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Alternity - Science Fiction Role Playing - TSR & Wizards of the Coast

Gamma World, 5th Edition (Alternity rules)


Player's Handbook

"This roleplaying game provides a framework for all kinds of contemporary to far-future science fiction adventures. The Player's Handbook, the companion volume to the ALTERNITY Gamemaster Guide, contains everything players need to create SF heroes and play the ALTERNITY game, including:

• An easy-to-learn game system designed around a unique dice mechanic.
• A "Fast-Play" chapter that teaches the basics and quickly gets you into the action.
Rules for generating a wide variety of unique heroes - including five alien hero species.
• Many distinct character professions and careers that allow you to further refine and define your characters - from bounty hunters to computer hackers, starship pilots to interplanetary traders.
• Simple yet wide-ranging rules presented in a format that lets you add levels of complexity as desired.
• Optional rules for mutants, psionics, and cybernetics.
• Plenty of equipment covering a variety of technological levels - computers, vehicles, starships, armor, weapons, and assorted gear.
• A compilation of tables and forms that players need, plus a comprehensive index."

1998 ... 256 pages (hardcover) ... TSR 2800 ... ISBN 0786907282

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Gamemaster Guide

"This roleplaying game provides a framework for all kinds of contemporary to far-future science fiction adventures. The Gamemaster Guide, the companion volume to the ALTERNITY Player's Handbook, contains everything needed to moderate the ALTERNITY game, including:

• Rules for creating memorable supporting characters, adventures, and campaigns for any SF setting.
• A "Fast-Play" chapter that teaches the basics of moderating the game and provides a starting adventure.
• Starship construction rules and a tactical space combat system.
• Comprehensive star system design rules, including stellar classes and planetary environments.
• More than 30 aliens, creatures, and dangerous animals to use as opponents.
• Templates that quickly bring supporting characters to life.
• Guidelines for designing new alien species and alien artifacts.
• Adventure triggers to spur your imagination and ignite the action.
• A complete index for both the Player's Handbook and the Gamemaster Guide."

1998 ... 256 pages (hardcover) ... TSR 2801 ... ISBN 0786907290

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Alternity Player's Handbook: 1997 Gen Con Limited Preview Edition
2,600 copies released

1997 ... 256 pages (hardcover) ... TSR 2800L

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Alternity Gamemaster Guide / Player's Handbook Fast Play Rules

Two-sided flip magazine style guide

1998 ... 20 pages ... TSR

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StarDrive Campaign Setting
"The STAR*DRIVE campaign setting, designed for use with the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game, brings to life the world of the future. Humanity has colonized thousand of planets - but ambitious nations contend or prime sectors of real estate. At the edge of space is the Verge, where oppurtunities await those smart enough and ruthless enough to take advantage of them.

This book presents a game universe for heroes to conquer, investigate, and explore. Scheme with operatives of VoidCorp, fight against Thuldan Legions, and uncover the mysteries of the frontier. Visit a dozen fully described worlds, and learn of powerful interstellar empires. Pilot a starship into uncharted territory, make a smuggling run to an occupies star system, contact a new alien species, and bring galactic criminals to justice.

This book contains everything a Gamemaster needs to design and play adventures in the STAR*DRIVE universe:

• An overview of the "future history" of humanity, beginning with our first tentative steps toward the stars and culminating in the cataclysmic Second Galactic War.
• The world of 2501: The state of the galaxy in all aspects of human society - medicine, religion, cybertechnology, robotics, the Grid, and more.
• Descriptions of 13 stelar nations of Old Space - the civilizations that survived the last war and threaten to touch off the next one.
• A detailed look at the Verge, the mixture of settled worlds and unclaimed space where the pioneers of the 26th century will prove themselves to be true heroes... or die trying.
• A Hero Creation chapter filled with tips how to make heroic adventurers in the STAR*DRIVE setting."

1998 ... David Eckelberry & Richard Baker ... 256 pages (hardcover) ... TSR 2802 ... ISBN 078690738X

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DarkMatter Campaign Setting
"This new campaign setting for the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game rips away the comforting veils of ignorance, exposing the world's corruption and rot for all to see. Devious organizations scheme for world domination, otherwordly forces infiltrate our power structures, and creatures from our nightmares lurk in the shadows. Working for a clandestine organization called the Hoffmann Institute, heroes explore hidden mysteries while eluding forces - both human and alien - that scheme to control the truth.

This book contain everything you need to create and play adventures in the DARK MATTER universe.

• The true and secret history of Earth.
• Detailed descriptions of 13 powerful conspiracies and secret societies pulling the strings of power, plus nearly 20 more minor organizations to enrich your game.
• Dozens of mysterious sites and hidden strongholds, from the ancient enigma of the Pyramids to the rotten faηade of Washington, D.C.
• New skills and careers for heroes, including options for advanced characters.
• New rules for using FX (magic) in your ALTERNITY game, including 45 new Arcane Magic and Faith FX spells.
• Nearly two dozen strange creatures to populate your DARK MATTER campaign.
• Extensive Gamemaster tips and tricks for running paranormal- and conspiracy-based games.
• Raw Recruits, an introductory adventure to kick off your DARK MATTER campaign.
• Includes ALTERNITY Fast-Play Rules and adventure - everything you need to get started."

1999 ... 288 pages (hardcover) ... TSR 11433 ... ISBN 0786914335

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Alternity: The Adventure Begins Now [BOX SET]

"It's the dawn of the 26th century. Human beings have built starships and founded a civilization reaching hundreds of light-years across the galaxy. New adventures - and new dangers - are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. Best of all, you're the hero who makes the next big discovery, stops the next insidious threat to humankind, or carries out the next heart-stopping rescue in the face of impossible odds!

Inside this box, you'll find everything you need to start playing now. The ALTERNITY
Adventure Game contains two books, a Gamemaster Screen, eight hero folders, and five dice. Your journey into a world of adventure, excitement, wonder, and terror begins here. It's like nothing you've ever seen before!

There's no limit to the science fiction excitement and action with the ALTERNITY Adventure Game. Powered by your imagination and more interactive than any computer or video game, the ALTERNITY Adventure Game is an experience you'll never forget. Open up the throttle and take the future by storm!"

1999 ... TSR 11510 ... ISBN 0786915102

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Alternity: StarCraft Edition [BOX SET]

This was part of the same Blizzard / Wizards of the Coast partnership that brought us D&D Diablo:
Dungeons & Dragons Meets Diablo (1999-2001)


"Enter a world where you and your comrades represent the last, best hope for the survival of the Terran and Protoss species. Enter the world of the best-selling computer game STARCRAFT!

And do it without your computer!

The ALTERNITY game takes STARCRAFT into a new dimension - a live dimension. You control the action. You help decide the fate of the galaxy by setting deadly challenges for Terran and Protoss heroes to overcome! You take the role of a Terran Marine, a Dark Templar, a mutate, a High Templar, or a Protoss Zealot to wage war with the horrible and vicious Zerg. You become the Gamemaster, bringing the adventure to life!

The ALTERNITY STARCRAFT Adventure Game includes:

• Two books
• A Gamemaster screen
• Eight Hero Folders featuring ready-to-play characters
• and six dice"

2000 ... Shawn F. Carnes & David Eckelberry & Bill Slavicsek ... TSR 11618 ... ISBN 0786916184

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Gamma World, 5th edition
"Eight hundred years ago, everything went to hell.

Cities vanished, forests burned, and an entire civilization died in nuclear fire, gengineered plagues, and mutagenic poisons.

Gamma Terra is what's left,
a world blighted by radioactive deserts, deadly ruins, and thousands of new and dangerous species armed and armored with bizarre mutations and the wreckage of technology.
Humanity is no longer the master of the world.

Strap on your sword and ready your blaster - it's time to brave the wild frontiers!

This fresh new look at a classic campaign setting is designed for the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game. This book contains everything a Gamemaster and player needs to create and play adventures in GAMMA WORLD, including a condensed version of the ALTERNITY game rules, customized to the GAMMA WORLD setting.

* Play a pure strain human, mutant, or any of four other hero species.
* Looking for mutations? Choose from 120 different ones, including many old favorites updated for the new edition.
* Select one of four professions, and build your hero from an array of nearly 100 different skills.
* Pick from dozens of weapons for your hero, ranging from swords and crossbows to BattleKlaws and blaster rifles.
* Battle any of over two dozen mutated denizens of GAMMA WORLD, or test you strength against the dreaded Cryptic Alliances!
* Includes three adventures designed as a framework for a Gamemaster's GAMMA WORLD campaign.
The ALTERNITY Player's Handbook and Gamemaster Guide are not required for use of this product."

2000 ... Andy Collins & Jeff Grubb ... 192 pages ... TSR 11629 ... ISBN 078691629x

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Campaign Kit
"An essential reference for both players and Gamemasters of the ALTERNITY game, the Campaign Kit features a four-panel screen that contains the most important tables and game information. It also includes a 32-page booklet of record-keeping aids:

• Character Sheets are specialized for each profession, including the various combinations of Diplomats and secondary professions. Mindwalker, mutant, and cybertech options are included.
• Supporting Cast Forms allow the Gamemaster to quickly and efficiently keep track of the friends and foes of the heroes.
• Ship Diagrams allow players and Gamemasters to keep track of the systems, cargo, and durability of space vessels.
• The Ship Log details the many ports of call that heroes are bound to visit as they explore the galaxy.
• The Hero Roster allows the Gamemaster to keep track of important hero skills, Ability Scores, durability ratings, contacts, and other campaign information.

This accessory is fully compatible with the STAR*DRIVE campaign setting, or usable with any homemade science fiction campaign."

1998 ... David Eckelberry ... 32 pages + screen ... TSR 2808 ... ISBN 0786912138

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"Have you ever wanted to construct a robot hero? Hack into the Orbital Defense Network? Rewire the power grid for a major metropolitan area? Talk to a digital intelligence? Send encrypted data between star systems? Now you can. Learn to hack, rewire, and rebuild all things digital with the advanced and expanded ALTERNITY game rules for robots, AIs, software, hardware, and clean, easy hacking included in this book.

Inside this 96-page book you'll find:

* Rules on robot design, including suggestions for introducing robot characters into your campaign.
* Artificial intelligence design and rules for incorporating an AI into your campaign.
* New careers for gridrunning characters.
* Expanded information on the structure of the Grid.
* Rules for gridrunning, including combining a gridpilot's actions with the actions of other characters.
* New computer hardware and dozens of new programs."

1998 ... Wolfgang Baur ... 96 pages ... TSR 2811 ... ISBN 0786912154

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"Ask not 'Where can I go?' but 'How do I get there?' Plunge into the depths of a wormhole? Fold space at your whim? Or close your eyes in cryogenic slumber as you cross the galaxy? The possibilities are here.

Create detailed starships, improve your hero's skills, and enjoy new methods of explosive battle with the ALTERNITY game rules for starships, faster-than-light travel, space tactics, boarding, and starship combat.

Inside this 96-page book you'll find:

* Rules on starship design, including many ship systems never seen before.
* New material that integrates heroes into starship combat and keeps everyone involved.
* Starship combat rules, including information on how to run three-dimensional combat.
* New means of FTL travel, including hyperspace, jumpgates, spacefolding, and more.
* Rules for the construction of starships and the use of starports.
* Eighteen predesigned starships, complete with deck plans, ready for use in your campaign."

1999 ... David Eckelberry ... 96 pages ... TSR 11319 ... ISBN 0786913193

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"Tangents is an adventure!

Lucid Technologies has a problem. Its secret research into dimensional travel has been sabotaged by fanatics, and the multimillion-dollar facility is now only a bombed-out crater. But where are the terrorists? They've been blown into alternate dimensions, victims of the very tecnhology they sought to destroy.
The heroes must track the interdimensional castaways through superspace, traveling through parallel worlds that run the gamut from primitive savagery to nuclear desolation. If the heroes fail in their quest to end the terrorists' rampage through alternate dimensions, there's no predicting the consequences! Suitable for three to six heroes of any levels.

Tangents is a sourcebook!

Parallel universes are not just science fiction - physics and mathematics predict worlds that resemble and perhaps even duplicate out own. Infinite parallel universes coexist with ours, each with qualities both familiar and foreign, and alternative versions of history play out in endless variety "alongside" out own world. This sourcebook provides a framework for interdimensional adventuring in these parallel worlds, including information on how to create and travel through one parallel universe after another. The book also contains examples of unique sites, phenomena, and superspace travelers for use in any ALTERNITY campaign."

1999 ... Bruce R. Cordell ... 96 pages ... TSR 11352 ... ISBN 0786913525

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Mindwalking: A Guide to Psionics
"Mindwalking is more than it used to be. Now it offers a whole new range of possibilities: Mystics delve into tomorrow, masters of time and space great their future selves, and biowarriors create the finest blades with only their minds.

Inside this 96-page book you'll find:

* Revised rules for creating Mindwalkers and talents.
* New psionic skills, perks, and flaws.
* Three complete systems for mind-to-mind combat.
* Detailed guidelines for creating psionics-based ALTERNITY campaigns, or exploring psionics in you existing campaign.
* More than twenty-five new careers for Mindwalkers and talents.
* New psionic equipment, artifacts, and phenomena.
* Psionic opponents and creatures to challenge players.
* Guidelines for adapting and expanding these rules to fit any science fiction game."

1999 ... JD Wiker ... 96 pages ... TSR 11384 ... ISBN 0786913843

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Beyond Science: A Guide to FX
"If you can imagine it, you can play it! Beyond Science explores the impossible, the unexplained, and the incredible in the ALTERNITY game. Super heroes, science fantasy, and magic expand your campaign into the realm of the fantastic.

This comprehensive guide to characters with fantastic abilities is guaranteed to change the way you play the game. Find out what your character's been missing, or add a new dimension to your ALTERNITY game. The choice is up to you!

Beyond Science: A Guide to FX features:

• Over 20 new FX broad skills.
• More than 100 new FX specialty skills.
• New creatures and aliens armed with FX power.
• Extensive rules for customizing your own FX powers.
• Campaign ideas, guidelines on starting campaigns featuring FX powers, and suggestions for adapting FX to an existing campaign.
• The FX Adept, a new hero profession based on FX skills."

2000 ... Sean K Reynolds ... 96 pages ... TSR 11432 ... ISBN 0786914327

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StarDrive: The Lighthouse
"The STAR*DRIVE Campaign Setting offers a wealth of epic ALTERNITY game adventures in the distant frontier region of the Verge. Yet amid thes bewildering oppurtunities, even the bravest need a place to call home. The Lighthouse stands as a base of operations, a site for adventure, and a means to travel the Verge in style. Listen to her mighty stardrive roar across the light-years, and know that this mobile station is a force to be reckoned with.

In these pages you'll find details on the station, her occupants, and a description of life and adventure aboard the Lighthouse:

• A comprehensive list of the dignitaries and luminaries who call the station home - station commander Wakefield, Concord minister Thayne, ambassadors from each of the stellar nations, journalists, bureaucrats, engineers, and the powerful AI known as MINA.
• Deck plans, section descriptions, and compartments for two hundred decks, with over one hundred distinct station locations described, including the station's reactors, living quarters, social environment, docks, and the Orlamist Temple that rises above it all.
• Adventure oppurtunities aboard the station, plus a short adventure series centered near the Aegis star system at the heart of the Verge."

1998 ... David Eckelberry ... 64 pages ... TSR 2804 ... ISBN 0786912162

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StarDrive: Alien Compendium - Creatures of the Verge
"In the Verge, you can go for dozens of light-years in any direction without seeing a single sign of life. You can land on hundreds of planets that are nothing more than frozen, airless rocks. And you can live to tell about it. But what fun would that be?

Heroes in the STAR*DRIVE setting want excitement, danger, and the thrill of meeting strange and terrible lifeforms. Creature of the Verge, the first ALIEN COMPENDIUM book for the ALTERNITY game, gives them what they want... and may leave them wishing they had never left home.

Inside this 128-page, full-color book are more than 60 detailed descriptions and illustrations of aliens that live in and around the planets of the Verge. The text traces the voyage of the Concord Survey Vessel Kepler as it visits 14 different star systems around the Verge. In these pages you'll meet:

• The poisonous blackworm of the planet Bhruusil, which uses vibrations to track its prey.
• The elegant and mysterious deepfallen, native to the world-spanning oceans of Bluefall.
• The beautiful but terrible crystallis, one of the few creatures that can survive on the inferno world of Polyphemus.
• The "external" species - mysterious aliens who exist outside known galactic society - including the violent n'sss, the helpful blix, and the incomprehensible gardhyi.

Some of these aliens are viscious killers. Some of them are just the opposite. The excitement and danger comes from figuring out which is which - before the aliens figure out the truth about you."

1998 ... Richard Baker & Bill Slavicsek ... 128 pags ... TSR 2805 ... ISBN 0786907789

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StarDrive: Arms & Equipment Guide
"The STAR*DRIVE Campaign Setting offers countless oppurtunities for making money - and just as many ways to spend it. The Arms & Equipment Guide is a 96-page illustrated book that describes hundreds of items for heroes to purchase, ranging from the mundane to the marvelous.

In these pages you'll find excerpts from catalogs and reports that list what's available. Of course, heroes have to know where to find what they want - and must have the cash to afford it, or the savvy to bargain for a better price:

• The catalog of the Rigunmor Star Consortium Merchant Exchange, offering a wide range of garments, personal items, medical fear, and professional equipment.
• VoidCorp's CompuCatalog One, the only place to go for the ultimate in computers, cyberware, and communications and sensor gear.
• Merrick's Personal Security Report, absolutely THE most comprehensive listing of Gravity Age personal weapons and armor ever compiled.
• The VergeTech Outfitters Spring Catalog, featuring the latest in survival gear and some high-ticket personal vehicles for those who want to travel in style.

Complete game statistics are provided for all the weapons, armor, vehicles, and other types of equipment, making this book immediately usable in any ALTERNITY game."

1998 ... Richard Baker ... 96 pages ... TSR 2809 ... ISBN 0786912146

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StarDrive: Threats from Beyond
"One Grid Net journalist, known to a legion of Grid users as "Avatar," has dug through the rumors and conspiracies to get at the truth of the many perils facing the Verge. Now you can examine the reports and Grid-blurbs and decide for yourself if these threats are real - or just more disinformation spread by the Concord, the Vergers, or the Old Space news agencies hungry to make headlines in the Stellar Ring.

Threats from Beyond a collection of aventure hooks, new reports, interviews, and other data uncovering a massive galactic conspiracy, is designed for use with the STAR*DRIVE setting and other ALTERNITY game science fiction campaigns. Inside this 96-page book you'll find:

• Updates on the movers, shakers, and key locations of the Verge.
• Evidence of a terrible threat from beyond the boundaries of known space - a threat Avatar calls the Externals!
• The most up-to-date events shaping the Verge - from continuing confrontations between Arrivers and Vergers; to the politics unfolding aboard the Lighthouse space station; to reports conerning a variety of independent factions, including pirates, cykoteks, mutants, mindwalkers, and criminal organizations; to details about new alien species; and more!
• Plenty of adventure hooks to help incorporate these reports into any STAR*DRIVE campaign.

The news from the Verge isn't all good, but what news ever is? Jack into the Grid, download Avatar's reports, and decide for yourself if the External threat is real or the deluded imaginings of a burned-out gridpilot. Just don't linger - you never know who might be watching."

1999 ... Bill Slavicsek ... 96 pages ... TSR 2815 ... ISBN 0786912189

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StarDrive: Outbound - An Explorer's Guidebook
"The Verge, that vast frontier beyond the Kendai Relay and the civilized stellar nations of Old Space, has secrets still undiscovered, star systems still unexplored. Outbound: An Explorer's Guidebook provides information for scouts and heroes who dare venture into the unknown. This STAR*DRIVE adventure accessory includes:

• New information on the Concord Survey Service and its procedures for exploring new star sytems;
• New equipment, careers, and detailed rules for running scout and explorer heroes;
• Three detailed star systems, ready for exloration and adventure;
• Guidelines for patrons and payments - all the things good scout heroes need;
• Exploratory adventures that can be run virtually anywhere inside or outside the Verge;
• New alien species for heroes to discover and catalogue."

1999 ... Ed Stark ... 96 pages ... TSR 11339 ... ISBN 0786913398

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StarDrive: Star Compendium - Systems of the Verge
"The STAR*DRIVE Campaign Setting sweeps ALTERNITY game adventurers into one possible future: a bright galaxy shining with humanity's accomplishments but cursed with all of its flaws. The galaxy's attention centers around the Verge, a region a mere one hundred light-years across that is home to thousand of stars awaiting exploration by heroes. The Star Compendium brings to life more than a dozen of those star systems.

This accessory includes:

• An updated map of the Verge, accompanied by an overview of the state of the region and its future, as well as a primer on how the Verge colonies relate to one another, and a discussion of how visitors and natives get from place to place.
• An in-depth look at six systems, fleshed out to the level of detail of the major systems in the STAR*DRIVE book, offering a mixture of settled worlds (Karnath and Dewi), lost colonies (Vieron and Tychus), fledgling outposts (Talbott), and virgin territory (Eldala).
• Adventure hooks and oppurtunities to entertain, challenge. and reward the brave and the clever."

1999 ... 128 pages ... TSR 11371 ... ISBN 0786913711

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StarDrive: Alien Compendium 2 - Exploration of 2503
"Join the crew of the CSV Kepler as they visit strange new worlds, explore uncharted stars, and encounter lifeforms ranging from the marvelous to the terrifying in the continuation of their mission to catalog the aliens of the Verge!

Heroes in the ALTERNITY game seek the thrill of encountering new alien creatures. Exploration of 2503, the second ALIEN COMPENDIUM book for the STAR*DRIVE setting, gives them that thrill - even if it's their last.

This 96-page, full-color book includes more than 45 new alien species with detailed descriptions and illustrations. The book follows the progress of the survery vessel Kepler as it visits previously uncharted systems in the verge, then ventures into the Lightning Nebula. In these pages you'll encounter:

• More creatures from the depths of the planet Bluefall in the Aegis system.
• The gigantic spaceborne organisms that live in the Lightning Nebula.
• The artificially evolved denizens of the planet Fatehpur - and the nanites responsible.
• Creatures and aliens depicted in the STAR*DRIVE novels Zero Point and Two of Minds.

Astonishing, terrifying, beautiful, or deadly, the creatures in this book can inject a fresh dose of excitement and wonder into any ALTERNITY game setting."

2000 ... 96 pages ... TSR 11617 ... ISBN 0786916176

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StarDrive: System Guide to Aegis
"The Verge is a dangerous place. Piracy, corporate warfare, the bitter rivalries of stellar nations, and an implacable alien menace threaten dozens of worlds and billions of people. But at the heart of all this chaos is a troubled sanctuary: the Aegis system. Dominated by the beautiful water world of Bluefall, Aegis is a place where the great powers of human space marshal their forces against myriad threats. But ambitious nations and desperate factions covet this refuge, for it occupies the most important strategic site in the Verge. The Regency government maintains Bluefall's independence against a storm of challenges.

System Guide to Aegis expands the information available on this important system, including:

• The secret explanation of the Vanishing;
• The staggering truth behind the mysterious Deepfallen;
• New technology and equipment suitable for use in any settin;
• The "Deep Cover" adventure, in which player characters dive into the intrigues of the Regency, the Thulden Empire, and other powers beneath the oceans of Bluefall.

Designed for a STAR*DRIVE campaign using the ALTERNITY Science Fiction Roleplaying Game rules."

2000 ... William W. Connors & Steven Schend ... 96 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 11620 ... ISBN 0786916206

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DarkMatter: Arms & Equipment Guide
"Everything you've heard about the conspiracies is true.
And the only thing standing between them and the safety of billions of unsuspecting people is you - and your bag of guns and gear.

In this book you'll discover everything you need to arm your hero against the darkness. You'll learn what the Hoffmann Institute is willing to give you, and what you have to buy on the street. The Arms & Equipment Guide includes:

• Equipment for every profession, including spy gear, tool kits, formal wear, and of course, enough guns, grenades, knives, nets, pepper spray, and sharp sticks to take down any opponent.
• Complete kits for the standard missions the Hoffmann Institute might assign you - and rules for requisitioning anything you think might give you an edge.
• A selection of vehicles for those hard-to-reach targets.
• What the enemy is carrying, the books he's reading, the arcane artifacts he's using - and all of the things he's let fall into your hands.

Complete game statistics are provided for all the weapons, armor, vehicles, and gear, ensuring that this book will be immediately useful in any modern-day ALTERNITY campaign."

2000 ... 96 pages ... TSR 11616 ... ISBN 0786916168

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DarkMatter: Xenoforms - Aliens, Demons, and Aberrations
"For years, we've asked the question:
Are we alone?
But what if we don't like the answer?

Xenoforms: Aliens, Demons, and Aberrations is a compendium of creatures for the DarkoMatter setting. These previously uncataloged beings come from the farthest reaches of space and the depths of our oceans, from the deepest jungles and worlds outside our universe. They live among us, unseen except by those brave enough to seek them out.

In this 96-page book you'll find nearly fifty detailed descriptions and illustrations of the aliens that visit our world, the creatures that evolved alongside us, and the strange variations we have made of our own species. Also included are adventure suggestions designed to bring characters and creatures together - whether the heroes are ready to face them or not."

2000 ... J.D. Wiker ... 96 pages ... TSR 11648 ... ISBN 0786916486

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Incident at Exile
"It's the dawn of the 26th century. Human beings have left Earth's cradle and established a civilization spanning hundreds of star systems. New adventures - and new dangers - are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered.

At the edge of human space, a group of human starfarers discovers a centuries-old derelict adrift in unexplored space. Can they survive the deadly threat posed by the derelict's ancient machinery and unravel the mystery of the ship? Or will they join the ranks of countless other explorers who have never been heard from again? Your actions, your choices, and a little bit of luck will decide!

In this booklet, you'll find everything you need to explore this wonderful and terrifying future in a self-contained roleplaying game. The rules, a shorthand version of the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game, take up a few pages at the beginning of the book. Gather a few friends, get some polyhedral dice (available at most game, hobby, or bookstores), and choose from one of four heroes who make up the crew of the Momotaro."

1999 ... 48 pages ... TSR 11514 ... ISBN 0786915145

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StarDrive: Black Starfall
"In the future, human space has just emerged from a century-long galactic war. The dark times are over. Now the rebuilding begins. It starts at the Kendai communications relay, where the newly formed Galactic Concord hopes to reestablish contact with a frontier region that was cut off at the height of the conflict. A region known to those of Old Space as the Verge....

Now a group of heavily armed terrorists has grabbed Kendai and plans to use the relay to destroy the entire Concord communications network. Your group of heroes is all that stands between terrorists, the spread of a deadly computer supervirus, and the collapse of the fragile galactic peace concords.

Black Starfall is an ALTERNITY adventure that serves as a prelude to the STAR*DRIVE campaign setting. This pulse-pounding, far-future technothriller is designed for level 1 heroes and makes a great introduction to the ALTERNITY game."

1998 ... Richard Baker ... 16 pages ... TSR 2806 ... ISBN 078691288X

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StarDrive: Red Starrise
"In the far future, representatives of the Galactic Concord make the first trip to the Verge in almost a century. It starts with a call for help, and now a rescue mission speeds through drivespace toward a distant colony at Hammer's Star. The mighty fortress ship Monitor and its support fleet rush across hundreds of light-years, desperate to answer the distress call and unravel the riddle of the outpost on the farthest edge of the Verge....

Now one group of heroes enters the star system, seeking to learn the fate of the colony. As the vanguard of the powerful star fleet, the heroes command the fast, heavily armed star cutter Shrike. What they find waiting for them will forever change the human concept of the universe and humanity's place in the grand scheme of things.

Red Starrise is an ALTERNITY adventure that serves as a prelude to the STAR*DRIVE campaign setting. This spine-tingling, far-future space opera is designed for level 1 heroes and is a great introduction to the ALTERNITY game."

1998 ... Richard Baker ... 16 pages ... TSR 2807 ... ISBN 0786912898

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StarDrive: The Last Warhulk
"The StarMech Collective was in danger of being overwhelmed during the Second Galactic War by the enormous Thuldan Empire. To save the lives of its people, the Collective used its talent in robotics and automation to create the Warhulks - massic spacegoing vessels bristling with destructive capability and guided by the most sophisticated artificial intelligence units ever to be installed in a starship.

When the Treaty of Concord brought an end to the war in 2472, StarMech recalled and deactivated its Warhulks... except for one. Lying disabled and unnoticed in an insignificant star system, the Warhulk designated Ares 22 was stranded. Both its stardrive and its AI unit had been damaged - the ship could not return home, and as a result it never discovered that the war had ended.

Finally, more than a quarter-century later, Ares 22 has found the necessary resources to repair its stardrive. The Last Warhulk is once again operational - and on the prowl for enemies to annihilate.

This 64-page adventure for the STAR*DRIVE campaign setting pits the heroes against a truly inhuman foe - a defective AI that believes itself to be in perfect working order and has a vast array of killing devices at its disposal. The heroes must disable the ship, or somehow dissuade it from carrying out its deadly mission and wiping out millions of innocent people."

1998 ... Richard Baker ... 64 pages ... TSR 2813 ... ISBN 0786912170

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StarDrive: Planet of Darkness
"Planet of Darkness is an adventure designed for the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game. It takes place in the Oberon star system, described in the STAR*DRIVE campaign setting. You can play it as a stand-alone adventure or use it as the foundation for a trade-based, Progress Level 7 campaign.

In these pages, you'll find general information about the planet Lison and how to managa a campaign on this unusual world. The heroes become entangled in the machinations of two stellar nations determined to take more than their share of Lison's most precious resource: rhodium.

• Act I: Rhodium Run introduces heroes to life and trade on Lison. Through their dealings, the heroes uncover a sinister plot involving a cykotek oxygen runner and a nefarious black marketeer.
• Act II: The Omega Agenda challenges heroes to investigate the disappearance of oxygen runners on the planet's surface and expose an insidious enemy threatening the rhodium trade.
• Act III: Eclipse puts heroes against a stellar nation ready to take the entire world hostage. With the aid of some alien artifacts, the heroes must breach the defenses of a dreadnought to end the blockade."

1999 ... Christopher Perkins ... 64 pages ... TSR 11328 ... ISBN 0786913282

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StarDrive: Klick Clack
"For the past decade, klicks have struck at the humans of the Hammer's Star system and then vanished into the depths of space. All we've been able to do is react to their attacks. Striking back hasn't been an option - but that's about to change.

A few weeks ago, a Concord cutter found a gutted ship drifting in space, her crew dead. The officer commanding the cutter ordered his crew to recover the computer core. They found that it contained the location of what could only be a klick base. The Concord has seized this oppurtunity to take the war to the enemy.

Klick Clack sends heroes into the very jaws of the lion. It is modular in design, allowing Gamemasters to reuse the base in future adventures. Included in the product is a map of the base itself, and - for the first time - schematics of a klick attack ship!

Designed for the STAR*DRIVE setting, Klick Clack is also usable with any other campaign based on the ALTERNITY game rules."

1999 ... 32 pages + map ... TSR 11364 ... ISBN 0786913649

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DarkMatter: The Killing Jar
"An abandoned car, stolen by a desperate thief. A mysterious body, dead of unknown causes. The Point Pleasant "mothman" sightings of the 1960s. A corporation that introduces revolutionary devices into the American home. Archaic Native American burial mounds and a shaman's lingering curse. Bioweapon research developed from samples taken from the depths of the Earth.

Strange as it may seem, these items are cloesly related. Discovering how, and why, is what The Killing Jar is all about.

What begins as a simple investigation by the heroes quickly develops into a tangled plot of old secrets and new deceptions. With the aid of unhuman allies, the player characters must unravel the mystery before they become that latest victims of an ancient horror.

An adventure designed for the DARKMATTER setting, The Killing Jar is also appropriate for any other modern-day conspiracy campaign using the ALTERNITY Science Fiction Roleplaying Game rules."

2000 ... 64 pages ... TSR 11615 ... ISBN 078691615X

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