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Pendragon - Prince Valiant - Chaosium

Pendragon - German Edition | Prince Valiant


"Chivalric Roleplaying in Arthur's Britain...

Relive the glory of King Arthur's court. Uphold the chivalric ideals of fair play, courage, honesty, and justice as your valiant knight-character undertakes perilous quests and risks monstrous dangers in legendary Britain. He'll smite bloodthirsty giants and crush treacherous invaders for King Arthur and his own glory.

To play the Pendragon roleplaying game, you create and take on the role of squire, knight, or noble of the realm. Armed and armored, you overcome life-and-death struggles, impossible frustration, and ruthless enemies to join the Fellowship of the Round Table.

The gamemaster leads the other players in interpreting the Pendragon rules and is central in bringing the adventures to life. He commands the magic of Merlin and Morgan le Fay, the actions of King Arthur and Queen Guenever, and the schemes of Mordred and Agravaine."

Pendragon: Chivalric Roleplaying in Arthur's Britain [BOX SET]

* Play-Aids and character sheets
* Player's Book (88 pages)
* Gamemaster's Book (16 pages)
* The Characters (8 pages)
* Map of King Arthur's Britain

I've seen one with a Fall/Winter 1986 Chaosium catalog, and another with a 1988 catalog, giving an indication of the length of time the set was in print.


• Roleplaying — innovative game mechanics awaken passionate love, hate, and loyalty in your characters, leading them to acts of mercy, cruelty, lust, piety, valor, and cowardice.
• Campaign play — customs, manners, and weapons change during the phases of Arthur's long reign. Over these years your character-knight begets a family whose reputation depends on the glory he achieves. He passes his hard-won inheritance and grudges to his sons. Up to four generations of knights will live and die during Arthur's reign.
• Game system — easily-remembered, simple-to-play mechanics feature a single die roll to determine combat, to settle personality encounters, and to resolve skill use.
• Character generation — create a squire, knight, noble, or fair damsel, of Roman, Saxon, Cymric, Pictish, or Irish heritage. Select between the Christian, Wotanic, or pagan religions.
• Background — includes a 22" by 34" map of Britain complete with kingdoms, cities, castles, keeps, forests, Roman roads, abbeys, rivers, mountains, fortified walls, and battle sites. A bestiary of natural and mythical creatures includes avancs, barguests, dwarfs, elves, giants, kelpies, spriggans, unicorns, yales, and the Questing Beast among many others. You are provided with character statistics for major personalities such as Arthur, Guenever, and Lancelot. Also enclosed are lesser-knowns such as Balin le Sauvage, Breuse sans Pitie, Saint Cadoc, King Mark, Nimue, Percivale and Ulfius. A chronology includes wars, adventures, customs, campaign escalation, and characters of note. An extensive bibliography provides further sources of information, all to support campaign play."

1985 ... Greg Stafford ... CHAO 2701-X

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Pendragon Campaign: Plot, Magic, & Scenarios

"The Pendragon Campaign:
MAGIC - the player-characters frequently contact magical knights and other minions from the land of the faerie. Britain is a battlefield for diverse traditions all possessing their own characteristic magics. The Saxons support their brute force with shapeshifting and weather-control magics. The Christians draw upon prophecies, miracles, and healings. The native pagan-Celtic followers of the Druids are backed up by illusion, emotion-control, and movement magics. The most important wielders of magic are detailed, along with the powers they manipulate.
SCENARIOS - the scenarios included in this book all occur during the earliest years of the Arthurian campaign. They start you on the way to your own Pendragon campaign. Included are two battles against the Saxons, a quest against an evil knight, and an expanded scenario to test the player-characters' personalities and courage.
PLOT - a detailed, year-by-year analysis of King Arthur's long reign integrates the stories of Malory, Nennius, and the French Vulgate with Welsh and Saxon sources to weave a deep, rich background for campaign episodes. Described are countless incidents deserving of expansion into their own scenarios.
THE CHARACTERS - background and chronology for King Arthur, Guenever, Lancelot, and Mordred ts provided, including notes on the affair, Arthur's other sons, and related subjects. An analysis of the High Court and an annotated list of the up-and-coming knights of each phase help the gamemaster run a full campaign. A descriptive list of magicians, saints, and villains completes the Characters section.
GAMEMASTER NOTES - the whole book is begun with extensive notes about running a Pendragon campaign, including hints gleaned from the house test-sessions.
DESIGNER'S NOTES - the author ends the book by telling why he made the decisions that shaped the game."

1985 ... Greg Stafford ... 76 pages ... CHAO 2702 ... ISBN 0933635214

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Noble's Book
"Noblemen are knights of great distinction who hold large fiefs and bear titles like count and duke. Each nobleman has a personal retinue and leads his own vassal knights. Noblemen live in castles and wage private wars. Each nobleman stands near his king and performs important duties. This supplement tells you how to roleplay a nobleman for King Arthur Pendragon. Included are:
NOBILITY: • Duties and benefits for both players of bannerets, counts, dukes, and kings, and their characters. • Hosting a tournament - five simple steps.
ECONOMY: • Land ownership, annual economic procedures. • Standard Fiefs, generating a fief. • Taxes. • Building a castle.
WAR: • Rules for sieges, raids and invasions. • Player battle procedures. (Battlements - illustrated examples of typical fortifications, including a 16-page fold-out explanation of the parts of a castle ...and MORE"

1985 ... Greg Stafford ... 80 pages + fold-out castle map ... CHAO 2703 ... ISBN 0933635125

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King Arthur Companion: A Guide to the People, Places and Things of Arthur's Britain
"Enter the world of Arthur, King of all Britain and master of a thousand knights. Explore the beauty and splendor of the legendary world of Camelot and the Round Table; experience its magic and mystery.Written in a warm and entertaining style, The King Arthur Companion contains almost 700 entries, fully cross-referenced and annotated. It includes a "who's who" of Arthurian legend; a "what's what" of famous weapons and artifacts; a "where's where" of many geographical locations from actual maps of ancient Britain; and a "when's when" full chronology of Arthur's reign."

1983 ... Phyllis Ann Karr ... 176 pages ... CHAO 2704 ... ISBN 0933635176

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The Grey Knight
"YOU SHOULD KNOW these noble people by their arms. Some you can trust, while others are deadly foes. One is Arthur, king of all England, a good and kindly mail. Another is the Grey Knight, a fearsome warrior and the King's dire foe. He challenges Arthur's right to rule and accuses him of murdering hundreds of children in northern England. Sir Gawaine, Arthur's best knight and champion, will defend the King's honor in a duel to the death. But Merlin prophecies that Gawaine will die at the hands of the vile Grey Knight, with only one chance to save him. There are ancient artifacts of extraordinary, magical power. One of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain is the key to Gawaine's salvation. Arthur proclaims a solemn quest: comb the length and breadth of England to find these treasures before Gawaine and the Grey Knight meet."

1986 ... Larry DiTillio ... 44 pages ... CHAO 2705 ... ISBN 0933635354

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Tournament of Dreams: Challenges for Sword and Virtue
"Challenges for Sword and Virtue!
Here are the arms of the kings, nobles, and knights which you will encounter in the challenges of The Tournament of Dreams and The Circle of Gold.
• King Belinans, proud ruler of Sugales, proclaims a royal tournament! The knights of Sugales stand ready to prove that their courage and skill at arms are the greatest in Britain. Who will test this challenge and uphold the honor of other kingdoms? Elidia the Fair, Belinans' lovely queen, encourages all who are valorous to journey to Castle Rhun, in the heart of the fog-shrouded Cambrian Mountains, where they will have the chance to show their knightly virtue and strength before the royal court. Perhaps Queen Elidia, famed for her skill and grace at the dance, will honor her visitors with a performance.
• The King of the Circle of Gold presents a challenge. Can anyone meet the knights who guard the way into his mysterious land and defeat each one in chivalrous combat? The path is difficult for all but the most worthy. The great prize of the Circle of Gold awaits at the end of the quest. All who attempt the adventure will be courteously feted at the tents and castles of the guardian knights.
Prowess and Chivalry Triumph!"

1987 ... Les Brooks & Sam Shirley & Greg Stafford ... 56 pages ... CHAO 2706 ... ISBN 0933635451

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Knights Adventurous: Expanding the World of Pendragon
"KNIGHTS ADVENTUROUS expands and amplifies many topics introduced in the basic Pendragon rulesbook, and is a valuable aid to both the players and the game-master. CHARACTER GENERATION greatly expands the options of player-knights. LANDS AND PEOPLES describes France, Ireland, and various regions of Britain revealing rulers, vassals, armies, and interesting features. Covers
the Cymri, French, Occitanians, Irish, Picts, Romans, and Saxons. KNIGHTS introduces new classes and noble ambitions. Various organizations include the Queen's Knights, Knights of the Grail Temple, and Order of the Golden Apple. WOMEN details roles, ambitions, and character-generation. RELIGION Christianity, Paganism, Wotanism, and Judaism are all described. WEALTH provides many ways of spending money including feasts, stables, different horse breeds; fashions in clothing, and additional types of armor. GRAND EVENTS describes visiting court, hosting a tournament, and the hunt. MAGIC & FAIRIE discusses faerie in Britain, discusses religion and faerie, magic use, and muses about King Arthur and the Faerie War."

1990 ... Greg Stafford ... 136 pages + fold-out map ("Pendragon Player's Map") ... CHAO 2707 ... ISBN 0933635702

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King Arthur Pendragon: Epic Roleplaying in Legendary Britain (3rd Edition)
Books sports two 2-panel color maps (Logres and Salisbury). -W

1990 ... 208 pages ... Greg Stafford ... CHAO 2709 ... ISBN 0933635591

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Boy King: Arthur Claims the Throne of Britain
"An 80-year campaign, dozens of adventures, a complete chronology of Arthur's reign! The Boy King provides everything needed to run a campaign from before Arthur pulls the sword from the stone to the establishment of his empire. Character Generation details character creation for the time before Arthur's reign. Britain Before Arthur provides a chronology of events important to the realm. Before Arthur and The Savage Forest provide opportunities to integrate player knights in to the on-going events of Britain. The Boy King Chronology details the glorious battles and dozens of potential adventures to help Arthur gain his kingship, providing interaction with the great figure of legend. The Adventure of the Castle of Joy provides a long narrative scenario wherein player-knights are tested for their worthiness to help defend the castle of the Holy Grail. Cities describes the nature of Medieval cities, and provides maps and details for both London and Camelot. Later Chronology outlines broad events of the campaign,including Lancelot and Guenever's affair, the Grail Quest, and the death of Arthur--a complete 80-year campaign."

1991 ... Greg Stafford ... 136 pages ... CHAO 2708 ... ISBN 0933635788
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2nd Edition:
"...an exact reproduction of the interior of the original book. It also features a new cover by Stephen King and 8 pages of new material to integrate the book into the Fourth Edition of Pendragon."
1997 ... Greg Stafford ... 144 pages ... CHAO 2708 ... ISBN 1568821212
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Pendragon, 4th Edition
"Live the glory of King Arthur's court. Smite bloodthirsty giants, crush treacherous invaders, brave the mysterious lands of faerie, and dabble in Celtic magic. Pendragon is a roleplaying game based on the legends of King Arthur, Lancelot, Guenever, and the Knights of the Round Table. To become a knight of the Round Table you must uphold the chivalric ideals of courage, honesty, fair play, and justice. Armed and armored, you are the law of the land, in a life-or-death struggle to join the fellowship of the Round Table. This book contains everything you need to explore the mysteries and dangers of Arthur's Britain."

1993 ... 351 pages + fold-out map ... CHAO 2716 ... ISBN 1568820062
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1999 ... 354 pages + fold-out map ... Green Ronin ... ISBN 192899900X
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Blood & Lust
"Stygian Stallions, Curses & Hags, Evil Customs, The Witch Queen Morgan

BLOOD LUST provides four adventures and background material set acrosss the isle of Britain in Cambria, Logres, Anglia, and elsewhere. These adventures can either be played singly or can be arranged and linked to create a PENDRAGON campaign. Various player handouts are provided, as well as a detail map of the dukedom of Anglia."

1991 ... 128 pages ... CHAO 2711 ... ISBN 0933635842

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Perilous Forest
"PERILOUS FOREST is a supplement for the Pendragon roleplaying game system. It includes three major adventures, more than a dozen shorter adventures, and extensive background for western Cumbria and the Perilous Forest. These adventures are arranged as a linked campaign along the King's Highway from Eburacum to Carduel. They can be played individually, without adjustment. Player handouts are provided, as are a detail map of western Cumbria and another of Hadrian's Wall, showing cities, wall conditions, and other notes for the time of Arthur."

1992 ... 128 pages ... CHAO 2712 ... ISBN 0933635443

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Pagan Shore: Ireland in the Age of King Arthur
"PAGAN SHORE is a supplement for PENDRAGON, describing Ireland as it might have existed in the time of King Arthur. This book includes notes on generating Irish characters, a survey of Irish customs, and an atlas of Ireland's kingdoms. PENDRAGON gamemasters can use this place as a frontier in Arthur's empire, or as the focus of the story, with Britain on the periphery. Instead of serving the high-king, characters from an Irish clan can struggle to become high-king.


The Irish call their homeland "...ire," "Banba," or "Fodhla," after three soddesses known to early settlers. In Ireland, the Old Gods still live. The hills they own are as well-known as the raths belonsins to human kings.

Ireland's interior plains feature emerald grasses, clumps of heather, hazel bushes, isolated oaks, and stranded glacial boulders. Few of the Irish plains are arable. Irish woods contain oak intermingled with birch, alder and ash.

Druids wield real power in Ireland. They oversee the rituals and ceremonies to which all Irish look for their livelihood: the rituals of harvest, ceremonies of birth and death. They wield power over kings and battles, with the ability to geas nobility and halt warefare, like sacred referees.

They are greatly respected and greatly feared. Without the druids to direct and administer it, there would be no celtic culture."

1994 ... John Carnahan ... 128 pages + fold-out map ... CHA 2713 ... ISBN 156882016X

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The Spectre King
"THE SPECTRE KING contains six adventures for the PENDRAGON roleplaying game. All are of medium length, requiring several sessions of play each.
Of note, the Grand Tournament of Logres introduces the summer tournament circuit-regularly ocurring festivals that knights can attend year-after-year, with a list of events so that every year's tournament is different.
Also included is a chapter of information on the university city of Cambridge, with details on creating a university-educated character. Finally, there is background and a map given for the Abbey of La Beal Adventure."

1992 ... 128 pages ... CHAO 2714 ... ISBN 093363594X

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Beyond The Wall: Pictland & The North
"The wall is Hadrian's Wall, a miles-long fortification built centuries ago to hold back hordes of wild savages living north of civilized Britain. Beyond it lies Caledonia, a bleak and harsh land where feudalism and civilization have never reached. Tribal Picts, the "Painted Men," rule here. Fiercely independent, they unify only to meet threats from outsiders, whom they loath and fear. Outsiders like your knight. BEYOND THE WALL is a supplement for the PENDRAGON roleplaying game system, describing the land beyond Hadrian's Wall as it might have existed in the time of King Arthur. This book features notes on generating Pict characters, a survey of Pictish customs and religions, and a map and guide to the land of Caledonia. Religion among the Picts is extensively covered, including articles concerning the Celtic Christian Church and an explanation of Heathenism. Complete rules add the Shamanic tradition to the PENDRGON magic system. A Pictish campaign and several ready-to-play adventures are also provided."

1995 ... 128 pages + B&W fold-out map ... CHAO 2717 ... ISBN 1568820267

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Land of Giants: Scandinavia & the Beowulf Saga in the Time of King Arthur
The back cover mentions a "Fold-Out Map of Scandia" -- which I have determined to be fictitious. As of December 2010, I have seen 2 copies of this publication, and neither had the map... and I pulled the shrinkwrap off the 2nd one to look. Chaosium must have changed their minds late in the publication process.

"Explore the lands of Scandinavia in the time of Beowulf and King Arthur...
While Arthur sat upon the throne of Britain, Beowulf drank mead in the halls of Hrothgar and battled the monster Grendel for the glory and honor of his king.

Land of Giants is a supplement for the Pendragon roleplaying game system, describing Scandinavian kingdoms as they existed in the time of King Arthur. This book features notes on generating Northman characters, a survey of Northman customs and religion, a map and guide to the region, and new adventures.
Gamemasters can use the Scandinavian kingdoms as a place of adventure for their Arthurian player knights, or play the Thanes and Jarls in a purely Northman campaign outside the influence of Arthur's rule."

1996 ... Chrs Hind ... 128 pages ... CHAO 2718 ... ISBN 1568820550

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Lordly Domains
"A complete revision of the old Nobles Book from 1st edition Pendragon. LORDLY DOMAINS details the privileges the nobility can expect and the obligations demanded of them. Included are special rules for castle construction, life of the noble class, and how they are supposed to act. Also included is an expanded economic table."

1997 ... 128 pages ... Chaosium 2719 ... ISBN 156882050X

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Tales of Chivalry and Romance
"> The New Made Knight > Castle Wakely
> The Mysterious Manor > The Golden Rose > Ceren Abbas > And 9 More Adventures!

Tales of Chivalry & Romance are adventures which explore the two ideals which set King Arthur Pendragon™ apart from most other roleplaying games. The code of chivalry and the high art of romance are vital elements of the true knight's character. They can inspire you to great deeds of valor and honor, or if frustrated, can lead to dark rifts between lords and lovers. The adventures found within can be played individually for a evening's entertainment, or woven into your own epic campaigns."

1999 ... 64 pages ... GK 2720 ... ISBN 1928999026

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Tales of Magic & Miracles
"> The Rosebriar Knight > The Deceitful Faerie >The Faerie Road > The Holy Sword
> The Castle of Light > And 8 More Adventures!

'Tales of Magic & Miracles' bring the characters into the supernatural world surrounding Arthur's Britain. Since the Enchantment of Britain began, the Other Side has intruded more and more into everyday life. Whether Pagan Faerie, or Christian Visions, the Supernatural cannot be escaped. Five major and many short adventure outlines bring the knights into contact with the Other Side."

1999 ... 64 pages ... Green Knight / Chaosium 2721 ... ISBN 1928999034

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Saxons! - Wolves in the Fold of Arthur's Britain
"The Romans fortified the southeast coast of Britain and called it "the SaxonShore" to defend against the piracy of these wolves of the sea. The tyrant King Vortigern invited them into Britain as mercenaries to fight his enemies. Ambitious and treacherous, they siezed Vortigern as a hostage and slaughtered his nobles at Stonehenge during the "Night of the Long Knives." Now, forced forever from their homelands on the Continent, the Saxons are in Britain to stay. Some work for peace. Most others for war. Not even the combined armies of King Arthur can eradicate them, though their power will be broken for a generation after the epochal Battle of Badon. This is the story of the rise to power of the proud and energetic Germanic peoples who rule the south and east coasts and renamed their new domain "England."
Saxons! is a supplement for the King Arthur PendragonfTM) role-playing game, describing the Germanic invaders of Britain. It provides the history, heroes and culture of the Saxons, Angles, and Jutes, plus rules for Saxon character creation and magic. The full 70-year campaign begins in 449 AD with the advent of the Saxons in Britain and culminates at the Battle of Badon in 518 AD. Discover the detailed geography and politics of the "Saxon Shore" area - Essex, Kent, Sussex and Wessex - described with extensive maps and notes.
A Pendragon Supplement for Dark Ages Britain
You must have a copy of "Pendragon" to understand and use the roleplaying game systems presented within this supplement."

1999 ... Roderick Robertson ... 144 pages ... Green Knight / Chaosium 2722 ... ISBN 1928999069

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Tales of Mystic Tournaments : Adventures in the World of King Arthur
"> The Adventure of the Grey Knight
> The Adventure of the Tournament of Dreams
> The Adventure of the Circle of Gold

'Tales of Mystic Tournaments' are three classic adventures revised for 4th edition Pendragon. Find one of the treasures of Britain and save King Arthur's honor by challenging the Grey Knight. Travel to wild Cambria and participate in the Tournament of Dreams. Dare all to win your own kingdom in The Circle of Gold.
With new rules for interpreting dreams and casting Dream Magic, and revised rules for hospitality and feasts."

2000 ... 128 pages ... GK 2723 ... ISBN 1928999107

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Book of Knights (King Arthur Pendragon)
"A Complete Roleplaying Game in 48 Pages!

The Book of Knights is a complete edition of King Arthur Pendragon™ written to introduce you to the world of epic adventure in legendary Britain, Pendragon's unique system of Traits and Passions creates dramatic personalities and takes roleplaying to new heights."

2000 ... Peter Corless ... 48 pages ... Green Knight 2724 ... ISBN 1928999115

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Tales of the Spectre Kings
"Tales of the Spectre Kings contains six adventures of dead kings, ghosts and curses flighting the face of Arthur's Britain. From the mist-shrouded moors of Torkshire and Cumberland to the dark forested hills of the Weald, and even to the Other Side strange forces intrude into the lives of the Player Knights.

Five classic tales from the original Spectre King are joined by the White Horror. Also included is a detailed guide to Cambridge, with rules for generating scholar characters.

Includes the Adventures
• The Spectre King
• The Werewolf
• The Ghost Knight
• The Helmed Knight
• The Horned Boar
• The White Horror"

2001 ... 128 pages ... Green Knight 2726 ... ISBN 1928999018

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King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)
"Capture the Spirit of Arthurian Legend!

Relive the grandeur and romance of the greatest of all legends - the story of King Arthur. Assume the role of a knight starting his career in the time of Uther Pendragon, undertaking quests and perilous adventures for your lord, for your lady-love, for the Church, or for your own glory. Win great renown for your laudable deeds and feats of arms, perhaps even winning the right to carve your name into the Round Table itself as the story of Arthur and Camelot unfolds around you.

With its innovative rules, including the distinctive traits and passions system to help you in determining your character's behaviour under any circumstances, Pendragon provides a unique roleplaying experience laid out against perhaps the richest tapestry in Western literature.

This newly redesigned and reorganized edition marks the return of Greg Stafford, the designer of the original edition."

2005 ... Greg Stafford ... 234 pages (hardcover) ... Arthaus (WW 17800) ... ISBN 1588469476

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Pendragon - German Edition

Pendragon: Rollenspiel-Abenteuer in Arthurs Britannien
"Lassen Sie den glorreichen Hof des legendären König Arthur zu neuem Leben erwachen. Lassen Sie sich von den hehren Idealen des Rittertums wie Fairness, Wagemut, Ehre und Recht erfüllen, während Ihre tapferen Rittercharaktere durch das Britannien der Legende reisen und ungeheure Strapazen erdulden, um den Ruhm des Hochkönigs zu mehren. Ihr Ritter wird Gelegenheit haben, Ungeheuer zu bekämpfen und verräterische Eindringlinge zur Ehre Britanniens zu vertreiben. Im /WragoM-Rollenspiel wird ihr Ritter in gefährliche Zweikämpfe verwickelt, er wird unerträgliche Enttäuschungen erleben und skrupellose Gegner bezwingen, bis ihm endlich ein Platz an der Tafelrunde winkt.

Des Spielleiter hat die Aufgabe, die anderen Spieler durch das sagenhafte Britannien zu führen, und mit Hilfe der Spielregeln diese Welt mit Leben zu erfüllen. Ihm obliegen die Magie Merlins und Morgan le Fays, die Aktionen des Hochkönigs Arthur und seiner Königin Ginevra, die finsteren Intrigen Mordreds und Agraweins...

Rollenspiel - Innovative Spieltechniken erwecken in den Charakteren leidenschaftliche Liebe, Haß und Gefolgschaft, und lassen sie gnädig oder grausam, lüstern oder fromm, wagemutig oder feig agieren. Kampagnenspiel - Während Arthurs Herrschaft verändern sich Sitten und Gebräuche. Im Laufe dieser Zeit gründet der Rittercharakter eine Familie. Ihr Ruf gründet sich auf seinen Ruhm. Spieltechniken - Leicht zu merkende, einfache Spielsysteme ermöglichen spannende Kampfsituationen, Begegnungen mit den unterschiedlichsten Persönlichkeiten und den Einsatz der verschiedensten Fertigkeiten mit einem einzigen Wurf.
Charaktererzeugung - Erschaffen Sie einen Knappen, einen Ritter, einen Adligen oder ein liebliches Burgfräulein römischer, französischer, sächsischer, kymrischer, piktischer oder irischer Herkunft. Wählen Sie aus zwischen christlicher, wotanischer oder heidnischer Religion. Hintergrund - Eine doppelseitige Karte Britanniens mit Königreichen, Städten, Burgen usw. Ein Bestiarium natürlicher und mythischer Kreaturen. Vorschläge und Szenarios helfen den Spielern durch die ersten sechs Spielsitzungen. Eine ausführliche Biographie liefert zusätzliche Informationsquellen zur Unterstützung der Kampagne.

1988 ... Greg Stafford ... Fantasy Productions, Düsseldorf ... 216 pages (paperback) ... ISBN 3890642004

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Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant: The Storytelling Game
"PRINCE VALIANT, THE STORYTELLING GAME is an exciting multi-player game in which you act out the part of a character in the lawless, romantic medieval world of KING ARTHUR and PRINCE VALIANT. * The game is social and cooperative, not competitive like poker or chess. So the rules are short, and simple (about the length of a magazine article). * The players take turns as the STORYTELLER: the group leader/moderator. Most of this book is not rules but suggestions, pictures, and stories, all designed to make the Storyteller's job easy and fun. The Storyteller awards FAME POINTS to the players based on their performances. Fighting dragons, solving mysteries, courting damsels; anything can gain you Fame. * So if you like acting out a part, and you'd like to see your character become more famous as you play, you'll like Prince Valiant, the Storytelling Game!
• Brings Hal Foster's great epic to life! Includes over 40 superb Foster illustrations, many unpublished for a generation or more. Extensive Storytelling and Reference sections to help you create your own Prince Valiant stories, including information on every major character from the comic.
• A family game suitable for two or more players, ages 12 to adult.
• Simple rules and complete explanations. Includes everything you need to start playing immediately, including over a dozen exciting Adventures ready to use."

1989 ... 128 pages ... CHAO 2801 ... ISBN 0933635508

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