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A Judges Guild rejection letter

D&D / AD&D / "Universal Fantasy Supplement"

Ready Ref Sheets (Volume 1)
"Covering Judges Guildmember Guidelines, Issues 1 to 6 Including Wizards Guide, Monster Compendium, Baronies, Men Attacking & Much More."

1978 ... JG 14

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Tegel Manor (1977)
See also: The Original Tegel Manor, by Gamescience.

"Tegel Manor, a great manor-fortress on the seacoast, is rumored to be left over from ancient days when a charm was placed over it protecting it from most of the ravages of time and human occupation. The hereditary owners, whose family name is Rump, have been amiss in their traditional duty of providing protection for the market village to the west. Some have said that this failing and their bizarre eccentricities have led to their corruption. Many have found the manor and area to be a dangerous place to visit!"

1977 ... Bob Bledsaw & Bill Owen ... Cover sheet, Orange-cover 24 page booklet ("Guidelines Booklet L"); a 17"x22" Judges map; a 11"x17 Players map, each printed on both sides ... Judges Guild

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Tegel Manor (1980)
"The haunted house for your campaign describes rule guidelines, monsters and ghostly encounters."

1980 ... 30-page booklet (blue cover) and referee's poster map. Booklet cover states "Official Dungeon Aid Approved for Dungeons & Dragons." ... JG 27

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First Fantasy Campaign (D&D/Blackmoor)
See also: Blackmoor D&D adventures

First Fantasy Campaign (1977): Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor Emerges Post-TSR

"From the first excursions into the dark depths of Blackmoor Castle's Dungeon it became apparent that these first hardy bands of adventurers would soon seek out new worlds to pillage. From the castle itself the small town of Blackmoor grew, then the surrounding countryside became filled with new holes to explore and beyond that talk was already spreading about visiting the Egg of Coot. Each of these steps entailed a great deal of work upon a naive referee who felt that there was already more than enough trouble already available to satisfy any band of adventurers, a phrase no doubt heard rather frequently since than in other areas. In general, a fairly loose procedure was set up for the establishment of each of these new areas, with a great deal of emphasis being placed on the players themselves setting up new Dengeons, with my original Dungeonmaster role evolving more into the job of coordinating the various operations that were underway at any given moment. At the height of my participation as chief co-ordinator there were six Dungeons and over 100 detailed player characters to be kept track of at any one time.
Each area had to mesh with those areas that were around it, in so far as setting up the various monsters etc. were concerned. It was also readily apparent, from previous experience running a "Conventional" Napoleonic Wargames campaign that some sort of Overall Background would have to be constructed to provide a framework within which the players could work. Thus the overall concept of the Evil Egg of Coot and the Great Kingdom was born. These two entities could prove to be the source of great events outside of the actual campaign, a source of new recruits and monsters, and give the stimulus, in the way of quests and adventurers to give the players more of a motive than just looting the Dungeon..."

1977 ... Dave Arneson & Richard Snider ... 96 pages + 2 maps ... JG 37

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The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor

"Brigands stronghold; history, maps, statistics; five dungeon levels."

1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 ... Mark Summerlott ... 32 pages ... JG 52

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1978 edition (red):
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1979 edition (pink):
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1980 edition (orange):
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1981 edition (purple):
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Gen Con IX Dungeon (Dungeons & Dragons)
"Two Seperate Scenarios: Baldemar Castle & Staff of Albalon; Temple of Diklah & Helm of Valasdum."

1978 ... Bob Blake ... 30 pages ... JG 55

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Village Book 1: Campaign Hexagon Sub-system
"Guidelines & villages on numbered hex grids"

1978 ... 62 pages ... JG 59

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Castle Book I (Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement)
Detailed castle plans on numbered hex grids. Guidelines tables for leaders, garrisons, siege warfare, and fortification construction.

1978 ... Bob Bledsaw & Bill Davis & Mark Holmer ... 62 pages ... JG 60

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Island Book 1
"Campaign Guidelines & Islands On Numbered Hex Grids"

1980 ... 62 pages ... JG 61

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Sea-Steeds and Wave Riders
Judges Guild's surprisingly thorough accessory on all things nautical for fantasy RPGs, with chapters on construction, the crew ("Sailors"), naval combat, ship descriptions and stats, nautical terms, and a bibliography.

SS&WR consists of a 30-page booklet and 2 large fold-out sheets of deckplans of fantasy craft of various sizes.

For years, this had been the source of frustration for me as I'd been acquiring these booklets and map one, but not the second map, or so I thought. Yet online descriptions insisted SSWR came with two maps.

Today (Sept 12, 2012), I opened a factory shrinkwrapped SSWR to finally have an answer to the identity of this mysterious "2nd map."

The answer: Both maps are identical. Which had me a little puzzled: Why would Judge's Guild go to the expense of including two identical maps for this accessory?

The Designer's Notes in the back indicate that Sering intended for gamers to be able to cut-out the ships for use in play. Ahhhhhh! In this day and age of abundant copiers and scanners, (almost) nobody would cut the ships out of the sheets. I'd forgotten that in 1978, players did take the scissors to their maps.

1978 ... Dave Sering ... 30 pages + 2 fold-out maps ... JG 66

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War Cry: Comprehensive Set of Miniatures Rules, Ancients Through Medieval Era (2nd Edition)
Judges Guild Emperor Series Ruleset. CONTENTS: Game Scale * Sequence of Play * Orders * Movement * Terrain * Reaction Moves * Evading Troops * Missile Fire * Arcs of Fire * Artillery * Melee Combat * Chariots * Cavalry Melee Rules and Chariot Melee Rules * Elephant Rules * Point Values * Regular and Irregular Troops * Fortifications * Melee Weapons * Disarray * Overlapping * Morale * Morale Charts * Percentage Loss Table * Organizing Your Army * Army Morale Chart * Battering with Artillery * Assault on Fortifications * Optional Rules * Questions and Answers.

1981 ... 32 pages + 2 wall charts ... JG 68

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Frontier Forts of Kelnore
"Multi-level adventure generation system; tables & charts to build scenarios; traps, monsters, treasures, maps; three complete examples given."

1978, 1980 ... Dave Sering ... 30 pages ... JG 71

1978 edition:
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1980 edition:
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The Dragon Crown
"Caught while looting his hoard, the great red dragon offers you freedom and a reward to recover his lost crown. It is certain death to refuse."

1979 ... Michael Mayeau & Paul Jaquays ... 16 pages ... JG 76

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Of Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green
"Official GenCon X D&D tournament dungeon, this booklet includes area and village maps of Scrapfaggot Green, special tournament rules, background, the Sur-Khanian Maze, and six dungeon levels, making it an ideal mini-campaign. The players must find the key to Akbeth's Tower, enter and find an ancient skull, and with this skull journey through the Forbidden Lands to close an interdimensional doorway. A Baron of this kingdom will greatly reward a stalwart adventuring party. This product includes pre-rolled characters and their equipment and spells, and is especially created and approved for use with D&D."

1980 ... Bob Blake ... 51 pages ... JG 80

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Dark Tower
"An Ancient Evil has overtaken a once holy shrine. Thus, a sleepy mountain hamlet becomes a focal point for mysterious disappearances and even stranger legends of what lurks beneath the village.
Would any group of adventurous souls dare to probe the facts that lie behind the myths, or seek to right ancient wrongs, rescue secreted artifacts, or . . . even attempt to exterminate the source of evil itself?
This is no quest for the weak of spirit of strength: Beyond the cellars of Mitra's Fist lie strong allies and strange enemies, undead and undying, each seeking to involve the unwary in a titanic battle of good against evil, which can only end in destruction.

Created and Approved For Use With Advanced Dungeons & Dragons."

1980 ... Paul Jaquays ... 70 pages ... JG 88

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Under the Storm Giant's Castle
"Once upon a time there was a storm giant named Nimbus who lived with his wife, Cerulean, and their baby, Squall, in a marvelous castle on an island of magic clouds. They were all happy, until one dreadful day something terrible happened.
Nimbus was feeding a flock of sheep to his roc, and Cerulean had just put small Squall down for his nap.
Suddenly, there was a terrible grinding noise, and the baby giant cried out in fear. Rushing back to the nursery, Cerulean was just in time to see a horrible wormlike monster drag her baby down through a hole in the floor. "Nimbus! Help!" she screamed.
Quick as lightning, Nimbus came thundering in. "What's the matter?"
"A horrible worm stole our baby! And he went down that hole! And the hole is too small for us!" "So it is," said Nimbus. "And if we make it any bigger, our castle's foundation stone," which was white quartz, and magical of course, "will crack and we will crash to the ground." He put his arm in the hole and felt around. "It's too deep. I can't touch the bottom." Cerulean started to cry.
"Don't cry, my dear," said Nimbus. "We have many friends who can help, and maybe some of those teensy humans and elves and things can be hired to bring back our baby. They like gems you know."

1979 ... Thomas McCloud & Paul Jaquays ... 32 pages ... JG 93

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Treasury of Archaic Names, Volume 1
"Sourcebook for Olden Names, Nicknames, Titles, Towns & Tavern Names For Fantasy & Science Fiction Role Playing Games"

1979 ... Bill Owen ... 64 pages ... JG 96

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Caverns of Thracia
"They Have Been Waiting...
For over a thousand years the things that lurk beneath the waters, skulk in the darkness and lie hungrily in dank crypts have been patient, while all around them men and monsters bicker amongst themselves, bold enough to traverse the dark caverns' depths, but afraid or perhaps wise enough to leave the forgotten vaults and hidden passages alone.
And still, they wait, undisturbed. They are waiting for you!"

1979 ... Paul Jaquays ... 78 pages ... JG 102

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Village Book 2: Campaign Hexagon Sub-system
"Guidelines & villages on numbered hex grids. Also a section on Coats-of-arms and heraldry on shields."

1979 ... Maps: Bryan Hinnen & Mark Holmer & Mitch Johnson. Heraldry Tables: Bob Bledsaw. Cover: Paul Jaquays. Layout: Dave Sering. ... 62 pages ... JG 104

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Back cover art of wizard deflecting arrows with a Shield spell by Kevin Siembieda of Palladium fame. Later(?) printings do not have this art on the reverse.

"Nestled along the banks of the river known as "The Great Source", stands the mighty fortress City of Verbosh. Built ages ago by the great "Lord Verbosh I", who founded the great and noble, royal line of Verbosh. A line of great kings which lasted until the birth of Verbosh II, whose first great act was to lead his proud legion into "The Battle of Dead-end Canyon"; where they were overwhelmed by a host of Kobolds fully half their number. From there on, the line of Verbosh went steadily down hill. Verbosh XXI managed to lose the family castle and holdings in a game of dice. This proved to be the high point of Verboshian history.
The castle then passed from owner to owner through various unsavory deals into the hands of its present owner, Hargor the Complainer."

1979 ... 80 pages ... JG 108

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Operation Ogre: 1979 Pacificon tournament dungeon

"The Elven Princess Soula was out having a picnic 2 days ago with her 5 handmaidens and their escorts, when they were attacked by Ice Ogres and Bugbears. The escorts fought valiantly, but were slain, and the princess and her handmaidens were captured and carried off.

The king is very distraught at the capture of his daughter, and fears she will be slain before he can marshall his army and rescue her. So I, Esol, the king's wizard, have summoned you here for an attempt to rescue her. By means of a powerful spell, I am able to teleport up to 8 elves great distances. So I will teleport the 8 of you to the entrance of the cavern, where I have learned the Ogre's lair is located. From there on, you will be on your own, as the spell will drain my energies completely.

You are to locate and rescue the princess and her handmaidens, inflicting as much damage on the Ice Ogres in the process as possible for daring such a foul deed. If you succeed, the king will reward you handsomely."

1979, 1981 ... Michael E. Mayeau ... 32 pages ... JG 109

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The Book of Treasure Maps
"FIVE Scenarios, Complete Adventures with Judges & Players Maps, Full Background & Accompanying Rumors. Ready to add to Any Campaign."

1979 ... Paul Jaquays ... 51 pages ... JG 113

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Maltese Clue
"You, Sam 'The Spade’ Lonetree and your band of expediters are given the task of
locating the key to a magical book for a powerful Wizard. The key -- of which he can give only a vague description -- is located in a castle that to all appearances is haunted. Strange things do happen, and your employer informs you that two previous parties have failed to return. Muttering something about talking artifacts and black birds, the Mage says, ‘I have no choice; it's a job for The Spade. Good luck.’"

1979 ... 48 pages ... JG 114

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Temple of Ra: Accursed by Set

1979 ... Thomas & Edward McCloud ... 16 pages ... JG 117

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Escape From Astigar's Lair
"You must escape now! You have now time to cut and try. There is only one chance for you; escape, or face the wrath of Astigar!"

1980 ... Allen V. Pruehs & Ree Moorhead Pruehs & Kevin Siembieda (art) & Paul Jaquays (art) ... 16 pages ... JG 124

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Treasure Vaults of Lindoran
Back cover art of an ettin by Kevin Siembieda of Palladium fame.

1980 ... 34 pages ... JG 190

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"Background And Judge Information:

Inferno is based primarily upon the poem 'Inferno' by Dante and is also fitted as a scenerio into my campaign, Nidevellir. My purpose in writing it is twofold — first, to answer the perennial question of Judge's when the party finds a cursed scroll: "GO DIRECTLY TO HELL! !" now what do I do? and secondly, to provide a power base to the evil immortals in the campaign. There may arise occasions in which an irrated Cleric will Geas some poor fighter into returning something that is on the Devil's plane and this allows the character somewhere to go for the adventure.

Hell has 9 levels (not 9 seperate planes); and the Circles are the major deliniation. There are several more major Archdevils and Dukes and I have added them in at the appropriate points, as well as relocated the old ones (ie. the ones in the TSR Monster Manual) back where they belong. It would seem to the author that Dante was used as some of the source material for the Manual's Devils, but at least they could have gotten their placement right! Archdevils and Dukes have power over their Circle and a means is provided to get past each of the major Devils, if the players have their complete wits about them. Wandering charts are provided as well as a liberal assortment of new devils wandering about. The postulated purpose of Devils is as much guardians of the dead as tormentors, for if they were not prevented from leaving, the souls would all drift toward the center and flee down Lucifer as the characters will try to do. Many devils will therefore NOT attack at first sight, but go off to warn others about living creatures for they have been ordered to keep watch on the souls and dare not leave their post; conversely, amy of the times that the players are stopped is because a devil is to prevent any passage through a certain place and must attempt to stop the players as well."

1980 ... Geoffry O. Dale ... 64 pages ... JG 210

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Fantasy Cartographer's Field Book

1980 ... JG 240

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Portals of Torsh
"Mini-campaign of Lazan, Torsh & Lizardmen. Maps, Treasures, Cities, Ruins, Monsters. Fantastic Historical Background."

1980 ... Rudy Kraft ... 46 pages ... JG 260

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Book of Treasure Maps II
"Five scenarios, Complete Adventures with Judges & Players Maps, Full Background & Accompanying Rumors. Ready to add to Any Campaign."

1980 ... Daniel Hauffe & Rudy Kraft ... 47 pages ... JG 320

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The Unknown Gods
"Contains 83 gods for use in your own campaigns and scenarios. Unknown Gods is approved for use with Dungeons & Dragons tm."

1980 ... Bob Bledsaw ... 48 pages ... JG 420

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Temple Book I

1981 ... Bob Bledsaw ... 64 pages ... JG 440

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Book of Ruins
"The Book of Ruins is a set of 'Mini-dungeons'. They are designed either to be used to spice up an existing campaign, or to be run alone as short 'open' dungeons. Most can be run in one to four hours, so they can fill the void in a normal overland campaign without converting the campaign into a long dungeon scenario. When used as such, the Judge can either pre-locate them on his/her map, giving the players clues to their location. Or he/she can have them appear as 'Wandering' Ruins or Random Encounters.

A background is provided for each ruin. The Judge can use this background if it fits into the general history of the campaign, or he/she can create another if necessary."

1981 ... Michael Mayeau ... 30 pages ... JG 460

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Contains guidebook with details on buildings, personalities, treasures, and monsters; enormous blueprint-style mapsheet with 4 maps of Ravenscrag Castle.

1981 ... 64 pages + 2 large fold-out maps ... JG 530

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Portals of Irontooth
"This is the second product in the "Portals" series. The first product in the series, Portals of Torsh, deals with a world in which mammals never evolved and the primary inhabitants are the reptilian Lizard Men. This product Details a section of a completely different world. One where the native animals have iron teeth and a strange resistance to the powers of magic.
Both of these products can be used as independent campaigns but have been especially designed to link up with an ongoing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tm campaign through a limited number of teleport doors or portals (as they will be called in this booklet). It is no secret that many, if not most, Judges use the published playing aids as special environments which can be entered only through portals. This series of products has been designed to be especially suited to that sort of adaptation..."

1981 ... 48 pages ... Rudy Kraft ... JG 560

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Lara's Tower

1981 ... Kevin Nunn ... 14 pages ... JG 570

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Dragon's Hall
"This 16 page booklet features rules, guidelines, monsters an much more for playing ease. It can be used as a solitaire dungeon or can be made part of an existing campaign. A solo dungeoneer's delight!"

1981 ... Jim Simon ... 30 pages ... JG 630

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"Beware the Black Angel Woods! This warning echoes up and down the Dragon Mountains, throughout the valleys and adjoining countryside and especially reverberates throughout the woods itself which surround the mountain range. Danger lurks within the woods and the stench of Evil is strong. Contorted vines are everywhere, strangling trees and blocking out light by their very size and thickness. One travels through this terrain slowly, painfully and very carefully. Why would any fool even attempt to traverse such a land you ask? In a word -- Zienteck.
Zienteck -- still the legend remains. Zienteck -- former stronghold of the Wizard Zienteck, who, unfortunately, angered the Dragons, and had his stronghold leveled, and was ultimately killed by Griendal the Dragon. Yet if a reckless wanderer were to travel for five days and five nights on foot through the Black Angel Woods -- and survived -- he would reach the fabled Zienteck, where, rumor hath it, the Wizard's Books and Treasures remain intact. Zienteck has seduced many a traveler into the woods -- none has ever returned."

1981 ... Mark Harmon ... 32 pages ... JG 660

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House on Hangman's Hill
"What is the Secret of the House on Hangman's Hill? Only the Dead know, and They aren't Talking. This 32 page Book contains Maps, Tables and Guidelines for use with AD&D in this Haunted House Adventure. Boo!"

1981 ... 32 pages ... JG 670

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Tower of Indomitable Circumstance
"The Tower of Indomitable Circumstance is the description of an ancient, not-quite-abandoned temple, and may be used as a scenario in almost any fantasy role playing game. It is designed to be used either as a "first-time scenario", for use with beginning characters, or as a solo (one player plus Judge) adventure scenario for a somewhat more powerful character. In its first role, the scenario should be ideal for a beginning Judge who is just starting a "campaign-type" game. The scenario also includes suggestions for "spicing up" the module, in order to make it more appropriate for a party of more powerful adventurers, and ideas for getting players to introduce the Order of Math as a new player-run religious power group into your campaign."

1981 ... 32 pages ... JG 680

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Masters of the Mind
"The following set of rules was written as a suppliment adaptable to any of the role playing games systems currently on the market. Many of those game systems do in fact include psionic rules in their systems; however in most of the systems the rules that are included are either extremely confused and disruptive of the game flow or the rules are so restrictive that it simply is not worth the effort to include them into the campaign. (Even if the rules are included in the campaign they typically leave the psionic character very little reason to persue the development of their power (very much unlike thr roles of Technocrat or Magician.) This set of rules enables a psionically endowed character to continually expand their own psionic horizons and to expand the overall extent of psionic power (not that they will ever become an overpowering and unconquerable force in a campaign.) To a certain extent these rules also defind the difference between the psionic capability and magic (most game systems tend to confuse these two disciplines, which one reason why the concept of psionics as a force in a games has not been well developed.) After these rules have been used in a campaign for a while it will become obvious that Psionic Power is no less a potent force than Technology or Magic."

1981 ... Charles Wilson & Ed Perry & Kevin Siembieda & Ken Simpson ... 62 pages ... JG 690

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"Terror stalks the night! Highly detailed village and castle for first-level RP adventure! Area and three-story castle maps with new monster! Hours of fun for beginning play!"

1981 ... Scott Fulton ... 30 pages + large double-sided fold out map ... JG 700

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The Illhiedrin Book
"The scenario assumes the players start at Alcastra's Tower. The party should contain at least one Cleric. The Judge may prefer to start them in Tassin's Wood or one of his own towns, allowing the players to pick up rumors about employment themselves.
The objective of this scenario is the recovery of the Illhiedrin Book. For the players to accomplish this, they must take the information and items given them by Alcastra the Wizardess, and journey to the town of Tassin's Wood to find information concerning a long-dead Wizard. After that, they must clean Orcs out of a Tomb, obtain more information from there, and finally defeat a unique creature in order to recover the Book."

1981 ... Daniel Hauffe ... 32 pages ... JG 750

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Portals of Twilight
"Through a shimmering portal to... where? A new world beckons all would-be adventurers to strange and sometimes sinister encounters ending either in death to the unlucky or great riches to the fortunate. Which will you be?"

1981 ... Rudy Kraft ... JG 770

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F'deck Fo's Tomb

1981 ... Scott Fulton ... 14 pages ... JG 790

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Fantastic Personalities: Universal Fantasy Supplement
"Included within are: 85 characters, complete with background information, religious inclinations, personal quirks, magic items, favorite tactics, magic spells, and more..."

1981 ... Bill Paley & Edward R.G. Mortimer ... 62 pages ... JG 820

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Heroic Expeditions
Contains 3 short adventures: Spear of Darkness; Quest for the Book of Ancestry; Cave of Despair.

1981 ... 48 pages ... Edward R.G. Mortimer ... JG 820

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Prey of Darkness
"Brigands are terrorizing the Elephand Lands. Dare you enter their haunted stronghold to bring them to justice? Or, are you bad enough to join them? The decision is yours!"

1982 ... Edward R.G. Mortimer ... 47 pages ... JG 840

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Wondrous Relics
"Contains new and exciting magical items and mystical artifacts for use with any adventure or campaign. Designed to bring awe to the faces of your player characters."

1982 ... Rudy Kraft ... 30 pages ... JG 920

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Corsairs of Tallibar: Universal Fantasy Supplement
"The Corsairs of Talibar were one of the most feared bands of pirates that ever sailed the Nydar Sea. Nearly 75 years have passed since any captain has quailed at the sight of that dreaded band at his bow. Were they defeated in some unknown battle or swallowed up by the sea, Find out in this 48 page adventure."

1982 ... Mike Wilson ... 46 pages ... JG 910

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Book of Treasure Maps III

1982 ... 80 pages ... JG 990

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Wondrous Weapons: 120 Enchanted Weapons


1982 ... Joseph Weingand ... 64 pages ... JG 1040

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Caves and Caverns: Universal Fantasy Supplement
"Forty-eight caves & caverns with nine pages of charts & guidelines using the City State campaign hexagon system."

1982 ... John Mortimer ... 62 pages ... JG 1100

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In Search of Kelandor's Gold
"It is rumored that the vast treasure of Kelandor I still lies scattered about the once mighty castle. The present lord, Kelandor IX has invited any and all to search for the treasure in return for clearing the castle of the many monsters that have taken up residence there since the demise of Kelandor I. This new adventure is for a dungeon party of 5-8 adventurers of levels 6-10"

1982 ... Greg Geilman ... 80 pages ... JG 1170

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Imperial Infantry Squad: Science Fiction Role Playing Combat Game [BOX SET]
• 160 1/2" die cut counters representing the men and heavy weapons of the Confederation.
• 120 1/2" die cut counters representing the alien race of the Telzan and their heavy weapons.
• 80 1/2" die cut counters representing the Mercenary force which may be used separately or united with the Confederation.
• 120 1/2" die cut counters representing information needed during the course of play such as smoke, flight level, and much more.
• Two 17"x22" full color geomorphic maps which can be arranged in different ways to simulate many terrain situation.
• 32-page rule book is complete and illustrated for ease of play.
• 11 scenarios are provided in the rule book for well balanced play.
• 2 easy to use reference sheets (centerfold of rule book) with fire combat chart, terrain effects, night combat, powered infantry drop and artillery accuracy charts are provided.

"Imperial Infantry Squad is a boxed game of infantry combat in the far future. This science-fiction combat game is easy to iearn and covers the basics such as Movement and Fire, Night Combat, Powered Infantry Drops, Flight, and much more. Also included are rules covering the raising and maintenance of units in a campaign game.
Each hex in Imperial Infantry Squad represents 50 meters of terrain with counters that represent human infantry units with 5 men per counter and Telzan have 10 per unit and single individuals as officers.

Imperial Infantry Squad is a complete game, ready to play. No complete role playing system is provided with this game but it can be easily incorporated into your science-fiction campaign."

1982 ... JG 1110

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City State Warfare [BOX SET]

CONTENTS: * 32-page rule/scenario book * 2 combat charts (in centerfold) * 2 11x17" maps * 480 counters (200 dark blue; 40 light blue; 240 red).

"Introduction: City State Warfare is a tactical combat game set in the Fantastic Era, a place in time and space where technology is Medieval to early Renaissance and the legends live. This is the age in which most Fantasy Role Playing (FRP) Games take place. City State Warfare is a medium for resolving the larger conflicts which would normally be handled with large miniature battles. This game may also be used to recreate the epic battles of fantasy literature."

Scenarios include historical battles [Tours (732), Balathus (1014), Civitate (1053), Hastings (1066), Manzikert (1071), Dorylaeum (1097), Liegnitz (1241), Morgarten (1315)] and battles from the fantasy world of the Invincible Overlord [Pipeweed Farm, Jarmoco, Bellystone Ford, and Ukrak Morfut].

1982 ... JG 1120

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Druids of Doom

1982 ... Bill Pixley & Diane Mortimer ... 46 pages ... JG 1130

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