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Rolemaster / Loremaster - ICE

1st Edition ~ Loremaster ~ 2nd Edition ~ Rolemaster Genre Books ~ Rolemaster Standard System

See also: Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP)

1st Edition

Rolemaster (1st Edition) [BOX SET]

Rolemaster is the parent system to the simpler MERP rules. The 1982 1st print contains the monochrome rulebooks. The later printing (1984) of this set also includes the module Vog Mur and added an ISBN to the back cover. Unfortunately, ICE carried over the ISBN to the 2nd editon set, which causes some confusion in the used market.


The Fantasy Role-playing game system from Iron Crown Enterprises has just been completely revised and reformatted. While the content and rules systems themselves remain the same, the individual components have been reformatted and reorganized to become a more Integral whole. ROLEMASTER includes the following:

ARMS LAW/CLAW LAW: All the Rolemaster Arms and Animals combat systems combined in one volume! These fast-moving rules still include individual charts for 30 weapons, as well as critical tables for different types of strikes, maneuver tables, and fumble tables. In addition, Claw Law is included, with its detailed information on the varying strike patterns of different real and mythical beasts, as well es complete Martial Arts rules.

SPELL LAW: Assembled into a single 116 page book, Spell Law is now a single mighty tome of magic. Including over 2000 spells and their descriptions, Spell Law provides spells for 15 character classes in three realms of power, divided and color-coded within the book. Also found within are detailed alchemy rules, individual spell attack tables for Elemental spells (Ice Bolt, Fire Ball, etc.) critical tables for the elements (heat, cold, electricity) and a workable spell-point system, as well as rules for the use of magic items.

CHARACTER LAW: A masterful set of guidelines for fantasy role-playing character development. Includes 19 character classes with both potential and temporary stats. Unique trait development system allows all characters to increase their ability in any area of skill. Character's background (class) determines the degree of effort (cost) it takes to develop a skill - there are no absolute restrictions. Optional special maneuver tables and rules for movement, healing herbs, poisons, diseases, magic breads, etc. Handy player character and GM record charts, development tables, equipment lists, and monetary charts."

1982, 1984 ... ICE 1000 ... ISBN 0915795043

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Spell Law [BOX SET]
• Over 2000 spell descriptions for 3 realms of power and 15 character classes: magic-users, clerics, mentalists, etc.;
• Spell attack tables — covering armor, large creatures, range, spell failures, and critical strikes;
• Detailed alchemy and spell research rules;
• A unique learning system that features expertise and spells grouped according to their nature;
• A workable spell point system that includes inherent power and the use of wands, orbs, staves, etc.;
• 4 Parchment Books (color coded) and 8 Parchment Charts."

The booklets: Of Channeling (Book I); Of the Essence (Book II); Of Mentalism (Book III); Spell Law. -W

1982 ... ICE 1400

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Arms Law & Claw Law [BOX SET]

* Arms Law booklet (10 pages) - Contains sections 1-9, but not 8 (which are seperate sheets).
* Section 8 sheets - 4 beige parchment sheets, 15 blue/gray sheets.
* Claw Law sheets (section 11) - 3 yellow/orange parchment sheets, 6 tan sheets, 3 blue sheets.

• I.C.E.’s detailed playable combat system
• Experience the thrill and anguish of hundreds of critical injuries
• 95% of all attacks resolved with only 2 die rolls
• Inject fast paced, realistic action into your game
• Iron Crown Enterprises brings you the flavor of battle
• Arms Law integrates the effects of dozens of attacks against 20 armor types
• 12 attack charts, 5 new critical strike tables
• Melee attributes of dozens of animals, monsters an martial arts experts
• Supplemental combat system for use with Arms Law
• Adaptable to most role playing systems
• 30 attack tables, fumble and maneuver tables, 5 critical strike tables
• Melee and missile attributes for a variety of weapons
• Adaptable to most role-playing systems"

1982 ... ICE 1600

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Character Law
"A masterful set of guidelines for fantasy role playing character development. • 19 character classes with both potential & temporary stats. • Unique trait development system allows all characters to increase their ability in any area of skill. • Trait advancement costs vary according to character class -- but there are no absolute restrictions."

1982 ... 52 pages ... ICE 1700 ... ISBN 0915795027

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Campaign Law

1982(?) ... 56 pages ... ICE 1900 ... ISBN 0915795140

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The Iron Wind

1st printing has a parchment B&W cover (print run: 5,000); 2nd printing has a red/blue cover. -W

"The IRON WIND recounts the tale of Elor Once Dark, a famed Loremaster who traveled to the chill land of the Mur Fostisyr, snow-clad isles surrounded by cruel glaciers and treacherous icy waters. It is the home of the Iron Wind, an arm of the unlife threatening to subdue the valiant peoples of the isles. Demons, Supernatural assassins, Dragonlords and corrupt Elven priests all serve the dark purpose of the Iron Wind as they strive to further drive apart the already divided peoples. Against these terrifying minions stand the Elvish Ky'taari; the stout, hardy Fustir, the secretive, superhuman Udahir in their subterranean metropolis; and the fierce, warlike Syrkakar - who are already falling under the cruel shadow of the Iron Wind."

1980 ... 68 pages ... Iron Crown Enterprises

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The World of Vog Mur
"Welcome to the world of VOG MUR, a tropical island group teeming with adventure. Search for the secret of ORDYE THROG, nestled in the slopes of BUIR DOM, the once active volcano. Face the unspeakable terror that wanders the ancient MAUSOLEUM OF GART. Discover why the LON LEMIRA has for centuries been a place of awesome reverence. VOG MUR contains: - The Chronicles of ELOR, a history of the islands - a Muri-Elven dictionary - stat charts for all of the central characters, creatures, and wild beasts - layouts for all of the important sites on the 3 isles - detailed level by level layouts of the massive fortress of ENCLA TURIC - color maps of the 3 islands"

1984 ... 32 pages ... ICE Stock #LM 11001 ... ISBN 0915795159

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Cloudlords of Tanara (Loremaster Series #1)
"Sail to the troubled land of Tanara which lies sheltered along the coast of the continent of Jaiman. Meet the ancient and all-knowing Loremasters who control the awesome Powers of Essence. Eace the Implementor: the evil undead sorcerer-warrior astride his demon horse. Central to Tanara's unrest are the Cloudlords: false gods, exiles from the west seeking to dominate the peaceful Myri. Fighting against them are the mysterious nocturnal Duranaki.
• 3 full-color underground citadel layouts
• scenarios for lower, medium and upper level player characters
• detailed layouts of villages, capitals and holy places
• a 16" x 22" full-color map of Tanara and much more"

1985 ... Terry K. Amthor ... 50 pages ... ICE 5000 ... ISBN 0915795175

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The Shade of the Sinking Plain
A licensed Loremaster accessory book, written by North Pole Publications.

"Long after the last sailor could possibly have been alive, the swords and axes of the pirates rose and fell. When finally the killing lust left them, the pirates began transferring the cargo to the barge. Dawn was just starting to bring pink glow to the eastern sky when they finished. On the deck of the merchant ship, the pirates had left a flattened globe the size of a wine cask. As the barge backed away, an archer shot an arrow into the globe and the centre of the ship erupted in a ball of flames. Estus watched as the barge slowly moved southward past him. The rising sun washed the bronze barge in a rosey light. At the top of the main tower of the barge was a figure in shimmering blue robes. The wind plucked at the robes and blew the hood back to leave the head bare. The early morning light revealed a face untouched by light. Estus would say later that it had been a mask, cut from velvet blacker than the deepest night, that obliterated the features of the spectre in blue. Gloves of the same material undoubtedly covered the hands that pulled the hood back into place. In the depths of his soul, however, Estus knew that what he had seen was not a mask. What stood in the central tower of the bronze barge had been a nightmare incarnate; a shadow that had forsaken its body and now walked the earth in the guise of a man. So came the Shade of the Sinking Plain to the Northern Kingdoms. Can you face the challenge of an unknown power and survive to enjoy your reward. In the quest you must overcome superior numbers, mysterious sorcery, and the Sinking Plain itself; all conspire to seal your doom. Will you return to fame and glory, or endure an eternity of torment at a demon's hand?"

1984 ... 60 pages ... ICE 5010 ... ISBN 0915795191

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The Iron Wind, 2nd Edition
"The Iron Wind returns in a new, expanded edition! Journey once again to the chill north where the hardy peoples of the Mur Fostisyr combat the cruel minions of that terrifying force known as... the Iron Wind."

1984 ... 52 pages ... ICE 5020 ... ISBN 091579523X

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2nd Edition

Rolemaster (2nd Edition) [BOX SET]

"ROLEMASTER, the complete FRP game system in one box contains:
• SPELL LAW, the magic system
• ARMS LAW/CLAW LAW, the combat system
• CHARACTER LAW/CAMPAIGN LAW, the character generation system & campaign guidelines

SPELL LAW: Assembled into a single 112 page book, SPELL LAW is now a a single mighty tome, including over 2,000 spells. for three realms of power covering 15 character classes. Featured are: detailed alchemy rules; individual spell attack tables for elemental attacks; a workable spell point system; and rules for the use of magic items in a campaign.

CHARACTER LAW/CAMPAIGN LAW: The complete character development and - campaign guide has been reorganized, indexed and revised. Includes unique trait development system, allowing characters to increase their ability in any area of skill. There are no absolute restrictions. Campaign Law includes handy reference material invaluable to any Gamesmaster weather, encounter and price charts, guide lines for organizing politics, economics, realistic geographies and languages.

ARMS LAW/CLAW LAW: The Rolemaster Arms and Animal combat systems combined! These fast moving rules still include individual charts for 30 weapons and critical tables for different types of strikes, as well as detailed creature attacks: multiple strike patterns of various beasts both real and mythical. The Martial Arts rules have now been revised and fully integrated into the Rolemaster system."

1984 ... ICE 1000 ... ISBN 0915795043

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Rolemaster (2nd Edition, Revised) [BOX SET]
"Rolemaster is a complete FRP system featuring the critically acclaimed components of Character Law & Campaign Law, Spell Law and Arms Law & Claw Law. Now re-formatted and reorganized, second edition Rolemaster is the state-of-the-art system that adds realism and depth to your campaign without sacrificing playability. Experience the ultimate in fantasy role playing, Rolemaster!

Rolemaster provides:
• Character Law & Campaign Law, the core of Rolemaster, is a complete character development system that also includes extensive campaign and Gamemaster guidelines for the myriad factors that can arise in a FRP environment. With 20 different Professions (character classes) and over 5 dozen skills, ChL&CaL's unique trait development system allows characters to increase their abilities in any skill without absolute restrictions. It also provides guidelines covering all of the key elements of campaign dynamics: cultures, economics, languages, warfare, encounters, NPCs, and much more. It's your guidebook for running a campaign in a complex, living world!
• Spell Law, the highly acclaimed magic system, has over 2000 spell descriptions based on 3 realms of power and 15 professions. It provides alchemy spells, a unique structure for learning spells, a variety of spell attack and failure tables, and more! A must for your favorite Mage!
• Arms Law & Claw Law, the highly acclaimed combat system, is fast-paced yet realistic; it resolves most attacks in only 2 dice rolls. Comprehensive rules cover every essential aspect of integrating armed and unarmed combat into a FRP environment: fumbles, parrying, critical damage, orientation, and much more. Animal and martial arts attack tables integrate the size, instincts, and fighting patterns of a wide variety of animals, monsters, and martial artists. Do battle with the best fantasy combat system around!"

1990 ... S. Coleman Charlton & Peter C. Fenlon, jr. ... ICE 1000 ... ISBN 155806091X

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Arms Law & Claw Law
2nd Edition, Revised.

1989 ... 96 pages ... ICE 1100 ... ISBN 1558060901

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Spell Law
2nd Edition, Revised.

1989 ... 160 pages ... ICE 1200 ... ISBN 1558060928

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Rolemaster Combat Screen
"The ROLEMASTER COMBAT SCREEN is a useful accessory for every Rolemaster gamer. It includes most of the important tables (except of course the dozens of attack tables) in a handy format; a stand up 34" x 11" color combat screen and 16 pages of reference sheets.
• All 15 Critical Strike Tables
• The Fumble Table
• The Static Action Table
• Maneuver/Movement Table
• Strategic Movement Chart
• Standard Encounter Chart
• Resistance Roll Table
• Battle Round Table
• The Bonuses and Penalties Tables"

1986 ... ICE 1001 ... ISBN 0915795132

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Rolemaster Character Records

1990 ... 144 pages ... ICE 1002 ... ISBN 1558061371

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Creatures and Treasures
"CREATURES & TREASURES is a ROLEMASTER bestiary offering complete descriptions and game stats for over 500 animals, races, and fantastic beasts, including: Demons, Elementals, Dragons, Undead and Giants! Also included are guidelines for generating treasures, along with descriptions of an assortment of specific magic items. An entire section is devoted to creating random encounters with creatures and groups of creatures.
CREATURES & TREASURES is an invaluable supplement offering information and stets for three key elements of fantasy role playing: creatures, treasures, and encounters. Although designed for use with the ROLEMASTER and MERP systems, it is easily adaptable to most other major role playing systems. Spice up your game with monsters and magic items!"

1985 ... S. Coleman Charlton & Lee O. Short ... 96 pages ... ICE 1400 ... ISBN 0915795302

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Creatures & Treasures II
"Creatures & Treasures II™ is a Rolemaster™ bestiary offering complete descriptions and game stats for hundreds of fantasy beasts, including; Composite Monsters, Artificial Beings, and Entities from Deep Space! Also included are revised and reformatted guidelines for generating random treasure hoards, along with a huge listing of Modest, Potent, Most Potent, and Artifact magic items. There are also a number of random encounter charts specifically designed for the monsters found in this volume.
Creatures & Treasures II, in the tradition of the immensely popular original C&T, is an invaluable supplement offering information and stats for the three key elements of fantasy role playing: creatures, treasures, and encounters. Although designed for use with the Rolemaster and MERP™ systems, it is easily adaptable to most other major role playing systems.
As a bonus, this book provides a section on incorporating magic items into adventure narrative — a great aid for most GMs!
Creatures & Treasures II includes:
• Game statistics, descriptions, and illustrations for a wide variety of fantasy animals and beasts.
• Tables for generating random treasures and encounters.
• Descriptions for a multitude of magic items."

1989 ... Monte J. Cook ... 96 pages ... ICE 1410 ... ISBN 1558060790

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Creatures & Treasures III
"Creatures & Treasures III, in the tradition of the immensely popular C&T and C&T II, is an invaluable supplement offering information and stats for three key elements of fantasy role playing: creatures, treasures, and encounters. Although designed for use with the Rolemaster and MERP systems, it is easily adaptable to most other major role playing systems.
This bestiary presents a host of new animals and monsters, including: Stone Dragons, Vampire Lords, Undead Elementals, gigantic Skeleton Constructs, etc. Also detailed inside are a myriad of magic items, including: new magical weapons, potions, runestones, and artifacts such as the dreaded Hourglass of the Slayer (an item which can be a threat to whole cities). Each creature and treasure description includes extensive background information to provide ideas for adventures and to enhance fitting the beast or item into a campaign.
Creatures & Treasures III includes:
• Game stats, descriptions, and illustrations for dozens of new fantasy animals, monsters, constructs, and undead.
• Descriptions for a plethora of new herbs, magical items, and artifacts.
• Comprehensive random treasure and encounter generator tables, including the items and creatures from all three C&T books, the Elemental Companion, and the Rolemaster Companions through RMC VII."

1993 ... 144 pages ... ICE 1430 ... ISBN 1558062009

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Heroes and Rogues
"Have you ever needed a detailed Non-Player or Player character at the spur of the moment, complete with skills, spell lists, and background, but did not know where to turn? Wonder no longer, your search is over! Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues is the answer - complete game information for 24 Rolemaster characters at seven different levels. Get your players ready, because your Rolemaster campaigns may never be the same.

Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues includes:
• Twenty-four characters from the professions in Character Law: two of each of the non-spell using professions, one of each of the spell users, and one No Profession character. Each is detailed at first, third, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth levels so they can be placed into any campaign.
• Complete backgrounds for all characters set in Shadow World; each can also be transplanted into any GM's campaign.
• Easy to-use rules to alter the race and skills of each character so they can work in any locale or adventure.
• Tables for generating interesting quirks and physical traits for any character, and rules to generate starting equipment for characters entering at high levels."

1991 ... 160 pages ... ICE 1420 ... ISBN 155806141X

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Elemental Companion
"Elemental Companion™ is, the definitive Rolemaster sourcebook for elemental power in an FRP environment. Elemental Companion can improve any game and serves as a major supplement for ICE's highly acclaimed FRP system, Rolemaster. Supercharge your fireballs — but cover up your spell books — as the Elemental Companion blasts its way into your FRP campaign!

Elemental Companion provides:
• Complete guidelines for the manipulation and use of elemental, power and spells.
• Dozens of new elemental spell lists and variant professions.
• Complete descriptions of a variety of elemental races and creatures.
• Six new spell attack tables and four new critical strike tables.
• Complete coverage of the elemental planes and the classification of elemental material.
• Guidelines for how to use elemental magic as source material in a Shadow World™ campaign or in your own campaign."

1989 ... Mike Carlyle ... 144 pages ... ICE 1510 ... ISBN 1558060766

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Spell User's Companion
"The Spell User's Companion is the definitive supplement for spell casters in Rolemaster! Unlike other Rolemaster Companions, this book is devoted solely to spells and spell users. Every optional rule and every new suggestion for improving your game is devoted to the manipulators of magic. Something to enhance every fantasy campaign can be found within the Spell User's Companion — discover a whole new way to use magic in your game!
* New magical skills, new magical herbs, more options for spell casting, new material on resistance rolls, the spell pick system, magic languages and extraordinary spell failure.
* Rules and options for handling apprentices and masters.
* Options dealing with each realm of magic -- including new suggestions for Arcane magic!
* Dozens upon dozens of new spell lists, including lists covering genetic engineering, weapon mastery, matter shaping and animation and much, much more!
* The brand new Prosaic spell lists -- lists that are easy for any character to learn and cover the everyday facets of life."

Authors: Joseph Bernard Daugherty
Daniel Andrew Whiteside
Thomas Timothy Wyrostek
David Louis Wienhoff
Mark Colborn
Chris Stone
Monte Cook

1991 ... 160 pages ... ICE 1520 ... ISBN 1558061495

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Alchemy Companion
"Alchemy Companion consolidates and supplements Rolemaster's classic system for creating magic items. It gives gamemasters many new enhancements for the Alchemists in their campaign, while it gives players new options for the manipulation of magic. Complete rules, new methods, options and prcedures, detailed information, dozens of new skills, more than 15 new professions plus over 70 new spell lists."

1992 ... 208 pages ... ICE 1530 ... ISBN 1558061614

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Oriental Companion
"Oriental Companion is your guide for using Rolemaster in the land of the Orient; an adventurous world, with Samurai and Ninja, Rolemaster's Orient is a hybridization of many Far Eastern cultures injected with a mix of fantasy and wonder; This book contains new Rolemaster professions, skills, powers, creatures, and items for the Orient, plus plenty more.
The Oriental Companion can be used to create a complete Oriental campaign world, or to simply add elements to your existing fantasy game. It can be used to create a tiny group of islands off the coast of Emer in Shadow World, or for a continent-spanning empire in any campaign. Whatever you decide, the Oriental Companion will provide an exciting new setting for Rolemaster players.

Inside Oriental Companion you will find:
* Ten new Oriental Character Professions.
* A complete listing of new Ki powers.
* Guidelines for using Essence and Channeling magic in the Orient, along with new spell lists.
* Descriptions for armor and weaponry of the Orient.
* An Oriental Bestiary.
* Plenty of new Oriental items and equipment, including new magic items."

1992 ... Alex Bund ... 112 pages ... ICE 1540 ... ISBN 1558061754

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Rolemaster Companion
• High-level spells
• New spell lists
• More monsters
• More magic items
• Condensed combat system
• New professions
• New races
• Optional system mechanics

The ROLEMASTER COMPANION is a must for all ROLEMASTER and FRP fans! Every aspect of I.C.E.'s classic FRP system is expanded with optional rules and guidelines. To SPELL LAW new Spells and Spell Lists along with natural phenomena and Arcane Magic are added. For CHARACTER LAW, new character classes and new races appear! The ROLEMASTER COMPANION also adds a wealth of new material to CREATURES & TREASURES, including the construction of magical items and plenty of new creatures to populate your world. Many new optional rules for ARMS LAW, such as a condensed combat system, are included. For the Gamesmaster, CAMPAIGN LAW is expanded with a system for generating populations as well as numerous game aids to help in the running of a smooth campaign."

1986 ... 96 pages ... ICE 1500 ... ISBN 0915795124

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Rolemaster Companion II
"This ROLEMASTER supplement concentrates on new professions, new skills, new spell lists, and a variety of optional rules.
The descriptions and tables for ALL of the ROLEMASTER skills are now gathered into one place, RM COMPANION II.
ROLEMASTER COMPANION II has something for every ROLEMASTER GM and player! In addition to the new material, it provides comprehensive "Master Tables" and descriptions for ALL of the skills and ALL of the professions in the complete ROLEMASTER product line.
* 13 NEW PROFESSIONS: Beastmaster, Conjuror, Dancer, Dervish, Necromancer, Runemaster, Sage, Scholar, Shaman, Trader, Warlock, Warrior Mage, Witch.
* 65 NEW SPELL LISTS: base lists for the new professions, new Paladin base lists, new Arcane lists, and other miscellaneous lists.
* Over 100 NEW OPTIONAL SKILLS for lores, brawling, magic rituals, power point development, perception, etc.
* Expanded static action tables.
* Rules for infra-skill areas, similar skills, and complementary skills."

1987 ... 112 pages ... ICE 1600 ... ISBN 0915795973

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Rolemaster Companion III
"This supplement continues the tradition of superbly detailed optional support material for Rolemaster. Rolemaster Companion III has something for all Rolemaster campaigns: from low-level to Lord-level! Rolemaster Companion III includes:
• 21 Variant Professions: Bounty Hunter, Assassin, Bashkar, Duelist, Cavalier, Gypsy, Warrior, Magus Farmer, Sailor, Montebanc, Crafter, Noble Warrior, Sleuth, Chaotic Lord, Moon Mage, Macabre, Crystal Mage, Craftsman, Dream Lord, the Professional.
• More than 40 new Spell Lists: base lists for the new professions, new Arcane lists, Arcane society lists, and other miscellaneous lists.
• 7 new Critical Tables: Acid, Depression, Physical Alteration, Plasma, Disruption, Stress and Shock.
• 4 new Spell Attack Tables.
• Optional Rules: ritual magic, individual spell development, Arcane societies, and a variety of other topics."

1988 ... 96 pages ... ICE 1700 ... ISBN 1558060502

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Rolemaster Companion IV
"Rolemaster Companion IV continues the tradition of earlier RMCs by expanding the classic Rolemaster system with a variety of optional rules and guidelines. Containing something for every RM Gamemaster and player, Rolemaster Companion IV provides material for all RM campaigns, from low-level to Lord-level. So, summon your sages, get out your spell books, and sharpen your quill pens — your campaign is about to face Rolemaster Companion IV!

Rolemaster Companion IV provides:
• A complete index of all spells and spell lists from Spell Law, the Rolemaster
Companions, and Elemental Companion.
• A complete Gamemaster Checklist and Index of all optional rules, professions, races, and spell lists in Rolemaster, Creatures and Treasures (I & II), and the Companions.
• New professions, skills, spell lists, and individual spells.
• New optional rules and guidelines for:
maneuvers, maneuver fumbles, revised combat sequences, subdual attacks, shield bashes, spell catalysts, power point undercasting, spell memorization, power from the gods, meditation, spell mastery, omens, unnatural phenomena, selectable background options, quick NPC generation, and much more."

1990 ... 96 pages ... ICE 1800 ... ISBN 1558061274

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Rolemaster Companion V
"Rolemaster Companion V includes:
• Three all-new and unique professions: the Wizard, an unequalled manipulator of the very laws and fundamentals of magic itself; the Maleficant, the prince of terror and the definitive voodoo priest; and the Forcemage, the master of gravity, magnetism and unbridled force.
• New character creation options, skills, spell research rules, combat and spell casting options, creatures, treasures, equipment, and rules for determining various materials' intergrity.
• Over 1,000 new spells, including spells for wish magic, time travel, the earth-blood, and new base lists for professions such as Alchemists and Druids.
• New attack tables for Spell Law and Arms Law.
• New critical strike tables for starvation, neurological, disintegration and pure Essence-based attacks."

1991 ... 128 pages ... ICE 1900 ... ISBN 1558061452

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Rolemaster Companion VI
"Rolemaster Companion VI provides:
• New Gothic Fantasy and Science Fantasy professions.
• Very High Level spells for all the Spell Law spell lists.
• Stat Bonus Modifications for all creatures, monsters, and races in C&T, C&TII and the Companions.
• Material on how to consistently use Rolemaster with Space Master and the Shadow World.
• New optional rules and guidelines that focus on a set of common themes — level used only as an abstract measurements of power; weight placed on stat bonuses rather than stats; flexible skill development; emphasis on (and rewards for) role playing; detalled, playable tactical combat, and a Unified Skill System that consolidates and reorganizes many of the RM skills."

1992 ... 128 pages ... ICE 1901 ... ISBN 1558061649

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Rolemaster Companion VII
"Rolemaster Companion VII includes:
• New professions such as the Shadow Mage, Arms Master, Tarotmage, the Witch Hunter, etc.
• New spell lists -- including lists specifically available for monsters like Vampires and Dragons.
• New monsters and magic items.
• A complete and extremely detailed set of rules for dealing with the tarot deck in a Rolemaster setting.
• New optional rules for martial arts, initiative, exhaustion, Resistance Rolls, spell development, and many other facets of the game."

1993 ... 128 pages ... ICE 1902 ... ISBN 1558061851

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War Law [BOX SET]

• War Law Rulesbook (160 pages)
• War Law Summary Sheets (24 page booklet)
• 540 counters (2 sheets)
• 2 color generic terrain hex maps
• 4 mylar hex overlays

"War Law is the mass combat system for ICE's Rolemaster system. With War Law a GM can make numerous detailed decisions for every aspect of battles that can have anywhere from 2 to 1000's of participants. However, War Law also includes a very specific, simplified version of this battle system that makes standard decisions for many of the key battle system aspects (e.g., scale, unit size, abstracted losses, unit integrity, morale, etc.). This simplified version does not require a GM to use — it is a fully functional boardgame. War Law has everything you need to make your Rolemaster battles something that will enrich the sagas and legends of your campaign for centuries to come.

War Law provides:
• A Standard Game for quick and easy mass combat resolution.
• A full-blown Refereed Game and a set of Optional Rules that allows a GM to tailor his system to handle any large battle that can occur in his world.
• A unit generation system that allows the development of units and their skills through the use of a RM development point cost system — 15 unit types and dozens of skills.
• A `unit attack table' for each of the basic RM attack tables, so that weapon attacks made by groups of combatants will statistically approximate normal RM results.
• War Law covers morale rules, maneuver rules, ferocity rules, leaders, formations, siege weapons, and historical and tactical considerations.
• Summary sheets and blank unit status sheets to help speed play.
• A hex-based display system: clear plastic hex-sheets and full color terrain inserts.
• Hundreds of color counters for representing units and leaders.
• Adaptable to most other fantasy role playing systems."

1993 ... ICE 1110 ... ISBN 1558060995

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Arms Companion
"A volume of optional material for Rolemaster. Its focus is the warrior -- the sword-swinging, muscle-bound champion that so ofter saves the day and proves to be the backbone of the fantasy genre. The material will add versatility, depth and even a few new abilities to this honorable (and, often, not-so honorable) profession.
Arms Companion contains:
• New weapon attack tables and new critical strike tables.
• New options for combat maneuvers.
• Dozens of new skills.
• New weapons and equipment.
• New background options for fighters and thieves.
• Guidelines for new (non-spell user) groups and organizations that can effect a character's development and background.
• Rules for customizing existing professions to fit character backgrounds and specializations.
• Rules for thieves, traps, and subterfuge.
• An entirely unique system for aiming blows and called shots, along with a system that allows characters to mix armor types.

1993 ... 128 pages ... ICE 1120 ... ISBN 1558061800

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Sea Law
"Sea Law contains the ship combat system and naval campaign guidelines for the Rolemaster system. With Sea Law a GM can set up and resolve naval battles involving a wide variety of ships from early oared galleys to great sailing ships. In fact, the combat system doesn't require a GM—it is a fully functional boardgame. Sea Law has everything you need to handle action on the oceans and seas, enriching the sagas and legends of your campaign for centuries to come.
Sea Law includes:
• A complete, detailed tactical ship combat system.
• Guidelines for stategic naval activity and ship construction.
• A wealth of material and suggestions for starting and running a naval campaign.
• Stats and descriptions for dozens of new sea creatures and for over a hundred historical and fantasy ships.
• Eight ship attack tables, eight ship critical tables, three ship weapon fumble/failure tables, and a variety of other tables and charts to help resolve situations commonly arising in a naval environment.
• A hex-based display system consisting of four large hex-sheets and a sheet, of cpunters that can be used represent ships, ship status, and terrain."

1994 ... William Van Horn & Coleman Charlton & Monte Cook ... 160 pages + 4 hex-sheets + sheet of counters ... ICE 1130 ... ISBN 1558062025

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...And a 10-Foot Pole
"Your company is readying for that overland journey. How much does a barrel cost?
Your gumshoe is hot on the trail of the mad scientist, but must stop at the bar to talk to his informant. How much does the beer cost?
Your musketeer has served the king of France for more than a decade. But the incident in the church proved costly. Now you must replace all those destroyed religious implements. How long does it take to make a brazier anyway?
The ignorant peasants have no idea that you are a powerful alchemist on the edge of making the most important discovery of all time. But you must have three more rolls of copper wire...

This is the ultimate equipment sourcebook for use with any RPG system! On these pages, you will find full equipment lists for all eras, from Stone Age to Modern. Each era has its own list showing prices for the era as well as production time and availability. In addition, each list is sorted by type of product: from food products to weapons and armor.
Here are some of the other cool things found inside:
• A discussion of technology in each era (which helps to define an era).
• Over 1,200 illustrations.
• Listings of equipment broken down by historical era.
• Many, many listed items of equipment — from a dozen eggs, to canned milk, to steamer trunks, to pocket calculators, etc."

1999 ... 192 pages ... ICE 5703 ... ISBN 1558063706

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Run Out the Guns, Adventure Kit [BOX SET]
"...Now, you can host your own voyages of adventure. Adventure Kits contain everything required for players and gamemasters to experience the thrill of role playing with a minimum of preparation time. Adventure Kits focus on setting and character backgrounds; allowing players an exciting degree of freedom in exploring their environment as well as their characters. With Run Out the Guns!, you will soon have your players, whether experienced or novices, standing on their chairs and shouting at enemy ships just beyond gun range!

A streamlined system that provides for hundreds of possible characters — each with a unique feel and flavor.
A fast-paced combat system that handles swashbuckling as well as cannon fire upon ships!
Details on the nature of life as a sailor, as well as life in and around the various ports in the Caribbean — how ships were provisioned, the nature of medicine, how ship-to-ship combat was conducted, and more.
A detailed, color map of the Caribbean for the Gamemasters, as well as artistically rendered maps for the players to use on their sea voyages.
Details on more than half a dozen period sailing ships — ranging from the lowly Flute to the grand Galleon.
Guidelines on how to expand Run Out the Guns! using the Rolemaster Standard System"' (also available from ICE)."

1998 ... ICE 4000 ... ISBN 155806365X

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Rolemaster Genre Books

Robin Hood: A Giant Outlaw Campaign
"Now you can join Robin and his merry men, the greatest outlaws of all time! Experience 11th and 12th century England under the yoke of the Norman conquerors. Defend the poor folk of Nottinghamshire and Sherwood Forest against the wily Sheriff of Nottingham.
ROBIN HOOD brings you a wealth of outlaw adventure set in two different settings. The first takes the characters to the Forest of Dean on the Welsh Marches. The second is based on the famous legend of Robin Hood set in Sherwood Forest.

ROBIN HOOD includes:
• Complete campaign background and guidelines.
• New professions and skills keyed to medieval England.
• Stats for Robin, his men, the Sheriff, etc.
• Over 50 specific encounters and adventures!
• Detailed castle, abbey and town layouts."

1987 ... 160 pages ... ICE 1010 ... ISBN 0915795280

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Mythic Greece: The Age of Heroes
"In the Age of Heroes legends walked the earth; legends like Hercules, slayer pf the Hydra and the Nemean Lion; Theseus, the King of Athens who defeated the Minataur; Jason and his Argonauts; and Medea, the sorceress whose very name means cunning.
Their time is long past, but monsters still walk the earth, new lands lay unexplored, and the gods still intervene in the affairs of mortals. It is time for new heroes to make their mark. It's time for YOU to enter MYTHIC GREECE, the Age of Heroes!
Here is a role-playing campaign set in MYTHIC GREECE. Your heroes will be the mightiest champions of legend, facing the ultimate challenges.
• ROLEMASTER/MERP statistics
• FANTASY HERO statistics for all elements of role-playing in the Age of Heroes
• Character Creation rules that allow you to play extra-powerful Greater Hero and Demigod characters, for use with this and other campaigns
• Detailed Campaign Settings covering all of MYTHIC GREECE
• Dozens of new Monsters and Treasures
• Specialized Magic Rules, including Special Powers for player-characters
• Game-master Guidelines for the use of gods and epic quests in the Age of Heroes or any other campaign"

1988 ... 160 pages ... ICE 1020 ... ISBN 1558060022

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Vikings (Campaign Classics)
"Sail the "whale's track," as Vikings called the ocean, in search of Prodi's flour — gold! Raid coastal towns from England to North Africa, and seek adventure by land and sea! Blood feuds await you in your native land when you return. Count booty and trade for silk and fine weapons! Berserks and trollwise wizards, runaway Thralls and banished warriors — all these characters, plus the kings and gods of Norse legend come alive in VIKINGS™!
A role playing campaign set in the Europe and North Africa of 768-1066 A.D., VIKINGS pits adventurers against sea serpents and land dragons, warriors and shamans. Frost Giants and jealous gods!

Inside Vikings, you'll find:
• Complete Rolemaster™ and Fantasy Hero™ FRP gaming statistics, including tables and charts.
• Statistics for NPCs, including Viking warriors, Shamans, Berserks, Wizards, and Leechs (healers).
• Detailed campaign background information on the world of the Norsemen and their formidable foes!
• Gamemaster guidelines to run quests set in the age and lands of the Vikings, or in another campaign setting (such as Shadow World™),
• 3 detailed adventures set in historical perspective, including a pirate adventure on the high seas."

1989 ... Lee Gold & Angus McBride ... ICE 1030 ... ISBN 1558060472

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Pirates (Campaign Classics)
"Sail the high seas of the Spanish Main, where living is easy and gold doubloons flow out of Spain's New World Colonies like water! Swashbuckle your way into the world of Blackbeard and Long John Silver. Try on Henry Morgan's boots for size! Navigate the blue waters of the Caribbean, hack your way into the steamy jungles of the Yucatan, or prowl the waterways of the Red Sea, in search of adventure, fame and fabulous fortune! PIRATES creates an extraordinary campaign setting, the world of 17th- and 18th-Century pirates and buccaneers. All you need to know about pirate life on sea and in port is here in these 160 pages. Design your own adventures in the tradition of Robert Louis Stevenson — and live them!

Inside PIRATES you'll find:
• Two fully detailed campaigns: "The Buccaneer" and "The Pirate," set in 1630-1725, the heyday of sea-faring highwaymen.
• Combat rules, maps, ship designs, and "pirate life" notes galore!
• Six adventures and four adventure scenarios for brave pirates of any era.
• Plenty of background color, ideal for GMs and garners, presenting the world of the 1600's from the West Indies to Africa — the favorite hunting grounds of real-life pirates!
• Stats and gaming notes for Rolemaster, Fantasy Hero and MERP gamers, making PIRATES as easy to use as an adventure module."

1990 ... Gorham Palmer ... 160 pages ... ICE 1040 ... ISBN 1558060855

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Mythic Egypt
"Step into the heat and dust of the Land of the Pharaoh, where Sorcerers and Princes scheme fo supremacy in cities strung like jewels along the Nile, the world's longest river. A short walk away lies the desert wilderness, where Djinn and Spinxes prey upon lesser mortals like yourselves, and restless Mummies guard the fabled treasures of the Royal dead. True, the Pharoah rules as a god, but in this ancient land, even gods can be assasinated... and even the slain can rise up to fight again. MYTHIC EGYPT creates a fabulous campaign setting, the Egypt of myth and history, from the birth of the first dynasty in 3,100 BC till the death of Cleopatra three thousand years later. Everything you need to know about this ancient cradle of civilization, from its battling gods to daily life along the Nile, is included in these 160 pges. Here's your chance to prowl the dark corridors beneath a vast pyramid, where only mummies and a centuries old curse block your way.

Inside MYTHIC EGYPT, you'll find:
• Six fully-fleshed adventures, including "The Pyramid" and "The Necropolis," in which a City of the Dead proves to be more lively than you might imagine — and more dangerous!
• Five adventure ideas for town, desert, and palace encounters.
• Descriptions and stats for more than 20 gods!
• Hieroglyphs and an Egyptian/English Dictionary
• Plenty of background color, ideal for GMs and garners alike, bringing to life the Undead and the All-Powerful of ancient Egypt!
• Stats and gaming notes for Rolemaster, Fantasy Hero and MERP gamers, making MYTHIC EGYPT as easy to use as an adventure module."

1990 ... Earl Wajenburg ... 160 pages ... ICE 1050 ... ISBN 1558061312

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"Outlaw is the Western sourcebook for the Rolemaster and Space Master systems, providing enough information to run Western adventures in either the historical or fictional Wild West. From lassoing a wild stallion to sliding a low-down cowpoke down the bar and through the window, it's all here.
Use Outlaw as a supplement for your existing Rolemaster or Space Master game, or start your own Western campaign.
• Guidelines and optional rules for Western-style maneuvers and combat.
• A Western sourcebook containing a timeline, general information, and descriptions for Western equipment and weapons.
• A complete campaingn setting based on the Western town of Deadwood, Dakota Territory.
• Two complete scenarios, numerous adventure ideas, and advice for running your own Western campaigns.
• Dozens of Western NPCs, including famous historical figures like Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Butch Cassidy and Billy the Kid.
• Layouts and descriptions for Western towns, the OK Corral, an 1800s train, a bar, and other Western locations..
Note: Outlaw is not a complete role playing game. Ownership of Rolemaster or Space Master is required.
Outlaw contains much of the same formation found in Western Hero. If you have Western Hero, we suggest you do not purchase Outlaw."

1991 ... Matt Forbeck ... 176 pages ... ICE 1302 ... ISBN 1558061479

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At Rapier's Point
"En Garde! True adventure awaits those willing to risk everything for fame, fortune, and honor. If you enjoy intrigue among the world's most powerful people, climactic battles with arch villains, and swooping in to save the day at the very last minute, then you, my friend, were born to be a swashbuckling hero!
At Rapier's Point presents a whole new facet to your role playing campaign - that of daring escapes, duels , for honor, and swashbuckling fun. This book presents the era of Musketeers, chivalrous outlaws, and masked avengers who fight for justice, glory and the King. Players will find new professions unique to the genre, rules for fencing, muskets and pistols, and swashbuckling maneuvers.
For Gamemasters, everything you need to know about 17th Century Europe to either base a historical game there, or to model a fantasy game around, can be found within At Rapier's Point. You'll also find sections on incorporating a swashbuckling setting into an existing fantasy campaign.

At Rapier's Point Includes:
• Five new professions including the Religious Dissident and the Scientist.
• Rolemaster rules for black powder firearms and explosives.
• More than twenty five historical and fictional NPCs.
• Guidelines on the culture, history and people in the swashbuckling era.
• Four full-length scenarios, five short scenarios, and sample character backgrounds.
• Suggestions for incorporating swashbuckling adventure into fantasy, science fiction, Arabian nights, oriental, and other types of campaigns."

1993 ... Kevin Scrivner ... 128 pages ... ICE 1304 ... ISBN 1558061894

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Arabian Nights
"In this sourcebook for Rolemaster, you will find everything that you need to know about running exciting adventures in the lands of mythical Arabia. Politics, history, culture, and many other topics are discussed along with a detailed treatment of how Rolemaster professions, magic, races, and creatures can be incorporated into such a setting. Whether you are looking for a new and unique world to place a new set of adventures, or are just simply seeking an addition to your regular campaign that is spiced with a flavor, unlike traditional fantasy realms, Arabian Nights is for you.

Arabian Nights includes:
• Guidelines for creating and running an Arabic-style fantasy campaign.
• Detailed descriptions of an Arabian Nights fantasy setting.
• Suggestions for creating characters that fit into the genre.
• Wealth of historical notes and references for an Arabian setting.
• Three fully-fleshed out adventures and many other adventure ideas.
• Numerous NPCs, monsters, and magical items.
• Ideas for incorporating Arabian Nights into a Cyberspace, Space Master, historical, or time-travel campaign."

1994 ... 112 pages ... ICE 1305 ... ISBN 1558062092

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