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Book of Mars: Combat System for all RPGs

Image Game Company Edition:
""The Book of Mars" is a sourcebook ol military technology and combat techniques capable of recreating any small scale infantry scenario, whether historical or hypothetical.
"The Book of Mars" is also intended as an effective combat supplement to any of the many role-playing games currently available.
The provided information is an integrated, easily controlled blend of factual data and event probability of which some. any. or all may be employed as desired by the players.
Calculation is simple and mercifully quick, allowing the players to spend more time with the game instead of abstract numbers.
But most of all. the detail is there. The kind of detail that gives a game an image of reality that makes the difference between "experiencing a challenge" and "a challenging experience".

FASA Edition:
"The Book of Mars is an effective combat system supplement to all role-playing games currently available. The information contained within is an integrated, easily controlled blend of factual data and event probability of which some, any or all may be applied to enhance the realism of any game.
The Book of Mars is an extensive reference source of military technology and combat technique ranging from the archaic past to the near future. In itself, The Book of Mars may be applied as basic rules for miniature wargaming capable of recreating any small scale infantry scenario whether historical or hypothetical.
The calculations necessary when using The Book of Mars are simple and direct. They allow the players to spend more time with the game rather than with lists of tables and confusing calculations. Most of all The Book of Mars offers the refined detail that gives the player an image of reality."

1981, 1981 ... 100/77 pages ... Image Game Company/FASA ... ISBN 0425066991

Image edition at Amazon

FASA edition at Amazon

Grav-Ball: The Game of the Sporting Event of the Future [BOX SET]

* 13 15mm metal minatures and stands by Martian Metals
* 11"x17" full color mounted game board
* 5 sheets of tables and reference tracks
* 56 color counters
* Rule book
* 2 dice

"Grav-Ball is a sporting event of the future reequiring skill and courage. Played in a zero-G court, the two six-man teams try to score with a five kilogram steel playing ball. Anything can happen in the meantime! Leagal actions include body, ahnd, and foot checks, passes, and actual goal shots. Illegal actions, or actions requiring a penalty check, include striking with the ball or elbow, shooting the player with the ball, and all out assults. The usual result of such body contact is a high player tunover rate. The player's body armor does not guarantee physical safety from opposing players or from the ball itself. If the game gets too rough or a fight occurs, Heartless Huey is released. This invulnerable robot will incapacitate the nearest player. He then moves on to the next, nearest player until all are terminated or the fighting stops. All of these factors make Grav-Ball an exciting and action-packed game of the future."

1982 ... Fred Bently & L. Ross Babcock III ... FASA G1

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James Clavell's SHOGUN: The Family Game of Diplomacy, Duplicity, and Military Conquest in Feudal Japan [BOX SET]
Easy-to-learn rules
Full-colour game board depicting feudal Japan
Playing pieces illustrating the crests of the five Regents
Samurai and Ronin troop counters
Full-colour reproductions of ancient Japanese coins
115 Karma Cards that feature the characters and events from the book
Two dice

"The Emperor of Japan has been dead for a year, and his seven-year-old son Yaemon is too young to inherit supreme power. On his deathbed, the Taiko had appointed a council of Regents to rule the empire during Yaernon's minority. Each of these Regents, all eminent lords, will use every political, economic, and military resource they have to assume total power - to become the Shogun, military dictator of Japan.
In SHOGUN, you will play one of the five Regents struggling to assume the title of Shogun before Yaemon comes of age. To do this, however, you must overcome the ambitions of the other Regents.
In this game based on James Clavell's classic adventure, you will use diplomacy, subversion, finance, spies, ninja assassins, and military conquest in your schemes. All the principal characters from the book are available for you to manipulate. The rest is up to you.
SHOGUN is a game of tactics and diplomacy for two to five players and is suitable for both beginner and expert."

1983 ... FASA 1703 ... UPC 034057017032 / ISBN 1555600476

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James Clavell's Noble House - The Family Game of Trading and Dealmaking in Hong Kong's World of High Finance [BOX SET]

1981 ... FASA 1704 ... UPC 034057017049 / ISBN 1555600484

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Star Trek III: Starship Duel I - Enterprise & Bird of Prey [BOX SET]
"You are in command of the Enterprise. She is heavily damaged from the Khan Incident and has lost most of her power. Having just reached the Genesis planet, you're ready for the search for Captain Spock's container. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Klingon Bird of Prey class scout appears. The Klingon commander begins maneuvering his ship in for the kill. You move the Enterprise away from his first volley of fire and now the duel begins.
The Starship Duel series by FASA uses a unique and fascinating movement system governed by the Starship Navigation Wheel. Players plot their moves on their wheels then check to see in which view-port the enemy is located. If you were able to outguess your opponent, FIRE!!! Each game includes 2 Starship Navigation Wheels, 3 Statistic cards, 75 counters, 2 dice and the rulebook. All Starship Duel games are interchangeable with each other and may be combined for even more fun. A game for 2 players ages 12 and up."

1984 ... FASA 5002 ... ISBN 0425069842

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The Last Starfighter: Duel in Space [BOX SET]
"You have piloted your STAR LEAGUE Gun Star space fighter through one battle after another and now you are a battle hardened veteran. Now you face the challenge of your life. The enemy is none other than a Ko-Dan Deck Fighter, the best they have to offer. You know it will be a duel to the death and that the fate of the galaxy rests in the hands of the victor.
The Starfighter Duel series by FASA uses a unique and fascinating movement system governed by the Starfighter Navigation Wheel. Players plot their moves on the wheels, then check to see if the enemy is in their sights. If you have managed to outguess your opponent you may fire and hope for a swift kill. Each game includes 2 Starfighter Navigation Wheels, 2 Statistic cards, 25 markers, 2 dice and the rulebook. A game for one or two players ages 12 and up."

1984 ... FASA 5003 ... ISBN 0425069850

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The Last Starfighter: Tunnel Chase [BOX SET]
"Above the red surface of a lone tunnel asteroid, starfighters screech and roll. Mortal enemies set their gunsights and their wills in a duel to the death. As the combat continues, one starfighter manages to gain a tail position. The other veers and dives, seeking safety in the twisting tunnels of the asteroid.
Through clever strategy and bold maneuvering, the tables may be turned. Then the hunter will become the hunted.
The excitement of starfighter combat is now yours in this Micro-Adventure Game from FASA. Included are 25 starfighter playing pieces, a modular map that allows you to construct over 700 different asteroids, rules and dice. A fast paced game for 2 to 25 players ages 12 and up.
Now see if you can be THE LAST STARFIGHTER..."

1984 ... FASA 5006 ... ISBN 0425066703

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Battlestar Galactica: A Game of Starfighter Combat [BOX SET]
"Battle Alert! Scramble Vipers! Deep-space scanners show a Cylon Baseship lurking near an asteroid field. Its Raiders have been launched, and the fight is on. Can you, as a Colonial pilot, fly your Viper in a successful mission against the dreaded and deadly Cylons? Can you fly your fighter skillfully enough to put the enemy in your sights without colliding with an asteroid? Will you be able to fire your lasers and torpedoes accurately enough to destroy the Cylon Baseship before the Cylon fighters can hunt you down and destroy you?
Players can fly either Colonial Vipers or Cylon Raiders, using a simple system for simultaneous action. They plan their moves, and plot them on an easy-to-use plotting sheet, hoping to outmaneuver their opponents. Then they execute their moves, get the enemy in their sights and FIRE!
This game includes 78 colorful playing pieces, three 17" x 22" mapsheets. A rulebook. a pad of plotting sheets, and 2 dice."

1979, 198? ... FASA 6001 ... ISBN 0425069761

Counters: 2 multi-hex asteroid clusters; 20 explosions; 18 raiders; 18 vipers; 20 asteroid chunks.

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Last Starfighter Combat Game [BOX SET]

I've got a bunch of pics of the game up on the Wayne's Books Google+ page

"Starfighters of opposing forces clash in space. Laser beams cut through ships as they explode and die. Torpedoes smash into others igniting them in great balls of fire. The two forces are fighting for control of the galaxy and both sides feel the need to win this battle. Your commander sends in reinforcements constantly until finally it is your time. You don your flight suit and climb into your ship then you realize that it's all up to you for you are 'The Last Starfighter.'

Players choose to be pilots for the Rylosians, striving to save the galaxy or pilots of the dread Ko-Dan armada attempting to subjugate the civilized worlds. The Last Starfighter uses a simple system for simultaneous action. Players plan their moves, and plot them on an easy-to-use plotting sheet, hoping to outmaneuver their opponents. Then they execute their moves, get the enemy in their sights and FIRE!

This game includes 78 colorful playing pieces, a 17-x 22-inch map sheet, rulebook, a pad of plotting sheets and 2 dice. Everything you need for a galaxy of fun."

1984 ... FASA 6002 ... ISBN 042506977X

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The Masters of the Universe Role Playing Game [BOX SET]
1 17"x22" full color map representing the catacombs of Snake Mountain
6 Full color stand-up cardboard playing pieces representing He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Ram-Man, Fisto, and Orko
40 Color markers showing the treasure, magic items, weapons markers
8 Full-color stand-up cardboard playing pieces representing Skeletor, Beastman, Evil-Lyn, Trap-Jaw, Whiplash, Mer-Man and the dreaded monsters Zuva-Rex, Gorman, and Plamydon

"Skeletor and his evil minions have stolen the Crown Jewels, secreting them a way in Snake Mountain. Now He-Man and his companions have entered Skeletor's hideaway deep beneath Snake Mountain to retrieve the lost treasure. In this exciting and fast-paced game, players become the forces of good. As they explore the depths of Skeletor's hideout, searching for the treasure, they will encounter monsters and evil characters, which will try to stop them. Only their cunning will help unless they can find the magic gemstones that will defeat Skeletor's evil."

1985 ... Ross Babcock & Jack C. Harris ... FASA 6101 ... ISBN 0931787602

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Top Gun: The Game of Modern Fighter Combat [BOX SET]

A later(?) printing of the Top Gun set deleted the 40 plastic planes, replacing them with a sheet of 112 counters.

"The Top Gun fighter combat boardgame features a step-by-step rules system that allows players to learn as they go. The introductory game, titled Pensacola, The Flight School, teaches players the basics of fighter combat. After gaining experience, they will learn the advanced game, Miramar, The Top Gun School. After that, they will be ready for the expert game. Off The Flight Deck.
In each of these games, the competition is fast and furious, with players simulating battles between American, Soviet, and other major powers (including Libya).
Truly a game for today... This game also has one other major feature. It will tie-in to the popular BattleTech game, providing the atmospheric fighter combat system. So, whether you are interested in modern day fighter combat or want to incorporate fighters into your BattleTech universe. Top Gun is the game for you."

1986 ... FASA 1701 ... ISBN 1555600085

Crimson Skies: A Game of Aerial Combat [BOX SET]

24 full-color, die-cut, three-dimensional cardboard miniatures of combat aircraft
- 3 sheets: 1 fuselage & 2 wing sheets (top & bottom)
Three 22" x 34" full-color mapsheets
A clear plastic damage template
One 48-page rulebook ("Issue 1: The Rules of Air Combat")
One 72-page book of combat aircraft and aircraft construction rules ("Issue 2: AAW's 1937 Aircraft Review")
One 56-page book of pilot biographies and scenarios ("Issue 3: Warriors of the Air")
One 24-page record sheet book

"Air Pirates dead ahead!
Massive zeppelins cruise the sides. Arcing around, them like birds of prey on the hunt, squadrons of deadly fighters vie for control of the mighty airships and their priceless cargoes Machine-gun fire fills the air as fighters dodge lead and lethal rockets. One misstep can spell the difference between glory - and death.
The year is 1937. Air pirates raid the giant zeppelins that serve as the sole lifelines between the independent countries of the now-fractured North America. Air militias have formed in every nation to fight the pirates - and each other. In this world, the planes are faster, the engines bigger, the guns more powerful and the adventures more lethal. These are the heady days of heroic air combat in the deadly Crimson Skies.
Crimson Skies is an action-packed board game of dog-fighting and dive-bombing in an aviation-dominated world. Using a quick but detailed system, generate your own pilots and fly mission after mission. Their skills and fame will increase - if they survive. The game features simultaneous movement and a graphic damage system that keeps play fast and exciting."

1998 ... FASA 8000 ... ISBN 1555603742

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Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines: World War II Role-Playing Game [BOX SET]

"Behind Enemy Lines is a role-playing game which allows you to take on the character of a U.S. infantryman in World War II. Parachute drops, night raids, sniper ambushes, pitched battles, combat patrols, and long-range reconnaissance probes are the challenges you face. Your enemy is cunning, well-trained, and well-equipped. Your ingenuity, your courage, and skill are all that stand between you and disaster.

* Book 1 Character Generation and Basic Rules. 96 pages of information and tables ranging from character generation, tank data and equipment weights to the basic sighting and fire tables. Simple and complex games can be played with selected use of this information.
* Book 2 Event tables 48 pages filled with event tables for all types of terrain and situations. In all, 38 tables giving detailed Game Master information and general player descriptions are included.
* Book 3 Missions A 56 page booklet containing three full length missions, four incidents, historical biographies, and 192 non-player characters. A 16 page booklet filled with maps for the missions and incidents is also included.
* 112 illustrated counters depicting American and German soldiers, civilians and special equipment, are provided. The counters are two-sided, showing active and incapacitated states of the various characters.
* Four cardstock sheets of the charts and tables most used in play. Also included is a sample character sheet."

1982 ... William H. Keith Jr. (writing & art) ... FASA BEL 1

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British Commandos: Book 4, Behind Enemy Lines, TM 004-82
"Commandos were an elite branch of the British Armed Forces during World War II. Theirs was the job of infilitra-ting behind enemy lines for missions such as reconnaissance, sabotage, lead elements of large assaults, and leading partisans. This book gives all the information necessary to make British Commandos part of Behind Enemy Lines. Character generation, special skills, and British equipment are all included. A historical commando mission. Operation Frankton, is also included. This mission involved naval sabotage in the occupied French port of Bordeaux and was successfully completed by 12 commandos. It is typical of commando missions and will show the player what was expected of commandos and what they actually accomplished during World War II."

1982 ... 48 pages ... Sam Lewis ... FASA ??

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Guns of Navarone
"The British Army on Kheros has less than a week to live in the face of an impending German attack. Evacuation by sea is the only option . . . but the only way out is blocked by the giant naval guns on the Aegan Island of Navarone. There's only one way to rescue the troops on Karos . . . send in a crack team of commandoes to scale an unscalable cliff, infiltrate the gun forces, and destroy them.
THE GUNS OF NAVARONE is an exciting adventure based on the classic movie of WWII commandoes on an impossible mission. Intended for use with FASA's WWII role-playing system Behind Enemy Lines, the adventure allows players and a GameMaster to recreate the movie, or explore any number of possible alternatives. Complete character descriptions (including new characters to give a greater number of options for treachery and intrigue), thorough maps, and new rules, plus complete event tables and situation descriptions highlight this Behind Enemy Lines mission.
While you're here, draw your gear. Prepare yourselves for combat . . . deep in enemy territory . . . Behind Enemy Lines."

1982 ... William H. Keith ... 48 pages ... FASA

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Behind Enemy Lines: World War II Role-Playing Game [BOX SET]
"BEHIND ENEMY LINES is a role-playing game of action and individual combat set against the backdrop of World War II. Behind Enemy Lines allows the players to take on the characters of an infantry squad. Combat involves the characters in skirmishes, patrols, and other small unit actions that develops a picture of the war from the soldier's point of view. Players will not be involved with pushing huge armies; their world will be quick and dirty.
In Behind Enemy Lines, a group of players usually numbering between 1 and 12 and a Game Master (GM) or Referee interact to create a game of squad-level action. The game takes place in the imaginations of the players and GM. The maps, figures, and terrain are mere additions to the play."
This set contains a Player's book (FM 21-100, Soldier's Handbook), a Game Master's book (FM 7-11B/C/CM, Commander's Manual), a Scenario booklet (FM 100-5, Operations), and a GM Screen (ST 7-157, Infantry Reference Data)."

1985 ... The Companions 30301

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Noble Knight

The British in World War II
A Supplement for Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

1986 ... Peter L. Rice ... 44 pages ... Companions 30302

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Until Relieved: Behind Enemy Lines Adventure
"The squad-sized patrol in this adventure is from the 359th Infantry Regiment, currently assigned to the 9th Infantry Division. This is a patrol to break through enemy lines during the evening of 15-16 June, to seize a bridge. The squad will be contacted by the local Resistance group in the area, the Jedburghs, who will supply additional forces as needed. The bridge must be seized by the morning of 17 June, and held until the evening of 20 June, or... until relieved."

1985 ... 22 pages ... Peter L. Rice ... Companions 30311

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The Long Patrol

198? ... Companions 30312

Platoon Leader's Pocket Guide / Squad Leader's Pocket Guide
Platoon Leader's Pocket Guide
PG 7-8; "February 26, 1944"
1986 ... 38 pages ... The Companions 30401

Squad Leader's Pocket Guide
PG 7-7; "March 1, 1944"
1986 ... 38 pages ... The Companions 30402

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