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Top Secret SI Role Playing Game by TSR

Classic Top Secret


Top Secret/S.I. [BOX SET]

In 1987, TSR introduced their complete make-over to their medium-popular Top Secret game. The rules set of SI is different, more realistic. (An example of a flaw in the old rules: Guns inflicted damage based entirely on the caliber, bigger bore doing more damage. A 9mm pistol would cause more serious wounds than the 5.56mm round from an M-16! I was an impressionable youngster at the time... that rule had me messed-up for years!)
It's too bad TSR didn't have more luck with non-D&D RPG's. Just about the time that TSR was bought by WOC, they took another try with the Alternity game system.

Those who enjoy para-military style campaigns should check out the Merc: 2000 rules for Twilight: 2000

* 96-page Players Guide
* 64-page Administrators Guide
* 24-page Settings and Scenarios booklet
* 16-page Equipment Inventory booklet
* Location map
* Sheet of cut-out figures
* Six-panel Administrator's Screen
* Character Dossiers (in the Equipment booklet)

1987 ... Doug Niles ... TSR 7620 ... ISBN 0880384077

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High Stakes Gamble [BOX SET]
• 32 page book dealing with the city of Monte Carlo, detailing the laws, customs, people and places.
• 32 page book covering the Grand Prix racing circuit with emphasis on the Grand Prix of Monaco, the track layout, racing rules, and the history of this famous race. It also includes advanced vehicle rules for all sorts of vehicles - from cars to planes.
• 32 page campaign book presents many scenarios, ideas, and two complete adventures to get you started.
• full color map
• dozens of vehicle cards with game stats printed on the back.

"High Stakes Gamble is a companion game accessory. High Stakes Gamble takes the Orion Operative deep within the heart of one of the most exciting, glamourous spots on Earth - Monte Carlo. The richest of the rich live, meet, and play here. Money is the only common denominator. Wealthy aristocrats mingle with ruthless drug kingpins, royalty rubs elbows with gunrunners. Monte Carlo is more than just a playground - it is an important meeting place for some of the biggest deals - legitimate and otherwise. High Stakes Gamble gives you a rundown on Monte Carlo and the country of Monaco plus more: The excitement of Grand Prix racing, the thrill of big-money gambling, and the intrigue of secret meetings and undercover dealings with some of the world's most dangerous people."

1988 ... TSR 7628 ... ISBN 0880385456

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G4 File: Guns, Gadgets & Getaway Gear (TSAC1)
"In this TOP SECRET/S.I. supplement, you'll find up-to-the-minute information about:
* Security and Insurgent Forces of all nations, from American Samoa to Zimbabwe, Learn how they're armed, what their goals are, how influential they are, and more. Plus a complete listing of the world's armies.
* Surveillance and Communication Equipment, from simple microphones to radioactive trace powders and Soviet spy dust.
* Special Weapons and Personal Protection Equipment. Bulgarian sphere injector umbrella, thermal neutron activation bomb detector, jelly bearings, explosive taggants, and more.
* Space Exploration Equipment. The latest in astronaut/cosmonaut gear — thermal meteoroid garments, Soviet experimental manned maneuvering units, recoilless missile launchers. Space vehicles like NASA's moon buggy, individual rocket propulsion systems, and Soviet individual personnel carriers.
* Equipment that's still on the drawing board. Hyperacids, crystal marking, cold light, water gels, neutrino telescopes, super-heavy water, anti-matter bombs, californium bullets, laser projectors, even individualized motorized exoskeletons.
* Spy Weapons. These are the secret weapons that may save your life — tasers, ball-point pen guns, shoe blades, compressed air dust-throwers, ultrasonic bombarders, and contact poisons.
* Firearms of the world. Full game stats for some 300 weapons. As much detail as you'll ever need.
* Vehicles. Full game stats for 450 cars, motorcycles, and other land vehicles; 350 military and civilian prop planes, jets, and helicopters; 50 ships and boats. No more generic cars, planes, or boats — each make and model is different."

1987 ... Merle Rasmussen ... 96 pages ... TSR 7623 ... ISBN 0880384743

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AGENT 13 Source Book (TSAC2)
"The Brotherhood Is a secret organization thousands of years old, with power and influence beyond measure. Once dedicated to the betterment of mankind, the Brotherhood has turned to evil under the corrupt Influence of Itsu, the Hand Sinister. Only one man can fight this ruthless organization no one else even knows exists - Agent 13. Kidnapped by the Brotherhood as an infant, Agent 13 received the finest training possible, and was destined to become one of the Brotherhood's best operatives. But Agent 13 learned the awful truth about his masters, and escaped. It Is now the 1930s, and Agent 13, along with a handful of trusted associates, uses all his training and abilities to smash the Brotherhood and end their plans for world domination!

The AGENT 13 Sourcebook allows TOP SECRET/S.I. game players to enjoy the pulp-adventure action of the 30's. Enter the world of diabolical villains, beautiful (and deadly) dames, courageous heroes, and improbable escapes. The Brotherhood plans to bring the world to Its knees - can you stop them?

The AGENT 13 Sourcebook also Includes a complete background for other adventures in the 1930s, allowing you even more roleplaying variety: G-Men on the trail of gangsters, masked crimefighters going where the law can't reach, fearless explorers discovering lost civilizations, and tough private eyes who'll take any case if the money Is right.

And, as always, all this excitement is presented the way you've come to expect It from TOP SECRET/S.I. products: Easy to play, yet chillingly realistic. You'll feel the gangster's tommy gun In your back, you'll hear the fiendish laugh of Itsu, the Hand Sinister. So pack that .45 underneath your coat, snap down the brim on your fedora, and come along..."

1988 ... 96 pages ... TSR 7625 ... ISBN 0880384786

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Covert Operations Sourcebook (TSAC3)
"The Covert Ops book contains a vast amount of information for the agent and administrator who want to add realistic, true-to-life details to their Top Secret campaign. This book also contains real life case histories and covert operations from around the world. Background information on the two main espionage agencies in the US and the USSR in detaill, includes real life info on people in the operations, case histories, methods and styles used, useful concepts for game role playing, more."

1987 ... 64 pages ... TSR 7626 ... ISBN 0880384794

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F.R.E.E. Lancers (TSAC4)
"The FREE Lancers sourcebook creates a futuristic campaign for the game, including new skills and devices, items on the leading edge of technology and directly from the street. Sections include information on cyborging, power armour, and parabilities, super-human talents now mastered and used in the causes of good and evil."

1988 ... Jeff Grubb ... 96 pages ... TSR 7629 ... ISBN 0880385650

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Commando (TSAC5)
"Commando is the book that gives you the rules, equipment and background to create military style operations - hostage rescues, ambushes, snatches, long-range patrols, terrorist neutralisations, and sabotage raids.

No anti-terrorist force would be complete without the latest and deadliest in military hardware, and Commando gives it to you. From Claymore mines to man-portable guided missiles to machine pistols, you get the complete TOP SECRET SI game statistics on scores of new, deadly weapons - all with the detail and realism you've come to expect."

1988 ... David Cook ... 96 pages ... TSR 7631 ... ISBN 0880385944

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Covert Operations Sourcebook, Vol. 2 (TSAC6)
"...Like the first Covert Operations Source Book, this second volume starts off with the detailed inner workings of today's real-life spy agencies, including Russia's GRU (military intelligence), Israel's Mossad, and the espionage arms of East Germany, West Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, and more. Learn about the foundings of these organizations, their histories, their leaders and personnel, their methods, and their division of responsibilities...

[This book] also contains real-life case histories of spies and covert operations all over the globe. The case histories of these people and their activities are not only fascinating reading, but they give the ... Administrator a glimpse into the inner workings of espionage as it is practiced all over the world..."

1988 ... John Prados ... 96 pages ... TSR 7632 ... ISBN 0880386169

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F.R.E.E. America (TSAC7)
"America in the late 1990's is a different place. An overwhelmed federal government tries to keep it together while the states form their own regional authorities; foreign investors own entire cities; new technologies make the rich richer, while the poor are thrown out of work; individuals with unexplainable special abilities -- metabilities - hire out as mercenaries to the forces of both good and evil.

...FREE America is the high-powered supplement to FREE Lancers, describing in detail the society, politics, and the culture of this dark near future world for the TOP SECRET SI espionage RPG. From the Great Lakes Authority to Culpepper's Wall on the Texas-Mexico border, from the high-tech labs of Greater Massachusetts to the disaster-wrecked West Coast, there's as much action, intrigue, mystery, and adventure as anyone could want..."

1989 ... Scott Bowles ... 96 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 7635 ... ISBN 0880387254

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The Web (TSA1)
"THE WEB Is a comprehensive overview of the criminal group that Orion is dedicated to destroying. It contains a history of the organization, descriptions of Its standard operating procedures, a summary of its present-day status, and dossiers on each of the regional agencies that are scattered around the globe.

In addition, you can build up your campaign by using several scenarios that describe missions for Orion agents—adventures for TOP SECRET/S.I. player characters that strike at the very heart of The Web's structure.

If the players in your campaign have been eager for new worlds to conquer, new obstacles to overcome, THE WEB will more than satisfy that desire, introduce player-character agents to one strand of The Web - then let them follow it and find out where it leads..."

1990 ... 96 pages ... TSR 7638 ... ISBN 088038820X

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The Final Weapon (TSA2)
"The Final Weapon is an espionage adventure for use with the TOP SECRET/S.I. game. The adventure begins with a harrowing action encounter in a hospital catering exclusively to super spies and ends with a race against time across Hawaii.

Along the way, the PCs will stop in San Francisco and Chicago, infiltrate a top computer electronics firm, crack a mysterious dual identity, and bust up a meeting of Web's biggest officials. By the time the adventure is complete, the world of the TOP SECRET/S.I. game will never again be the same.

The Final Weapon has been specially designed with the beginning Administrator in mind. This booklet not only presents a complete TOP SECRET/S.I.™ game adventure, but also includes detailed notes on exactly how the adventure was created, hopefully inspiring beginners to create adventures of their own. Where appropriate, the text also includes some suggestions on how to actually run both The Final Weapon and other adventures of your own creation."

1990 ... Ray Winninger ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 7640 ... ISBN 0880388552

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Web of Deceit (TSE1)
"San Cristobal is a glittering island jewel in the Caribbean Sea. Soviet and American agents try to out manoeuvre each other for influence with the government. Orion, naturally wants a closer look. Establishing a new Orion base is a two part operation; first, set up a believable cover and sneak in the equipment necessary; and second, find out what the other espionage organisations - especially Web - are up to in the same area."

1989 ... Bob Kern ... 64 pages ... TSR 7634 ... ISBN 0880387149

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The Sting of the Spider (TSE2)
Once called a 'glittering island jewel,' the beautiful resort of San Cristobal has begun to show more cracks. The establishment of an Orion Foundation Operations center on the island has proceeded smoothly - but no one suspected that the new center would see so much business so soon! But indications of grave trouble have been increasingly common on the island. Not only have the usual nefarious perpetrators of revolution, piracy, and smuggling gained strength and influence there, but now ruthless agents of the Web have established themselves on San Cristobal. Their work is urgent, though the web's objectives on the island remain unknown. Are they working in concert with the Russians? The Cubans? Perhaps the CIA?"

1989 ... Bob Kern & Roger Loveless (art) ... 64 pages + poster map ... TSR 7636 ... ISBN 0880387327

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Web Wars (TSE3)
"In spite of progress made by Orion agents in the past, the small Carribean republic of San Cristobal is still in peril. Political intrigues are boiling up within the country while outside powers continue exporting their own brands of trouble to the tiny island.

While the duly elected president struggles to solve his country's problems, the deposed dictator quietly plots his return. A renewed military government would be a disaster for both Orion and the island itself. Any sort of armed uprising, whether successful or not, would halt the influx of tourists so crucial to San Cristobal's economy. The agents on the scene must uproot any potential coup before it gets the chance to begin.

But forces far more powerful and devious are playing for much higher stakes than control of a minor Carribean island. Unless checked, the balance of world power could be drastically upset and thousands of lives jeopardized.

It's business as usual in San Cristobal."

1989 ... Bob Kern ... 64 pages ... TSR 7637 ... ISBN 0880387653

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The Final Bug
"The FINAL BUG is an illustrated solo book.

When a stranger dies in a chamber that can't be entered, in a way that can't happen, and for no apparent reason, authorities call you in, Sebastian Cord, the ORION Foundations top special intelligence agent, to help solve the case. But that single mysterious death helps Cord uncover a far more sinister scheme - One that could destroy humanity by turning people into mindless slaves! In this catacombs style adventure book, you enter a world of espionage filled with gadgets, guns and genetic glitches."

1988 ... Jean Blashfield ... 160 pages ... TSR 8230 ... ISBN 0880385537

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Foul Play at Fool's Summit - A Solo Operations Casebook
This was cancelled before publication.

1989 ... 160 pages ... TSR ?? ... ISBN 0880386215

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Operation Starfire (TS1)
"When agent Tatyayna Ivanova blew the turbocharger in her highly modified Orion Foundation sports car, she vowed to teach the manufacturer a lesson. That was right before she disappeared. Now, the Orion Foundation has decided to send in a crack team of agents to investigate."

1987 ... Tracy Raye Hickman ... 48 pages ... TSR 7624 ... ISBN 088038476X

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The Doomsday Drop (TS2)

"The Orion Foundation knows the Web was up to something. The question was what. The Foundation can't very well ask the Soviets, who have a submarine that isn't supposed to exist undergoing a refit that wasn't supposed to happen. And Orion can't get much out of a mysterious top KGB agent assigned to the case, seeing as he was propped up in the back of a Polish tavern, wearing that glassy-eyed expression that comes from taking one too many shots. The only option is to send a group of agents to the Gdansk, Poland, shipyards. And if they can foil tight security at the dry dock and sneak aboard the Soviet submarine, and if they can learn the identity of the traitorous Web agent aboard and prevent him from implementing his nefarious scheme, then maybe, just maybe, they can figure out a way to bring a deadly Web secret to the surface from the murky gloom of a crippled attack sub on the ocean floor.

THE DOOMSDAY DROP is an adventure module for the Top Secret/S.I. roleplaying game system that can be played by itself, used along with OPERATION: STARFIRE as part of a larger campaign, or used as an adventuring research source with its detailed look at the inner-workings of a modern-day nuclear attack submarine."

1987 ... Tracy Raye Hickman ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 7627 ... ISBN 0880384808

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Orion Rising (TS3)
"Complete information on all 12 Orion Foundation bureaus, their headquarter cities, actual headquarters, and more is now available to Orion Foundation with the necessary clearance.

Orion Rising is a valuable resource for both players and Administrators of the TOP SECRET/S.I.™ roleplaying game. Part sourcebook and part adventure book, Orion Rising has complete scenario ideas that can be played almost immediately, plus the kind of detailed background information that Administrators need to make their own adventures come alive.

In each of the 12 chapters (one for each bureau covering the globe), you'll find:

• The particulars on the Orion Foundation Headquarters for that bureau—where it's located, how to get in, who's in charge, how they're equipped, and what they can do for you.

• Details on the cities these HQs are located in, including maps. From New York City to Tokyo to Nairobi to Moscow to Singapore, you'll learn all you need to know about Orion contacts, Web hideouts, military installations, political factions, secret police, legal (and not-so-legal) businesses, and more.

• Scenarios and adventure ideas set throughout the bureau sector. Everything from raids on Web bases to escorting defecting scientists to safety, from recovering stolen experimental equipment to preventing assassinations."

1988 ... 128 pages ... TSR 7630 ... ISBN 0880385758

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Commando: Brushfire Wars (TS4)
"In this book you'll find modern military adventures set in the hottest spots around the globe: Central America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia ... You'll find yourself up against the hostage takers, the hijackers, the revolutionaries you read about in the papers and see on the nightly news."

1989 ... 96 pages ... TSR 7633 ... ISBN 0880387084

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Agent 13: Acolytes of Darkness (A TSR Graphic Novel)
"It is 1939, and the world is engulfed in the greatest conflict in history. Yet few know that Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo are but pawns of the ancient, evil Brotherhood and its hideous leader, Itsu.
Only Agent 13 stands between the Brotherhood and world domination... and it will take all his fantastic powers, all his mystical knowledge, all his courage to stand against the ancient conspiracy in this final, fateful battle.
Also inside this book is a double bonus for game enthusiasts:
• The Pursuit of Itsu, a ready-to-play board game with a separate map
and a sheet of die-cut playing pieces, and
• TOP SECRET/S.I. game statistics for three of the major characters in Acolytes of Darkness — a supplement to the AGENT 13 Sourcebook, allowing you to create adventures involving all of the principal characters who appear in this story."

1990 ... 54 pages + map + counter sheet ... TSR 8433 ... ISBN 0880388005

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