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Keith Brothers "LOST SUPPLEMENTS" Collection

Long unavailable Classic Traveller accessories released as a large set in 1999.

Expanding folder contains 8 staple-bound booklets and a large envelope with game accessories.

I've auctioned off the hard-to-find Cargonaut Press Keith Brothers "Lost Supplements" collections several times over the years. I'm collecting the sales info and photos here: Auction Histories: Traveller LOST SUPPLEMENTS Collection - Cargonaut Press

Also seen as Marischal Adventures.


1999 ... Paul Sanders & J. Andrew Keith & William H. Keith & Jim Long & Hans Ranke ... Cargonaut Press

The Arctic Environment
"THE ARCTIC ENVIRONMENT is a TRAVELLER supplement dealing with the particular hazards and special situations of travel and survival in sub-zero climates. Included are specific rules designed to simulate arctic weather conditions, explanations of equipment of use to characters venturing into an arctic clime, and a guide to the special events and encounters which may take place under arctic conventions.

Challenge your players to broaden their horizons by entering THE ARCTIC ENVIRONMENT."

1984 (original date) ... J. Andrew Keith ... 37 pages

Faldor: World of Adventure
"FALDOR, a primitive planet only a few parsecs from the borders of the Imperium, but remote in terms of society, technology, and culture. For centuries isolated at the behest of sociologists interested in charting the progress of cultures stranded on the world long ago and reduced to the verge of savagery, FALDOR has only recently been opened to contact with traders from the stars. The hazards of dealing with primitive cultures and natural hazards require a courageous and skilled breed of adventurer to meet the challenges of this new world.

The adventurers come to FALDOR as part of a company trading team, making a routine call at the planet to take on cargo and check on the well-being of company employees on the planet. A routine stop on a routine voyage. But routine can be deceptive, and it's possible that some of those who come to FALDOR may never leave...

FALDOR - World of Adventure lies ahead. It is a place of primitive peoples and of potential wealth. But it is also a world full of potential danger..."

1982 (early version used at Origins '82, Baltimore, MA) ... J. Andrew Keith ... 77 pages

Imperial Calendar
16 pages, sorted by Imperial week and day, art on each page by William H. Keith. Begins with a tribute to J. Andrew Keith (Aug 31, 1958 - Aug 7, 1999)


Letter of Marque (Rogues in Space, Volume 1)

A privateer sweeping down to capture and destroy enemy shipping... a corporate raider waging a relentless "tradewar" against a rival... even a pirate, with a handful of cutthroats to stand against the might of the Imperial Navy... these are the adventures that await inside.

Now, for the first time, detailed rules on how to carry out a career of piracy and interstellar plunder in the universe of TRAVELLER. Assemble and equip a corsair expedition, seek backers or government support for a privateering voyage, and set out into the star lanes in search of laden merchantmen. Stalk victims through the trackless reaches of a star system dodging patrols and seeking out worthwhile targets. Take home prize ships and captured cargo, sell them, conduct repairs, and set out again.

This supplement contains complete rules on all these aspects of commerce raiding, and more. Additional rules cover recruitment, starships used by corsairs and pirates, equipment and pirate character generation. Deckplans and descriptions of a typical corsair are included as well.

Finally, this supplement contains a complete campaign. Marque and Reprisal, following a privateering expedition against the powerful Carrillian Assembly in the Reaver's Deep sector. The campaign includes general information plus specific details on encounters with four new starship types, with deckplans. descriptions, High Guard stats, and everything else the players and the referee need for a complete commerce raiding campaign!"

J. Andrew Keith ... 89 pages

Reaver's Deep: Sector Sourcebook
"The Reaver's Deep sector borders on the rimward edge of the Imperium adjacent to the Great Rift, and has been a buffer zone for its larger galactic neighbors throughout its known history. Hundreds of unallied worlds and a handful of pocket interstellar states comprise the sector. This structure keeps the Reaver's Deep sectors' geopolitical character in constant turmoil, as petty wars rage, alliances shift, trade routes are created, destroyed, or simply altered, and cultures rise and fall.

There are several dominant, independent states lying within the sector's borders: Principality of Caledon, the largest human-governed unit, and often described as a "commercial kingdom"; Carrillian Assembly, the second largest political entity within the sector, it is presently controlled by a highly charismatic dictator; Union of Harmony, a successor state with strong ties to the Solomani Confederation; Confederacy of Ducinae, a loose hegemony of states that places special emphasis upon individual freedoms; and the Grand Duchy of Marlheim, an aggressively expansionist totalitarian state founded by one of the last of the great Reaver Warlords. In addition, there are client states such as the Grand Duchy of Douglass and the Kolan Hegemony that foster hopes of independence. It is these states, awash in a sea of scattered star systems that remember the sectors past glories, chart the present, and plot her future.

Situated betwixt the Asian Hierate, the Imperium, and the Solomani Confederation, Reaver's Deep has become stitched with trade routes connecting these realms. The trade routes, in addition to providing cultural enrichment, give the sector a fair portion of its income, as ships and their crews traversing the sector are often in need of support services - spanning the range from starship maintenance to food products to armed escort services. Independent star systems lying off of these major trade routes are seldom visited, and are steeped with the mystery, tradition, and legends of the sector's reaver past."

1999 ... Paul Sanders ... 63 pages

Scam (Rogues in Space, Volume II)

From simple bluffs and casual deceit to elaborate confidence games worth millions of credits,,. from complex swindles to carefully prepared impersonations... within this supplement there awaits a widely varied set of guidelines and adventures essential to any TRAVELLER campaign or adventure.

For the first time, detailed rules are now available which make it possible for adventurers to practice deceptions of almost any kind. Whether it is a simple bluff to get past a hostile guard, an attempt to use deceit to achieve a goal - be it access to a person or place, acquisition of equipment without paying large amounts of money, or gaining the ear of a gullible patron - or a sting designed to net a fortune from a hapless mark, SCAM provides rules to supplement the basic concepts found in TRAVELLER and bring this aspect of adventuring to life.

This supplement contains complete rules on all aspects of con games and the people who run them. Rules cover such diverse matters as reactions, disguise, and impersonation, the gullibility of NPCs (and even other player characters!), equipment, and new skills that may be earned - and ways of earning them -when characters are embarking upon criminal careers. This supplement also contains a series of short adventures, which make use of the rules in sample scams. These may be played, with the adventurers "assisting" a master con artist who formulates these intricate stings, but they may also be used strictly as a source of inspiration so that the players may come up with scams of their own.

Add a new dimension to the many worlds of TRAVELLER with SCAM - Rogues In Space."

J. Andrew Keith & William H. Keith & Paul Sanders ... 68 pages

Starport Planetfall
"From routine operations to dealings with officialdom, the starports of worlds in and out of the Imperium are important places of business for starship crews and other travellers. Brokers with cargo, port officers imposing legal requirements, technicians, crewmen, tourists... a whole subculture exists within the bounds of the starport extrality fence. Whether they are seeking business or pleasure, information or goods, rumors or jobs, travellers will find them among the landing pads and control towers of the planetary starports.

STARPORT PLANETFALL is a collection of detailed encounter tables designed to generate random encounter situations for TRAVELLER. From the largest planetary starport to the smallest landing fields, tables and encounter descriptions give depth and detail even to innocent encounters that may have no bearing on the adventure or campaign in progress... but provide flavor, atmosphere, distractions, or even whole new adventures that will serve the TRAVELLER referee in good stead."

June 1984 (original material) ... J. Andrew Keith ... 47 pages

Mertactor: The Volentine Gambit (StarCrystal, Episode 1)
"The planet is Mertactor/District 268 of the Spinward Marches, located at the fringe of the Imperium. The assignment is simple and profitable - recover a flashy artifact recently taken from a representative of DerBonne Merchants, L.I.C., and return it to Baron Edkos Volentine, a corporate director. You've got two days before your passage home, the Far Trader "Arax House", is loaded with cargo and ready to leave. There's not really enough time, but it couldn't hurt to look around - the Mertactor outback is supposed to be fairly scenic, and you might get lucky. Baron Volentine could be a useful man to make happy.

"Gambit" is a term for chess, an ancient Solomani pastime, describing the early sacrifice of a pawn in exchange for a long-term positional advantage. Baron Edkos Volentine had many pawns on Mertactor to choose from, but guess who got the job?

Welcome to Mertactor.

STARCRYSTAL is a solitaire text adventure series based on the TRAVELLER science fiction role-playing game system. Each episode is playable separately or in sequence as a solitaire TRAVELLER campaign. "Mertactor - The Volentine Gambit" features five non-player characters, 200 locations, 380 interactive objects, and incidental graphic support. Playing time is 10-50 hours. The package contains a program disk, a data disk, and this booklet of documentation and TRAVELLER background information. The game is absolutely playable by those who are not familiar with the TRAVELLER system.

TRAVELLER is Far Future Enterprises registered trademark for its science fiction role-playing game set in the far future. Software by Ba'rac Limited. Both are used by permission."

Jim Long ... 30 pages

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