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HeroQuest - Hero Wars - Issaries
(Post-RuneQuest Glorantha)

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HeroQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha
"Cosmic forces stir. Gods and goddesses awaken, spirits cross the barrier, and essences flow over the world. Demons shatter their bonds and ravage the world. Demigods lead armies and the dead lurch forth from their graves. Oceans rise, the sky falls. It is the Hero Wars.

A Game of Adventure
Foreigners surge into your homeland. Monsters roam the landscape. Empires rise and fall, and lives hang in the balance. Adventure into the myths and conflicts of this ancient and magical world and make it your home.

A Game of Heroes
You oversee the actions of your hero. You choose the abilities and magic that will propel him towards his destiny. Gather your companions and gain the support of peoples, nations, and religions. Quest to become an immortal hero of legend.

A Game of Discovery
Starting is quick and easy, because the game is designed teach the rules as part of the story A colorful narrative illustrates the rules, selling, and flexible nature of the system. All the rules needed to play are in this book.

Selected Contents
Playing HeroQuest Information on Roleplaying in Glorantha, What are the Hero Wars?, and Magical Landscapes.
Heroes Create your hero by choosing from 13 occupations and 10 homelands.
Hero Points Use hero points to influence the game or improve your hero.
Core Rules Rules for Simple Contests, Extended Contests, Modifiers and Augmentation, and Healing and Recovery.
Relationships Use Retainers and Sidekicks, seek Community Support, and pledge yourself to Guardians and Hero Bands.
Basic Magic Universal Magic Rules for Contests, Common Magic, and Religions, including sample Common Religions.
Theism Magic from the God World, including Sample Deities.
Animism Magic from the Spirit World, including Sample Traditions and Practices.
Wizardry Magic from the Essence Planes, including Sample Churches, Saintly Orders, and Wizardry Schools.
Narrating HeroQuest Tips for helping Heroes, running Contests, narrating HeroQuest, and having Maximum Game Fun.
Heroquesting Adventures in the Gods War, with details of The Story, The Hero, The Crossing, The Quest, and The Return.
Creatures Statistics for 45 creatures to aid or oppose your hero,
Introduction to Glorantha Mythos and History, The Mortal World, and an introduction to Dragon Pass, land of thunder.
Adventures Four complete adventures, including the Heavy Earth heroquest,
Appendices Sample Hero Bands, Runes, Bibliography and Sources, Game Aids, Glossary of Essential Game Terms, and a full Index."

2003 ... Robin D. Laws & Greg Stafford ... 288 pages ... Steve Jackson Games & Issaries ... ISBN 192905212x

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Pavis & Big Rubble: Glorantha Classics, Volume 1

1999 ... Steve Perrin & Greg Stafford ... Issaries / Moon Design Publications

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Griffin Mountain (Gloranthan Classics)
"Gamers have enjoyed playing in Glorantha for a long time now, over 25 years. The time is right to relaunch a major campaign source that went out of print almost 20 years ago. This second edition reprint contains all of the original supplement, several articles printed in magazines, over 35 new pieces of additional art, designer's notes , and a never before published treatise on Running a Gloranthan Campaign by Greg Stafford.
Griffin Mountain was the largest game adventure ever published when it was first printed and it established a new state-of-the-art in roleplaying. It is a complete depiction of Balazar, a section of Glorantha just north of Dragon Pass and north-west of Prax. Unlike many source-books which offer worlds, Griffin Mountain goes into detail about the inhabitants (not just how many people live in what village), giving in depth views of their leaders, their lives, and their land. This is not a dungeon adventure. The book is aimed at an holistic, above-ground campaign. Almost all of the material can be adapted to a GM's own campaign, including weather charts, personalized encounters, found encounters, a merchant caravan, barbaric citadels, and two new cults, Foundchild and Cacodemon.
Griffin Mountain details an area 800 kilometers wide. The Elder Wilds is where non-humans live and high adventure thrives. Balazar is a sparsely populated hunting ground for approximately 12,000 human barbarians, a wild frontier where anything can happen. This book contains extensive notes on the area's geography, history, and inhabitants.
Meet King Yalaring Monsterslayer who became king of the citadel of Trilus by right of conquest. Visit picturesque Elkoi, built by ginats. Trade with Joh Mith, a fat, jovial caravan master with high bargaining skills. Gamble with Hen Cik, one of the caretakers of a legendary castle in Giant Land. Cross the dangerous River of the Damned (full river crossing rules inside). Quest for the powerful windberries, rumored to be found on Griffin Mountain itself. Beware of the ever-present baboons, bears, dragonewts, dwarves, elves, dinosaurs, wild hawks, trolls...
Get your adventurers ready for a glorious time in Griffin Mountain!"

2001 ... Rudy Kraft & Paul Jaquays & Greg Stafford ... 256 pages + 12-page Player Handout ... Moon Design

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Cult Compendium (Gloranthan Classics)
"Welcome to the Cult Compendium.

In the fantasy roleplaying world of Glorantha, magic works because relations between the spiritual and physical planes are firm and immediate. Maintaining good ties with your chosen god allows your character to learn special magics or to receive visions of other places, provides him with trusty companions in a cut-throat world, and may even give him the chance for divine intervention to escape a tight spot. In many ways Glorantha has a depth and consistency unparalleled in gaming.

This major supplement explores religions useful in and designed for fantasy settings. Starting with the most primitive ancestor worship, the book progresses through tribal deities of nomadic barbarians, the intricacies of more civilized cults, and the horrors of chaos. All cultists receive broad benefits from their divine relations, but some deities specialize in a certain activity or area, such as a war god or a chaos god. Non-human religions include an elf cult and numerous troll cults.

This book offers over 100 Rune and Battle magic spells and skills not in the standard rules, handy for the gamer intent on long-living characters. The wealth of conceptual material can be applied to any roleplaying game. Referees will enjoy the many new lines of thought; dozens of examples of tribal behavior and custom can make any encounter more realistic. Excerpts from The Travels of Biturian Varosh and The Reminiscenses of Paulis Longvale suggest many scenarios while providing local color.

Over 40 religions originally printed in Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, and Trollpak are detailed here. A guideline chapter shows how to design your own new cults. Appendices include a daily sun-time calendar.

Descriptions combine fact, fiction, legend, and magic to add the flavor so useful in campaign play. If they wish, characters can advance without bloodshed or fighting. Only this series provides so much imaginative scope and so much every-day detail.

Each Cult description includes:

Mythos and History - the acts of the gods before time, the behavior of the cult once time started, afterlife promised to members, and Runic associations.
Nature of the Cult - why the religion continues to exist, what its worldly position and power has been, its likes and dislikes.
Cult Organization - inter-cult and intra-temple structures, centers of power, holy places, and holy days.
Cult Membership - here are the requirements to join the cult (species, birth, ability, money, offerings, etc.), the requirements to remain in the cult (sacrifices, hates, geases & gifts from the gods, codes of conduct), the benefits received from the cult (food, shelter, training, healing), the skills taught or restricted, available battle magic, skills, and spells peculiar to the cult, Rune magic and cult duties by membership level, and so on. Such aspects are examined separately for the lay, Initiate, and Rune Lord and Rune Priest membership.
Subservient Cults - include cult spirits of reprisal (they keep your characters on the straight and narrow in such a world) and various hero cults, which may offer added Rune spells or skills.
Associated Cults - due to Godtime or later actions, certain cults are more friendly to one another and will teach certain Rune spells or skills.
Miscellaneous Notes - information on diet, behavior, dress, conceptions of the universe, ethics, ostentatious display, behavior towards members of other cults, rituals, architecture, and so on."

2002 ... 352 pages ... ISS 1608/1609

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Borderlands & Beyond: Glorantha Classics, Volume 4
A reprint of the Chaosium publications Borderlands, Runemasters, and Plunder.

2005 ... 304 pages ... Issaries / Moon Design Publications

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Barbarian Adventures (Hero Wars: Sartar Rising, Vol. 1)
"Every day, danger and opportunity confront the Orlanthi barbarians of Sartar. Those heroes who step out in front of their communities to face these challenges take the first step on the long, hazardous road to the Hero Wars. Everyday activities such as cattle raids, blood feuds, and riding patrol teach players what it means to be a Heortling. Introductory adventures familiarize players with the everyday risks of life in the hills. Are your heroes brave enough to defy their Imperial oppressors? Will they cast themselves into the conflagration of the Hero Wars?

Selected Contents
The Kingdom of Sartar Information on the History, Tribes, Councils, and Travel Customs
of the Kingdom of Sartar.
Player Resources Seek the advice of the Clan Lawspeaker or consult a specialist with
powerful magic.
Narrator Resources Neighbors, Imperial Enemies, Wanderers, and Oddballs to enliven any campaign. Includes the magic keyword for Doburdun, the Dara Happan God of Thunder. Clan Activities Seasonal Events, Triggered Episodes, and Everyday Activities to challenge player heroes.
A Year of Chaos Fight Chaos monstrosities as you uncover an evil buried deep within the clan.
Blood Feud Become embroiled in a deadly feud because of a horse.
These Women Need Help Escort a group of friendly (perhaps more than friendly) healers around the countryside.
Barbarian Adventures is the first volume of the Sartar Rising series. It is intended for both players and narrators, who must own Hero Wars to use it fully."

2001 ... Greg Stafford & Stefano Gaudiano ... 72 pages ... ISS 1401 ... ISBN 1929052057

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