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James Bond 007 Role Playing Game - Victory Games

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Victory Games, a subsidiary of Avalon Hill, published a role playing game paying homage to the James Bond movies. The design quality was excellent, and a number of the products are still available used.

James Bond 007 - Basic Game (book)
"Experience the life of a secret agent... work for M.I.6, the British Secret Service, or assume the role of the most famous agent of all... prepare yourself for endless thrills, high-living and danger. Reach out for excitement in...

The World of James Bond 007

Careen through high-speed chases...
as you track down villains or escape their evil henchmen!
Pit yourself against ODD JOB and JAWS...
and thwart the plans of Dr. No and Goldfinger!
Choose your special skills as an agent...
weapon and vehicle handling, hand-to-hand combat, gambling, mountaineering, demolitions.
Select your equipment from Q Branch...
have your weapons and vehicles modified to suit each of your missions!

Obtain the Coveted "00" Rank:
Your Licence to Kill!

The Fully Illustrated Basic Game
All the information necessary to play the game is provided to the Gamesmaster and players, plus an introductory adventure - The Island of Dr. No!"

1983 ... VG 35000 ... ISBN 0912515007

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There is of course no legal PDF of the James Bond RPG due to IP reasons. However an OSR style retroclone of the rules available at DriveThruRPG.

Q Manual
"The Q Manual provides players with the weapons and equipment used in the James Bond movie series, plus many additional items that may be employed during the course of a mission. Simple mechanics allow these items to be easily incorporated into the James Bond 007 Role Playing Game.

Comprehensive background on Q Branch...
its history, purpose, capabilities, and known personnel...
Select your means of transportation...
Aston Martin DB-V, Lotus Esprit, Bell Texas Ranger Helicopter, Wallis Autogyro, Boeing Jet-Foil, Chris Craft Stinger...
Arm yourself from the world's best armoury...
from the famous Walther PPK and Beretta to the Uzi and Heckler & Koch 53 submachine guns...
Choose from a selection of covert devices...
X-ray safecracker, nitefinder goggles, voice synthesizer, optic fiber decoder, infrared camera, electronic tracer...
Add your own personal enhancers...
shoe escape kit, explosive belt, umbrella sword, rotary saw watch, shaving canister flamethrower, acid pen, glove gun?"

1983 ... Greg Gorden ... 138 pages ... VG 35001 ... ISBN 0912515015

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James Bond 007 - Basic Set [BOX SET]
Contains the 160 page rulebook, and a pad of character sheets.

"This package contains the illustrated Basic Game book including all game rules, Gamesmaster information, and an introductory adventure, The Island of Dr. No plus a pad of Character Record sheets for repeated play."

1983 ... VG 35002 ... ISBN 0912515023

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There is of course no legal PDF of the James Bond RPG due to IP reasons. However an OSR style retroclone of the rules available at DriveThruRPG.


A developing puzzle for me over the years: James Bond RPG boxes missing their cover lids.

I recall in my early days getting a lidless James Bond RPG module box in a game lot... Don't remember the title. Thinking it to be an incomplete set, I later auctioned it off cheap as a "flawed" set.

Later, I saw two separate JB Gamesmaster Packs at different times, each without a lid. I thought that was odd, but just wrote it off as coincidence. But why were James Bond gamesmasters so sloppy about keeping their sets together?

Then I acquired a GM Pack, still in factory shrinkwrap -- with no lid. Ahhhh, OK, so some of the GM Packs were sold without lids. That was a head-scratcher.

Recently, I was contacted by a customer. A seller sold them a Goldfinger set w/o a lid, and claimed it was supposed to be that way.

And now (Jan 2013), I've received Goldfinger and Octopussy sets - you guessed it, sans lids. Sporting a cover sleeve in place of said lid. They are otherwise identical to the normal box sets as far as I can tell.

Between those two, and the GM Pack, they make up the first three accessory box releases for the JB RPG. My guess is that Victory Games decided to reprint these titles at a later date ('86 or '87?), and dispensed with the lids as a cost-cutting measure. Box sets are relatively expensive to produce, which is why RPGs are more often found printed as single books.

(May 2017) UPDATE: Pete C. told me he's owned these sets since the very beginning, and that the lidless sets are actually the original releases, switching to full boxes later.


Early printings released without a lid. -W

"BRIEFING: International industrial magnate Auric Goldfinger is suspected of smuggling gold out of England. But there is no solid evidence against him. Also, he has backed suspicious gold mining explorations around the world. Are Goldfinger's actions merely the work of a greedy man, or is he plotting some more sinister design against an unwilling world?

MISSION: The British Secret Service has called on you, one of its top secret agents, to follow Goldfinger and unravel the mystery behind the Man with the Golden Touch. But you must be careful. If you tip Goldfinger to your real purpose or force his hand too early, you may find yourself having to confront his murderous bodyguard, Odd Job."

1983 ... VG 35003 ... ISBN 0912515031

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Early printings released without a lid. -W

"Udaipur, India. The City of Dreams.
BRIEFING: Somewhere in this opulent city, the mysterious tradesman known as Kamal Khan is bringing to fruition a plot that will throw the world into chaos. Elsewhere, in her island palace on Lake Pichola, the beautiful Octopussy is scheming to multiply herenormous store of priceless jewels. Meanwhile, on another continent, one of the great treasures of Tsarist Russia the Faberge Egg is being slowly transported by a deadly circus to wards an unknown destination. MISSION: As an agent of M.1.6, the British Secret Service, you must attempt to find the link between Kamal Khan, Octopussy, and the Faberge Egg. But your task is far from easy, and it could be lethal. Armed with a few pieces of special equipment from Q Branch and your own natural resourcefulness you must uncover and defeat an underworld plan of international import. For if you fail, the world itself could face destruction.
The Octopussy Adventure package contains:
An illustrated 48-page Gamesmaster's Guide with complete instructions on running an adventure.
An Agent's Briefing Dossier from M.1.6 with 8 Mission Information Sheets.
A full color wrap-around folder complete with a portfolio of the major non-player characters."

1983 ... VG 35004 ... ISBN 091251504X

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Gamesmaster Pack
Early printings released without a lid. -W

"A James Bond 007 Game Supplement
Included in this package:
Full-color 11" x 32" Gamesmaster Screen
Pad of 40 Character Records
23 full-color sculpted character
and vehicle figures with bases
Gridsheet for movement and combat

This James Bond 007 Role Playing Game supplement features a four-panel Gamesmaster Screen containing the major charts and tables used during an adventure. The Gamesmaster can use the screen to perform many different game functions in secret.
The die-cut sculpted figures including James Bond, Oddjob, Jaws, the Aston Martin DB-V and Lotus Esprit, among others give players exciting visual representations of the characters they are playing and the personalities they may encounter, and aid the Gamesmaster in controlling movement and combat."

1983 ... VG 35005 ... ISBN 0912515058

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Our James Bond 007 RPG shelf in May 2020

Dr. No
"BRIEFING: Something is terribly wrong on the island paradise of Jamaica. The always reliable M.I.6 Station head has failed to make his report and has since disappeared. What terrible secret is so important on Jamaica it is worth the risk of murdering an M.I.6 operative? All clues point to the existence of a mysterious figure unknown to the British Secret Service - someone called Dr. No. Where is Dr. No located, and could he prove a threat to the rest of the world?

MISSION: Against the backdrop of romance and intrigue in the Caribbean, you must discover the link between the missing Station head and Dr. No. Though your assignment sounds simple enough, you will find yourself in constant jeopardy as you seek to separate the lies and legends from the truth about Dr. No. Do you have the courage - and the intelligence - to unravel the mystery of Dr. No?

The Dr. No Adventure package contains:
An illustrated 48-page Gamesmaster's Guide with complete instructions on running an adventure.
An Agent's Briefing Dossier from M.I.6 with 8 Mission Sheets that provide clues and maps for the players.
A stand-up screen containing a map of Jamaica and the floorplan to Dr. No's lair."

1984 ... VG 35006 ... ISBN 0912515066

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For Your Information
"New Rules and Special Features
Brainwashing and Amnesia: The dangerous world of the secret agent becomes more hazardous should a character be captured by an enemy organization.
Undercover Agents and Impostors: Infiltrate enemy organizations to uncover their workings or unmask enemy agents within M.I.6.
Adventure Generation System: A quick method to create missions with Master Villains and locations using this revolutionary game system.
Real-World Intelligence: Learn how major agencies around the world work as they gather vital information.
Additional NPC's and Thrilling Cities: Characteristics and backgrounds on characters from the movies and detailed locations for missions.

Gamesmaster Supplement Comes Complete With
72-page rules and information book for the Gamesmaster
Pad of 12 M.I.6 Dossier forms
Pad of 12 M.I.6 Document forms
Pad of Non-Player Character Cards"

1983 ... VG 35007 ... ISBN 0912515074

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You Only Live Twice
"BRIEFING: A Soviet space laboratory has somehow dropped out of orbit and crashed into the Sea of Japan. Unknown to the rest of the world, an experiment aboard the lab has gone out of control. A deadly strain of virus has mutated inside the lab. If the lab is opened, the virus will escape and decimate the world's population. It is now a race against time to discover who has found the space lab... and to stop them from releasing a plague that will destroy civilisation.

MISSION: Your search for the fallen space lab takes you through the exotic streets of Tokyo and to the outer islands of Japan. As your investigations proceed, you find there is far more to the mystery than an accident in space. Treachery and deceit await you at every turn. Finally, you must come face-to-face in a showdown to the death with the dreaded Japanese master assassin - the Ninja!"

1984 ... VG 35008 ... ISBN 0912515082

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Live and Let Die
"BRIEFING: Two top M.I.6 operatives, working with the C.I.A. to uncover drug mugglers in New Orleans and on the Caribbean island of San Monique, have met suddent and mysterious deaths. Now a third agent, who had been observing Dr. Emman Kananga, the Premier of San Monique, has been found dead in his New York hotel room. All three deaths have occurred within the last 24 hours. Is someone simply out to destroy the British Secret Service, or is there some more ominous link that unites the three agents in death?

MISSION: Unraveling the threads of these murders takes you to New York, New Orleans and San Monique. At these locations you will find clues to a master plot that threatens to undermine the very fabric of American society. As you penetrate into the mystery behind the deaths of your fellow agents, you will find yourself confronting the dark powers of voodoo, encountering the lovely and mystical oracle Solitaire, and defying the cutthroats who work for the American gangster known as Mr. Big. Your life is in the balance, for the next card to be played is Death!"

1984 ... VG 35009 ... ISBN 0912515090

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Thrilling Locations
As Role Playing Game supplements go, this one has all the elements of a "must-have". Along with the Q-Manual and Basic game, this add-on shows once again the high quality of gaming materials Avalon Hill has become known for. Being the last supplement published for the highly underrated role playing game featuring the world's greatest spy, "Thrilling Locations" is one of the jewels of the collection. (As a side note, Avalon Hill was purchased by Hasbro Interactive in 1998 and it has become unclear what will happen to the James Bond 007 roleplaying franchise as the company is restructured to fit Hasbro's business model.)
If you play the James Bond roleplaying game, and particularly if you are a game master, this is an invaluable resource. One can find in-depth information about the ritzy locations and high-priced vehicles James Bond would encounter in one of his most extravagant missions in Her Majesty's Secret Service. From casinos to restaurants, yachts to jets, this book gives in-depth descriptions and game stats on the most expensive of Bond locations and vehicles. One can also find the bios and stats of the people who can afford to live such an outrageous lifestyle, or those work for them. This softcover book features color photos and the information is surprisingly accurate, as the book was written with the cooperation of the actual establishments and manufacturers it features.

"Thrilling Locations" also contains the rules and game mechanics for a host of games of chance that players may encounter in the game, including roulette, blackjack, and of course, baccarat.

After reading this very enjoyable book, one truly knows a little more about how it would feel to stand in the shoes of the man known as "Bond... James Bond." ...from Amazon reviewer Taylor Bastien

"Experience the sophisticated world of James Bond! Thrilling Locations provides you with detailed descriptions of elegant restaurants, preeminent lodgings, and sumptuous travel accommodations. Expand the campaign world of the James Bond 007 Role Playing Game.

FULLY ILLUSTRATED with 12 pages of full color, over 100 black and white photos, and illustrations that bring the world of first-class travel and living fully alive!

DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS allow your characters to...
Engage a Major Villain over baccarat at the palatial Casino de Monte Carlo!
Relax between missions at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, and the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong!
Dine with an elegant informant at Tavern on the Green in New York!
Escort a Fellow Secret Agent to London aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express!
Study your briefing as you fly to a mission on a Regent Air Corp. jet!

INCLUDED IN THIS BOOK are special game materials for enhancing the James Bond 007 Role Playing Game!
Floorplans of major locations described in the book!
Encounter Tables providing both obstacles and assistance for characters on a mission!
Descriptions of Non-Player Characters who inhabit the world of James Bond!"

1985 ... 148 pages ... VG 35010 ... ISBN 0912515104

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* SMERSH booklet (32 pages)
* VILLAINS booklet (72 pages)
* Documents packet, including 7 pages of dossiers & player handouts

"More vicious than Goldfinger... more enigmatic than Scaramanga... more deadly than Oddjob!

Seven new and original Major Villains for you to use to perplex and menace your players: Can they meet the challenge offered by these criminal geniuses bent on world domination and personal revenge?


James Bond's deadliest enemy organization, long thought disbanded, again rears its baleful head to sink its fangs into the unsuspecting and unwary. Inside is a complete updating of SMERSH, including its leaders and purposes. Is SMERSH still part of the KGB, or has it outgrown its parent organization to become an independent entity? In-depth descriptions of top SMERSH assassins allow for easy insertion into any existing campaign."

1986 ... VG 35011 ... ISBN 0912515112

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Goldfinger II: The Man With the Midas Touch Adventure
"BRIEFING: Three famous physicists have disappeared. Now, an M.I.6 agent assigned to protect another world-renowned nuclear physicist has been discovered dead of skin suffocation - his body covered with gold paint. Only one man is known to use this bizarre method - Auric Goldfinger. Has Goldfinger returned, or is someone mimicking his lethal methods? Whatever links the missing scientists with the agent's death must be discovered quickly, or the results may prove catastrophic to the world.

MISSION: Your double mission is to solve the murder of the M.I.6 agent and to protect the imperiled scientist. The assignment will not be easy, for the enemy is weaving a trap for you. He will lure you on with an intrigue combining anicent myth and modern technology. He wants to snare you in his golden web, for Goldfinger's burning hatred of you and M.I.6 must be satisfied. Are you brave enough to follow the golden threads of danger?"

Can be played alone, or as a sequel to Goldfinger. Contains: 48 page GM's guide. ~ Agent's Briefing Dossier. ~ Stand-up screen.

1985 ... VG 35012 ... ISBN 0912515120

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The Man With the Golden Gun
"BRIEFING: Francisco Scaramanga -- the Man with the Golden Gun -- is the world's consummate assassin. His fee: one million dollars. His signature: a golden bullet. His specialty: a single shot to kill his victim. Now Scaramanga is after a brilliant scientist and his Solex Agitator, and with it he will be able to create the ultimate firearm -- a solar gun that uses the energy of the sun as its projectile. The master killer must be stopped before he can unleash jis new golden gun against the free world.

"Mission: M.I.6 has assigned you to protect the Solex Agitator and to stop Scaramanga. The trail of the golden gun leads you to the mysterious Orient, where Scaramanga has gathered his powerful assistants to stop you at any cost. Even if you manage to find Scaramanga, you must confront him in the ultimate test of your skills -- inside the maze of death!"

Contains: 48 page GM's Guide. ~ Agents Briefing Dossier. ~ Stand-up screen

1985 ... VG 35013 ... ISBN 0912515139

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A View to a Kill
"BRIEFING: M.I.6 operative 004 is missing. His assignment was to infiltrate deep into the Soviet Union in order to retrieve a stolen microchip that is vital to England's national defense. 004 never arrived at his rendezvous point, and now someone must be sent into the frozen Siberian wastelands to find him. But the stolen microchip is just the top of the iceberg - there is a conspiracy afoot that could disrupt the world's economy. Is there enough time left to track down the ruthless mastermind and stop his earth-shattering plot?

MISSION: The killing cold of Siberia and the ever-present KGB imperil your search for 004 and the missing microchip. If you survive, you will be assigned to learn how the microchip fell into Soviet hands. A seemingly routine investigation takes on a grimmer aspect as you discover clues that point to a madman's lust for power. From atop the Eiffel Tower to the Major Villain's airborne headquarters, you will discover the meaning of what it is to go from A View to a Kill."

1985 ... VG 35014 ... ISBN 091251535X

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service
This box is twice the size of the usual James Bond RPG accessory.

The On Her Majesty's Secret Service Adventure package contains:
A 12 page rule booklet detailing how to use the James Bond 007 role-playing rules for solitaire play.
An 11 "x 16" Playmat and 63 markers to keep track of chases, combats and NPCs.
49 Action Cards to determine Danger Levels, and Chase and Combat actions
30 NPC Cards from which you randomly select your foe
84 page Paragraph Booklet
A pad of 20 record sheets

"Now all the excitement and challenge of the James Bond movies and role-playing game are yours, without the need for a GM.

The game system for On Her Majesty's Secret Service goes beyond the traditional solitaire mechanic of just reading paragraphs and thrusts you into the middle of breakneck chases and deadly combats. Through the use of Action Cards and random NPC cards, the danger levels can change from moment to moment matching your character's growth from Rookie to '00'. As you progress, you gain Action Codes that can change the course of the adventure, bringing surprises and thrills you never thought possible with a solitaire game.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service contains FOUR complete adventures that can be played individually or linked together, using James Bond or a character of your own creation.

As you defeat impossible odds while uncovering the Major Villain's master plan you will encounter deadly traps, fiendish mind control devices, the mysterious and troubled Tracy di Vicenzo, and a few surprise allies and enemies along the way. Can you prevail and save the world, proving that you are one of the best On Her Majesty's Secret Service?"

1987 ... VG 35015 ... ISBN 0912515368

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You Only Live Twice II: Back of Beyond
"BRIEFING: Q lab security has been breached! In the chill of pre-dawn London, a top secret file was stolen from Q Branch despite the tight security of M.I.6 headquarters. The files, containing chemical warfare secrets from Nazi Germany, were passed on before the thief was arrested. The culprit - one of the most trusted and loyal Q Branch technicians! Why has he turned against Queen and country? Who wields such power that he can force a loyal Briton to turn traitor? What havoc does he threaten to wreak with the stolen information?

MISSION: You must find and plug the security breach, and retrieve the missing file. Your search takes you from the cold death of a wintry London to the merciless desolation of the Australian Outback. Along this treacherous route you must survive remote controlled death, perilous beauties, and the killing ferocity of nature. Can you come from Back of Beyond?

You Only Live Twice II is an original adventure that can be played alone or as a sequel to the You Only Live Twice Adventure Module."

1986 ... 32 pages ... VG 35016 ... ISBN 0912515414

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For Your Eyes Only
Remember the climactic battle at the end of For Your Eyes Only? James Bond and his compatriots assaulted St. Cyril's Monastery on that natural rock tower hundreds of feet above. Didn't you always think that would make a helluva RPG adventure?

Well, it's in this module for the James Bond 007 RPG. The details of the monastery in the booklet are a bit scant at 4 pages, but the floorplans of the building take up the entire interior of the 3-panel cover. And who says you must use it in a James Bond adventure? You could steal it for virtually any RPG you are playing.

"BRIEFING: The British spy ship St. Georges has mysteriously sunk off the Albanian Coast ... with the Automatic Targeting Attack Computer (ATAC) onboard! Whoever has the ATAC can order British submarines to launch their nuclear missiles even at Great Britain itself. Sir Timothy Havelock had located the wreck of the St. Georges for M.1.6, but he was killed and his notes stolen. The enemies of Great Britain would pay handsomely for the ATAC, so every mercenary and enemy agent around the Ionian Sea is after it.
MISSION: Your only lead is an assassin-for-hire who might have carried off Havelock's notes. The trail takes you to breathtaking Cortina, where lies and danger are as deadly as the speeding slopes; to the bottom of the Ionian Sea, whose usually calm depths explode with peril. Desperately you race against time and rivals while encountering deceitful beauties, deadly henchmen and cliff-hanging excitement.

The For Your Eyes Only Adventure package contains:
An illustrated 32-page Gamesmaster's Guide with complete details for running the adventure.
8 Mission Sheet pages that provide valuable clues and maps for the players.
A stand-up screen with a detailed map of the Villain's headquarters."

1986 ... 32 pages + 3-panel screen ... VG 35018 ... ISBN 0912515430

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Assault! Game [BOX SET]

267 playing pieces
22" x 32" Mapsheet
1 Rules Booklet
1 Range Stick

"Using the famous movie assault on the secret rocket base from You Only Live Twice, the James Bond 007 Assault Game creates a unique opportunity for role players and simulation gamers to come together in a fast-paced, exciting game of commando combat! ! One player, assuming the role of the deadly Karl Ferenc Skorpios and his villainous band, must successfully launch his rocket from the secret volcano base. The other player, controlling James Bond, Tiger Tanaka, Kissy Suzuki, and their intrepid Ninja band, must make the perilous descent from high atop the base to foil the evil plan. Individual playing pieces, representing the major characters and their troops, battle across the multi-level floor of the base, engage in fire combat and hand-to-hand struggles as the moments until launch tick by. Easy to understand rules allow players to quickly begin playing the four scenarios, and rules for solitaire and gamesmaster play add to the game's diversity."

1986 ... VG 35017 ... ISBN 0912515422

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James Bond 007 RPG - Bond is Back! Deluxe Package
Role Playing in Her Majesty's Secret Service!

Experience the life of a secret agent. Work for M.I.6, the British Secret Service or assume the role of the most famous agent of all... prepare yourself for endless thrills, high living and danger. Reach out for excitement in the world of James Bond.

* High Speed Chases in pursuit of villains and their henchmen.
* Pit Yourself Against Odd-Job and Jaws and thwart the plans of Dr. No and Goldfinger.
* Choose Your Special Skills as an Agent... weapons, vehicles, hand to hand combat, gambling, mountaineering, and demolitions... there is no limit!
* Select Your Equipment from Q Branch... have your weapons modified to suit each of your missions.

Earn the Coveted "00" Rank: Your License to Kill!

This package has it ALL... the diabolical villains, lethal, high-tech weapons, the most electrifying adventures in exotic cities all over the world. Now the danger and excitement of the popular movie series will come to life as you enter the Victory Games world of JAMES BOND 007!

Includes Game Master Screens and a complete array of GM supplies. Building floor plans, maps, dossiers, weapons and point designations; all of these accessories help define the environment to accurately create the atmosphere of play.

* Basic Game (rule book)
* GM Screen
* Thrilling Locations
* You Only Live Twice II - Back of Beyond
* A View to a Kill Adventure
* The Man with the Golden Gun Adventure
* Goldfinger II Adventure
* Dr. No Adventure
* Octopussy Adventure

1996 ... Victory Games 35019 ... ISBN 1560381701

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Action Episode Games

Goldfinger: Action Episode Game [BOX SET]
Rules folder
Action and Card Summary
11"x16" mapboard
Playing pieces (4 Enemy cars, Bond's Aston Martin, number squares [2-12])
Five playing piece stands
Five playing cards
Two six-sided dice

While trying to rescue Tilly Masterson from the clutches of Goldfinger, James Bond 007 has been captured. Odd Job and four cars filled with armed guards have escorted Bond and his Aston Martin to Auric Enterprises, where Bond will soon join Tilly as a prisoner or worse! But unknown to the enemy, the Aston Martin is no ordinary car. Soon Bond will use the vehicle's many surprises to get rid of the guard sitting beside him and begin one of the great car chases of all time.
The Goldfinger Action Episode Game allows two players to play out a car chase inspired by the famous scene from the movie of the same name. One player controls Bond and his Aston Martin, and the other player controls the four Enemy cars. Trapped in the Auric Enterprises complex, Bond relies on his superior training, experience, and instincts and the marvelous Aston Martin to find Tilly and escape!"

1985 ... VG 35502 ... ISBN 0912515252


Live and Let Die: Action Episode Game [BOX SET]
Rules folder
Action and Card Summary
11" x 16" mapboard
Playing pieces (5 boats, number squares [2-12])
Five playing piece stands
32 playing cards

"James Bond 007 is escaping! After attacking the poppy fields in San Monique and abducting Kananga's woman, Solitaire, Bond has been taken by force to Kananga's operation in Louisiana, where he has been left to die on a small island in a pond full of alligators. Bond has cleverly escaped from the island and stolen one of Kananga's boats, and now Kananga's men begin to pursue him in a thrilling chase through the Louisiana bayou.
The Live and Let Die Action Episode Game allows two players to re-create the famous boat chase scene from the movie of the same name. One player controls James Bond's boat, and the other player controls the four Enemy pursuit boats. Bond's Enemies are armed, while 007 has only his superior training, experience, and instincts to even his chances of victory. Before you begin to play, read once all the way through these rules and the Action and Card Summary."

1985 ... VG 35503 ... ISBN 0912515260


The Man With The Golden Gun: Action Episode Game [BOX SET]
Action Episode Game for One Player, ages 8 and up.

"James Bond has tracked the remarkable Solex Agitator, power source of the Golden Gun, to the home of his enemy, Scaramanga. You are lured into Scaramanga's funhouse maze, where Scaramanga and the Agitator await you. The tension mounts as you try to escape from the maze with the Solex Agitator and return it to the free world!"

1985 ... VG 35504 ... ISBN 0912515279


You Only Live Twice: Action Episode Game [BOX SET]
Rules Folder
Action Summary
11" x 16" mapboard
Playing pieces (4 Enemy helicopters, Little Nellie, number squares)
Five playing piece stands
Status Sheet pad

"His scouting mission completed, James Bond 007 banked Little Nellie over the mysterious volcanoes and headed home to report. There was something more to these mountains than met the eye, he was convinced, and M would be interested to hear about his best agent's suspicions. Suddenly, four armed helicopters appeared out of nowhere, and their intentions were clear - Destroy the intruder! "Well," thought Bond, "now is as good a time as any to test Q's latest weaponry."
The You Only Live Twice Action Episode Game allows two players to re-create the famous helicopter chase scene from the movie of the same name. One player controls James Bond's Wallis WA-116 Agile Autogyro (Little Nellie), and the other player controls the four Enemies, pursuing Bond in machinegun-armed Bell AB-47G helicopters. Sorely outnumbered by his foe, Bond relies on his superior training, experience, and instincts - and his small but powerful aircraft to even his chance of victory."

1985 ... VG 35505 ... ISBN 0912515287


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