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White Wolf - World of Darkness

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Street Fighter

White Wolf published much of Ars Magica 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition.

White Wolf Magazine

Issue 14
(Feb 1989) Superhero Issue. Contents:
"Devil on the Moon" by Stewart Wieck -- A short encounter/adventure for the Enforcers super-powered role-playing game. ~~
"Automated Champions" by John Habermas -- How should you handle those mechanical heroes? Here are some tips in Champions terminology. ~~
"A New Experience" by Ken Cliffe -- A new way to calculate experience in V&V. Now the powers of the villain affect your xp reward ~~
Segment Jorune by SkyRealms Publishing -- It's back up to the full eight pages this issue. ~~
"The Fate of the Grog" by Lion Rampant -- The designers of Ars Magica expand on the grog and his place in their game. ~~
"Demon Kilter (part two)" by Steve Tymon -- Keep up with this exciting novella. The action really swings into gear this issue.

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Issue 25
(1991) Annual Superhero Issue. Articles: "Meta-Physical Problems" by John Terra; "Stormfront" by Wayne Ligon; "Items for Any Realm" by Vince Garcia; "Applied Sciences" by Stewart Wieck; "A Dagger of Jade" by Terry K. Amthor

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Issue 28
(Aug/Sept 1991) CONTENTS: Purgatory - a nightclub scene for Vampire; 3 unicorn-like unicorns for AD&D; Wolfling of Hurst - Legendary Lives; Spelljack - Torg; Scope of Magic - GURPS Magic.

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Street Fighter

Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game (StreetFighter)
"Now there's a new way to play Street Fighter!
Join the action as the World Warriors pit their mystic martial arts abilities against the evil crime empire of Shadoloo. Take on the role of Ryu, Guile, Blanka, Cammy or one of the other World Warriors as you battle the legions of Shadoloo and the supreme crime boss himself, M. Bison. Or create your own Street Fighter, choose your own special powers, and carve your own legend among the ranks of the Street Fighters.

This book details the world of Street Fighter as you've never before seen it. Explore a high-action world of adventure and danger in and out of the martial arts arenas. Visit exotic locations around the world and fight each country's champions, as your own Street Fighter strives to attain the rank of World Warrior.
This book includes:
* Over 100 special combat powers and martial arts techniques — some never seen in the arcade game.
* Complete stats and expanded background information for the World Warriors such as Blanka, Guile, Ken and the new challengers like Cammy and Dee Jay.
• Fast-paced combat rules allow you to hold Street Fighter tournaments and brawls with a dozen or more Street fighters battling it out at the same time."

1994 ... 192 pages + 2 attached sheets of cut-out figures ... WW 9500 ... ISBN 1565041186

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Secrets Of Shadoloo
"Emperor of Evil

From his island nation of Mriganka, Bison spreads his evil psychic influence across the world. This malevolent monarch commands his villainous armies in their war to corrupt the world.

World leaders are powerless. Global authorities are paralyzed by international treaties...

A Desperate Call for Heroes

The world is in desperate need of heroes willing to put their lives on the line and their abilities to the test to take down Shadoloo.

This book gives you everything you need to know about Shaaoloo and its role in your Street Fighter chronicles, including:

• Descriptions of Sagat, Vega and M. Bison

• Three new martial arts styles with new Special Maneuvers

• Details of Shadoloo's global operations, including Bison's island fortress of Mriganka

• "Tourist Trap", a ready-to-run adventure-can the characters survive a run-in with Shadoloo's Spanish assassins?

This supplement is to be used in conjunction with STREETFIGHTER: THE STORYTELLING GAME"

1994 ... WW 9501 ... ISBN 1565041534

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Street Fighter Player's Guide
"So, you think you're tough?
Running the circuit has never been this difficult. See the side of street fighting that few talk about: the undiscovered wilds, the horrid results of men fused with technology and the keys to unlocking dark sorcerous power. Be prepared the next time you step into the ring — there's no telling what you'll face! Less than human, more than equal
The Street Fighter Players Guide will explore new facets of street fighting. Discover the truth about Blanka's nature, learn how to create cybernetically enhanced - warriors, train in new styles and explore new backgrounds. Plus, the book also has new information on tournaments, arenas, managers and sensais.
The Street Fighter Players Guide will take your characters to the limit... and beyond.
The Street Fighter Players Guide will feature:
* New Special maneuvers, many never seen before.
* Detailed source material on Animal Hybrids, Cybernetics, plus two new styles.
* New Street Fighter teams which you can pla yourself or fight in the ring."

1994 ... 104 pages + attached sheet of character cut-outs ... WW 04550 ... ISBN 1565045505

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