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Mage: The Ascension - White Wolf

Tradition Book Series

Mage: The Ascension
"A Storytelling Game of Modern Magic

The closing of a millennium is at hand. We have been crushed in a vice, Trapped between rigid law and black chaos. All we have wrought with magick is forgotten.

The Technocracy, Rational Resolute Ruthless It rules the crystalline earth And suffocates us in webs of steel.

The Marauders, Unknowable Unpredictable Unholy They rule the outcast realms And drown us in ceaseless discord.

The Nephandi, Damned Diabolic Destructive They rule the nethermost voids And constrict us within the Wyrm's coils.

We have failed to heal the growing paradox Our timid tinkering has won us little ground But perhaps you will not fear to strike firmly To wield the full force of your fury, Perhaps you will battle them as we could not... Perhaps the time has come."

1993 ... 311 pages (paperback) ... WW 4000 ... ISBN 1565040651

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Mage: The Ascension

2000 ... 296 pages (hardcover) ... WW 4600 ... ISBN 1565044053

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Guide to the Technocracy
"Embracing Science for All Mankind...
We are the greatest scientific minds of the world. We influence every aspect of human society. We protect the Earth from the aliens without and the deviants within. Through order, science and technology, our Conventions shape the course of the future and catalog the wonders of the cosmos. We are there whenever someone uses a tool. We create the advancements that protect and comfort humanity. We decide how tomorrow improves beyond today. If you are ready to shape the world and willing to sacrifice yourself for humanity, you can be one of us.

One World, One Union...
All the information needed to run a Technocracy-based Chronicle: Technocracy characters, new Abilities, Devices and Procedures, Technocratic organization and more. Explore the defenses of Technocratic bases, their corridors of political power and their hopes for the future. Discover how they deal with supernatural threats and what wonders they uncover. Learn the Union's beliefs and goals, and how it plans to empower all of humanity."

1999 ... 224 pages (hardcover) ... WW 4014 ... ISBN 1565044177

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Book of Shadows: Mage Players Guide
"By My Will So If Is Done!

"We are the shapers of reality, the masters of the Path. We move the Wheel of Creation on its forward course and counter those who would freeze the Wheel in its tracks.

'Now if we could only cooperate, we'd be in business! — Porthos, Drua'shi Master of the Order of Hermes

Magickal Lore of the Ages

A Book of Shadows is a journal of the Path, a tome of revelations for the followers of magick. In this Book of Shadows, mage players and Storytellers will uncover lost secrets of the Traditions and their rivals. This is a valuable tome for mages everywhere!

The Mage Players Guide includes:

* New rotes, Talismans, Abilities, Merits and Flaws, and details about the elusive Ahl-i-Batin;
* in-depth truths about the factions of magick and the Path of Ascension;
* Expanded rules for magick, foci, familiars and more!"

1993 ... 208 pages ... WW 4050 ... ISBN 1565041194

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Infinite Tapestry: An Umbral Sourcebook
"The Place of Dead Roads...
Once, mages boldly trod the many paths to the Otherworlds, creating new realities at whim. Those roads are now closed. The Avatar Storm not only hazards the Gauntlet between worlds, it scours whole Realms. The maps the Traditions once devised to navigate these perilous Realms are useless; whole new realities now exist beyond the barrier. Even the Masters are missing, their wisdom lost to the latest generation of Awakened.

Forging Paths Anew...
A new era of exploration dawns as Tradition mages once more seek to pierce the Gauntlet and wrest magical secrets from the spirit worlds, to find what was lost and bring it back to their own reality, to once more awaken a bitter, apathetic world to magic. To do so, however, they must travel to the source and survive its chaotic, unstable spiritscape."

2003 ... 188 pages ... WW 4632 ... ISBN 1588464091

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Tradition Book Series

Tradition Book: Verbena
"The Wild Magic of the Witches...
The Verbena witches are heir to the secrets of the druids, the power of nature and the wisdom of the Great Goddess and the Homed God. Theirs is the rage of the storm, the resilience of the oak and the cunning of the fox. Charmed they're not. Amoral as nature itself, Verbena covens gather in their moonlit groves, working magic to hasten the return of the Old Ways. So mote it be.

Untamed. Unleashed. Uncovered...
With a wealth of new magic for those playing a Verbena witch, Tradition Book: Verbena clarifies the history of the Verbena magical tradition and brings it up to date with the latest events in the World of Darkness. Specifically for Mage: The Ascension, many of the insights contained herein will be valuable to players of Dark Ages: Mage as well."

2003 ... Steve Kenson ... 104 pages ... WW 4659 ... ISBN 1588464156

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Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts
"The Space-Mind Continuum...
The youngest magical Tradition is the most vibrant — and the most irreverent. Virtual Adepts don't waste time delving into ancient grimoires or contemplating their navels — they're too busy surfing the razor's edge of the next Zeitgeist. They don't follow trends — they make them. By the time the mainstream catches up to their latest idea, they've moved on to new frontiers of space and mind.

Reprogrammmg Reality Bit by Byte...
Computer hacking? That's so yesterday. Why hack computers when you can tap into reality itself — the programming language of the universe is hardwired into every mage's Avatar. Unlike other mages, Virtual Adepts aren't content just to seek enlightenment — it's time to upgrade the universe's operating system, even if it risks crashing the current program."

2003 ... Bill Maxwell & Gary Glass ... 104 pages ... WW 4660 ... ISBN 1588464164

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Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy
"Hedonists and Sensualists...
Alternatively shunned and courted, derided and admired, the Cult embodies the pioneering spirit of the Traditions, but also the dark
underbelly of intemperance. In their quest to break through old preconceptions, they reach for tomorrow by dancing on the razor's edge of excess. But will this vision open new futures or trap them in sybaritic futility? The Cult's sex, drugs and rock n' roll can open new vistas, but only if tempered with direction and determination — hang on, it's going to be a wild ride.

Seers and Madmen...
At last, a revised look at the Traditions for Mage: The Ascension. Completely new material covering history, practices, beliefs, special character rules and more. Examine new roles in the wake of the Reckoning and the hidden secrets and powers of the surviving Traditions.

1991 ... 104 pages ... WW 4661 ... ISBN 1565044495

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Tradition Book: Euthanatos
"Killers and Thugs...
From necrotic practices in ancient India to modern wheels of chance, the Euthanatos move among all places where fate hangs in the balance. Self-appointed judges and executioners, they seek to keep harmony in the cosmic cycle. But who judges them, and where do their responsibilities truly lie? Only the most careful equilibrium can stave off a descent into the pits of madness and death.

...or Healers and Priests...
At last, a revised look at the Traditions for Mage: The Ascension. Completely new material covering history, practices, beliefs, special character rules and more. Examine new roles in the wake of the Reckoning and the hidden secrets and powers of the surviving Traditions."

2002 ... 104 pages ... WW 4663 ... ISBN 1588464016

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Tradition Book: Order of Hermes
Note that the ISBN for Hollow Ones is incorrectly printed on the back cover of Order of Hermes.

"By Mine Will it is Done...
Since the fall of Rome, the wizards of the Order of Hermes have imposed their potent will on the Tapestry of reality — discovering, shaping and ordering the secret
forces of the cosmos. Much of the modern world's very conception of magic comes from the Order's lore, as filtered through sensationalistic media. But the truth is even more sensational, for Hermetics don't merely cast spells and summon demons. Their Art bends the universe itself to their will.

As above, so below...
With the rise of the Avatar Storm and the fall of its Horizon chantries, the Order faces the greatest challenge in its history — adapt to the modern world or relinquish all power to a monolithic science that denies the Art of Magic. Now more than ever, the Order needs the creativity and audacity of the Founders."

2002 ... Stephen DiPesa & Phil Brucato ... 104 pages ... WW 4664 ... ISBN 158846413X

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Tradition Book: Hollow Ones
"Narcissism and Absinthe...
Somewhere in the limbo between Tradition and Craft, the Hollow Ones walk their own way. They don't need anyone else's acceptance, and they sure as hell don't need anyone telling them how to go about their business. Other mages dismiss them as juveniles and junkies. And yet> even Traditionalists can be wrong,.. and the Hollow Ones have a very wide network indeed. Underestimated and ignored, perhaps the Hollow Ones have more strength than anyone realizes.

Please. This is Magic...
In the style of the newly revised Tradition and Convention books, an exploration of the Hollow Ones — the distinctive magical subgroup that isn't quite Tradition, Craft or faction. Finally, a book dedicated solely to this enigmatic society. Whether it's poetry and lace or utter nihilism, the Hollow Ones occupy a growing niche in the crumbling World of Darkness."

2002 ... Angel McCoy & Tadd McDivitt ... 104 pages ... WW 4666 ... ISBN 1588464032

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