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"Welcome to the World of Fantasy Noir...

It's a mean old world out there. The sorcerer upstairs conjures too loud; the guy down the hall drinks blood from a six-pack; that stiff you left in the alley is up and walking around. If you're lucky, the Guild will pay you for tonight's work; if your not, you're going home in a box.

A small box.

The World of Bloodshadows is a roleplaying game setting that combines pulp adventure with dark fantasy. Tough detectives in weathered trenchcoats swap biting comments with vampires in evening gowns. Humans walk down dark streets side by side with demonic breeds and long-dead ghouls. And death - or Undeath - waits around every corner...

Go outside the cities and discover the terrors of the Wilderness. Even the most powerful shapeshifter or sorcerer fears what waits in the ruins...

Your weapons on the world of Marl are magic and technology - but neither replaces a good head on your shoulders.

And you'll have to work to keep it there.

Bloodshadows requires the MasterBook rules set to play. In simplest terms, players using the MasterBook system roll two 10-sided dice to determine a bonus number on a chart. This is added to an appropriate statistic associated with the character, and then compared to a difficulty. Special cards can be used to enhance play."

The World of Bloodshadows
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1994 ... Greg Farshtey ... 160 pages ... WEG 33001 ... ISBN 0874313791
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Contains: Bloodshadows rulebook, MasterBook rulebook, 2 decks of MasterDeck cards.
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Galitia Citybook
"Everything you need to run an adventure or campaign in the dark streets and alleys of this burg. Its history and the way it is today; the powerbrokers and the pickpockets; the mages and the madmen, and everything in between. You'll also find new breeds of the Unnatural, details on the Wilderness surrounding Galitia, rumors and adventure hooks, and more maps then you can shake a conjure stick at."

1994 ... Teeuwynn Woodruff ... 128 pages ... WEG 33002 ... ISBN 0874313813

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"Everything needed to start a campaign in the untamed areas of Marl. There are many ancient legends to uncover, dangerous critters to avoid, and treasures to grab if the players can find them without getting eaten first. And for those players foolish enough to enter the Wilderness and expect an easy ride, there are some hints and tips from a courier who has seen it all and lived to warn others to stay away."

1995 ... 128 pages ... WEG 33003 ... ISBN 0874313848

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Padarr Citybook
"everything needed to start an adventure or campaign in this coastal city. Included inside is a detailed history that relates Padarr's evolution from a pirate stronghold to a city run by bought officials. You'll also find descriptions of Padarr's different neighborhoods, adventure hooks and rumors, and some new breeds of Unnaturals and Wilderness creatures."

1995 ... 128 pages ... WEG 33004 ... ISBN 0874313856

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Fires of Marl
"Take a walk through some of the cities of Marl and learn of the long-forgotten nightmares waiting to menace your characters. Whether its the Selastos Doom Clock, the secrets of the Sentry or living gates that hunger for prey, they're all inside this volume... just waiting for you.

This book contains source material on legends, past and present, of Marl as well as adventure hooks, mini-adventures, and an index to The World of Bloodshadows and The Unnaturals."

1995 ... 128 pages ... WEG 33009 ... ISBN 0874313880

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The Unnaturals
"They're everywhere and nowhere. They're the shadows that come with sunset, and that funny feeling you get when you know someone's watching, but see nothing when you turn around. They're the things that hide from you -- and the things you bolt your door against. They're everything your mother warned you about.

They're the Unnaturals.

Meet the "monsters" of Marl, and learn a lesson in fear. Hear them tell you in their own words what is means to be other, and hear from experts on the deadly and the demonic. From the heart of the cities to the depths of the Wilderness, meet the Shifters, the Breeds, the Demons, the Undead and the things so alien no one knows just what to call them.

Each entry includes stats and descriptions for these creatures, who can be the enemies of your characters -- or the unlives of the adventure party."

1994 ... Sandy Addison & Dustin Browder & Bill Olmesdahl & Ed Stark ... 96 pages ... WEG 33011 ... ISBN 0874313821

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Sorcerer's Crib Sheet
"Included are alteration, apportation, conjuration, divination, and summoning spells; tips on 'abusing' the magic system; details on magic-using cults and elementals; and new character profiles for use in your campaign."

1995 ... Sanford Berenberg & Bill Olmesdahl ... 96 pages ... WEG 33012 ... ISBN 0874313864

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Shadows of Selastos
"Includes four adventures set in and around the city of Selastos, as well as additional character templates. A book written by demons, gates in the air, and a man determined to master both; three dead men, a dying alchemist and the ultimate Homunculus; a smuggling operation only an Undead could love; enchanted art, hidden truths and a date gone very, very wrong make up the challenges to the player characters."

1995 ... 96 pages ... WEG 33013 ... ISBN 087431383X

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Mean Streets
"Take a long trip through the Wilderness or a short trip through a gate, and you might end up in Albredura. You could do worse, you could do better. Albredura is a city of survivors and cynics, hard magic, and cold steel. Trying to turn a profit is tough in a town where breaking even might not even mean survival.

Mean Streets is a campaign supplement for Bloodshadows, the World of Fantasy Noir. It contains details on the isolated city of Albredura, gamemastering tips for running Bloodshadows, a mini adventure, and reference sheets containing many of the necessary charts and tables found in the Bloodshadows Worldbook and MasterBook rulebook."

1994 ... Stephen Crane ... 96 pages + 4-panel gamemaster's screen ... WEG 33050 ... ISBN 0874313805

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Blood of Tarrian
A Bloodshadows novel by Shane Lacy Hensley.

1994 ... 263 pages ... WEG 33103 ... ISBN 0874313775

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Demon's Dream
A Bloodshadows novel by Greg Farshtey.

1996 ... 278 pages ... WEG 33104 ... ISBN 0874313872

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The World of Necroscope
"Coming from behind the shielding door Harry saw the necromancer sitting there and gasped. It was as if Dragosani's eyes had exploded from within. Their centres were craters in his face, with threads of crimson gristle hanging down on to his hollow cheeks. Harry knew it was over then and the shock of it all caught up with him. Sickened, he turned away from Dragosani, saw his henchmen waiting.

"Finish it," he told them. And they creakingly advanced on the stricken monster.

Boris Dragosani was quite blind now, and so too the vampire within him, which had seen with his eyes. But immature though the creature was, still its alien senses were sufficiently developed to recognise the inexorable approach of black, permanent oblivion. It sensed the stake held in the mummied claw, knew that a rusted sword was even now raised high. Ruined shell that he was, Dragosani was no use to the vampire now. And evil spirit that it was, it came out of him as if exorcised!

Dragosani stopped screaming, choked, clawed at his throat. Froth and blood flew as his jaws opened impossibly wide and he began to shake his monstrous head frantically to and fro. His entire body was going into convulsions, beginning to vibrate as the pain within grew greater than that of ruptured eyes and broken bones. Any other must surely have died there and then, but Boris Dragosani was no other.

His neck grew fat and his grey face turned crimson, then blue. The vampire withdrew itself from his brain, uncoiled from his inner organs, tore itself loose from nerves and spinal cord. It formed barbs, used them to drag itself head-first up the column of his throat and out of him. Slopping blood and mucus, he coughed the thing endlessly on to his chest. And there it coiled, a great leech, its flat head swaying like that of a cobra, scarlet with the blood of its host...

The World of Necroscope is a roleplaying game set in the dark world of Brian Lumley's imagination. A world where paranormal spies, ESPionage agents, and Mind Spies fight a secret war against darker things and one another. The Wamphyri, or vampires, exist, and their age-old evil stretches from the beginning of time to threaten the Earth.
But you are undaunted. You are not a mere human. You are talented. You are an ESPer, with powers undreamed of by your peers. You may be a telepath, a seer able to see into the future, a Shaman able to kill with a glance or perhaps able to talk to the teeming masses of the dead as a powerful Necroscope!"

The box set includes the Necroscope rulebook, and also the MasterBook rulebook & card deck for that rule system.

1995 ... Ed Bolme & Brian Lumley (introduction) ... 128 pages ... WEG 25001 (book) / WEG 25000 (box) ... ISBN 0874314763 (book) / 0874314755 (box)

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