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Battletech - FASA Corporation

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Battledroids: A Game of Armored Combat [BOX SET]
Not many of these sets were made. FASA quickly renamed the set "Battletech." Lucasfilm claims rights to the term "droid" from the Star Wars movies.

Other than the title, the other primary difference in this set are the 2 plastic Battlemech models, which seem to be variable.


* 2 3-inch tall plastic Battledroid models
* 2 22"x17" full-color terrain mapsheets
* 4 sheets of full-color playing markers
* 1 32-page rulebook

"A Dark Age has befallen mankind. Where once reigned the United Star League, five successor states now battle for control. Wars' destruction has ravaged the once-flourishing worlds and left them in ruins. The advancement of technology has not only ceased, but the machines and equipment of the past cannot be produced by present-day worlds. Now, the Succession Wars are fought over water, ancient machines, and spare-parts factories, for control of these elements will lead to the final victory and domination of all known worlds.
The battlefields of the Succession wars are dominated by the most awesome war-machines in man's history, the BATTLEDROIDS. These huge man-shaped vehicles are faster, more mobile, better armored, and more destructive than a battalion of 20th Century tanks. Now, you can control the BATTLEDROIDS, infantry, and tanks in this exciting game of warfare in the 30th century Successor States."

1984 ... FASA 1604 ... ISBN 0931787645

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Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat (2nd Edition) [BOX SET]
Battletech is the second edition of Battledroids.

Not mentioned in the contents list are 2 hex play mats.

"A Dark Age has befallen mankind. Where the United Star League once reigned, five successor states now battle for control. The destruction of war has ravaged the once-flourishing worlds and left them in ruins. The advancement of technology has not only ceased, but the machines and equipment of the past cannot be produced by present-day worlds. The Succession Wars are fought over water, ancient machines, and spare-parts factories. Control of these elements will lead to final victory and the domination of known space."

* 48 cardboard stand-up mechs, with full-color front & back views.
* 120 color unit insignias
* 24 plastic holders for playing pieces
* 1 40-page rulebook, including 10 pages of history, background, and technical information

1985 ... FASA 1604 ... ISBN 0931787645

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The second edition of Battletech went through some changes from the time of its quick facelift as a re-labeled Battledroids in 1985 to the 3rd edition in 1992.
The early printing even states "BATTLETECH is the second edition of BATTLEDROIDS" on the back. The bottom lid art depicts mechs fighting in a swamp. The maps inside are the flimsy paper style seen in Battledroids (but are properly labeled "Battletech"). These maps disappear quickly from later printings, and replaced with the more common cardstock play mats familiar to Battletech players. The early printing also has advertising for other FASA releases on the outside wall of the bottom lid.
The later version replaces the cover art on the back with a scene of mechs on the march on an alien planet. References to Battledroids are removed, as are the FASA advertising graphics. I've seen a later print with an order sheet dated May, 1989.
[Special thanks to John Weddle for bringing these to my attention and the photo of the maps superimposed on one another.]

Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat (3rd Edition) [BOX SET]
This is the rare and coveted 3rd edition Battletech, the attraction being the 14 plastic mechs inside.


* 14 unpainted plastic miniatures (some assembly required) of the most common BattleMechs used in the Inner Sphere
* Two 22" x 27" full-color mapsheets
* One 56-page rulebook
* One 16-page book of pregenerated BattleMech Record Sheets

1992, 1994 ... FASA 1604 ... ISBN 1555600042

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In 1994, FASA released an updated version of the 3rd edition box. The box graphics are slightly different, more on the back than the front. The box itself is deeper, probably to better house the plastic mechs, which were a tight fit in the 1992 set.
Despite being called "Revised" on the back, there are no major changes to my eye. Same rulebook, same mech book, and still 14 mechs. If there are changes to the rules, they are too modest to be seen on a thumb-through.


Citytech: The Battletech Game of Urban Combat [BOX SET]
• 24 playing pieces, units
• 12 plastic holders
• 48 armor pieces
• 24 infantry pieces
• 160 building pieces
• 2 22"x17" playing boards
• 1 rulebook (48 pages)

"As war rages across the Inner Sphere, BattleMechs from the five houses pillage the cities of the old Star League. You advance into the hostile urban environment, seeking out the precious resources and technology contained inside. The city also provides cover for your many enemies. Infantrymen fire at you from windows, while tanks and armored vehicles snipe at you from the alleys and streets. Buildings become your greatest friend, providing cover and protection, or your worst enemy, as rubble falls on you from above. Chaos and confusion reign in the city during battle. Only the best survive. CityTech takes the powerful 'Mechs of BattleTech into the realm of city-fighting. This fast-paced game contains all the rules and pieces needed to play. Now is your chance to climb aboard your 'Mech and smash City Hall."

1986 ... FASA 1608 ... ISBN 0931787599

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Citytech, 2nd Edition: The Advanced Battletech Game of 3050 Combat [BOX SET]

CONTENTS: 88-page rulebook, booklet of record sheets, 2 maps, 16 plastic mech models, 148 counters (2 sheets).

1994 ... FASA 1608 ... ISBN 1555602398

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AeroTech: The Battletech Game of Fighter Combat [BOX SET]
* 48-page rulebook
* 22"x36" system map
* 100+ counters

I counted 224 counters in the one Aerotech sheet.

"As a pilot, you get plenty of danger and excitement. You also get a choice between cold death or hot death. You can die in the icy void of space or in the flames of re-entry. If you're good, you might even live to fight another day. The Succession Wars are fought over land. But the battles don't start on the ground, they END there. The first action is in space, usually about 160,000 kilometers from the target planet, as fighter pilots come screaming in at 1,000 kilometers per second in their DropShips. The defending fighters are in the air, too, weaving in and out,watching for shots at the DropShips or the attacking fighters. As the battle moves closer to the planet, all craft will have to deal with gravity as well as their opponents. You've either got to fight against it or find a way to use it. If the DropShip pilots live through the initial battle, they can drop their 'Mechs from high-altitude atmosphere. For two long minutes, the DropShips are sitting ducks, giving you a chance to shoot the 'Mechs on their way down. All surviving fighters dive into the atmosphere to strafe and bomb the battlefield. MechWarriors take all the glory for conquering planets, but they should never forget who put them there and saved their tails with a strafing run or a bomb dropped at just the right moment."

1986 ... FASA 1609 ... ISBN 0931787610

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Battleforce: Small Unit Actions in the 31st Century [BOX SET]
• 150+ Full-Color playing pieces
• 300+ Organizational and recordkeeping pieces
• 64 plastic stands
• 2 22x34" full-color playing maps
• 48-page rulebook

"As commander of a mixed-force regiment, your unit includes a number of BattleMechs, the most awesome weapon ever placed on a battlefield. You've also got every kind of tank, including tracked, wheeled andhovercraft. AeroSpace Fighters and DropShips make up your air support. Then, too, there are the troopers who will be the unsung heroes of your infantry.
You are up against a regiment of equal size. But that's all you know until you can get some reconunits close enough to learn exactly what elements your toe has at his command and where they are.
As the forces close, you start getting some information from the front lines and the news isn't good. A unit of enemy light 'Mechs and hover tanks have drawn off your assault lance, and are now calling in artillery on them. Meanwhile, your main force is getting smashed by the rest of your opponent's might. Looks like it's going to be a long day.
BATTLEFORCE uses a unique type of playing piece that allows the use of limited military intelligence and playability to come together in one game. Three levels of information are available for each piece; whether it is a 'Mech, AeroSpace Fighter, or tank; whether a lance is recon, light, medium, etc.; and whether the piece represents green, regular, veteran, or elite experience level. This system recreates the fog of war, and calls for the intelligent use of your diverse forces."

1987 ... FASA 1611 ... ISBN 0931787629

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The Succession Wars: A Battletech Grand Strategic Game [BOX SET]
THE INNER SPHERE IN FLAMES... For over 200 years, the five Successor States of the near-legendary Star League have warred among themselves for dominion over the whole Inner Sphere. There have been three Succession Wars to date, but no victor. The cost of war is high. The leaders of the Successor States must weigh each maneuver to see whether the gain in territory is worth the loss of 'Mechs. Only the most ruthless and brilliant leader will emerge as the next Star Lord. ~ The Succession Wars is a 2- to 5-player game, where each player assumes the role of a House leader. All the most famous and infamous regiments of the BattleTech universe are at your command - the elite Kurita Sword of Light, the Davion Guards, and the mercenary unit Wolf's Dragoons. The game allows players to fight any Succession War, including the fourth, toward which the Inner Sphere is now building. The game system is simple and fast, allowing strategy - not the rules - to be the deciding factor."

• 1 rulebook • 1 22" x 34" playing map • 4 sheets of punch-out playing pieces • 1 deck of 48 Event Cards • 1 bundle of money (70 bills [30 $1m, 20 $5m, ten $10m, ten $20m]) • 6 small plastic bags • 2 10-sided dice.

1987 ... FASA 1612 ... ISBN 0931787726

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Battletech Reinforcements: Additional Units for Battletech [BOX SET]
"ALL 55 Battlemechs described in the Technical Readout are now available as Battletech playing pieces. Each 'Mech is shown in full front and back view, printed in full color on heavy cardstock. You get two of each 'Mech, for a total of 110 pieces. Also included are 24 card stands and a book of 55 filled-out Battletech record sheets, one for each 'Mech."

1985 ... FASA 1625 ... ISBN 1555600379

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Battletech Reinforcements 2 [BOX SET]
Note that the back of box text is incorrect, a printing error. An errata sheet notes that there are 82 Mech cards, not 192.

"ALL 96 BATTLEMECHS, including the new Star League and CLANS 'MECHS described in the BATTLETECH TECHNICAL READOUT: 3050, await your command. Included are 192 full color playing pieces depicting the front and back views on heavy stock, along with card stands. Also included is a book of 96 prepared record sheets, one for each 'Mech."

1991 ... FASA 1636 ... ISBN 1555600964

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Battletroops: A Game of Urban Man-to-Man Combat in the Battletech Universe [BOX SET]

SET INCLUDES: 48 page rulebook; 4 urban terrain maps; 56 stand-up counters [actually there are 66, yet another FASA misprint. -Wayne]; 200 item counters (firing arcs, rubble, flames, smashed trees, etc.); plastic stands.

"Battletroops is the game of personal combat in the age of the 'Mech. A unique movement and action system can resolve large battles quickly and realistically. The game features all facets of combat in the BattleTech system, including man to man, man to 'Mech, man to vehicle, and the use of normal infantry, jump troops, gun emplacements, and heavy weapons."

1989 ... FASA 1637 ... ISBN 1555600972

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Battlespace: The Battletech Game of Space Combat [BOX SET]
"BattleSpace is the system of space combat between JumpShips, DropShips and WarShips in the 31st century. Fully compatible with FASA's BattleTech and AeroTech, this large scale ship combat game adds a new dimension to the wars of the future. FASA's BattleSpace includes a rulebook/sourcebook that provides the history of naval warfare and the statistics and descrptions of those ships currently in use in the Inner Sphere; two 22" x 34" full-color mapsheets; color counters with stands; ship record sheets; and 2 six-sided dice. BattleSpace will provide hours and hours of gaming fun for pre-teen through young adult players."

1993 ... FASA 1680 ... ISBN 1555602088

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Battleforce 2: Battletech Warfare on a Grand Scale [BOX SET]

"BATTLEFORCE 2 is the BATTLETECH game of combat on a grand scale. This set includes two complete game systems. BattleForce and Planetary Assault, that combine for one huge gaming experience.
BATTLEFORCE is a fast-paced, easy-to-play game that recreates large-scale 'Mech combat on a tactical level. This system retains the feel of BATTLETECH by providing simple stats for each individual Mech and tank, yet play is streamlined enough that players can set up and play through a massive-scale battle of entire battalions and regiments in a single evening!
PLANETARY ASSAULT is the BATTLETECH game of all-out war on a strategic level. The game map represents an entire planet's surface and nearby space. Every facet of 31st century war is simulated in a simple-to-play yet detailed system, from the arrival of the forces in the planetary system on JumpShips to the DropShip landings and the subsequent 'Mech battles raging at the landing zones. This is your chance to conquer an entire world, or die trying!
The BATTLEFORCE 2 boxed set is a stand-alone product that is fully compatible with BATTLETECH and BATTLESPACE, and can be linked with those games to create a full-scale BATTLETECH campaign system. This box contains everything needed to play, including:
• 320 full-color playing pieces representing the forces of the 31st century: 'Mechs, armored vehicles, infantry, artillery, helicopters, naval vessels, space craft, supply convoys, military bases, cities and more!
• Two 22" x 27" full-color terrain mapsheets
• Two 22" x 27" full-color planetary mapsheets
• 0ne 8 1/2" x 11" battle board
• One rulebook
• One map of the Inner Sphere of 3059"

1997 ... FASA 1703 ... ISBN 1555603203

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Battlemech Recognition Cards
"Inside you'll find a complete set of 160 BattleMech Recognition Cards for the BattleTech game system. Each card contains a full-color illustration, technical specs, and game information for one of the 150 primary 'Mech designs or a selected variant from Technical Readouts 3025 and 3050, as well as information on the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere and the invading Clans. Their high-quality graphics and compact, easily organized form will make these cards an invaluable aid in your BattleMech campaigns."

1993 ... 160 trading cards ... FASA 1675 ... ISBN 1555602029

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Battletech Miniatures

Battletech Recon Lance miniatures
CONTENTS: 12 pieces in box (4 complete mechs plus hex bases): Phoenix Hawk * Locust * Stinger * Locust

"The ground shudders and quakes, hand cannons roar, and missiles scream from their launchers. The ultimate fighting machines close, pouring out destruction, and the battlefield becomes a deadly arena. The mighty 'Mechs stagger from the blows, but continue to blast each other to bits. Inside one of these forty foot tall BattleMechs is your MechWarrior trying to defend the planet from the enemy invaders.
This is the challenging, futuristic universe of FASA's BattleTech, the game of armored combat in the 30th Century, a universe where the giant super-tanks of the future walk rather than crawl along the ground. Collect the entire line of Ral Partha's BattleTech miniatures and you'll be ready for any combat.
BattleTech miniatures like those shown below look terrific when painted with PARTHA PAINTS finishing products, including DRAGONSCALE metallic cremes!"

198? ... Ral Partha 10-801

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Battletech Medium Lance miniatures
CONTENTS: 12 pieces in box (4 complete mechs plus hex bases): Wolverine * Crusader * ShadowHawk * Stinger

198? ... Ral Partha 10-803

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