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Ysgarth - Ragnarok

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"The Ysgarth Rule System opens new horizons in fantasy adventure, it is an advanced system, streamlined and unusually open-ended to encourage the imaginations of players and Game Masters. In this game you will find new challenges which add depth and dimension to your fantasy adventures.

The Ysgarth Rule System combines simplicity and logical design with a passion for realism and imagination to encourage role-playing and intelligent world design. The rules are complete and comprehensive, in 6 books for ease of reference.

Book #1: The Fantasy Character gives all of the information needed to set up characters, including a unique attribute system, over 100 native skills, and hints on creating a personality.

Book #2: Battlecraft explains the skills of Warriors and 4 other martial professions, with over 100 advanced skills and complete mechanics for combat.

Book #3: The Arcane Arts covers magic use, with 15 magic using professions, over 70 related skills and more than 300 spells, plus rules for spell casting, spell interaction, and fumbles.

Book #4: Holy Orders explores religion in the fantasy world, with descriptions of 155 deities, some 10 basic priest types, and over 60 general skills and powers, plus complete rules and guidelines using holy power.

Book #5: The Fantasy World is an aid for Game Masters, with information on all aspects of world design, with demographic formulae, maps, and specific examples.

The Last Song of Hergest is an introductory adventure scenario, with appendices of more than 50 creatures and characters, plus a selection of magic items and weapons.

The Ysgarth Rule System is 168 pages of the most advanced ideas in fantasy gaming priced at less than half of what you might expect to pay. Fantasy gaming is growing up, and with the Ysgarth Rule System and your imagination you can start to get more fun and excitement from you fantasy adventures."

Supplement 1: Wine of the Moon
Supplement 2: Creatures Fair and Fell
Supplement 3: Expanding Worlds

Rolecraft (Ysgarth System, Book One)
"This is the first of three books in the Ysgarth role-playing system, the first game to bring together fantasy and reality as a believable whole. Ysgarth is an advanced system, streamlined and unusually open-ended to encourage the imaginations of players and game-masters while providing a practical background and mechanical structure. Ysgarth is a challenge to your imagination, adding depth and texture to your fantasy adventures.
Ysgarth combines simplicity and logic so that the game is both comprehensive and playable. More than that, Ysgarth is easy to learn and fun to play, even though it is more sophisticated than other fantasy games. Because Ysgarth is a skill-based system it allows you to create the character you want with a well developed background and identity. Variety and flexibility are the greatest strengths of the system and insure that every character and situation is unique.
This book contains all the basic rules you need to start play. The first area covered is character creation, with a unique attribute system which lets the player pick his abilities within certain guidelines. Next the player picks a logical selection of skills from a listing of over 400 skills and special areas of knowledge or training. At that point the character is ready for play, and mechanics are provided for skill use, background and social status, advancement, further training, morality and a combat system so simple and realistic that it is almost elegant. Extensive examples are provided and all the rules, including variants, are clearly explained. The rules place the emphasis on role-playing and character development and allow lots of freedom of choice for the player and gamemaster in designing characters and situations.
This book provides only basic functional information for magic and world background design. These two topics are covered in the second and third books of the system respectively. Book two contains complete rules on magic and religion with hundreds of spells and priestly powers and extensive discussions of mage
guilds, religions, gods and cults. Book three is a detailed background aid for the world of Ysgarth, including detailed scientific data on how a world works. It also includes a set of introductory adventure scenarios.
Ysgarth opens the door to the worlds of your fantasy, with the first mechanics so simple and realistic that they enhance rather than limit your imagination. There is no quicker route to glory and adventure."

1985 ... David Nalle ... 27 pages ... Ragnarok Enterprises (RE Games)

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Spellcraft (Ysgarth System, Book Two)
"This is the second of three books in the Ysgarth role-playing system, the first game to bring together fantasy and reality as a believable whole. Ysgarth is an advanced system, streamlined and unusually open-ended to encourage the imaginations of the players while providing a practical background and mechanical structure. Ysgarth is a challenge to the imagination, adding depth and texture to your fantasy adventures.
Ysgarth is more sophisticated than most other fantasy games and is designed for mature players who demand the best. At the same time it is simple and fun to play, because we have discovered that realism need not be complex if it is well thought-out. Ysgarth is a skill-based system and lets you create the character you want, with a well developed background and identity. Variety and flexibility are the greatest strengths of the system and they insure that every character and situation is unique.
SpellCraft contains everything you need to run spell casting characters including all types of mages and priests. It includes 50 special magic-related skills, over 500 spells (some of them sort of twisted), complete lists of over 200 demons, spirits and gods, plus all the mechanics for a magic system which will make you believe that magic can work. The emphasis is on flexibility, variety and believability as well as an accurate simulation of magical traditions from literature and history.
Character creation is covered in RoleCraft, the first book of the system, which also includes basic skills and the combat system. WorldCraft completes the three book set and explores world and campaign design as well as providing creatures, background characters and introductory scenarios.
Ysgarth opens the doors of your dreams, with the first mechanics to combine realism and simplicity to enhance rather than limit your imagination. There is no better route to fantastic adventure."

1987 ... 34 pages

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Ysgarth Advanced Role Playing - Sixth Edition Basic Rules - Special Advance Edition
"Behold the dream...
Imagine a roleplaying system which brings every aspect of epic fantasy to life. Imagine a world of the mind which is as real and as powerful as our world of the flesh.
It's not impossible. It's Ysgarth!
Ysgarth is elegant. The mechanics are consistent, versatile and logical. A few basic systems handle every type of interraction. The rules are sophisticated without being complex.
Ysgarth is flexible. The rules cover every possible aspect of play in as much or as little detail as you want. In addition to the standard rules there are alternate rules for novice and advanced players and special variants so you can customize the game to suit your needs.
Ysgarth is believable. The rules emphasize skills and a wide choice of character actions. The world background is detailed and comprehensive, strongly linked to the traditions of myth and legend, yet still new and unusual. Ysgarth brings the fantasy world and the characters startlingly alive.
Ysgarth is roleplaying. It leaves control of howthe character develops in the hands of the player, providing systems which encourage characters with unique personalities and real substance. The rules are supportive and never restrictive, a framework on which the imagination can build greatness.
Ysgarth is progressive. This is the sixth edition released in the thirteen years since Ysgarth was first developed. The rules are constantly being tested and updated so they define the leading edge of game design, leaving other games to follow or fall by the wayside.
Ysgarth is fun. Good, believeable roleplaying is about the most fun you can have. Ysgarth makes fantasy roleplaying what you always hoped it could be. Dare to live what others only dream!"

1992 ... David F. Nalle ... Ragnarok 4601

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Abyss Magazine

Other Ragnarok releases

To Challenge Tomorrow: Fourth Edition Complete Basic Rules
"To Challenge Tomorrow is the future of roleplaying. It's the first and only roleplaying system to provide pure mechanics for use in any setting which are versatile, believable, consistent and simple.
Take your favorite roleplaying setting, rip out the second rate mechanics which so often plague otherwise great games, and plug in the elegant flexibility of To Challenge Tomorrow, a game system whcih emphasizes character development and roleplaying without sacrificing realism.
And once you've discovered the joy of roelplaying without arbitrary restrictions and mechanical glitches, you can move on to try out someof the dozens of To Challenge Tomorrow settings, such as London by Night for Victorian roleplaying, Challengers for superhero roleplaying, By the Gods for mythological roleplaying, EsperAgents for psychic espionage and many, many others.
The new fourth edition To Challenge Tomorrow rules are completely revised and updated. The mechanics have been further streamlined, and for the first time To Challenge Tomorrow is completely compatible with Ysgarth, our groundbreaking fantasy system.
Open the door to a thousand brilliant adventures...play To Challenge Tomorrow."

1992 ... David F. Nalle ... 32 pages ... Ragnarok 6301

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Dark Continents: Adventures in a Colonial World
"Dark Continents takes adventure to the colonial provinces of the Victorian and post-Victorian world.
Travel to the heart of darkest Africa, the deserts of ancient Egypt, the jungles of Brazil and the teeming cities of China in a collection of adventures which will challenge your imagination and bring a forgotten era vividly to life.
Dark Continents features extensive period background, four detailed adventures, excellent maps, and conversion rules so you can use Dark Continents with any of today's popular roleplaying systems.
Come explore with us in the tradition of H. Rider Haggard, Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Uncharted lands awaid, including the darkest of continents, the land of the human spirit."

1989, 1992 ... David F. Nalle & Lew Bryson ... 46 pages ... RAG 6209

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