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Ghostbusters Roleplaying - West End Games - Chaosium

Written by the staff of Chaosium, produced by West End Games.


Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game [BOX SET]
Many more photos of this set and the GBI set over at my Game Gallery:

GHOSTBUSTERS RPG (1986): The Origin of the D6 System (plus Card Reference and a look inside the GBI box)

See Dan Stack's review for a quick understanding of the game mechanics at Rolling Boxcars.


Contains: 24-page Training Manual; 64-page Operations Manual; 4 Reference Files; 6 Ghostbuster IDs; 6 blank IDs; 48 Equipment Cards; 5 dice + 1 "Ghost" die.

1986 ... Sandy Petersen & Lynn Willis & Greg Stafford ... WEG 30020 ... ISBN 0874310431

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Hot Rods of the Gods
"A Fab 48-page Flying Saucer Extravaganza!

Close Encounter of the First Kind: Evidence

Little Lori Blander has a problem. She levitates. Her parents have a slightly different problem. They are orbiting her.
When the Ghostbusters pull the Blanders down off the ceiling, they discover a tablet that predates human intelligence by at least a week. Maybe two.

Close Encounter of the Second Kind: Sighting

Next our heroes defend a junk-food factory, fending off flying saucers intent on stealing creme filling.
After an exciting encounter with Swneeze-Yip, the world's nerdiest alien, the Ghostbusters learn that their tablet is actually an ancient alien signalling device... Somebody phones home.

Close Encounter of the Third Kind: Contact

Juvenile delinquents from Outer Space! Green, four-armed, lobster-eyed aliens in leather jackets, bobby socks, and saddle shoes invade the Earth!
Can anyone stop these bug-eyed punks from corrupting our youth, skateboarding on national monuments, and turning the entire planet into one big demolition derby rink? Who ya gonna call?

Hot Rods of the Gods is a 48-page mondo blowout GHOSTBUSTERS adventure. Chock full of fun illustrations and pullouts, Hot Rods features an 11" by 17" card-stock map of Manhattan, The Mostly All New & Improved Super-Mega Ectomobile, and full-color hot rod counters for running the climactic demolition derby! A gas for 2-6 players, ages 12 and up."

1986 ... Daniel Greenberg ... 48 pages ... WEG 80602 ... ISBN 0874310520

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Scared Stiffs
"Scared Stiffs is a 32-page GHOSTBUSTERS adventure set in the convention capital of the world - Wrath, Vermont. It's packed with illustrations and pullouts featuring the QuasCon Convention Guide, Non-Player Ghosts, and excerpts from the Spates Catalog of Nameless Horrors and the Big Book of Occult Lore. For 2-6 players, ages 12 and up."

1987 ... John M. Ford & Bill Slavicsek ... 32 pages + cardstock sheet of handouts in the centerfold ... WEG 30021 ... ISBN 0874310628

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Ghost Toasties
Screen + adventure.

1986 ... WEG 80601 ... ISBN 0874310466

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Ghost Busters International (Ghostbusters Box Set) [BOX SET]
The GBI RPG set has the same dice, including the Ghost Die, as the original Ghostbuster game set. The 5 smaller, regular dice, I have seen them in white or red. The Ghost Die is larger, always white, with the ghost occupying the "6" spot.


"The indispensable defense science of the next decade - professional paranormal investigations and eliminations - is yours to pursue in your own home or office! Play the stars from the hit movies - smooth Peter Venkman, brainy Egon Spengler. sincere Ray Slantz. Or invest in the franchising opportunity of a lifetime! Create your own local Ghostbusters International office, and play your own dashing Ghostbusters! You wield the proton packs! You vanquish the slimers! You wade through federal regulations! You can save the world - again and again and again!

The Ghostbusters Rulebook:
* The Universal How Much game system for simply, accurately, and enjoyably figuring out who manages to do how much of what to whom.
* The Big List of Equipment every tool of paranormal investigations from Giga-meters to Beach Kits, and every weapon from Battle-Axes to Umbrellas.
* Chapters and chapters on Ghostology, Magic and Weird Science, plus Designing a Ghostbuster, Combat and Movement, and common Routines. Every page chock-full of tips and tricks to bring your roleplaying experience to life!
* Two ready-to-play mini-adventures and bunches of capsule adventures.

Special Ghost Supplement:
* Photocopiable release forms and EPA permits and hand-outs.
* Extra characters to populate your Ghostbusters' hometown.
* A solitaire adventure to introduce you to the world of paranormal investigations!"

1989 ... Aaron Allston & Douglas Kaufman ... WEG 30026 ... ISBN 087431223X

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"Long before the rise and fall of the Third Reich, long before the House of Usher, long before even the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, history and literature both ignored the firse and fall of ancient Lonibabia, the nation that partied itself into oblivion. But a deadly prophecy remains, and fulfillment seems horribly near at hand. Is this the fall of Civilization? Or can the Ghostbusters gate-crash the world's last bash? A Ghostbusters RPG adventure module."

1989 ... Bill Slavicsek & Paul Balsamo ... 48 pages ... WEG 30032 ... ISBN 0874312019

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Ghostbusters II: The Adventure
"'Mr. Mayor, if we don't do something by midnight, you're going down in history as the man who let New York get sucked down into the tenth level of Hell.'

But how can the original Ghostbusters Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore and Peter Venkman save the world when they're locked up in the pyschiatric ward at Parkview?

Who are they going to call? None other than your out-of-town Ghostbusters International franchise! You may be out of practice, you may be ill-equipped, but the Ghostbusters know you're brimming with the spirit, enthusiasm, and sheer stupidity needed to face down the most sinister specter of all time — Vigo the Carpathian, dread sorrow of Moldavia and would-be conqueror of Manhattan Island and the world!

* A Ghostmaster's Screen to conceal fiendish props and diabolical plans from Ghostbusters' sight
* Creepy 3D ghost cut-outs to add an extra dimension to your gaming experience
* A portrait and capsule biography of villian-supreme Vigo the Carpathian
* Actual facsimile newspaper clippings detailing the fall and rise of the Ghostbusters' New York office"

1989 ... C.J. Tramontana ... 48 pages ... WEG 30034 ... ISBN 0874312043

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Lurid Tales of Doom
"They walk where others dare not tread, through the dark and foreboding streets of the unknown. They are the reporters tor Lurid Tales of DOOM!, uncovering the truth about the abnormal and the supernatural so that supermarket shoppers everywhere can rest easy and stay informed. Now the Ghostbusters have joined the magazine's staff as consulting investigators, and suddenly readership is up, profits are rising, and Something Evil is trying to destroy the world!
Can the Ghostbusters survive the screaming headlines, the horrific hyperbole, and the journalistic jaunts through a world where all the news they print gives fits?

Tales of DOOM! includes:

* A complete adventure full of news stories that no reputable news service would report!

* More hilarity, spoofiness, and insanely great gaming for Ghostbusters International aficionados and closet-check-out-counter readers everywhere!

* Actual retouched, grainy, blurry photos that may possibly depict true supernatural
occurrences — or not!

* Real pages from the Lurid Tales of DOOM! magazine that serve as props, handouts, and fish wrappers."

1990 ... 40 pages ... WEG 30033 ... ISBN 0874312035

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Pumpkin Patch Panic
"Halloween Night—when ghosts and spirits walk the earth in search of a Really Good Time. It's usually a busy night for the Ghostbusters as they get to deal with all kinds of paranormal perturbances. But this year... things are going to be different.
Now an ancient horror is rising from an unsuspecting pumpkin patch with one goal in mind—perpetual Halloween, the holiday that lasts forever! You know who to call!

Pumpkin Patch Panic includes:

* loads of tricks to treat your Ghostbusters.

* detailed maps of a ghoulish graveyard and Butcher Mansion.

* fold-up fear gourds to frighten and delight.

* pages copied from great supernatural reference works — suitable for research.

* Louis Tally's recommendations for a safe, profitable Halloween season."

1990 ... 40 pages ... WEG 30028 ... ISBN 0874312027

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Tobin's Spirit Guide
"Tobin's Spirit Guide includes an introduction by Dr. Raymond Stantz, famed Ghostbuster and paranormologist. Original woodcut illustrations from the 1920's edition! An index of Spooks, Spirits and Specters. And a complete and up-to-date compilation of statistics on every shade and haunting for use with the Ghostbusters International roleplaying game."

1989 ... Kim Mohan ... 76 pages ... WEG 30025 ... ISBN 0874312590

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