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A photo of our Games Workshop shelves taken on July 25, 2019

Warlock: The Game of Duelling Wizards [BOX SET]
1 full-colour, mounted Playing Board showing an ancient, hill-top duelling arena.
128 illustrated Spell Cards, with easy-to-understand symbols showing how each spell can be used.
6 Wizard Sheets bearing the energy points chart and the spell tables which show how each spell interacts with other spells.
18 Energy Markers for indicating the strength of each wizard.
6 coloured plastic Playing Pieces.
Clear and concise rules

WARLOCK presents you with the ultimate test of sorcery - duelling against fellow wizards in the merciless glare of the arena. Your opponents are men skilled in arcane law and mighty magicks who have prepared long and carefully their formidable array of spells: GORGON'S STARE which can turn living flesh to stone; an army of fearsome GOBLINS summoned to the arena by foul means; the awesome power of a fire-breathing DRAGON; and the holy intercession of a SAINT. You too will have the chance to select your spells from amongst these and many others, allowing you to pick the right combination that will give you victory in this desperate contest of spell and counter-spell. Luck is not enough to save you if you rashly enter the arena unprepared for the coming battle. The skilful wizard however, be he Good or Evil, is the one who will win through the epic clashes of magic to become the deserved and sole holder of the coveted title of WARLOCK."

1980 ... Games Workshop 102103

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The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: A Fighting Fantasy Boardgame [BOX SET]

* A huge, full-colour, six-piece Playing Board, stunningly designed by award-winning artist Dave Andrews.
* 6 different plastic Playing Pieces - the heroic adventurers!
* 15 full-colour Key Challenge Cards - clues that'll lead to the Warlock's treasure!
* 77 full-colour Encounter pieces - ghastly monsters, deadly traps - and fabulous treasures!
* 6 Maze Cards - ensuring the Warlock's intriguing maze is never the same!
* A pad of 50 Adventure Sheets
* Clear and concise Rulebook
* 1 Monster Reference Card"

1985 ... GW 002119

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Blood Royale: Power is Wealth, Wealth is Power [BOX SET]

A six-piece, full-colour board, featuring a map of 13th century Europe.
A pad of character sheets, to record individual characters.
30 plastic playing pieces, to represent Kings and Princes.
A pad of marriage contracts, on which treaties are recorded.
Over 250 counters, to show armies, famines, rebellions and trade goods.
A pack of 63 Event Cards, which lead to opportunity or mishap.
96 plastic coins, the currency of Blood Royale.
A pad of bearer bonds to represent high denominations.
A 24pp rulebook, with designers notes and hints on play.

"To be the most powerful of monarchs, you need money. Money to raise armies, money to bribe enemies, money to pay for the marriages of your children. You are the head of a powerful Dynasty, ruler of one of the great Kingdoms of Europe. Ranged against you are equally powerful monarchs, with the same aims - conquest, trade and a secure Dynasty.
Blood Royale is a game of treachery, double-dealing, power politics and open warfare. The aim of the, game is to become the wealthiest ruling family in 13th century Europe, and the means of gaining that wealth are the Princes and daughters of your Dynasty and the armies they control.
A comprehensive and well-illustrated set of rules - based on a set of simple core rules, fully detailed with examples and clarifications - allows you to control all the affairs of your Dynasty. You will arrange marriages for your children, to make alliances and secure deals. You will tax the people of your Kingdom, control their trade and find your financial fortunes ebbing and flowing as events take their toll. And you will fight wars against your enemies, to protect your homelands and to take theirs.
Blood Royale is not a role-playing game, or a boardgame, or a simulation game or a wargame - it is all four. Packed inside this box you will find all you need to fulfill your dream of conquest..."
By Derek Carver, author of Warrior Knights.

1987 ... Games Workshop 002243 ... EAN 5011921002245

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Chainsaw Warrior: 60 Minutes to Save New York (Solo Board Game) [BOX SET]

A full-colour, four-piece Playing Board
108 Full-colour House Cards, revealed one by one as you explore Darkness' domain
[6 Elevator; 7 Balcony; 43 Room; 42 Corridor; 10 Stairs. -W]
22 full-colour Wandering Zombie Cards - they roam the house in search of victims!
36 full-colour Equipment Cards, featuring guns; heavy weapons, devices and special
clothing for you to use
90 full-colour Markers, to keep track of scores, ammunition and the time
A clear and snappy Rulebook
An eight-page Comic Strip introduction
2 six-sided dice

It's the year 2032. A warp has opened up in the old Municipal Buildings in the heart of old Manhattan and bizarre creatures are flooding through into our dimension. Goading them on is Darkness, a malvolent entity who intends dragging the city of New York back through the warp - destroying it utterly!

Many brave men died assailing Darkness' stronghold before they remembered you. In the past you have done the Special Forces Unit many favours... but now you must come out of retirement to face the toughest challenge of your glorious career. Equipped with all the latest in high-tech armaments you must battle your way into the very heart of Darkness' domain and defeat him within the hour - or the city you love will be destroyed!!

Chainsaw Warrior is a nail-biting game for one strong-nerved player. Yes, it is a solo game - just you against the clock! Can you save New York? Remember, you only have one hour!"

1987 ... Games Workshop 002256

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The Fury of Dracula: A Boardgame of Gothic Horror
A Limited Edition of this set (denoted by sticker on lid) also contained 4 metal miniatures.


"One player secretly controls Dracula while the other three players are Vampire hunters cooperating to locate and defeat him.

Dracula must move around the countryside, evading the hunters while leaving minions and encounters for them to uncover in his wake. If he can hide six new Vampires in Europe without the hunters destroying them, the dark prince will be declared victorious and rule the day!

Meanwhile, the hunters try to locate and destroy Dracula before he succeeds in raising an empire of undead Vampires. When they occupy the same space as a dark minion, a vampire, or even Dracula himself, then a combat system is used to determine the results."

1987 ... Stephen Hand ... GW 002341

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Chaos Marauders: The Manic Game of Orcish Mayhem
"What You Get:
* 4 full-colour high-quality playsheets depicting the scene of this awesome scrap
* 112 full-colour Cards showing the scurvy scum and various pinchable items which fill up your battle-lines.
* An introductory sheet which has the background and a summary of play for all you Marauding head-bashers who've got no time for such garbage as wordy ratebooks
* A clear and wordy rulebook for the sane, if foolish, players who hope to exercise some form of control over the maniacs who've only read the summary of play sheet
* and... the much-rumoured, far-out, mind-blowing Cube of Devastation!

A vast Chaos army is marching north to give the runty Dwarfs at Mad Dog Pass a really 'orrible pasting, when suddenly the sprawling mass of bored and sweaty Orcs grinds to a halt because of yet another petty, goblinoid feud.
You take control of one of the Orc clans involved, ready to show all the other mangy little creeps, who's boss of dis 'ere scabby battle mob. You'll stop at nothing to win. No amount of trickery will be low enough, no amount of thuggish brutality too vile. Who knows, you may even get the mysterious Chaos Marauders on your side. But only one tribe can come out on top - will it be yours?
Chaos Marauders is a fast and frenzied game for two to four players."

1987 ... Stephen Hand ... GW 002510 ... EAN 5011921002511

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"The eerie ruins of Dragonfire Castle, atop the sinister peak of Wyrm's Crag were abandoned long ago. Memories of the vile deeds of the Wizard T'Siramen have faded like a half-remembered nightmare. But far beneath the Castle's shattered stones, nameless horrors still prowl the gloomy dungeons, while a terrifying shadow stirs in sleep...

Riches, fame and glory await the hero who overcomes the dungeon's monstrous inhabitants and finds the Dragon's fabled hoard. But beware the setting of the sun! If nightfall finds you still within the dungeon's maze, there is no escape - save death!"

1 - six piece jigsaw gameboard
4 - plastic playing pieces
7 - plastic tokens
1 - 12-sided die
1 - 6-sided die
1 - rulebook (including pull-out reference sheet)
84 - room cards
15 - door cards
15 - trap cards
15 - corpse cards
15 - crypt cards
15 - search cards
15 - monster cards
8 - dragon counters
4 - ring counters
27 - combat counters
32 - treasure counters
115 - room tiles
4 - character sheets

1985 ... Jakob Bonds & Dan Glimne ... GW 002327

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GameMaster Publications

A Flight of Eagles (GM1)

Find the Lady (GM2)

In Search of New Gods (GM3)
Scenario for levels 4-7. Includes map of the Western Realm and background on Pelinore and Zhalindor campaigns. Bonus article on the motivations of the cleric class.

1986 ... Paul Cockburn ... 60 pages

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The Awakening (GM4)
In his editorial, Paul Cockburn discusses the decline of TSR UK because TSR Inc. in America wanted to strengthen its control over its subsidiary. Into this vacuum stepped Games Workshop.

CONTENTS: The Awakening (scenario), by Simon Forrest; Race Relations, by Graeme Davis; more.

1986 ... 60 pages ... Games Workshop

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Rod of Seraillian (GM5)
"Deep within a mountain range there lies a place where the final chapter in an aeons-old struggle was once played out. In that place the Warriors of Rainbow fought the minions of Dark Mandrazaal, and overthrew him.
In so doing, the Warriors were themselves virtually destroyed, and they lost which was most precious to them The Rod of Serraillian.

The Rod was taken to a most secret place, and lies there still. Though the struggle for which it was forged is long over, the Rod might still have powers to grant those who wield it; in the hands of Good, it is an instrument of Light, in the hands of Evil, it will be the scourge of the world."

1987 ... Carl Sargent ... 56 pages ... GameMaster Publications/Games Workshop

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