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Dragonlance Campaign Setting (AD&D)

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The introduction of Dragonlance in 1984 signaled a new direction for the AD&D game. Creator Gary Gygax was shown the door at TSR, and AD&D was suddenly opened to the contributions of many game writers.

Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, until this point minor contributors (perhaps best known for the original Ravenloft module (I6)), tackled the assignment of both a module and fiction series. The module series was to be more tightly linked & plotted than prior adventures. The novels were an ambitious step, a first for TSR.

The concept was enthusiastically accepted by gamers. Dragonlance became a popular franchise (with scores of accessories and novels published to this day), encouraging TSR to explore other campaign concepts.

Dragonlance Adventures (Hardback)
"Dragonlance Adventures, by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, is 'the AD&D game source book for continuing adventures in the world of Krynn.' It was published in hardcover in 1987 (later followed by Darksword Adventures, Greyhawk Adventures, Forgotten Realms Adventures, and others) and has not been revised or reprinted since. While it does have its own errors (the timeline, in particular, is considered erroneous), many fans feel it captured the essence and flavor of Dragonlance. Dragonlance Adventures is a great resource, so if you find a copy, snatch it up quickly.

Margaret Weis writes: 'Dragonlance Adventures expressed the Dragonlance team's vision of the world, a vision we want to try to recreate with our work at Sovereign Press. I will state here, without apology, that Dragonlance Adventures will be taken as the foundation for all things Dragonlance with certain exceptions where applicable (such as the flawed time line).'

Dragonlance provides an overview of the world of Krynn and its history, with a focus on how to run an AD&D campaign in Ansalon set after the War of the Lance. These are some of the main sections in Dragonlance Adventures:

'Lot in Life' -- Classes specific to Dragonlance: Knights of Solamnia, Tinkers, Wizards of High Sorcery, and Holy Orders of the Stars (includes information on the 21 gods);

'The Races of Krynn' -- Information on the Krynn-specific PC races and subraces: Kender, Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves (and Gully Dwarves), Irda, and Minotaurs.

'Creatures of Krynn' -- Monsters unique to Dragonlance, including Draconians and Krynn Dragons.

'The World that Was' -- Information on Krynn Pre-Cataclius, including a Map of Ansalon, a timeline, NPCs, and ancient magical items: Dragonlance, Device of Time Journeying, Staff of Magius, Hammer of Kharas, Bloodstone of Fistandantilus, Orb of Dragonkind, etc.

'War of the Lance' -- Information on Krynn Alt-Cataclius, including a Map of Ansalon, a timeline, political conditions, climate, NPCs and PCs of the Legends Trilogy (post-War of the Lance)." ...from Amazon reviewer Philip Michael "Falconer" Sokolov

1987 ... 128 pages ... TSR 2021 ... ISBN 0880384522

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Noble Knight | Amazon | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

Time of the Dragon [BOX SET]

Full photoshoot and survey over at my game blog:
Time of the Dragon (1989): Taladas, the Other Shattered Continent in Dragonlance

"When the true gods punished Istar by wreaking the Cataclysm on Krynn, a shower of meteors pounded the continent of Anaslon. Halfway around the world, a similar continent was shattered by a single, enormous meteor. Thousands of square miles of land disappeared beneath a smoking sea of magma which boiled up from beneath the planet's crust. Mountain ranges were toppled, rivers changed course, weather patterns were altered. Survivors were scattered and isolated. The devastation was nearly complete.

Centuries later, the cultures and societies which rise out of the ruins are uniquely shaped by this savage environment. The minotaurs with their eloquent diplomats, elites legions, and gladitorial contests, are spreading their influence throughout the hemisphere. Wild elves fight territorial wars with humans, kender, and gnomes. Fearsome fire minions rampage around the coasts of the lava ocean while the Followers of Hith seek to dominate the land.

Time of the Dragon includes two information-packed books totalling 160 pages, four poster-size, full-color maps, and 24 individual color plates showing maps, NPCs, and major races."

* 1050XXX0701 Continent of Taladas (west)
* 1050XXX0702 Continent of Taladas (east)
* 1050XXX0703 The League of Minotaurs
* 1050XXX0704 Kristophan


1989 ... David "Zeb" Cook ... TSR 1050 ... ISBN 0880387734

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Tales of the Lance [BOX SET]
This set is tricky to find in a complete state. Most sets I've seen are missing the 4 part cardstock referee's screen. A complete set contains:
• World Book of Ansalon (176 pages) • 4 part, tri-fold cardstock referee's screen • 3 fold-out maps • 16-page pull-apart cardstock book (includes 40 character cards, 40 fold-up characters, 55-card Talis deck and 3 pages of accessories).


Once they were mere legends -- stories told to frighten children. Now, they are living nightmares. From draconian patrols on the streets of Port Balifor to the haunted depths of the Blood Sea, the dragons have returned to Krynn.

Enter the ravaged land of Ansalon, a land forsaken by gods, beset by fell beasts, and championed by desperate heroes. Enter the Age of Dragons. The world of Krynn has one last chance to reclaim its lost honor and glory. Now is the time for heroes!

The Tales of the Lance boxed set guides you through a land of romance and adventure. Discover tinker gnomes, curious kender, valiant knights, and dark, deadly dragons. Join the adventure in the world of the legendary Dragonlance."

1992 ... TSR 1074 ... ISBN 1560763388

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Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn [BOX SET]
"'Among all the peoples of Krynn, none build such lasting structures, nor labor so diligently to create and expand their domains, as do the dwarves. From the initial dank caverns of Kal-Thax to the vast and multi-tiered metropolis of Thorbardin, these sturdy folk have delved a series of magnificent dwellings.
Some of these domains have been torn into ruin by the oft-wrenching history of Krynn, while others continue to grow and flourish, reaching glories undreamed of a generation or two before. Yet they all have their places along the River of Time, and whether ancient or modern, they each illustrate the determination and skill of these sturdy dwarves.' From the Observations of Astinus

At last, the secrets of the dwarves revealed!

The two booklets contained in this boxed set hold information that has never been collected in one place. Songs of the Loremaster, for players to read, chronicles the history of the dwarven race on Krynn, from their first appearance on the planet's surface to their withdrawal following the Cataclysm. A World in Stone presents each kingdom in turn for DM's eyes only, describing how each cavern was delved, what each clan's world-view encompassed, and what each kingdom's fate has been.

The four mapsheets are invaluable aids for those who wish to campaign in these hollowed halls; modular styling allows endless variations of dwarven cities, large and small."

1993 ... Douglas Niles ... TSR 1086 ... ISBN 1560766697

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF)

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