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Tribe 8 - Dream Pod 9


Wordbook Series ~ Cycle Book Series

"We are the dispossessed, the Children of Hom, the Fallen, we are the Eight Tribe and we stand alone. We are those who walk away, those who turn our backs on the Seven Sisters, on our mothers and fathers, and venture into the wastelands around us to find our destiny, to find our calling. Some of us are rebels or outlaws, others malcontents and lunatics, victims and terrorists, but we are one; we are the Children of the Fall. Listen to me, my brothers and sisters, we must no longer stand idle and silent; our time has come. The ashes are vanishing and in their wake a new world is dawning, a world that is our destiny to discover and to reclaim. The past, the camps, the Z'bri, they are all just that - the past. The future is dark and unknown; the future belongs to us."

-Altara Ven, "The Manifesto of the Fallen"

Tribe 8: Rulebook
There is also a less-common hardcover version of the rulebook, same product number, same ISBN... very lazy and unprofessional of the game company, Dream Pod 9. But there it is.

"Tribe 8 is a roleplaying game set in a tribal future where Player Characters are blessed with mystical insight and marked by destiny. They must struggle to build a new society from the ashes of the old. The Tribe 8 rulebook contains everything needed to start a campaign, including world background, full character creation and interaction rules, and a new and dynamic system for Synthesis, the magic of Tribe 8."

1998 ... 208 pages ... Dream Pod 9 (DP9-801) ... ISBN 189677623X

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Tribe 8 Player's Handbook
"The strange and wonderful world of Tribe 8 fascinates you, but you don't know what to do with it? The T8 Player's Handbook answers it all. Designed and written with the assistance of hardcore Tribe 8 players, this manual contains an overview of the game world, followed by extensive tips on atmosphere, character design, equipment, Synthesis and much more!

This book is eminently practical; it's really a player's handbook, designed to help getting started (and progressing) in a fantasy game where there are no elves or dwarves. It is full of serious advice on designing characters: the best combinations of Attributes, Skills, and Perks, adventure/campaign ideas, background generators, and a lot more handy stuff on equipment, traditions, and combat.

The Tribe 8 Player's Handbook also contains a complete Open Gaming License conversion section. It explains how to make Tribe 8 compatible with the world's bestselling fantasy roleplaying game, enabling players to import 3rd edition rules' monsters and adventures from other fantasy settings, or to play a Tribe 8 campaign with the well-known 3rd edition rules set.

The Tribe 8 Player's Handbook includes:

* Critical information summaries on the Tribes, Houses, and other factions;
* Overview and explanation of the various societies (populations, economics, cultures, etc.);
* Extensive Player Character creation guidelines, including numerous background tables and equipment section;
* Combat-related rules, covering such things as shields, partial armors, paired weapons, and special maneuvers, along with tactics and guidelines;
* Clarification and expansion of the Synthesis magic system;
* Complete OGL conversion and adaptation rules."

2002 ... 128 pages ... DP9-825 ... ISBN 1894814762

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Tribe 8 RPG 2nd Edition Players Handbook
"The Tribe 8 RPG Second Edition Player's Handbook is the new starting point to the Tribe 8 Universe. A roleplaying game set in a tribal future where Player Characters are blessed with mystical insight and marked by destiny. They must struggle to build a new society from the ashes of the old, fighting against alien horrors and the Fatimas, avatars of the Goddess Herself.

The Tribe 8 RPG Second Edition Player's Handbook includes:
• A detailed world background, with history, meta plots explained and revised Capal setting;
• Extensive Player Character creation guidelines, along with weapons and equipment to use;
• Z’bri and Fatima creation guidelines along with tons of nasty beasts to fight;
• Clarification and expansion of the Synthesis magic system, as well as guideline for updating first edition characters to second edition;
• Dual-stats for the powerful Silhouette CORE rule system, a highly acclaimed game engine that uses classic six-sided dice, and the widely popular d20-based rules placed under the Open Gaming License."

2004 ... Bob Woods ... 256 pages ... Dream Pod 9 (DP9-930) ... ISBN 1894814908

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Weaver's Screen and Assistant
"The Weaver's Screen and Assistant is the perfect companion to the Tribe 8 Rulebook, containing loads of tools for Weavers starting their own Tribe 8 games. The beautifully illustrated screen puts all the major Tribe 8 game tables at your fingertips, while the Weaver's Assistant booklet contains various game aids:
• "Enemy of my Enemy," a complete scenario designed for starting Player Circles and beginning the Tribe 8 storyline;
• expanded advice on Weaving, including details on creating epic cycles and portrayal notes for all the major locations and people of Tribe 8;
• an overview of "Children of Prophecy," the first volume in the Tribe 8 storyline;
• 14 Non-Player Character archetypes designed to be used as is or to be modified for your own purposes."

1998 ... DP9-802 ... ISBN 1896776388

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Vimary Sourcebook
"The Vimary Sourcebook is the core supplement for the entire Tribe 8 game line. In 144 pages, it details the full scope of the game's core setting, and provides countless ideas and resources for quests and cycles.

The Vimary Sourcebook includes:
• an innovative telling of the history of the Seven Tribes since their Liberation from the Camps;
• a detailed return to Vimary itself, with full coverage of tribal lands, Hom, the mysterious Rust Wastes and the dreaded H'l Kar, home of the Z'bri;
• over a dozen evocative maps of key locations, including the Z'bri community of Abonom, the Keeper stronghold of Olympus, and the hidden underworld of Vimary;
• a look at all the major players and factions, including the Seven Tribes, Fallen, Squat bands, Z'bri, and Keepers."

1998 ... 144 pages ... DP9-803 ... ISBN 1896776418

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Tribe 8 Companion
"The Tribe 8 Companion is a major supplement and expansion for Tribe 8. Designed to complement the critically acclaimed Tribe 8 Rulebook, the Companion provides new source material in the same engrossing narrative style. Learn about the hidden Lost Tribes of Joshua the Ravager and Mary the Forgiver, the Quest Circles who carry out the wills of the Fatimas and the Keepers who live in the Rust Wastes. Quests, weaving advice and advanced rules complete the package.

The Tribe 8 Companion includes:
• Information on the tribes of Joshua and Mary, including Player Character creation guidelines and new Synthesis abilities;
• Details on Quest Circles, groups who carry out the will of the Seven Fatimas and their tribes, along with rules and advice for running tribal (as opposed to Fallen) cycles using Circles;
• Expanded information and PC generation rules for the Keepers;
• Two complete quests, one involving a dying Z'bri and the other an ancient relic of Mary and Joshua;
• Overviews of the populations and economics of all the tribes;
• New combat rules, covering such things as shields, paired weapons and special maneuvers;
• New weapons, including automatic weapons for Keepers and partial armor for tribals;
• Clarifications of the Synthesis magic system."

1999 ... 112 pages ... DP9-805 ... ISBN 1896776477

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Horrors of the Z'bri
"Horrors of the Z'bri is a sourcebook detailing the past and present of the beasts that stalk the shores of Vimary. Within these pages you will see the Beasts through their own eyes, and discover the true horror of their unearthly nature.
• Eight new Aspects used by the Four Houses;
• Sundering and expanded Atmosphere rules;
• Dozens of beasts, weapons and NPCs;
• Tips and advice for weaving the Z'bri;
• Details on the Serfs, Gek'roh and Hunters."

1999 ... 128 pages ... DP9-806 ... ISBN 1896776574

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Into the Outlands
"Into the Outlands is a sourcebook detailing the wilderness that surrounds the island of Vimary and the lands of the Z'bri. It follows the paths of the yearly expeditions, and the brave explorers who dare to push their way through the dangers of the wild. The sourcebook provides hundreds of plot hooks and story ideas, along with resources for use by any and all gamers, including:
• Extensive detail on the climate, plants, animals and people inhabiting the Outlands;
• A new look at the Squats, including trading patterns, politics, clan customs and mythologies;
• Hundreds of new locations, from the frozen wastelands to the Broken Coast;
• Expanded rules for water and land travel."

1999 ... 96 pages ... DP9-807 ... ISBN 1896776620

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Adrift on the River of Dream
"Adrift on the River of Dream is the core sourcebook of spirituality, magic and dream for Tribe 8. Inside, Weavers and Players alike will find all the information they need to run spiritual and mystical campaigns, as well as new rules and extensive information on Synthesis, Sundering, Dreaming, Technosmithing, Ritual, Spirits and the River of Dream. Adrift of the River of Dream includes:
• Extensive guidelines for using, weaving and understanding Synthesis;
• A cosmography of the River of Dream, including the various Orbs and Spheres;
• Rules and guidelines for making rituals, Dreaming and Spirits a major part of a cycle;
• New information on Guides, Heartstones and the interaction of the Z'bri and the Great Architecture;
• Many new groups and locations;
• Eight new Aspects, two new Technosmithing formulae, a dozen new rituals and three new Sundering Aspects;
• New spiritually-oriented Perks and Flaws.
Adrift is the Fourth Interlude in the Conquest story arc."

2001 ... 144 pages ... DP9-820 ... ISBN 1894578619

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Tribe 8 Map Pack
Ten maps from the world of the Tribes

* The Territories of the Outlands
* The Blacktops
* Playground
* Abonom
* Duskfall Forest
* Hom
* The Sunken City
* The Rust Wastes
* Vimary
* Dahlian Caravan Routes

2000 ... DP9-811

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Wordbook Series

Word of the Pillars
"Joan the Warrior and Tera Sheba the Wise are arguably the most powerful of the Seven Fatimas and are the Fallen's most dogged enemies. Their tribes are also full and rich societies, who play important roles in the history and shape of Vimary. Word of the Pillars serves as both a sourcebook and player's guide for these two important tribes. Learn their secret histories, rites and rituals; meet their most important members; and understand just why they have adopted a hard line against the Fallen. Word of the Pillars is the first of the Wordbooks, which will details all the tribes.

• Information on the daily life of the two tribes;
• Full write-ups on ritual Synthesis, myths and holy artifacts used and held in reverence by both tribes;
• Expanded information on recurring NPCs and details on new and important characters both in and beyond Vimary;
• A new Aspect used by a secret guild within the Tribe of Joan, as well as descriptions and statistics for the tribal totem spirits."

1999 ... 80 pages ... DP9-808 ... ISBN 1896776558

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Word of the Fates
"Word of the Fates serves as both a sourcebook and a Player's guide for these three important tribes. Learn the secrets of their powers, rites and rituals; meet some of their most influential members; and get a glimpse into the darkness that they try and hide from their own selves. Word of the Fates is the second of the Wordbooks.

The book features:
• Information on the daily life and habits of the three tribes;
• Details of Synthesis powers, artifacts and legends of the Tribes;
• Complete write-ups of the four totems revered by the Fates;
• Three new Aspects used within the tribes;
• And much more!"

2000 ... 128 pages ... DP9-814 ... ISBN 1896776779

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Word of the Dancers
"Word of the Dancers serves as both a sourcebook and a Player's guide for these two important tribes. Learn the secrets of their powers, rites and rituals; meet some of their most influential members; and get a glimpse into the need for change that drives them both in such different directions. Word of the Dancers is the third of the Wordbooks, following Word of the Fates and Word of the Pillars.

The book features:
• Information on the daily life and habits of the two tribes;
• Details of Synthesis powers, artifacts and legends of the Tribes;
• Dozens of new NPCs;
• Complete write-ups of the three totems revered by the Dancers;
• Four new Aspects used within the tribes;
• And much more!"

199? ... 96 pages ... DP9-818 ... ISBN 189457852X

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Word from the North
"Word from the North is a 64-page Book of Legend consisting of a series of adventures to be played by a gaming group. The book contains a set of stories for Capal, City of Hate, and a complete set of resources for including the characters and settings in your own campaign.

The book features:
• More of the ongoing saga of the Fallen;
• New locations and fortresses to explore and conquer;
• Numerous Non-Player Characters to add to your cycle;
• Expanded details for the novice Weaver;
• And much more!"

1999 ... 64 pages ... DP9-812 ... ISBN 1896776698

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Cycle Book Series

Children of Lilith
"Children of Lilith is a complete cycle for Tribe 8. Its many quests and scenarios chronicle the rise and ultimate fate of Lilith the Liberator, the Eighth Fatima, come to fulfill the prophecy of Her Father, Joshua.

As the heralds of Her birth, the Player Characters witness Lilith's rise and play a central role in the events surrounding her reign over Hom. In that time, they face a Terasheban inquisition, the horror of hidden Z'bri spies and a bitter and bloody dispute among the Fallen.

Children of Lilith includes:
• Four complete quests and many side scenarios;
• Complete details on Lilith the Liberator;
• New Joshuan Synthesis powers;
• Information on the Black Owls, Terasheban spies;
• Complete details on the Institute, a haunted ruin from the World Before;
• Insight into the southern Outlands."

2000 ... 96 pages ... DP9-804 ... ISBN 1896776442

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Trial by Fire
"An assault on the Fatima Agnes leads Tera Sheba and Joan to decide to put the Fallen in their place once and for all, and they call a great trial. Joanite warriors and Terasheban inquisitors raid Hom and capture many of the luminaries of the Fallen, bringing them to face charges before the council of the Seven Sisters. Some will be destroyed and others will defend themselves well... Do the Players have the strength to finally prove the honor of the Fallen?

Trial by Fire is a 112-page Campaign book consisting of a series of adventures to be played by a gaming group. It is the second part of the Children of Prophecy cycle.

The book features:
• Four complete quests and side scenarios;
• A new Z'bri conspiracy;
• Expanded details for the novice Weaver;
• Six new groups who will affect the future of Vimary;
• Numerous Non-Player Characters to add to your cycle;
• And much more!"

1999 ... 112 pages ... DP9-809 ... ISBN 1896776655

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Warrior Unbound
"The conflict within the Tribes grows, as Joan breaks free from the shackles that have held Her for so many years. The Players are drawn into this clash of deities, given the chance make their mark on the face of their world. Battling through the River of Dream and the depths of the H'l Kar, their actions may mean the difference between the fulfillment of ancient prophecy, or the destruction of all that they hold dear.

The book features:
• Four complete quests and side scenarios;
• Expanded details for the novice Weaver;
• Numerous Non-Player Characters to add to your cycle;
• And much more!"

2000 ... 96 pages ... DP9-813 ... ISBN 189677671X

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Broken Pact
"Since the Liberation, Joan and Tera Sheba have stood together as guardians to the Seven Tribes. Now their trembling alliance has shattered, and the Player Characters are drawn into a Crusade that brings the world down around their ears.

Broken Pact is a complete cycle for Tribe 8. Its Quests and Acts chronicle the events behind a new set of Crusades which deal the fatal blow to the ancient and mysterious Pact of the Dome. This book also marks the first appearance of Agnes' new form!

The book features:
• A Prelude adventure, three complete Quests and many hooks for side plots;
• Detailed information on the geography and inhabitants of the Ziggurat and the H'l Kar;
• New NPCs and templates to be used with any Cycle;
• New Z'bri monstrosities and creations;
• And much more!"

2000 ... 96 pages ... DP9-815 ... ISBN 1896776795

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Vimary Burns
"Vimary Burns is an adventure book that will radically change the face of the T8 world. Enraged by the actions of the warriors of the nation, the Houses of the Z'bri let loose a terrible vengeance on humanity, breaking free from the restraint that had been imposed upon them. Caught between the Tribes who rejected them and the beasts who are intent on destroying them, the Eighth Tribe must make a choice that will change their world forever.

Vimary Burns tells the story of the Z'bri retribution against the islands of the Nation. Angered at the destruction of the Pact of the Dome, conspirators against the Baron begin a cleansing of Vimary. Two armies march upon a divided Nation and the Eighth Tribe may be their only hope for survival.

The book features:
• Six interwoven tales detailing the events leading up to, including and after the Burning of Vimary;
• Plenty of tips and advice for weaving the events of Vimary Burns into your current cycle;
• New NPCs and templates to be used with any Cycle;
• A look at the key agendas and conspiracies of the major players both within Vimary and beyond;
• And much more!"

2000 ... 64 pages ... DP9-816 ... ISBN 1896776833

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"Following the destruction of Vimary, an uneasy peace is trembling between the Nation and the Eighth Tribe. Koleris Warbands and packs of Gek'roh run rampant across the remains of Vimary, and Westholm has become a fortified and isolated town. When the calm begins to fracture, and refugees arrive bringing news of war, the leaders of the Tribes and the Fallen must take arms again against distant enemies as well as those much closer to home.

Revanche is a complete cycle for Tribe 8. Its Quests and Acts chronicle the gathering-in of the Nation and the Fallen, and an end to three generations of Z'bri tyranny. Rising up in battle, the armies of the Nation and the Fall sweep across Vimary, taking back what is rightfully theirs. Revanche includes:
• four complete Quests and many side plots;
• Detailed information on the next phase of the Tribe 8 metaplot
• New NPCs and templates, useful for any Cycle"

2001 ... 96 pages ... DP9-819 ... ISBN 1894578562

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"The Liberation that began with the fall of the H’l Kar spreads out, catching all of humanity up in a war against their greatest enemy -- the Z’bri of Capal. For the first time since the World Before, humanity stands united and ready to take back their lives, their spirits and their world. Now is the time of Prophecy, and now is the time of the Eighth Tribe.

Liberation is the concluding volume of the Conquest Cycle, bringing the epic story of the Fallen and Tribals’ conflict with the nations of Z’bri to an epic close. Five Quests detail the War of Liberation against Capal: The City of Hate, and the new alliances and enemies that will shape the future of the world. This sourcebook contains:

• Five full Quests, and dozens of hooks for further adventure;
• Many new NPCs, beasts and Totems;
• New information on Boarhead’s Confederation, the Sanjon Keepers and a glimpse of the Mistresses of Hattan.
Liberation is Part Five and the culmination of the Conquest story arc."

2001 ... 112 pages ... DP9-821 ... ISBN 1894578678

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Capal: Book of Days
"The Capal Book of Days is the core sourcebook for Tribe 8's new setting, the Rising Star of Capal. The city is detailed in all its promise, glory and danger, providing a wealth of opportunities and ideas for cycles set in the new center of the Known World. Capal provides an excellent opportunity to begin a new chapter in your Tribe 8 game, with new characters taking the place of the old, or as the first installment for new Player Circles.

This book includes:
• a history of the Nation of the Fall since its inception after the Liberation of Capal, told by those who created it
• details of the city, from august High Town and the slums of Low Town to the bustling Waterfront, and then beyond the walls to the lands outside, from the dangerous Spires to the suburban Riverside
• numerous maps of the city, and a dazzling new look at the Known World
• snapshots of the powerful Cells of the Eighth Tribe that control the destiny of the new world
• expanded character generation to allow Players the option to make Tribals, Keepers, Squats, Serfs and Children of the Eighth Tribe"

2002 ... 112 pages ... DP9-822 ... ISBN 1894578694

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