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Twilight: 2000 1st edition Accessories

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The 1st edition Poland modules represent the "traditional" Twilight: 2000 campaign, continuing on to America, the UK, or the Middle East.

1e modules are simple to convert to 2e, as they are all typically 'rules-light.' Mostly it is a matter of knowing that RCN50 is the same as Observation: 5 in the newer rules, for example. An experienced referee can convert "on-the-fly."

Rather than listing the books in strict product order, I've arranged them thematically, which makes their progression easier to follow:

Poland | Persian Gulf | America | Last Submarine trilogy | Return to Europe trilogy | Weapon & Vehicle Guides


In the first five adventures, the character's focus shifts from survival, to doing what they can to help the people of Poland, and last to answer the call Home.

The tone of the campaign is set in the introductory adventure Escape From Kalisz, when the player group must evade Soviet hunting parties looking for survivors of the US 5th Infantry Division.

The Poland Campaign is a sandbox style RPG, where the players drive the direction of the campaign.

After Kalisz, the next 4 modules each briefly convey a region in post-war southern Poland and the factions vying for power therein. The PCs can ally with most any of the factions, except the Warsaw Pact (maybe). The group can itself become one of the movers and shakers in the area... if they survive!

Many Twilight 2000 campaigns never left Poland.


I chronicled our 5 Year Campaign!



Free City of Krakow

Maks and crew in our campaign reached Kraków in 14 Aug 2000.

"To the survivors of the US 5th Division, Krakow sounded like a city out of a fairy tale...a castle, an evil king, even a flying carpet....The reality was different."

"The Free City of Krakow is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000. Krakow has been spared the worst of the war's devastation, and has declared itself a free city. The war is banished, and individuals are free to come and go...so long as they leave the war behind.
This module is more than just a single adventure, however; it is a richly detailed setting for dozens of adventures. It contains a detailed description of the city of Krakow and its environs in the year 2000.
Background material includes street maps with points of interest noted, from Wawel Castle to the "Wojo" munitions plant. Over a dozen important non-player characters are described in detail. The Krakow ORMO and the marauder bands in the surrounding countryside are detailed as to manpower, equipment, and deployment. The city's economy and the atmosphere of life there form an important part of the module.
Using this as a backdrop, the module lays out several adventures which can take place in or around Krakow, and suggests more. The main adventure, "Operation Reset," thrusts the characters into the midst of intrigue and treachery, and brings them to the attention of most of the interesting (read: dangerous) citizens of Krakow.
Finally, the module contains rules for incorporating helicopters into Twilight: 2000. Krakow's defense forces have an operational Mi-17 Hip (Krakow's "flying carpet"). Complete statistics on this helicopter are given along with those for the Mi-27 Hind E, Mi-20 Havoc, OH-57 Kiowa AHIP, UH-60 Blackhawk, and AH-64 Apache.
The Free City of Krakow is an exciting adventure, but it's more than that. It's a gateway to a deeper, richer understanding of the world of Twilight: 2000."

Design: William H. Keith, Jr.
Additional Design: Frank Chadwick and Loren Wiseman

1985 ... 44 pages ... GDW 501 ... ISBN 094358051X
Print Run = 33,037 Units

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Pirates of the Vistula

Not even a week later, our party had already overstayed their welcome in Kraków, and were prepping to depart on the tug Wisla Krolowa

""Easy money, he says. Nothing to worry about, he says. A simple little trip down the river, straight into Warsaw, and collect our reward, he says."
"Then why are alt these people shootin' at us?"
Pirates of the Vistula is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000. The mighty Vistula River sets the stage for a journey from Krakow to the remains of Warsaw aboard the river tug Wisla Krolowa. But the Vistula has seen better days. The river has been left untended for years as the war raged around it, and now is overcome with debris and sandbars.
All of the important forces along the river, such as the bandit and marauder units and, of course, the vicious river pirates, who virtually rule the river itself, are described in terms of organization, equipment, and motivations.
The module itself is not just one adventure, but several. Together they represent life along the river, such as it is after the nearly complete destruction left in the wake of the war. Separately, they provide many adventures, from rescuing cities from tyrannous marauders to choosing sides between warring bandit kings to simply staying alive as the river pirates draw ever nearer.
In addition, Pirates of the Vistula provides complete rules for a new type of warfare in the world of Twilight: 2000 — riverine combat. New rules allow the resolution of river battles quickly and easily.
Pirates of the Vistula gives a rich, detailed look at the entire course of the upper Vistula and its environs, just one small section in the war-ravaged world of Twilight: 2000."

Design: William H. Keith, Jr.
Additional Design: Timothy B. Brown, Loren Wiseman, and Frank Chadwick

1985 ... 40 pages + centerfold charts/map ... GDW 502 ... ISBN 0943580528
Print Run = 20,186 Units

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The Ruins of Warsaw

Maks and crew confronted the Black Baron of Warsaw well before even reaching the city

"Warsaw had been nuked, and nuked hard. Nearly everyone there had been killed. But still, the ruins had things to offer -- raw materials such as metal and stone, and protection from the marauders who surrounded it.
These things drew the settlers, but they also drew the Baron Czarny, and his evil army of cutthroats.
Ruins of Warsaw is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000. Warsaw was leveled by six NATO nuclear devices in 1997. The city itself was in ruins, smashed into dust and debris. And the people were dead. Those who survived the blast were killed in the firestorm or by the disease and starvation which followed. Practically no one is alive who remembers the event.
But time has passed.
As the rads died away, the settlers moved in. The city, even in its current state, provided some protection against the bandits who ruled the countryside. They dug up the old city parks, exposed them to the light of day for the first time in three years, and planted their crops. They cleared away the debris in order to survive, using it as the raw materials for homes, tools, and defenses.
The Black Baron came to Warsaw, as well. At the head of his terrible legion of marauders, Baron Czarny moved into the city, taking as his own the former Palace of Culture and Sciences. From this new Twierdza Czarny (black fortress), the evil Baron commands his horde to pillage and subjugate everyone in and around the city. Only one group still holds out against him in strength—the Milicya of Sielce.
The player characters have become involved in the battle for Warsaw, between the Baron and the Milicya. As some of the few men with military training and experience, they will play leading roles commanding troops, ambushing convoys, contacting other communities, and trying to survive in the rubble and debris of Warsaw.
Also in Ruins of Warsaw are the complete macro combat rules for Twilight: 2000. Now battles involving hundreds of men and vehicles may be resolved quickly, easily, and realistically.
The battle for Warsaw has begun. Are you prepared to win it?"

Design: William H. Keith, Jr. and Timothy B. Brown
Additional Design: Loren Wiseman and Frank Chadwick

1985 ... 40 pages + centerfold charts/map ... GDW 503 ... ISBN 0943580536
Print Run = 20,367 Units

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The Black Madonna

24 July 2000. After fleeing the Kalisz area, our party went south into Silesia, and found the Black Madonna

"'Down into that hole? You gotta be kidding! We all heard what that turnip-farmer said about this place being haunted. I don't believe in ghosts, but I wouldn't go down in that hole for all the gold in Poland!'
The icon known as Our Lady of Czestochowa (commonly called the Black Madonna because of the dark patina which covers it) is the symbol of Poland's religious, cultural, and national identity. For centuries the icon's image has been a rallying standard of Polish nationalism, of Polish independence.
To some men, the Madonna was a light that would lead Poland from the darkness. To others, however, the Madonna represented a different kind of hope. The owner of the Madonna could command the loyalty of the Polish people. To these men, the Madonna represented power and wealth beyond imagining.
It was all a question of who found Her first.

The Black Madonna is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000. Silesia, in southern Poland, is the backdrop for a quest for a religious icon of great value. Was the icon taken east by the Soviets? Was it hidden in a cave by Polish patriots? Was it destroyed when Czestochowa was bombed? Did the NATO forces who occupied the city briefly carry it west with them? Or, does it rest beneath the ruins of Czestochowa? There is only one way to know for sure...
Over and above the main adventure, this module provides a picture of life in southwest Poland after the destruction of the war. The surviving cities, the resources, the petty lordlings and the major powers are given life and detail. From the court of the Markgraf of Silesia to the camps of the bandit gangs; from the ruined factories of Czestochowa and Gliwice to the slowly recovering facilities of Raciborz and Rybnik; all are described in rich detail.
The Black Madonna is another expansion and addition to the growing world of Twilight: 2000."

Design: Frank Frey
Additional Design: Loren K. Wiseman

1985 ... 40 pages ... GDW 505 ... ISBN ?
Print Run = 13,220 Units

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Going Home

The traditional Twilight 2000 Poland Campaign (Free City of Krakow; Pirates of the Vistula; The Ruins of Warsaw; The Black Madonna) left the question open as to the future of the American PCs. Do they stay, and make a life for themselves in Europe? Or do they make the perilous journey home to a devastated United States?

Even once decided to return home, by what means do the PCs accomplish this? Going Home provides a direction. The PCs receive word that the US is withdrawing the remnants of its forces from Europe, and the characters have a means to return home... if they can cross lawless and war-torn Northern Europe to Bremerhaven, Germany.

Going Home is a fine module, if a touch thin -- after all, Poland got 4 modules devoted to it, Germany only gets treatment here. Still, it is well-written, and includes a real gem: an 11x17" color map of post-war Germany, in the same format as the Poland map in the original box set. (Careful here, as used copies are often missing this map out of the centerfold. Confirm with seller that it is present.)

A three-part deep dive series I wrote to clarify the strategic situation in Germany in October 2000:

Going Home – The Military Units, Part 1: North Poland

Going Home – The Military Units, Part 2: The Front Lines & The South

Going Home – The Military Units, Part 3: Approaching Bremerhaven

In our campaign, Maks and his 300 embarked by rail on 5 November 2000: Going Home: Heading West


"It came as quite a surprise when we finally confirmed it. What remained of the big brass in Europe decided that it was time for everybody to get out of the pool, so they arranged for a few ships to take us back to America. Problem was, nobody believed that the ships would have enough room for everybody. We decided that this was the last ride going our way, and it was time to go home. The ships were leaving on November 15, and there were no reserved seats... what with thirty or forty thousand people looking for seats, it could get to be quite a game of musical chairs.

Going Home is an adventure for use with GDW's post-World War III role-playing game Twilight: 2000, In Going Home, the players are presented with the challenge of getting across most of Poland and north-central Germany to catch the last ship heading back to the US for quite a while.
Even if the players choose to remain in Europe, Going Home will still be of tremendous interest. The adventure contains:
• A full-color pull-out map, covering northern Germany which overlaps with the full-color Poland map included in the original game.
• A referee's update of the location and strength of NATO and Warsaw Pact units in their winter quarters as the year 2000 draws to a close.
• A brief rundown of French units in the occupied area west of the Rhine and a discussion of French military activities in the so-called "dead zone" east of the Rhine. Also, a bonus: descriptions (in Twilight: 2000 terms) of three French helicopters.
• Details and specifications, in Twilight: 2000 terms, of the German Leopard III and the British Challenger tanks, and British 120mm rifled gun."

Design & Development: Loren K. Wiseman
Research Assistance: Frank Chadwick, John P. Brown
Art Director: Paul R. Banner
Associate Art Director: Barbie Pratt
Interior Illustrations: Steve Venters, Liz Danforth
Cover Illustration: Steve Venters

1986 ... 40 pages + centerfold handouts (8 pages) + color centerfold map of Germany ... GDW 506 ... ISBN 0943580560
Print Run = 16,184 Units

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Persian Gulf

From Europe, it was really up to the Referee and the Players where the campaign went from there. Those preferring a more "normal" military situation could move on to the Persian Gulf, where U.S. and Soviet forces still clashed. Refined fuel drew the adversaries to the region, neither wanting to leave the other in possession.

RDF Sourcebook
"When we got to Bremerhaven, we found that instead of going to America, we could ship out to the Persian Gulf and join the U.S. Central Command (the RDF, some still call it)."

* A map of southern Iran.
* Character generation tables for Americans (USMC, USN, and USAF), British, Iranians, Iraqis, and others.
* An Order of Battle for the remaining forces in the area: U.S., Soviet, Iranian, Iraqi, Saudi, and the British, among others.
* Details and specifications in Twilight: 2000 terms, of over 30 vehicles and weapons, including selected French, Israeli, British, German, and Brazilian equipment.
* Short descriptions of the major personalities and organizations opposing each other in the Persian Gulf.
* A mission resolution system, allowing referees to take their players on a variety of military missions, ranging from conventional patrol and escort missions to special operations deep behind the enemy lines.

Design: Frank Frey
Development & Additional Design: Loren K. Wiseman and Frank Chadwick

1986 ... 48 pages ... GDW 508 ... ISBN 0943580145
Print Run = 15,360 Units

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King's Ransom
"The Iranian Crown Jewels. For years they rested in the vaults of the Markasi Bank in Tehran, where they backed Iran's legal tender, but when the National Emergency Council governing Iran in mid-1996 abandoned Tehran and retreated to Esfahan, they took the Crown Jewels with them.

In the first half of 1997, the NEC elected to move again, this time from Esfahan to Shiraz. The Iranian Crown Jewels were left behind just long enough for preparations to be made to secure them in Shiraz. Other considerations, such as the fact that even Shiraz became cut off by further Soviet advances, soon occupied the Council's collective mind.

But as Esfahan looked in imminent danger of falling to the Soviets, a desperate mission to move the Crown Jewels was launched. The mission never returned; Esfahan was quickly captured by Soviet forces; and the Crown Jewels were lost in the shuffle. The Soviets assumed that the NEC had them. The Council believed that they had been captured by the Soviets. But rumors began to circulate that the jewels had simply disappeared...
In King's Ransom, the players learn that someone has found the Crown Jewels and a desperate race begins to beat the KGB to the Jewel's hiding place."

Design: Frank Frey and Lester W. Smith
Additional Design: Loren K. Wiseman

1987 ... 52 pages ... GDW 513 ... ISBN 0943580366
Print Run = 10,219 Units

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Naturally, most U.S. players desired to take their characters home. They could pass through Germany, departing Bremerhaven with the American scratch fleet ("Going Home"). One group I had went south through Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia. Some even made a massive overland trek through Russia to Alaska, a feat worthy of song.

But however they got there, the America waiting for them was not the country they remembered. The nuclear attack in 1997, known as the "Thanksgiving Day Massacre" and follow-up strikes devastated the nation. Divided between CivGov and MilGov, large swathes of the country are uncontrolled by either successor.

I think GDW made a huge mistake with their scattershot America approach. They should have picked a region and stuck with it.

Imagine Twilight 2000 without the Poland Campaign. Instead the first four T2000 modules are: One in Italy, another in Poland, the next in Austria, and the last in Spain.

That's what we got with the America campaign.


Howling Wilderness
I regard Howling Wilderness as more suggestive than canon in my home games.

Before HW and Kidnapped, the modules implied a fitful recovery in the USA. Then - it appears to me - GDW decided they wanted Mad Max in the USA. Perhaps the world was recovering too quickly to lead to the 2300AD timeline? I dunno. Whatever the reason, a catastrophic continent-wide drought in the US became the big meta-plot.

Now even the small pockets of civilization in the United States were crumbling to dust. Some folks may enjoy that, which is great. I personally don't enjoy a campaign setting where all efforts to rebuild society are doomed.

So I ignore all mentions and knock-on effects of The Drought in my game. Other than the 1000-year drought, the rest of Howling Wilderness is good material though, and is invaluable in running a Twilight America campaign.


"Howling Wilderness is a sourcebook of the United States of America for use with Twilight: 2000... It describes the events in America during the years leading up to the war. It describes the preparations for nuclear attack taken by the government, and why many of those preparations failed. It describes the attack upon the United States in November of 1997, and the aftermath of that attack. In addition, it carries the Twilight: 2000 future history through May of 2001, and summarizes conditions in the U.S. as of that date. It will also deal with the shift in weather patterns in late 2000/early 2001, and the effects this will have.

Howling Wilderness contains the following:
* Discussions of the status of Civgov, Milgov, and New America, including current territories as of 2001, a summary of available military forces, and a brief history of each in the years from 1997 to 2001.
* Maps showing the location of each nuclear strike and details of the more important ones.
* A state-by-state rundown of local conditions, concentrating upon what effects the drought will have on each.
* This sourcebook also contains a special bonus: Twilight Citymaker. This is a collection of geomorphic map sections of various urban areas. We have provided a nice selection of geomorphic sections (over 100 different ones) for referees to photocopy. Using these geomorphs, referees can put together villages, towns, and fortified strongholds at a moment's notice, or make them up quickly and easily ahead of time."

Design and Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1988 ... 48 pages ... GDW 519 ... ISBN 1558780033
Print Run = 10,300 Units

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Red Star Lone Star
"One of the first things you learn when you join the army is not to believe 95% of everything you hear: New York is one big slab of glass...Oregon has seceded from the Union...giant mutant alligators have taken over the Everglades...the Martians have landed in New Jersey. So when we heard that the Russians had invaded Texas, we didn't give it much credence. There were Soviet troops in Alaska, sure...you can walk from Siberia to Alaska in the winter...but Texas? How did they get there...by disguising themselves as tourists, or what?

Red Star/Lone Star is a game module for use with GDW's World War III role-playing game, Twilight: 2000. The adventure deals with a group of American soldiers along the Texas gulf coast late in the year 2000, dealing with the different factions vying for control of Texas as they try to rescue a kidnapped oilman and his wife.

Red Star/Lone Star contains:
* Descriptions of selected towns, villages, and encounters in the general area between San Antonio, Port Lavaca, and Brownsville, with encounter and rumor tables for each.
* A map of southern Texas.
* Maps of the environs of Brownsville and Corpus Christi.
* The plans for the Gulfwind Forty, an offshore oil platform which may figure in the adventure.
* A rundown of the location and strength of the Soviet, American and Mexican units in southern Texas.
* Details and specifications, in Twilight: 2000 terms, of the ERC-90 armored car and the VAB armored personnel carrier (French vehicles used by the Mexican army).

Design: William H. Keith, Jr.
Development: Loren K. Wiseman and Frank Chadwick

1986 ... 48 pages ... GDW 507 ... ISBN 0943580579
Print Run = 15,183 Units

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Armies of the Night

9 December 2000. Maks began planning the groups mission in New York City

"It didn't sound too bad, at first. Milgov wanted to re-establish what the orders called a "presence" on Manhattan. "Deal with criminal elements." they said, "Register salvage operations...taxes in kind...organize a census..."—that all sounded peaceful enough. We were just supposed to go in, scout out the land, find a base of operations, and generally get things ready for Uncle Sugar to come back to the Big Apple big time. Piece of cake...right?
Then I got to the bottom of the orders, and saw there were one or two little things the brass wanted us to find while we were in the neighborhood: a few tons of gold bars, and some trace of the last eight expeditions...

Armies of the Night is a game module for use with Twilight: 2000, GDW's World War III role-playing game. Armies of the Night puts the players' group into the middle of New York City two years after the nukes fell, with the mission of restoring it to government control. There are a few problems, of course... such as the fact that the city doesn't want to be controlled... and theirs is the ninth group to be given this same mission.

Armies of the Night contains:
* A general map of the New York metropolitan area, showing the city's five boroughs and the damage done during the war.
* A more detailed map of Manhattan, showing the island's districts and major streets.
* A rundown of various organizations, marauder gangs, and petty warlords vying for control of the city.
* Background material on New York's recent history, on a fortune in gold lost during the war, and on aspects of life in New York -- all of which will help the referee create a consistent and believeable setting for this and other adventures set in New York."

See Also: Armies of the Night inspiration: Escape From New York

Design: William H. Keith, Jr.
Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1986 ... 48 pages ... GDW 509 ... ISBN 0943580153
Print Run = 9,972 Units

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Allegheny Uprising
"It was enough to make a man's mouth water. Computers, electric typewriters, jeeps, soybeans, canned food, medical supplies, arctic parkas, and (I swear) videotapes of every NFL game since 19921 No wonder those Civgov johnnies were falling all over themselves to find the place!
All of us had heard a million rumors about lost government caches squirreled away in out-of-the-way places years ago as security against a nuclear attack. Most of those stories were just air, of course. I remember there was this one about gold...

Allegheny Uprising is an adventure for Twilight: 2000, GDW's post-World War III role-playing game. In Allegheny Uprising, the characters must travel into the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, in search of a prewar government supply stockpile.
Allegheny Uprising includes the following materials:
* Introductory material for the adventure.
* Descriptions of the parts of western Maryland and Pennsylvania where the adventure takes place.
* Details of various organizations, marauder bands, and local defense forces in parts of southwestern Pennsylvania.
* A list of important NPCs, including people the characters must find in order to locate the stockpile.
* A map of the general area in southwest Pennsylvania where the adventure is set.
* Background material on western Pennsylvania's recent history, on the secret government supply cache SRS-17374-2, and on the continuing civil war between the native inhabitants of the Allegheny Mountains and the refugees who entered the area four years ago."

Design: William H. Keith, Jr.
Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1987 ... 48 pages ... GDW 510 ... ISBN 0943580293
Print Run = 10,195 Units

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Airlords of the Ozarks
"The slides the intelligence guy was showing us had turned our guts cold. The pictures showed the main street of a small town storefronts, a post office, the spire of a church... What caught my attention was the long, lean cigar shape hovering behind the church spire. Stories I'd read as a kid surfaced in the back of my mind, stories by Heinlein and Asimov...and H.G. Wells. The shape was blurry enough that for one icy second I thought it might be...
The next picture was a clearer view. It wasn't an extraterrestrial spacecraft... in many ways it was something worse.

Airlords of the Ozarks is a game module for use with GDW's World War III role-playing game, Twilight: 2000. The story follows the adventures of the player characters in the rugged hills and forests of the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri early in the year 2001. The players must infiltrate and gather information on New America, a bizarre right-wing organization determined to build an empire from the ashes of the United States. Among the things they will discover will be Operation Eaglestrike, a plot involving salvaged cruise missiles.

Airlords of the Ozarks contains:
* A detailed background of New America, as well as information on its ideology and goals.
* Descriptions of regions, communities, and encounters in the Ozark Mountains area.
* Technical and game data on the Columbia, a giant, advanced-tech, airfoil cargo dirigible which crash-landed in the Ozarks in 1997, and on smaller dirigibles built by New American forces with parts and equipment salvaged from Columbia and other sources.
* Technical and game data on ultralight aircraft which may be encountered, including notes for using them in aerial combat.
* A map of the Ozarks region."

See Also: Ozarks Scouting Report

Design: William H. Keith, Jr.
Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1987 ... 48 pages ... GDW 511 ... ISBN 0943580188
Print Run = 10,011 Units

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Gateway to the Spanish Main
"The adventure is set around a replica of the USS Constitution built in 1987 by Paradox Studios. The players will become crew members aboard the sailing vessel and will eventually be plunged into a plot of treachery, kidnapping, and piracy in the Caribbean Islands, a geographical region once known as the Spanish Main.

Gateway to the Spanish Main contains:
* Rules for traveling by sail-powered vessels at sea and for sea-going combat in Twilight: 2000.
* Deck plans for the replica of the USS Constitution.
* Maps of Grenada and Carriacou, and descriptions of these islands, their towns, villages, and ports, with encounter tables."

Design: Thomas Mulkey
Development: Matt Renner and Loren K. Wiseman

1987 ... 48 pages ... GDW 512 ... ISBN 0943580242
Print Run = 10,172 Units

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Urban Guerilla
"The module takes players into central Florida, now controlled by New America. Members of the Natural Aristocrats of the St. Petersburg cell control the area around Tampa Bay and plan to use it as a springboard for conquest.

This book contains the following material:
* Capsule biographies of important NPCs.
* A classified NA document that might be the key to breaking the NA strangle-hold over central Florida.
* A description of the 'Brave New Society,' along with a New American Values Inventory used in the classification of members.
* An inside view of the secret police 'provocateur' units.
* A map of Tampa Bay and environs (including St. Petersburg).
* A map of west central Florida.
* Geographic descriptions of the remaining towns and villages in the path of the New American drive to conquest, along with brief biographies of prominent local leaders...
* Organizational details of the New American Florida Theater of Operations and the Urban Renewal Regiments, as well as the various militias, resistance movements and organizations."

Design: Thomas Mulkey
Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1987 ... 48 pages ... GDW 515 ... ISBN 0943580463
Print Run = 10,150 Units

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As with two earlier adventures -- Airlords of the Ozarks and Urban Guerilla -- the player group must infiltrate deep into New America. But this time, they are tasked with kidnapping the leader, Carl Hughes himself. (For real-life inspiration, read about the Israeli kidnapping of the fugitive Nazi, Adolf Eichmann.)

Clearly this adventure will not appeal to trigger-happy players. But for a referee and players that enjoy suspense and stealth missions, Kidnapped might be for your table.

We won't be using this module as written in our campaign. However, this hasn't stopped me from mining the background material and NPCs:

Winter Quarters: Tale of Two Congressmen


"Finding this Hughes guy is certainly going to be a trick. For all we know he looks nothing like this picture we've got, and every indication is that he has barricaded himself into a personal fortress which makes Crystal Mountain look easy. Not only that, Caldwell has us under specific orders not to grease the guy, just to capture him. Caldwell mentioned something about slow torture for all of us if we off the dude.
But even all that doesn't scare me half as much as this drought. There hasn 't been any rain around here for months, and, if it doesn't change, there ain't gonna be any country left to fight over.

Kidnapped is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000, GDW's post-World War III role-playing game. In Kidnapped, the characters must travel through the drought-striken countryside to locate and abduct the leader of New America.

Kidnapped includes the following materials:
* Introductory material for the adventure.
* An overview of the blight and famine which is now ravaging North America. The lack of rain is leading to the spread of famine and disease, breaking down even further the level of civilization in America.
* A complete description of the area between Frederick, MD and Charles Town, WV, from the edge of Civgov control to the very heart of New America.
* A list of important NPCs and organizations, including horrible motorcycle gangs, a con man, religious leaders, and more.
* Complete maps and descriptions of two NA complexes, including an abandoned supply center in Maryland, and the massive Contry Home estate in West Virginia from which Hughes will have to be snatched in the face of tremendous odds."

Design: Timothy B. Brown
Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1988 ... 48 pages ... GDW 518 ... ISBN 0943580692
Print Run = 10,586 Units

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City of Angels
This module was released by 3W, which developed licensed accessories for GDW product lines.

CITY OF ANGELS: Twilight 2000 adventure in Los Angeles


"The adventure takes place near the blasted ruins of the Los Angeles area of Southern California. The story revolves around the obligation of one of the players to an old commanding officer. Living up to his promise thrusts him, along with his companions, into a journey through the hardest hit areas of the nuclear exchange of World War III. The group must contend with all the harsh realities of post-holocaust life, complicated by rival gangs warring over territories in what was once known as the City of Angels.

Information presented in this module includes source material and maps for the L.A. and Orange County areas, an overview of Southern California, and optional rules which include civilian character generation."

Design: Craig Sheeley
Development: Craig Sheeley and Jay Adan

1989 ... 48 pages ... 3W 5401

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Satellite Down

For a closer look at Earth orbit and the space program in Twilight 2000, see Lost Astronauts at my Poland Campaign blog.

"Remember that slogan they used to use to entice young sprouts like us into the service, before the recent unpleasantness reinstituted the draft? "Join the army and see the world," wasn't it? At least this time we get to go someplace warm, looking for a fallen star.
Seems this Soviet weather satellite decided it was time to come down and picked one of the most remote, out-of-the-way locales to land in that I've ever seen (and I've seen some weird ones lately). The question of where we were going wasn't foremost on our minds, though. Why was what we wanted to know. What was so flamin' important about some commie satellite?
Here's the answer we got, verbatim: "Because that little electronic box recorded every action of the war — every nuclear strike, as well as the most current and up-to-date information on wind patterns and radiation spread over the whole damn world, not to mention ozone dispersion and other weather data. Whoever has this satellite will be years ahead of the other nations in terms of knowing the extent of the climatic changes coming up."
As it turned out, the most important question, which none of us asked, was "Who?"

In Satellite Down, the characters get to take a trip to sunny Baja California, where they must retrieve some data cassettes from a [Soviet] weather/recon satellite that managed to record the weather patterns of the last three years. Whoever has the information on those tapes will be able to forecast the effects of the climatic changes caused by the war -- and be better able to survive them. The only thing standing in their way is a do-it-yourself messiah and a few hundred fanatic followers."

Design: Blaine L. Pardoe
Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1988 ... 48 pages ... GDW 522 ... ISBN 1558780106
Print Run = 11,250 Units

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Looking for more America modules?

Northeast USA in the Twilight 2000 America Campaign

CITY STATE: A drop-in Chicago Sourcebook for your T2000 campaign

The Last Submarine Trilogy

By this time, players in a traditional campaign had probably spent some time in the United States. A curve ball could be thrown at them with this series. The last submarine -- the USS Corpus Christi -- promised adventure in far away lands.

The Last Submarine
"The story centers around a group of characters operating out of the remains of New London, Connecticut. This lucky group must attempt to recapture the USS City of Corpus Christi, a Los Angeles-class, fast attack submarine which has somehow found its way into the hands of a New England warlord. The warlord has managed to scrape up the necessary spare parts to repair the boat, a moderately knowledgeable crew to do the repairing and sail her once she is repaired, and a nefarious scheme which will seriously upset governmental plans along the whole eastern seaboard. The players must locate the Corpus Christi, capture her intact, and return the boat to New London for further orders.

Information presented in this module includes source material for the region of southeast New England, background material on the Corpus Christi, a brief history of submarine actions in the Atlantic, and six programmed adventure sessions."

Design: Jeff Billings and John Caskey
Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1988 ... 48 pages ... GDW 517 ... ISBN 0943580684
Print Run = 10,500 Units

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Mediterranean Cruise
"The story centers around the same characters who recently recaptured SSN 705 City of Corpus Christi in the previous module, The Last Submarine. The characters take the Corpus Christi on a mission of extreme importance across the Mediterranean, through the Dardanelles to Romania, stopping along the way to perform a few extra chores for Milgov.

Information in this module includes:
* Source material and maps for southern Spain, Sicily, Libya, the Greek Islands, the Dardanelles, and Romania.
* Rules for combat between small surface vessels, deckplans, and maps for use with these rules.
* An appendix containing two optional scenarios for Harpoon, GDW's modern naval wargame.
* Internal details of SSN 705 City of Corpus Christi.

Design and Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1988 ... 48 pages ... GDW 520 ... ISBN 155878005X
Print Run = 10,100 Units

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"In Boomer, the crew of Corpus Christi discovers a chilling fact: A Soviet Typhoon-class nuclear missile submarine is alive and well. Worse, it still has three of its missiles and their warheads.

Information presented in this module includes:
* Source material and maps for Norway and the Svalbard Archipelago.
* Background details on how the Soviet sub came to be trapped in the ice and on the operation undertaken to recover it.
* Rules for traversing the arctic ice pack, and a discussion of the special dangers and encounters to be found there.

Design and Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1989 ... 48 pages ... GDW 521 ... ISBN 1558780068
Print Run = 10,000 Units

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Return to Europe Trilogy

It should be little surprise that referees and players alike had great interest in adventuring through their old stomping grounds in Poland once again. They don't live in a vacuum, and so should expect some marked changes and new challenges awaiting them there.

The Last Submarine Trilogy makes for an easy lead-in to this series. I also include the UK sourcebook here, since it was published late in the game, and could be a submarine drop-off point as well.

Return to Warsaw
"He's back...

Last year, the inhabitants of Warsaw's various communities, with the aid of a few American soldiers, united to defeat the baron [Czarny]. Over the winter, the threat gone, the small communities fell to squabbling among themselves. This spring, the baron is back, with a new army, and once again threatens the communities that have taken root in the ruins of the former capital of Poland. The baron plans to conquer the communities before the winter wheat crop is ready, while the defenders are still short of food.

The characters have been asked for help by Filip Kizysztof, leader of the Sielce settlement. Filip needs the characters' aid in reuniting the splintered communities to defeat the baron a second time, and in the process save what's left of civilization in this part of Poland.

This booklet contains:
* Revised streetmaps of the relevant portion of downtown Warsaw.
* Updated histories of the Warsaw communities and the baron.
* Orders of battle for the various combatants, including the remnants of the Soviet 10th Guards Tank Division.
* Information for adapting the larger battles for resolution using Last Battle, GDW's new boardgame of modern and future close combat."

Design and Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1989 ... 48 pages ... GDW 523 ... ISBN 1558780181
Print Run = 6,300 Units

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Bear's Den
"In Bear's Den, expatriate Soviet General Anton Chelkov battles to control Lvov and the surrounding area. The 27th NATO Division is approaching through the Carpathian Mountains to the south, and partisans attack from every direction. Chelkov desperately needs fuel and food to weather the winter assault, but he remains confident. Hidden in his castle in Olesko is a Scud B nuclear missile.

Information presented in this module includes:
* Source material and maps for the southern Soviet Union, Lvov, the Carpathian Mountains, and the Transcarpathian region.
* Information on winter equipment, including dogsleds, snowmobiles, and ski-troops.
* Detailed descriptions, illustrations, and operation instructions for the Scud B missile and the MAZ-543B launcher/erector vehicle."

Design and Development: Tim Ryan and Scott G. White

1989 ... 48 pages ... GDW 524 ... ISBN 1558780300
Print Run = 7,275 Units

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White Eagle
"In White Eagle, powerful forces are struggling to control a nation. The armed might of King Julian of Silesia is matched against the equally powerful economic force of the free city of Krakow. Opposing them both is the Wojsko Ludowa (People's Army) of Father W. Niekarz. Krakow has mercantile connections, money, and technological expertise. The "king" has military expertise and a steadily expanding government of local warlords backed by an organized military. Father Niekarz and his followers have a devout belief in the righteousness of their cause, a burning desire to see Poland free of tin-pot dictators and petty warlords backed by "soldiers" who are nothing more than bandits -- and the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, a religious icon and a powerful symbol of Polish nationalism.

For the WL's banner, Father Niekarz has chosen a white eagle (the traditional symbol of Poland) on a red field (red and white are the Polish national colors). The People's Army has no stockpiles of weapons and ammunition, no vast treasury, no great military leaders. That's where you come in...

White Eagle outlines what has happened in southern Poland since the players last saw the region: the transmutation of General Julian Filipowitz into the despotic King Julian, the power struggle within Krakow for control of the region's industrial economy, the deteriorating agricultural situation that threatens to spark another round of civil unrest within the towns and villages of Poland -- these factors and others threaten the fragile blossom of civilization.

Design: Loren K. Wiseman

1990 ... 48 pages ... GDW 527 ... ISBN 1558780335
Print Run = 5,100 Units

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Survivors' Guide to the United Kingdom
"From Land's End to Dover, from the Channel Islands to the Shetlands, the Survivors' Guide to the United Kingdom describes what happened to the United Kingdom during the war and afterward. It explains just what the word 'England' means in 2000, discusses the fate of the North Sea oil platforms, and gives you the lowdown on organizations ranging from H.M. Government to the Soviet GRU.

The Survivor's Guide contains a detailed order of battle for the British Army, updating previous versions and implementing several major changes, bringing the OB up to 1 January 2001. It presents British-oriented character generation tables and a consolidated reference for British military equipment, including many obsolete vehicles and weapons found in use only by local militias and marauder bands. Every major weapon is covered -- from the Humber 'Pig' and the Ferret AC up to the most advanced MBT -- with every gaming aspect fully detailed.

The Survivor's Guide describes a country on the mend, desperately trying to restore order to a people who have had almost every semblance of government and society shattered by global warfare. H.M. Government controls only a portion of the country; the rest consists of an intricate tapestry of independent cities, petty dictatorships and broad bands of territory ruled only by brigands and marauders. A district-by-district description details what was nuked, what was destroyed by rioters, and the other damage inflicted by the war and the civil dislocation which followed."

Design: Peter Phillipps
Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1990 ... 48 pages ... GDW 528 ... ISBN 1558780092
Print Run = 7,110 Units

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The Weapon & Vehicle Guides

U. S. Army Vehicle Guide
"What does the remote turret on an M1A2 look like? When the Sergeant York air defense gun was withdrawn from production, what happened to the vehicles already built and what replaced it? What were the organization and equipment levels of an armored division? A light infantry division? What was the basis of issue of the LAV-75?
The U.S. Army Vehicle Guide is designed to answer these and many other questions raised by Twilight: 2000 players. It also serves as a comprehensive future projection of current armored vehicle design trends. For both game players and AFV buffs, the Vehicle Guide is a gold mine of information. It includes:
• Eight pages of color plates; thirty-six full color vehicles in all.
• Complete game statistics for all combat vehicles in U.S. service in the year 2000.
• A global U.S. order of battle as of the summer of the year 2000. Every division and separate brigade; its manpower and combat vehicle strengths, and its current loyalties.
• Pre-war tables of organization and equipment, showing which vehicles were assigned to which units and in what quantities.
• Hints on modeling vehicles for use in miniatures games.

Design & Development: Frank Chadwick, Loren K. Wiseman
Art Director: Paul R. Banner
Associate Art Director: Barbie Pratt
Cover, Interior Illustrations, and Color Plates: Steve Venters"

1986 ... 48 pages ... GDW 504 ... ISBN 0943580544
Print Run = 35,170 Units

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Soviet Vehicle Guide
"This is the perfect companion piece to the U.S. Army Vehicle Guide, detailing and illustrating a plethora of Soviet and Warsaw Pact equipment. The Soviet Vehicle Guide contains:
Details of the T-80 and T-90 main battle tanks, the BMP series of armored personnel carriers, the BT-76 Soviet light tank, the SO-120, an automatic 120mm turret-mounted mortar, the OT-65 light scout car, the SAU-203 self-propelled gun, the SA-13 ADA rocket launcher vehicle, and several hovercraft in the KVP series (including both transport and combat variants}.
Additional information on the latest Soviet weapons and armor enhancements, such as the AT-8 and reactive armor (just now coming into service in western Europe). Many of these vehicles are illustrated in full color on eight pages of color plates, or in the black and white line drawings accompanying the descriptions. Soviet Vehicle Guide also includes the complete worldwide order of battle for all the Soviet divisions and several brigades and regiments as of July 2000, brief divisional histories, tables of organization and equipment from battalion to division for Soviet military units, and notes on the use of hovercraft in Twilight: 2000.
The Soviet Vehicle Guide presents referees and players of Twilight: 2000 with a single authoritative source of information for the vehicles of World War III.

Design: Frank Frey and Brad Hay
Supplementary Design: Loren Wiseman
Art Director: Barbie Pratt
Cover, Interior Illustrations, and Color Plates: Steve Venters"

1987 ... 48 pages ... GDW 514 ... ISBN 0943580331
Print Run = 20,320 Units

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Small Arms Guide

"The Small Arms Guide is a sourcebook for Twilight: 2000 which contains a consolidated listing of every personal firearm in the basic game, as well as additional material of interest to both players and referees.

In response to player requests, the single entry for the generic pistols (such as the 9mmP Auto) of the basic rules has now been expanded to include every major handgun type in use by the year 2000 and encompasses the full sweep of technological change, ranging from the German Luger and 'Broomhandle' Mauser pistols of the early 1900s to the advanced materials and technology of the Austrian Glock 17. Also described are weapons not yet in service or just entering service (such as the Ruger P85), and hypothetical extensions of current firearms technology.

Increased coverage of both military and civilian rifles is also presented in the Small Arms Guide. Submachinegun coverage now includes all major types, from the Tommygun of the 1920s to the most modern suppressed designs, such as the H&K MP5 and Ingram MAC-10.

Each weapon entry contains an illustration of that particular firearm, a few short descriptive remarks, and full details for the incorporation of the weapon into the game.

The Small Arms Guide expands the ammunition covered in Twilight: 2000, including the ever-popular .357 and .44 magnum rounds.

The guide also includes a consolidated price and equipment listing for all weapon and ammunition types covered in Twilight: 2000. Special essays in the Small Arms Guide cover topics such as reproduction black-powder firearms and the special low-tech auto-rifle, the M16EZ."

Design and Development: Frank Frey and Loren K. Wiseman

1987, 1988 ... 48 pages ... GDW 516 ... ISBN 0943580595
Print Run = 21,150 Units

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Note that the dogtags in the Small Arms Guide cover art belong to 'Traylor III, C.E. - USMC'

In the follow-on game 2300AD, the American small arms company Traylor Arms was founded by Chip Traylor.



Heavy Weapons Guide
"Over 110 Heavy Weapons for Twilight: 2000 (1st Edition). The Heavy Weapons Guide is a resource and guidebook to more than 110 mortars, grenade launchers, recoilless rifles, mines, hand grenades, rifle grenades, SAMs, and other support weapons. The latest in antitank missiles are described and illustrated, including BILL, ACCP, Eryx, and Tank-Breaker. Mortars range from the American M224 60mm up to the Soviet M-55 240mm. Grenade launchers include the older American M79 "Thumper" and the latest Soviet underbarrel AK-GL. In addition, the game includes eight pieces of recoilless artillery, 26 rockets and rocket launchers, 20 mines, and more than 30 grenades covering all types currently in service and a few that haven't been adopted yet. As a special bonus, the Heavy Weapons Guide also includes descriptions, illustrations, game statistics, and rules for the use of flame weapons in Twilight: 2000, including flamethrowers and the ever-popular home-made firebomb called the 'Molotov cocktail'."

Design: Loren K. Wiseman

1989 ... 48 pages ... GDW 525 ... ISBN 1558780319
Print Run = 10,200 Units

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NATO Vehicle Guide
MAN 7t * Land Rover * Grizzly APC * YPR-765 * Marder * FV-180 CEV * Leopard I, II, III * FV-4030 Challenger * FV-4201 Chieftain * Vickers Valiant * M48A5 * Gepard SPAA * Japdpanzer Kanone * Jaguar 3 * Roland SPAA * Wiesel * Wildcat * FV-102 Striker * FV-433 Abbot * Sabre SPAA * FV-103 Spartan * FV-432 * FV-603 Saracen * FV-510 Warrior * Cougar * Lynx * SW-1 Roland * Skorpion * Spahpanzer Luchs * TH-301 * TPz1 Fuchs * FV-721 Fox * FV-101 Scorpion * FV-107 Scimitar * FV-105 Sultan * AASV * Biber Bridgelayer * Leopard AEV and ARV

"NATO Vehicle Guide fills a need for Twilight: 2000 referees who want to incorporate vehicles from West Germany, the UK, Canada, and other NATO countries into their campaigns. More than 30 vehicles are detailed and described in game terms, including the West German Luchs, Fuchs, and Leopard series of tanks, the British Chieftain and Challenger tanks, the Scimitar/Scorpion family of vehicles, and dozens more. Thirty important vehicles are illustrated in eight pages of full-color paintings, in addition to the many vehicles that are depicted in black-and-white line drawings throughout the text.

NATO Vehicle Guide also contains organizational data for the armies of Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, the UK, West Germany, and Turkey, as well as orders of battle for these nations as of 1 July 2000."

Design: Frank Frey
Development: Loren K. Wiseman

1989 ... Frank Frey ... 48 pages ... GDW 526 ... ISBN 1558780327
Print Run = 10,500 Units

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The Twilight: 2000 game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. Copyright 1977 - 1998 Far Future Enterprises. Twilight: 2000 is a registered trademark of Far Future Enterprises.

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