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Star Wars RPG - D6 Roleplaying - West End Games

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West End Games held the license for Star Wars role playing game publishing for over 10 years. What would be later known as the D6 System gained its widest audience through Star Wars gaming.

Star Wars: The Role Playing Game (1st Edition)
"Experience the vast scope and sweeping power of the greatest space fantasy of all time!
Struggle against the awesome might of the evil galactic Empire, fly faster-than-light spacecraft, trade blaster fire with Imperial stormtroopers, fight lightsaber duels, and tap the mystic Force which binds all living things together. Explore a galaxy of a billion suns, each with wonders and dangers of its own a universe of dire peril, where Rebels fight desperately against the eternal night of Imperial oppression.
In Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, you will face overwhelming odds, hard choices, impossible challenges but if you meet them bravely, you will triumph, for the Force is with you always!

Inside STAR WARS: The Roleplaying Game you'll find:
* 24 character templates which let you choose a role and start playing quickly.
* Innovative and sophisticated yet simple rules for blasters, lightsabers. combat, the Force, powers of the Jedi, starship combat and more!
* How to design thrilling adventures, maintain a Star Wars atmosphere, and keep players excited.
* An introductory solo adventure; a complete first adventure for 2 to 6 players; and many short adventure ideas that gamemasters can develop themselves.
* 16 full-color pages with memorable pictures taken from the movies, plus many illustrations, some never before published, from Lucasfilm's archives.
Get out your dice, get your friends together, get ready and may the Force be with you, for the fate of the galaxy depends on you!"

1987 ... Greg Costikyan ... 148 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40001 ... ISBN 0874310652

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Campaign Pack

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This...

"Swell," you shout, as you lead your team through the blazing building. "First pirates attack us, then lizards arrest us, then a blasted Imperial mining Droid almost eats us!"

You stagger from a wave of heat. "We've raided warehouses, whipped marines in bar fights, fought battles in sewers, and blown up outposts. Now we're chasing a bunch of lunatics through an abandoned Imperial garrison on a planet under a sun about to go nova!"

Suddenly your partner, the Smuggler, yanks you to the ground as a blaster bolt slams into the wall above your head. "So, what's your point?" he asks coolly.

"Well, joining the Alliance to defeat the Empire is great," you mutter, "But how come we never get an easy job like blowing up a Death Star or something?" The Smuggler grins slyly. "Oh, didn't I tell ya..."

"The Star Wars Campaign Pack
This super gamemaster accessory for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game includes:
* 32-page Campaign Booklet explaining how to play a fantastic Star Wars campaign -- a series of connected adventures, just like the movies.
Features the adventures of the Rebel starship Long Shot and her valiant crew the players!
Background information about Rebel Irregulars, daring commandos who carry the fight deep behind Imperial lines.
Five exciting story lines and one complete short adventure ready to play separately or one after another in a campaign setting,
Star Warriors starfighter combat scenario including ship statistics and extra, full-color counters,
* Full-color 21" by 33" floorplans of the Long Shot, the players' sleek starship!
* Full-color 11" by 33" Gamemaster Screen, displaying the most important charts and tables from the game rules.

1988 ... Paul Murphy ... 32 pages + map + 4-panel screen + counter strip attached to screen ... WEG 40004 ... ISBN 0874310687

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Star Wars Campaign Pack color ship counters are attached to right side of screen. The perforated counter strip is frequently missing from used copies.


Rules Companion
"Expand your Star Wars campaign with this new roleplaying game supplement! The Star Wars Rules Companion incorporates the important changes and clarifications from The Star Wars Rules Upgrade, as well as new options suggested by you, the players, to create an even more exciting roleplaying experience.
The best roleplaying game of the year* is now even better! These new and expanded rules increase the scope of the galaxy, clarify nagging questions, and further enhance the movie-like spirit of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.
*Winner of the 1988 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Rules and the 1988 Gamer's Choice Award for Best Roleplaying Game.

80-page booklet features:
Advanced rules for the Force, including new skills and powers.
Revised and expanded rules for personal combat, movement, damage, and healing.
New instructions for creating Droids - as non-player characters and player
New rules for staging capital ship battles.
A new system for converting ships from the roleplaying game to the Star Warriors starfighter combat board game.
Plus other revisions and expansions too numerous to list here.

Also includes:
Full-color pictures from the movies, plus art and photographs from the Lucasfilm archives some never published before.
A companion volume of rules for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game."

1989 ... Greg Gorden ... 80 pages ... WEG 40043 ... ISBN 0874311470

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Gamemaster Kit
Featuring an updated gamemaster screen, new campaign scenarios, and details on how to build a spy network on Imperial worlds.

The fate of the galaxy depends upon you ...

In the far-off Trax Sector of space, the Empire plans a bold new step: the construction of a massive resupply base for its fleet, which would allow Imperial troopers to strike at countless outlying worlds.

But you and your Rebel band have a slim chance of preventing this nightmare. Armed only with your courage and your wits, you must gather intelligence on the Imperial plans and then lead Rebel troops into battle against the forces of the Empire.

Along the way, you'll raid an alien slave camp, fight to survive aboard a hijacked starliner, dodge vicious bounty hunters, and trade blaster fire with stormtroopers determined to fight to the death!

INCLUDES: * A revised Gamemaster Screen, updated to include data from The Star Wars Rules Companion. * A detailed description of Trax Sector and the Bissillirus system. * An eight-episode Star Wars campaign. * A Star Wars Miniatures Battles scenario, including troop statistics and notes on how to construct the terrain for the combat. * Rebel hero General Cracken explains how to create a Rebel cell, and the dangers you face in doing so."

1991 ... Bill Smith & Ed Stark ... 64 pages + 4-panel screen ... WEG 40048 ... ISBN 0874311195

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Star Wars: The Role Playing Game (2nd Edition)
"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... Experience the drama and epic scope of the greatest space fantasy of all time! Adventure in a universe of epic heroes, fearsome villains, amazing technology and strange aliens. Pilot an X-wing against the Empire's devastating TIE fighters! Trade blaster fire with vicious bounty hunters! Smuggle contraband cargos through Imperial blockades! Learn the ways of the lightsaber-wielding Jedi Knights, and master the powers of the Force!

This 176-page rulebook features:
Sophisticated yet simple rules covering all aspects of theStar Wars universe. Completely revised, with a conversion system for first edition materials.
Extensive information on the Star Wars universe, with guidelines on designing your own adventures set during the time of the movies or after the Battle of Endor!
Includes a beginning adventure.
Detailed skill descriptions, with many new skills and special abilities for aliens!
New movement, chase and combat rules covering everything from landspeeders to Imperial Star Destroyers!
16 full-color pages, with never before published material."

1992 ... Bill Smith ... 176 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40055 ... ISBN 0874311810

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Gamemaster Screen for Second Edition
"Plunge into the adventure and mystery of the Star Wars universe with the Star Wars Gamemaster Screen. Inside are all of the essential charts and tables necessary to run Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition. Conveniently organized for quick reference, these charts allow gamemasters to concentrate on the fun and excitement of a good game instead of flipping pages looking for rules.
As an added bonus, the 48-page book contains numerous fully detailed 'quick-start' adventure hooks for instant gaming sessions. Intended to allow gamemasters to run adventures with a minimum of hassle, these hooks provide adventure settings and detailed plots, with suggestions for gamemaster characters and other essential items. With just a few minutes preparation, these hooks can provide countless nights of Star Wars adventure."

1992 ... Bill Olmesdahl ... 48 pages + (stapled) double cover + double cardstock insert ... WEG 40064 ... ISBN 0874311837

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Gamemaster Handbook
"Compatible with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition. A complete guidebook on how to bring the Star Wars universe to life."

1993 ... 128 pages ... WEG 40065 ... ISBN 0874311853

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Classic Campaigns
Combines SW Campaign Pack & SW Gamemaster Kit, updated to 2nd Edition rules. -W

1994 ... 96 pages ... WEG 40108 ... ISBN 0874312515

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Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Second Edition, Expanded & Revised)
"A long time ago in a galaxy for, for away...
The Star Wars roleplaying game plunges you into the breakneck thrills and pulse-pounding excitement of the greatest space fantasy of all time!
Enter a universe of epic heroes, fearsome villains, amazing technology, and exotic-aliens. Struggle against the awesome might of the evil galactic Empire, fly faster-than-light starships, trade blaster shots with stormtroopers, fight lightsaber duels against dark Jedi warriors, and tap the mystical powers of the Force. Explore a galaxy of a billion suns, a universe of dire peril, where Rebels fight desperately against Imperial oppression.
In the Star Wars roleplaying game you'll face overwhelming odds and impossible challenges but if you meet them bravely, you will triumph, for the Force is with you always!
You've seen the movies. Now live the adventure!

The Star Wars roleplaying game features:
Simple rules that keep the action fast, capturing the spirit and excitement of the Star Wars universe.
A solitaire scenario that gets you into the game immediately.
An action-packed starter adventure that pits the players against the fearsome Pirates of Prexiar.
A detailed history of the Star Wars universe to help you design your own chapters of this epic saga.
Newly revised and indexed from Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition."

1996 ... Bill Smith & Peter Schweighofer & George Strayton & Paul Sudlow & Eric S. Trautmann & Greg Farshtey ... 288 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40120 ... ISBN 0874314356 or 087431268X

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Gamemaster Screen, Revised
"It's hard to run a great Star Wars adventure when you're busy flipping through the rulebook. Keep your game moving with this easy-to-use screen, which summarizes rules, charts and game statistics.

The 64-page booklet is filled with information that can be used in any adventure:
Over a dozen player character templates.
Lists of skills and Force powers.
Game stats for common characters, starships and vehicles.
Customized forms for creating starships, planets, sector maps, and much more.
Information on Imperial laws (and punishments for breaking them).
A Star Wars timeline!"

1996 ... 64 pages + 4-panel screen ... WEG 40135 ... ISBN 0874312884

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Star Wars Introductory Adventure Game [BOX SET]

"Players will match wits against an Imperial probe droid, fight their way out of a besieged Rebel Base, gather allies, supplies and weapons while the Empire hunts them down with TIE fighters and walkers. Players will take on an Imperial Star Destroyer with a handful of starfighters and a heavily armed freighter, and liberate an entire planet from the Empire's tyranny. Included in this comprehensive gaming package is a Players Booklet; 14 Character Sheets, a Narrator Booklet, a Star Wars Adventure Book, 64 Color Cards, Stand-Up Characters, 7 Maps, and 6 Dice. The Star Wars Introductory Adventure Game is great fun for Star Wars rolegaming fans of all ages."

1997 ... Peter Schweighofer & Stephen Luminati ... WEG 40602 ... ISBN 0874312981

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