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Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System
Leading Edge Games

Mechanized Combat System ~ Other Military Role Playing Games


A detailed, realistic combat system compatible with Living Steel, also by Leading Edge Games.
See also: Sword's Path Glory / Spectrum Small Arms

Phoenix Command [BOX SET]

BOX CONTENTS: 48-page, spiral-bound Combat System Rule Book, the 26-page, fully illustrated Modern Military Small Arms Weapon Supplement, 8 double-sided card stock Reference Tables, blank Character Sheets.

There are actually 4 double-sided cards:
* Game Sequence / General Reference Table
* Movement Modifiers, etc (3) / Medical (7)
* Offensive Fire (4) / Hit Chances, etc (5)
* Hit Location and Damage (6, both sides)

"Are you tired of your current small arms combat system? Tired of inconsistencies and rules that simply don't work? If so, we invite you to conduct a short test:
Using your current small arms combat system, place the muzzle of a large caliber pistol between your character's eyes. Squeeze the trigger. Continue squeezing the trigger until he falls unconscious. Then have a friend put a band-aid over that nasty .45 caliber dent in his skull, and try not to get him shot too often in the week or two it takes to heal.
Now, using Phoenix Command, place the same pistol in the same place. Squeeze the trigger. You now have a choice: you can either roll up a new character or rush the body to a very sophisticated medical facility and discover the joys of role-playing a vegetable.
If you are nodding your head and smiling, and thinking that it would be nice to have a combat system that really works, welcome to Phoenix Command!

Phoenix Command combines accurate simulation of gunshot wounds with detailed aiming and firing rules, and authentic modern weapon data to create a simple, fast-paced game with an incredibly realistic feel. Included are:
Modern Weapons, including over 140 of the latest: Pistols and Sub-Machineguns (M92F, MAC10, AKR, MP5KA4, etc.) Rifles and Machine Guns (M16A2, M249, AK74, G11, etc.) Grenades and Explosives (M67, M26A2, RGD5, RKG3, etc.) Grenade and Rocket Launchers (M79, M203, RPG7, etc.) Shotguns (SPAS12, B4-B, CAWS, Mossberg Bullpup 500, etc.)
Body Armor and Cover
Medical Aid
Initiative and Morale
Knockout and Disabling Injuries
Phoenix Command provides a challenging and satisfying playing experience as a table top wargame, a modular combat system for your own role-playing game or with any other Leading Edge Game. (Look for Rhand Phoenix Command, the ultra high-tech role-playing game for this system!)"

1986 ... LEG 10200

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Phoenix Command [BOX SET]
* 56 page spiral bound rule book
* 32 page Modern Military Weapon Data Supplement
* Card Stock reference sheets
* Blank character sheets

"You race down the street toward the sound of gunfire.
Up ahead, your teammates are pinned down, and you are their last chance. Your pulse pounding in your ears and your breathing ragged, you flip your Uzi to full auto. Suddenly you hear footsteps in the alley beside you. Uzi in hand, you turn to face your opponents. Your mind rushes Should you fire immediately, or pause to aim? Choose now The decisive moment is at hand.
Phoenix Command is a revolutionary small arms combat system. Quick playing and extremely realistic, it is perfect for any Role-Playing situation, or for man to man modern wargaming. Phoenix Command puts you in the heart of the battle, and raises play to new levels of excitement and vitality.
Beautifully illustrated, Phoenix Command contains over 140 modern military small arms, ranging from pistols to machine guns and rocket launchers. Also included are the only accurate rules for automatic fire, shotguns, and grenades. Phoenix Command is the ultimate simultaneous fire and movement system."

1987 ... LEG 10200

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Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System
Detailed small arms system for RPGs. The core rules; many supplements published.

"Phoenix Command is a revolutionary small arms combat system. Quick playing and extremely realistic, it is ideal for any simulation of modern man-to-man combat. Wargamers, role-players, and students of military history alike will find that Phoenix Command puts them in the heart of the battle in a way that no other system can match.
Different Worlds magazine gave Phoenix Command 4 Stars, its highest rating, and said "Impressive. That is the first word that comes to mind...Simple, yet highly realistic...Compared to this, all other combat systems are nothing."
Find out why Games Review Monthly called the Phoenix Command system "the finest modern combat system", and said it was "without doubt, the most detailed and accurate set of rules for resolving modern small arms combat."
Phoenix Command contains complete data for over 140 of the most common modern military small arms, ranging from pistols to machine guns and rocket launchers, along with the only accurate rules for automatic fire, shotguns, and grenades. A streamlined Basic Game has also been added, to assist those unfamiliar with Phoenix Command."

1989, 1991 ... Barry Nakazono & David McKenzie. Toni Dennis & Nadir Elfarra (Illustration/Graphic Design) ... 92 pages (paperback) ... LEG 10200 ... ISBN 0945571208

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High-Tech Weapons Data Supplement
Contains over 50 new weapons for Phoenix Command. They're all drawn from the Living Steel universe, with gear from the Dragoncrest, Larden, Starguild, Spectral and Seven Worlds cultures.

"This supplement to the Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System sets the scene for High-Tech combat, and contains dozens of weapons suitable for futuristic battles.
Included are:
The entire range of battlefield weapons, from Pistols and Assault Rifles to Squad
Weapons, Rocket Launchers, and Land Mines.
Caseless Munitions.
Sliver, Flechette, and Lase Weapons.
High-Tech Armors, from post-modern Flexible Armor to vacuum-rated Combat Suits.

Also included are a general discussion of the Seven Worlds setting that may be used as a backdrop for play, and full details on how the various weapons and armors work.
This is the second edition of the High-Tech Weapon Data Supplement, and features a number of new weapons, including Scatterpack Handguns and Backpack-fed Flechette Guns, as well as full data covering the improvement of the weapons over a period of 250 years. This supplement is an ideal companion for Heavy Metal, the Power Armor Supplement, and can be used with either Phoenix Command or Living Steel."

1987, 1991 ... 32 pages ... LEG 10201 ... ISBN 0945571216

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Civilian & Police Weapon Data Supplement
"Now the Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System has been expanded to include 117 of the most popular firearms currently available to civilians and police across the United States. Included are:
Revolvers, from the Derringer to the 454 Casull Automatic Pistols, from the Walther PPK to the LAR Grizzly
Bolt Action Rifles, from the Remington 22-250 to the 460 Weatherby
Lever Action Rifles, from the 30-30 Winchester to the 444 Marlin
Semi-Automatic Rifles, from the Ruger 10/22 to the Browning BAR
Paramilitary Weapons, from the Uzi Pistol to the Heckler & Koch M93
Shotguns, from the 410 Gauge to the 10 Gauge Magnum

This is the 2nd Edition of the Civilian Weapon Data Supplement, and includes many new weapon entries, among them the Glock 9mm, the LAR Grizzly in 9mm & 45 Winchester Magnum, the Bren 10mm, the Desert Eagle 44 Magnum, and the 454 Casull.

With this fully illustrated supplement, Phoenix Command has a wide range of new uses, including espionage, police, and post-apocalypse settings."

1987 ... LEG 10202 ... ISBN 0945571224

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Advanced Rules for Small Arms Combat
"The Advanced Phoenix Command Supplement expands on the rules provided in the Phoenix Command Combat System, allowing players to handle a wide variety of special situations. Each section is modular, making it easy for players to use the appropriate rules, and to select the exact level of game detail desired. More than 20 different sections are included,-among them:
Blunt Trauma: When Body Armor stops a bullet, it only stops the penetration; it does not necessarily stop the severe bruising and possible broken bones which may result from the bullet's impact. The wounds caused by non-penetrating rounds, called Blunt Trauma, are fully discussed.
Smoke: A common factor on many battlefields, Smoke provides vital protection from the enemy during dashes across streets and open areas, towards hostile positions, and during retreats. The full effects of Smoke are explained including the duration of Smoke clouds generated by Smoke Grenades, the effects of wind on the cloud, and the partial visibility possible while the smoke
Blind Fire: The standard response to enemy Smoke screens, Blind Fire (firing without being able to see the target) can also be vital in house-to-house fighting, when pinned by enemy fire, or providing harassing fire against unseen opponents.
Among the other sections included are: Ballistic Accuracy; Weapon Reliability and Weapon Damage; the Three Round Burst; Explosive Ammunition; Permanent Disabling Injuries; Effective Minimum Arc; Optical Scopes; Spotting; Cover Generation; Large Scale Battlefields; Leadership; Ground Burst Explosions; Mines and Traps; Time of Flight; Evasive Action; Recoil Recovery; Off Hand Fire; Free Actions; Skills; Training; and Experience."

1986, 1989 ... LEG 10203 ... ISBN 0945571232

1986 edition at Amazon

1989 edition at Amazon

Hand-to-Hand Combat System

"This supplement to the Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System is complete in itself, and contains all the rules you need for the best Hand-to-Hand Combat gaming you have ever experienced. Phoenix Command Hand-to-Hand balances the legendary Phoenix Command realism with a fast, playable game system that takes you to the heart of the battle. Included are:
Character Generation.
Data for dozens of Weapons, from Swords and Spears to Bayonets and Baseball Bats.
Fast, simple Combat rules.
A Damage System that does not use "hit points", "wounds", or other arbitrary measures of how many times you have to hit an opponent to kill him.
Medical Aid and Recovery.
A wide range of Optional Rules, governing special situations like Collisions,
Glancing, and Surface Cuts.
And complete rules for several unusual weapons, including Whips, Chairs, and Chainsaws.
If you play Phoenix Command, then Phoenix Command Hand-to-Hand will enhance and expand the range of your gaming.
And if you have never played Phoenix Command, then the Phoenix Command Hand-to-Hand Combat System is an excellent way to join the Revolution in Game Design."

1988 ... 48 pages ... LEG 10204 ... ISBN 0945571240

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Advanced Damage Tables for Small Arms
"This Advanced Damage Tables Supplement is an ideal companion to the Phoenix Command Combat System, and provides a detailed, graphic expansion of the Hit Location and Damage Tables. In addition to Physical Damage, this supplement shows the actual bullet path through flesh, bones, and organs. Over 60 detailed Hit Locations are presented, covering shots from the Front, Side, and Rear, and from Oblique angles. In addition to these improvements in the Hit Location and Damage Tables, this supplement also includes other important features:
Low Penetration Weapons: The expanded Tables accurately show the effects of Low Penetration weapons, like under-powered pistols and Shotguns firing Bird Shot.
Shock: Some wounds are more painful than they are lethal. This supplement accurately presents the effects of pain and Shock, as opposed to Physical Damage.
Glancing Off Bone: When a bullet hits a Bone, it will sometimes bounce off and continue through vital tissue, rather than expending its energy breaking the Bone. This is taken into account for the first time in this supplement.
The Advanced Damage Tables Supplement is an optional rules set designed for use with other Leading Edge products, including the Phoenix Command Combat System and the Living Steel Adventure Game."

1987, 1989, 1991 ... 16 pages ... LEG 10205 ... ISBN 0945571259

Damage Tables (1987) at Amazon

Advanced Damage Tables (1989, 1991) at Amazon

World War II Weapon Data Supplement
"Now the Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System lets you join the battles of World War II, with more than 80 of the most memorable weapons used during the conflict. All the major powers are represented: France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Included are:

Pistols, from the Japanese 8mm Taisho 14 to the British Webley Mk6 .455 Revolver
Sub-Machine Guns, from the German MP38/40 Schmeisser to the Allied Sten Mk2 and Mk3, and the famous Thompson "Tommygun"
Bolt Action and Semi-Automatic Rifles, from the U.S. Ml Garand to the German KAR 98K
Machine Guns, from the British Vickers Mkl to the German MG42 7.92mm Mauser
Explosives, from the German Stick Grenade to the U.S. "Pineapple" Grenade

Fully illustrated, this supplement allows Phoenix Command players to include World War II and many post-war conflicts in their gaming."

1988 ... LEG 10206 ... ISBN 0945571260 (?)

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Wild West Weapon Data Supplement
"Now the Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System lets you ride with the soldiers and gunslingers of the American Frontier. This supplement features 48 of the most popular and memorable weapons of the West, as well as special rules for the classic shootouts of legend. Included are:
Pistols, from the Derringer to the Colt Peacemaker
Muskets, from the Charleville to the Springfield 1863
Breechloading Rifles, from the Sharps Carbine to the Springfield 1873
Lever Action Rifles, from the Henry Repeater to the Winchester 1873
Other Weapons, including the Sawed-Off Shotgun and the Gatling Gun

Also included are sections on Quick Drawing, Fanning Revolvers, Speed Loading, and rules for Firing From (and Firing At) Horses, as well as an overview of weapons development through the nineteenth century.
Fully illustrated, this supplement allows Phoenix Command players to include the Napoleonic Era, the Civil War, and the days of the American Frontier in their gaming."

1989 ... LEG 10207 ... ISBN 0945571275

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Special Weapons Data Supplement
"This Special Weapons Supplement to the Phoenix Command Combat System
contains all the necessary rules and data for a wide variety of unusual or distinctive weapon systems, included are:
o Riot Control Gear, from Tear Gas to Plastic Bullets
o Protest Weapons, from Rocks and Bottles to Molotov Cocktails
o Incendiary Weapons, from White Phosphorus Grenades to World War II and Modern Flamethrowers
o Modern Military Equipment, from Claymore Mines to Miniguns
o Archery Equipment, from the Horsebow of ancient times to the modern Compound Target Bow
o Weapons of Stealth, from Silencers for Sub-machineguns and Pistols to Garrotes and Strangulation Techniques

This supplement allows Phoenix Command players to incorporate a wide variety of powerful, unusual, or highly specialized weapons into their gaming."

1991 ... LEG 10208 ... ISBN 0945571283

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Phoenix Command Expansion
"Phoenix Command Expansion contains new rules for the Phoenix Command Combat System, and allows players to add entirely new aspects to their gaming. Each Section is modular, making it easy for players to use the rules that are most interesting to them, and that apply to their particular game. More than a dozen new topics are covered, including:
Animal Rules: Full rules for Animals in combat. Data is given for more than 40 different Animals, from Dogs to African Game to Dinosaurs, and special Hit Location and Damage Tables are presented for Birds, Marine Life, Bipeds, and both Short and Long-Legged Quadrupeds. Animal attacks are also given, including Bites, Kicks, Claw attacks, Rams, and special rules for the powerful Rending of a predator with its jaws locked on its target.
Reaction Time: How quickly a combatant reacts to surprise is obviously vital. These rules simulate the reaction times of combatants of varying experience.
Aim Points: Customized Hit Location Tables are given, allowing players to aim at particular areas of a target. The tables accurately represent the modified Odds of Hitting and the altered distribution of hits resulting from aim at the Head, Heart, Mid-Body, or Legs.
40mm Grenade Canister Round: Developed for short-range combat in Vietnam, the M576 Multiple Projectile Round turns a Grenade Launcher into a Shotgun.
Also included are Sections covering: Target Identification; Effective Sustained Automatic Bursts; Tracking Full Automatic Fire; Thrown Grenade Range Modifiers; Grenade Penetration of Brush and Foliage; Overhead Ceilings and Thrown Grenade Ranges; Explosive Shock; Grenade Launcher Arming Range; Expanded Wound Recovery Rolls; and Medical Skill Level Modifiers."

1992 ... LEG 10209 ... ISBN 0945571291

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Artillery System
"This Artillery System is designed for use with the Phoenix Command Combat System. It allows players to add the full range of Indirect Fire weaponry to Phoenix Command, and includes:
* Fire Missions, from the first Ranging shot, through Adjusting Fire, to sustained Fire For Effect by individual weapons or complete Batteries.
* Forward Observers, with everything necessary for calling in fire, including Forward Observer and Battery errors, Weather corrections, and Forward Observer Skill.
* Direct Fire, for the defense of Fire Bases and other last-ditch actions.
* Defensive Positions, showing the effects of artillery fire on Buildings, Foxholes, and Trenches, as well as in Forests and Jungles.
* Air and Ground Bursts, arid their effects in various situations.
* Complete Weapon Data for a wide range of Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, and Rockets from World War II to the present, including British, German, Soviet, and United States weapons.

Illustrated and developed with the same techniques as other Phoenix Command products, this System is compatible with the entire PC line and includes everything necessary to add Artillery Fire Missions to the game."

1991 ... LEG 10230 ... ISBN 0945571801

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Lock and Load - Vietnam: 1965-1971
See Also: Recon.

"Clearly one of the defining military conflicts of our time, the Vietnam War pitted the military might of the USA against the willpower of the Vietnamese Communists. Political and military leaders on both sides struggled to dictate the direction of a new kind of war, a guerilla war on an immense scale. The lessons learned in Vietnam have been applied to countless battlefields. It was the soldier in the field who providedlhe lessons, by learning them the hard way. This Scenario Pack allows players to re-create the Vietnam War as it was fought by the infantrymen of the forces involved: US Marines, US Army, South Vietnamese ARVN, ARVN Rangers, Regional Force/Popular Force, NVA Regulars, NVA Sappers, and Viet Cong Guerillas.
Lock and Load includes seven Scenarios drawn from the war: Jungle Patrol, Search and Destroy, Night Ambush, Street Fight, Fire Base Defense, Rescue Operation, and Flank Security.
Each Scenario includes a full page map designed for easy enlargement to any size; the Night Ambush Map is shown at right. Equipment Options allow the Scenarios to be customized with Punji Stakes, Trip Flares, Barbed Wire, Bangalore Torpedoes, Booby-Trapped Grenades, and more. Pre-Generated Troop data provides complete Combat and Weapon Data for 59 types of Combatants with 13 Weapons, allowing players to quickly set-up and play any Scenario. Included are: M1/M2 Carbine, M3 "Grease Gun", M1 Garand, BAR, M-14 and SKS Rifles, M-16 and AK-47 Assault Rifles, M-60 and RPD Machine Guns, and RPG-2, RPG-7 and M-79 Grenade Launchers."

1993 ... LEG 10241 ... ISBN 0945571836

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Russian Roulette - The Breakup of the Soviet Union
"From the Baltic Republics to the Black Sea to the barricades in Moscow, Russian Roulette takes players to the scenes of the critical military events that led to the vast changes underway in the Soviet Union. Six historical and hypothetical battles are presented in this Scenario Pack, including:
Soviet Intervention in Baku: When ethnic strife between Armenians and Azerbaijanis went out of control in early 1990, Soviet troops were called in to bring order to Baku, Azerbaijan's capital. This Scenario is a night street battle between Soviets and a crowd of well-armed Demonstrators.
Crackdown in Latvia: In January of 1991, the Soviets sent troops into seven different Republics in an attempt to end nationalist movements. In this Scenario, Soviet Special Forces fight Latvian police for control of the Interior Ministry building, in a battle that was televised internationally.
Other Scenarios cover Black Berets in Lithuania, Vigilantes in Azerbaijan, and Ethnic Strife in Georgia. There is even a Scenario for what might have happened if the Soviet military had tried to kill Boris Yeltsin during August's failed Coup. Each Scenario includes a detailed Map, special rules, and full data for all the combatants. Also included is background material for each of the Scenarios, plus an overview of the Soviet military and security forces."

1992 ... Roman Andron ... LEG 10281 ... ISBN 0945571819

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In the Name of God - Conflict in the Middle East

1993 ... LEG 10282 ... ISBN ??


Phoenix Command Playing Aids
"These Playing Aid Counters streamline play of the Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat
System, so players can run a Scenario with a minimum of record keeping. Instead of using Status Sheets, players just put Counters directly on the playing surface to keep track of what is happening. Included are Counters for:
Firing Stance
Aim Times
Physical Status, including Disabling Injuries and PD Totals
Grenades, including Preparing, Throwing, and Burst Location
Movement Speeds and Stance
Ammunition Use and Reloading

Over 500 Counters are included, providing markers for dozens of Combatants. There is also a Tip Sheet, with guidelines for Phoenix Command play and Scenarios, and the use of the Counters."

1993 ... LEG 14200 ... ISBN n/a

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Mechanized Combat System

Mechanized Combat System
"This Mechanized System takes the Phoenix Command line to a new level. Created using the same techniques that have made the Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System the definitive rules for man-to-man combat, PC Mechanized covers the use of Tanks and other Armored Fighting Vehicles on the modern battlefield.
The system covers every major factor; Movement, Fire, Visibility, Terrain and Obstacles, Crew Damage, Glancing, Anti-Tank Guided Weapons, complete rules for Infantry Combat, and more. Full detail is given for ten of the most important Tanks in the world, including the German Leopard 2, the British Chieftain, the Israeli Merkava, the Soviet T-64, T-72, and T-80, the USA M1A1 Abrams, and others. Multiple versions are given for each Tank, representing major refitting and updating of armor and equipment.
As always, this system is compatible with the entire PC line."

1992 ... LEG 10240

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Light Vehicles/Light Fighting Vehicles
"This supplement to the Phoenix Command Mechanized Combat System provides the Status Sheets for the primary Light Fighting Vehicles used by the USA and the former Warsaw Pact countries.
Included are the Canadian LAV 25, the USA HMMWV 988 ("Humvee"), M113A1 Armored Personnel Carrier, M2A1 and M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, M3A1 and M3A2 Cavalry Fighting Vehicles, and the Soviet BRDM 2, BRDM 3, BMD 1, BTR 80, BMP2, and BMP2E.
In addition, special rules for Crew Damage in Light Vehicles, Wheeled Vehicles, and Mounting and Dismounting by Infantry Squads are presented, along with full Vehicle Descriptions."

1992 ... Barry Nakazono ... LEG 10241

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Panzer: World War II Medium Tanks
"This supplement to the Phoenix Command Mechanized Combat System provides the Status Sheets for the primary Medium Tanks of World War II. Included are versions of the German Pz IV, including the short-barreled Pz IV-F1, the long-barreled Pz IV-F2, and the high-velocity Pz IV-H; two models of the powerful Pz V Panther; the Soviet T34 and the T34 / 85; and the US M4A3 Sherman with both 75mm gun and high-velocity 76mm gun.
In addition, special rules for Vehicle Systems specific to World War II Tanks and Second Shot Accuracy are presented, along with full Vehicle Descriptions."

1993 ... LEG 10242 ... ISBN 0945571429

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King Tiger: World War II Heavy Tanks
"This supplement to the Phoenix Command Mechanized Combat System provides the Status Sheets for the primary Heavy Tanks of World War II. Included are the German Pz VI Tiger, the Pz VI King Tiger, the Soviet KV1 with 76mm gun, the "Speedy" KV1S, the KV-85 with 85mm gun, the Joseph Stalin IS2 and IS2m Heavy Tanks with 122mm guns, and the US M4A3E2 "Jumbo" Assault Sherman.
In addition, special rules for Vehicle Systems specific to World War II Tanks and Second Shot Accuracy are presented, along with full Vehicle Descriptions."

1993 ... LEG 10243 ... ISBN 0945571437

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Pak Front: World War II Anti-Tank Guns
"This supplement to the Phoenix Command Mechanized Combat System provides the Weapon Data for the primary Anti-Tank Guns of World War II.
Included are the 24 most prominent Anti-Tank Guns of the war, from the German 37mm Pak 36 to the devastating 88mm Pak 43, and from the British 2 Pounder to the US M5 3 Inch Gun and the Soviet 100mm D-10. Full descriptions of each Gun are also given, as are the special rules for using World War II Anti-Tank Guns."

1993 ... Barry Nakazono & David McKenzie ... LEG 10244

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Mechanized Playing Aids
"These Playing Aid Counters streamline play of the Phoenix Command Mechanized Combat System, so players can run a Scenario with a minimum of record keeping. Instead of using Status Sheets, players just put Counters directly on the playing surface to keep track of what is happening. Included are Counters for:
Vehicle Speeds
Aim Times
Vehicle Status, including Abandoned, Burning, Mobility Kill, Gun Kill, and others
Hull Down and Turret Down Positions
Missiles and Artillery Strikes
Infantry Movement, Fire, Morale, and Cover
Over 500 Counters are included, providing markers for dozens of Vehicles and their supporting Infantry. There is also a Tip Sheet, with guidelines for Mechanized play and Scenarios, as well as how to use the Counters."

1993 ... LEG 14240

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