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DC Heroes / DC Universe - super hero role playing

Who's Who in the DC Universe ~ DC Universe Roleplaying Game from West End Games


DC Heroes -- Mayfair Games

DC Heroes Role Playing Game [BOX SET]
Includes: Quick Start Rules; Titan's Challenge book; Player's Manual; Gamemaster's Manual; Powers & Skills book; Gamemaster's Screen; 30 character cards; 39 stand-up character counters; 12 plastic stands.

1985 ... MAY 201 ... ISBN 0425066339

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DC Heroes Role-Playing Game, 2nd Edition [BOX SET]

"Fly through the skies above Metropolis as the mighty Superman. Put your outstanding detective skills to the test as Batman and outwit the evil Joker. Battle the powers of evil throughout the world and beyond as a member of the mighty Justice League International. Imagine it and live it with the DC HEROES Role-Playing Game.
Your imagination is your guide to exciting adventures for your favorite DC Comics Characters. Or, create your own heroes to battle against the evil plots of sinister villains. Everything you need to become a part of the DC Universe is yours with the DC HEROES Role-Playing Game.

The DC HEROES Role-Playing Game includes:
• Read This First! booklet, with a Batman solitaire adventure
• The Rules Manual
• The Character Handbook
• The Background/Roster Book, including game statistics for over 250 characters and featuring essays by Robert Greenberger, Jack Kirby, Robert Kanigher, Neil Gaiman, Dan Jurgens, and Roger Stern
• Full-length JLI Adventure: Exposed.
• Action Wheel
• Full-color Gamemaster's Screen
• 75 Illustrated Character Cards, featuring Justice League America, Justice League Europe, the New Titans, the Suicide Squad, Watchmen, and more!
• 2 Ten-Sided Dice."

The character cards were issued with 3 blanks, in addition to the 75 printed cards.

I found a 1991 Mayfair catalog in a set, giving an idea of the length of this set's print run.


1989 ... Mayfair Games (MGI) 245 ... ISBN 0923763023

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DC Heroes Role-Playing Game, 3rd Ed.
"From the skies above Metropolis to the back alleys of Gotham City, you can live the adventure of DC Comics as you play the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game.

Take on the role of your favorite DC Comics character, or create your own hero with unique powers and abilities. Either way, your imagination is your guide to exciting adventures in the DC Universe and beyond.

This book contains all the rules needed to play, along with background information about the people and places of the DC Universe, and including essays by Robert Greenberger, Jack Kirby, Robert Kanigher, Neil Gaiman, Dan Jurgens, and Roger Stern.

The DC Heroes Role-Playing Game, Third Edition, is fully compatible with all Second Edition products and features revised and optional rules, new Powers, Advantages, and Drawbacks, and updated game statistics for many popular DC Comics characters, including Batman, Robin, Guy Gardner, Lobo, and The Joker.

BONUS: This book also includes a special section detailing 'The Death of Superman' and 'The Reign of the Superman', including information and game statistics for Doomsday and the four new 'Supermen.'"

1993 ... Greg Gorden ... 184 pages ... MGI 267 ... ISBN 1569050007

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"Includes 12-page, 2-color map section detailing four entire H.I.V.E. bases.

From amidst shattered remnants arise new and powerful forces for evil.
Revitalized by the villainous Nightlight, the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination has created the ultimate terrorist device —— a weapon so awesome it powers itself from the energies of the very heroes who seek to destroy it.
Can even the New Teen Titans defeat Nightlight’s insidious plan for world domination and prevent the collective fall of Earth’s mightiest heroes?
It’s a battle which spans the globe and breaches the stars - now begins the onslaught of a newly-energized H.I.V.E."

1986 ... Troy Denning ... 40 pages ... MAY 202 ... ISBN 0912771267

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Blood Feud!
"In a bold and daring attack, a S.T.A.R Lab's entire supply of a new secret gas is stolen. The villains responsible now have the means to destroy all the world's heroes.
Meanwhile, the Titans are called upon to save a controversial world leader from assassination — his death could unleash violence across the globe.
With no way to split up, and time running out, the New Teen Titans must choose. They must recover the powerful gas or...
STOP THE ASSASSIN There's more here than meets the eye and the Titans are trapped in the midst of a Blood Feud!"

1985 ... Jeff O'Hare ... 32 pages ... MAY 203 ... ISBN 0912771569

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Killer Frost and Parasite, held at a S.T.A.R. Lab for study, are in a desperate effort to escape. The Justice League of America races from its outpost at the JLA Satellite to foil the villains' furious attempt.
And while the JLA battles its foes on Earth, from high above in the Satellite, the alarm sounds again. THE JLA SATELLITE IS UNDER SIEGE."

1985 ... Jerry Epperson & Craig Patterson ... 32 pages ... MAY 204 ... ISBN 0912771305

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Bat Man (Batman)
"Batman, the dark detective of justice, has thrilled generations of readers. Now, the legend comes to life in The Batman Sourcebook.

In this book:
• Complete backgrounds of Batman's friends and foes
• Details on the equipment he uses in his war against crime
• Three new adventures suitable for play with the DC Heroes Role Playing Game.
Join the battle against the Darknight Detective's deadliest foes. Be part of the legend.

Includes two complete maps detailing the Wayne Foundation Building Penthouse, Wayne Manor, and the Batcave."

1985 ... Mike Stackpole ... 80 pages + 2 poster maps ... MGI 205 ... ISBN 0912771313

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Wheel of Destruction
"You wanted to spend a quiet evening at the Wayne Manor, but your Bat-Signal flashed and it was TIME FOR BATMAN TO FLY INTO ACTION!
The Police Commissioner has been kidnapped by the Joker? Now the foul fiend is USING GOTHAM'S LANDMARKS LIKE PAWNS IN A DEVASTATING GAME.
Can the Batman save these priceless landmarks from destruction? Or will the city be forced to PAY THE CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME?"

1985 ... Matthew J. Costello ... 32 pages ... MAY 206 ... ISBN 0912771402

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All That Glitters

Torn between financial obligations to a Midwestern games company and his heroic responsibilities, can Booster Gold™ defeat a renegade 26th century militia to maintain the course of history?

Personal and professional values collide in the life of Metropolis'™ most eligible hero in an adventure comprised of...All That Glitters. (Non teneas aurum totum quod splendet ut aurum.)

Includes bonus Booster Gold Board Game and special insert of Full-Color Counters for Booster, Goldstar™, Skeets™, and Jack Soo™! A Cross-Over Adventure with the new Justice League International1 module, When a Stranger Calls.

1987 ... Greg Gorden ... 32 pages + cardstock Booster Gold counter sheet ... MAY 207 ... ISBN 091277164X

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Project Prometheus
"With the help of a kidnapped scientist, the new King Minos of Crete has developed a powerful device called the Prometheus Shield.
Minos claims that the shield will be used in restoring Crete to its former glory. U.S. Intelligence sources have linked him to some suspicious characters.
Now, it is up to you to go to Crete and find out just what the situation really is!"

1985 ... Greg Gorden & Lee Maniloff ... 32 pages ... MAY 208 ... ISBN 0912771453

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Countdown to Armageddon
"Has this ever happened to you?
You are flying over Metropolis when suddenly your super-hearing picks up five different distress calls from around the world. All are urgent, all deal with the lives of thousands of people, but which one will you pick?
Find out in this exciting adventure that pushes Superman to the limits of his endurance. Can he keep the earth from falling apart, discover the fiendish plot behind it all, use his super-computer in the Fortress of Solitude to find a solution, and still make his 6:00 newscast as Clark Kent?
Only those brave enough to play this adventure will know what it’s really like to be the Man of Steel.

1986 ... Dan Greenberg ... 40 pages + glossy sheet of business cards ... MGI 209 ... ISBN 0912771461

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The Doomsday Program
Behind it all, the most powerful, sophisticated, and dangerous computer in the universe... Brainiac.
The fate of the Earth hangs imbalanced as Brainiac nears successful completion of The Doomsday Program!
A module acailable for use with the New Teen Titans.
Plus: Complete plans to Brainiac's ship."

1986 ... Mark Acres ... 32 pages ... MAY 210 ... ISBN 0912771488

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Four Horsemen of Apokolips
"Darkseid, the Dark Lord of Apokolips, has taken four men of knowledge and power and transformed them into Incarnations of Doom.
Their mission: to destroy Earth. Then Darkseid will plunder the dead world for the ultimate key to power: the anti-life equation!
It's up to your heroes to stop the Four Horsemen of Apokolips."

1986 ... Troy Denning... 40 pages ... MAY 211 ... ISBN 091277147X

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Night in Gotham
"Shadows in Gotham
As the sun sets, the shadows grow. As the shops close for the night, the shadows darken. As the businessmen ride the trains to the suburbs, the shadows cover the city.
It is night.
The streetlights wink on. The city is covered by a web of lights.
But it is still night. There are still shadows.
Alone, these people of the night are deadly.
But they are not alone. They are organized.
And at night, the city is theirs.
Or would be, if not for one man: The Batman.

Welcome to Night in Gotham!"

1986 ... Walter Hunt ... 40 pages ... MAY 212 ... ISBN 0912771518

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Legion of Super-Heroes - Volume 1
"Enter the world of the Legion of Super-heroes. Contained in this reference are in-depth, up-to-date articles on all 37 Legionnaires past and present. Other articles explain
the Legionaires’ personal equipment, discuss their deadliest foes and staunches! allies, and give a concise history of the group from its beginnings to the latest issue on the stands today! Co-written by Paul Levitz, the current author of the Legion comic books, it includes intimate details on the Legionnaire's lives that you can't find anywhere else. Also included are comprehensive explanations and statistics for use with the DC HEROES ROLE PLAYING GAME™. As part one of a two-part series on the Legion and its world, you'll find this handy reference work a fascinating step into the 30th Century."

1986 ... Paul Levitz & Steve Crow ... 96 pages ... MAY 213 ... ISBN 0912771526

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Hex: Escort to Hell
"When you were back in the Old West you knew what was happening and what to expect.


You are surrounded by an alien and hostile world, yet you have survived; you have gained a reputation here as one who can hold his own.
Now you, Jonah Hex, face the greatest challenge of your life as an Escort to Hell!"

1986 ... Matthew J. Costello ... 32 pages + 2-page cardstock maps ... MAY 214 ... ISBN 0912771496

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Fire and Ice
"An evil scientist strives to complete his ultimate, power-mad plan!
A supremely savage alien criminal awaits his Earthly release!
All this, and the Fearsome Five, too!
Your Player Group must suffer severe Arctic climates and brave the frigid wilderness of the Canadian Klondikes in an adventure to the top of the world.
You build your walls, only to see them crumble in a perilous land of... Fire and Ice!"

1986 ... Bruce Humphrey ... 32 pages ... MAY 215 ... ISBN 0912771593

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Legion of Super-Heroes - Volume II: The World Book
"The 30th Century! Man has reached the stars and pierced the barriers of time and space. The Earth has been shaped into the ultimate expression of Man's dreams, hopes, and desires. The Legion of Super-Heroes Worldbook takes you into the 30th Century and shows you the Earth of the Future!

Complete with scenario ideas and statistics designed for use with the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game System, this companion volume to the Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook Volume 1 takes your campaign a thousand years ahead of its time.

Includes information on
• the Legion of Super-Heroes™
• the Legion Clubhouse™
• the Earth of the Future
• the Earth's Government
• the Science Police™
• the United Planets Organization™
• the Worlds of the United Planets
• the Technology of the Future
• and the Legion Academy™"

1987 ... 96 pages + folded poster map ... MGI 216 ... ISBN 0912771577

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King of Crime
"Okay, all you costumed losers and caped creeps, listen up!
So you think you're tough, huh? Tough enough to handle the return of the Secret Society of Super-Villains™?
No, we didn't think so.
We own Central City™ and it's off-limits to all you wimpy do-gooders!
So why don't you and your cotton/polyester leotards find a nice rock to hide under? 'Cause you Florence Nightingale-types don't stand a chance against the... KING OF CRIME.

The King of Crime is designed with two points in mind. The first point is to give the GM a fleshed-out city in which to place his/her Players. Many of the most important buildings and attractions of Central City are laid out, along with nearly all of the major streets and thoroughfares. People and places are also represented in order to give Central City the feel of a real-life metropolis. The GM is, of course, free to change or adapt this city to the needs of his/her Players...
The second point in designing this adventure is to allow the Players a chance to portray heroes of their own design. While playing established heroes like the Batman or Green Lantern is fun, many Players want to let their imaginations run wild, allowing them the freedom to adopt the roles of new and totally original heroes. This adventure is primarily for these Players." (from the introduction)

1986 ... Jeff O'Hare ... 32 pages ... MGI 217 ... ISBN 0912771585

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Don't Ask
Features the comic comedian Ambush Bug and lots and lots and lots of bad jokes for maximum gaming silliness.

1986 ... Scott Jenkins ... 32 pages ... MGI 218 ... ISBN 0912771607

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Lines of Death
Green Arrow™ searches for the thread that ties together seemingly random killings...

Black Canary™ unravels the twisted trail of drug trafficking ... A mysterious emblem of a tangled N snags both strands of investigation. Are the heroes' tasks separate skeins or interwoven Lines of Death?

First Match-Play Adventure!
This module is designed for tandem use by two Player Characters. In alternating encounters, Green Arrow stalks his killer while the Black Canary Player runs the adventure; Black Canary investigates undercover while the Green Arrow Player manages the NPCs."

1987 ... Mark Acres ... ?? pages ... MGI 219 ... ISBN 0912771615

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When A Stranger Calls
"Fight Crime!
Support Justice!
See the World!

From the depths of a mystical dimension arises an ageless force of evil bent on earthly domination.

Under the guidance of the Phantom Stranger, the Justice League International must learn the secrets of an ancient tome in order to forever seal the Vengeance Gate: a dimensional portal separating the realms of chaos and order?

The race against deadly, arcane opponents is on - a journey to the corners of the globe - a harrowing adventure for the mightiest of heroes which begins... When a Stranger Calls

* Includes special Dr. Fate™ mystical clue keeper!
* New stats for Blue Beetle™, Rocket Red™, Doctor Fate™, Guy Gardner™, Mister Miracle™, and Captain Atom™.
* New power description: Sorcery."

1987 ... Ray Winninger ... 32 pages ... MAY 220 ... ISBN 0912771623

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Eternity, Inc.
"It began thousands of years ago...
Four magic men seized control of the ancestors of Humanity. Under their rule, Mankind's future seemed doomed — until a band of brightly-dressed strangers appeared to challenge them.
It began again, days ago...
Gorilla Grodd, searching for new allies after his expulsion from Gorilla City discovers the bodies of the four magic men — frozen in time!
They have waited an eternity for their revival. Now, with Grodd's leadership and technology, they will have their revenge.
And Infinity, Inc must stop them before the world is thrown into its darkest age!"

1986 ... Lawrence Schick ... 32 pages ... MAY 221 ... ISBN 0912771631

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An Element of Danger
"In his past struggles with the JLA Matter Master used his Mentachem Wand to control and shape pure elements to his every whim.
When Dr. Alchemy tangled with the Flash he used his Philosopher's Stone to transmute elements.
Now, they are planning to combine the powers of both of their inventions to forge a more potent weapon.
And the villains plan to act upon their goal in Pittsburgh, the home of Firestorm the Nuclear Man!"

1986 ... Steve Perrin ... 32 pages ... MAY 222 ... ISBN 0912771682

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Pawns of Time
"Dead Legionnaires Appear...

But whose side are they on?

Are they really the ex-Legionnaires or are they some sort of reproductions?

Find out who is behind this strange occurrence or you may become Pawns of Time."

1986 ... Steve Crow & Chris Mortika ... MGI 223 ... ISBN 0912771690

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Knight to Planet 3

As Khund forces raid three planets in UP™ territory, a duplicate Computo™ (the sentient computer) forges an alliance between the Khunds, the villain Tyr™, and himself: These unrelated events comprise a plot to achieve universal conquest.
But for whom?


Knight to Planet 3 can be played as the second adventure in the Chessman series, following Pawns of Time, or as an independent adventure.

Knight to Planet 3 features Chameleon Boy™, Dawnstar™, Phantom Girl™, Quislet™, Sun Boy™, and Ultra Boy™ as Player Characters. It includes maps of the Raid Plan, Computo's Space Station, and Tyr's Secret Base.

For use with the Legion of Super-Heroes™"

1987 ... Mark Acres ... 32 pages ... MGI 224 ... ISBN 0912771704

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Mad Rook's Gambit
"New York Destroyed.
Metropolis in Flames.
Labyrinth Breached!

Can even the Legion of Super-Heroes™ overcome the combined forces of Pulsar Stargrave™, Quicksand™, and Holdur™? And what possible role can the Time Trapper™ play?

Destruction weaves its jagged path on a world where the Lost City of Atlantis, Kryptons Scarlet Jungle™, Ninth Century France, and Nazi Germany coincide, as Legionnaires must play out the MAD ROOK'S GAMBIT!

MAD ROOK'S GAMBIT can be played as the third in the four-part Chessman series, following PAWNS OF TIME and KNIGHT TO PLANET 3, in collaboration with the Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebooks I and II, or as an independent adventure."

1987 ... David Martin ... 32 pages ... MGI 225 ... ISBN 0912771712

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King For All Time
"The Fourth and Final Installment in the Chessmen series!

It's One for All and All for One as thirtieth century technology clashes with seventeenth century blades of steel!
In a swashbuckling, epic adventure, the Legion of Super-Heroes races against time to defeat Braniac, Darkseid, Universo and the Time Trapper in... King For All Time."

1987 ... Mark Acres ... 32 pages ... MGI 226 ... ISBN 0912771720

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Watchmen: Who Watches the Watchmen?
"A Pre-Keene Act adventure and investigation containing complete statistics for the Watchmen!"

1987 ... Dan Greenberg ... 32 pages ... MGI 227 ... ISBN 0912771739

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Dream Machine
Featuring The Joker.

"Deep in Arkham Asylum™, a wild-eyed man claws at the walls. He gibbers and shouts about a mysterious dwarf with the power to make dreams come true.
He was just another wandering madman sent here from New York City.
They are too busy to investigate the babblings of a madman. Friends, family, no one listens. No sane person dares to listen. No sane person at all. But the inmates in Arkham are not sane. Some of them are dangerous. The most dangerous of them is the Joker™. He believes. He listens. He plans..."

1986 ... Mark Acres ... 32 pages ... MGI 228 ... ISBN 0912771755

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Rigged Results
As if flooding streets, blackouts, and looting aren't dangers enough, the news comes from the Mayor's Office:
It's up to your team to destroy the wave-maker first: IF you can find it... IF you can get to it... and IF you can... DEFEAT THE MASTERS OF DISASTER!

• With new stats for Kid Flash™ (now The Flash™), Speedy™, and Hawk™.
• Special section on using Mental and Physical Powers underwater.
• For the first time ever, stats for the Masters of Disaster™!"

1987 ... Bruce Humphrey ... 32 pages ... MAY 229 ... ISBN 0912771771

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The Belle Reve Sourcebook
"The enclosed files report on the status of the personnel and facilities at the Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary. The documents describe those accomodations designed for the containment and holding of prisoners with paranormal powers. For your reference, maps and layouts of the prison grounds and surrounding areas are provided.
The reports are primarily intended to update you on the current standing of the branch of Task Force X known as the Suicide Squad™. Complete psychological, historical, and power evaluations on all Squad personnel are included, I would personally bring to your attention those files on Amanda Waller™, Colonel Rick Mag™, Captain Boomerang™, Bronze Tiger™, and Nightshade™. These individuals have formed the core of the Squad, and are largely responsible for the success of several important missions.
The Squad's history has been updated, and specific details of all missions are enclosed. These include its recent foray into the Nightshade Dimension™ and the Squad's successful defeat of the terrorist group called the Jihad™ in New York..."

1988 ... Steve Crow & Doug Franks ... 40 pages ... MAY 230 ... ISBN 0912771933

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Lights Camera Kobra
"Los Angeles—Lia Briggs™ (Looker™) is only stealing scenes on the set of her first picture, Silent, Secret, Deadly when a giant gorilla sabotages the shooting and plunders an armored car. . .
Who is filching film fiends and subverting storylines for their crimes? Looker and the Outsiders™ are going to get to the bottom of this monkey business.

All the world's a stage. . . and if the Outsiders can't puzzle out the pattern of thefts, the director's final cry will be Lights Camera Kobra.

1987 ... Ray Winninger ... 32 pages ... MGI 231 ... ISBN 0912771798

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Hardware Handbook
"You're out-classed.
Three heavy-duty villains are breathing down your neck. Your only hope is a trick up your sleeve, some weaponry... a fast car!
You need hardware!
The Hardware Handbook puts instructions and information on the New Gadgetry Rules at your fingertips, including how to convert from old gadgets to new — and new gadgets to old. The Hardware Handbook makes a great companion volume to your sourcebooks, and an invaluable asset for your campaign.
For Batman, Green Arrow, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Teen Titans, we've done the conversions for you, and provided complete stats for lots of their other gadgets besides.
And that's not all. Check it out:
• Gadgets as Characters • Robots, androids, and computers • Gadgets as Headquarters: Titan's Tower top to bottom • Reloading, recharging, and repairing gadgets • A gallery of starships from the 30th Century • The Legion arsenal • Generic gadgets, too • Over 275 gadgets in all! • Batteries not included."

1987 ... Troy Denning ...96 pages ... MAY 232 ... ISBN 091277181X

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Superman Sourcebook
"After thrilling millions of readers throughout the world for half a century, the defender of Truth, Justice, and the American Way™ is celebrating his 50-year reign as America's greatest hero!
This sourcebook chronicles the first 50 years of Superman's career. It describes both the Golden-Age Superman of Earth-2™ and the more recent, Pre-Crisis™ Superman of modern legend.
Visit the Fortress of Solitude™, the Daily Planet™, or even the Phantom Zone™ in this compendium of Superman's world. Meet Superman's friends: Lois Lane™, Lana Lang™, Jimmy Olsen™, and all the others. Study his foes: Brainiac™, Lex Luthor™, Bizarro™, and the rest of the sinister crowd.
The Superman Sourcebook is an invaluable reference for both Superman fans and DC Heroes Role-Playing Game players."

1987 ... Steve Crow & Chris Mortika ... 96 pages ... MGI 233 ... ISBN 0912771828

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Green Lantern Corps Sourcebook
"The Guardians of the Universe™ choose the most fearless of each space sector to battle evil and injustice throughout the galaxy. These elite — the Green Lantern Corps™ — comprise the largest lawkeeping force in the universe. For centuries these Emerald Crusaders™ have fulfilled their duty to guard the inhabitants of their sectors, and for centuries their Power Rings™ have been passed on to worthy successors so that the tradition of the Green Lantern Corps may continue!
This sourcebook features the best known of these fearless members of the Green Lantern Corps (Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner™, John Stewart™, and Katma Tui™, among others), with statistics for their friends (such as Green Arrow™, Black Canary™, and the Omega Men™) as well as their enemies (such as Sinestro™, Star Sapphire™, and the Predator™).
Learn the history of Oa™, the Guardians of the Universe, the Zamarons™, and the Manhunters™, visit the Green Lantern Corps Citadel™ and Coast City™, and examine the equipment intrinsic to the Green Lantern Corps."

1988 ... Ray Winninger ... 96 pages ... MGI 234 ... ISBN 0912771836

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Watchmen: Taking Out the Trash
"The place is New York City, the time is the eve of the 1968 Republican Convention. Here they choose the man who will win the election.

Three canidates have their sights set on the nomination. One aims to open the White House doors to the nation's criminal refuse. Another is a target for assassination.

Can the Watchmen hunt down the villains, or will garbage rule the world's greatest nation?"

1987 ... Ray Winninger ... MGI 235 ... ISBN 0912771844

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"Amidst a vile axis cloud which threatens to suffocate the free world with its contemptible stench flies a group of patriots dedicated to the perseverance of democracy.
Enlisted on a top-secret assignment by Winston Churchill, the valiant blackhawk
squadron , the allies' greatest force against the oppressive axis scourge, must infiltrate a hidden nazi outpost and defend allied leaders from a deadly military aSSault.
Against a darkening WWII backdrop, the fates of Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, DeGaulle, and the security of all allied nations rest in the hands of these seven courageous men. deep behind enemy lines, the Blackhawk squadron faces its most challenging miSSion as the Nazi war machine struggles to achieve world conquest.
Includes Statistics for each Blackhawk, X-F5F Skyrockets™, Sgt. Rock™, the Nazi Sky Skull™, and a map of Blackhawk Island."

1988 ... Jeff O'Hare ... 32 pages ... MGI 237 ... ISBN 0912771895

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"The Original Hard-luck Heroes are Back!

• Imagine a secret weapon hidde on the moon for eons, capable of destroying Earth four times over.
• Imagine a vicious psychopath with a thirst for devastation running the biggest black market arms cartel in the world.
• Now imagine that this lunatic is about to get his hands on this ultimate means of destruction.
• It's not imagination. It's happening now. And mankind's only hope is the outcast group of heroes known as The Doom Patrol.
Moonshot represents a bold new format for the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game. It contains a full-length, pull out adventure, as well as a 32-page Sourcebook by Doom Patrol co-creator and current author Paul Kupperberg.
You'll meet the Doom Patrol's deadliest enemies, and its greatest heroes: Robotman, the Chief, Elasti-Girl, Celsius, Tempest, Negative Man, Negative Woman and more! You'll find schematics and descriptions of the Doom Patrol's new headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.
It's everything you ever wanted to know about the old and new Doom Patrol, the heroes dedicated to protecting the world that shuns them!"

1988 ... Paul Kupperberg & Ray Winninger ... 32+32 pages ... MGI 238 ... ISBN 091277150X

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Strangers in Paradise
"'From high above serene Themyscira, you watch cool, silver moonlight glint off the Island's crystalline harbor waters. Night animals quietly chatter to each other while the rest of Paradise Island™ sleeps. Then out of the stillness...'
Danger threatens the first cultural conference between Amazons and representatives from Man's World. In the serene isolated lands of Themyscira, discord burns fiercely, seeking to rekindle the sparks of prejudice and force the people of Earth to ever remain... STRANGERS IN PARADISE

This 32-page Wonder Woman™ solitaire adventure is only part of the package. Dan Greenberg, author of Watchmen™: Who Watches the Watchmen?, collaborates with George Perez, author of the Wonder Woman comic series. In a new 32-page sourcebook, they open up the whole world of the the greek gods to you, with histories of Olympus and Themyscira, background on the gods of Olympus (Zeus, Hera, Heracles, Hermes, etc.), Wonder Woman's friends and foes (Julia Kapatelis™, Steve Trevor™, The Cheetah™), and introducing to Wonder Woman's pantheon, Eris, Goddess of Discord.
Now, a full mythological setting is available for your DC™ Heroes RPG campaign. Live the philosophy of Princess Diana™ and learn how legends are made.
Interior art by George Perez."

1988 ... Dan Greenberg & George Perez ... 32+32 pages ... MGI 239 ... ISBN 0912771909

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City of Fear (DC Heroes Role Playing Module, featuring the Flash)
"I created fear. Why is he different? How is his plan different from mine? 'Fear is the key,' he said. The key to what? He said that he didn't want us, he wanted New York. My God, what does he want from New York?"

A morning's jog through Manhattan at a leisurely 250 miles per hour turns into a series of life-and-death rescues for Wally West, the new Flash. First, a maniac starts randomly shooting at commuters on a subway platform. After stopping this killer, Flash is informed by the police of a terrorist bomb threat in the Wall Street area.

Flash is caught in a race against time as he attempts to untravel a web of mystery and intrigue. Determined to live up to the heroic legacy passed down to him by his predecessors, Flash must uncover the truth in time to prevent a disaster which will transform New York into a . . . City of Fear!"

* City of Fear features new rules for all Speed-based Characters, as well as complete statistics and history of Wally West, from his days as Kid Flash to the present.
* New rules include details on the effects of the Speed drug Velocity 9.

1988 ... Scott Jenkins ... 32 pages ... MGI 240 ... ISBN 0912771917

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Justice League Sourcebook
"They're heroes. They fight crime. They've been I around for more than twenty years. They're the world's greatest. They're the Justice League.

And now, they're a part of the DC HEROES Role-Playing Game.

At last, you hold in your hands a reference work that describes all of the Justice Leaguers past and present, their fiendish foes, their weapons, their equipment, their headquarters, and more. In short, everything you need to know about the superteam to end all superteams, the legendary Justice League of America/International is right in here.

These 128 printed pages are your gateway to exciting role-playing action, featuring all of your favorite Justice Leaguers, from the Red Tornado to the Blue Beetle, and from Aquaman to Zatanna. Now you can be a part of the Justice League legend.

This book is also one of our newly revised second edition sourcebooks, written to be fully compatible with the DC HEROES second edition boxed set, although most of the information contained herein can be used with the first edition rules set as well."

Index: * Chapter One: A Capsule History * Chapter Two: The Leaguers * Chapter Three: How It Works * Chapter Four: Friends and Allies * Chapter Five: The Bad Guys * Chapter Six: The Headquarters * Chapter Seven: Justice League Gadgets * Chapter Eight: New Powers, Advantages & Drawbacks.

1990 ... Ray Winninger ... 128 pages ... MAY 241 ... ISBN 0912771941

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Operation: Atlantis
"U.S. Diplomats Attacked!
Life Support Destroyed!
Generators Sabotaged!

"Mrs. Waller™, we have a situation developing. Send for the Suicide Squad™ ..."

A diplomatic mission to the undersea city Poseidonis™ has been attacked. Serbus™, chief scientist of the city, has assured Prime Minister Martinus™ that the explosion that ripped through the diplomatic team's quarters was an accident. The U.S. Government has decided otherwise, and Task Force X™ is assigned to infiltrate the city and secretly protect the American diplomatic corps.


Upon the team's arrival, life support systems break down, power generators run wild, and assasssination attempts are made. As the Advance Team tries to unravel the identity of the assassin, the city come under siege by the Marine Maurauder™ and a powerful bomb is set to destroy Atlantis.


While the Advance Team cleans up in Poseidonis, it discovers an even deadlier plot about to be sprung by the Ocean Master™, longtime foe of Aquaman™. A Combat Team is assembled and dispatched to the Middle Realm™, the subterranean home of an underworld race. There, they must defeat the Ocean Master and thwart his evil plans, or the world's ocean life will be destroyed. It's a race against time, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Operation: Atlantis includes all new DC™ HEROES RPG game statistics for Aquaman, Mera™, Atlanteans, the Marine Maurader, Ayrn the Underlord™, the Fiddler™, and Vulcan™. Also Featured are updated rules for underwater adventures.
This adventure also allows Players to play two different Characters as members of the Advance Team and the Combat Squad.

1988 ... Stephen R. Crow ... 32 pages ... MGI 242 ... ISBN 0912771968

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War of the Gods
"Chaos reigns on Earth, and the resulting terror brings Superman and Wonder Woman into action in the War of the Gods, an Exciting Match-Play adventure featuring the conflict of the year. What will be the result when the Man of Steel meets the Amazon Princess? Will their loyalties bring them into fierce combat or can they ally to stop the War of the Gods?"

1989 ... Dan Greenberg ... 32+32 pages ... MGI 243 ... ISBN 0912771763

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The Apokolips Sourcebook
"Come visit scenic Apokolips, the home world of Darkseid the Destroyer. Feel free to explore this dark, deserted planet on your own. Or if chance provides, you may receive a guided tour from the Dark Lord or one of his minions, complete with, a close-up view of the Tower of Rage and Granny Goodness Happiness Home.
Once you sift your way through the ashes and debris, you'll discover there's a lot more to this planet than meets the eye. Bask in the heat of the Fire-pits, factories, and mines; frolic among the equipment in the power refineries, installations, and orphanages; or voyage through the slum areas and tunnels of the underground. If you're a people person, hobnob with the locals, the Hunger Dogs, and learn what life on Apokolips is really like. Or, if you're looking for some real excitement, put yourself in the path of some Para-Demons, War Dogs, or Dog Soldiers. But don't forget your running shoes!
Apokolips has something for everyone, and the price is right -- Nothing ... or maybe your life!"

1989 ... Scott Paul Maykrantz ... 40 pages ... MAY 244 ... ISBN 0923763007

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Batman Sourcebook
"A solitary, dark shape presses into the shadows of a building in Gotham City™. Below, in a dimly lit alley, a signal is passed. Two men in dark suits walk toward each other and exchange briefcases.
Pictures of the transaction are taken-hard evidence is needed this time -- then the miniature camera disappears into a capsule-like container of the steel and leather utility belt.
The dark shape leaps into the air, a blur of black against the night sky, and lands in the alley next to the businessmen.
'The Batman™,' one gasps.
The other sneers, 'I figured you'd show up, hero, so I have a little surprise for you.'
Eight men step into the dim circle of light. They close in, each aiming an automatic pistol at the Darknight Detective.™
And the Batman smiles . . .

Batman, the dark detective of justice, has thrilled readers for over 50 years. Now the legend comes to life in the updated Batman Sourcebook.

This DC HEROES Role-Playing Game supplement includes:
• New statistics and background information for the Batman's few friends and numerous enemies.
• Details on the Caped Crusader™'s equipment and vehicles used in his war against crime
• A one-on-one adventure featuring the Batman and one of his most dangerous opponents.
• Complete maps of Gotham City, Wayne Manor™, the Batcave™ and the Wayne Foundation Building™.
• And much, much more!"

1989 ... Mike Stackpole ... 96 pages ... MGI 246 ... ISBN 0923763031

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The Atlas of the DC Universe
"Discover the fantastic worlds of the DC Universe in this exciting DC Heroes Role-Playing Game sourcebook. For the first time anywhere, the Altas of the DC Universe presents a complete guide to the people, organizations, and most importantly, the places that make up the exciting world of DC Comics. The Atlas provides you with maps and background on cities of the United States, countries of the Earth, planets of the galaxy, and the dimensions that make up the multiverse. Also included are full-color gatefold maps of the United States and the Earth of the DC Universe, giving detailed locations of cities and countries. Included with many of the entries are all-new game statistics for -characters who have never appeared in DC Heroes products before., including Dial 'H' for Hero, El Diablo, Vril Dox & the L.E.G.I.O.N., Jor.El & Lara, Nightmaster, Prince Ra-Man, Starman II, and many many more. For Gamemaster convenience statistics for typical residents of all the alien worlds have also been supplied making adventure creation a snap!"

1990 ... Paul Kupperberg ... 208 pages ... MAY 247 ... ISBN 0923763198

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Come On Down!
"This is the first full-length adventure for use with the second edition of the DC™ HEROES Role-Playing Game. It can be played by four to six Players and includes:
• Statistics for Justice League Europe, Manga Khan™, L-Ron™, Catherine Cobert™, and the Forgotten Villains™
• A fun-filled game show featuring 10 outrageous events
• Detailed maps
• And much, much more!"

1992 ... Ray Winninger & Jack Barker ... 32 pages ... MAY 248 ... ISBN 0923763120

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The Otherwhere Quest

1990 ... 40 pages ... Ray Winninger ... MGI 249 ... ISBN 0923763139

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Deadly Fusion
"Deadly Fusion is the first Match-Play adventure for use with the second edition of the DC HEROES Role-Playing Game and may be used with the first edition. It can be played by two or three Players and includes:
• Statistics for Batman, Superman, and two of their deadliest foes
• A unique interactive solitaire section where the Player takes the role of a hero or villain
• Detailed maps of Metropolis and Gotham City
• And much, much more!"

1990 ... 40 + 40 pages ... MGI 250 ... ISBN 0923763147

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Law of Darkness
"The Anti-Life equation is a complex formula combining the elements of pure mathematics and the concepts of ultimate evil. He who solves the Anti-Life Equation will gain absolute mastery over the universe and utter cosmic domination. For decades, Apokolips has been ruled by an incomplete version of the equation, the Law of Darkness, a combination of every form of tyranny and subjugation in the known universe. But the missing facto, have prevented the spread of this tyranny, and now a terrible mission has begun to complete the formula and bring the cosmos to its knees under the iron fist of… Darkseid.

In The Law of Darkness, you will play the role of the New Gods, Darkseid's sworn enemies. As Highfather, Orion, Lightray, Lonar, the new Forager, Fastbak, or Jezebel, you will travel from New Genesis to New York City, Gotham City, and Metropolis, across the vast Sahara Desert, to the cold tundra of the North Pole, and finally to the Promethian Galaxy for a face-to-face confrontation with Darkseid. Will you be in time to prevent the Lord of Apokolips from realizing his twisted dreams of omnipotence?"

1990 ... Scott Paul Maykrantz ... 48 pages ... MGI 251 ... ISBN 0923763155

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The New Titans Sourcebook
"The Teen Titans™ was originally formed by the teenage sidekicks of the legendary Justice League of America™. Together, Robin™, Aqualad™, Kid Flash™, Speedy™, and Wonder Girl™ fought evil and injustice. Their heroic crime fighting exploits soon rivaled those of their legendary mentors.
As time passed, membership of the Titans expanded to include a wide variety of young heroes, including Cyborg™, Starfire™, Changeling™, and Raven™. Now, the Teen Titans are no more. In their place stand the New Titans™, a group of heroes dedicated to combatting evil in all its forms.
The New Titans Sourcebook includes post-Crisis™ history and game statistics reflecting the development of this exciting group. Multiple entries for such characters as Robin/ Nightwing™, Kid Flash/Flash™, and Wonder Girl/Troia™ outline the natural growth of these remarkable teen heroes.

Hero characters never before published in DC™ HEROES Role-Playing Game products include: Lilith™, Tula™ (Aquagirl™), Mal™ (the Herald"), the Bumblebee™, Flamebird™, Golden Eagle1", and Timothy Drake™, the new Robin! There are numerous villains in this volume, both old and new alike. Among the New Titans' foes are: The Antithesis™, Brother Blood™, Trigon the Terrible™, Cheshire™, Wildebeest™, and the Brotherhood of Evil™.
Floor plans and descriptions of all the Titans' headquarters are also provided, including Titans' Lair™, the Gabriel's Horn™ disco, and the famous Titans' Tower™."

1990 ... John J. Terra ... 128 pages ... MGI 252 ... ISBN 0923763163

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In Hot Pursuit

1990 ... 48 pages ... MGI 253 ... ISBN 0923763171

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Watchmen Sourcebook
A sourcebook for the DC Heroes Roleplaying game, with stats and background for the Watchmen and their enemies. Presented scrapbook-style, like the original comics.

1990 ... Ray Winninger ... 128 pages ... MGI 254 ... ISBN 0923763201

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1992 ... Dan Greenberg ... 128 pages ... MAY 255 ... ISBN 092376321X

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Swamp Thing (Sourcebook/Adventure)
"The 32-page Swamp Thing Sourcebook presents the reader with a detailed history of Swamp Thing, with progressive sets of game statistics that reflect his abilities at different stages of his existence. All of Swamp Thing's powers are explained in detail, to allow players to capture the essence of the comic book series in role-playing. Also featured are game statistics and role-playing information on Swamp Thing's supporting cast, including Abby Cable, John Constantine, Anton Arcane, and others.

In the full-length solitaire adventure, Racing With the Rats, Swamp Thing is infected by toxic waste and plunged into a horrific hallucinatory world, where he becomes trapped in a deadly delusion. The player must try to maintain his grip on sanity long enough to reverse the damage and return to reality."

1991 ... Ray Winninger ... 64 pages ... MGI 256 ... ISBN 0923763287

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World At War Sourcebook
"In your hand you now hold the entire history of World War II according to DC Comics. This 128-page reference work on the Golden Age of the DC Universe features:
• Statistics and background on heroes, villains and soldiers, including the Justice Society of America, the All-Star Squadron, the Ultra-Humanite, the Injustice Society, the Iron Major, Killer Shark and the Creature Commandos ;
• Maps and profiles of The Parisphere (the All-Star Squadron headquarters), Blackhawk Island, Dinosaur Island and Hitler's Secret Bunker;
• Illustrations and descriptions of every traditional and experimental weapon used, such as tanks, the atomic bomb and the War Wheel;
• And everything you need to design and run exciting DC HEROES adventures and campaigns on both the home front and the war front, including new rules for field battles and for generating Golden Age heroes and soldiers."

1991 ... ?? pages ... MGI 257 ... ISBN 0923763376

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Superman: the Man of Steel Sourcebook
"'Krypton bred me, but it was Earth that gave me all I am. All that matters. It was Krypton that made me Superman... but it is the Earth that makes me Human!!' -Superman, Man of Steel #6

Since 1938, Superman, mild-mannered reporter and hero, has thrilled comic readers as the ultimate defender of the world against crime, corruption and destruction. Now, the life and times of the Man of Steel are chronicled in this post-Crisis Superman -The Man of Steel Sourcebook.

Learn about Superman's family and friends, including Ma & Pa Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Gangbuster, Cat Grant and Starman.

Be introduced to his most troublesome opponents, such as Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Mr. Mxyzptlk, the Intergang, Cerberus and Mr. Z.

And discover the new Fortress of Solitude, Krypton, Metropolis and Smallville.

Written by Roger Stern, the current author of Action Comics, Superman - The Man of Steel Sourcebook is an invaluable reference for Superman fans and DC HEROES Role-Playing Game players alike."

1992 ... 128 pages ... MGI 258 ... ISBN 0923763384

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World in the Balance
"Nuclear Missiles Have Been Stolen and A Mysterious Virus is Driving Europeans Insane.

Someone very powerful is seeking to expand their dominion, and Justice League America™ and Justice League Europe™ must work together to find out who is behind this massive plot to hold the world hostage!
World in the Balance is a first in the DC HEROES™ Role-Playing Game line. In this "double adventure," 5 to 7 players alternate between two separate characters, one from each branch of the new post-Breakdowns™ Justice League™. Or if 10 to 12 DC HEROES players are gathered, half play characters from Justice League America™ and half play characters from Justice League Europe™, with both groups uniting at the end to rescue the Man-of Steel™ and Hal Jordan™ and save Earth from imminent domination.

World in the Balance features: Detailed maps of The Ferris Aircraft and Aeronautics Proving Ground - The Mojave Desert and - S.T.A.R. Labs™, as well as NEW statistics for - The Flash III™ -Libra II™ - Blackrock™ - Brain Storm™ -Nightfall™ and - Shatterfist™."

1992 ... Mike Moe & Beverly Hale ... 96 pages ... MGI 259 ... ISBN 0923763457

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2995: The Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook
"2995: The Earth is governed by the Dominators, the United Planets are in financial ruin, a fanatical cult spreads its evil through the galaxy, and the Legion of Super-Heroes has been crushed... Or has it? This sourcebook is packed with vital information for Legion of Super-Heroes fans and DC HEROES Role-Playing Game players alike. Includes histories and game stats for dozens of playable and NPC characters."

1992 ... T & M Bierbaum ... 128 pages ... MGI 253 ... ISBN 0923763643

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DC Technical Manual: S.T.A.R. Labs 1993 Annual Report
"This indispensable reference includes detailed descriptions and diagrams of the most amazing weapons and gadgets from across the DC Universe, including: Azrael Holy Armor, the Darksta Exo-Skeleton, Goldface's Gold Gun, Joker venom, Lobo's Intergalacticycle, the Mento Helmet, and the Penguin's Umbrellas.

A must-have for comics fans and game player alike, this book includes complete DC Heroes game information for every gadget along with technical commentary from S.T.A.R. Labs' world renowned R&D department."

1993 ... Jerry A. Novick ... 160 pages ... MGI 265 ... ISBN 0923763821

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Who's Who in the DC Universe

Who's Who in the DC Universe #1
That Superman can bench press more than 972.8 million pounds?
That Green Lantern can travel through space at 1,642 times the speed of light?
That Brainiac's I.Q. exceeds 1,638,400?

• 96 Characters from DC’s Who's Who #1 - #4
• 7 Color-Coded Categories
• Handy 8-Page Comparison Table
• All-New Diagrams
• Updated Statistics
• Unique Powers & Abilities
• DC Comics Appearances through June 1992
• Convenient Hole-Punched Format"

1992 ... MGI 260 ... ISBN 092376349X

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Who's Who in the DC Universe #2
That Hawkman can attain airspeeds of more than 150 miles per hour?
That Lobo can easily withstand a small atomic explosion?
That the Batmobile gets approximately 25 miles per gallon?

• 96 Characters from DC’s Who's Who #5-8
• 7 Color-Coded Categories
• Handy 8-Page Comparison Table
• New Optional Rules
• All-New Diagrams
• Updated Statistics
• Complete Appearance Lists for Every Character Covered
• Convenient Hole-Punched Format"

1992 ... MGI 261 ... ISBN 0923763503

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Who's Who in the DC Universe #3
That Aquaman can swim 110 miles per hour?
That Lex Luthor earns over $24,000,000,000.00 annually?
That Big Barda can bench press more than 60,000 pounds?

• 120 Characters from DCs Who's Who #9-13
• 7 Color-Coded Categories
• Handy 5-Page Comparison Table
• New Optional Rules
• All-New Diagrams
• Updated Statistics
• Unique Powers and Abilities
• Complete Appearance Lists for Every Character Covered
• Convenient Hole-Punched Format"

1993 ... MGI 264 ... ISBN 0923763775

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