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City State Campaign - Judges Guild

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Wilderness Books ~ D20 Reprints

How do all these City State maps fit together? Visit my Games Gallery post with a schematic and where I found it.

See Also:
- Pegasus Magazine for City State campaign articles.
- The reprinted/revised City State Campaign by Mayfair Games.

City State of the Invincible Overlord
• Cover sheet (This would become the cover of later editions.)
• 56-page Guide to the City State
• brown Initial Guidelines Booklet I (second printing)
• orange Guidelines Booklet J (includes information for Thunderhold supplement)
• City State Map with four 17x22 sections (34"x44" together)
• 17x22 City State Players Map
• 11x17 Thunderhold: Castle of the Dwarven King Map with Sunstone Caverns Map on reverse
• 8.5x11 single-sided Thunderhold Players Map
• Dungeon Levels J-1 to J-4.
• Dungeon Levels I-1 to I-5.

1976 ... JG 12

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City State of the Invincible Overlord, Revised Edition

FORMAT: White cover, red lettering (1978-1980?)
• City State book (80 pages)
• Judges map of the City State (22"x28")
• Player's map of the City State (22"x28")
• Judge's Thunderhold [side 1] & Sunstone Caverns (11"x17") [side 2]
• Players Thunderhold map [side 1] & dungeon level 5, map I-5 [side 2] (8 1/2 x 11)

The Thunderhold maps got moved to the main book in the 2nd Revised printing, increasing the page-count of the book, reducing the number of maps.

FORMAT: Orange/red/back cover, white lettering (1981-1983?)
• City State book (96 pages)
• Judges map of the City State (22"x28")
• Player's map of the City State (22"x28")

"A giant, revised, 80-page booklet covering the myraid shops, taverns, inns, temples, and barracks of the classic City-State. Long a favorite of D&D Judges and one of our best-selling items ever since it was first printed, the City-State includes two 22x34 maps (one Judge, one Player) of the great walled City, plus 4 dungeon levels under the City and 5 levels of Sunstone Caverns. Also shown in all its Dwarven glory is Thunderhold, one of the northern allies of the Overlord with Judge and Player Maps for it too. Incredibly detailed right down to the statistics and character of each barmaid and the latest rumor she has heard, this product forms the basis of the Judge's Campaign, providing the base of operations for player adventures. Indeed, the City itself is an adventure. The center-piece of the Judges Guild Campaign Universe, this Playing Aid has been Created and Approved for use with D&D."

1980,1981 ... JG 62

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1981 edition at Amazon


"Five centuries ago, Modron was a thriving port city whose inhabitants worshipped Modron, the Goddess of Rivers and Proteus, the Shepherd of Neptune. Legends tell of the huge merchant vessels from far off Karakan and the incredible wealth brought by traders from the Isle of the Blest for pearls and dwarven artifacts. The mermen of Crespar stopped trading sponges and pearls, yet the port's wealth increased. Then, a huge migration of Orcs stopped the flow of dwarven merchandise and the far travelers no longer docked at Modron. In less than 50 years, the once flourishing area lost most of its population and the followers of the god and goddess blamed each-other's deity for the loss. Civil strife erupted and the temple of Proteus was submerged in the holocaust. The death blow was delivered by raiders in longships which carried off the few women and men into slavery. The survivors fled when or& scavengers moved into the ruins for a final pillage, hefting tons of marble. The Temple of Modron, being underground, was left unscathed and the Mermen renewed their vows to the Goddess of the Rivers.
With funds from the City State, a new town was founded on the ruins of the old, to protect the Overlord's merchant ships fro- river pirates. 'Maelstron', a giant sea snake, with an allegiance to the City State, protected the builders. The original name was retained because it equated with magnificent warships and high-wizards in songs of the bards..."

1977, 1980 ... Bob Bledsaw & Gary Adams ... 16 pages + 11"x17" Judges map + 8.5"x11" player map ... JG 34

Modron, 2nd edition
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Wilderlands of High Fantasy
* Booklet (32 pages)
* 6 maps:
- Players Cartography, Campaign Maps 1 (City State) [Single-side]
- Judges Cartography of 1 [Single-side]
- Players Cartography, Campaign Maps 2 (Barbarian Altanis) & 3 (Valley of the Ancients) [double-sided]
- Judges Cartography of 2 & 3 [double-sided]
- Players Cartography, Campaign Maps 4 (Tarantis) & 5 (Valon) [double-sided]
- Judges Cartography of 4 & 5 [double-sided]

1977 ... Bill Owen & Bob Bledsaw ... 32 pages + 6 maps ... JG 48

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Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde

"#2 in the Wilderness Series. Castles & Citadels; Villages; Lairs; Islands; Ruins."

* Booklet (32 pages)
* 4 double-sided maps:
- Players Cartography, Campaign Maps 7 (Desert Lands) & 8 (Sea of Five Winds)
- Judges Cartography of 7 & 8
- Players Cartography, Campaign Maps 9 (Elphand Lands) & 10 (Lenap)
- Judges Cartography of 9 & 10

1978 ... Bob Bledsaw & Mark Holmer ... 32 pages + 4 maps ... JG 67

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Wilderlands of the Magic Realm

This set was apparently reprinted several times, an earlier edition of two 16-page booklets, a blue/black cover with 48 pages, and last a blue/color cover also of 48 pages.

* Booklet (48 pages)
* 4 double-sided maps:
- Players Cartography, Campaign Maps 11 (Ghinor) & 14 (Ament Tundra)
- Judges Cartography of 11 & 14
- Players Cartography, Campaign Maps 12 (Isles of the Blest) & 13 (Ebony Coast)
- Judges Cartography of 12 & 13

"Approved for use with Dungeons & Dragons"

1979 ... Mark Holmer ... JG 92

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City State of the World Emperor

* Book 1 - Guidebook to Map (48pgs).
* Book II - Guidebook to Shops (80pgs).
* Book III - Guidebook to City (80pgs).
* One 34"x22" full color city map
* Two 17"x22" campaign maps: Judge & Player (Campaign Map 6: City State of the World Emperor)

1980 ... JG 0150

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Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches

Later printing combined the 2 booklets into a single 32-page booklet.

* Book 1 (16 pages): Isles of the Dawn & Southern Reaches
* Book 2 (16 pages): Silver Skein Isles & Ghinor Highlands
* 4 double-sided maps:
- Players Cartography, Campaign Maps 15 (Isles of the Dawn) & 16 (Southern Reaches)
- Judges Cartography of 15 & 16
- Players Cartography, Campaign Maps 17 (Silver Skein Isles) & 18 (Ghinor Highlands)
- Judges Cartography of 17 & 18

"Official Campaign Aid Approved for Dungeons & Dragons"

1980 ... Paul Jaquays (cover) ... JG 300

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Wraith Overlord: Terror Beneath the City State

"Beneath the City State of the Invincible Overlord lies a maze of tunnels and sewers populated by criminals, fugitives, and a host of strange creatures. This massive product includes many NPCs, multiple underground areas to be explored, and several new monsters. This set contains a 112-page book and a huge, 22"x34" map."

1981 ... Scott Fulton ... 112 pages + City State Sewers map ... JG 860

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Wilderness Books

The Mines of Custalcon: Wilderness Book One
"Includes mini-dungeon, histories, descriptions, NPCs, maps & tables for two villages & 476 square miles of wilderness."

Chapters feature: The towns of Byrny & Trollslore (History; Way of Life; Shops and Taverns; Events and Encounters), Bullarg's Ferry and the Shipping Guild, and a Mini Dungeon: The Mines of Custalcon.

1979 ... Bryan Hinnen ... 48 pages ... JG 111

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Spies of Lightelf: Wilderness Book Two

Wilderlands project, histories, 25 maps, tables, three villages. Fantastic wilderness detail.

1980 ... Bryan Hinnen ... 48 pages + cover sheet ... JG 270

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Shield Maidens of Sea Rune: Wilderness Book Three
"Warrior Women plot to regain their home lost to the barbarous Skandiks fearsome sea reavers all. Torn between their Gods of the North and the Druidic worship of nature, the Skandiks grow weak. Beware the cruel and evil Anti-Paladin who stalks this area looking for blood; he may be the death of you yet! Can you thread the perilous path to fame and riches in this saga of unforgettable Adventure? Dare you brave THE SHIELD MAIDENS' REVENGE!


1982 ... Bryan Hinnen & Dan Hauffe ... 78 pages ... JG 1010

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Pirates of Hagrost: Wilderness Book Four
"This exciting, fun-packed module brings to life part of JG's Campaign Map One. Numerous Wilderness, village, and dungeon maps, complete with fascinating descriptions..."

1982 ... Bryan Hinnen & Dan Hauffe ... 47 pages ... JG 1030

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Witches Court Marshes: Wilderness Book Five
"The fifth book in the "Wilderness Series", danger awaits on all Hallow's Eve, Witches of the world are gathering en masse, the peasants of the area are going to leave, unless you can stop the wicked Black Mass. 26-pages of maps detail the area around the Witches Court Marshes and the village of Grita Heath."

1982 ... Bryan Hinnen ... 80 pages ... JG 1090

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D20 Reprints

Players Guide to the Wilderlands (Sword and Sorcery D20)
"Welcome to the Wilderlands of High Fantasy!

Whether you are a veteran Judges Guild fan or a new player just now discovering the Wilderlands, this Player's Guide introduces you to the classic Judges Guild epic fantasy setting and provides you with everything you need to begin a campaign in the Wilderlands, including the classic City State of the Invincible Overlord!

A Deadly World of Epic Adventure
This Player's Guide includes a large full color fold-out map and details on the history and background of the Wilderlands. At your fingertips is information on the important cities and geographical features of the Wilderlands as well as information on the gods and monsters unique to the setting. The Player's Guide also includes details on the City State of the Invincible Overlord, allowing you to run a campaign set in the Wilderlands right away!

This Product Requires the Use of the Dungeons and Dragonsฎ Player's Handbook, Revised Edition 3.5, Published by Wizards of the Coastฎ"

2003 ... Bob Bledsaw & Bill Owen & Clark Peterson ... 128 pages + fold-out map ... White Wolf (WW 8391) ... ISBN 1588460924

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City State of the Invincible Overlord (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying)
Famous as much for its brutality as for its size and wide variety of citizenry, the City State of the Invincible Overlord beckons to adventurers throughout the land. Can your PCs survive the mean streets of an evil city built upon the backs of the conquered? To negotiate their way safely through its labyrinthine roads, laws, and customs, your PCs had better keep their wits — and their blades — sharp!

Yet more challenges await adventurers beneath the city streets. Are your PCs ready for the various conspiracies, dungeons, tunnels, and creatures that He under the City State... or, like so many before them, will they simply donate their wealth and bones to another's cause?
Far more than just a revision, this Judges Guild classic is updated and re-imagined for v.3.5 rules. It contains a wealth of information on both the popular City State of the Invincible Overlord and on the dungeons and creatures first described in the original Wraith Overlord."

2004 ... Patrick Lawinger & Bob Bledsaw & Bill Owen ... 256 pages (hardcover) + fold-out map ... White Wolf (WW 8393) ... ISBN 1588469905

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Wilderlands Of High Fantasy (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Campaign Setting) [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: 2 large paperback books ("Elphand Lands to Tarantis" and "Desert Lands to Southern Reaches") and 9 double-sided fold-out maps in a box.

Home to the City State of the Invincible Overlord and other classic Judges Guild products, the Wilderlands of High Fantasy is the ultimate epic high fantasy setting. The Wilderlands of High Fantasy was the first campaign setting ever fully fleshed out in print for fantasy roleplaying and now Necromancer Games brings this classic Judges Guild setting to d20!

The Wilderlands of High Fantasy Boxed Campaign Set is the definitive Judge's Guide to the Wilderlands. A companion to the Player's Guide to the Wilderlands, this boxed set is unmatched in scope and detail. This box contains:
• 18 highly-detailed poster maps overlaid with 5-mile hexes covering every part of the Wilderlands!
• Two Map Books full of hex by hex description weighing in at over 400 pages!
• Details on more than 3,000 cities, villages, ruins, lairs, islands, citadels, castles and geographic features!
• Includes Special "Judge's Only" information such as terrain and encounters, unique geography and random ruin
generation tables.
• New magic items including many powerful artifacts!
• Over 400 NPCs and unique monsters!"

2005 ... White Wolf/Necromancer Games (WW 8394) ... ISBN 1588469484

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