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Oriental Adventures - Kara-Tur (AD&D)

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OA Module Series



Oriental Adventures
"'...The mysterious and exotic Orient, land of spices and warlords, has at last opened her gates to the West.'
For beginners or experts, players or DMs, this book holds all the information on oriental character classes, races, spells,magical items, weapons, fighting styles, and monsters. The world of samurai and ninja awaits!"

1985 ... Gary Gygax & David Cook & Francois Marcela-Froideval ... 144 pages (hardcover) ... TSR 2018 ... ISBN 0880380993

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Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms [BOX SET]
After a question from a customer, I've been watching these sets come through the shop, and I can confidently say that the Mylar hex overlays are recycled from the Forgotten Realms Campaign set (gray box); the product codes on the overlays are 1031XXX0705.

The Maps (all double-sided):
1032XXX0701 Kara Tur Topography / Political. Tyanuchi Lands / Tabot
1032XXX0702 Islands of Wa and Kozakura. City and location maps: Forbidden City of the Emperor, E'do Formal Gardens, Wafang Garrison, Tu Pe, Balanzia circa 2607 & 2310, Kozakura Provinces Section, Plain of Horses.
1032XXX0703 Ch'ing Tung and region. Rice Valley.
1032XXX0704 Large Scale (1" = 90 miles) area map. The North.


CONTENTS: 2 sourcebooks; 4 poster maps; 2 mylar map overlays.

"This box contains everything AD&D game players and DMs need to establish an exciting Oriental Adventures campaign! Kara-Tur, world of Eastern mystery, is on the far side of the planet from the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting, but the two cultures interact only if you want them to! This is the 'official' campaign setting for the Oriental Adventures rulebook. Kara-Tur has everything you need:

Two 96-page books describe the places, culture, politics, monsters, magic, people, relgions, and more, plus advice on running a long-term Oriental Adventures campaign, bringing characters from other worlds into Kara-Tur, and dimensional travel from Kara-Tur to other worlds. And there are four full-color, two-sided maps of this land of mighty warriors and powerful enchantments."

1988 ... TSR 1032 ... ISBN 0880386088

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Kara-Tur Trail Map (TM5)

"The mysterious and exotic lands of Kara-Tur cover nearly a quarter of the globe, stretching from the steaming jungle lands of the south to the hidden valleys of the Issacortae in the north, from the plains of the horse barbarians in the west to the war-torn isles of the shogun in the east. And at the center of it all lies Shou Lung, the empire of the dragon.
The Kara-Tur Trail Map compiles information from all past products into one comprehensive and authoritative map of the Eastern realms.
All geographical and political features of note are included on a 36" by 57" sheet suitable for use in gaming or as a wall poster."

1990 ... TSR 9402 ... ISBN 0880387637

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Monstrous Compendium: Kara-Tur (MC6)
CREATURES: Bajang; Bakemono; Bisan; Buso; Carp, Giant; Centipede, Spirit; Chu-u; Con-tinh; Doc cu'o'c; Duruch'i-lin; Flame Spirit; Foo Creature; Gaki; Gargantua; Goblin Rat; Goblin Spider; Hai Nu; Hannya; Hengeyokai; Hsing-sing; Hu Hsien; Ikiryo; Jishin Mushi; Kala; Kaluk; Kappa; Korobokuru; Krakentua; Kuei; Memedi; Men (Wako - Sea Pirate; Frost Barbarians); Men-shen; Nat; Ningyo; Oni; P'oh; P'oh, Gohei; Shan Sao; Shirokinukatsukami; Spirit, Nature; Spirit, Stone; Spirit Folk; Tako; Tengu; Wang-Liang; Yuan-ti, Histachii; Yuki-on-na.

1990 ... 32 pages + 4 dividers ... TSR 2116 ... ISBN 088038851X

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Modules (OA/FROA Series)

Swords of the Daimyo (OA1)
"From the log of the Leaping Dolphin:

'110th Day: The gale nae stops for twa days. My ship is driven before it and the magus is as helpless as a wee babe. Akito names the winds tai-fun in his heathen tongue....'

Drawn by the lure of aventure and riches, a crew of seamen sails valiantly into uncharted seas. In the squalid dens of the port districts, tales hint at a land of untold riches across the waves. But getting there is only the beginning.

Across the waters lie Kozakura, a land of mystery and danger. There you will discover new cultures, strange values, secret powers, and fabulous terrors. For Kozakura is a land of Oriental Adventures.

Swords of the Daimyo is the first module designed for use with the AD&D Oriental Adventures rule book. Swords of the Daimyo includes descriptions and maps of the island of Kozakura, detailed information and maps of Miyami Province of Kozakura, and a series of adventures to introduce old and new player characters to the intrigue of the Orient."

1986 ... David "Zeb" Cook ... 32 pg (x2) + map ... TSR 9164 ... ISBN 0880382732

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Night of the Seven Swords (OA2)
"While Maeshi province revels in the festival spirit, clouds gather over the political scene. Two warlords are vying for control of this otherwise peaceful place, and you are guests of one of them. Sun Temple officials have offered complete support to the faction which successfully travels to Ito-jo Castle (said to hold relics of great importance to the Sun Temple), brings them back safely, and returns them to the Inn of the Globefish.

The plan is laid before you. You are to leave immediately under secrecy for the castle of the Ito clan, also known as the Seven Swords clan. Find the relics, and return them to the renowned inn Doi no Fugu. Extreme caution is needed here, for your warlord's rival must not hear of this!

Is the castle really haunted? What lies in the caverns beneath it? Will Korimori's troops discover your plan and try to wrest the relics from you, should you even get that far? What will you find at the Inn of the Globefish?

Come, honorable stranger - the Seven Swords await!"

1986 ... 48 pages ... TSR 9186 ... ISBN 0880383275

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Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior (OA3)
"Your family and those of your friends are deeply indebted to the Ko family, a clan of merchants from distant and alien Shou Lung. The Ko have been instructed by their emperor to develop an island possession to extend the Glorious Empire of Shou Lung. The colony there is failing because of fell spirits and dire hauntings. The Ko family is calling in old favors to discover who is responsible for these evil sendlings. And if the Ko have a problem, you have a prolem....
So you and your companions are bound for the island of Akari, a small pebble in the Celestial Sea. There you will find a land rich in ancient lore and guarded by the sword of a spectral samurai - Ochimo, the spirit warrior. Yet this is only the first taste of the adventures that await you.
Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior is an adventure for characters of levels 5-7 and uses the AD&D Oriental Adventures rule book. The module includes descriptions of Akari Island, as well as much information on the lifestyles, attitudes, and history of the most civilized nation in the world: Shou Lung."

1987 ... Jeff Grubb ... 48 pages + 3-panel cover ... TSR 9195 ... ISBN 0880383933

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Blood of the Yakuza (OA4)
"In the port city of Nakamaru, the masks of deceit and treachery embroil the entire city. Plots and counterplots, loyalties, revenge...all can be found in this city of Wa.
You have been thrust amidst this cauldron of intrigue. You must pick your loyalties with care. Will you side with one of the yakuza gangs in their secret battle for control of the streets? Will you throw your fate into the political whirlwind that surrounds the powerful families of Nakamaru? Will you sohei battle his rivals for the hearts of the people?
Blood of the Yakuza is an adventure for use in your Oriental Adventures campaign. It includes a colorful map of Nakamaru and descriptions of the major NPCs, districts, and factions of the city. All of these make Nakamaru an exciting and dangerous place for adventure!"

1987 ... David "Zeb" Cook ... 48 pages + 16-page Encounter Construction booklet + fold-out color map ... TSR 9203 ... ISBN 0880384018

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Mad Monkey vs the Dragon Claw (OA5)
"The followers of the many gods of Kara-Tur have always fought, to prove the superiority of their martial discipline and the greater wisdom of their deities. The strict hierarchy of the gods is now threatened by the sudden prominence of the followers of the Dragon Claw, a new and deadly school of martial arts that threatens to destroy all other schools. The players, recruited by a mysterious old monk with a bizarre fighting style, must find out what's behind the emergence of the Dragon Claw and put a stop to it.
Mad Money vs. The Dragon Claw will take players across the entire country of T'u Lung, from the mouth of the great river Fenghsintzu to its headquarters, where they must deal with the legendary Cult of the Black Leopard - all in the name of the Mad Monkey."

1988 ... Jeff Grubb ... 56 pages ... TSR 9242 ... ISBN 088038624X

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Ronin Challenge (OA6)

This module comes with TWO fold-out maps, both double-sided (color on front, black-and-white on reverse. One is Tempat Larang, the other, the Shao Mountains.

"It begins as a simple martial arts tournament. Sure, your skills are tested and you might even win a trophy - or learn a lesson or two. But it's still just a tournament....

Until someone starts playing for keeps.

When a traitor to the empire is revealed, His Excellency calls loyal and heroic citizens to follow the trail of deception. The scale of the treachery is grand - it seems that an entire army has turned its back on its rightful liege!

The trail leads through trackless (or seemingly trackless) mountains, into peaceful (or seemingly peaceful) valleys. The emperor has promised great rewards to heroes who can solve his mystery, but as the journey progresses the heroes find their own reasons for continuing.

As a sinister suspicion grow in the minds, the adventure reaches its climax in the ruins of an ancient civilization. Finally, our heroes are faced with an ultimate choice - between success and failure, loyalty and betrayal, even good and evil.

On their choice rests the future of nations."

1990 ... Curtis Smith & Rick Swan ... 96 pages + 2 poster maps + 3-panel cover ... TSR 9257 ... ISBN 0880387491

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Test of the Samurai (OA7)
"The penninsula of Wa is no place to visit. The land is poor, the people wary and suspicious. Yet this quiet backwater has been the site of strange disturbances - mysterious disappearances and omens of dire events to come. Why do the animals of Wa disappear, only to return a short while later? Who are the Blue Kumi bandits, and why are they so active? Why do the black geese fly into the Jusofu Mountains? And what fell creature lurks along the southern coast of Wa?
Or does the stench of corruption emanate from the Celestial Bureacracy itself? Could the danger, unchecked, grow great enough to doom all living creatures in Kara-Tur? Which clues will lead to the truth, and which are merely traps for the unwary...
Test of the Samurai will take the players across the Wa peninsula and to the unknown land of Qui. They will encounter such legendary beasts as the feng huang (phoenix) and the chi'-lin (unicorn) as they attempt to discover the secrets of Wa.

Test of the Samurai is a scenario for the Oriental Adventures supplement to the AD&D game. It is set in Kara-Tur, the oriental world in the Forgotten Realms. Although Test of the Samurai follows the events of module OA6, Ronin Challenge, it is an independent adventure for five to eight characters of levels 6-9."

1989 ... Rick Swan ... 96 pages + poster map (Fochu Peninsula) ... TSR 9258 ... ISBN 0880387750

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Ninja Wars (FROA1)
"Behold The Shining Temple of Bishamon!

Located above the city of Aru on the island nation of Wa, this shrine is the focus of a great pilgrimage. Every year, thousands of people travel here to celebrate the Ceremony of the Three Thousand Steps. For townsfolk and travellers alike, it is a time of great celebrations and revelry.

For Benju Matsutomo, Daimyo of Aru, it is a time of worry and concern. Something is wrong this year. A political rival has hired a clan of ninja to disrupt the pilgrimage and disgrace Matsutomo. But the daimyo has his own ninja, and just to be safe, he decides to hire a party of adventurers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Of course, it doesn't..."

1990 ... Nigel Findley ... 96 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9307 ... ISBN 0880388951

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Wizards of the Coast owns (and holds trademark to) the AD&D game and Oriental Adventures / Kara-Tur in all forms.

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