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Space 1889: Science Fiction Role Playing in a More Civilized Time
Game Designers Workshop (GDW)

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"Why is Space: 1889 such an exciting role-playing game?

Here are some basic reasons:
1. The Ether. The ether theory is a correct view of basic physics. It is possible to manipulate and interact with the ether, and to produce ether flyers that allow travel between the planets. An ether flyer mechanism, however, cannot operate in dense atmosphere —- that is, below 24,000 feet on Earth. The drag of matter in the ether makes it impossible for the ether flyer mechanism to operate. The equivalent height on Mars is 18,000 feet and on Venus is 28,000 feet. Ether flyers can land directly on Luna because it has no atmosphere.
2. No Personal Vehicles. Power sources in 1889 are not yet highly enough developed. Transportation machines require crews; one driver is not enough. People who travel must do so in groups; the only personal transportation is the horse or its equivalent.
3. People. This is the era of Victorian chivalry, a more civilized age where honor and duty count.
4. The Planets. The planets are the classic ones we know and love.
• Mars is a canal-crossed red desert, the source of liftwood, precious gems, and exotic spices.
• Venus is a hot swamp, populated with dinosaur-like reptiles and barbaric swamp natives.
• The Moon is a cavern- and grotto-filled stone sphere inhabited by mysterious troglodytes.
5. Liftwood from Mars. Mars has a wood that counteracts gravity; it can be used to create flying ships. In addition, some animals on Mars have glands that produce the same effect and allow them to fly.
6. The Magnetic Field of Venus. The magnetic field of Venus has unique characteristics that degrade and destroy liftwood. Liftwood doesn't work on Venus.

Against this framework of basic assumptions, Space: 1889 describes the classic universe of the Victorian era. Explore not just Africa, but Mars. Discover not just the secrets of the pyramids, but those of ruined Martian cities!
And Space: 1889 has plenty of player support: a referee's screen, adventures, modules, sourcebooks, Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds, miniatures rules, and 25mm miniatures. Plus two boardgames: Sky Galleons of Mars and Temple of the Beastmen..." from a promotional flier in a Temple of the Beastmen set

Space 1889: Science Fiction Role Playing in a More Civilized Time
"SPACE 1889:
• Drift stately canals of Mars. Escort caravans through the desert domains of the steppe nomads. Fight the winged warriors and the cloud ships of the Martian Sky Lords.
• Undertake a secret mission for the crown on Venus. Elude the agents of the Kaiser; avoid capture by the German war zeppelins; survive the steaming, Venusian swamps, with their savage amphibious natives and gigantic dinosaurs.
• Explore the mysterious caverns and grottos of Luna. Venture deep into the dark interior in search of the Selenites.

Everything Jules Verne could have written.
Everything H.G. Wells should have written.
Everything A. Conan Doyle thought of but never published because it was too fantastic. Everything you need for the adventures of the century."

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1988 ... Frank Chadwick ... 228 pages (hardcover) ... GDW 1889 ... ISBN 0943580803
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2000 ... 228 pages (paperback) ... Heliograph ... ISBN 0966892690
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Referee's Screen
"A four-panel, full-color screen on heavy card stock, the Referee's Screen fulfills a vital function in Space: 1889 — it presents crucial combat information for the Space: 1889 referee. Charts for explosives, thrown explosives, unarmed combat, armed melee combat, small arms and missile combat, artillery, and animal combat are all right at a referee's fingertips. No more paging back through the rules to find the statistics for an NPC's weapon or to review the nuances of an animal's attack forms. That information is all laid out clearly in readable charts, right before your eyes.
On the players' side of the screen is a condensed price list to aid in speedy character generation, and a panel of useful game terms and units to streamline combat and task rolls. No more forgetting what number is required to succeed at a task, what actions are possible in combat, or how far a character can move when running. It's all laid out in large print to answer the most frequently asked player questions before they're even spoken.
Along with the decorative and useful screen is included a 16-page booklet of frequently used game charts, arranged for ease of use. The NPC generation rules, stock NPC tables, and NPC Motivations Table are all close together for easy NPC construction. Encounter information is arranged by planet, and weather encounters are clarified in individual weather charts for each planet. Not only are the game charts clarified and expanded for easy referee usage, but new rules for throwing explosive weapons, expanded wound recovery rules, and refinements on the character generation procedure are included for the very first time."

1989 ... GDW 1981 ... ISBN 1558780157

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Cloud Captains of Mars & Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds

"Conklin’s Atlas supplies vital information, for player and referee alike, to broaden the horizons of adventure throughout the Solar System.
An informative timeline covers 1879 to 1889, putting political developments, scientific achievements, and important inventions in historical context. Mercury's temperate Twilight Zone is completely covered, with encounter charts, animal descriptions, rare finds, and rules for travel down the World River. Twenty pages of maps and essays on Venus part the veil of mystery covering this fog-shrouded, jungle planet.
Detailed maps and descriptions of the land of the Moon Men and the vast underground rivers and seas at the bottom of Luna's Great Canyon are included. Maps and essays descibe the cultures, languages, and treasures of Mars (where exactly does liftwood grow?). Color maps cover the Belgian Coprates and the hundreds of miles of meandering bayous and marshes east of Crocea on the frontier of the Oenotrian Empire.
The extensive section on Earth provides needed background on its geography in 1889, as well as the political intrigues and rivalries that spark many adventures. Particular attention is paid to Africa, with maps, essays, encounter tables, stock NPC descriptions, and animal statistics providing everything needed to ran safaris into the interior. Mysteries of Africa — the Lost City of the Romans, King Solomon's Mines, the Elephant Graveyard — are also covered.
In addition, this module contains a brief rules section on combat between aquatic vessels, as well as rules for the creation of Martian city-states, from population through government, economy, the armed forces, and even down to local corruption. Conklin's is an indispensable guide book to adventure in Space: 1889."

1989 ... 80 pages ... GDW 1983 ... ISBN 1558780246

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"High amidst the lofty peaks of the Shistomik Mountains sits the rich and deadly city of Karkarham, perched at the crossroads of a world. Almost anything can be found in its bustling marketplace, but Karkarham is more than a simple commercial center. It is also the home port for that colorful and bloodthirsty company of pirates, brigands, and adventurers known as the cloud captains of the Shistomik.
Like the pirates of the Caribbean, who, centuries earlier, plundered the ships of the Spanish Main and were allowed to dock at Port Royal by a corrupt governor, the cloud captains of the Shistomik Mountains plunder the rich spice ships of the Boreosyrtis League, the fat oil luggers of Olonia, and eastern merchantmen carrying jewels from Amazonia or ancient relics from the blasted ruins of Zephyria. All are fair game for the cloud captains, who find safe haven in Karkarham in return for a split of the profits.
Cloud Captains of Mars details the pirates and privateers who gather at Karkarham. It gives an extensive listing of its captains, ships, habits, and haunts. The city of Karkarham is covered at length, including how to get to Karkarham, how it is defended, what you will find there, and how to contact the cloud captains or even the legendary Red Captains. In addition, this book provides rules for hiring crews, hunting down and seizing merchant ships, and selling prizes in Karkarham's markets for those intrepid players who long to feel the wind in their face, a deck beneath their feet, and no flag flying overhead but the Jolly Roger."

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1989 ... 64 pages ... GDW 1905 ... ISBN 1558780432
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Heliograph combined edition:
2000 ... 148 pages ... ISBN 1930658001
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Sky Galleons of Mars [BOX SET]

"Sky Galleons of Mars is a fast-playing and engrossing game of aerial combat in the Martian skies between the wooden cloud-fleets of the Martian princes and the steel aerial gunboats of Queen Victoria's Royal Navy. Detailed model-quality plastic playing pieces add to the enjoyment of the basic game. Once the basic scenarios are mastered, players can go on to design their own galleons and gunboats, and play out continuing aerial campaigns.
The rules cover movement, altitude, gunnery, damage, ramming, boarding parties, and other aspects of battle between aerial Fleets. Also included in Sky Galleons of Mars is extensive background information on the universe of Space: 1889, its history, politics, and science. Space: 1889 is an entrancing universe of the familiar and jarringly
unfamiliar. It is a universe of colonial adventurers of the Victorian Era who are seeking their fortune, exploring the unknown, and pushing back the frontiers of a world-spanning empire."

• Game Rules Book (40 pages)
• Introduction to Space: 1889 (16 pages)
• Ship Form Book (16 pages)
• Two Reference Folders
• 15 model-quality, plastic Sky Galleons and Aerial Gunboats.
• Two giant maps (Aerial Views: Kraag Barrovaar & Shastapsh)
• 64 counters

1988 ... GDW 1890 ... ISBN 0943580730

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Cloudships & Gunboats [BOX SET]

"The magic of liftwood makes aerial transportation possible: on the cloudships of Mars and the aerial gunboats of Earth. These craft drift with the winds, and with the addition on steam power, drive against them. They are working a revolution in transportation, military operations, and even piracy on Earth and on Mars.
Enhance your Space: 1889 adventures with Cloudships and Gunboats: Detailed deck plans, construction rules, and standup adventurers help you resolve any negotiation, battle, or encounter within the Space: 1889 role-playing system.
You must have Space: 1889 for the best use of this module."

• Rules Manual: Ship design rules and data. Aerial navies of Japan, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, the United States, and Britain. (48 pages)
• Ship Record Forms Booklet.
• 6 Detailed deck plan sheets. Complete full-scale 25mm deck plans.
• 66 Color 25mm standup characters. British officers, adventurers, Martians, crewmen, and brigands.
• Plastic stands for character counters.

1989 ... GDW 1982 ... ISBN 1558780211

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Sky Galleons of Mars & Cloudships & Gunboats
Heliograph combined edition:
(Which is only the rules -- no maps, no miniatures)

2000 ... 124 pages ... HG 1904 ... ISBN 1930658044

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Tales from the Ether & More Tales from the Ether

FIVE SEPARATE ADVENTURES with danger, intrigue, and a chance to serve the Crown.
• THE BURNING DESERT. An old school chum's appeal takes you to Mercury's Twilight Zone, sandwiched between burning deserts and icy glaciers. The bright side holds the key to a sinister scientist's plot for domination of the world metals market.
• DRUMS ALONG THE BORDER. Savage raids against the native settlements along the outer border of the German colonial enclave take you to Venus. The Germans blame the British. You must disprove this slander and find the real culprit, a daunting task indeed on a world where simple survival in the bush is a full-time occupation.
• RIVER OF LIFE. Cyrus Grant, with whom you previously journeyed to Luna, has disappeared deep within the Moon while searching for the origin of a mysterious glowing medallion. Now you must retrace his pathway along a subterranean river. But what you will find at the end of the river may upset the very foundations of your understanding of the Solar System.
• ANARCHY IN THE ETHER. High above the Earth is Harbinger, Her Majesty's Orbital Heliograph Station, a vital link in the world-spanning British Empire. Now the French anarchist Ravachol has escaped and plots the station's destruction. With only hours remaining, it will take all of your skill and daring to thwart this monstrous scheme.
• AUSONIAN STALKER. The sewers of the Martian city-states are complete ecosystems unto themselves, breaking down the wastes of the city into gasses (for heating and light) or organic fertilizers. So efficient is this ecosystem (at breaking down organic material) that it is lethal to any Martian. When a murderous beast begins a reign of terror and then takes refuge in the sewers, it is obvious that the beast is not of Martian origin. It is also clear that only adventurers not of Martian origin could follow it into the sewers and stop it."

1989 ... 64 pages ... GDW 1901 ... ISBN 1558780114
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"Excitement, action, and danger are in store in this second adventure anthology for Space: 1889. Each adventure is complete and ready-to-run. This book also contains combat rules modifications for small boat actions, plus battle maps, which are suitable for photocopying and for individual modification. The adventures included within are:
• Caught in the Mire: An expedition for H. M. government leads you to the city of Thalia, where a British delegation attempts to mediate a settlement to a local war. What starts out as a routine trip becomes a nightmare, however, when swamp pirates decide to throw a monkey wrench into the negotiating machinery.
• The Lurker in the Moor: The botanist Dr. Van Warren lost his life in the search for knowledge. His daughter needs your help to secure is everlasting fame by bringing back specimens of a rare and extremely beautiful orchid from the depths of the Mylomeroen Swamp. The swamp is filled with dangers, however: Hill Martian pirates, deadly animals, nearly impassible terrain and -- worst of all -- the lurker.
• Madness in the Moab: Dr. Fairbanks and an assistant are long overdue from their expedition into the trackless wastes of the Moab, and a reward of £500 has been offered for news of the doctor's fate. The question is, is it worth £500 to travel into the Moab?
• The Mystery of Fort Dickerson: The garrison of remote Fort Dickerson has been massacred, and the fort's civilians are missing. The main clue is an enigmatic message, the word 'Seleti' painted on a wall --- in blood."

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1989 ... 64 pages ... GDW 1906 ... ISBN 1558780289
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2000 ... 128 pages ... ISBN 193065801X
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Caravans of Mars & Steppelords of Mars

"Caravans of Mars is a sourcebook of the eastern desert and the caravans which traverse it, and an adventure module dealing with a delicate diplomatic mission to a remote desert city-state.
Desert Sourcebook:
The first part deals with the vast desert to the east of the British holdings on Mars, the Aetheria-Elysium Wastes, Caravans of Mars describes this bone-dry expanse of red sand and near-sterile soil, detailing its terrain, flora, and fauna. Everything is represented, from the ferocious steppe tiger, to the comical (but still dangerous) bush monkey, to the tribes of Hill Martian nomads and their weapons, government, society, and customs.
Also discussed are the organizations and problems of the trade convoys, lengthy wagon trains full of trade goods, that are the lifeblood of the desert city-states.
Caravans of Mars answers many questions: What dangers await the inattentive adventurer? What are conditions outside the influence of the British colony? What treasures lie waiting for the alert traveller to pick up? Who (or what) is the mysterious She-Devil of the desert
Caravan to Aubochon:
The second part of this book draws upon the first part, the sourcebook, to provide a thrilling adventure set against the backdrop of a caravan journey.
An invitation from the distant prince of Aubochon has presented the governor-general with an opportunity to further British interests, and he will do everything possible to get an expedition there. He is reluctant to send an aerial expedition so far from British protection — most gunboats sent that far out never return, and gunboats are all needed closer to home to deal with the rising Oenotrian menace. Besides, a ground expedition might open doors with some of the other savages along the route.
Therefore, the player characters must travel with a caravan along the long-dead Haiuk Canal, now a trail through the eastern deserts, its subsurface waters carrying only enough moisture to create an occasional oasis.
The situation in Aubochon requires careful handling, and the player characters’ actions and decisions on the way out will determine the ease with which they can make the return trip (or even whether they make the return trip)."

1989 ... 64 pages ... GDW 1903 ... ISBN 1558780238
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"Since the arrival of the humans on Mars, the steppes have been an area of mystery and danger, a place to be crossed by canal or by sky galleon as quickly as possible. Recently, however, the steppes and their inhabitants have become more important.
Steppelords of Mars is a sourcebook of the Nepemhes-Thoth Steppe, a region of vital importance to the continued survival of the British colony on Mars. It also contains an adventure set upon the steppes, dealing with a hunting expedition that turns into something more than beating the bush for steppe tigers.
Once the breadbasket of Martian civilization, the canals are silted up, and the steppes have returned to their former barren state. Where once they produced food for millions, the steppes are home to a paltry handful of nomadic tribes roaming a sea of parched grass and low scrub.
The region called the Nepenthes-Thoth Steppe is bounded on the west by the Isidis Desert, on the south by the mountains of Shistomik, on the east by the Shastapsh/Alclyon canal, and on the north by the equally hostile steppes of Neith. Possessing over 420,000 square miles of steppe, the region is larger than the Earth countries of France and Germany combined. There are no mountains to speak of inside the steppes-only a few arid hills break the monotony. The area is one vast rolling plain stretching from horizon to horizon — rather like the North American great plains.
Other princes on the steppe's edges make no claims of sovereignty beyond a couple of day's ride from their cities' walls, but the ruler of Shas-tapsh claims the steppes as his own. When Shastapsh became part of the British colony, a few hundred square miles of the steppes officially became British territory. But Shastapsh is now in rebellion, and British presence in the steppes is nonexistent. The prince of Shastapsh supports the Oenotrians against the British, but the nomadic tribes have remained largely neutral. Your actions may determine what happens next: Can the steppe tribes be persuaded to join with the British, or will they become a dagger pointed at the heart of the British colony?"

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1989 ... 64 pages ... GDW 1904 ... ISBN 1558780254
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Heliograph combined edition:
2000 ... 132 pages ... ISBN 1930658028
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Ironclads & Ether Flyers: Aeronaval Combat for Space 1889
"A Complete Set of 19th-century Aeronaval Miniatures Rules...
• Aeronaval Combat — Battles between seafaring battleships and aerial gunboats as two new technologies take form.
• Scenarios — Scenarios cover the conflicts that mark the slide of an increasingly bellicose and unstable world toward the inevitable Great War.
• Fleets of the World — Directory of the navies of Earth: their ships and their strengths.
• Campaign Rules — Pit your strategies against your opponent's. Deploy fleets and forces across the Earth's oceans.
Armadas safeguard the seas; submersibles prowl their depths; and ether flyers dominate the skies. When rival nations go head to head, their ships and ether flyers clash in epic confrontations to decide the fate of their world. Upon mastering the Ironclads rules, players can match wits in exciting campaigns in the Caribbean, North Sea, South China Sea, and elsewhere.
The rules clearly detail aeronaval combat: movement, attacks, ramming, and damage. In addition, advanced rules explore special weapons and vessels, such as deep-diving submarines, torpedoes, aerial ordnance, and more. All rules are compatible with Soldier's Companion and Sky Galleons of Mars.
Ironclads and Ether Flyers is set in the Space: 1889 universe, but no other rules or books are required to play this game."

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1990 ... Frank Chadwick & David Deitrick (cover) ... 112 pages ... GDW 1891 ... ISBN 094358096X
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2000 ... 112 pages ... Heliograph ... ISBN 1930658052
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Beastmen of Mars & Canal Priests of Mars

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1989 ... 64 pages ... GDW 1902 ... ISBN 155878022X
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"When a high priest of the Canal Priests dies, a complex astrological formula based on the time of his death indicates when and where his successor will be born. The lesser priests must locate the successor and educate him in his duties. When assassins from a rival cult kill the high priest, it should be a simple matter to locate the new candidate. But the portents make no sense — the positions of the stars and planets at the time of the old priest's death indicate the new high priest will be born in the skies. In Canal Priests of Mars, one of the PCs has an unexpected heritage: the high priesthood of the Canal Priests of Mars. Being a high priest is not all chocolates and soft cushions. Every job has restrictions, and the high priest is not without obligations. Still, the lucky character can look forward to the fawning adulation of thousands of converts — once the news gets out, the cult can begin recruiting members again.
Of course, this is exactly what some people don't want..."

1990 ... Marcus L. Rowland ... 64 pages ... GDW 1907 ... ISBN 1558780394
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Heliograph combined edition:
2000 ... 132 pages ... ISBN 1930658036
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The Complete Canal Priests of Mars
"The original edition of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts."

I purchased Complete Canal Priests Of Mars after reading the original GDW version. The "Complete" version you can think of as a Director's cut edition. Not only is there more encounters and background, there are many more excellent illustrations and player handouts compared with the original edition.

Whether complete or original, the adventure is well-written with a bit of mystery, and an appointment with fate. The adventure has a plot, which brings up the familiar problem of keeping the characters on track, while still allowing for player agency. The author handles this well I think, with each encounter written to answer for several different outcomes based on player success and choices.

Knowledge of the British Victorian "atmosphere" of Space 1889 is one of my weak areas, and always made me reluctant to try the game. However, Canal Priests Of Mars, in particular the Complete edition, seems almost written to help that particular weakness of mine, chock-full of rich detail of the time period.

I would suggest this as the #2 book you buy after the Space 1889 core book. Excellent.


2009 ... 112 pages ... ISBN 1930658117
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Soldier's Companion
"The essence of Space: 1889 is a melding of science fiction with the colonial adventurism of the Victorian era. The late 19th century was a time of heroic charges, noble rescues, and the occasional broken square. Readers of Kipling and viewers of the screen exploits of Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. have made the colonial wars a long-standing and very popular period of history. And since the military was so important to the establishment and maintenance of the empire, we felt that it deserved extensive and detailed coverage of its own. Soldier's Companion was created to fill this need.
Soldier's Companion combines the excitement of the 19th-century colonial wars with the adventure of Space: 1889. The basic system mechanics are an elaboration on those used in Sky Galleons of Mars, giving a solid basis for land, aerial, and aquatic combats. At heart, however, Soldier's Companion is a good, solid set of 19th-century colonial miniatures rules. While allowing for the addition of land juggernauts, combat tripods, and aerial flyers, the rules work just as well for a rag-tag British column fighting its way through the passes of the Northwest Frontier.

Book I: "The Rules of War" constitutes the miniatures rules.
Book II: "The Road To War" provides brief campaign rules and rules for integrating Soldier's Companion into Space: 1889 role-playing campaigns.
Book III: "The Sinews of War" covers the wealth of military equipment available, including artillery and naval vessels.
Book IV: "Army Lists" provides an extensive listing of all of the major armies of Earth. In addition, the lists detail the colonial and native armies on Mars (including a full British order of battle for the red planet), Venus, and Luna.
Book V: "Charts and Miscellaneous" puts all the game's charts in a single spot, along with designer's notes and bibliography.
Soldier's Companion will prove a valuable resource to players of Space: 1889 and to those who wish to recreate campaigns and battles of the 19th century."

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1989 ... 192 pages ... GDW 1984 ... ISBN 1558780262
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2001 ... ISBN 1930658109
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Temple of the Beastmen [BOX SET]

• Rule Book
• 48 Map Tiles (49 actual count)
• 96 Cards (98 actual count)
• 10 Character Sheets
• 80 Counters
• 6 Pawns

FLY SWIFTLY through the mountains and locate the kraag of the brutish High Martian potentate. King Gnaashriik. Then you (and a hand-picked team) stealthily enter, search, and make your rescue. If you are quiet enough and quick enough, you will be out before the High Martians discover you. There is no way you could have known that others would be here too, each looking for his own treasure. And the invasion of their domain has stirred the beastmen into a blood frenzy. Now you wonder if you'll ever leave the Temple of the Beastmen alive. In Temple of the Beastmen, each player controls one of 10 different adventurers, each with their own goals and special abilities, intent on rescuing slaves and treasures from the clutches of the wicked Martian king. Random map tile layout and card sequence make the temple, its treasures, and its dangers different with every game. Stealth and strategy are essential to winning.
Temple of the Beastmen can be learned in under half an hour and can be played in under two hours. A well developed set of optional rules allows more elaborate strategies and lets you decide on the level of complexity you want. Even solitaire play is possible, and complete rules for it are provided."

1989 ... Lester W. Smith ... GDW 1892 ... ISBN 1558780270

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25mm white-metal figures for Space: 1889 by GDW and RAFM.

Martian Cloudships

Four identical plastic sprues of Martian sky ships (from Sky Galleons of Mars), plus a painting and conversion guide.

GDW 1801

Aerial Gunboats

Four identical sprues of plastic British aerial gunboats for expansion of the fleets in Sky Galleons of Mars.

GDW 1802

Victorian Adventurers
Ten 25mm-scale figures: • Army Officer with Revolver • Army Officer with Sword • Navy Officer • Inventor with Pistol • Thug • Missionary • Lady with Revolver • Lady in Traveling Clothes • Gentleman in Top Hat • Hill Martian Nomad

"The perfect Role-Playing Miniatures for Space: 1889!
Each carefully-crafted figure, packed in protective foam, is ready for painting, or use it right out of the box for Wargaming or Roleplaying.
PLUS: 8 Page Background book and painting guide

1989 ... GDW 1821 ... ISBN 1558780467

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Soldiers of the Queen
* Major (Mounted) & Horse * Captain on Foot * Lieutenant on Foot * Colour Sergeant * Sergeant (2) * Corporal (2) * Private, standing & firing (3) * Private, kneeling & firing (3) * Private, loading (3)

1989 ... GDW 1841 ... ISBN 1558780475

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Legions of Mars
• Mounted Officer (Swordmaster) & Gashant • Officer with Sword & Pistol • Officer with Musket (Bannerman) • Legionnaire firing Shield Gun (2) • Legionnaire advancing with Musket (3) • Legionnaire firing Musket (3) • Legionnaire with Shield & Halberd (3) • Legionnaire advancing with Spear(3) • Legionnaire with Coddling-Chopper (2)

1989 ... GDW 1842 ... ISBN 1558780483

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Kraag Warriors
* One king (flying) * One king (landed) * One war chief with mace (flying) * One war chief with mace (landed) * Two warriors with tridents (flying) * Two-warriors with tridents (landed) * Three warriors with swords (flying)
* Three warriors with swords (landed) * Three warriors with spears (flying) * Three warriors with spears (landed)

1989 ... GDW 1843 ... ISBN 1558780491

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Challenge Magazine Index for Space 1889

Challenge Magazine was published by GDW before its demise (1995). The magazine supported the science fiction gaming community with articles written for a multitude of RPG systems. The following articles are listed by issue number & title:

I# Title
34 Cloudship Design
34 Ironclads and Ether Flyers: Designer's Notes Before the Fact Frank Chadwick
34 The Canals of Mars
34 The Ether
34 A Smoking Flax
34 Space: 1889
35 Victorian Times & Society
36 Darkness Falls From the Air
37 From Above and Below
38 A Journey to Oblivion
39 Ether Ship Etiquette
40 More Weapons
40 A Simple Conversion Guide for Flying Vessels
41 Surprise at Clearwater
41 The Puzzle of the Shard
42 The Biology of Liftwood
42 Challenge Showcase
43 Secrets of the Ancients
43 Ye Can Always Tell A Yankee, But Ye Canna Tell 'im Much
43 Cthulu: 1889
44 Windsinger Saga
45 Mercury: The Nodding World
46 The Tree of Souls
47 Fist of Allah
48 Time Voyager
49 Thymiamata: 1889
50 Thymiamata: 1889
51 Thymiamata: 1889
52 Dwellers in the Dark
53 Noorlan Revolt
54 City of Death
55 Imprisoned in Noachis
56 Valley of the Hunters
57 SubAfrican!
58 Dioscuria
59 Escape from Dioscuria
60 Cult of Doom
61 Tom Fleet and His Steam Colossus
62 Monastery of Tasharvan
63 Magical Mystery Tour
64 Krolik Run
65 Moon of Madness
66 Secret of the Lost City
67 To Rescue a Lady Fair
68 Science Marches On
68 Exogamous Mating
69 Melas
70 Treasure of Melas
71 Secret of the Swamp
72 Wreck of the John B
76 Mission to Shastapsh
73 Playing Fields of Mars
74 Twenty Thousand Leagues Through Martian Skies
77 City of Tomorrow

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