sided die, and a voluminous collection of over 20 "pull out" charts giving all the necessary reference data required during play."

1971, 1975 ... Mike Reese & Leon Tucker & Gary Gygax ... Guidon Games / Tactical Studies Rules (TSR) 6012

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Modern Armor: Miniatures Rules for AFVs of the Contemporary Era

1977, 1979 ... Max A. Ray ... 14 pages + detachable Vehicle Specifications Chart ... TSR 6014

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Classic Warfare: Rules for Ancient Warfare from the Pharaohs to Charlemagne
"Rules for wargames with miniature figures from the days of the earliest pharaohs of the new kingdom through the end of the "dark ages" -- 1500 BC to 700 AD and slightly later. This volume contains complete rules, national characteristics and organizational information." Introduction by Timothy J Kask.

1975 ... Gary Gygax ... TSR Rules

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Battle of the Five Armies
Rare/classic TSR game depicting the titanic confrontation from J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit."

* 1 rules booklet
* 1 play map
* 163 Counters (GOOD: Dwarves 10; Elves 32; Men 10; Eagles 5; Beorn 1; Bard 1; Gandalf 1; Elf King 1; Thorin 1; Dain 1 * EVIL: Goblins 78; Goblin King Bolg 1; Worgs 20; Smaug 1)

1976 ... TSR #??

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William the Conqueror - 1066: Game of the Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings [BOX SET]
Many more photos at my gameblog:
William the Conqueror 1066 (TSR, 1976): Diceless, Cardless… and the Bayeaux Tapestry by David C. Sutherland?

• 22-page rule booklet
• Combat Adjustment Slide Rule
• errata sheet
• large color play mat
• 3 sheets of round counters (106 + 38 blanks = 144 total)
• 1 sheet small square counters (175 + 105 blanks = 280)
• 1 small sheet small rectangular counters (50)

"INTRODUCTION: William the Conqueror
1066 is a two or three player tactical wargame which recreates the Battles of Stamford Bridge and Senlac Hill (more commonly known as the Battle of Hastings), the most decisive battles ever fought on English soil. The results of these battles profoundly changed the course of English history and language. At Stamford Bridge, the Viking invasion of England was repulsed by the Anglo-Saxon army, while three weeks later, at Senlac Hill, the Norman invaders successfully defeated the Anglo-Saxon army and were able to conquer the whole of England. The outcome of the Battle of Senlac Hill was a direct result of the Battle of Stamford Bridge. In campaign game, players play the Battle of Stamford Bridge first. Then the Battle of Senlac Hill is played with an order of battle determined by the outcome of the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Either game may be played independently of the other.

1066 uses a revolutionary innovation in wargaming entitled the MOVEMENT RESOLUTION SYSTEM. There is no die to throw nor any card to choose. The result of an attack depends entirely upon how intelligently you move, not the luck of the die. The MOVEMENT RESOLUTION SYSTEM consists of the attacker moving adjacent to an enemy unit, then both players moving one hex simultaneously. The result of this move determines the result of the attack."

1976 ... James McMillan & John Clemente ... TSR #??

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Dungeon! [BOX SET]

The 1975 Dungeon! Boardgame kicked off a long line of sets even to this day. Think D&D inspired Dungeon? Nope, it was the other way around. Let's dive into this set at my photoblog! Enjoy! -Wayne
Dungeon! (1975): First in a long line of D&D-adjacent boardgames

Classic 1975 TSR boardgame based on Dungeons & Dragons. "Dungeon! is the game which allows players to become Elves, Heroes, Superheroes, and Wizards in quest of the fabulous treasures hidden in the dark labyrinths of the dungeons . . . but each must first combat and defeat the fearsome monsters that guard the treasures! There are Goblins, Werewolves, Giants, and Dragons among the passages and chambers of the dungeons — YOU will have to face them in order to win."

1975 ... David R. Meggary ... TSR 1002

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Warlocks & Warriors: Introductory Level Fantasy Game [BOX SET]
• Rules sheet (4 pages)
• play mat
• 6 colored plastic pawns
• 1 white pawn (to represent the princess)
• 6-sided die

"WARLOCKS & WARRIORS is a fast-paced, introductory level fantasy game. The action is great fun for young and old alike, as players escort the lovely princess Sharanna across parched deserts and through dismal swamps to the safety of her father's castle. Beware the dragon and the demon maze! The hazards are many... But bring the princess safely to her father, and half his kingdom will be yours!
WARLOCKS & WARRIORS is a game for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 years and up."

1977 ... Gardner Fox ... TSR 1003

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Lankhmar: The Game of Swords & Sorcery Warfare on the Fantastic World of Nehwon [BOX SET]
See Also:
Lankhmar roleplaying.

• Rules booklet (12 pages)
• Fold-out play map
• 45 Geas cards (24 printed, the rest blank)
• 45 Reward cards (24 printed, the rest blank)
• 23 black, round Mount counters
• 140 white, round Weapon counters
• 55 1/2" square counters
• 8 1" rectangular counters

"LANKHMAR is a game which presents the warfare of the world of Nehwon in abstract, yet faithful, terms. Each player has a Hero — such as FAFHRD, THE GRAY MOUSER, PULGH (the mighty spearman of Lankhmar City), or MOVARL (champion swordsman of the Eight Cities of Kvarch Nar) — and numbers of Warriors. These "men" contest for possession of the cities held by each other, but while this combat is seemingly on a man-to-man basis, the pieces actually represent whole companies of men. With Fafhrd are the Mingol Guards, the Gray Mouser leads the Chosen of the King of Kings, and so on. In addition, there are weapons to be distributed amongst the forces of each player, beasts to carry them to battle, and boats for them to move over the waters of Nehwon. The map-board for the game is that of the author's conception, so the action takes place on the world of Nehwon in the same manner as told in the series of "The Fafhrd and Gray Mouser Sagas!" Marshal your army and set forth to conquer a new world!"

1976 ... Fritz Leiber & Harry Fischer ... TSR 1004

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Divine Right [BOX SET]

DIVINE RIGHT: TSR’s early boardgame with RPG inspiration and that beautiful map

"DIVINE RIGHT is a new fantasy board game from the Game Wizards at TSR. It combines combat, diplomacy, and role-playing into 2-4 hours of fast-paced action as each player attempts to build and hold together an alliance of kings long enough to defeat the other players and win the game. The kingdoms of humans, elves, goblins, dwarves and trolls are pawns in the power games that absolute monarchs play. Ambassadors vie for the attention of the kings whose favor they curry. Assassination and backstabbing are popular pastimes, and loyal allies may leave your side in the heat of battle at the drop of a hat — or a die. The magicians, too, get their arcane fingers into things, and the gods intervene as they will. It is a situation which demands skill and luck.
The box contains rule book, full-color mapsheet, over 250 die-cut counters, dice, and cards."

* rules booklet (24 pages)
* fold out play map
* 280 counters (including 37 blanks)
* 45 Diplomacy cards
* 34 Personality cards

There is a 1980 edition. BoardGameGeek user McCrackan notes the differences:
"The two editions of Classic DR are identical except as follows:
• The second edition has one more army in each of the six named Barbarian tribes.
• The unnamed Barbarian armies were increased to 13.
• Another common mercenary army was added.
• Four mercenary fleets were added.
• Another Dwarf army was added to Aws Noir (from 7 to 8 total).
• Some rules were revised, thereby expanding the game rules from 24 to 28 pages."


1979 ... Glenn Rahman ... TSR 1008

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Divine Right [BOX SET]
25th Anniversary Edition

"Experience the world of Minaria through the eyes of a monarch. Lead your country to glory and victory, or death and despair. In order to secure victory and bring about peace for your kingdom you will have to form alliances between several kingdoms as well as survive strategic battles against your mortal enemies and the betrayal of your own allies...

Game Includes:
• Divine Right game board
• 14 Identity cards, 22 personality cards, 52 diplomacy cards, 12 envoy cards
• 2 dice
• 600 game chits
• CD-ROM, containing historical data about the game, over 300 pages of background material, strategy guides, game variants, hints from the game's designers. Additional rules for advanced players
• Individually-numbered Autographed Certificate of Authenticity
• Basic game rules"

2002 ... Right Stuf ... ISBN 1570328994

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Knights of Camelot Fantasy Boardgame [BOX SET]
See Also: Pendragon

• 36-page rules booklet
• Fold-out map of Arthurian Britain
• Encounter chart sheet
• 125 cards (15 Kings; 30 Ladies; 75 Knights; 5 blanks)
• 140 Counters

"The legendary Kings, Knights and Ladies of ancient Britain come to life as players seek to become KNIGHTS OF CAMELOT in the court of King Arthur. In this game for 2 to 6 players, each player's knight sets forth on adventures where he may encounter dwarves, dragons, evil knights and enchantresses, fair damsels in distress, pirates, brigands, hermits, Morgan Le Fay and perhaps even Merlin himself.
Your knight may be challenged to a joust, or be sent on a pilgrimage to Canterbury or Rome, or King Arthur himself may find you worthy enough to be sent on the Quest for the Holy Grail, where only the most virtuous of knights can succeed.
But hark! The trumpets have sounded! The tournament is about to begin! Your noble steed stands ready; Your keen lance is in the air; the sun glistens off your shining helm. You are ready to take your place with the KNIGHTS OF CAMELOT!"

1980 ... Glenn Rahman & Kenneth Rahman ... TSR 1009

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4th Dimension: The Game of Time and Space [BOX SET]
"You are a mighty Time-Lord, and your powerful army of Guardians, Rangers, and Warriors stands ready to do battle. Your opponent is equally strong, and knows that only one of you will survive this conflict of time and space; for you both are Time-Lords, able to alter the fabric of reality, and there is room in the universe for only one with such power . . .
4TH DIMENSION is a classic game of pure strategy — no luck or dice are involved. A unique feature of the game is the ability to "Time-Warp" a piece — removing it from the board — and bringing it back into play in a different location! Players must take care not to allow their Time-Lords to be trapped by opposing Warriors beaming down from Time-Warp . . .
Simple to learn, 4D is easily grasped by any gamer from age 10 to adult. The rules are brief and fully illustrated with examples of play; it takes only about 15 minutes to read them and start playing. Games typically are over in only 30-45 minutes.
This deluxe boxed version of the game comes complete and includes a 8Ό" x l0½" mounted gameboard, a set of 26 custom molded plastic playing pieces, and a four-page rules folder.
When 4TH DIMENSION was first released in Britain a few years ago, it became an instant success. Local clubs were formed to play the game as well as the 4D Society which publishes its own newsletter and sponsors regular meetings and tournaments. TSR is proud to present the American edition of this excellent game — another fine product from TSR, The Game Wizards!"

1979 ... TSR 5004

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Snit's Revenge [BOX SET]
1st edition (TSR 5003) was a smaller, squarish box, the typical size of an early TSR boardgame. I've seen purple-cover version (1st edition?) and a white & orange top with wraparound gameboard on the reverse side.
(I've photo'd the version with a wraparound game board over on our blog.)

• Game Board
• Rules booklet
• 64 round markers (including 2 blanks)

Classic TSR boardgame, developed from a game in The Dragon #11. One player assumes the role of a single Bolotomus, fighting off an infestation of Snits. The other player commands the Snit onslaught. The Snits attempt to ravage the Bolotomus's internal organs.

1978, 1980 ... Tom Wham ... TSR 5003/5006

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Awful Green Things From Outer Space
1st edition (TSR 5005) was a smaller, squarish box, the typical size of an early TSR boardgame. It had a lime-green color lid.

2nd edition came in a large-format, long box with a purple cover.


1979, 1980 ... Tom Wham ... TSR 5005/5007

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Escape From New York: The Game [BOX SET]
What I enjoyed was the art by TSR's old school D&D artists.

See my EFNY blog post for more pics


"ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK game is based on the movie with the same title released by Avco Embassy Pictures Corp. The movie features: Kurt Russell, Lee van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Pleasance, Isaac Hayes, Season Hubley, Harry Dean Stanton as "Brain" and Adrienne Barbeau as "Maggie".
The year is 1997. The city of New York has become a walled, maximum-security prison for nearly three million criminals who have lost, but survived, a brutal war against the United States Police Force.
While flying over New York City, the President's plane crashes. Aboard the plane with the President are a set of papers and tapes crucial to the survival of the United States. The master criminal, Snake Plissken, Is sent alone into this terrifying city to recover them.
His mission: To find and return the missing President and the documents before time runs out.
ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK adventure boardgame recreates the intense action found in the film. As Snake devised a strategy that would help him find and rescue the President out of the New York jungle alive, so must the players of this game find and rescue the President from New York City.
This adventure boardgame can be played by two to four players, ages ten and older inside the game box, players will find a colorful map of New York where the game action occurs. Also included are a rules booklet, two sets of playing cards [63 blue, 47 red], four playing pieces and a pair of dice."


Game Design: David Cook and Harold Johnson Development: Kevin Hendryx
Editing: Mike Carr, Harold Johnson, Patrick Lucien Price
Artwork: Jeff Dee, Dave LaForce, Erol Otus, Jim Roslof, Bill Willingham
Typesetting: Roxanne M. Percey
Layout: Robert J. Duller, Roxanne M. Percey, Patrick Lucien Price
Playtesting: Allen Hammack, Kevin Hendryx, Erol Otus, Brian Pitzer, Mike Price, Paul Reiche III, Evan Robinson, Tom Wham
Contributing Assistance: Tom Moldvay, Mike Price, Tom Wham

1981 ... TSR 5008

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Fight in the Skies & Dawn Patrol

Fight in the Skies [BOX SET]
World War I aerial combat game. 2 to 12 players. Predecessor to "Dawn Patrol."
There are two different printings, one has the box with a "landscape" type orientation, the other "portrait" style. Both have essentially the same lid art.

* Rulebook
* Combat Tables chart
* Critical Hit Tables chart
* Random Aircraft Chart (1 Allied, 1 German)
* 4 Maneuver charts
* Aircraft Specification Key card
* Mission Log chart
* Fold-out play map
* Aircraft Stat Cards (30 German, 26 Allied)
* Counters (62 Allied, 49 German, 13 AA)

"Multi-player aerial action is fast and furious in Fight in the Skies, as each individual player flies his own plane in an exciting air battle which is often to the death! With historically researched aircraft specifications, and with a host of optional rules to add realism, Fight in the Skies is a game that puts each player right in the cockpit. Do you possess the skill and daring to take on an enemy like the Red Baron or Eddie Rickenbacker? Now you can find out!"

1975 ... TSR 7003

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Dawn Patrol: Role Playing Game of WWI Air Combat [BOX SET]

• 32-page rule book
• 32-page charts and cards booklet
• fold out map
• 124 counters

"This Is it! Researched and play-tested for over 10 years! DAWN PATROL aerial combat game was inspired by historical encounters that occurred during the great World War I dogfight era. Fly one step beyond the popular FIGHT IN THE SKIES game and soar to new heights of role playing. Become part of a legendary team of flying aces, wingmen and combat heroes. YOU are a vital element of the DAWN PATROL game.
Any number can play. There are an infinite number of game situations, or if you choose, there's an assortment of ready-made scenarios for up to 12 players!"

1980 ... Mike Carr ... TSR 7008

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All My Children: Based on the Popular ABC Daytime Serial [BOX SET]
"Pine Valley appears to be a quiet community, but beneath that thin veneer of respectability lie powerful passions and petty jealousies, wild emotions and dark machinations. For this is the home of Erica Kane and Palmer Cortlandt, of Tad Martin and Phoebe Tyler-Wallingford. This is the home of All My Children.

All My Children is a game of romance and intrigue in which each player takes the part of one of the major "stars" of the show, and attempts to fulfill goals to reach ultimate happiness.

* game board.
* 2 decks of cards: action and goal cards.
* 2 dice.
* 12 playing pieces with stands.
* character profile cards ...schemes, plots, and forbidden love.

1985 ... TSR 1022

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The Honeymooners Game [BOX SET]
“Bang! Zoom! A hilarious game based on the classic Honeymooners TV show featuring Ralpn Kramden and his zany friends.
The object of the game is to become the ‘Complete Ralph Kramden’ by collecting your Best Friend (Norton) from down in the sewer, your Pool Cue from the Pool Hall, your Raccoon Cap over at the Raccoon Lodge, and a Promotion from the Gotham Bus Company. Then, you can visit the Krarnden Apartment to get a ‘BABY, YOU'RE THE GREATEST' card from Alice and win the game!”

• Game Board
• 2 Decks of Cards
• 2 Dice
• 6 "Ralph" Plastic Playing Pieces

1986 ... TSR 1025 ... ISBN 0880383348

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Web of Gold: A game of daring adventure in an abandoned gold mine [BOX SET]
For 2 to 6 players, Ages 8 to adult.

"Why did the conquistadores abandon the gold mine, when it still held a fortune in precious ore? Legend says they were driven out by a silent menace lurking in the dark, dank passages, deep underground.

"In the Web of Gold game you play a daring adventurer willing to face unknown danger in your quest for riches and ancient treasure.

"You also play a giant spider, one of the terrifying creatures that drove away the conquistadores and inspired the legends. Spiders are not interested in gold, only in silencing the noisy intruders who disturb the quiet of their cold and lightless lair."

1987 ... TSR ?? ... ISBN 0880388021

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Kage: The Surround and Conquer Game (Master Moves System)

1988 ... Jay Myers ... TSR 1034 ... ISBN 0880385677

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Bullwinkle and Rocky Role Playing Party Game [BOX SET]

"Join the fun at Frostbite Falls and Wossamotta U. with BULLWINKLE, ROCKY, and all their pals! The BULLWINKLE AND ROCKY game lets you play the role of your favorite character - from DUDLEY DO-RIGHT and MR. PEABODY to BORIS BADENOV and SNIDELY WHIPLASH! Easy to learn, the BULLWINKLE AND ROCKY game is really three games in one!
The Narration Came has all the fun of roleplaying with none of the complex rules! Using cards as cues, you and your friends take a BULLWINKLE AND ROCKY story, a FRACTURED FAIRY TALE, or any other story and retell it — your way! The only limit to the looniness is your own imagination as the story takes dramatic turns, implausible twists, and silly leaps of logic! And incredibly easy to learn, too.
In the Everybody Can Do Something Came, you play an actual BULLWINKLE AND ROCKY character, in adventures based on your favorite TV cartoons! BORIS and NATASHA have another Fiendish Plan — can BULLWINKLE and ROCKY stop them? Will BULLWINKLE ever pull a rabbit out of his hat? No dice in this game -take a spin on one of the six character-customized spinners to find out how things turn out!
The Mr. Know-It-All Graduate Came gives you even more freedom and flexibility. Make up your own characters! Design your own adventures! Use your favorite BULLWINKLE AND ROCKY characters ... or don't! It's completely up to you!"

* 3 booklets: How To Play The Game (16 pages), Guide to Frostbite Falls and Beyond (32 pages), Stories (16 pages).
* Hand Puppets (10)
* Character Stand-ups, large folding (20)
* Spinners (6)
* Event/story playing cards (108)
* Diplomas (2)

1988 ... TSR 1035 ... ISBN 0880385693

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Noble Knight Games | Amazon

Mertwig's Maze Gamefolio
* 16-page rules booklet
* 8 cardstock scenario cards
* play mat (1038XXX0701)
* sheet of ½" circular counters (100)
* 8 sheets of play cards (200 including blanks, 190 actual)

"Wise and beloved King Mertwig lays dying. His only children, a twin boy and girl, were stolen by gypsies long ago when they were still babies. Mertwig, desperate that his kingdom not fall into evil hands, announces a contest: Anyone who can present to him a Royal Treasure and a Royal Birthmark will be named heir!

But treasures (not to mention birthmarks) are not exactly easy to find. And after a would-be Royal Heir tracks them both down, he (or she) must present them to King Mertwig -- and that requires braving the dangers of Mertwig's Maze!

The Mertwig's Maze game is a light-hearted fantasy board game from Tom Wham, designer of numerous games published in DRAGON mazazine, including the classic Snit Smashing and Snit's Revenge...

The Mertwig's Maze game contains a large game map, eight smaller maps, full-color counters, and hundreds of cards depicting hirelings, magical items, arms and armor, and random events to aid your quest -- or hinder your opponents!"

1988 ... TSR 1038 ... ISBN 0880385847

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The Great Khan Game (AD&D/Forgotten Realms Game Folio)
"Far Vandmeer ... Graubunden ... Veldergauttland... Al-Ubaid (the Walled City) ... Names that stir the blood and chill the spine.

These are just a few of the places you can conquer in this fast-paced game of political intrigue an military struggle, Meet the Grand Wizir Nechamin, Badmuddin the Bald, Umgook (the Tusk Eater), Andoquat the Sardar, and dozens of other power-mad, back-stabbing aristocrats and usurpers.

The Great Khan Game is a brilliantly whimsical card game from the fertile minds of Tom Wham and Richard Hamblen. Use the armies and political leaders under your control to attack and conquer your neighbours. Or stage a coup and place your own puppet on the throne. Connive, manipulate, and coerce your way to empire!

The Great Khan Game includes: one 32-page rule-book; one 11" x 17" full-color map of the Whamite Isles; 120 die-cut cardboard playing pieces; 162 playing cards; one plastic storage bag. Players must supply two six sided dice."

1989 ... Tom Wham & Richard Hamblen ... TSR 1044 ... ISBN 0880387211

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Noble Knight Games | Amazon

Maxi Bourse (Maxi Bour$e) [BOX SET]
"The Ultimate Game of International Finance"

"Vie for control of 40 of the world's leading companies. Build powerful conglomerates within your industry, or weld diverse companies into a single industrial empire. Stock values rise and fall on the Big Board; the value of a hot stock can double or triple in a heartbeat, while disaster looms for anyone forced to divest unexpectedly."

CONTENTS: • Color game board • Stock trading board • 2 player's pads • 400 Stock cards • 35 'Rumor' cards • 73 'Event' cards • Money • 6 playing pieces • 2 dice • Marking pencil • Rules

1989 ... TSR 1047 ... ISBN 0880387270

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The Best of Dragon Magazine Games [BOX SET]
This boxed set contains the classic Dragon Magazine games "The Baton Races of Yaz," "File 13," "King's Table," "Search for the Emperor's Treasure," "Ringside," and "Food Fight."

* 48-page combined rules booklet.
* 1 playing board for each of the 6 games.
* Sheets with 125 mini-cards for "Search" -- "Ringside" -- "File 13"
* 65 large counters.
* 160 medium counters.
* 230 small counters.
* 99 misc counters.

1990 ... TSR 1051 ... ISBN 0880388331

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Dragon Strike Game

Dragon Strike was designed to compete with Milton Bradley's HeroQuest.

The above photo is from a set that passed through the shop in 2013.

Visit my Game Gallery photoblog for many more photos: DragonStrike (1993): D&D’s rival to the HeroQuest board game

* VHS videocassette
* 2 double-sided gameboards
* 24 plastic figures
* 6 character cards
* Dragon Master Screen
* Adventure Book
* Map Book
* Rule (Instruction) Book
* Cardboard playing pieces for doors, treasure, and more
* Plastic clips and stands
* 3 dice (d8, d10, d12)


1993 ... TSR 1400 ... ISBN 1560769335 / UPC 046363014001

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SPI - Post-TSR Buyout

Jake Jaquet,
Dragon Magazine editor, describes how SPI was acquired by TSR in issue 64 (August 1982):

"In issue #61 of DRAGON™ Magazine, we quoted from a press release issued by Simulations Publications, Inc. (which we will call Simulations for brevity), that stated that TSR Hobbies, Inc., had "initiated a legal and economic chain of events to purchase SPI." In actuality, no purchase occurred. Hopefully the following information will set the record straight and dispel the many rumors currently circulating.

For the past several years, Simulations had been in increasing financial difficulties. The crisis came this past Christmas season, which for a variety of reasons was particularly bad for Simulations. It borrowed large sums of money from a group of three investors. By the end of January, however, most of the work on new products had come to a halt at Simulations and by March the company sought financial relief in the form of someone who might again lend money to, buy, or acquire, Simulations.

TSR was one of the companies approached by Simulations. TSR loaned Simulations about one-half million dollars to continue operations, and Simulations offered as collateral for the loan its copyrights to games, magazines and its trademarks. In April, Simulations totally collapsed. TSR, in an attempt to recover some value for its secured loan upon which Simulations defaulted, acquired Simulations' titles through asecured debt foreclosure. TSR did not acquire any of Simulations' liabilities, including unfulfilled magazine subscriptions. More on this topic in a moment.

TSR, which essentially substituted itself for other secured creditors of Simulations who were unwilling to keep their money at risk with Simulations, originally intended to work with Simulations, broadening its distribution network and revitalizing the company. Unfortunately, as final preparations forTSR's involvement were being made, the design staff at Simulations left to form a new game company. Thus, by the time TSR had the right to continue producing SPI-brand games and magazines, the staff had departed.

Despite the major setback of the loss of the design staff, TSR intends to continue to produce SPI-brand games and magazines. New games that were in various stages of completion, such as BATTLE OVER BRITAIN and ANTIETAM, will be published as soon as they are complete. TSR will continue to publish the most popular of the SPI-brand line of games. In the near future TSR hopes to renovate some of the older, out-of-print games by adding more color to the maps and counters and perhaps reworking the rules.

TSR Hobbies, Inc., through its Dragon Publishing division, will continue to publish STRATEGY & TACTICS and ARES magazines. MOVES magazine will be discontinued as a separate publication, but its most popular features will be incorporated into S&T to make the magazine the most comprehensive historical gaming magazine on the market. Former subscribers to these three publications will be receiving letters from TSR in the next few weeks detailing their status and TSR's plans. The rights to the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY newsletter have been sold to Tiger Publications, P.O. Box 3012, Amarillo, Texas. (Former subscribers and/or interested parties may wish to contact the new publisher, Steve Cole, directly.)

Hope this clears the air."

Air War: Modern Tactical Air Combat Game [BOX SET]
• one 48-page rules booklet
• two 16-page supplements
• one 56-page chart booklet
• eight 8 1/2"x11" maps
• one plastic counter tray
• four player aid cards
• 700 die-cut counters

"Air War is a unique, ultra-complex simulation of almost every facet of modern aerial combat. Included are thirty of the most important aircraft types to emerge since 1952 from the Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain, France, Israel, and other nations.

Players do battle in historical scenarios from the Middle East to Vietnam, from Korea to India-Pakistan, and in various hypothetical scenarios that include World War Three..."

1983 ... TSR 2670 ... ISBN 0394548191

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Spies: Multi-Player Game of 1930's Espionage [BOX SET]
• 1 22x34" map
• rules booklet (4 pages)
• 1 11x17" display
• 1 counter tray
• 200 counters

"In this intriguing game of espionage, two to five players represent five major European nations in the 1930's as they compete amongst themselves to discover highly-guarded government secrets. Players mover their spies on a colorful map of Europe while deploying their police to prevent opponents from succeeding. Assorted full color counters represent not only the spies and state security police, but the secrets, recruits, double crosses, assassinations, covers, and more. In addition, colored event cards, drawn by players indicate historical events that may influence player's success. Rules of play are short and allow play in no time at all. Ages 12 through adult."

1984 ... TSR 3014 ... ISBN 0394548256

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Firefight: Game of US/Soviet Tactical Combat [BOX SET]
(2) 22"x34" maps
(1) 20 pg rules booklet
(1) 20 pg data booklet
(1) counter tray
400 die cut counters

"Gl Joe versus Ivan. What if the U.S. and U.S.S.R. met in a conventional war? FIREFIGHT uses the arsenals of the two countries to test the players' skill in tactical deployment and the use of combined arms systems. The game highlights the dynamics of today's battlefields and includes an intensive survey of battlefield tactics and doctrine.
In this tactical-level game, players maneuver color ful cardboard counters on two beautifully illustrated maps of Western Europe. These colorful counters represent the infantry fireteams, armored personnel carriers, and tanks both sides would use in combat during the 1980s. Additional counters represent the smoke, wrecks, mines, and improved positions likely to be found on a modern battlefield. A hexagonal grid superimposed upon the map regulates deployment, movement, and battle engagement of the playing pieces. The roll of a die on simple probability charts determines each combat's outcome. With a minimum of effort, the well-organized rules booklet (with illustrated examples) prepares the player for action."

1984 ... TSR 01370 ... ISBN 0880381426

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The Twilight War: Game of French Resistance, 1944 [BOX SET]
• (1) 22" x 34" map
• (1) 12 pg. rules booklet
• (2) six-sided dice
• (1) counter tray
• 100 event tiles
• 200 die-cut counters

"In TSR's new game of the French Resistance, players represent German occupation forces, French partisans and Allied invasion forces. The full-color map of Northern France illustrates the cities, towns, rail lines and invasion areas. Colorful counters representing partisan teams and commandos elude German army and armor divisions, sabotaging rail and communication lines. Gestapo units can interrogate suspects for more information. Randomly drawn cards represent the agents' characteristics, different Allied Invasion plans and decisions of the German High Command. Simple probability charts determine outcomes such as combat and interrogation, to name a few. Vive la France! For ages 12 through adult."

1984 ... Mark Acres ... TSR 3005 ... ISBN 0880383593

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Cobra: Game of the Normandy Breakout [BOX SET]
(2) 22"x33" maps
(1) 16 p rules booklet
(2) six-sided dice
(1) counter tray
400 die-cut counters

"Hitler had said of the Atlantic Wall, "No power on earth can drive us out of this region against our will." But Hitler hadn't counted on a power made up of 176,475 men, 20,111 vehicles, 1,500 tanks, and 12,000 planes.
From D-Day to the break-out, the COBRA™ game allows you to play out the Allied invasion of Normandy and the break-out from the peninsula in one complete, expanded game. This second edition of the COBRA game features new versions of the original COBRA map and playing pieces, a 16-page rules booklet, and the EXPANSION SET, which features a second full-color map and 200 new playing pieces. From June 6 to August 23, the COBRA game recreates one of the most daring and dramatic battles of World War II. The beaches are waiting."

1984 ... TSR/SPI 3010 ... ISBN 0880381159

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World War II: European Theater of Operations Game [BOX SET]
• two 22"x34" maps
• rule booklet (32 pages)
• two Player Aid Cards
• counter tray
• 800 counters (2 bifold sheets)

"The WORLD WAR II grand strategic game covers the European Theater of Operations and the Middle East from 1939 to 1945, with special scenarios for the blitzkrieg in Poland, France, and Russia. The game provides special rules for armored attack, air and naval operations, strategic warfare, production, and army group command. The WORLD WAR II game captures the epic sweep of national fortunes on a month-by-month basis. Sharp reversals of fortune are possible at any point as the operational initiative shifts from player to player. A multi-player option creates tension between the partners on each side. Optional rules recreate political situations faced by the major powers. Comes complete with 2 full-color maps and 800 die-cut counters. Ages 12 through adult."

1985 ... TSR 3013 ... ISBN 0394548248

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Moscow 1941: The Enemy at the Gates [BOX SET]
"In this operational level recreation of the battle for Moscow, the players maneuver colorful cardboard playing pieces on a four-color map of the Smolensk-Moscow area. These playing pieces represent the actual panzer regiments, tank corps, infantry divisions, and other units involved in the historical operation.
Additional counters represent headquarters and cavalry units, ski troops, fortifications, and partisan organizations. A hexagonal grid superimposed on the map regulates deployment, movement, and battle engagement of the pieces at a scale of 10 km per hex. The roll of two dice on a probability chart determines each combat's outcome. Unit type, supply situation and the current weather also affect the outcome of combat. Each game turn represents 4 days of combat, covering German and Soviet operations from October 1941 to the end of January 1942. In the MOSCOW '41 game, the players recreate the most decisive battle of the early war years."

1987 ... TSR 3023 ... ISBN 0880385103

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Sniper!: Game of Man-To-Man Combat, 1941-90 (2nd edition) [BOX SET]
• (2) 22" x 34" maps
• (1) 32 p. Rules booklet
• (1) sheet of vehicles
• (1) counter tray
• 600 counters (1 bi-fold sheet, 1 half sheet)

1986 ... TSR 3019 ... ISBN 0880383321

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Hetzer Sniper [BOX SET]
Sniper! Companion Game #1

• (2) 22" x 34" maps
• (1) 24 p. Rules book
• (1) 16 p. Rules book
• (1) 8 p. Scenarios book
• (3) sheets of vehicles
• (2) six-sided dice
• (1) counter tray
• 400 die-cut counters

"HETZER expands the popular SNIPER! game system with an in-depth examination of man-to-man combat on the Western Front in World War II. Scenarios cover the German blitz of 1940, the Allied crawl up the Italian peninsula, and the furious fighting in the dense hedgerow country in northern France. Fighting vehicles are covered in great detail, with game statistics on over 40 tanks, trucks, halftracks, and armored cars. Players can select squads from seven nations, plus paratroopers, S.S., and volksgrenadiers. Campaign rules allow individual squads to fight their way through an endless series of battles, losing casualties and gaining experience along the way.

HETZER is a complete game; the SNIPER! game is not required to play HETZER."

1987 ... Steve Winter ... TSR 3022 ... ISBN 088038509X

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Sniper! Special Forces
Sniper! Companion Game #2

1988 ... TSR 3024 ... ISBN 0880385464

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Bug Hunter
Sniper! Companion Game #3
See also: Aliens

• 11" x 17" maps (Double-sided (A-H)
• Sniper rule booklet (24 pages)
• Bughunter rules (16 pages)
• Scenarios book (8 pages)
• 400 die-cut counters (1 folding sheet)
• 2 cardstock sheets of cards, tables, displays and vehicles

"Bug Hunter. It's a dirty job. After the big one, when the Predators were broken for the last time, the survivors scattered to every stinking hellhole in the sector. They won't talk, they won't surrender; they just kill mean and die hard. And once in a while they take a ship.

BUG HUNTER takes the SNIPER! game of man-toman combat into the far future. On the fringes of galactic civilization lurk the unfathomable alien predators, the Preds, which kill without logic or warning.
Against them stand the marines of the Frontier Tactical Service, FRONTAC. Armed with an impressive array of the latest military hardware—pulse rifles, lasers, screechers, and plasma guns—the marines take the fight to the Preds wherever they are found.
Special rule sections cover hard vacuum and hostile atmospheres, space suits, air locks, Predator swarms, unknown weapon effects, variable Predator powers, crawlers and IVHE vehicles, ship self-destruct sequence and more.
FRONTAC is looking for a few good bug hunters. What about you?

This game stands alone; the original SNIPER! game is not required to play the BUG HUNTER actions herein."

1988 ... TSR 3026 ... ISBN 0880386029

Buy at Amazon

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