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Dragonlance Modules [classic DL series] (AD&D)

DL-series collectible miniature editions

Dragons of Despair (DL1)
Unlike most subsequent modules in the DL series, Dragons of Despair has no fold-out poster map. However, the 3rd panel of the cover folder is a detachable color map of the region ("Wilderness Map").

"You stand on the road east of Solace, tired from five years of adventuring, from a fruitless search for lost clerical magic. You know the old proverb that claims 'You must return to find what you left to seek,' but the saying never really made sense. Soon, however, it will.

For the world of Krynn is not the same: Refugees stream out of the northernmost human lands, telling horrible tales. An invading army has burned their villages and put their family and friends to the sword. Among these stories you hear even darker rumors - that older evils, the dragons themselves, have returned to the world, for new and more terrible purposes.

'Dragons of Despair' is the first in TSR's new series of DRAGONLANCE adventures for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system. Your players will adventure in the world of Krynn, visit strange places such as Haven or ruined Xak Tsaroth, and encounter the bizarre draconians and spectral minions. They can play the modules as a set of seperate adventures or as a great quest that spans the entire DRAGONLANCE story."

"The DL series was a huge leap forward for TSR -- these modules featured a new emphasis on drama and storytelling that made the gaming MUCH more fun and involved for the PCs and the DM. Of course, at heart, being TSR modules from the 80s, they're still dungeon crawls! In this chapter, the heroes must come to grips with a grim new world where dragons no longer exist, gold is worthless, and the gods themselves have forsaken mortals, and clerics are powerless... a classic of dark adventure for levels 4-6." ...from Amazon reviewer "darkseraphim"

1984 ... Tracy Hickman ... 32 pages ... TSR 9130 ... ISBN 0880380861

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Dragons of Flame (DL2)
Despite the 9132XXX0701 code on the "The Lands of Abanasynia" fold-out map, DL2 has no map, and that map properly belongs to DL3.
The "player's side" of the cover's third panel has a color regional map labeled "Elven Mosaic Area Map."

"The dragonmen have taken Solace. Its beautiful tree houses lie black and battered amid the stumps of great vallenwood trees. Kapak Draconians, armed with poisoned weapons, enforce a brutal martial law on the survivors.

And Solace is only one outpost: The dragonarmies control the plains. Only the elven kingdom of Qualinesti stands unconquered. The rest of the plainsmen suffer the most: A long slave caravan hauls hundreds of them to the fortress prison of Pax Tharkas.

'Dragons of Flame' is the second in TSR's new series of DRAGONLANCE adventures for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system. Your players will adventure in the world of Krynn and visit strange places such as Qualinost or the Sla-Mori, encountering bizarre draconians and disgusting Aghar. They can play the module as a set of seperate adventures or as a great quest that spans the entire DRAGONLANCE story."

1984 ... Tracy Hickman ... 32 pages + 3-panel cover ... TSR 9132 ... ISBN 088038087X

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Dragons of Hope (DL3)
"You have freed 800 refugees from the depths of Pax Tharkas, but now the armies of the dragon Highmaster Verminaard pursue you through the wilderness.

There is only one hope for you -- to find the gates to Thorbardin, the ancient kingdom of the mountain dwarves, sealed long ago in the Dwarfgate War. The problem is that nobody knows where it is, or if it still exists!

Through the snow-covered Kharolis Mountains, across the Dergoth Plain, haunted with the ghosts of ancient armies, and to the incredible mountain known only as Skullcap, you search for the answer that will save the refugees of Pax Tharkas...and yourself!

'Dragons of Hope' is the exciting third part of the First Book of Dragonlance, and epic quest through the world of Krynn, threatened by the domination of the inhuman draconians. This adventure can be played as part of a seperate adventure, or as part of the great quest that spans the entire DRAGONLANCE story."

1984 ... Tracy Hickman ... 32 pages + fold-out map ("The Lands of Abanasynia") ... TSR 9131 ... ISBN 0880380888

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Dragons of Desolation (DL4)
"The draconians have now conquered the civilized lands to the north. You have led a struggling, starving band of refugees out of slavery -- but freedom and safety lie over an impassable mountain range!

There is only one way to safety: Find the doors of the ancient dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin, and persuade the rulers to let the refugees pass.

What price will the dwarven thanes ask? Can you succeed in your mission before the draconians destroy the hidden camp of the refugees?

'Dragons of Desolation' is the fourth DRAGONLANCE adventure for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system, and concludes the First Book of Dragonlance. You can play this adventure by itself, or as part of the grand quest that spans the entire DRAGONLANCE story."

1984 ... Tracy Hickman & Michael Dobson ... 32 pages + fold-out map ("The Kingdom of Thorbardin") ... TSR 9139 ... ISBN 0880380896

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Dragons of Mystery (DL5)
Unlike many of the early DL-series mudules, DL5 doesn't have the usual three-panel cover with the player character statistics (cards) cut-outs on the 3rd leaf.

"'Dragons of Mystery' gives you the background and tools necessary to run a complete DRAGONLANCE campaign adventure, an epic quest through the world of Krynn, threatened by the domination of the inhuman draconians. Can you win against powerful forces of darkness?

This package contains a four-color map of the Continent of Ansalon, where all the adventures in the DRAGONLANCE saga take place. Player Character Sheets for the DRAGONLANCE heroes (illustrated by LARRY ELMORE) give your players an exciting tool for visualizing their characters. Even the stars in the heavens are shown on a special map of the constellations!"

1984 ... Michael Dobson ... 32 pages + fold-out map ("The World of Krynn: The continent of Ansalon") ... TSR 9135 ... ISBN 088038090X

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Dragons of Ice (DL6)
"The refugees from Pax Tharkas are safe in the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. You are in the ancient port of Tarsis searching for ships to bear them out of the dragonarmy's reach.

But nothing in silent Tarsis is as you expected. The sea receded in the Cataclysm; no ship will ever set sail from Tarsis again. Draconians openly roam the deserted city streets.

A new quest is before you: To find one of the legendary Dragon Orbs, mighty weapons that destroyed the dragons in ancient times.

Your path leads you to Icewall Castle, abode of an awesome white dragon and her minions. What awaits on the treacherous glacier? Can you defeat the evil guardians of the castle and recover the Orb of the Silver Dragon?

'Dragons of Ice' is the fifth DRAGONLANCE adventure for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system and begins the Second Book of the DRAGONLANCE saga. You can play this adventure by itself, or as part of the grand quest that spans the entire DRAGONLANCE story."

1985 ... Douglas Niles ... 32 pages + fold-out map ("Ice Reaches and the New Tarsian Coast," split into DM & player sections) ... TSR 9140 ... ISBN 0880380918

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Dragons of Light (DL7)
"Far removed from the battlefields of Ansalon, the island of Ergoth has become a refuge for the Elven Peoples. Here the haughty Silvanesti of the east, the friendly Qualinesti of the west, and the wild, native Kagonesti dwell in a fragile, uneasy peace.

This peace is shattered by the arrival of your band of adventurers, bearing the shards of the dragonlance and the power of the Dragon Orb of Icewall. Will the pitfalls of conflicting elven nations ensnare you? Can you escape across the wilds of Ergoth to the outpost of the Solamnic Knights, evading the wild elves in your path? Will you discover the secret of Huma's Tomb and find the final resting place of the dragonlances of old?

'Dragons of Light' is the sixth in the series of DRAGONLANCE adventures for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system and continues the Second Book of the DRAGONLANCE saga. You can play this adventure by itself, or as part of the grand quest that spans the entire DRAGONLANCE story."

1985 ... Jeff Grubb ... 32 pages + fold-out map ("Southern Ergoth and the Lands of the Elves in Exile") ... TSR 9136 ... ISBN 0880380934

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Dragons of War (DL8)
"The tower of the High Clerist pierces the cold sky. The chill wind blows snowy swirls across Solamnic Knights huddled on the battlements. This is their last stand.
Behind the pass they guard sits the gleaming city of Palanthus. The war will be lost if the city falls to the Dragonarmy.

All eyes strain south across the rolling plains of Solamnia. The Knights hear the distant thunder of a vast horde on the march. An enemy line more than a thousand strong is sighted moving toward the tower.

The Knights glance from side to side. Divided by politics and their strict code of honor, the Knights can only withstand the coming assault if they unite against the common enemy.

'Dragons of War' is the eighth in the series of DRAGONLANCE adventures for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system. Included are optional AD&D BATTLESYSTEM miniatures rules. You can play this adventure by itself or as part of the grand quest that spans the entire DRAGONLANCE saga."

1985 ... Tracy and Laura Hickman ... 32 pages + 8 pages ("Appendix 4: Battlesystem Optional Rules") + poster map (Double-sided: Tower of the High Clerist floor plans [side 1] and Tower Battle Map [side 2]) ... TSR 9141 ... ISBN 0880380977

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Dragons of Deceit (DL9)
"Beckoned by a mysterious visitor, the heroes embark on a mission into the very heart of the Dragon Highlords' realm. The ominous city of Sanction, crouched in a narrow valley between the mighty volcanoes known as the Lords of Doom, holds the secret of the good dragons' oath.

Unimaginable terrors await the party as they search the city, seeking a key to the fiery lair of the Dragon Highlord and his evil minions. Can the heroes solve the mystery of the dragons' oath? Will they penetrate the deception of the Dark Queen in time to bring salvation to Krynn? Or will their valiant efforts be in vain?

'Dragons of Deceit' is the astounding conclusion to the second book of the epic DRAGONLANCE saga, for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system. You can play this adventure by itself or as part of the grand quest that covers the entire DRAGONLANCE story."

1985 ... Douglas Niles ... 48 pages + small sheet of 28 dragon counters ... TSR 9137 ... ISBN 0880380950

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Dragons of Dreams (DL10)
"Silvanesti... ancient homeland of the elves. The wonders of Silvanesti are fabled throughout Krynn - the beauty of its forest where each tree is uniquely shaped by elven skill, its gardens of song, its cities molded lovingly from uncut stone... All this and more make up its legendary beauty.

Yet now the Silvanesti elves are gone. For long years, their warriors stood against the hordes of the Dragonarmy. Then, suddenly, they fled their wondrous land and journeyed into the west. Something more terrible than dragons caused the fall of the Eternal Kingdom.

At the bidding of Princess Alhana, you enter the fabled Land of Dreams... now fallen into a nightmare!

'Dragons of Dreams' picks up the tale of Tanis, Caramon, Raistlin, and others as they flee from the ruins of Tarsis. It is the tenth in a series of fifteen DRAGONLANCE adventures for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system. You can play this adventure by itself or as part of the grand DRAGONLANCE story."

1985 ... Tracy Raye Hickman ... 32 pages + 8 page chart booklet ... TSR 9142 ... ISBN 0880380985

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Dragons of Glory (DL11)

"Across the world of Krynn, the armies of light and darkness clash in titanic struggle. Now the vast forces of the High Solamnic Knights and the Dragon Highlords are yours to command. 'Dragons of Glory' puts you and your players in charge of all the armies of Krynn.
In excerpts from his war journals, Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan, Commander of the Solamnic Knights, discusses the general course of the war and several major battles of the time. Each battle dicussion ends with the set up and victory conditions that will enable you to control the course of the War of the Lance.
Dragons of Glory is a complete strategic simulation game requiring no other rules to play. Yet it is also a valuable tool for the game master as it can add more excitement to DRAGONLANCE campaigns.
Dragons of Glory includes a huge two-piece, full-color map of the continent of Ansalon, nearly 400 counters representing both the Whitestone and the Dragon Highlord forces, a 16-page scenario book with Gunthar's memoirs, and an eight-page rules book."

1985 ... 16-page book; 8-page book; heavy cardstock cover; 2 poster maps, 400 counters (2 sheets) ... TSR 9144 ... ISBN 0880380942

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Dragons of Faith (DL12)
"The Blood Sea of Istar... grim reminder of the vengeance of the gods. Roiling and churning angrily, these sanguine waters are the grave of many a brave sailor. Across this haunted sea the heroes must journey to find freedom and victory.
Trapped in lands deep within the enemy's territory, the heroes must seek the shadows to evade the Dragon Highlords' cruel clutches.
But fate deals them a strange hand, placing the cornerstone to the Dark Queen's defeat within their reach. If only they can capture the crucial pawn before darkness snatches it away!
This adventure features a miniature deck of TALIS cards used in games of skill and chance on the world of Krynn. Rules for games common to the lands of Ansalon are included.
Dragons of Faith is the twelfth in the series of DRAGONLANCE adventures for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system. Included are optional BATTLESYSTEM miniatures rules. You can play this adventure by itself or as part of the grand quest that spans the entire DRAGONLANCE saga."

1986 ... Harold Johnson & Bruce Heard ... 64-page book w/three-panel cover; poster map; 156 counters (2 sheets); 55 Talis cards (2 sheets) ... TSR 9133 ... ISBN 0880380926

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Dragons of Truth (DL13)
"The key to victory is at hand as the Heroes of Legend set out on their final quest!

The port city of Kalaman seems as tranquil as the morning breeze. Yet on the horizon the terrible might of the Dragon Empire rushes unchecked, intent on the city's destruction. Poised now to meet them is the Army of Whitestone and its vaunted Solamnic Knights. The final conflict is yet at hand.

Yet hidden knowledge has come to light. The world is doomed unless a fearless band of heroes can pass through the lands of the evil empire into its very heart -- the City of Neraka and the Temple of the Queen of Darkness.

Yet there are other forces at work in the lands of evil, forces unknown to the Dragon Empire and the Whitestone Council.

The Glitterpalace of Paladine is a fabled place of ancient times. No one knows where the door is to be found. No one walks its halls without being changed. Its invitations are subtle, but its truth is sure... for those who survive."

1986 ... Tracy Hickman ... 40 pages + map ("Dark Network") ... TSR 9176 ... ISBN 0880383186

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Dragons of Triumph (DL14)
"The incredible DRAGONLANCE saga come to its thrilling conclusion in this high-level adventure. The Heroes face their ultimate challenge as the Queen of Darkness exerts all her might to claim Krynn as her own.
Each of six possible endings leads to the defeat of either the Queen or the Heroes, and determines whether Krynn's future is one of light or darkness.

This adventure includes an optional BATTLESYSTEM scenario on the grandest scale yet published -- five armies of evil take the field against the combined forces of good!

Finally, the DM is provided with a detailed sourcebook that details endless oppurtunities for further adventure in the world of Krynn.

'Dragons of Triumph' presents the culmination of the 14-module DRAGONLANCE series, but it can also stand alone as a challenging, high-level adventure."

1986 ... Douglas Niles ... 40+32+24 pages + poster map ... TSR 9180 ... ISBN 0880380969

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Mists of Krynn (DL15)
"Krynn -- a vast, mysterious planet filled with wonder, beauty, and danger. The home of the best-selling DRAGONLANCE adventures and novels, Krynn is the most popular fantasy role-playing world ever.

The 'Mists of Krynn' makes that world even more exciting for ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game players everywhere! Twelve different authors have combined to fill this book with adventures, new NPCs, and in-depth looks at the unique races of Krynn, including Kender, Gully Dwarves, Shadow People, and the fearsome Draconians! The adventures take place in many different times -- before, during, and after the War of the Lance -- and are designed for characters from Level 0 to 15.

So enter the 'Mists of Krynn,' but bring yout wits and your courage - adventure awaits!"

1988 ... Mike Breault (editor) & Dennis Beauvais (cover) ... 128 pages ... TSR 9231 ... ISBN 088038574X

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World of Krynn (DL16)
"You are cordially invited to enter the dangerous world of the DRAGONLANCE saga. The 'World of Krynn' brings you to previously unexplored corners of Krynn with challenges for your characters.

Explore Dargaard Keep, the vast and perilous lair of Lord Soth, and perhaps you will discover what really happened to Kitiara! Journey into the volcanic lair of a dragon to defend the city of Palanthus. Run a merry chase over hill and heath in seach of a lost boy -- can you find Master Lor before other, more sinister searchers? Travel to the far-away isle of Mithas and save the remnants of a dying race of bird-men from the savage minotaurs, while simutaneously trying to thwart a massive invasion of Ansalon.

The 'World of Krynn' beckons to you; return to adventure once again in the world of fearsome dragons and vile draconians."

1988 ... 96 pages ... TSR 9237 ... ISBN 0880386096

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Classics Volume I (DLC1)
"Calling all DRAGONLANCE saga heroes! At long last, the first four DRAGONLANCE modules are back in print. Together for the first time, play the entire adventure of the first book of the DRAGONLANCE saga!

Starting from the Inn of the Last Home in Solace, journey throughout the lands of Ansalon and defy the evil that threatens to overwhelm an entire continent. Explore the lost city of Xak Tsaroth, defeat the mighty black dragon Khisanth, and recover the Crystal Staff of Mishakal. Penetrate the fastness of Pax Tharkas and face the evil Verminaard and the red dragon Ember. Can you survive the dangers of Skullcap, hounded by the undead minions of the wizard Fistandantilus? Your journey, should you survive that far, eventually takes you to the subterrean wonders of Thorbardin, the kingdom of the dwarves. What waits for you there is known only to those who dwell within!

The immense, world-sweeping DRAGONLANCE saga awaits you. Answer the call to save the world of Krynn from the threat of ultimate evil!"

1990 ... 128 pages + 2 poster maps ... TSR 9291 ... ISBN 0880388595

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Classics Volume II (DLC2)
"You hold in your hands the second in a series of all-in-one reprints of the epic adventures of the DRAGONLANCE saga. This booklet comprises the adventure previously published as DL6 Dragons of Ice, DL7 Dragons of Light, DL8 Dragons of War, and DL9 Dragons of Deceit.

This 128-page adventure booklet contains everything necessary to play this portion of the epic campaign. Relive the excitement of discovering the Stone Dragon and the Tomb of Huma! Join the heroes, Silvara, and Theros Ironfeld on their journey into the heart of the Highlords' realm, the city of Sanction. Included are character cards for the appropriate heroes and other characters, as well as a two-sided, two-color mapsheet for use with the adventure."

1993 ... 128 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9394 ... ISBN 1560765704

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Classics Volume III (DLC3)
"This is the final installment in the DRAGONLANCE Classics series, the dramatic conclusion to the entire 14-module dragonlance saga. Within are the reprints of DL10 Dragons of Dreams, DL12 Dragons of Faith, DL13 Dragons of Truth, and DL14 Dragons of Triumph, fully updated to 2nd Edition rules.

This 128-page book contains the maps, and descriptions that will take the Heroes of Legend from the ancient port of Tarsis to the depths of the Blood Sea and, finally, to the corrupt city of Neraka, the heart of the Dark Queen's empire. Can the Heroes at last foil Takhisis's evil plans forever? The answer lies within these pages!"

1994 ... 128 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9453 ... ISBN 1560768851

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Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition
A cross-over adventure book with AD&D/SAGA stats for the original Dragonlance campaign.

"Based on the Chronicles trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and the classic AD&D Adventure Series DL1-15

Who dares to stand in the path of darkness?

Five years ago, a group of adventuring companions went in search of the gods who had left the world centuries before. Now these friends gather at the Inn of the Last Home for what they believe will be their final meeting....

But what they face is instead a beginning. For the world of Krynn stands at a historic crossroads: Armies of darkness are sweeping across the land, and legendary evils have returned for a new and terrible purpose.

Return to the War of the Lance...for the First Time!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the publication of the first DRAGONLANCE adventure, TSR proudly presents a retelling of the greatest fantasy roleplaying epic ever. Players can assume the roles of Raistlin, Tasselhoff, Tanis, and other Heroes of the Lance, or create original heroes.

The DRAGONLANCE Classics 15th Anniversary Edition features many all-new scenes, including meetings with Dalamar, Ariakan, and other more recent additions to the Saga. It is fully compatible with both the AD&D and SAGA game rules.

Playing this adventure requires either the core AD&D rulebooks, the DRAGONLANCE FIFTH AGE Dramatic Adventure Game, or the DRAGONLANCE Fate Deck. The Tales of the Lance boxed set or DRAGONLANCE Adventures is recommended but not required for AD&D campaigns."

1999 ... Steve Miller & Stan! ... 256 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 11350 ... ISBN 0786913509

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owns (and holds trademark to) the AD&D game and Dragonlance in all forms.

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