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Handbook of Traps and Tricks

1981 ... Ben Ezzell ... Dragon Tree

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An AD&D module by Grenadier (better known for their miniatures) for character levels 1-4. -W

"You have heard rumors that Cloudland is a huge castle built many decades ago by a powerful mage. The mage is long dead, but creatures still fight for control of the castle's awesome towers. Beneath the walls of Cloudland, in its subterranean expanses, are rumored to be untold riches and strong, arcane magicks. Many adventurers have attempted to probe its depths, none have ever returned. Do you have the skill and courage necessary to explore Cloudland?"

1984 ... Tony Fiorito & Martin Kealey (cover) & Flint Henry (illos) & Gary Pilkington (illos) ... 48 pages ... GREN 702 ... ISBN n/a

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The Complete Works of Zorin Greystar (Book One)
A great essay about this book over at Thoul's Paradise



1984 ... Scherf Steve (Author), Kellar Autumn (Author), Violeta Autumn (Illustrator) ... 124 pages ... Autumn Press

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Castle Thrax
"Tired of doing all the work for the group you adventure with? Now you can play, too. Castle Thrax does the work for you. A revolutionary concept in Fantasy Role-Playing modules is designed to be played without a dungeon master! No referee of any kind! One person is assigned to simply read the descriptions and instructions from this unique adventure packet. No dungeon mastering experience is necessary.
Sure, being the dungeon master is fun, but not all the time. Castle Thrax gives you the opportunity to adventure with your friends, meet the same challenges, slay the same vile threats to humanity. And gain experience points right along with them.
Castle Thrax has other playing opportunities. Perhaps your friends live a great distance from you or they don't get together to play as often as you like. Get out your favorite character and some NPC's and play Castle Thrax solo. There's no reason to be left behind as your friends' characters gain increasingly higher levels because they play more often than you."

1985 ... Paul Burdick & Dave Billman (cover art) ... Spellbinders Games

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The Future King
"Doc Holliday shook his head in wonder. Just a minute ago, he was having one last drink at the Golden Nugget. Now he was standing on a wind-swept hill side with five strangers. And piled next to him was his dentist's equipment and his Winchester rifle. Surely he had left them back in his hotel room.
"Is this some kind of movie set?" asked the American with oriental features.
The man was supple and well muscled, surely a formidable opponent in a fight. But even he looked small compared to that giant of a viking next to him.
Doc was not really surprised he could understand the kingly-looking man in plate armor talking to the gentleman who looked like a medieval doctor. They were speaking in Latin, the traditional language of scholars. Doc hadn't thought his Latin was so good; he must have learned more at that Baltimore dental school than he'd realized.
Then the swashbuckler with the prominant nose spoke: "Un autre voyage a la lune? Ainsi soit-it Aux armes, mes arnles, I'aventure fait signe!"
Doc spoke no French. Yet he understood the man perfectly. "Another voyage to the moon? So be it. To arms, my friends, adventure beckons!" the man had said.
The swordsman seemed familiar. Wait a minute, a voyage to the moon! Cyrano de Bergerac! Doc decided to keep any comments he might be tempted to make about the size of the man's nose strictly to himself.
"Gentlemen, you are probably wondering why you are ail here."
The speaker was a small man with dark hair and a long drooping mustache. He wore a fine blue tunic embroidered in gold and soft leather boots. Doc would have sworn the man had not been here a few seconds ago. The man spoke an unknown language, but again Doc had no trouble understanding him.
"My name is Taliessin and I am to be your guide. Your help is desperately needed. It is time for Arthur to awake and once more take up the kingship. But his return is being blocked. Without your help he will remain asleep and the forces of chaos and destruction will sweep across this land. The cry for six great heroes echoed through the corridors of time, and you six answered the call. I beg you to accept this mission."
Doc might be dreaming. Or maybe he had gone crazy. But it made no difference. Never let it be said that John Henry Holliday turned coward in the face of danger. Come what may, Doc would do his best.

Six historical heroes: Doc Holliday, Nostradamus, Bruce Lee, Harald Hardraada, Owen Glendower, and Cyrano de Bergerac have been gathered together out of the mists of time. Their mission is to find and wake King Arthur, for it is time that he again don the mantle of kingship.
All you need to play The Future King is this adventure booklet and a common pair of dice. It is not necessary to first learn some separate rule's system. Nor do you need any of the odd-shaped dice used in so many role-playing games. So just take The Future King home, read it, and you'll be ready to play.

By the author of:
The Lost City (D&D adventure B4)
Castle Amber (D&D® adventure X2)
and the Lords of Creation game system"

1985 ... Tom Moldvay ... 20 pages ... Spellbinders

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The Challenges Game System (Easy-to-play game system for fantasy role-playing)
"The Challenges Game System offers an easy-to-play alternative to fantasy game systems which are becoming increasingly complex. All of the basic information needed for play is organized into 8 pages, instead of scattered among hundreds of pages of several expensive books.
The Challenges Game System is intended to be a foundation. Game Masters and players can add whatever they like to the system. They can change any rules they want. But the 8 page guide will still remain a basic reference aid, a place where essential information can be quickly found.
The Challenges Games System can be especially useful when playing or Game Mastering any of the various fantasy role-playing adventure modules published by Challenges International, Inc."

1986 ... Tom Moldvay ... 10 pages ... Challenges International


North Pole Publications

Also by NPP: The
Loremaster adventure "Shade of the Sinking Plain."

(left to right) 1st printing, 1st Revised, 3rd printing.

Tome of Mighty Magic

Dozens of new spells for AD&D.
When they titled this book "Tome of Mighty Magic" they weren't kidding. The volume starts with lowly 1st level spells (like Easy Catch to assist with fishing) all the way up to Level 20 spells like Create Plane, Divine Ascension, and my favorite, Eradication, which upon casting, "[t]he victim will cease to exist, will vanish from the multiverse and even from the minds of those who knew him or knew of him. Great deeds accomplished by the victim will be accredited to someone else. Items possessed by the victim will be scattered to various hoards of powerful monsters (who will remember them being there all along, of course!) in the far flung reaches of the multiverse."
Wow. Save that one for a truly despised enemy I guess.

1982, 1983 ... James Dees, et al (editors) & Frank Paul Scalfano, Jr. (art) ... 98 pages ... North Pole Publications

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The Serpent Islands
Intended for 1st edition AD&D.


Your party is among a group of adventurers who have been hired to serve as elite mercenaries in the dwarven wars against the servents of Kaishnalai, at an extravagant salary commensurate with your level of experience. To reach the battle zone, a two week sea voyage is necessary. After one week at sea, the ship is caught in a terrible storm which lasts three days. Late one night, when the storm finally relents, the ship finds itself in unfamiliar waters with the rudder and mainmast destroyed. After a few hours adrift, during which the crew tries various schemes to build a makeshift rudder and find out where you are, calm seas suddenly explode under the fury of a huge serpent; a toothed snake with six tentacles like those of a squid. It attacks with complete surprise and totally destroys the ship before any effective defense can be given. I n the heat of the attack, the captain's voice is heard: "Abandon ship!" and "Every man for himself!"

Can you face the horrors that thrive on the Serpent Islands? Will destiny lead you to riches and a safe return or leave your bones silently smouldering beneath the mud!


1983 ... James A. Dees & David Speight & Boris Vallejo (cover) ... 48 pages ... North Pole Publications

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Dimension 6

Mountain of Mystery
"Fantastic wizardry and fierce guardians defend the underground fortress of the Clerics of Athena.
A complete adventure, or the beginning of a superb 3-part campaign."

1980 ... Ken Ritchart ... 24 pages ... Dimension Six 1002

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The Temple to Athena
"PRIMAL DANGER The fanatical worship of the Goddess of All was interfered with by Desan, the ultimate evil. ...and as the Temple ages and deteriorates, the state of things becomes more uncertain. Evil magic and devout clerics exert their efforts to control the party of adventurers!"

1980 ... Ken Ritchart ... 36 pages ... Dimension Six 1003

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Town of Joundan
"The town lies as a front for the evil and secret workings of Began and Desan...
And thus the adventurers reach the end of their long quest. Before them stands the wild and evil town of Joundan.
A complete adventure, or the conclusion of a three-part campaign."

1981 ... 48 pages ... DSIX 1004

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The Nine Doctrines of Darkness
"Tome of Evil... It was the King's favorite wine-flask -- until the ages-old spell wore off. Now the black bound text of evil doctrine is the center of attention for both good and evil beings. It is your goal, Mortal!"

1980 ... Randy Fraser ... DSIX 1005

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The Nine Doctrines of Darkness: The Second Adventure
High on the cliffs of a secluded gorge, deep in snow-capped mountains, twin gates loom. What dangers lay beyond them? Evil beyond imagining, worship of a dark god, knowledge hidden for centuries, a black book..."

1981 ... Randy Fraser ... 40 pages ... DSIX 1006

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"This scenario is the complete Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® tournament adventure used at the Denver Gamers Association's convention, Genghis Con II, held in May, 1980.

Centuries ago, in a far away place, an awesome weapon was invented that threatened to destroy the world. A great battle was fought over this weapon and as a result, it was tossed into the deepest part of the ocean. The weapon was thought destroyed and the world was safe once again.

Many years passed, and rumors began circulating that a religious fanatic named Cimosco was attempting to find the final resting place of this weapon of awesome power. If he managed to find and restore this weapon, its horror would once again be unleashed on the world.

Cimosco searched for years and finally found the resting place of the terrible weapon. He enlisted the aid of the sea-dwellers and raised the remains of the artifact. What emerged from beneath the sea was nothing more than a coral-encrusted lump, but repeated blows with mighty sledges released the weapon from its stone-like bondage. Four centuries of coral and salt had not harmed it in any way. Until a way is found to destroy this weapon once and for all, its hellish power threatens all living things.

This book uses the rules of the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons® (a registered trademark of TSR Games), available from TSR or your local game store."

1980 ... Davy Davis ... 64 pages ... DSIX 1008

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Islandian Campaign Series

The Curse on Hareth
"THE CURSE ON HARETH is one of a series of interlocking adventure and role play scenario modules that have been designed and written to provid campaign-oriented materials for the time-pressed gamesmaster. This module contains 85 pages of tables, drawings, maps, and text. Herein you will find:
• a full-color, atlas-style, contour map of the province covered by the module: scale, 1 inch = 10 miles; contour interval, 500 feet; size, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.
• a four-color topographic map of the valley wherein the scenario takes place: scale, 1 inch = 1 mile; contour interval, 100 feet; size, 17 inches by 22 inches.
• three hachure maps of the same valley as the topographic map: scale, 1 inch = 1 mile; size, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.
• three contour maps of the areas surrounding a village and two ruins: scale, 1 inch = 500 feet; contour interval, 20 feet; size, about 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.
• a village map: scale, 1 inch = 50 feet; size 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.
• four highly-detailed maps of the surface and underground structures of two ruins and an inn; scale, 1 inch =
10 feet; size, 11 inches by 16 inches.
• a 6-year time line of events of importance, covering in detail the 30 days prior to the beginning of the scenario and the 30 days after.
• a role play scenario with a fully described cast of villagers,
• a gazeteer of the villagers and a price list of goods available for purchase.
• 200 rumors (facts and fictions) for use in the village and inn.
• geographical and historical notes on the village, the ruins, and nearby settlements,
• encounter tables for the village, the inn, and the surrounding countryside.
• two dungeon adventure scenarios containing detailed room descriptions, including the treasures and the
workings of all traps and secret doors.
• a thieves adventure scenario with a description of their lair.
• encounter notes for the adventure scenarios, including rules and tables for determining responses to disturbances.
• a role play scenario with descriptions of five shrines."

1982 ... Wm. John Wheeler ... loose-leaf ... Companions 40101

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Plague of Terror
"The setting of play in this module is Wentworth, a small manor village of historic and strategic importance. Wentworth occupies the flat land to the west of a narrow pass, Shaltor Notch, in one of the branches of the Snowpeak Mountains. Through this notch, runs the Kingsway, a paved road many centuries old, patrolled and maintained by the king. Spanning the notch is a fortification that has been turned into an inn.

He who controls the Kingsway controls the flow of goods and troops across the province. He who controls Shaltor Notch, controls the Kingsway, and he who controls Wentworth Manor, controls Shaltor Notch. The basic plot deals with the takeover of Wentworth Manor, with the intent to capture Shaltor Notch, disrupt trade, and break the King's hold on this part of the province. When the module begins, the baron's wife has died mysteriously, the baron is paralyzed with grief, the baron's son is a puppet of the man who is taking over, who is scheduled to wed the baron's daughter (also a puppet).

Several sub-plots coexist with this main problem. The most conspicuous is that for which the module is named: when the module begins, there have been 5 mysterious deaths, supposedly by a plague that kills only women about 30 years old; interlinked with these "plague deaths," are the violent deaths of 2 villagers. Another sub-plot deals with the disappearance of the village's beloved vicar, who has been replaced with another from a different religion. In a third sub-plot, the degeneration of the village has brought an increase in riffraff, with an increase of crime and corruption, including the operator of a wide-spread network fencing stolen goods.

This module is the second in The Brotherhood Series, which deals with the secret society of necromancers called The Brotherhood Of The Bolt. Like other products from THE COMPANIONS, INC., it may be played alone or used in parts. It was designed, however, to follow THE CURSE ON HARETH and concurrently with or before BROTHERHOOD OF THE BOLT.' As such, some of the plot devices are common to these products, and the activities of the non-player character Morlach, The Malicious, figures into this story and Time Line in a minor way. If BROTHERHOOD OF THE BOLT is used, the actions compliment each other in a dramatic way, speeding the the story's tempo, increasing the problem's urgency, and adding measurably to the danger quotient of both modules."

1983 ... Wm. John Wheeler ... The Companions 40102

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Brotherhood of the Bolt
Third in the Islandia campaign. Wilderness adventuring. Encounters include necromancer's cult, haunted barrow downs, and a wizard's castle

1983 ... ?? pages + color fold-out map ... Companions 40103

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Streets of Gems
• Detailed Player and Gamesmaster Maps For 25mm Figures
• Vivid Room, Treasures, And NPC Descriptions For Players
• Complete Judging Information For Role Playing Locks And Traps
• New Detailed Traps, Trap Poisons, Treasures"

1983 ... Peter L. Rice ... The Companions 40201

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Gems for Death

1984 ... Peter L. Rice & Wm. John Wheeler ... ?? pages + color fold-out map ... The Companions 40202

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Sylvan Settings: Places of Mystery III
• Play Aid For All Fantasy Game Systems
• Use As Mini-Game, Near Dungeons Or Towns, In Campaigns
• Detailed Player And Gamesmaster Maps For 25mm Figures
• Vivid Encounter Area Descriptions For Reading To Players
• Sample Scenario

1983 ... Companions 42003

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Highroad: Places of Mystery IV
"10 ROADWAY ENCOUNTER AREAS DESIGNED BY Patricia H. Estabrook, David J. Hutchins, Timothy Kindred Marbury V. Madison, Michael Margolis, William R. Mohler, Marcus Mulkins, John Parvin, Dave Sager, Bud Wellington, Gilbert Winters, and Peter L. Rice



The steady hiss and occasional snap of roasting flesh sears the stillness of the moment, and its pungent fragrance hangs thickly on a plume of dirty smoke that rises lazily over the edge of the precipice. The fire itself remains hidden, burning below but close to the gorge's lip and, from this point, out of sight.


The skeleton is of a large hobgoblin male, dressed in scale mail. It is wired together and suspended from several posts, but it is also free to move * freely, to sway in the wind or with ground vibrations. Around the skeleton's feet are several human skeletons and partially decomposed bodies. The club is stained with dried blood.


What word succeeds that agonized admonishment? Don't WHAT? With maddening frequency, these taunting moans cry for deciphering. Don't something -- "aaay." There! The latter part held just long enough --"DON'T PAY." Solving the one mystery presents another. Don't pay whom?


1984 ... W. John Wheeler (editor) ... 30 pages ... Companions 42004

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Hexagonal Grid Mapping System

1981 ... Companions

Robert J. Kuntz's World of Kalibruhn

Prisoners of the Maze: The Maze of Zayene, Part 1
"The Queen is dead! The King is mad! Long live the... Kingdom! Death to King Ovar the Tyrant! Life to law and order!
Four characters are a number complete — complete with a mission so insane, so daring, that terming it an assassination hardly satisfies the imagination. Are the four volunteers who would lay low King Ovar assassins? Or are they heroes? If they are the former, how are they better than the madman they are assigned to kill? And if they are the latter, will their heroism be enough to overcome the trials of...
PRISONERS OF THE MAZE is an advanced FRP adventure for four characters of skill levels 8-12. It is fully compatible with the most popular ADVANCED FRP game system(s)."

1987 ... Robert Kuntz & James Ward ... Creations Unlimited 1001 ... ISBN 0943775000

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Dimensions of Flight: The Maze of Zayene, Part 2
"A door is easily unlocked isn't it? And isn't the key always under the mat?
The assassins have become the pursued and the intended victim is now the victimizes The characters have failed to assassinate King Ovar. They now flee for their lives, for four keys, for their only future in the world of the sane. Through desert climes, up mountain peaks not of the world, to a land with blue and black snow, and onto a not so happy Happy Hunting Grounds — they flee, and fight!
DIMENSIONS OF FLIGHT is a FRP adventure for 4-6 characters skill levels 8-12. This adventure can stand alone or is usable with its three companion modules in the MAZE OF ZAYENE series. It is compatible with the most popular ADVANCED FRP game system(s)."

1987 ... 32 pages ... CU 1002 ... ISBN 0943775019

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Tower Chaos: The Maze of Zayene, Part 3
"Ersille's loyal subjects say that it was the Queen's death which drove King Ovar to the brink of madness, to reopen the slave pens, to order the mass executions, to persecute the good but misled people of the kingdom, and to ignore the fact that he was no longer a king but a beast!
Four stalwart characters are charged with assassinating King Ovar. They must penetrate TOWER CHAOS and at the right moment strike Ovar dead!
TOWER CHAOS includes several scenarios, some which expand upon PRISONERS OF THE MAZE and DIMENSIONS OF FLIGHT series. Included herein are trend-setting tower encounter systems and schedule matrices, plus a mystery complete with an ironic twist...
This module adventure is recommended for advanced player characters of skill levels 9-12. It is compatible with the most popular ADVANCED FRP game system(s)."

1987 ... 32 pages ... CU 1003 ... ISBN 0943775027

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The Eight Kings: The Maze of Zayene, Part 4
"THE EIGHT KINGS have fooled the people of Ersille. Not only did King Ovar rule, he ruled eight times over (give or take a court wizard), created anew each day by the Wizard Zayene. He was a complacent king, but set upon evil ways, for his (or was it their?) minds were controlled. You see, the real King Ovar was taken prisoner by Zayene some time ago. And now, instead of wanting Ovar dead, the good people of the Kingdom want the old codger saved! What's a regent to do?
THE EIGHT KINGS fully describes a wizard's dimension wherein the assassins turned saviors must adventure to rescue good King Ovar! This adventure module is recommended for advanced FRP player-characters skill levels 9-12, It is compatible with the most popular ADVANCED FRP game system(s)."

1987 ... 32 pages ... CU 1004 ... ISBN 0943775035

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Garden of the Plantmaster
"On an alien world there is a city. Dead. And in that city is a Garden, quite alive. In that garden is its former architect, the Plantmaster, now a captive of the garden's new master, Lamash, the Demon of Wood. The Plantmaster, like all garden inhabitants, is mutated; and it is only a matter of time before he finally relents and gives his tormentor the key words for unlocking the garden's doors, which prevent Lamash from entering... YOUR WORLD!
THE GARDEN OF THE PLANTMASTER comes complete with an adventure for Advanced FRP players, Skill Levels 6-12. Among the various source material presented herein is:
• Over 20 new monsters!
• Over 60 pregenerated wandering encounters!
* Flowers, (Poisonous, Spore Shooters, et al.)
* Vines (Metallic, Shockers, etc.)
* Insects
* Vegetables/Fruits
* Herbs and Spices
* Fungi
* Scrolls (Leaf, Bark, Flower, Petal, etc.)
• Four Appendices, including GARDEN DRESSING, which lists:
* Attributes (beneficial and detrimental)
* Vines (20 types to expand with)
* Flowers and Their Meanings (Over 150 listed!)
* Insectivorous Plants
* Shrubs
* Fungi (additional information and types)
* Terms/Words Common To Flora
* Trees
* Insects (expanded)
* Terms of Multitude
* 3 glossaries (fungi, trees and shrubs, insects)
* Uses for Herbs
This is the adventure that GMs and players have been waiting for! This is THE source book for creating and stocking fantastic gardens and forests!"

1987 ... Robert Kuntz ... CU 1005 ... ISBN 0943775043

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Underworld Publishing

Lore of the Crypt Book II: Monsters & NPCs

1991 ... 69 pages ... UWD 1011 ... ISBN 1880206013

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Lore of the Crypt Book V: Adventures

1991 ... 72 pages ... UWD 1014 ... ISBN 1880206048

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Sweet Wall of Death (Module P1)
"The figure mounting the top of the hill wears the unmistakable colors of the town watch, but they are in some way distorted, covered with a thick amber-hued substance that reflects the late afternoon sun. The robbery of the temple this morning had sent him and two other guards in pursuit of the perpetrators. Now, the lone guard staggers once and tumbles down the hill, the amber substance adhering leaves and twigs to his exhausted form. When he finally ends his violent descent at your feet, you see on his skin, partially obscured by debris and completely coated with the sticky substance, several large ripe welts, bright red in color. . At this close distance, the substance now carries a familiar scent — the sugary smell of honey. His last words are a whispered response to the unspoken question on your astonished faces; The Sweet Wall of Death."

1992 ... Christopher Painter ... 32 pages ... UWD 1020 ... ISBN 1880206056

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Gladestrom (Module P2)
"This module is a fantasy adventure where deception, illusion, and intrigue run wild. It is designed for 4-6 characters of levels 3-5 and is compatible with the most popular fantasy role-playing game.

You were absolutely certain that the priceless painting you found on the cart was an original one-of-a-kind piece —and so was the one just like it. Investigating this matter led you to the giant vineyard and a meeting with an art dealer, whose assistant looks astonishingly like one of the brigands you killed earlier on the way here. Now you've discovered the dead body under the floorboards of the meeting room, and it's the same man you just spoke to five minutes ago in the lobby. What's going on? And why is your companion, the man who paid you to investigate all this, drawing his sword on you and grinning wickedly?"

1992 ... Christopher Painter ... 32 pages ... Underworld Publishing UWD 1022 ... ISBN 1880206072

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Kenzer & Company

Sourcebook of the Sovereign Lands: Kingdoms of Kalamar, Vol 1
"The 100 action-packed pages you hold in your hands details the history of the peoples and
nations of the lands of Tellene. From the depths of the mysterious Vohven Jungle to the vast savanna of the Drhokker horse-lords, the Sourcebook of the Sovereign Lands describes every kingdom, race and topographical feature of Kalamar's World. This tome also includes a realistic medieval lawcode, a chronology of Tellene's major historical events, realistic movement charts, an accounting and breakdown of each nation's military, a complete 8 page index, adventure hooks set in every area of the world, a detailed essay on medieval cities and more."

1994 ... 99 pages ... K&C 002

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Mythos of the Divine and Worldly: Kingdoms of Kalamar, Vol 2
"This 88 page guidebook painstakingly describes the 44 deities and religions of Tellene. From the Eternal Lantern to the Rotlord, Mythos of the Divine and Worldly describes each deity's priesthood including holy symbols; weapons, armor & raiment permitted; extra powers and spells; ability restrictions; holy days; advancement; hierarchy and church politics; and more. This test also includes descriptions of Tellene's major secret organizations, details on the 13 major languages (including 11 rune-sets), constellations, astronomical marvels and phenomena and an all-inclusive eight page index."

1994 ... 99 pages ... K&C 003

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Tragedy in the House of Brodeln (BR1)
"Tragedy snakes the Family Brodeln...
Duke Aldriv III has been brutally murdered and his brother, Prince Cardor, has disappeared. Prince Cardor's son, Mordeln, believes he, himself, may be the assassins' next target. Let your players' personalities come alive as they join forces with Mordeln in his desperate race to find his missing father. Can your players find the Prince before the assassins do?
This accessory provides characters with a chance for every type of adventure: town, wilderness and dungeon. You will take your PCs to the Duchy of Etwerl in southern Mendarn, within the Village of Yelden, into the dungeons of Castle Brodeln, through the Narond Forest and up the Yan Elenon Mountains.
Tragedy in the House of Brodeln fantasy adventure is set in the popular Kingdoms of Kalamar™ fantasy campaign setting.
This adventure is suitable for use with any role-playing system, including, but not limited to, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons®."

1995 ... 36 pages ... K&C 0995

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Secret Temple of Adajy

1997 ... 56 pages ... K&C 102

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