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Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter: Science Fiction Game
Box art with the alien moonscape is the 1977 edition. Lid art with the robed tentacle creature is the 1978 edition. The contents are identical.

* Hexagons: 4 planet systems, each with 5 planets; and a central section containing the Space Warp for lost tokens.
* Tokens: 4 sets of 20 colored tokens, representing Beings.
* Star Discs: 4 sets of 4 discs, colored to match the tokens.
* The Deck: 54 cards, including 46 Challenge cards and 8 Edict cards.
* Alien Power Cards: 15 cards, each illustrating an Alien Being and describing its unique power and history.
* Hyper-Space Cone: A moveable piece used to carry players' tokens into a challenge.

"A Science Fiction game for 2-4 players, average playing time 45 minutes. The game in which each player becomes an Alien Being with a unique power, seeking to control the universe."

1977, 1978 ... Eon Products

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Cosmic Encounter Expansion Set #1

"Contains: Planet System, Star Discs, and Tokens for a fifth player & these 10 Aliens:

CRYSTAL (Power of Arrangement)
DICTATOR (Power to Command)
GRUDGE (Power of Revenge)
MAGNET (Power to Attract or Repel)
PARASITE (Power to Infest)
PLANT (Power to Graft)
SEEKER (Power of Truth)
SKEPTIC (Power to Doubt)
WILL (Power of Choice)
WORM (Power to Tunnel)

1977 ... Eon Products

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Cosmic Encounter Expansion Set #2

Contains: Planet System, Star Discs, and Tokens for a fifth player & these 10 Aliens:


1977 ... EON

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Cosmic Encounter Expansion Set #3
Set contains 15 alien powers (Assassin, Assessor, Aura, Changeling, Demon, Deuce, Doppleganger, Healer, Mesmer, Reincarnator, Schizoid, Silencer, Vacuum, Warrior, Wrack) and 9 cards.

1978 ... Eon

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Cosmic Encounter: The Science Fiction Game For Everyone

West End Games released a version of Cosmic Encounter. -W

1986 ... WEG 20040 ... ISBN 0874310415

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Other Eon Products

Darkover: The Ages of Chaos - A Game of Psychic Conflict [BOX SET]

Playing Board: Showing the seven domains, each with several "areas" a tower, a castle, and various geographical areas. Also shown is an area marked exile. The playing surface off the board is the overworld.
Matrix Screens: Four color coded sets. The 3 notched pieces of each set fit together to make a screen to be placed in front of a player.
Clan Tokens: Four sets with 15 of each color, numbered 1 to 10 with duplicates of the odd numbers. Each set represents a player's clan.
Power Discs: Eight sets of 3, each showing a Keeper, Starstone, or Sword.
Peril Chips: Thirty-six in all, 4 swords, 1 fire, 1 fire-watch, 1 snow storm, 1 kite, 1 Ghost Wind, 1 Chieri, 26 psychic spells valued 0 to 3.
Plot Cards: Four sets of 6, each showing one of the domains surrounding Elhalyn.
Monitor and Crown: 1 of each.

"Based on the best-selling science fiction novels by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
On a beautiful alien world, a race of telepathic humans control elemental energies which can destroy their planet. Darkover
where players compete in fierce psychic struggles.
where players seek revenge by hurling deadly forces from the Overworld to destroy their enemies.
where daring strategies and unique psychic gifts lead to quick reversals of fortune.
where players conceal their own feelings while luring their opponents into dangerous emotional outbursts.
where the mysterious Ghost Wind unleashes bizarre human behavior and threatens to reveal players' secret desires.
where the mounting tensions are suddenly resolved in gut-wrenching laughter.

Darkover a Future Pastimes creation"

1979 ... EON Products

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Quirks: The Game of Un-natural Selection [BOX SET]

"Create strange plants and animals - QUIRKS of nature. Struggle to keep your creations alive in a world of rapidly changing climates. Strive to be the first player to make three dominant QUIRKS. Match wits against opponents who threaten your survival. But BEWARE! If three of your QUIRKS become extinct, you've lost the game."

1980 EON Products

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Runes: A Different Kind of Word Game
* 2 to 4 players
* Average playing time 30 minutes
* Ages 10 to Adult

"Like the splitting of atoms, RUNES breaks words down to their most basic elements, then builds them up into an alluring game that's both verbal and visual. Play RUNES and discover the hidden language that lies within the very letters themselves."

1981 ... Bill Eberle & Jack Kittredge & Peter Olotka & Linda Bound (art) ... EON Products

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Borderlands: A Game of the Barbaric Future

A game of trade, technological development, territorial conquest, and diplomacy in the barbaric future.

Here are some parts tallies my wife recorded while checking a Borderlands set and the Expansion:


1- Map of Borderlands - 36 territories with boundaries, red (land boundaries) or blue (river boundaries)

2- Player Tokens - 4 different colors showing a Warrior and a number 1. 20 tokens to a set

3- Resource Production Sites - 16 Round discs: 4 Forests, 3 Horses breeding grounds, 3 Coal mines, 3 iron mines, 3 Gold mines.

4- Resource Tokens - 20 each for Timber, Horses, Coal, Iron, and Gold

5- Development Tokens - 12 Riverboats, 20 Weapons, 12 Cities.

6- A Die

7- Plastic Bags - 8


1 - 3 Islands with 12 new territories

2- Pieces for 5th player

3- Ocean-going ships

4- Bridges to develop new island territories

5- Additional Resource Tokens

Hope this helps somebody.


1982 EON Products

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Borderlands Expansion Set pieces

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