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Advanced Squad Leader - Avalon Hill

Avalon Hill

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Squad Leader ~ ASL, 1st Edition ~ ASL, 2nd Edition

Squad Leader (Avalon Hill)

Squad Leader: The Game of Infantry Combat in World War II [BOX SET]
• 520 1/2" diecut counters
• 192 5/8" diecut counters
• 4 22" x 28" mapboards
• 36-page rules of play and designer's
notes booklet.
• Scenario cards for the first 12 carefully constructed game situations.
• Two Quick Reference Data Cards

"This is Squad Leader... a game of WWII tactical combat in Europe. Now you make the instant decisions resulting in life or death for your men, victory or defeat for your army ... for YOU are the Squad Leader. YOU direct the fire of your squad, select your plan of attack, or set your defenses against massed Russian human wave or armor assaults. Will that hedgerow provide adequate cover for your flanking efforts, or will your men be cut down by the American machinegun position in the woods? The decision is irrevocable and yours alone. You must live or die by the results.
Squad Leader utilizes programmed instruction to guide you, through 12 scenarios of increasing realism and complexity. The scenarios run the gamut from street fighting in Stalingrad to armored advances across snow covered roads in the Ardennes. A Campaign Game ties the individual scenarios together and allows your own personal leader counter to advance in rank and ability. In addition, a "Design Your Own" section is included so that players can create an unlimited number of play situations of their own creation.
Each hex in Squad Leader represents 40 meters of real terrain with counters representing individual leaders, support weapons, and vehicles or 4 man crews and 10 man squads. Each game turn is divided into 8 phases equivalent to two minutes of actual time.
Squad Leader is more than just a game, it is a game system which can be used to portray any WWII infantry action. Its innovative system does for infantry combat what Panzerblitz and Panzer Leader have done for armored warfare games. Squad Leader provides innovative rules for morale, leadership, machineguns, flamethrowers, demo charges, smoke, hidden placement, sewer movement, off-board artillery, radio contact, anti-tank guns, night actions, wire, entrenchments, mines, bunkers, rubble, multi-story building differentiation, fire, river crossings, roadblocks, mortars and much more."

1977, 1980 ... AH 822 ... UPC 045708008224

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Cross of Iron: A Squad Leader Gamette [BOX SET]

• 520 1/2" die-cut counters
• 576 5/8" die-cut counters
• one 8"x22" mapboard section
• 36-page rules booklet
• Scenario Cards 13-20
• 2 Quick Reference Data Cards

"This is CROSS OF IRON ... a gripping game of tactical combat on the Russian Front. Following in the footsteps of its amazingly successful predecessor, CROSS OF IRON comes replete with an entirely restructured armor and artillery system, which does for armor combat what its predecessor, SQUAD LEADER, did for infantry actions. In fact, the first thing the game instructs you to do is throw away your old artillery and armor counters to make way for their expanded revised counterparts. Each AFV now has three separate MG factors, turret position differentiation, "button up" penalties, and advantages, target size differentiation, varying armor modifiers and much more. CROSS OF IRON again utilizes programmed instruction to guide you through 8 scenarios of increasing realism and complexity. The 36-page rulebook starts in where the SQUAD LEADER rules left off ... at section 63 and continues on to section 103. An expanded Campaign Game enables players to simulate virtually any action of their choosing with a vastly enlarged counter mix encompassing virtually every AFV which saw action in WWII... from the diminutive BT5 to the mammoth King Tiger.
CROSS OF IRON is more than just a game. When combined with SQUAD LEADER, it provides a system which can be used to portray any Eastern Front action. Be forewarned! CROSS OF IRON is not an easy game. Do not attempt it unless you have first mastered SQUAD LEADER."

1978 ... AH 8221

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Crescendo of Doom: A Squad Leader Gamette [BOX SET]

The 5/8" counter count on the box back is incorrect. It is 704, not 804. Total counter sheets comes to four 5/8" sheets and two (connected) 1/2" sheets.

• 520 double-printed 1/2" die-cut counters representing the men and weapons that comprised the combatants of the Western Front; 1939-1942.
• 804 double-printed 5/8" die-cut counters representing the complete vehicular and ordnance Order of Battle for the British, French, Polish, and Belgian Armies.
• Two additional 8" x 22" geomorphic mapboard sections increasing the possible terrain configurations and adding several new terrain types.
• Comprehensive, illustrated 36 page Programmed Instruction rule book.
• Illustrated scenario cards for situations 21-32.
• Two expanded Quick Reference Data Cards.

"From the Nazi invasion of Poland, through the heroic defense of tiny Finland against the Russian behemoth, the blitzkrieg conquests of Norway and the Low Countries, the Battle of France, and the seizure of Greece the player is struck by the despair of men and nations alike as seen by the soldiers who vainly sacrificed their lives against a more powerful aggressor. This is CRESCENDO OF DOOM ... a gripping game of tactical combat set against the seemingly invincible juggernauts of war-torn Europe. Setting the scene for the colossal struggle of the titans which will follow, CRESCENDO OF DOOM is, nonetheless, far more than a simple prelude to Barbarossa. While further refining the innovations brought forth in its highly successful predecessors SQUAD LEADER and CROSS OF IRON, CRESCENDO breaks yet even more ground in the realm of realistic tactical combat without disturbing the underlying basic simplicity of a universally acclaimed game system. CRESCENDO is a welcome extension for the SQUAD LEADER enthusiast even before he contemplates a single new counter.
But CRESCENDO OF DOOM offers far more than that. Complete armor, ordnance, and infantry units are provided for Poland, Belgium, Finland, and a host of other minor neutrals including Elite, Line, and Reservist formations for all nationalities. In graphic detail far superior to any narrative account, you will see for yourself how the outnumbered German panzers defeated the superior armor of the French tanks. Experience personally the French frustrations brought on by radioless AFVs and one man turrets. There are no Panthers or T-34s ... here it is the Mk 111 vs. the Char B, Somua, or Matilda.
And CRESCENDO need not end in 1942 with our 32nd scenario. The entire British Order of Battle is presented for the whole of WWII enabling fans of the Western Desert, Italian, or Normandy campaigns to design their own scenarios for those periods. CRESCENDO OF DOOM is more than just a game. When combined with SQUAD LEADER and CROSS OF IRON, it provides the ultimate in a tactical gaming system which can be used to portray any company or battalion level action. Be forewarned! CRESCENDO is not an easy game. Do not attempt it unless you have first mastered SQUAD LEADER and CROSS OF IRON."

1979 ... AH 8222

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GI - Anvil of Victory: A Squad Leader Gamette [BOX SET]
• 1040 1/2" die-cut counters
• 528 5/8" die-cut counters
• 5 additional 8" x 22" geomorphic mapboard sections
• Comprehensive, illustrated 36 page Programmed Instruction rule book
• Illustrated scenario cards for situations 33-46
• Two expanded Quick Reference Data Cards.
• Terrain Overlays

"It is December, 1941; Europe lays stricken beneath the Nazi boot. Only Britain, sheltered by her fleet and the English channel, stands fast before the swastika. To the East, German panzers stand stalled by winter at the very gates of Moscow. However, the Third Reich is nearing its high water mark for the tide is about to turn. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor will usher the United States into World War II and seal the doom of the Thousand Year Reich. American industry will supply the Allied armies with vast quantities of war material, and a fresh, new breed of fighting man will enter the fray against Hitler's tested Wehrmacht. The G.I. will become the anvil on which the victory over a bled white Wehrmacht is forged. G.I.; ANVIL OF VICTORY allows you to command the full gamut of American fighting men as they drive the Germans from Africa, Sicily, Italy, Normandy, and back across the Rhine and into Germany itself. G.I. adds the complete American arsenal of fighting men and machines to your SQUAD LEADER repertoire, white expanding and enriching the most acclaimed historical gaming system yet devised. Can the greater numbers and superior gunnery control systems of the American Shermans compensate for the more lethal guns of the feared German Panther? G.I. provides a gripping and graphic answer unmatched by any book.
But G.I. offers far more than just American tanks. It contains more components than any of the preceding games in the series. The entire game system has been streamlined while enhancing realism even further. German, British, and even French infantry counters have been revised to enhance unit identification, add inherent smoke values, and more clearly distinguish the differences between squads, crews, and half-squads.
Like its sister games in the SQUAD LEADER system, G.I. need not end with play of the 14 scenarios provided; the opportunities to design your own scenario based on any historical or hypothetical situation are myriad. A veteran user of the game system needs only his imagination and inclination, for the entire Order of Battle and corresponding counters have been provided for every nationality. G.I. is much more than just a game. When combined with SQUAD LEADER, CROSS OF IRON, and CRESCENDO OF DOOM, it provides the ultimate in a tactical gaming system which can be used to portray any company or battalion level action. Be forewarned! G.I. cannot be played without first having mastered the other three games in the series."

1982 ... AH 8223

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Advanced Squad Leader - 1st Edition (Avalon Hill)

Advanced Squad Leader: WWII Tactical Warfare Game System [BINDER IN SLIPCASE]
• One Three Ring Binder [• Intro & Index • Chapter A: Infantry & Basic Game Rules • Chapter B: Terrain • Chapter C: Ordnance & Offboard Artillery • Chapter D: Vehicles • Chapter H: Design Your Own (DYO) Scenario.]
• Two Full Color Quick Reference Data Cards

"SQUAD LEADER, CROSS OF IRON, CRESCENDO OF DOOM, G.I. ... The very list sounds like a veritable wargaming Hall of Fame ... one award winner after another .. . and now they're all rolled into one revised, comprehensive package: ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER. ASL is a completely redesigned version of wargaming's most popular game system bulging with new material to maintain its state of the art reputation on the cutting edge of wargame design. And what's more, ASL will always be up to date because it is not just another rulebook which is here today and obsolete tomorrow. ASL comes in a three ring binder which can be constantly updated by removing obsolete pages and adding new ones much in the same manner as U.S. Army Field Manuals. Coupons are included which can be periodically exchanged for any changes to the system. If a rule is changed, instead of errata — you get a completely revised page to post inside your binder with the change highlighted by a gray screen —and the page containing the error is simply removed. When additional chapters covering new subject matter become available, they and an updated Index are simply inserted into the binder. Your rulebook and the game system thus never become obsolete and are truly the source of a lifetime of gaming pleasure. The rulebook itself is copiously illustrated with full color diagrams and each chapter is color coded and separated by a two-ply, fold-out fiberboard divider containing duplicates of all pertinent charts . . . truly the ultimate in simulation game presentation.
ASL is not just reorganized SQUAD LEADER. The basic foundation of the design has been changed to provide the ultimate combination of realism and playability. Foremost among the many changes is a revised movement system wherein all units are vulnerable to special defensive fire modifiers only as they move. Machine guns and ordnance have a rate of fire which allows them to fire an indeterminate number of times depending on how long it takes them to engage each target. Tanks may actually fire as they move and, depending on their speed and accuracy, can conceivably destroy numerous opposing vehicles in a single turn. Make no mistake — ASL is a very different game — those expecting only a reorganization are in for a pleasant surprise.
This package is not a complete game unto itself. It contains only the rules, tables, and charts for the ASL system. The mapboards, unit counters, and scenarios necessary for play of the game must be purchased in the form of boxed modules or ordered separately. We suggest you purchase ASL Module #1: BEYOND VALOR with ASL as it contains the complete counter set for the German and Russian armies plus all the systems counters necessary for play of ASL. While ASL might conceivably be used in combination with existing SQUAD LEADER components, it is not recommended; the payability of ASL is greatly enhanced by its specially designed components.
Ownership of SQUAD LEADER is not necessary to play ASL, but if you've never played SQUAD LEADER before, we suggest you do so before purchasing this product. SQUAD LEADER is less expensive and will either whet your appetite for this type of game or serve notice that ASL is not for you. SQUAD LEADER also uses a form of Programmed Instruction to aid in learning the game — a convenience not found in the more detailed pages of ASL. Lastly, SQUAD LEADER contains four mapboards which you'll ultimately want for inclusion in your ASL game system anyway — and when ordered separately these can cost as much as the entire SQUAD LEADER game."

1985 ... AH 870 ... UPC 045708008705

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Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1 [BOX SET]
(Avalon Hill)
• 4 8"x22" mounted mapboards
• 10 Scenarios (#s 1-10)
• 966 5/8" counters laminated on both sides
• 1430 1/2" counters laminated on both sides

• 10 8"x22" Mapboards #s 1-5, 8, 20-23
• 13 countersheets
• 24 ASL Scenarios
• 4 6-sided dice

"This is BEYOND VALOR ... a tense game simulation of tactical combat on the Russian Front so realistic that you'll duck with every roll of the dice. Yet it is more playable than its famous predecessors — SQUAD LEADER and CROSS OF IRON. In combination with ASL, BEYOND VALOR opens new vistas in the realm of tactical combat simulation gaming. All the fascinating features of the SQUAD LEADER game system have been distilled into a more playable format described in the combined ASL rulebook.
BEYOND VALOR includes all the components you'll need to play ASL, including counters representing the complete Russian, German, and Finnish armies. Depictions of every gun, vehicle, and major weapon of these combatants is included, as well as representative pieces for their many Infantry and cavalry formations. Four new geomorphic boards (20, 21, 22, 23), depicting a variety of urban settings, add to the varied assortment of playing surfaces available for this game system.
BEYOND VALOR contains no rules; ownership of ASL Rules is required."

1985 ... AH 8225

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2005 ... Multi-Man Publishing (MMP)
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Paratrooper: Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Module 2 [BOX SET]
• 1 8"x22" mounted Mapboard
• 390 1/2" Counters laminated on both sides (1 1/2 sheets)
• 88 5/8" Counters laminated on both sides (half-sheet)
• 8 ASL Scenarios (#s 11-18)
• ASL Chapter K (Training Manual) + divider

"PARATROOPER is the second module in the ASL series, which means it is not a complete game unto itself. Players will need boards 1-4 of SQUAD LEADER and the ASL rules to play all eight scenarios included herein. However, all other components necessary to play the game are enclosed — absolutely no other purchase is necessary. PARATROOPER has been specially designed as an Introductory Module for those SQUAD LEADER players contemplating a switch to ASL to provide an inexpensive medium for them to sample the rich delights of the ASL game system without requiring the purchase of the full Russian/German OB found only in the first ASL Module: BEYOND VALOR. Yet, the countermix in PARATROOPER serves as a supplement to the BEYOND VALOR components, rather than an unneeded duplication of those counters should the player decide to expand his ASL collection.
Due to the special nature of the fighting that comprised the airborne invasion of Normandy, the scenarios emphasize infantry encounters with little in the way of vehicles, ordnance, OBA or the more detailed rules which constitute the entire spectrum of ASL. This goes hand-in-hand with the introductory nature of PARATROOPER, which also includes Chapter K of the ASL rules: the Squad Leader Training Manual. The Training Manual is not a set of rules — but a supplement to ASL which attempts to teach the basic concepts of the game system to new players in a conversational style complete with attempts at humor. This "hands-on" approach, which takes the reader through repeated examples of play, may even serve as a handy refresher course to veteran Squad Leaders. As always, however, we recommend that players own SQUAD LEADER before attempting PARATROOPER — if only to acquire the four playing boards therein that are required for play of the PARATROOPER scenarios.
PARATROOPER contains no rules; ownership of ASL and boards 1-4 of SQUAD LEADER are required."

1986 ... AH 8226 ... ISBN 0911605266

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Yanks: Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Module 3 [BOX SET]
• 4 8"x22" mounted mapboards
• 520 .5" counters laminated on both sides (2 sheets)
• 528 .625" counters laminated on both sides (3 sheets)
• 8 ASL scenarios (#19-26)
• ASL Chapter E (Miscellaneous) + divider (+ pages H31-H48 of Chapter H)

"This is YANKS ... the long-awaited American extension to the ASL game system. An extensive U.S. Army countermix is presented so that you can command every major vehicle, weapon and troop type that saw action in the European Theater. Whether you play the eight historical scenarios or use the Point Values to design endless situations of your own, you'll find countless hours of exciting entertainment in the game system that GENERAL readers have proclaimed to be the best ever by a wide margin in that magazine's game rating survey.
While you will be able to play some scenarios without learning a single new rule, YANKS also includes Chapter E for insertion into your ASL binder. Composed entirely of optional rules, Chapter E allows the avid player to add Night, Interrogation, Weather, Ski Troops, Boats, Swimming, Air Support, Gliders, Paratroop Landings, Ammo Vehicles, Convoys and Artillery Barrage rules to
his ASL repertoire. Four new geomorphic boards (16-19) depicting a variety of rural settings complement the varied assortment of playing surfaces available for this acclaimed game system. Relatively new SQUAD LEADER enthusiasts should note that boards 7 and 12 are necessary to play three of the scenarios included herein.
YANKS is not a complete game; ownership of ASL & BEYOND VALOR is required."

1987 ... AH 8224 ... ISBN 0911605363

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Partisan: Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Module 4 [BOX SET]
• 2 8"x22" mounted mapboards
• 260 1/2" Counters laminated on both sides
• 8 ASL scenarios

"This is PARTISAN! — the fourth ASL module. The eight scenarios contained herein focus on historical World War II battle situations involving the Resistance forces of various countries vs the German and Axis Minor troops occupying their lands. PARTISAN! will challenge your abilities in basic infantry combat as you maneuver and fire your squads, leaders and supporting weapons in scenarios whose forces run the gamut from elite Germans to poorly equipped but highly-motivated freedom fighters, to low-grade occupation troops. Experience — as only ASL can let you — the vicious, no-quarter ambushes, surprise raids and set-piece assaults that characterized guerrilla warfare in the cities, forests and mountains of Europe. Regardless of your preferences (including solitaire play), if you're an ASL infantry-grognard you're bound to find something pleasing in the wide assortment of PARTISAN! scenarios, which range from the large, high-piece-density type to the small, quick setup kind. One is even "three-dimensional", with most of the action occuring underground, using separate boards for the above and below-ground levels.
PARTISAN!, along with its eight scenarios, contains one countersheet of Axis Minor infantry and support weapons — and also includes two boards: 10, with new, revised artwork; and 32, which features dense woods, a stream and a small cluster of buildings. Only ASL, BEYOND VALOR, and SQUAD LEADER boards 1-4 are needed to play PARTISAN!"

1987 ... AH 8227 ... ISBN 0911605649

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West of Alamein: Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Module 5 [BOX SET]
• 5 8"x22" mounted Mapboards
• 520 1/2" Counters laminated on both sides (2 sheets) (Back of box incorrectly states 560 counters ...Wayne)
• 704 5/8" Counters laminated on both sides (4 sheets)
• 8 ASL Scenarios (#s 35-42)
• 1 Pad of Terrain Overlays
• 1 7"x22" Escarpment Overlay
• ASL Chapter F (North Africa) + divider

"This is WEST OF ALAMEIN — the long-awaited British addition to the ASL system. As the title implies, it focuses on battles between the British 8th Army and Deutsches Afrika Korps in the North African desert in 1941-43. WEST OF ALAMEIN contains the entire British order of battle, including all U.S. Lend-lease vehicles, ordnance and support weapons, thus enabling you to command every major vehicle, gun and troop type used by British and/or Commonwealth forces in every theater throughout the war. Also contained herein is Chapter F of the ASL rules, which covers the terrain types encountered in the desert and other arid regions: scrub, wadis, hillocks, escarpments, soft sand, dunes, deirs and hammada. Chapter F also provides rules for the special climatic conditions that were so much a part of desert combat, such as dust, heat haze and sun blindness. Of the five mounted mapboards in WEST OF ALAMEIN, four (#s 26-29) depict flat open desert, with the dominant terrain features on separate, moveable overlays so as to maximize flexibility. The fifth board (#25) represents a rugged hill mass as is found in Tunisia, and can be converted to a large escarpment by means of an overlay specially designed for this purpose. A Design-Your-Own system for the random selection and placement of overlays is also provided, which in combination with the vehicle and weapon point values, historical notes and DYO charts, will provide an endless variety of situations for those who enjoy creating their own scenarios. And as if all this weren't enough, simple rules have been included to enable the desert boards and overlays to represent the steppes of the Ukraine, providing added flexibility for these components. Of the eight scenarios enclosed, four can be played using the ASL rules and BEYOND VALOR; the other four also require rules, counters and/or a board from YANKS. No other boards or modules are needed.
WEST OF ALAMEIN is not a complete game. Ownership of ASL and BEYOND VALOR is required — as is YANKS for four scenarios."

1988 ... AH 8228 ... ISBN 0911605770

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Last Hurrah: Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Module 6 [BOX SET]
• 2 8" x 22" mounted Mapboards
• 260 1/2" Counters laminated
on both sides
• 8 ASL Scenarios

"This Is THE LAST HURRAH — the sixth ASL module. The eight scenarios contained herein focus on historical situations involving the early German blitzkriegs of World War II and the many nationalities that fought against the invaders. Paratroopers, armor, air power, audacity and courage were the tools with which Germany planned to overrun the neutral nations of Europe. And in less than two years, in actions as far apart as Norway and Crete, the German military accomplished all they had set out to do. For the most part, the invaded neutrals (Poland, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Yugoslavia and Greece) were defended by hastily-mobilized reservists stiffened by a few elite units. The actions depicted in THE LAST HURRAH will challenge veteran ASL players to match the tenacity, audacity and victories on both sides in eight scenarios, recreating the German march of conquest. Experience — as only ASL can let you — the desperate fighting of these first days of World War II. Whether commanding German armor, Polish cavalry, Greek infantry, Belgian Chasseurs, Norwegian reservists or Luftwaffe paratroopers, if you're an ASL grognard, you're bound to find something pleasing in the wide spectrum of scenarios included in THE LAST HURRAH. There is even a scenario pitting those age-old foes, the Poles and the Russians!
THE LAST HURRAH contains eight scenarios, one countersheet of Allied Minor infantry and support weapons — and two boards: 11, with revised artwork; and 33, which features open terrain and a large grainfield. ASL, BEYOND VALOR and YANKS (for two scenarios) are needed to play these scenarios."

1988 ... AH 8230 ... ISBN 0911605827

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Hollow Legions: Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Module 7 [BOX SET]
• 2 8" x 22" mounted Mapboards
• 380 1/2" Counters laminated
on both sides
• 272 5/8" Counters laminated
on both sides
• 8 ASL Scenarios

Adds the Italian order of battle to the system. Requires ASL, Beyond Valor, Yanks and West of Alamein to play.

1989 ... AH 8229 ... ISBN 0911605924

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Gung Ho!: Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Module 9 [BOX SET]
• 2 8" x 22" mounted Mapboards
• 680 1/2" Counters laminated on both sides
• 328 5/8" Counters laminated on both sides
• 8 ASL Scenarios
• 1 Pad of terrain overlays
• 1 ASL Chapter G (Sections 11-18)

"You’ve fought on the Eastern and Western fronts, in the Mediterranean and North African theaters, on the plains of Manchuria and in the jungles of Burma and New Guinea. You’ve experienced paradrops, glider-borne landings, Stuka attacks and opposed river crossings. Only one major type of WW2 land combat remains unexplored: the classic amphibious assault.
Now, in GUNG HO!, this too is added to the combat repertoire of ASL. And what better way to present assault landings than with the introduction of the U.S. Marines. GUNG HO! offers four types of U.S.M.C. squads, reflecting their evolution through the war years, along with the most comprehensive tactical-level amphibious assault rules ever offered in a wargame. It is all here in the balance of Chapter G: deep and shallow ocean, beaches of variable width and slope, sea walls, piers, beach obstacles, reefs, heavy surf, naval gunfire, and all the important types of landing craft used by the Allies and Japan throughout the war.
As if this weren’t enough, GUNG HO! Also introduces rules and counters for the infamous cave defenses employed by the Japanese, plus new infantry counters for the early U.S. Army in the Philippines and the entire order of battle of the Chinese Army. Last but not least, two new mapboards, several sheets of overlays and eight scenarios are included."

1991 ... AH 8233 ... ISBN 1560380403

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Croix de Guerre: Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Module 10 [BOX SET]
• 2 8"x22" mounted Mapboards
• 350 1/2" Counters laminated on both sides
• 288 5/8" Counters laminated on both sides
• 8 ASL Scenarios
• 8 Revised Rulebook Pages
• 1 Chapter N Divider
• 1 Sheet of Terrain Overlays

"Here, at last, is the long-awaited French addition to the ASL system. Compared to the old Crescendo of Doom gamette, CROIX DE GUERRE offers greatly expanded coverage of the French, in terms of both counter types and historical research. Contained herein is not only the entire ASL order of battle (all personnel, weapon and vehicle counters) for the French in 1939-40, but also that of the subsequent Vichy regime's overseas colonies, plus many extra counters for equipment used by the Free French but never included in YANKS or WEST OF ALAMEIN. Enclosed as well are two new mapboards (#s 40 and 41), one new sheet of building, stream and open-ground overlays, eight revised rulebook pages for Chapters A, B and F, eight new scenarios, and the usual detailed Chapter H historical and Design-Your-Own information (including many facts never before published in the English language). Last but not least you'll find the Chapter N divider, which contains both an updated Sequence of Play (incorporating Chapters E, F, G and O) and a standardized "check list" of pre-game functions for printed and DYO scenarios."

1992 ... AH 8234 ... ISBN 1560380667

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Streets of Fire: Deluxe Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Module 1 [BOX SET]
• 4 11"x26" mounted, geomorphic mapboards with
enlarged 2.2" hex grid
• 10 Scenarios
• 36 5" x 5 5/8" AFV Playing Aid cards featuring 72 prominent Russian and German AFV

"STREETS OF FIRE is the first boxed module of DELUXE ASL; an enlarged 2.2" hex scale for playing ASL. The greatest thing about Deluxe ASL may be that once you know how to play ASL, you also know how to play Deluxe ASL. The rules, for all practical purposes, are identical; the only changes deal with the physical stacking or positioning of counters within the enlarged hexes. In short, Deluxe ASL is no more difficult than ASL; in fact, it is much more playable, due to the many conveniences proffered by the enlarged hex size. In essence, Deluxe ASL is simply ASL without stacking. There is sufficient room in each hex to allow over a dozen counters to be placed in each hex without placing one atop another. This makes the game play much faster, because pieces don't have to be constantly shuffled to count FP factors, or moved out of the way to check LOS or the height of buildings. Even systems counters can often be laid aside units, rather than stacked atop them, obscuring the;, identity. Other informational counters, such as CA markers, are not even needed, because CA is readily determined by placement within the hex. Deluxe ASL is so much easier to play that we even recommend the use of 1/285th scale miniatures for those interested in the ultimate panoramic splendor in their gaming. In short, if you enjoy ASL or SQUAD LEADER, we can't recommend this scale highly enough. It magnifies the play-ability and enjoyment of the game even more than it increases the size of the hexes themselves.
In STREETS OF FIRE you'll receive four full-color, geo-morphic, mounted 11"x26" mapboards depicting typical urban terrain, and ten specially-designed scenarios for use on those boards depicting the bitter street fighting of the Eastern Front. No special counters or rules are provided; these being contained in the ASL rulebook and BEYOND VALOR module. Those wishing to use basic SQUAD LEADER rules may also use these map-boards; possession of ASL is not necessary, but is recommended for play of the specific scenarios enclosed herein.
STREETS OF FIRE contains no rules or counters; ownership of SQUAD LEADER or ASL is required."

1985 ... AH 8701 ... UPC 045708087014

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Pegasus Bridge: Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Historical Module 4 [BOX SET]
• 1 22" x 32" Unmounted map sheet
• 160 1/2" Counters, laminated on both sides
• 64 5/8" Counters, laminated on both sides
• 6 ASL Scenarios
• 1 ASL Chapter Q rules
• 1 ASL Chapter H update (vehicle notes)
• 1 ASL Chapter K update (Day 7 of the Training Manual)

"A few minutes past midnight, June 6th 1944, glider-borne D Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry seize a key bridge over the Caen Canal in Normandy. This elite company, along with the paratroopers of the 7th Battalion, 6th Airborne Division must hold the bridge until relieved. Throughout the remainder of June 6th, the glidermen and paratroopers repulse eight different German counterattacks from elements of the 21st Panzer Division and the 716th Infantry Division, until finally relieved by the Warwickshires advancing from Sword Beach.

Pegasus Bridge includes one 4-color 22" x 32" map of the bridge and surrounding towns of Benouville and Le Port, Chapter Q of the ASL rule book (which introduces new terrain types and contains the rules for the Pegasus Bridge Campaign Games), 160 1/2" counters, 64 5/8" counters, Chapter H notes for all the new vehicles introduced, two campaign games, and six scenarios which highlight the key moments of the battle. Also included is Day 7 of the Chapter K Squad Leader Training Manual.

Ownership of Advanced Squad Leader (ASL), Beyond Valor - ASL Module 1, Yanks - ASL Module 3 and West of Alamein - ASL Module 5 is required."

1997 ... Avalon Hill 8240 ... ISBN 156038185X

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Solitaire ASL: Advanced Squad Leader/ASL Solitaire Module 1 [BOX SET]
• 260 1/2" Counters laminated on both sides (1 sheet)
• 14 Solitaire Missions
• 4 8 1/2x11" Generation cards
• 1 11" x 17" Basic Tables card
• ASL Chapter S (Solitaire) + divider

"SOLITAIRE ASL has numerous charts and tables for "generating" enemy units, random events and mapboard configurations. The highly detailed and historically accurate unit activation tables are arranged on various full-color "nationality" cards — one each for the Americans, Russians and Germans, allowing you to play any one of these three sides against the other. As the German, you can also fight against partisans.
Unknown enemy units are represented on the mapboard by the presence of "Suspect ?" markers — which, when rolled for "generation", can turn out to be a complete dummy or a very nasty surprise. Furthermore, at the start of each Player Turn a "random event" can occur, which can bring much-needed reinforcements to your hard-pressed troops — or spell disaster to them!
SOLITAIRE ASL does not use already-published ASL scenarios. Instead, it includes 14 solitaire-only "missions". Each mission, however, is infinitely replayable. In fact, the board configuration is unlikely to ever be the same, as the actual mapboards used are determined randomly before each mission. The missions run the gamut from offensive to defensive actions, and even include a chance meeting of patrols.
Some of the missions are...
• BESIEGED: Your company is in "hedgehog" defensive positions in a small village — being attacked on three sides by an enemy force of unknown strength. And the enemy won't be easily turned away!
• THE BRIDGE: Your men have been charged with guarding an important bridge until the last friendly troops have safely retreated across it. Then you're to blow it up — all in the face of an advancing enemy.
• RECON: Your company, reinforced with several temporarily attached reconnaissance vehicles, must advance into unknown terrain. It's your job to pinpoint enemy weaknesses and strengths.
SASL also has a highly detailed, fully integrated Campaign Game system. Follow the progress of your historically based American, German or Russian infantry company throughout the length of WW2. Your company's month-to-month OB is determined by your
surviving units and any replacements received. Leader promotion, squad Battle-Hardening and weapon replacement (on an historical schedule) are all possible.
SOLITAIRE ASL is not a complete game. Ownership of ASL, BEYOND VALOR and YANKS is required. SOLITAIRE ASL contains no mapboards; ownership of all non-desert mapboards of the ASL system is recommended to make full use of this system."

1995 ... AH 8239 ... ISBN 1560381361

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Advanced Squad Leader - 2nd Edition (Multi-Man Publishing/MMP)

Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book, 2nd Edition [BINDER]
"ASL. The premier game system of tactical-level World War II combat uniquely combines soundness of design with attention to detail and ease of play. Built on the popular Squad Leader system, ASL has long been the ultimate in tactical wargaming. Now, ASL has just gotten better with the introduction of the ASL RULES 2nd Edition. Not only are the Rules back in full color, but the 2nd Edition also benefits from all the fine-tuning accumulated over the past 15 years. The 2nd Edition also contains material not previously included in the basic Rules, such as: more examples of play throughout, the advanced rules of Chapter E (night, weather, boats, planes, skis, convoys, etc.), the beginner's Training Manual in Chapter K, an expanded Index, and widely-acclaimed playing aids such as the Offboard Artillery Player's Aid and the Overrun Flowchart. Each chapter is in a larger font for ease of reading.
And all without changing how this great game is played. The fruits of 15 years of "playtesting" can be seen here in the ASL RULES 2nd Edition which incorporates all previous errata and questions & answers. Great care has been taken to clear up ambiguities in the rules while keeping the game the same..."

2001 ... Multi-Man Publishing (MMP)

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Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1 [BOX SET]
• A fully functional, lavishly illustrated rule booklet that provides the framework for Infantry combat at the tactical level.
• 280 beautiful, full color counters representing the squads, half squads, leaders, and support weapons which fought across Europe.
• Two 8" x 22" full-color geomorphic mapboards that can be rearranged to create many different terrain configurations which represent the fields and cities of Europe.
• Six scenarios that represent typical infantry actions in World War II. Each card provides historical details on the action including force allocation, setup, and victory conditions, allowing you to compare your success to that of your historical counterparts.

"Welcome to the exciting world of Advanced Squad Leader. ASL is the premier game system of tactical-level World War II combat. You're holding ASL Starter Kit #1. This is a complete game that introduces the player to the ASL Infantry rules. It includes squads, half squads, leaders, support weapons, and simplified rules and terrain to use with them. The Starter Kit provides new players with an easy, low cost method for becoming familiar with the basics of the ASL system using entry-level scenarios, counters, boards, and rules.
The six scenarios included cover action from the streets of Stalingrad to the fields of Normandy. They are instantly playable by anyone familiar with ASL, but some of the usual ASL bells and whistles have been dropped, and simplified rules have been provided in order to make these scenarios easy to play for anyone interested in an exciting WWII tactical level experience. This allows beginners to rapidly get into the thick of the action as no prior experience is needed!
Starter Kit #1 will provide hours of entertainment without an additional purchase. Players who easily master this material may want to expand their horizons to include the detailed rules that make up the total ASL system that are available in the ASL Rule Book. Others may want to wait for additional Starter Kits to broaden their experience..."

2004 ... MMP

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Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #2 [BOX SET]
• 2 8"x22" mapboards
• 2 Countersheets (one of 1/2" counters, one of 5/8" counters
• 1 rulebook
• 2 player aid cards (QRDC & To Hit)
• 4 scenario cards

"Welcome to (he exciting world of Advanced Squad Leader. ASL is the premier inline system of tactical-level World War II corn-hat. You are holding ASL Starter Kit #2—Guns. This is a complete game that introduces the player to the ASL infantry and ordnance rules. It includes squads, half squads, crews, leaders, support weapons, guns, and simplified rules and terrain to use with them. This game builds on ASL Starter Kit #1, hut neither that game nor experience with it is required to enjoy Starter Kit #2—Guns (although we do recommend that players who are unfamiliar with ASL infantry combat begin with Starter Kit #l). Starter Kit #2—Guns provides new players with an easy, low cost method for becoming familiar with the basics of the ASL infantry and ordnance system using entry-level scenarios, counters, boards, and rules. It also introduces the British, Italians, and Allied Minor nations to the Starter Kit series.
The eight scenarios included cover action in both the Northwest European Theater of Operations and the Mediterranean Theater of Operations from Greece 1940 to the Battle of the Bulge! They are instantly playable by anyone familiar with ASL and ASL ordnance. Some of the usual ASL bells and whistles have been dropped, and simplified rules have been provided in order to make these scenarios easy to play for anyone interested in an exciting WWII tactical-level experience. This allows beginners to rapidly get into the thick of the action as no prior experience or purchase is needed. This is a complete game. Beginners may want to start with ASL Starter Kit #1, but that is not a requirement to play these scenarios."

2005 ... MMP

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ASL Action Pack #2
"Hill Overlays and the Overrun Flowchart plus 2 new Geomorphic boards and 8 new scenarios!"

1999 ... Multi-Man Publishing (MMP)

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Armies of Oblivion - ASL Module 12
• 4 Mounted 8"x22" Mapboards #s 48-51
• 6 Countersheets
• 11 ASL Scenarios
• 1 Axis Minors Chapter H
• 3 overlay sheets

"This is the long-awaited ARMIES OF OBLIVION — bringing the entire Axis Minor order of battle into the ASL system, thus enabling you to command every major vehicle, gun, and infantry type used by the Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Slovakians, and Croatians throughout the war. Chapter H distills years of research into pages of detailed notes on the guns and vehicles unique to each of the Axis Minor nations, in addition to the various weapons which many of these nations shared. Also included are three overlay sheets and four mapboards: boards 48, 49, 50, and 51. Twelve scenarios cover a plethora of situations for the various Axis Minor nations, from before Barbarossa to the fall of Budapest, including late in the war after many of these nations had switched to the Allied cause. New two-tone counters were developed for the Hungarians to handle their continued allegiance to the Axis cause.
ARMIES OF OBLIVION is not a complete game. Ownership of the ASL game system is required. Due to the complex nature of this module, components from throughout the system are required in order to play the 12 enclosed scenarios."

2005 ... Multi-Man Publishing (MMP)

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Arnhem: The Third Bridge (1st Edition): The Battle of Arnhem - Spetember 17 - 25, 1944
Note: The 1st edition has a sheet of counters as a part of the package. The 2nd edition set currently in print at Critical Hit is missing these counters.

• cover folder
• rules booklet (12 pages)
• 5 cardstock scenario sheets
• unmounted mapboard
• 1 sheet of 280 counters

"Arnhem: The Third Bridge is an Advanced Squad Leader module that depicts the battle for the bridge made famous in print and film by Cornelius Ryan's 'A Bridge Too Far'.

The British insisted that their airborne division take on the toughest assignment at the very point of the 60-mile salient which was Operation Market Garden. Montgomery said the operation was a 'springboard for a powerful full-blooded thrust to the heart of Germany.' But the plan had one fatal flaw: Allied intelligence had reported few German units in the vicinity of Arnhem--but it turned out that two SS Panzer divisions and Field-Marshal Walther Model, known as the 'Fuhrer's Firemen' were awaiting the British at ground zero. The one British battalion which was able to fight its way to the bridge was cut off, becoming 'a collection of individuals holding on' awaiting relief that would never arrive.

Arnhem: The Third Bridge includes a well-researched historical game map of the battlefield, eight new scenarios and a Platoon Leader 2.x campaign game. You will also receive extensive new rules providing the flavor of the battlefield and its combatants, including high walls, a new form of breach, and SS engineers. As a special bonus, ATB includes a sheet of color, die-cut game pieces providing Red Devil squads and SMC counters for historical leaders including Colonel Frost and armor leader Captain Grabner. Everything is included to play using your existing rulebook and game pieces. (Ownership of Beyond Valor and West of Alemein are necessary to play this game)."

1999 ... Critical Hit CH 9901

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