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The Death of Wisdom
"When Hiver scientists start dying by the hundreds on a frontier world, the future of humanity is called into question. Can this fragile civilization survive the plague that is wiping out its high-tech mentors, or will humanity have to rise or fall on its own? Is this a natural disaster, or is this the work of a hidden hand, willing to gamble the extinction of humanity for the extermination of an alien threat? As the plague spreads, Red Sun and her crew must head into the 'Wilds' of uncivilized space to discover the truth, and to prevent this from becoming the Death of Wisdom."

1995 ... Paul Brunette ... 352 pages ... GDW 380 ... ISBN 1558781811

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To Dream of Chaos
"An infamous Reformation Coalition criminal has discovered a cache of super-weapons that could provide the power of life and death over humanity's fragile rebirth. But this stockpile sits on the doorstep of the oppressive Empire of Solee. If the Solee obtain these weapons, the dream of a free human civilization will die aborning.

When the call comes, only tiny RCS Hornet is available, her crew scattered to new assignments following the completion of their last mission. Hornet is hastily dispatched to find the weapons, and ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands. But when they arrive, they find a world locked in civil war, and stalked by impervious 'nightjacks': angels or demons who come in the darkness to pluck away the locals -- and Hornet crewmembers.

However, deep beneath a mountain fortress, surrounded by weapons of staggering power, there sleeps one who is described as a saint. It is said that he will return at the time of his world's greatest need to save his people. But only he knows that while he has slept away the years, he has dared... To Dream of Chaos."

David Nilsen, by email, 6/9/2012:
At the climax, the villain gets into some big battle suit and has some evil Bond-villain melt-down, "I'm the king of the world, I will destroy you all!" kind of thing. I thought it was a little over the top and needed something to bring it down a little bit. Frank had a great line that he used to use a lot, and I thought this was a perfect place for it, so I added, "Everywhere you go," Coeur thought, "Assholes."

1995 ... Paul Brunette ... 352 pages ... GDW 381 ... ISBN 1558781846

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The Backwards Mask
The planned third installment in the Traveller: The New Era fiction series by Paul Brunette never saw print because GDW went out of business at this point. Rather a shame, because -- after a slow start -- the series was showing promise at this point.

Update: (March 2011) Bill T. alerted me that Backwards Mask was just released for Kindle by
Here's the official blurb from Amazon:

"GDW commissioned a novel trilogy in support of Traveller: The New Era, and published two of the three before they closed their doors in 1996. Regretably, the third novel lay forgotten and unpublished in the GDW archives for more than fifteen years. In that time, Traveller designer Marc Miller searched for a conclusion to the story arc. Ultimately, he teamed up with writer Matthew Carson to create from whole cloth a new final novel."

Carson version at Amazon

Update: (Nov 2014) Dave Nilsen just pointed out that the original Brunette version of Backwards Mask was found and released -after- the Carson version. Confused yet? The Brunette version is available at DTRPG

Gateway to the Stars
Written by Pierce Askegren for T4 - Marc Miller's Traveller.

1998 ... 336 pages ... ISBN 067101188X

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