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Renegade Legion - FASA Corporation


Interceptor: The First Line of Defense [BOX SET]
The 1993 2nd printing made few external changes, but the 3-D fold-up box ships (26) were replaced with flat counters (38). The 2 (unmentioned on either box content list) play maps are flat matte, as opposed to the glossy maps of the 1st printing. 1993 edition also discards the little unit insignia stickers. Note that in both editions, the asteroid counters quoted on the back of the box (60) includes the 12 giant floaty space guys.

CONTENTS (1st print, 1987):
• 24 Unique 3-dimensional playing pieces showing at all times the Top, Front, Side, and Rear views of the fighters
• 2 Corvette Class Playing pieces
• 1 Rulebook that includes over 10 pages History and Background. Plus 16 pages in full color containing Cut-Away views of all 14 Ships presented in the game, and Uniform Sketches of the Pilots & Legionaries
• 2(?) battle maps
• worksheet booklet (16 pages)
• 100 Full-color stickers, for showing unit affiliation and recording kills
• 60 Asteroid playing pieces & 70 Other playing and record keeping pieces (on a single large, folded sheet)

"In The Battle Between Good and Evil This One Counts!

The Terran OverLord Government rules all but a thin sliver of the galaxy with its Iron Fist. Resistance is useless. Soon the Commonwealth with their Renegade Legions will kneel to the might of TOG. The Glory of New Rome will be spread throughout the stars.

TOG's victory is soon to be final. All that separates you from the vacuum of space a couple of tons of fibroplastic armor and your skill. You are sitting on an engine that can push you at 10 Gs, constantly praying that the acceleration compensator doesn't get hit. The fighter carries enough Lasers, Mass Drivers, Electron-Particle Cannons and Missiles to char a city, and you know how to use them with deadly accuracy. You know your ship better than you know your wife. If the predictor computer, or the power coupling, or even the auxiliary helm control takes a hit, you'll know it long before the damage lights come on. You can feel it in your gut. You'd never have lived this long if you couldn't. Join the Elite Forces of either side in this final Confrontation. Hail Caesar! Join the Elite Forces of either side in this final Confrontation."

1987, 1993 ... FASA 5101 ... ISBN 1555600530

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Centurion: Blood & Steel [BOX SET]

• Rules booklet (56 pages)
• Legions booklet (16 pages)
• Forms & Scenarios booklet (24 pages)
• 30 vehicle fold-ups
• Two 24" x 36" double-sided lull-color maps, depicting various planetary terrain.
• 250 counters (3 sheets)

"You ride in 250 tons of molecularly aligned crystalline titanium wedded to a ceramic ablative shielding. You carry a 200mm Gauss Cannon, two massive 10 Gigawatt lasers, two SMLM fire-and-forget anti-tank missiles, a Vulcan IV point defense anti-missile system, and a medley of other equally lethal weapons. Your vehicle is the ultimate product of 4,000 years of armored warfare. Your life expectancy is less than two minutes. The Terran Overlord Government rules all but a thin sliver of the Galaxy. All that stands in their way are the Renegade Legions and their Commonwealth allies.

Centurion is a game of conventional, and unconventional, ground warfare In the year 6830. Grav Tanks, Bounce Infantry, Hell Hounds, Thor Anti-Tank Satellites, and close air support are all part of this highly mobile, air/land battle of the future. If you want to take a world In a form worth having, you need flesh and blood men of iron conviction!"

1988 ... FASA 5102 ... ISBN 1555600638

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Centurion: Blood & Steel (2nd Edition) [BOX SET]
• Rulebook ("Rules")
• Order of battle & vehicle descriptions ("Legions") This is re-used from the 1st ed. set
• Record sheet & scenario booklet
• 2 double-sided play maps
• 36 plastic miniatures
• 200+ information counters (3 sheets)

"You ride in 250 tons of molecularly aligned crystalline titanium wedded to a ceramic ablative matrix. You carry a 200mm gauss cannon, two massive 10-gigawatt lasers, two SMLM fire-and-forget anti-tank missiles, a Vulcan IV point defense anti-missile system, and a deadly assortment of other equally lethal weapons.
Your vehicle is the ultimate product of 4,000 years of armored warfare.
Your life expectancy is less than two minutes.

Centurionฎ is a game of ground warfare set in the Renegade Legion universe of 6830. Grav tanks, bounce infantry, HELL rounds, Thor bombardment satellites, and orbital fire support are all part of this highly mobile, tactics-based air/land battle of the future. If you want to take a world in a condition worth having, you need flesh and blood men of iron conviction!"

1991 ... FASA 5102A ... ISBN 1555601677

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Circus Imperium [BOX SET]
• Rules booklet
• 2 game boards
• sheet of counters
• decal sheet
• 13 building assembly cards
• 6 sheets of Whipping and Cornering cards (60 each)

"The year is 6831 and it's Saturday night at the races. On any decent planet in TOG Space, the sport is Anti-Grav Chariot Races -- with a twist.
Circus Imperium, the game of speed and sand, blood and beasts, chases and crashes, guts and groaning, death and taxes.
Anti-grav chariots, pulled by snarling, ravenously carnivorous beasts, careen around the Circus Imperium track, while the chariot drivers and gladiator sidekicks struggle for control of the chariots, victory, and their lives.
Circus Imperium comes with two playing tracks. The larger, used on the best planets, includes a grand and beautiful three-dimensional skybox structure in the infield. The shorter track, used for shady dealing and quick-and-dirty action, includes no structures, but puts the fans close to the fast and nasty action."

1988 ... Karl Hiesterman ... FASA 5103 ... ISBN 1555600794 (error), 1555600808 (actual?)

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Leviathan: Ships of the Line [BOX SET]
The 1993 reprint did away with the fold-up boxes for the capital ships, rendering them as flat, large counters, adding one more counter sheet (5 total) to the box.

• 22 full color playing pieces
• two 24" x 36" maps
• 320 1-inch counters (4 sheets, numbered)
• book of forms
• rulebook (64 pages)

"TOG Leviathans move through deep space seeking enemies of the empire. Kilometers in length, these colossal warships carry enough weaponry to boil a planet. Their captains carefully maneuver these ships like Dreadnoughts of old to maximize firepower. Their opponents do the same, circling in a slow, sinister dance that covers kilometers. The order to attack is given, and the fate of star systems is decided!"

1988, 1993 ... FASA 5104 ... ISBN 1555600859

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Legionnaire: The Role Playing Game
"In 6831, the battlefield is a place of pushbutton death and searing destruction where human courage is every bit as important as the technology. But not all battles are won on the field, and not all combat is as straightforward as a tank commander would like. Espionage, sabotage, and intrigue await players of the Renegade Legion: Legionnaire!
Renegade Legion: Legionnaire provides all the information needed to create and play a character in this ominous setting. Be a starfighter pilot, an anti-gravity tank commander, or just a free-booting adventurer in Renegade Legion: Legionnaire.
Renegade Legion: Legionnaire includes material on character generation, career packages, skills, attribute points, experience, rank, and fame. There are rules given for characters of alien races found within the Terran Overlord Government {TOG), the Commonwealth, and the Renegade Legions, Equipment and weapons are listed, along with individual combat rules. TOG and Commonwealth histories are presented. Shannedam County is spotlighted with planetary maps and strategic details. Here is everything you need to join the fight."

1990 ... Michael Stackpole & Blaine Pardoe & Sam Lewis ... 200 pages ... FASA 5105 ... ISBN 1555601022

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Prefect: Assault from the Stars [BOX SET]
"Planetary invasions are complex and dangerous enterprises. Covering naval forces, orbital bombardment platforms, and troop transports must be precisely coordinated, and the timing of assault drops cannot deviate from the plan by more than a few seconds. Supplies and reinforcements must flow smoothly to the planetary bridgehead. Enemy grav forces must be located, pinned down, and destroyed to gain a decisive advantage in the battle. Accomplish all this, and victory is assured. Fail, and face total defeat.

Prefect is a boxed game simulating a planetary invasion at the operational level. Players plan and execute the space and ground actions of a campaign to seize the planet Ku Crassus. Rules for integrating Prefect with Leviathan, Interceptor, and Centurion are provided, as well as rules for designing invasions of other planets in Shannedam County.

Prefect includes: 1 Rule Book * 1 Operational Briefing Book * Record Sheets (Scenarios) * 800+ Playing Pieces (4 sheets) * 1 Full-color Planetary Map * 1 Full-color System Map * 1 Ten-sided Die

1992 ... FASA 5106 ... ISBN 1555601553

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The Golden Medusas
"Cassandra Lynn-Bader, commander of the Golden Medusa squadron of the Witches of Defiance Fighter Wing, need prove nothing to anyone except maybe to herself. Ever since the destruction of Convoy 001-Alpha and the death of her husband in that battle, she has lost the edge that made her one of the rising stars of the Renegade Legion and Commonwealth Military forces. In addition, she has become obsessed with destroying the enemy force most responsible for her loss. That enemy is the fearsome Orca squadron of TOG's Death Express Fighter Wing.
This scenario set details the fateful meetings and engagements that took place between these deadly enemies in the hotly contested Shannedam County of the Commonwealth. In this set, you will meet and read about the 12 pilots of the two squadrons. You will also read the eventful histories of the squadrons and their parent fighter wings. Most important, you can participate in the fortunes of both squadrons by playing 15 scenarios of the most crucial encounters that those two squadrons have had against one another and against other fighter units."

1987 ... Boy F. Peterson Jr ... 80 pages ... FASA 5201 ... ISBN 1555600557

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Fire Eagles
"The Fire Eagles are a squadron of the 3021st Interceptor Wing, the Blood Eagles. Commanded by Tiberius Mannius, son of Overlord Mannius of the Terran Overlord Government, their mission is to hunt down and slaughter all members of the Renegade Legion, and to terrorize its sympathizers.
Some people say The Fire Eagles have an unfair advantage because Overlord Mannius makes sure his son's squadron gets all the supplies and parts they need. The Fire Eagles just smile and paint the fresh kills on their fighters.
The Fire Eagles is a scenario pack for Renegade Legion INTERCEPTOR. It describes some of the deadly deep-space battles in which the Fire Eagles have taken part in Shannedam County, the most hotly contested area of space in the current TOG/Renegade war. Included are dossiers on the members of the Fire Eagles, with briefings on their personalities, skills, and personal backgrounds. There is also the unit history, combat readiness, and 15 scenarios pitting the Fire Eagles against the Commonwealth and their Renegade allies."

1988 ... 56 pages ... FASA 5202 ... ISBN 1555600565

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TOG Fighter Briefing
"To crush the Commonwealth and its Renegade allies, the Terran Overlord Government has deployed numerous fighters and support craft from its Imperial Navy into Shannedam County. Included in this book are Royal Commonwealth Intelligence briefings on 19 of these new TOG fighters, 1 corvette, and 3 new TOG weapons systems. The might of the TOG legions is overwhelming, but knowing their capabilities can greatly improve the chance for Commonwealth victory."

1987 ... 48 pages ... FASA 5301 ... ISBN 1555600581

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Renegade Fighter Briefing (Commonwealth)
"In its futile attempts to hinder the legions of Caesar, the Commonwealth hurls numerous fighters and support craft to their death against skilled TOG pilots. Included in this book are Terran Overlord Government Intelligence briefings on 19 of these new Commonwealth fighters, 1 Corvette, and 3 new Commonwealth weapons systems."

1987 ... 48 pages ... FASA 5302 ... ISBN 1555600611

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Centurion Vehicle Briefing
"THE RENEGADE LEGION: CENTURION VEHICLE BRIEFING is a comprehensive listing of the frequently encountered combat vehicles of the year 6831. In this complex and dangerous time, death can come from any direction. To survive, you need vehicles that can provide the proper protection, while allowing you to achieve fee objective. THE RENEGADE LEGION: CENTURION VEHICLE BRIEFING contains illustrations, specifications and development history for 55 Grav and other vehicles, including:
* Light, Medium, and Heavy Tanks — The muscle needed, to defeat the enemy, tanks deliver the raw destruction needed in the dynamic combined-arms actions of the future.
* APCs — These vehicles move the Infantry to the field of battle, and no army in history could advance without infantry to lead it. If you want to conquer a world without having to bomb it into a nuclear winter, you need flesh and blood men of iron conviction.
* Scouts — High-speed, lightly armored stealth vehicles, the scouts move like a whisper through the night, gathering vital intelligence on enemy strength, deployment, movement, and readiness.
* Anti-Aerospace — Surface-to-air missile platforms with high-powered laser targeting systems to protect the ground units from the HELL bombs and strafing attacks that Interceptors are making in the atmosphere.
* Engineer Vehicles — Used by the engineers for mine detection and disposal bridge building, demolition, constructing fortifications, and the building of hasty defenses.
* Artillery units — These vehicles deliver all manner of indirect fire munitions, support combat units by propping the objective, fire against point target designated by the forward unite, and place special signal scattering rounds to mask troop movements."

1988 ... 128 pages ... FASA 5303 ... ISBN 1555600832

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Leviathan Capital Ship Briefing
"The Leviathan Capital Ship Briefing is a recognition manual loaded with information about Leviathans of the Terran Overlord Government and its opponents, the Commonwealth and Renegade Legion. This technical briefing is a guide to the huge interstellar battleships that provide the mobile force to control the giant galactic empires of Renegade Legion. Full ship statistics, weaponry listings, defensive complement, power, and maneuvering information is provided.
The Leviathan Capital Ship Briefing provides information about 55 Leviathans, including Battleships, Cruisers, Frigates, and Interceptor Carriers."

1989 ... 128 pages ... FASA 5304 ... ISBN 1555600980

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Shannedam County: A Renegade Legion Sourcebook
"In 6811, the Terran Overlord Government launched a bold and massive attack against Commonwealth-held Shannedam County. Over the course of the next 20 years, the TOG military smashed Commonwealth and Renegade forces on more than 16 Shannedam County worlds. Massive forces from both TOG and the Commonwealth are currently pouring into the region, gearing up for a battle that will affect the course of the war for years to come.

Shannedam County: A Renegade Legion Sourcebook provides comprehensive information on 40 habitable systems in Shannedam County, and a host of minor stars. Each system's history, and industrial and military facilities, including in-system military units, are fully described in this book. Shannedam County: A Renegade Legion Sourcebook will enhance any Renegade Legion campaign."

1991 ... Blaine Pardoe ... 120 pages ... FASA 5305 ... ISBN 1555601340

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Centurion Technical Update
"The CENTURION TECHNICAL UPDATE contains newly introduced battlefield weapons, vehicles and equipment for use with CENTURION.
Also included are new optional rules, a campaign scenario generator, and rules for running double blind CENTURION games."

1992 ... Dallen Masters ... 68 pages ... FASA 5306 ... ISBN 1555601871

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Harbingers of Death
"Scenario pack for Renegade Legion Centurion containing information on the Harbingers of Death, the unit's history, personnel, equipment and details 11 scenarios for roleplaying, with record sheets."

1988 ... 48 pages ... FASA 5401 ... ISBN 1555600540

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2nd ACR: Armored Cavalry Regiment
"The Second Armored Cavalry Regiment may be the oldest military unit in existence. Formed in the 1800s to fight Seminole Indians in the swamps of Florida, the Second's tradition of coolness under fire and standards of excellence are legendary. In the service of the Commonwealth, the Second ACR must prove its prowess again and again, as the legions of TOG continue their advance. On Caesar's Folly the Second ACR blocked a relief force, resulting in the destruction of the 816th TOG strike legion. The Second ACR was then withdrawn to refurbish and reform. Now it is on Ku Crasses in the Messana Salient and must fight a desperate battle to win time for a complete withdrawal of the civilian population from that world. Personality profiles, unit history, combat readiness, and 12 scenarios. New rules! Barrage and counter-battery artillery rules make the battlefield an even more unpleasant place. New equipment! Naram stealth suits increase the deadliness of the Second ACR's elite Special Forces units."

1989 ... 48 pages ... FASA 5402 ... ISBN 1555600723

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Distant Fire: The Battle For Gustaviv's Regret
"FALL: 6818 - A TOG task force suddenly emerged from T-space around Gustaviv's Regret.

Their Mission: seize Gustaviv's Regret for the Empire & crush any opposition. The invasion, code-named Distant Fire, signaled the beginning of one of TOG'S longest and bloodiest campaigns."

1991 ... Thom Gressman ... 72 pages ... FASA 5403 ... ISBN 1555601618

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The Wake of the Kraken
"A haunted ship, a doomed man, and a voyage of no return... Rear Admiral Luther Catalus, once a famous naval strategist, had been implicated in a failed rebellion. Rather than executing and making him a martyr, TOG chose to reassign him to the INS Kraken, an ancient, and some same, haunted battleship, and send him on a suicide mission deep into enemy territory! This scenario pack includes personality profiles, history of the INS Kraken, and fifteen Leviathan scenarios between Admiral Catalus's battle group and the overwhelming adversaries he faces in Shannedam County."

1989 ... 64 pages ... FASA 5701 ... ISBN 1555601058

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Tessdrake Run
"TESSDRAKE RUN is a role-playing adventure designed for use with Renegade Legion: Legionnaire. Players can assume the role of a member of the Commonwealth intelligence services or TOG's counterespionage arm.
As members of the Commonwealth, players will attempt to sabotage the station, laying it open for a naval attack.
TOG player characters will attempt to ferret out the Commonwealth saboteurs and eliminate all hidden threats to the station. Tessdrake Run includes a scenario for Leviathan detailing the Commonwealth's naval strike against the station."

1991 ... Blaine Pardoe ... 72 pages ... FASA 5801 ... ISBN 1555601499

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TOG Cohorts (Renegade Legion) [BOX SET]
"Traveling at 240 kph one meter above the ground, a Legion's grav armor represents the ultimate extension of conventional power. The grav tank is capable of delivering enough firepower to raze a city, but is so heavily armored and shielded that it can take its crew safely through a nuclear strike and still function.
The TOG Cohort Pack contains 54 1/285-scale plastic grav tanks, enough to arm an entire cohort. This product includes:
* 18 Horatius medium grav tanks
* 18 Aeneas light grav tanks
* 9 Romulus medium grav APCs
* 9 Lupis light grav APCs
~ Unpainted, some assembly required."

1992 ... FASA 5975 ... ISBN 1555601758

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Renegade Cohorts (Renegade Legion) [BOX SET]
"Traveling at 240 kph one meter above the ground, a Legion's grav armor represents the ultimate extension of conventional power. The grav tank is capable of delivering enough firepower to raze a city, but is so heavily armored and shielded that it can take its crew safely through a nuclear strike and still function.
The Renegade Cohort Pack contains 54 1/285-scale plastic grav tanks, enough to arm an entire cohort. This product includes:
* 18 Liberator medium grav tanks
* 18 Wolverine light grav tanks
* 9 Spartius medium grav APCs
* 9 Viper light grav APCs
~ Unpainted, some assembly required."

1992 ... FASA 5976 ... ISBN 1555601766

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Renegade's Honor
"Kendric Fraser lived, fought, and commanded as a loyal officer of the Terran Overlord Government. Assigned to lead a fleet raised from the Gael Cluster, his own backwater home, Kendric was sent to coerce freshly conquered worlds into a more positive attitude towards their new masters. ... Somehow, annihilating an entire planetary population did not strike him as showing the flag in a positive light. Kendric's defiance was his death sentence. Now his only salvation is to ally himself with TOG's sworn enemies, the Renegade Legions - over 50,000 light years away!"

1988 ... William H. Keith, Jr. ... 442 pages ... FASA 5601 ... ISBN 1555600573

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Renegade Legion Reinforcements
A licensed accessory for Renegade Legion by Nightshift Games. It comes in a plastic case.

• Intelligence Briefing on the Commonwealth and Kessrith Empire (12 pages)
• Scenario booklet (8 pages)
• Intelligence Briefing: TOG Government & Military Procurement (12 pages)
• 50 fold-up ships and tanks

1993 ... Nightshift Games 6000

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Gathering Storm
"A new scenario book for use with the Renegade Legion series of games. Includes scenarios for Interceptor, Centurion, Leviathan, and Legionnaire."

1992 ... 96 pages ... Nightshift Games 6001

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