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Traveller - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future - GDW

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Traveller Bibliography & Periodical Bibliography


The Traveller role-playing game has been through many incarnations over the years, which is a tribute to the vitality of this game setting. Next to Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller is probably one of the oldest surviving role playing games. Many voices and many visions can be seen throughout the various versions of this game. If you like science fiction role-playing, surely there is a setting here for you somewhere.

Classic Traveller (1977 - 1986)

For many years, Traveller was the science fiction counterpart to
D&D, at least in terms of popularity. Like its fantasy twin, Traveller was originally without an attached "Campaign World," though the background setting of the Imperium accreted gradually over time. Classic Traveller benefitted from an innovative, yet simple rules system.

There was adventure for everyone: Mercenaries, Idle Rich, Diplomats, Spies... But I think something particularly novel about Traveller was its introduction of mercantile adventuring. A traditional campaign of Traveller could consist of operating a trade starship profitably, with occasional excitement on the side. At a time when most RPGs consisted of slaying dungeon monsters, Traveller took gaming to a higher level.

Classic Traveller [BOX SET]

Book 1: Characters and Combat
Book 2: Starships
Book 3: Worlds and Adventures
48 pages each

The first printing of the box set had a white reverse side and a "GD" symbol on the box side panel. Later printings went to a black reverse and the standard GDW symbol.

For all the Rules, Supplement, and Adventure booklets that followed, see the Little Black Books.


1977, 1981 ... GDW 301

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The Traveller Book: Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

The Traveller Book incorporates the first three original rule books, plus additional material. It appeared in both hardcover & paperback.

1982 ... 160 pages ... GDW 0201

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The Traveller Adventure
The companion volume to The Traveller Book, containing a linked collection of adventures forming a ready-made campaign in the Spinward Marches.

"When the crew of the merchant vessel 'March Harrier' befriends a wolf-like alien Vargr in the underground city of Leedor, they have no reason to suspect that they are beginning a quest for the secret of a jeweled alien ornament... a quest that will take them to an asteroid mining settlement, to frontier trading stations, and to dozens of exotic worlds. But the ornament is intended for more then mere decoration and the adventuring crew is soon marked by the extra-legal security apparatus of the giant Tukera Lines megacorporation. The crew and their Vargr companion need every skill at their disposal to discover the true secret of the ornament. .

The giant Campaign book includes:

* Spinward Marches map and overview.
* Aramis Subsector Map and data.
* Several Planetary maps with background information, encounter tables and area maps.
* Deck plans of the "March Harrier" Subsidized Merchant.
* Ship Directory of the different types of starships in operation in the Aramis subsector
* Extensive Library Data of new creatures and corporations.
* Complete Vargr Character Generation unit."

Written by Frank Chadwick, John Harshman, J. Andrew Keith, Marc Miller and Loren Wiseman.

1983 ... 154 pages ... GDW 0202 ... ISBN 0139302719

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Traveller Deluxe Edition [BOX SET]

The 1983 reprint deleted the original 3 Little Black Books, and replaced them with the Rules Booklet (64 pages) and Charts and Tables (24 pages) found in the Traveller Starter box. The contents are otherwise unchanged, though the box lid has slight changes in graphics.

"Deluxe Traveller is designed as a newcomer's introduction to role-playing and to Traveller. It includes the Basic Traveller set of three 48-page books (Books 1, 2, and 3), just like the separate boxed Basic Traveller set. In addition, it contains the following materials:
Book 0, An Introduction To Traveller, covers basic details about role-playing in general, and Traveller in particular. Book 0 discusses many role-playing concepts for the beginning player and referee; it helps guide you into the realm of science-fiction role-playing.
Introductory Adventure, The Imperial Fringe, is a complete adventure for Traveller. All of the basic preparation is pregenerated, and the adventure can be begun once the referee reads through the books.
The Spinward Marches Map is a full four color, 17" x 22" map of a stellar subsector which is already the subject of several Traveller adventures. The Introductory Adventure is set in the Spinward Marches."

1981, 1983 ... GDW 300

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Traveller Starter Edition [BOX SET]

* Rules Booklet (64 pages)
* Charts and Tables (24 pages)
* Mission on Mithril / Shadows (double-sided 16-page booklet)
* Player's Handout sheet
* Double-sided color map for Mithril/Shadows

"Traveller is science fiction role-playing, a game where you become the hero or villain. Each player is a character of the future... some smart, some strong, some brave... and each player decides what his or her character will try to do. You learn from the rules about spaceships, laser guns, computers, alien creatures, and more; then you and your friends set off to explore the galaxy."

1983 ... GDW 0251

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Map of the Imperium

Red/Black folded map of Traveller's Imperium and neighboring states. 16¼ x 21¼ inches.

1981 ... Game Designers' Workshop

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Tarsus: World Beyond The Frontier [BOX SET]
"The xboat message finally caught up with you. After months in transit across the parsecs, the letter has arrived — to say that your father is in trouble, needs your help, needs you home.

Home is Tarsus, a colonial world beyond the frontiers of the Imperium. Its environment ¡s tolerable enough around the equator; many locations are even suitable for agriculture. But toward the poles, temperatures range from -50° to +75° C. in the course of each local ninety-day year. No one visits those uninhabitable wastes. As you read the letter, memories of your homeworld's sprawling ranches, impassable tanglewalds, high mountain peaks, and scattered farms seem dim after your many years away. But the call of family is strong, and now you are homeward bound.

The fierce war which raged through this sector is now over, and troops are being mustered out. A band of loyal companions, veterans like yourself, has decided to accompany you. Some of them are in search of adventure, others seek wealth or power. You will need their skills and experience in your dealings with the unknown trouble you will face on Tarsus.

When a game takes in the entire universe it's easy to forget how large and complex even a single world can be. Tarsus is a demonstration of how much scope for adventure one planet, described in detail, can provide.

Included in this Module for Starter Traveller, in addition to the descriptions and details, are adventures for player-characters to undertake, but they by no means exhaust the possibilities of the background contained in this module.

Tarsus, World Beyond the Frontier, is an adventure module for Starter Traveller. The module is usable with any Traveller rules set. Players must have a copy of the Traveller rules in order to use this module.

Design: Marc W. Miller and Loren K. Wiseman Art Direction: Paul R. Banner and Chris A. Purcell

This box contains the following game components: * World Map of Tarsus * Subsector Map of District 268 * Detail Map of the Tanglewald * Twelve Character Cards * World Data Reference Book * Referee Scenario Sheets"

1983 ... Marc W. Miller & Loren K. Wiseman ... GDW 252

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BeltStrike: Riches & Danger in the Bowman Belt [BOX SET]
This box includes two 12-page books, four 4-page pamphlets, twelve character cards and a poster map. It contains four adventures in the Bowman belt.

1984 ... GDW 253 ... ISBN n/a

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The Atlas of the Imperium
"The Imperial Interstellar Scout Service's famed Second Survey of the Imperium, (originally published in 1065) now is available in a condensed commercial edition mapping thirty-five sectors in and around the Third Imperium. All pertinent astrographic data is presented on thirty-five full page (8 1/2 by 11 inch) maps showing every Imperial sector from the fabled Core (the center of the empire) to the Vland, Corridor, Deneb, and Spinward Marches sectors; from Verge on the edge of the Rift to Ilelish, Magyar, and Daibei sectors; from distant Antares to the Delphi, Old Expanses, and Solomani Rim sectors. Every world of the Imperium is shown, each in its proper location.
Each world on the map is shown with base, starport, and world type (standard, desert, or asteroid belt), and high-population worlds are named.
Additional text in Second Survey deals with the history of the Imperium, and information on how to use the Atlas."

1984 ... 40 pages ... GDW

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Traveller Alien Module Series

Aslan - Traveller Alien Module 1
"Adventure and Intrigue with a Proud Warrior Race...

Spinward of the Imperium, a race of ferocious carnivores has evolved to intelligence and rules hundreds of star systems. They are the Aslan, interstellar neighbors of the Imperium. This warrior race has long been a mystery to the ordinary human, and now it is possible to learn more about their culture and society.
Aslan, Traveller Alien Module 7, describes in detail this alien race, its homeworld, and its starfaring society.

This Alien Module includes:
— Aslan History and Culture: Detailed essays on the nature of the Asian, their culture, their behavior, and their society.
— Aslan Character Generation: Seven basic careers, plus six more derived from Citizens.
Careers include Space Service, Military Service, Wanderers, Management, and Outcasts. Additional careers include Pirates, Belters, Envoys, Flyers, Medics and Scientists.
Also included are details and modifications to standard systems to allow Aslan to be generated as Imperial citizens.
— Advanced Character Generation: Character and skill tables for Mercenary and High Guard (you must have the Mercenary and High Guard booklets to make full use of them).
— World Generation: Tables and rules for Aslan worlds, governments, bases, law and tech levels.
— Aslan Encounters: Patrons and random encounter lists for ventures into Aslan territory.
— Weapons: Aslan personal weapons defined and described.
— Aslan Word Generation: Fast and easy generation of Aslan names and words - to add depth to any Aslan adventure.
— The Aslan Hierate: Basic multi-sector map of Aslan territory showing its relationship to the Imperium. Sectors are named in Aslan, with Imperial names where applicable.
— A Quest: One Aslan, accompanied by his family, has set off to find his brother's ihatei, his second son — the heir to their influential clan's power. The adventure takes him, his family, and ultimately a crew of human adventurers deep into Aslan territory, all the while pursued by assassins.
More than a rousing adventure, this quest allows players and referee to actually participate in an alien culture, using the background and data provided to more effectively role-play with non-human characters."

1984 ... J. Andrew Keith & John Harshman & Marc Miller ... 40 pages ... GDW 254 ... ISBN n/a

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K'kree - Traveller Alien Module 2
"One of the Imperium's interstellar neighbors is a six-limbed vegetarian race known as the K'kree. Their empire includes hundreds of star systems, and their rule within their territory is absolute. Rough similarities to the creatures of human legend prompt some humans to call them Centaurs. This enigmatic, fanatically vegetarian race has long been a mystery to the ordinary human, and now it is possible to learn more about their complex culture and society.
K'kree, Traveller Alien Module 1, describes in detail this alien race, its homeworld, its far-flung empire, and its fascinating starfaring society.
This Allen Module includes:
* K'kree History and Culture: Detailed essays on the origins and nature of the K'kree, their culture, their behavior, their government, and their society.
* K'kree Character Generation: Comprehensive character generation system, especially designed for K'kree characters, including provisions for the generation of K'kree family groups (they never travel alone) likely to be encountered in K'kree territory, and in the human Imperium.
* Advanced Character Generation: Character and skill tables for Mercenary and High Guard (you must have the Mercenary and High Guard booklets to make full use of them) allow the generation of K'kree characters using these rule books.
* World Generation: Tables and rules for creating K'kree worlds, government, bases, law and tech levels.
* K'kree Encounters: Patrons and random encounter lists for ventures into K'kree territory, both by K'ree and by other races.
Starships; K'kree starship construction parameters and rules for their use.
* K'kree Word Generation: Fast and easy generation of K'kree names and words, with an aid to pronunciation — to add depth to any K'kree adventure.
* The K'kree Stellar Empire: A basic multi-sector map of K'kree territory showing its relationship to the Imperium and other interstellar governments. Sectors are named in K'kree, with Imperial names where applicable.
* Three K'kree scenarios start any group out in their contact with the K'kree, and provide a springboard for further adventures."

1984 ... J. Andrew Keith & Loren Wiseman & John Harshman ... 40 pages ... GDW 255

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Vargr - Traveller Alien Module 3
The 8 pages in the center are a special section called "Gvurrdon's Story," a text written in a vargr language ("Arrghoun") and an accompanying vocabulary.

"Terran canines, genetically manipulated to intelligence and transferred to another world by the mysterious and enigmatic civilization called the Ancients. These are the Vargr, interstellar neighbors of the Imperium. Their seemingly irrational race has long been a mystery to the ordinary human, and now it is possible to learn more about their culture and their society.
Vargr, Traveller Alien Module 3, describes in detail this alien race, its homeworld, and its starfaring society.
This Alien Module includes:
—Vargr History and Culture: Several detailed essays on the nature of the Vargr, their culture, their behavior, and their society.
—Vargr Character Generation: Six basic careers.
Careers include Navy, Corsairs, Army, Emissaries, Merchants, and Loners.
Also included are details and modifications to standard systems to allow Vargr to be generated as Imperial citizens.
—Advanced Character Generation: Character and skill tables for Mercenary and High Guard (you must have Mercenary and High Guard to use them fully).
—World Generation: Tables and rules for Vargr worlds, governments, bases, law and tech levels.
—Vargr Word Generation: Fast and easy generation of Vargr names and words — to add depth to Vargr characters and worlds.
—The Vargr Extents: Basic multi-sector map of Vargr territory showing its relationship to the Imperium and detailing some of the numerous governments. Sectors are named in Vargr, with Imperial names where applicable."
—And A Puzzle: A Vargr myth holds the key to the whereabouts of a lost fortune. There is one minor problem standing in the way: the story-has never been translated. The complete Arrghoun text is included, as well as a glossary and grammar for that language. The players must translate and interpret the document in order to solve the puzzle (an annotated translation is included for the benefit of those referees who are not fluent in Arrghoun). Only after that can the search begin in earnest.
More than an intellectual puzzle, the adventure in this module is a rousing good time for all concerned."

1984 ... J. Andrew Keith & John Harshman & Marc Miller ... 48 pages ... GDW 257 ... ISBN [none]

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Zhodani - Traveller Alien Module 4
"In a culture where psionics is an accepted talent, available to all with high enough potential, the very fabric of society is changed. Those with the talent are naturally the elite; those without are the proletariat. Such a society can naturally evolve to oppress the masses. But a psionic society also allows perfect communication, and can produce a better society for everyone. The Zhodani, humans who discovered and adopted psionics early in their history, had both choices, and took a little of each. The result is a psionic society where everyone is happy and content, because psionic reeducation ensures the discontent are found and shown the errors of their ways.
Zhodani, Traveller Alien Module 4, describes in detail this alien race, its homeworld, and its starfaring society.
This Alien Module includes —
• Zhodani History and Culture: Detailed essays on the nature of the Zhodani, their culture, their behavior, and their society.
• Zhodani Character Generation: Six basic careers adapted for Zhodani culture. Careers include Army, Navy, the elite Guards, Merchants, Government, and Proles.
• Advanced Character Generation: Character and skill tables for Mercenary and High Guard (you must have Mercenary and High Guard to make full use of them).
• World Generation: Tables and rules for creating Zhodani worlds.
• Zhodani Encounters: Patrons and random encounter lists for ventures into Zhodani territory.
• Weapons: Complete data tables for both basic Traveller and Mercenary personal weapons.
• Zhodani Word Generation: Fast and easy generation of Zhodani names and words — to add depth to any Zhodani adventure.
• The Zhodani Consulate: Basic multi-sector map of Zhodani territory showing its relationship to the Imperium.
• And Adventure: The scenario in this module allows players and referee to actually participate in an alien culture, using the background and data provided for role-playing with these alien characters."

1985 ... J. Andrew Keith & Marc Miller & John Harshman ... 48 pages ... GDW 258

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Droyne - Traveller Alien Module 5
"Reptilian aliens with the potential to rule the entire galaxy. We know because they did some 300,000 years ago. Now, they seem content to farm the fields of their few planets and to maintain a much lower profile. Are they biding their time? Do they plan to again rule every planet they can see? Or is their some reason why they have retreated to their few worlds?
The Droyne are known to be the descendants of the Ancients, a powerful race that dominated all of known space thousands of years ago, and then destroyed itself in one final war. Droyne, Traveller Alien Module 5, describes in detail this fallen race, its history, its technology, and its society. This Alien Module includes everything you need to role-play the Droyne as player-characters or as NPCs. Chapters cover —
• Droyne Evolution, History, and Culture: Detailed essays on how the Droyne reached their peak, and what they have done since.
• Chirpers: Information about the regressed sub-Droyne race that is found on many worlds within the Imperium.
• Droyne Character Generation: The six basic Droyne castes and each one's three subcastes.
• Droyne Advanced Character Generation: Character and skill tables for Mercenary and High Guard (you must have Mercenary and High Guard to make full use of them).
• World Generation: Tables and rules for creating Droyne worlds.
• Droyne Encounters: Patrons and random encounter lists for ventures onto Droyne worlds.
• Droyne Word Generation: Fast and easy generation of Droyne names and words — to add depth to any Droyne adventure.
• Droyne Territory: Maps and world data on the Droyne worlds within the Imperium — their locations, their UPPs, and short histories. Many Droyne worlds outside of the Imperium remain undiscovered and unmapped.
• Droyne Psionics: Details of special Droyne psionic powers.
• And Adventure: The scenario in this module allows players and referee to actually participate in an alien Droyne culture using the background and data provided for role-playing with these alien characters."

1985 ... 48 pages ... GDW 259

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Solomani - Traveller Alien Module 6
"The Ancients visited Terra millennia ago and carried some of Earth's humans off to the stars. The Solomani are the ones who were left behind; they continued to evolve under perfect conditions—on the world where their ancestors were born.
When the Solomani finally invented star drive, they burst out to find most of the worlds already claimed, but they took them anyway. It was the Solomani who single handedly brought, down the Vilani Imperium, established the Rule of Man, and brought on the Long Night. This module now allows Traveller players to be Solomani characters, to play adventures in the Solomani Sphere, and to learn more about the Solomani's culture.
This Alien Module includes —
• Solomani History and Culture: Detailed essays on the history of the Solomani from their discovery of jump drive and space travel through their takeover of the Vilani Imperium to the present day condition of the Solomani Sphere. Essays also cover the structure of Solomani government and its effects on the societies it governs. Timelines trace the important events of Solomani and Terran history.
• Solomani Character Generation: Special tables handle the specific details of Solomani character advancement. Solomani character types include Solomani Party members and agents of Solomani Security.
• Advanced Character Generation: Character and skill tables for Mercenary and High Guard (you must have the Mercenary and High Guard booklets to make full use of them) allow generation of Solomani characters.
• Sector Map: A detailed sector map of the Solomani Rim, and an associated list of world UPPs makes adventuring through Solomani territory exciting and interesting.
• Solomani Encounters: Patrons and random encounter lists for use in the Solomani Sphere.
• Standard Starships: Standard designs for Solomani military and commercial starships.
• And An Adventure — Travel with a group of Solomani adventurers as they search for a lost colony that holds the key to life and death for thousands of people."

1986 ... Marc Miller & J. Andrew Keith ... 48 pages ... GDW 260 ... ISBN 0943580072

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Hivers - Traveller Alien Module 7
"The progress of evolution on other worlds can create fantastic results. In the far trailing regions parsecs from the Imperium, on the world of Guaran, the beings who reached intelligence and ultimate domination of their world were six-limbed pseudo-starfish. On their homeworld, they created a culture based on cooperation, but which still accepted and respected the individual. When they reached space, they carried that culture with them, establishing a federation which now spans more than ten sectors.
Early explorers were struck by the hive-like appearance of these aliens' cities; naturally they were called Hivers. The fact that the Hivers had no spoken language delayed recognition that there was no true hive relationship long enough for the name to stick.
Hivers are aliens. They are a cooperative race, but they respect individualism. They live in nests, but can change to another nest any time they want. They abhor violence and war, but they won the only major war they have ever fought. They love their children, but allow most of their children to die before they are a year old.
To understand them, and their place in the Traveller universe, this alien module is essential. This module allows Traveller players to be Hiver characters, to play adventures in the Hive Federation, and to learn more about the Hivers' culture.
This Alien Module includes—
• Hiver Society, Psychology, and History: Detailed essays on the alien society of the Hivers, their individual psychology, and the history of the race, from its origins to the present time.
• Hiver Character Generation: Special tables handle the specific details of Hiver character advancement. Hiver character types include leaders, merchants, story-tellers, explorers, and manipulators.
• Advanced Character Generation: Character and skill tables for Merchant Prince and High Guard (you must have the Merchant Prince and High Guard booklets to make full use of them) allow generation of Hiver characters.
• Hiver World Generation; Rules for generation of Hiver worlds within the
Hive Federation.
• Hiver Encounters: Patrons and random encounter lists for use in the Hive Federation.
• Standard Starships: Standard designs for Hiver military and commercial starships, including the ubiquitous Embassy Ship.
• And an Adventure - A band of adventurers find a Hiver patron who is willing to finance an operation using their skills. But, as with all Hivers, there is more below the surface than is first apparent."

1986 ... 48 pages ... GDW 263 ... ISBN 0943580110

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Darrians - Traveller Alien Module 8
"What makes a small, backwater confederation so important to the sprawling empires that surround it? Why does the Imperium court this minor client state while the Zhodani Consulate refuses to attack them directly? The answer lies in the distant past when the single world of Darrian succeeded in producing stellar flares in its own star and thus stumbled on the secret of the star trigger. Unfortunately for them, the flares devastated their civilization, and they took centuries to rebuild. But when faced with Zhodani aggression, the Darrians dug out the old technology and staged a demonstration of their star trigger. What aggressor can continue in the face of a threat to their home suns?
Darrian has since lived in a state of uneasy peace with its neighbors. They may argue about minor matters, but no one dares antagonize Darrian on major matters; no one dares risk their own star to the anger of the owners of the star trigger.
This alien module for Traveller allows players and referees to adventure within the Darrian Confederation, use Darrian players against the background of Darrian society, and learn more about Darrian culture and high technology. This Alien Module Includes:
• Darrian History and Culture.
Complete details of the initial settlement of the Darrian homeworld, its later discovery by the Solomani, and the expansion of Darrian into space.
• Darrian Character Generation.
Special tables allow generation of Darrian characters which include the Navy, Army, Special Arm, Nobles, Merchants, and Academics.
• Advanced Character Generation.
Character and skill tables for High Guard are included (you must have High Guard before you can use them).
• Darrian Word Generation.
Details of the Darrian language and tables for the random generation of Darrian words.
• And an Adventure. A group of travellers are selected by a kindly old gentleman to help him in his researches on Darrian, in the Darrian system, and even beyond into the Darrian Confederation."

1987 ... 48 pages ... GDW 264 ... ISBN 0943580404

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Alien Realms: Eight Excursions Beyond Human Space
"The Third Imperium, teeming with life and activity, is the source of countless adventures. However, outside the Imperium there exist worlds untouched by human hands. Aliens have shaped these worlds, worlds where exotic adventures can be had—where a completely new type of science fiction adventure prevails.

Alien Realms is an adventure module created especially for the player who has enjoyed the Traveller Aliens Modules. Eight complete scenarios are presented, with exciting new adventuring material for Zhodani, Asian, Vargr, and Droyne player characters.

This module includes:

* Deep Metal: Far from their home, a diplomatic mission of Zhodani to the planet Parthinia is charged with securing mineral supplies for the Consulate. However, a local minor race, reputed to have psionic abilities helps uncover yet another deceitfut Imperial plot.
* Prosperity for the Taking: As Vargr player characters, a team must locate and recover a Tukera lines ship, stolen by Vargr corsairs who have broken away from the mighty Kforuzeng band. Only he who is charismatic enough and therefore powerful enough can come away with the prize—Prosperity.
* First Son, Lost Son: In the backwaters of the Asian Hierate, a clan leader despairs of ever locating his first son, stolen from him twenty ftahea ago by a deceitful female. The player characters must track them down and bring the son to his birthright.
* Interdiction Zone: On a covert mission behind enemy lines, an Asian team is forced down on a world with a primitive humanoid race. With rescue perhaps years in the future, they must carve their own niche in their new world.
* And more: Four other scenarios are also, included for other races—The Last Patrol for human characters, No Credit Check for Vargr, Ahriy Uprising for Asian, and The Casteless for Droyne player-characters.
Alien Realms is also presented in a unique new format. Each of the above scenarios has both a player's section, packed with information for the players to view, and a referee's section, for his eyes only. Information in the referee's section is organized so that the players might take several different approaches to their final goal, without bogging the referee down in endless detail."

1986 ... Timothy B. Brown & J. Andrew Keith & Barbie Pratt & David Deitrick (cover) ... 48 pages ... GDW 262 ... ISBN 0943580099

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The Spinward Marches Campaign: Adventures in a War-Ravaged Sector
"This campaign module includes detailed material on one Imperial sector — the Spinward Marches and makes it suitable for use in any Traveller campaign. It covers background, history, and an adventure plot.
The following information is included in this module:
• Spinward Marches Maps: Two copies of maps of the Spinward Marches subsector — one enlarged detail, and a one-page size suitable for photocopying. Information also covers UPPs for each world, sector history and subsector data.
• History of the Fifth Frontier War: Details of the Zhodani and Sword Worlds offensives during the just concluded war in the Spinward Marches. Maps of fleet movements. War timeline. The results of the war.
• 154th Battle Riders: Organization and equipment of an Imperial Battle Rider Squadron. Insignia details. History of the unit. High Guard ship statistics.
• 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment: Organization and equipment of a frontier Lift Infantry Regiment. The unit crest. History of the unit.
• Citizens: Character generation for twelve additional character types not included in Basic Traveller, suitable for player characters, and non-player-characters alike.
And There's Adventure!
A bit error in a high priority transmission brands one of the player characters a traitor — to be shot on sight. Its all a foul mix-up, but explain that to sixteen plasma-gun-armed Marines in battle dress!
The adventurers are faced with a race against time and across the Spinward Marches – to find the source of the error and correct it."

1985 ... 48 pages ... GDW 261 ... ISBN 0943580080

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The Traveller Bibliography
"Ever wondered just what or where "Wabor-Parn" is? This updated edition of The Traveller Bibliography provides information on hundreds of Traveller products!

Five Traveller 'eras' from the classic Traveller of the Third Imperium (the "little black books"), through the Rebellion and Virus eras, the return to the founding of the Third Imperium with Marc Miller's Traveller, to the latest (November 1999) releases of GURPS Traveller.

From rule books to supplements, adventures, boxed games, magazines and miniatures, organised according to era and type. Each item description includes its author(s), publisher, date, format, number of pages and other useful information, in addition to comments on its contents and usefulness.

Fully indexed by era and type, title, author, publisher, and date of publication.

1999 ... 60 pages ... BITS ... ISBN 190122810X

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Traveller Periodical Bibliography
"Traveller has one of the richest backgrounds ever developed for a roleplaying game, supported by many hundreds of articles in periodicals and fanzines. The Periodical Bibliography describes and cross-references almost every major Traveller article ever written.

The five key Traveller periodicals from the original Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society (JTAS) and its Best of collections of the 'classic' Traveller era, through MegaTraveller's Travellers' Digest and The MegaTraveller Journal, to the Traveller Chronicle of New Era times, the last printed editions of JTAS for T4, and of course all the Traveller-related material from GDW's own Challenge.

An article-by-article list organised according to era and subject type. Each article description includes its author(s), pate, format, number of pages and other useful information. In addition to an author index, every one of the nearly 900 articles is fully indexed by keyword to provide an invaluable Traveller reference source."

2000 ... 68 pages ... BITS ... ISBN 1901228150

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Challenge Magazine Index for Traveller

Challenge Magazine was published by GDW before its demise (1995). The magazine supported the science fiction gaming community with articles written for a multitude of RPG systems. The following articles are listed by issue number & title:

I# Title
25 Siege
25 Fleet Escort Lisiani
25 Bait: Q-Ships in Traveller
25 The Darrian Way of Life
25 Traveller Sector Generator
25 Planetary Invasions in Traveller
25 Flares and Signalling Devices
25 Breaching Charges
25 Ringaal DeAstera
26 Ref's Notes: Flow Charts for manageable Campaigns Steven Sowards
26 Cargo: A Merchant Prince Variant
26 Striker Weapon Systems Revisited
26 Electronically Exploring the Traveller Universe
A Comprehensive Sector Generator
26 Tournament
26 Volcanoes
26 Excerpted from Grand Survey
26 Contact: The Prt'
26 Military Academy: A Traveller Variant Marcus L. Rowland
26 Casual Encounter: Boomer Brankovich
26 The Tuktaar Connection
27 Chosen at Random
27 Fighter Profile: The Rampart IV and V
27 Church of the Chosen Ones
27 Ship's Locker: Vargr Grav Platforms
27 Beastiary: Oengongong
27 Small Cargos -- Three for the Road
27 Grandfather's Worlds
27 Casual Encounter: Cain
27 Journalism and the Stars
28 Across the Imperium
28 K'kree Starships -- A Human Perspective
28 Behind the Scenes
28 Contact: The Sabmiqys
28 Double Feature
29 A Decade of Traveller
29 The Universal Task Profile
29 Scientists
29 Picking a Homeworld
30 The Warehouse
30 Stormriders
30 Imperium
30 There When You Need Them
31 Hazardous Cargoes
31 Twisting Tech Levels: A Traveller Variant Fred L. Cain
31 Wrong Way Valve: An Amber Zone Scenario
31 MegaTraveller Designers' Notes
32 A World on its own
32 Swift Water: An Amber Zone
32 Tlea: A Casual Encounter
33 Project Farstar
33 Iris
34 Generating IRIS Characters
35 Citymaker
35 The Spice of Life
35 Fire Aboard Ship
36 The Green Hills of Earth
36 Starship Design Notes
37 Amber Zone: A Body Swayed to Music
37 Casual Encounter: Sir Daylenn Morridan
37 Bestiary: Lowalaa Columbaformis Curatis
37 Ship's Locker: Portable Airlock
38 Grapnel Gun
38 Prize Court
38 Boarding Party
38 Monitor-Class Scout
38 Courier
39 Special Supplement: The Hinterworlds
40 3G Conversions for MegaTraveller
40 Portable Weather Station
40 Helipack
40 Magniviewers
40 Hercules Space Tugs
40 Taser
40 Claw-Glove
40 Match
41 The Madlash
42 Pirates of the Blood Asteroids
42 From Peace to War
42 Imperial Research Station Beta
42 Tourist Trap
43 Trouble in Paradise
43 Leyna Tirenthe
43 Sourz: The Claws of Space
43 Griszoung
44 Operation Flashfire
44 Lost Treasure Ships of the Abyss Rift
44 Nullian League
44 Portfolio of Patrons
45 Toll Road
45 Snowblind
45 One Small Step
45 Ship's Locker
46 Just Like Magic
46 H.P.P.E.
46 Fated Voyage
47 Knights of the Blue Feather
47 Two Small Steps
47 Baker's Dozen
47 Special Psionics
48 Death Among the Stars
48 Orbit City
48 Behind Blue Eyes
48 An Overview of the Riies System
49 Julian Protectorate
49 The Dam
49 When It's Lances, Not Lasers
50 No Time to Rest
50 Law in the Imperium
50 Behind Blue Eyes
51 Kiraag Research Station
51 Behind Blue Eyes
52 Contact: Hhkar!
52 Stalkers
53 Wet Navy
53 Strider Incident: An Amber Zone
54 To Sleep, Perchance to Scream
54 Wet Navy
55 Going Places (Barely)
55 Contact: Answerin
56 Coventry
56 Random Nuggets
56 Contact: Ahetaowa
57 Shellgame
57 Jewell Situation
58 Demon Dark
58 Wolfsport
59 Amber Zones
59 Coreward Conspiracy
60 Wet Navy, Part 3
60 Ships of the Black War
61 Equalizer Project
61 Wood and Wind, Steel and Steam
62 Into the Gap
62 Itasis
63 Silent Wings
63 Affinity
64 Unholier than Thou
64 Missing Links
64 When Empires Fall
65 Deadly Artifact
65 Phoenix Factor
66 Power Centers
66 Anton Cagliari
66 Advanced Lasers
67 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
67 Personal Weapons
67 Outback
68 Lightning Never Strikes Twice
68 Mercenary Supermart
68 For the Union Blue
69 Passing of the Flame
69 Good, Bad and Vilani
69 Special Insert! When Empires Fall
70 Six Patrons
70 Toraago
70 Signal GK vs. the Virus
71 Space Race
71 Lasers in Space Combat
71 Designn Notes
71 Straits of Magellan
72 Foresight
72 Scenario Generation
72 The Awakening
72 Sublight Drives
72 Cold Fusion
73 Nuggets
73 Strange Lights Over Hokum
73 Lethality In Roleplaying Small Arms Systems
74 Inheritance Blues
74 Dr. Amal Ignatius Mendoza
74 Black Powder Firearm Design
75 Undercity
75 Planetfall
75 Operation: Wolf Snare
75 Quick Start
75 A Friend in Need
75 Karel Rossum
75 The Long Fall Club
75 Core Subsector
75 The Madness Effect
75 F, F & S Upgrade
75 Oasis in a New Era
76 Playland
76 A Blighted Land
76 The Covenant of Suffren
76 Putting the Heat Back into Plasma
77 Short Nap
77 Clarissa Noir
77 Notes on Collapsing Worlds

The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. Copyright 1977 - 1998 Far Future Enterprises. Traveller is a registered trademark of Far Future Enterprises.

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