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Tunnels & Trolls - Flying Buffalo


"What is Tunnels & Trolls?
Tunnels & Trolls is a fantasy role-playing game.
All right then, what's a fantasy role-playing game?
Ah, there's the crux of it. A fantasy role-playing game is one in which the players (sometimes one, often several) can assume the personas and personalities of imaginary beings not always human who are thus given lives and adventures of their own, directed by the game players.
In the course of the game, characters (the imaginary ones) are presented with circumstances created in outline by a Game Master. The fulfillment of that outline depends upon a verbal give-and-take between the Game Master and the players as they explore the world presented, taking actions to cope with the situations in which they find themselves.
The Game Master is a real person who has taken the time to create the scenarios in which his or her friends can play. The players may be using medieval knights, space-faring aliens, or a cowpuncher from the Old West.
Tunnels & Trolls is designed primarily as a fantasy role-playing game set in a somewhat medieval alternate-universe, in the tradition of the hero tales of Greece and Rome, the Norse sagas and the Eddas, childhood fairy tales, and in the more modern traditions of the heroic fantasy of J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard.
The fundamental framework for adventuring in Tunnels & Trolls is the concept of an underground tunnel complex wherein dangerous traps and deadly monsters guard undreamed-of treasures, where magic and high sorcery meet sword and shield, in alliance or as violent opponents. Those who survive to regain the surface may be considered "winners" until the next time they venture into the depths, risking their all for glory, gold and adventure.
The rules to play Tunnels & Trolls are complete with the booklet in your hands. You need never purchase anything else, and you will have the entire game available to you. On the other hand, there are numerous back-up services among them, solitaire dungeon adventures, miniatures, and a magazine dedicated primarily to T&T but these are meant to augment the game. Here is all you'll need.
We hope you'll enjoy the game." (from the 5th edition rule book)

Tunnels & Trolls, 5th Edition
5th printing (1982) has ISBN and spine lettering.

1979, 1982 ... Ken St. Andre ... ?? pages ... FB 9101 ... ISBN 0940244004

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Tunnels & Trolls, 5th edition [BOX SET] (Black Box)
The black box Tunnels & Trolls has no definitive contents list to be found.

Here are 2 I've documented:

- A set with a March 1980 catalog and a 2nd printing rule book (January 1980). The catalog lists the contents as:
* T&T 5th book
* Solitaire Dungeon: Buffalo Castle
* Game Master Dungeon: Dungeon of the Bear, level 1
* 25 pre-rolled T&T Characters
* three 6-sided dice
* pencil

- A set with a July 1982 catalog and a 5th printing rule book (Feb 1982). The box art of the set in the catalog depicts the box as having color art like the 5th rulebook. The catalog lists the contents as:
* T&T 5th book
* Buffalo Castle
* Castle Ward
* Player Character Pack - 10 T&T characters
* three 6-sided dice

... but this set has the contents listed in the 1980 catalog. My guess is that Flying Buffalo had some remaining stock of the black boxes to move at the time of the introduction of the later color-cover box set.

1980 ... Liz Danforth (box art) ... Flying Buffalo

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Tunnels and Trolls (Fifth Edition, Revised) [BOX SET]
"The complete Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Solitaire or Group Play!

If you have ever thrilled to the tales of King Arthur and his knights, shivered upon hearing a howl at midnight, or dreamed of exploring and discovering the treasures of lost civilizations, you will love fantasy gaming. Tunnels & Trolls, the complete fantasy game, can be your guide into chose worlds of adventure where heroic knights joust at tourney, and the midnight howl is that of a werewolf stalking its prey.

You'll find that Tunnels & Trolls is easy to learn and easy to play. You can adventure through the T&T solitaire adventures, if you're brave enough to face foul monsters alone in their lairs. And when your friends decide that it is more prudent to outnumber the monsters, T&T is equally suited for use as a group game.

Why sit back and watch adventures? With T&T, you'll live the adventure!

Inside this box:

* Tunnels & Trolls
The complete rulebook by Ken St. Andre

The Tunnels & Trolls rulebook contains everything you'll need to know to play T&T, including Basic Rules, Combat, Magic, Weapons and Armor Charts, and Monsters, plus Elaborations, Weapons Glossary, Index:, and Trollstone Caverns, a simple introductory Game Master adventure.

* Buffalo Castle
A solitaire adventure for T&T

An introductory Tunnels & Trolls adventure that you can play by yourself because in place of a Game Master, the booklet directs you through the adventure by offering written options.

* Castle Ward
An introductory GM scenario by Mike Stackpole

A nearly deserted castle guards the entrance to a monster stronghold. Easy for a new Game Master to moderate, this adventure provides a place for the characters to explore, discovering its secrets.

* Player Character Pack

10 Tunnels & Trolls characters to get you started all completely attributed and equipped.

1990 ... Ken St. Andre & Michael Stackpole & Liz Danforth ... Flying Buffalo 6201

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