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Archworld Fantasy Miniatures Rules

"It's basically a wargame set in an alternate past where one of Earth's two moons (!) crashed into the planet, changing everything. Specifically, the game is set in South America; albeit one with fantasy races such as dwarves (terakyn), elves (wodkyn), and centaurs, among others. In this setting each player finances armies within its political milieu and engages in wargaming of the ordinary sort. Now here's where it gets intriguing: each player has a personality figure, presumably a king or general, although no specific rules are provided for doing so, who must manage the finances of their armies and lands and may call upon assassins and wizards to target their enemies out of battle, making it something of a state-level RPG. The setting and its spare, but effective, magic system alone is ripe with role-playing promise and works as a solid setting..."
Olde House Rules

"The games system of Archworld is designed with several purposes in mind:

1) To explain in terms of wargaming the capabilities of the armies and the peoples of the Archworld campaign setting

2) To provide a simple yet realistic set of rules that will cover ancient, medieval, and early gunnery periods.

One of the reasons behind the genesis of the Archworld rules has been an attempt to respond to the needs and complaints of many wargamers who feel that most of the ancient warfare rules now available are far too complex. Too many of these game systems require an excessive amount of logkeeping and the use of overly long sets of tables. A need for referees and a lot of pencil pushing detracts from the enjoyment of the game.

The other problem with many fantasy rules is that they bear little relation to the literary fantasy tradition. These games tend to rely upon vast numbers of omnipotent beings and spell-casting wizards rather than the strategic capabilities of a kingdom's legions of ordinary soldiers.

Archworld is intended to provide a reasonable and easy-to-understand accounting of the uses of weapons and armor of the period, and the strategy of empire making and the like. The gamer who is not interested in the refighting of Archworld battles may simply disregard the fantasy elements and still use these rules to create realistic battle situations for any period up to the late 1600s.

Bases and Scale:

Scales is given in terms of paces, with one real inch equaling ten paces, one scale pace equals 2 1/2 feet (or 1 mm. equals 1 foot). All movement and the proper sizes of bases can be worked our from this scale. As a rule, one figure equals twenty men, except in the case of personality figures, which obviously are one to one.

Archworld also contains a complete set of rules for naval combat.

Archworld also includes a 4 panel paper foldout map of Archworld, 3 single sided sheets of cardboard ship cutouts (these are not counters-the cut outs of the ships are much larger and are used for naval miniatures combat), and 2 single sided cardstock sheets of reference charts."

1977 ... 76 pages + foldout map + 4 cardstock sheets ... FGU 4003

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The Blue-Light Manual

The Blue-Light Manual: Wargame Rules for the American Civil War (2nd Edition)
"Tactical miniatures rules for the American Civil War. Detailed rules cover all aspects of simulating this conflict with miniatures and includes organizational information which varies by year and theatre of operations.

These US Civil War Miniature rules are compatible with 9mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm miniatures (works best with 25mm and 30mm miniatures). Each miniature represents 30 men (calvary and infantry) and each artilleryman figure represents 18 men. Finally each canon miniature represents 2 historical canons.
Contains a single sided cardstock unit status sheet (printed on one side) and a cardstock shot/shell area of effect cut out."

1977 ... Edward Pauley ... 95 pages + cardstock chart ... Fantasy Games Unlimited 1101

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Broadsword: Wargame Rules for Medieval Battles with 11 Scenarios
"Wargame rules for medieval battles with 11 scenarios. Includes rules covering formation, movement, missile and melee combat, leaders, etc.

These rules are a spin-off from "Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age" (by Lin Carter and Scott Bizar) which embody a functional combination of systems that lead to a playable and accurate simulation of medieval warfare when played without magic. Although these rules borrow heavily from "Royal Armies", they include significant modifications which reflect more authentically the flavor of medieval warfare.

These rules are based on a 1:20 figure ratio.

The eleven scenarios are:
1.) Battle of Civitate, 1053
2.) Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066
3.) Battle of Hastings, 1066
4.) Battle of Manzikert, 1071
5.) Battle of Ascalon, 1099
6.) Battle of Lincoln, 1141
7.) Battle of Legnano, 1176
8.) Battle of Arsuf, 1191
9.) Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, 1212
10.) Battle of Liegnitz, 1241
11.) Battle of Marchfield, 1278

Contains 2 double sided cardstock sheets of reference charts."

1977 ... 32 pages ... FGU 1102

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Bunnies & Burrows

Bunnies & Burrows: The Fantasy World of Intelligent Rabbits, Adventure Quests & Role Play
Reprinted with artistic contributions by Jeff Dee in 1982. Page count is much shorter, odd for a second edition.

See also:
GURPS Bunnies & Burrows.

"Bunnies and Burrows is a multi-player game in which each player may explore the possibilities, both hazardous and entertaining, of developing the character whose behavior they are controlling in the game. What sets this game apart from the multi-player fantasy games that have been achieving such popularity in recent years is that the character each player is running is not a person, but a rabbit. A currently popular novel has demonstrated that rabbits are suitable subjects for fantasy games, while the biological approach brings a freshness to the style of game now dominated by Sword and Sorcery orientations..."

1976, 1982 ... B. Dennis Sustare & Scott Robinson ... 75 pages, 36 pages ... FGU 1010

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Citadel: A Quest Within A Wizard's Tower
"Citadel is a quest game based on a situation familiar in fantasy. The forces of evil have a talisman of some power and importance hidden in their stronghold, and the forces of good attempt to capture it. The game has three phases. In the first the forces of evil plan the stronghold and organize their forces to protect the talisman. In the second, the forces of good (heroes) attempt to locate the talisman. In the third, the heroes attempt to escape with the talisman. Includes cut-apart counters for hidden movement and 12 floorplans for use on the six floors of the tower."

1976 ... 14 pages + sheet of cutouts + 6 map cards ... Roy Goodman & Frank Chadwick ... FGU ??

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Diadem [BOX SET]
* 1000 counters
* 36"x34" map board
* 12 planetary cards
* rules book
* charts

"The long interregnum after the collapse of the Galactic Empire is finally ending. New societies expand within the Diadem Cluster and seek dominance over their neighbors. Ground and space combat, hyper-space, politics, economics, espionage, propaganda and scientific research all play important roles in determining the outcome of the game."

1981 ... Scott B. Bizar & Bob Weller & Tim Zorn ... FGU 801

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Down Styphon!

Down Styphon! A Musket and Pike Wargame based on Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen
"A set of Musket and Pike miniatures rules based on the book "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen" by H. Beam Piper. Comes complete with army organizations and descriptions of flags and uniforms for a complete campaign. Includes 2 double sided cardstock reference sheets.

The plot of "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen" revolves around Calvin Morrison, a Pennsylvania state trooper who is caught in a "time field" and dragged into an alternate probability Earth--ARYAN-TRANSPACIFIC SUB-SECTOR STYPHON'S HOUSE.

The political situation he has to cope with there is that the entire civilization is ruled by a theocracy called Styphon's House. Styphon's House can maintain its defacto control of the "known" world because only its priests knew the secret of making gun powder.

Calvin bursts through time into Hostigos, whose people are sick of domination by Styphon's House. With his own knowledge of the formula for making gun powder, Calvin (now called Lord Kalvan) quickly assumes an important position in Hostigos, helping to save them from an attack by Nostor (which is backed by Styphon's House) and Sask.

Of course, the creation of a nation opposed to Styphon's House which can utilize its own weapon (gun powder) against the tyrannical theocracy, soon throws everything out of kilter. . .

These rules may also be used, with minimal adaptations, as a simple set of rules for the English Civil War or any pike and musket battle. Merely drop all rules for better gunpowder and rifled arms. (Kalvan's advantages) Treat all mounted rifles as dragoons/mounted or dismounted with musketoons."

1977 ... Mike Gilbert ... 21 pages + two cardstock reference sheets ... FGU 1003

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DragonLords: A Fantasy Wargame
* rulebook (21 pages)
* 8 cardstock play sheets
* play map
* 640 counters (inc. 106 blanks)

"Anador — the strange and fantastic land created by the Gods. Where two mighty Wizards control two opposed Empires, each determined to conquer the other. At their disposal, as well as their own magical powers, are forces and leaders of strange peoples and creatures. But none more strange or powerful than the DragonLords.
A game of magic and combat, skill and strategy for two players. You are the powerful Wizards. Yours are the forces. You command — The DragonLords."

1978 ... Scott B. Bizar & Adam L. Gruen ... FGU 702

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Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon & the Warriors of Mongo
"A Note from Lin Carter:

Alex Raymond's immortal Flash Gordon was one of the greatest adventure strips in the history of comic art — possibly the greatest, its only serious rivals being Hal Foster's Tarzan and Prince Valiant — and his mastery of imaginative story-telling and graphics make him second-to-none.
The richness of invention, the superlative draughtsmanship, the wonderful and superbly-realistic design and detail of costumes, architectural effects, monsters and rocketships, undoubtedly fascinated a generation of young fans into striving to become either comicbook artists, magazine illustrators, or, in some cases,, writers of fantastic adventure-stories. (This I know for a fact, since I am one of those once-young readers who grew up to become such a writer.)
My own personal debt to Alex Raymond, and my enduring fondness and admiration for Flash Gordon, made this set of rules a labor of love. I was dead set against Scott's first idea of doing a book of wargame rules and held out for adventure-scenarios, instead; eventually — as any fool can plainly see — he came around to my idea.
A few observations, if you please, before the curtain goes up on your own reinactment of Flash, Dale and Zarkov's mighty sequence of adventures. Let me call your attention to the planet Mongo itself, for it is an unusual, even an unique, world and very different from the other planets of science fiction, even Barsoom.
Mongo entered our Solar System from unknown regions beyond the stars, but settled into a stable orbit somewhere near that of our own Earth when cunningly deflected by the impact of Dr. Zarkov's rocketship. It seems to be a much younger planet than our own, teeming with fantastic monsters which resemble our own Jurassic dinosaurs, filled with tribes of primitive savages, with fiery volcanic regions and dense, all-but-impenetrable jungles. Despire this, more than a few highly-advanced races have somehow achieved a technology superior to our own: The submarine cities of the Sharkmen and Coralia, Vultan's Sky City, which floats among the clouds high above the planet's surface, the Lionmen with their powerful air fleet of Gyrocopters, and Ming's own legions, with their ray guns and rocketships, demonstrate this fact amply.
Ming himself, the arch-enemy whose overthrow is the central object and purpose of the ensuing adventures, was a usurper who replaced the rightful ruler of Mingo City, driving his young son, Prince Barin, into exile among rebels and outlaws. In a cruel irony of fate, he seems denied every tyrant's dream of establishing a dynasty, for Ming's only child, the Princess Aura, sided quite early on with the forces attempting to end his rule.
In those forces you are about to enlist. So enough of this chit-chat — and on with the adventures!"

1977 ... Lin Carter & Scott Bizar & Gary Morrow (cover) ... 48 pages ... FGU #?

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Gladiators: Realistic Simulation of Gladiatorial Combat
"Individual figure rules for action in the Roman arena. Miniatures rules that reflect the combat styles and rules of the various rigid types of warriors allowed in the Gladiatorial Games.

Gladiators was designed as a system for single figure miniatures combat. But it is more like a role-playing game's combat system than a traditional miniatures system. Combat takes place on a hex grid making Gladiators similar in nature to Steve Jackson's Melee system (the combat system which evolved into The Fantasy Trip which eventually evolved into GURPS). Of course, the rules are a bit more specialized than Melee in that they focus on the gladiator combat of ancient Rome.

Gladiators took two years of play-testing and conceptual development to create. A set of playable yet detailed and realistic rules for simulating gladiatorial combat. Players will be able to move their gladiators, feint, and dodge about as they prepare to lunge at their adversaries. They can slash or jab at their chosen targets, and must parry the return blows of their opponent. Shields can be used to bash opponents off guard. Accidents also have a place in this simulated universe. Men can trip or stumble, weapons or shields can be dropped, or nets cut to shreds. In short, an imaginative player can momentarily enter the arena and prepare himself for a contest which will be won or lost by the same elements that brought victory or defeat, fame and wealth or sudden death to a gladiator. Skills, cleverness, foresight, and luck all play their respective roles."

1975 ... 35 pages ... FGU 1105

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Lands of Adventure

Lands of Adventure Fantasy Role Playing Game
By noted oriental gaming writer Lee Gold. Sharp eyed gamers will note that the cover art is by Bill Willingham, who did many of the early
D&D illustrations.
Also by Lee Gold: GURPS Japan

I did a video unboxing of this set.


"A fantasy role playing adventure game for use by a Gamemaster and any number of players (ages 12 and up). LANDS OF ADVENTURE includes all rules necessary for the creation of characters, encounters, combat, magic, and adventure. It is a unique game in that it has been designed for adaptability of world background.

Modular 'Culture Packs' detail the necessary changes and additions to the basic system to add on new 'worlds' from myth and legend. Each such world background is carefully researched and presents an in depth survey of the culture, religion, and social framework of the society portrayed.

This package comes complete with the basic rules to LANDS OF ADVENTURE and a double culture pack detailing the epic worlds of Mythic Greece and Medieval England (with an additional section on the England of King Arthur). Thus, even the basic game is playable in a world of the Gamemaster's creation or in either of the two cultural backgrounds provided.

Included in LANDS OF ADVENTURE are the 32 page rulebook, the 30 page double culture pack, and a cardstock character sheet."

1983 ... FGU 5501

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"Wargame Rules for Ancient Battles on the Grand Tactical Scale."

"Legion is the result of years of frustration with the inaccurate scale of existing wargame rules for the ancient period. For example, Roman Armies would never field less than a full legion for any battle, in fact, they generally fielded several legions on a battlefield. The need for a system to allow gamers to use a sufficient number of units to more accurately simulate the maneuvers and grand tactical formations of the period was obvious. By increasing the scale, using fewer figures to represent a unit, it becomes possible to greatly increase the number of units on the wargame table...

Al Margolis has statistically broken down the probable results of melee between various types of units, taking into account their armaments, and has designed the percentage system for melee included in these rules. During a large scale battle, the results of all melees will correspond, on the whole, to the results that one would expect in a tactical level game. Thus, the gamer/commander need not be concerned with single unit formations as the results of all melees involving these small units will be statistically accurate. This allows commanders to concern themselves fully with grand tactical maneuvers and formations, placing them in control of full armies as is appropriate for the scale of the game...

One inch represents slightly less than 10 yards. Each figure vaguely represents a range of numbers of men from 50 up to 100. This ratio is not important for these rules because it is the unit that is the basic concept. Legion is designed for use with 15 mm or 25 mm miniature figures.

Includes 2 double sided card stock sheets of reference charts and tables."

1976 ... 69 pages ... FGU 1106

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Lords & Wizards

Lords & Wizards: Conquer and Rule an Empire [BOX SET]

Set came in a ziploc bag and box set editions. -W

* rulebook (72 pages)
* 800 die-cut counters
* 28x22" map sheet
* 4 cardstock game cards

"Mighty, magical holocausts, awe-inspiring Dragons, weird and terrible monsters, military battles on a grand scale. Which of the combatants. Order or Chaos, shall win? And can the forces of Neutrality maintain the precarious balance of power that alone preserves the very existence of the otherwise loser?
An exciting, fast moving game of movement and combat in a fantastic world, where skill and strategy will decide the winner. For 2 to 6 players."

1977 ... Adam L. Gruen ... FGU 701

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Madame Guillotine

Madame Guillotine
"In 1793-1794 in France, thousands of men were bloodily executed after, at best, a summary trial in the period known to history as "The Terror". "Madame Guillotine" is a multi-player simulation of the brutal power struggle taking place in Paris at that time. This fast-action game requires skill, cunning, a knowledge of human psychology and, above all, the ability not to lose one's head!

The players (2 - 6) representing notable personalities of the time, distribute "influence points" with the aim of capturing the support of various vital sections of society. Whilst so doing they must try to maneuver their opponents into untenable positions, deal with military and social crisis, and , meanwhile, remain on good terms with the populace.

Comes with 6 sheets of cardstock counters (480 counters total) and 2 cardstock sheets which when put together form the game board."

1976 ... Game Testers ... FGU 1107

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Middle Sea

Middle Sea: Empires of the Feudal Age [BOX SET]
16-page rulebook
2 map sections (one is bi-fold)
266 counters
383 cards

"MIDDLE SEA is a multi-player game that recreates the growth of empires during the Middle Ages throughout the Mediterranean world. Christians and Moslems in conflict among themselves and with each other."

1979 ... Terence Donnelly & Wilf K. Backhaus & Mike Gilbert ... FGU 901

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Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail: A Role-playing Boardgame of the Trek Across the American West [BOX SET]
"A role playing boardgame where players take the parts of 'trail bosses' leading wagon trains across the western United States. Wagon trains must deal with a hostile environment (terrain, swollen rivers, and droughts), worry about supplies and morale for their parties, and deal with Indians.
Included in this box are all the materials required to play OREGON TRAIL. These include:
• 1 28" by 21" four-color mapboard
• 1 Complete Rule Book with rules of play
• 1 Pad of Trail Boss Character Sheets for Party Status
• 8 Playing pieces for up to eight players
• 2 Six-sided dice
• 1 Twenty-sided die

OREGON TRAIL is playable by up to 8 players and includes 7 Historical Scenarios of varying playing times. Players record scores in various categories of achievement to determine the winner in any of the various scenarios.
OREGON TRAIL is highly playable as a 'solo' game.
A boardgame with the excitement of a role-playing game, playable solo or by up to eight players. OREGON TRAIL is a game of only moderate complexity for all gamers ages 12 and up."

Design by Leonard H. Kanterman; Cover art by Gene Day

1981 ... FGU 902

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Privateers and Gentlemen

Privateers and Gentlemen [BOX SET]
"Enter the naval service or become a privateer! All this is possible in this exciting role playing game. All the rules needed to begin a career of courage and honor on the high seas are included with a Gamemaster's screen, character sheet, ship record sheet, and even cut-apart counters for naval battles.

PRIVATEERS AND GENTLEMEN is a role playing game that covers the period of the tall ships and the iron men who commanded them (1750-1820).

The complete boxed set contains three volumes covering the age of sail in detail. Included are:

PROMOTIONS & PRIZES: the basic system for role playing as an officer in the era. Character generation, combat, promotions, skills, etc. are all discussed in depth (32 pages).

TRADITION OF VICTORY: Complete world notes for the period that discuss naval codes of behavior, prize money, prices, and even the politics of the time (32 pages).

HEART OF OAK (FGU 5400): naval miniatures rules for use with the role playing system to accurately simulate naval combat in the age of sail. Also listed are typical ship classes of the major nations (40 pages with 8 pages of reference tables and cutouts).

The boxed set also includes a GM's screen, character sheet, ship record sheet, and even cut-apart counters for naval battles."

Cardstock ship charts and counters are stapled into Heart of Oak.
This book can also be purchased separately.


1981 ... FGU 5401

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The King Over the Water
"This package presents the multi-part adventure 'The King Over the Water,' an optional advanced system for more complete backgrounds in character generation (including histories, advancement, and new skills), and an interesting look at 'The Acre Campaign'. This section includes a historical summary of the events of Napolean's Egyptian campaign and advance on Acre, stats of the ships which took part in the relief expedition under Sir Sidney Smith, 'cardboard characteristics' of the major participants, and scenario and campaign suggestions for use with Privateers and Gentlemen."

1984 ... 32 pages ... FGU 5402

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Decision at Djerba
"This package contains the PRIVATEERS AND GENTLEMEN campaign around the Barbary city of Djerba on the North African Coast. Player-Characters must deal with a major French force that has broken the British blockade of French ports, the French garrison at Djerba, and the danger of he French squadron in Djerba harbor making a sortie or being joined by the French Mediterranean fleet. At stake is the British blockade of Egypt, the recapture of Malta from the French, the protection of Sicily, and even British control of the Mediterranean."

1984 ... 20 pages ... FGU 5403

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PSI World


"An exciting new role playing game in which characters use or deal with awesome psionic powers in a near future setting. PSI WORLD offers over seventy-five different skills, twenty-five psionic disciplines, and over ninety specific psionic abilities.

The gamemaster chooses the nature of the near future society, and with the input of the players, selects the style for their campaign. There are two options:
• The Government has attempted to gain dictatorial powers and uses the Psis as scapegoats to distract public attention from the Government's illegal grab for power.
• The Psis are a true threat to democratic rule as they use their powers to gain unfair advantages in business, politics, and all aspects of daily life. Players take the roles of members of the Psi Police to protect the public from this psionic menace.

Be a Psi and control awesome powers of the mind! Protect the innocent from those with great powers as a member of the Psi Police! The choice is yours. Seek adventure in this fast paced game of action and excitement in a near future setting wherein psionic powers have appeared in a small portion of the human race. The only limits are your imagination!

PSI WORLD includes complete and easily understandable rules (32 pages), the PSI WORLD ADVENTURE with introductory adventures to get your campaign started (20 pages), cardstock Gamemaster's Screen (3 panel double sided), and a master cardstock character sheet suitable for photocopying (character sheet is single sided). Everything needed to begin your PSI WORLD campaign is included in the boxed set."

The box sets also originally came with 2d6 and 2d10 (the strange kind that are actually tiny d20s numbered 1-10 twice).

A great review and how-to-play:


1984 ... Del Carr & Cheron & Bill Willingham (art) ... FGU 2301 ... ISBN n/a

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PSI World: The Hammer Shall Strike
"New rules and two complete adventures for use with Psi World. The original designers of the game offer a new major discipline, several new minor disciplines and two adventures for both psionic and non-psionic characters. Included in 'The Hammer Shall Strike are:

* New Talents: The animalist major discipline, several new minor disciplines, and the definition of the force shield.

* Transition: High school students are exhibiting signs of the transition and developing psionic powers, but they are not fully aware of all this portends. They are being sought by both the psi police and a psionic group. Who will get to them first?

* The Hammer Shall Strike: What is really going on and what is behind the Cult of Perfect Oneness? People claim they are forced or brainwashed into joining the cult, but other seem quite happy in the communal lifestyle. The characters, psionic or non-psionic, must investigate and discover the surprising facts behind the faηade of Perfect Oneness and its intentions."

1985 ... FGU 2302 ... ISBN n/a

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PSI World: Underground Railroad
"Three complete adventures for use with Psi World. All are set in the same locale with the same background to form an inter-connected campaign. This background setting can be the basis to an ongoing campaign well beyond the three adventures contained in this book.

"Included in 'Underground Railroad' are:

* The Eigerson Factor: Psis are being rounded up by the authorities and an important scientist, sympathetic to the psionic cause is about to enter the area to defect to the free state. It is beginning to look like the confederacy police have some sort of new method for tracking down psis. Your assignment is to locate this secret and to eliminate the danger posed to all psis in the area, and to the scientist in particular.

* Underground Railroad: The free state operates, with the aid of a psionic underground in the confederacy, a series of escape routes for psis who wish to get out of the repressive police state of the confederacy. It is feared that Professor John Lewis is the, as yet, unidentified victim of an automobile accident. If so, it is vital that this pro psi scientist be rescued and safely transported to the free state before his identity is established by the confederacy police. Your assignment is positive identification and rescue.

* They Strike at Dawn: After years of saber rattling, it is rumored that the confederacy plans an invasion of the free state before an alliance of the small democracies around the confederacy can be finalized. Is the rumor true? Your assignment is to gather information and definite proof of confederacy plans before an invasion can take place."

1985 ... FGU 2303 ... ISBN n/a

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Cause For War
Two complete adventures for use with the Psi World gaming system. Cause for War can be used as a sequel to the events portrayed in Underground Railroad or completely independently. Included in this package are:

* Casus Belli: The anti-psi government of the confederacy tries to use an apparent psionic attack on a diplomatic mission as a casus belli. Investigations are required to determine what was behind it all if war between the confederacy and the more liberal free state is to be averted.

* Rear Guard: When the confederacy finally does launch its invasion of the free state, psionic personnel are mustered in an attempt to slow down the confederate advance. Time must be bought for the free state to muster its forces and for its allies to arrive to give the free state a chance to survive. This creates a military mission for small bands of psionic characters in the defense of their refuge in the region..

1986 ... FGU 2304 ... ISBN n/a

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Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age

Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age: A Wargamer's Guide to the Age of Conan - Wargame Rules & Unit Descriptions
From the Introduction by Lin Carter:
"This book of wargame rules is based on the prehistoric world invented by Robert E. Howard for his Conan stories. It is supposed to be our own planet during an imaginary historical period Howard called the "Hyborian Age." The various countries detailed herein were conceived by Howard as the original prototypes from which the leading nations of early history evolved; Corinthia, for instance, is Greece before there was a Greece, Turan is prehistoric Persia, Vendhya is India, and so forth. Howard was the first writer in the fantasy tradition to think in terms of an entire world, rather than just a country or two. He wrote eighteen stories laid in this imaginary age, but after his death L. Sprague de Camp, Bjorn Nyberg and myself have fleshed out some of the outlines to some stories he left unwritten, completed some fragments he left unfinished, and have worked up between ourselves several brand-new stories and novels to fill in the larger gaps in Conan’s career.
In adapting the geographical and historical system of the Hyborian Age to the purposes of wargaming, my collaborator and I have gone straight back to the existing stories for facts, hints and information, where these stories contained them. But we have not scrupled to invent out of whole cloth, where something needed to be invented. This was particularly the case when it came to national emblems, flags and colors. When Howard began this series originally, he was not of course thinking of the peculiar needs and purposes of war-gaming, hence we have often had to supply the data he did not bother to make up..."

1975 ... 56 pages + fold-out map + reference card ... FGU 1005

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Skull and Crossbones

See Also:
Pirates and Plunder

Skull and Crossbones: Roleplay on the Spanish Main [BOX SET]

Some printings of this set have die-cut counters. But not all of them. The photo you see here is from a set that I'd received in shrinkwrap, and opened to document.


"The role playing game of piracy on the Spanish Main. Included are complete rules, 23" by 17.5" 25mm scale ship deck plans, 69 cut apart canon counters, 23" by 17.5" campaign map of the region, 252 die cut counters for use as ships and crews, single sided cardstock reference sheet, and cardstock character/ship sheet"

1980 ... Gerald D. Seypura & Anthony LeBoutillier ... FGU 5201 ... ISBN n/a

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Skull and Crossbones: Pieces of Eight
"PIECES OF EIGHT expands upon the original rules for SKULL AND CROSSBONES and is intended for use with that game. Many of the additional rules sections are not hard and fast rules, but rather are recommendations and discussions of subjects for the Game Master. In many cases it is better for the Game Master to make rulings when many factors can enter into a ruling than to attempt to detail long and complicated rules to cover the almost limitless factors that can enter into a ruling.

Some of the new rules sections, such as the rules on voodoo, are optional and are intended to be used by Game Masters with a liking for the fantasy element of fiction. Those familiar with Robert E. Howard's Black Vulmea will immediately understand how and when to apply these rules and recommendations.

Finally, PIECES OF EIGHT includes three complete adventures plus outlines for further adventures. Also included with the adventures is a map of Port Royal (not the historical city but the simplified version from the designer's campaign) with a description of the buildings and some of the inhabitants. A similar map of a smaller city, Fort de France, the port city of Martinique is also included. These descriptions give the Game Master some ideas of how to construct and populate some of the other towns which are mentioned on the SKULL AND CROSSBONES map and, hopefully, will generate other adventures using them as a basis. Though we have said it before, it still warrants mention that no rules are cast in bronze and any of them can be changed by the Game Master to vary the adventures, but care should be taken when doing so."

1980 ... 24 pages ... FGU 5202 ...ISBN n/a

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Star Explorer

Star Explorer: Explore the Final Frontier [BOX SET]
A thinly-veiled take-off of the original Star Trek series.

• 17 by 22 inch gameboard
• complete rules
• 266 die cut counters
• ship log/planet log pad

"STAR EXPLORER is an action packed boardgame in which the players take the roles of StarShip captains on missions to explore the unknown. These missions include dealing with unusual events in space and on colony worlds, as well as exploring previously unknown worlds. Players design their own StarShips and choose their own crew team components to maximize their chances of successfully completing their assigned mission within the time parameters required by the nature of their assignment. The best aspects of role playing and boardgames make this a game to play.

Playable solo or by up to four players. Adventure in a box!"

1982 ... Leonard H. Kanterman & Douglas Bonforte & Jeff Dee (artist) ... FGU 904

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Swordbearer, 1st Edition [BOX SET]

Small box set includes 3 booklets, which contain 2 "books" each.
BOOK 1: Characters (BOOK 2: Fighting)
BOOK 3: Elemental Magic (BOOK 4: Spirit Magic)
BOOK 5: Racial Index (BOOK 6: Gamemaster's Guide)

Many more photos over at my Game Gallery blog:
Swordbearer 1e (1982) & The Tavern (1983): Two old school RPG releases linked by a common author

1982 ... B. Dennis Sustare & Arnold Hendrick & Denis Loubet ... Heritage 8250 (books 8250a, b, and c)

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Noble Knight

Swordbearer, 2nd Edition [BOX SET]
"Sword Bearer is a complete fantasy role-playing game. It covers all areas of concern to players and gamemasters alike, including detailed discussions of such subjects as:
• Character Creation
• A Variety of Intelligent Character Races
• Magic (Both Elemental and Spirit Magic)
• Combat
• Campaigns (With a Detailed Mapping System)
• Culture, Economies, and Religions
• Animals and Creatures

Included in this boxed set are the revised, second edition rules to SWORDBEARER in the following format:
• Sixty page rulebook with the basic rules of play including character creation, combat, the character's place in society, combat rules, elemental and spirit magic, elementals, poisons and diseases.
• Thirty-six page rulebook for gamemasters setting up campaigns with rules for 28 intelligent species, animals and mythological creatures, and detailed gamemaster guidelines for mapping, balancing adventures and adventure creation.
• Gamemaster's Screen.
• Master Character Sheet suitable for photocopying."

1985 ... B. Dennis Sustare & Arnold Hendrick ... FGU 7501

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Dwarven Halls Campaign Pack (Swordbearer RPG)
"DWARVEN HALLS presents a full campaign setting for the SWORD BEARER adventure gaming system. The information included in this book could also be applied to almost any fantasy role playing game system.

Presented herein are:
• The entire Valt Aszen region, including locations of the major Dwarven strongholds, the nearest human settlements, terrain, and the dangers of goblin raids, etc.
• A detailed look at Dwarven culture and society, including sections on internal and external government policy, traditions, and even names.
• A discussion of Dwarven strongholds and an in depth look at a typical stronghold. This includes the ruling clan, the leadership, politics, economics, crafts, etc. Also included are detailed floor plans and maps of the stronghold and its fortifications.
• Four adventures in the area, as well as additional adventure suggestions, are also included to allow a Gamemaster to fully utilize the information included in this campaign pack.

More than just an adventure pack, DWARVEN HALLS presents an entire culture and maps a region for adventuring. This is probably the most in-depth study of Dwarven society ever presented and is a real 'must' for any serious fantasy role player."

1985 ... 45 pages ... FGU 7511

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Great Together: SWORDBEARER 2e Old school RPG reprint book and its original expansion, DWARVEN HALLS. The accessory book has a whole dwarven region detailed, and is graced with Liz Danforth line art throughout.

Towers for Tyrants
"Castle Components in 25mm Scale"

4 page building instructions (Blue cover sheet)

24 cut out sheets for castle walls:

A (2), B (2), C (5), D (3), E (4), F (3), G (1), H (1), I (2), J (1)

1979 ... FGU 1031

Photo and details by Adam Luchsinger (atomicdreams2015)

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
"Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is a board game of dinosaur-hunting/time-travelling excitement for 2 to 4 players (also playable solitaire). This game comes with a Full Color board and cut-apart counters but bring your own six-sided dice! ...Now let's rumble with the reptiles!!"

1985 ... Glen Frank ... 13 pages + three 11x17" cardstock sheets in the centerfold ... FGU 907

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War of the Sky Cities

War of the Sky Cities
"After centuries of fighting, man finally accomplished what he had attempted for centuries: the destruction of the world he lived on. After the last and greatest war some people survived underground. But radiation had penetrated even there and they were forced from their new homes. They rebuilt their great cities as floating platforms to carry them above the radiation belts that now encircled their planet. Some launched themselves to safety before it was too late, but others were slow, or miscalculated. Their skyborn heirs were mutated, some horribly, beyond belief, others invisibly.

The centuries passed and the radioactivity began to fade away. The sky cities began to look for ways downward to the planet. But, they found each other first, humans and non-humans, as allies or competitors. Then started what man had left off: WAR.

You are the ruler of a sky-city. Your objective is to capture or destroy your enemies, and find an opening in the radiation belts.

Game Scale: Each inch represents 200 miles. Action occurs in the upper atmosphere, about 55 to 75 miles off the surface of the earth.

WAR OF THE SKY CITIES is an exciting two-player science fiction table top game, where players become rulers of complete cities in the sky. Each side has small scout/research centers, medium battle cities, and/or large battle cities. There are two objectives: capture or destruction of your enemies and find an opening in the deadly radiation belts surrounding a future Earth. In addition, optional rules introduce the use of small fighter craft and airborne landing parties. In the game the civilian population of a city are ignored, only the military plays a role in the action.

WAR OF THE SKY CITIES is a game of tactical "air" combat, but instead of aircraft you command large floating cities with their own engines, armor, and weapons.

Includes 2 pages of card stock counters and 1 cardstock reference sheet (printed on one side)."

1979 ... 27 pages ... Bob Read ... FGU 1006

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Wild West

Wild West: A Role Playing Game Set in the Wild West [BOX SET]

Many more photos and notes over at my Games Gallery blog: WILD WEST RPG: The Lost Cousin of Boot Hill (1981)

"WILD WEST is an exciting game of role playing, a game that allows the players to experience the Old West. Each player creates a character that becomes his alter-ego; Gambler, Lawman, Cow Hand, Outlaw, or Snake Oil Salesman. You, the player, have your choice. The character finds himself on the streets of Dodge City, Kansas, unemployed and foot-loose after the Civil War, on a trail drive from Fort Concho on the Goodnight-Loving Trail; a range bred cowboy working on a local spread or presiding at a hot poker game in the Custom House Saloon, complete with diamond stick pin, a cigar, and a hide out Derringer. The possibilities are limited only by the player's imagination.

The adventures are directed by a player acting as a Game Master, or referee. He creates the basic scenario and plays the part of fate. The other players do not know what lies around the corner or behind the closed door, but they will. As the adventure unfolds, the Game Master reveals the required information to the other players.

WILD WEST incorporates a unique system for advancement in skills and for establishing the outcome of the player's activities. The many charts and tables required for most role playing games are reduced to a minimum while providing accuracy and realism unmatched in games of this type. The important role of the horse in the Old West is not overlooked, and in depth research of the weapons of the time provides the most complete and accurate listing possibilities.

Only paper, pencil and dice are needed to play WILD WEST. The game may be further enhanced by the use of miniatures representing each character, but such miniatures are not required."

BOX CONTENTS: 40 page rulebook; double-sided poster map; 4 reference cards.

1981 ... Anthony P. LeBoutillier & Gerald D. Seypura ... FGU 2501

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Trouble on Widow's Peak
"An exciting supplement and adventure for the Wild West game. This supplement details the town of Silver Creek, the Circle J Ranch, the Wilk's Lumber Company, and the Lucky Lady Mine. This setting is the backdrop of an exciting adventure where the player characters have the dangerous task of unraveling the mystery of who is raiding the inhabitants of Widow's Peak. Finally, the player characters have the additional challenge of putting an end to the raids."

1981 ... 16 pages ... FGU 2502

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Year of the Phoenix

Year of the Phoenix [BOX SET]

Year of the Phoenix – Catch your players unawares

"You are one of an elite few Astronauts. In the year 1997, and a vital link in our American strategic plan. As a member of PROJECT PHOENIX, you exist to defend our space station, our moon base... and beyond.
But tragedy strikes. During a rescue mission at the space station AMERICA, a freak accident tears you from your Shuttle and plunges you through a time warp. You awaken in an America that is not your own; it is the year 2197, and America fell to the Enemy almost 200 years ago.
Stranded in this Hell, you and your surviving crewmembers cast your bid in a desperate struggle for freedom. Thankfully, you are not alone - other men and women with the hope of liberty burning within them are also willing to risk their lives for something they have never known. But, they are scattered across the land, splintered and without direction.
You have the power and opportunity to consolidate these resources, to fight for freedom, and to break the chains of Zoviet oppression which bind your fellow AMERIKANS. Are you up to the challenge?
'Welcome to Amerika comrade... '

• The 4-page PLAYER HANDOUT propels a novice into adventure easily and clearly. It explains, in plain English, the concept of roleplaying, advises the gamemaster (referee) where to go from here, offers an example of play, and even includes KICKSTART rules - everything a new player needs to jump right into action!
• The 48-page TRAINING MANUAL breathes life into your character, depicting life as an astronaut in the year 1997. From initial creation right down to sophisticated combat gear, the rules are carefully sculpted to turn soldiers into fighting machines - forces to be reckoned with. The weapons and armor a space soldier employs are detailed, as well as the military Shuttle itself. Along with a character's ability to preserve life or bestow death, the rules reinforce the human aspect. Emotions, personal history and personality are as much a part of a character as his or her combat ability. In YEAR OF THE PHOENIX, characters learn and grow, gaining power realistically, and teachers can learn from students!
• The 80-page ADVENTURE GUIDE shatters this idyllic splendor, hurling the characters into the nightmare world of 2197. Unique in the role-playing experience, players are as shocked and unprepared as their characters when this tragedy hits. YEAR OF THE PHOENIX encourages characters to explore and rediscover this familiar, yet alien land, through a series of adventures included in the game. There is advice on campaign design as well as detailed information about the Resistance groups, Baronies and Zoviet Provinces battling for control of the wilderness that is Amerika. Features a series of three interconnected adventures.
• 6 pregenerated characters
• 3-panel Gamemaster Screen containing all charts and tables needed for play
• 2 pages of full color cut-apart cardstock vehicle counters for use on the combat grid (In the centerfold of the main book)
• 17" X 22" Map of Amerika plus Combat Grid
• Master Character Sheet suitable for photocopying

1986 ... Martin Wixted … FGU 4101 ... ISBN n/a

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