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Strategic Review


Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol 1
From the Introduction to the Revised Edition:
"This might more properly be called Volume 1.1 in our series of anthologies, because it's not quite the same as the editions of Volume 1 that have preceded it. We took out the advertising that appeared in the original Collector's Edition and all of the subsequent printings, because the prices, the products, and sometimes even the companies have long since gone out of date. We plugged new artwork into some of the old advertising space, and we compressed the book so that it's eight pages thinner than it used be."

Planes; Deserted Cities of Mars; How Green Was My Mutant; Monkish Combat in the Arena of Promotion; Some Ideas Missed in Metamorphosis Alpha; Some Thoughts on the Speed of a Lightning Bolt; Alternate Beginning for Metamorphosis Alpha; What to Do When the Dog Eats Your Dice; Hints for D&D Judges; Excerpt from an Interview with a Rust Monster; The Play's the Thing; Sturmgeschutz and Sorcery; Languages; Illusionists; The Development of Towns in D&D; Illusionist Additions; Let There Be a Method to Your Madness; Tombs & Crypts; Designing for Unique Wilderness Encounters; Halflings, Dwarves, Clerics & Thieves in DUNGEON!; The Total Person in Metamorphosis Alpha; Statistics Regarding Classes: Bards; How Heavy Is My Giant; The Original Ranger Class; Notes from a Semi-successful D&D Player; Wizard Research Rules; Tolkien in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS; Witchcraft Supplement for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS; The Meaning of Law and Chaos in D&D; Solo DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventures; D&D Is Only as Good as the DM; Lycanthropy: The Progress of the Disease; Gary Gygax on DUNGEONS & DRAGONS; The Japanese Mythos; The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Magic System; Random Monsters; Monster Reference Table Addition; D&D Option: Demon Generation; Miscellaneous Treasure.


1980, 1985 ... 68 pages ... ISBN 0394520289, 0394531140, 0880383720

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Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol 2 (Revised Edition)
From the first four years of Dragon Magazine! 7 NPC Classes. 12 From the Sorcerer's Scroll articles. 11 other articles for D&D and AD&D.

1981, 1985 ... 80 pages ... ISBN 0935696946/0880383739

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Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol. III
ARTICLES: RACES - The dwarven point of view; The gods of the dwarves; The elven point of view; The gods of the elves; The halfling point of view; The gods of the halflings; The gnomish point of view; The gods of the gnomes; The half-orc point of view; The gods of the orcs. DRAGONS - That's not in the Monster Manual!; Hatching is only the beginning; Self defense for dragons; The faerie dragon; Two tough foes; Evil dragons make good armor. CLASSES - The thief: a special look; The druid and the DM; It's not easy being good; He's got a lot to kick about (monk); Singing a new tune (bard); Cantrips: minor magic; Cantrips for the illusionist; Spell books. OTHER - The winged folk; The alchemist; The archer.

1983 ... 80 pages ... TSR 8110 ... ISBN 0880380640

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Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol. IV
ARTICLES: NPC CLASSES - The bandit; The bounty hunter; The cloistered cleric; The death master; The duelist; The jester; The scribe; The smith. PLAYERS' PERSPECTIVES - Be aware, take care; It's a material world; Finish fights; Two-fisted fighting; The whole half-ogre; Riding high. CREATIVE CAMPAIGN - Five keys to success; A PC and his money; The care of castles; Saintly standards; These are the breaks; Repair or beware; Wounds and weeds; Runes; Runestones.

1985 ... 80 pages ... TSR 8111 ... ISBN 0880381353

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Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol. V
"From out of the eons!

From the howling winds of the Ice Age to the silver depths of the Astral Plane, this fifth collection of the Best of DRAGON® Magazine brings ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® game players an assortment of adventuring articles that rank among our best ever.

Barbarian cultures, guidelines for wishes, the gods and societies of the humanoids, and ruined cities are explored in detail. The Oracle NPC class foretells the future, and hardy adventurers and Dungeon Masters may venture into gunpowder-using worlds full of danger and sudden death. Articles are also featured on critical hits using the AD&D® game system, and the creation of instant adventures for any role-playing game.

Each article has been re-edited for clarity, and the Astral Plane article contains entirely new material never before published. Even if you have the original issues with these articles, you'll want to get this edition of the best ever printed, from the largest and longest-lived role-playing periodical: DRAGON® Magazine! Pick up a copy — and enjoy!"

ARTICLES: Thrills and chills (arctic adventuring); Mind of the monster; The oracle;
Firearms; A second volley; Instant adventures; Modern monsters (cars); How many coins in a coffer?; What do you call a 25th-level wizard? (level titles); Ruins; Libraries; Keep 'em guessing; The real barbarians; Tarsakh showers (calendars); The humanoids; Best wishes; Magic for merchants; Spell strategy; Good hits & bad misses; The Astral Plane.

1986 ... 80 pages ... TSR 8113 ... ISBN 0880382902

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Dragon Magazine Archive (CD-ROM set)
Box is classic software-style, with a thin paperboard case covering an inner corrugated flip box. Inside is little other than a double jewel case containing 5 CD-ROMs.

The proprietary search function is lousy and dated. The good news is that the Dragon issues are all separate PDFs... nicely bookmarked, and can be manipulated easily as such. It also contains the issues from the Strategic Review.


* Complete archive of Dragon magazine, issues 1 through 250
* Authority on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons gaming
* Completely searchable
* Bookmarking function allows you to save information
* Mac users can view articles in Adobe Acrobat

1999 ... TSR 11448 ... ISBN 0786914483

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10 short stories:

* "The Wizards Are Dying," by John L. Jenkins * "Dragon's Fosterling," by Ruby S.W. Jung * "Out of the Eons [Niall of the Far Travels]," by Gardner F. Fox * "Sir George," by Carl Parlagreco * "Black Lotus Moon," by Tom Moldvay * "Honor Among Thieves," by Roger Moore * "Ice Dream," by David Nalle * "In the Darkness, Hunting," by Janrae Frank * "Just Call Me Albert," by Martin Mundt * "Birth of a Wizard," by Marie Desjardin

August 1980 ... 78 pages ... Dragon Publishing

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The Finieous Treasury
• Who's Who in the Finieous Family
• THE COLLECTED ADVENTURES OF FINIEOUS FINGERS: Reprinted from 25 issues of Dragon magazine, published between October 1976 and March 1980
• The Artist Speaks: J.D. Webster tells about himself, and how Finieous first became famous
• FINIEOUS VS. THE CLOUD GIANTS! - A complete, all-new adventure

1981 ... J.D. Webster ... 40 pages ... ISBN 0394520297

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The Art of Dragon Magazine: Including All the Cover Art from the First Ten Years
Fiction Interlude: The Forging of Fear, by Ardath Mayhar
Fiction Interlude: Desperate Acts, by Gordon Linzner
Player Characters
Special Insert: Great Stoney a cardboard castle to cut out and build
Fiction Interlude: The Wizard's Boy, by Nancy Varian Berberick
Fiction Interlude: Valkyrie, by W.J. Hodgson
Index of Artists and Issue Numbers

1988 ... Jean Blashfield, Roger Moore, and Larry Elmore ... 128 pages ... TSR 8444 ... ISBN 0880385375

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Strategic Review

The Strategic Review was the predecessor to Dragon Magazine. Half the articles are penned by Gygax himself.

See Also: Little Wars Magazine

Strategic Review #1: Vol. 1 No. 1
What's Going On Here; Introducing the Strategists Club; TSR News; Creature Features (Mind Flayer); Wargaming World; The Armory (Tractics); Castle & Crusade (The Spear); Solo Dungeon Adventures; Mapping It Out.

Spring 1975 ... 6 pages

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Strategic Review #2: Vol. 1 No. 2
CONTENTS: Cavaliers and Roundheads Rules Additions; Wargaming World; D&D FAQ; Creature Features (1st Appearance: Roper); Ranger D&D Class (1st Appearance); Medieval Polearms (Gary Gygax); more.

Summer 1975 ... 8 pages

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Strategic Review #3: Vol. I No. 3
CONTENTS: Creature Features (1st Appearance: Yeti, Shambling Mound, Leprechaun, Shrieker, Ghost, Naga, Wind Walker, Piercer, Lurker Above); Monster Reference Table Addition; Battle of the Ebro River in 5mm Napoleonics; Gallery of Gunfighters - Part 1, the Art of Gunfighting; Deserted Cities of Mars (Jim Ward); more.

Autumn 1975 ... 8 pages

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Strategic Review #4: Vol. I No. 4
CONTENTS: Polearms (Gary Gygax); Panzer Warfare - Additional Unit Organizations; Tractics Weapon/Vehicle Gun Changes; Illusionists in D&D (Peter Aronson); Tsolyani Names Without Tears (M.A.R. Barker); Creature Features (1st Appearance: Clay Golem); Mighty Magic Miscelleny (1st Appearance: Ioun Stones); Gallery of Gunfighters (Doc Holliday); more.

Winter 1975 ... 12 pages

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Strategic Review #5: Vol. I No. 5
CONTENTS: Sturmgeshutz and Sorcery (Gary Gygax); Battle of the Nile (Dave Arneson); Tractics Additions; Creature Features (1st appearance: Rakshasa, Slithering Tracker, The Trapper); more.

December 1975 ... 16 pages

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Strategic Review #6: Vol. II No. 1
In This Issue:
• Dungeon! Variant
• Ancient Conquest Strategy
• The "Bard" Character Class
• The Meaning of Law and Chaos in Dungeons & Dragons, and their relationships to Good and Evil
• more.

Feb 1976 ... 16 pages

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Strategic Review #7: The Last (Vol. II No. 2)
"In this Issue: * The D&D Magic System * On Being A DM * Te'kumel Update * The Missile Weapons in CLASSIC WARFARE * The Demise of SR"

April 1976

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