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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) Campaign Building Accessories

Dungeon Master's Design Kit
"As any good Dungeon Master knows, preparation is the key to a great adventure. The more work done in advance, the smoother the play session will go. And nothing turns players off faster than a DM fumbling for the right piece of information in the middle of a fast-paced session.

That's where the Dungeon Master's Design Kit comes in. Inside its 96 time-saving pages are scores of organizational ideas, refereeing hints, and ready-to-use materials that will make you a better-prepared, better-organized, and just plain better Dungeon Master - without spending a lot of extra time you don't have!

The Dungeon Master's Design Kit includes a 32-page book of forms, designed to keep important information together and at your fingertips. A number of difficult refereeing situations are covered, including the chase scene, one of the toughest AD&D game situations to judge. Another 32-page book contains the "DM's Cookbook," full of ready-to-go ingredients that you can combine in a flash to spice up your campaign. The last book puts the package all together, including loads of practical advice on becoming a better DM.

So pick up the Dungeon Master's Design Kit, harried DM - and watch your AD&D campaign take off!"

1988 ... Harold Johnson & Aaron Allston ... 32 pages (x3) ... TSR 9234 ... ISBN 0880385995

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City Sites
"City Sites, the first in a series of AD&D game floorplans, includes extensive details on urban settings that player characters are likely to visit in any campaign. For instance, there's:
• A smithy run by gnomes.
• A temple that's home to an orphaned dragon.
• A tavern that patrons can't enter until they give the password.

This book also describes two inns, a singing fountain, a jail, and much more!

Each sites entry tells the Dungeon Master what the place looks like at first glance and offers a detailed floorplan of the interior as well as a picture of the exterior. Readers also find fascinating notes about the characters who live and work in each site, and one or two ideas for personalizing the spot to suit any adventure."

1994 ... Skip Williams & Paul Jaquays (cover) ... 96 pages ... TSR 9464 ... ISBN 1560769238

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Castle Sites
"Castle Sites offers a fascinating and detailed look into the workings of seven fantastic fortresses:
• Kaurak Kholzil, a dwarven bastion built into the face of a cliff to protect a rich adamantium mine;
• Cloud Keep, the flying fortress of a storm giant clan;
• Dragon's Coffin, built to keep an ancient black dragon trapped inside its subterranean lair;
• plus a walled valley, the ruined castle of a lich, a border fort, and a frontier outpost.

Each entry includes a description of the site's appearance, history, and layout, a detailed floorplan, complete data on the NPCs who live (or died) there, and adventure hooks to draw player characters into the setting.

Castle Sites is easily adaptable to any AD&D campaign and is suitable for all levels of play. Also in this series of accessories: City Sites and Country Sites."

1995 ... Kevin Melka & Sam Witt ... 96 pages ... TSR 9479 ... ISBN 0786901454

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Country Sites
"Get out of town and into the world!
Country Sites, the third in a series of AD&D game accessories, is a compendium of challenging and distinctive settings that will test the mettle of any group of player characters. Herein is all the information a Dungeon Master needs to build adventures within these settings and incorporate them into an existing campaign: background information, maps, location descriptions, and summary profiles of the unusual characters who populate these strange places.
Take your characters into the "City of the Dead." See if they come overcome the obstacles of "Darian's Wall," or arrange for them to pay a visit to "The Place of Broken Dreams." Every one of the 11 Country Sites in this 96-page book will open new vistas for adventuring in (and sometimes under) the great outdoors.
Previous books in this series include City Sites and Castle Sites."

1995 ... Robin Jenkins and John Nephew ... 96 pages ... TSR 9482 ... ISBN 0786901802

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World Builder's Guidebook
"Admit it... you've always wanted to design your own fantasy world. But the job was just too big and complicated, so you either quit in frustration or didn't start at all.
Get out your pencils and markers, because it's time to make that dream come true! From the first steps of picking a campaign hook to the final details of crafting a kingdom or city, World Builder's Guidebook leads you stage by stage through the process of creating you own, unique campaign world. Build a world modeled after your favorite movies or books, detail a portion of an exisiting world, or create your own fantasy world from scratch!
Some of the features you'll find in the World Builder's Guidebook include:
• An introduction to the art of world building;
• Guidelines and random tables for creating continents, kingdoms, societies, local areas, towns and cities, ecologies, pantheons, histories, and sites of interest;
• A pad of 32 copyable forms, mapping paper, and hex sheets - an indispensable set of tools for your world-building efforts!"

1996 ... 96 pages + pad of forms ... TSR 9532 ... ISBN 0786904348

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Dungeon Builder's Guidebook
"You are probably wondering: Is this guidebook for me? In a word - yes! Dungeon Builder's Guidebook assembles tried-and-true dungeon building advice, approaches, and tactics gathered over many years. The suggestions and samples in this book are an invaluable resource for initiating and fleshing out the ruins, mines, caverns, and tombs of your imagination.
What if you already design all your own dungeons? Though the advice and tips in here may be old news to you, even the most experienced Dungeon Master is sometimes strapped for time or inspiration. Dungeon Builder's Guidebook is perfect for generating the dungeon hook you need at a moment's notice, the goblin warren the PCs accidentally stumble upon, or the pocket dimension you did not get a chance to detail.
Dungeon Builder's Guidebook contains the following features:
• Basic pointers and advice on building dungeons.
• Permutations that provide ways to "twist" your dungeon in exciting ways.
• Six distinct dungeon types, each accompanied by property and encounter tables to help you flesh out your dungeon.
• A collection of 78 geomorphs that you can photocopy, trace, or freehand onto your own maps.
• The Trap Architect, a detailed process for generating lethal traps.
• The Autodungeon Engine, a series of tables that allow you to create a dungeon by attaching random geomorphs together, forming a unique dungeon each time.
Dungeon Builder's Guidebook follows and complements World Builder's Guidebook, focusing on specific sites rather than global design.
The tools are now yours. What are you going to build?"

1998 ... Bruce R. Cordell ... 64 pages + 16-page booklet of geomorphs ... TSR 9556 ... ISBN 0786912073

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This fascinating accessory introduces the Chronomancer and the Temporal Prime, the realm of time.

Excerpts from the review in Dragon 228:
The chronomancer is a "wizard from an elite school of magic whose special training enables him to manipulate the elements of time. Requirements include a minimum Intelligence of 17 and Wisdom of 16, good or neutral alignment, and must be human, elf, or half-elf. Further, they're forbidden from wearing armor, and they advance in level more slowly than normal wizards. On the plus side, they acquire an extra spell per level, and at 5th level become Immune to the effects of slow and haste."
Chronomancers, not surprisingly, have some exclusive spells, including "timereaver (the target is sent backward or forward in time, up to five years per the caster's level) and Articus's Devolutionary Warrior (the target gains Strength and loses Intelligence; his fingernails and teeth" turn into weapons.)

"Temporal Prime: 'an infinite expanse of black space with an infinite number of time streams flowing through it.' The time streams resemble immense clusters of pale silver cords suspended in a gray mist-smoke. Each cord, which stands for a separate realty, is made of countless silver threads, the threads represent the life lines of the residents who occupy that particular reality. The physical appearance of a life line indicates its historical significance; kings generate thick bright lines, peasants generate short dull ones. Bundles of life lines, known as event tangles, indicate historical turning points, such as political assassinations or great wars. Visitors experience the realm as an eerie jungle of cables and webs buffeted by wind-like currents. Perception and movement are subjective, as are all physical laws; visitors "conceive" their own gravity."

"You have all the time in the world - and now you don't.
The final and most dangerous fantasy frontier lies not in space, but in time! At last, the dimension of Time is open to those few wizards who would risk everything - even their very existence - to visit ancient and forgotten lands, or see the unbelievable wonders and horrors of the future. These few wizards are Chronomancers, and this optional 96-page AD&D game accessory reveals the secrets of their lives. New spells, new powers, and new realms - as well as terrifying monsters - are brought to light in this stunning work. Take time to study the mysteries of chronomancy - before someone else takes that time from you."

1995 ... Loren Coleman ... 96 pages ... TSR 9506 ... ISBN 0786903252

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"The secrets of the spirit world unveiled for the first time!
There is a world unseen by mortals, a world filled with invisible beings that whisper words unheard by all - all but the shaman. The shaman alone knows how to listen for the spirits, and the shaman alone knows their secrets.
This 96-page AD&D game accessory introduces three new priest classes with unique powers and exciting potential. More subtle and versatile than clerics and wizards, the shamans tap the energies of the mysterious spirit world, using their extraordinary abilities to further their personal goals, as well as the agendas of their unseen spirit patrons.
Shaman offers complete information on the new classes, tips for incorporating them into established campaigns, new skills, new spells, and a detailed look at the unseen world of spirits."

1995 ... Kevin Hassall & Steve Miller ... 96 pages ... TSR 9507 ... ISBN 0786903260

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Den of Thieves
"Watch your back!
Who stalks the fog-shrouded alleys of the night? Who rules where the City Watch fears to tread? Enter the secret organized underground of thieves, pickpockets, cat burglars, upright men, and kingpins. This 96-page book includes eye-opening details about thieves' guilds, a complete underworld organization, new adventures, and magical items. Also included is a full-color poster map showing an elaborate thieves' hideout in great detail."

1996 ... Wes Nicholson ... 96 pages + map ... TSR 9515 ... ISBN 0786903821

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College of Wizardry
"So you want to learn magic?
With the coming of the Dragon of Shades, an Age of the World came to an apocalyptic end. Centuries passed, and civilization limped back into the light of knowledge. Now a new Age has dawned, as the wizards of the present seek to discover the lost arcane art of the past known only as the Language Primeval!
College of Wizardry presents a complete guild of magic that can be placed in its entirety into any campaign world. This 96-page booklet contains:
* The secret history of the College of Wizardy, "Mathghamhna" in the Elder Tongue.
* A complete listing of the college memebers, including descriptions and stats for the chancellor and regents of this Arcane Order.
* Directions on how to fit the College of Wizardry into any of TSR's currently published worlds.
* Rules for enrolling PC wizards into the college at any level, including as apprentices.
* A full-color poster showing the three towers of Mathghamhna.
* New spells and magical items.
* Two unique magical power sources: The Spellcrux and The Language Primeval.
* Four mini-adventures for characters who range from apprentice to 11th level.
* Companion accessory to Den of Thieves."

1998 ... Bruce R. Cordell ... 96 pages + map ... TSR 9549 ... ISBN 0786907177

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Bastion of Faith
"Secrets of priests and temples - revealed at last!
Who are the priests your player characters turn to for cures and healing? What is the temple like where they line up for holy water? What is the patron church for the zealous party paladin? Where did your party's clerics and priests train, and where do they go when the time comes to learn higher mysteries? Bastion of Faith has answers to these questions and many more!
Bastion of Faith presents a complete temple of priests and affiliates (holy warriors, devout rogues, and pious wizards) that can be placed into any campaign or adventure. Bastion of Faith follows the format of the popular Den of Thieves and College of Wizardry sourcebooks. This 96-page book contains:
• A complete roster of the priests and affiliates of the temple called the Bastion of Faith, including detailed descriptions for the temple's upper hierarchy.
• Rules for incorporating nonpriest characters into the temple as affiliates.
• Maps of the temple, its public spaces...and the tainted catacombs beneath it.
• New priest spells and blessed magical items.
• Four mini-adventures for priest or nonpriest characters.
• The full story behind the Bastion's "Secret Doctrine" and the consequences for the temple should the truth ever get out!"

1999 ... Bruce R. Cordell ... 96 pages ... TSR 11442 ... ISBN 0786914424

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The Vortex of Madness and Other Planar Perils
"Have your AD&D players been everywhere and slain everything? Are they getting bored with the same old world? Need to shake them up? Then drop them into the Vortex!

Step through the portal into:
• The Vortex of Madness: In the depths of Limbo, a lost legend warps reality. Discover the fate of one of history's great madmen in this mind-bending locale.
• The Citadel of Gith Reborn: A lone githyanki fortress in the vast gray of the Astral Plane holds a grave threat to the rule of the lich-queen. Has the legendary Gith returned?
• Leonis: On an obscure demiplane, a crazed wizard defies both magic and science with his creations. Are his secrets worth dying for?
• The Black Acropolis: Zeus imprisoned the Titans in the pit of Tarterus countless millennia ago - but even the Great Cage can't hold them forever.
• The City of Glass: The "Sigil of the Elements" is the destination on the Plane of Water. Here are possibilities as endless as the Bottomless Deep itself.

The Vortex of Madness presents five intriguing places on the Inner and Outer Planes. Designed for high-level campaigns, each site is a gateway to adventure. Whether for a single visit or a continuing tour, The Vortex of Madness has all you need to take your game beyond the Prime. The book also includes an optional storyline linking all five planar locales.

These adventure sites can be used with the PLANESCAPE setting or any other ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game world."

2000 ... Chris Pramas ... 96 pages ... TSR 11326 ... ISBN 0786913266

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Warriors of Heaven
"This book sheds new light on the powerful and majestic celestials, guardians of the Upper Planes and empyreal enemies of evil. Players can design their own celestial characters and take the fight to those denizens of darkness, the fiends!

This accessory includes:
• Celestial Races. All of the information you need to design and play celestial characters: aasimon, aasmiar, archons, asuras, eladrins, and guardinals.
• Celestial Beings and Places. Detailed information on various key players and sites throughout the Upper Planes.
• Celestial Magic. New spells and magical items for celestial characters.
• Celestial Campaign Tips. Techniques for running campaigns with celestial characters on the Upper Planes and the Prime Material Plane.
This product is Web Enhanced. Additional material available at www.tsr.com"

1999 ... Christopher Perkins ... 96 pages ... TSR 11361 ... ISBN 0786913614

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Guide to Hell
"Diabolical threats lurk everywhere in the world of the AD&D game. Heroes who fight evil on the Prime Material Plane may contend with forces whose power rises from the depths of Hell. Adventurers who travel to Hell meet devildom on its own terms and risk not only their lives but their everlasting souls.
Guide to Hell is a comprehensive look at the nature of devils, ways for heroes to battle them, and the twisted geography and politics of the Nine Layers in the AD&D game. The decision to 'go to Hell' should never be made lightly -- but once it is made, this book will give the DM everything he or she needs to make the experience memorable for all the heroes... at least, those who survive.

Guide to Hell includes:
• Four new PC kits -- The Devil Slayer, the Thaumaturgist, the Inquisitor, and the Hellblade.
• A devil-fighting organization adaptable for any campaign.
• New spells and magical items with a diabolic twist.
• Advice for DMs on integrating the infernal into their campaigns.
• Full statistics on the Lords of the Nine, the rulers of Nine Hells.
• The secret history of Hell and the Dark Lord of Nessus, Asmodeus.
• Statistics for all major devil types, plus a new devil created especially for this book."

1999 ... Chris Pramas ... 64 pages ... TSR 11431 ... ISBN 0786914319

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